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Full text of "Gordons under arms; a biographical muster roll of officers named Gordon in the navies and armies of Britain, Europe, America and the Jacobite risings"

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Gordons    under    Arms 

A  Biographical  Muster  Roll  of 
Officers  named  Gordon  m  the  Nnics 
and  Armies  of  Britain,  Europe, 
America  and   in   the    lacohitc  Risinus 


Constance    Oliver    Skelton 


John    Malcolm    Bulloch 


Printed    for    the    University 


Aberdeen  University 
Studies      :     No.   59 

Gordons    under  'Arms 















University     of     Aberdeen. 

Convener  :  Professor  Jam£s  W.  H.  Trail,  F.R.S.,  Curator  of  the  Library. 

General  Editor:  P.  J.  Anderson,  LL.B.,  Librarian  to  the    University. 

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No.  58.— Notes  on  Auidemic  Theses.    P.  J.  Anderson. 


Painted  by  Sir  Henry  Raeburn,  RA. 

Gordons    under    Arms 

A  Biographical  Muster  Roll  of 
Officers  named  Gordon  in  the  Navies 
and  Armies  of  Britain,  Europe, 
America  and  in  the  Jacobite  Risings 


Constance    Oliver    Skelton 

\  > 


John    Malcolm    Bulloch 


Printed    for   the    University 





The  Making  of  the  Muster.      By  John  Malcolm  Bulloch  .        xi-liv 

Additions  and  Corrections  ;   and  Abbreviations       ...  Iv 

Gordons    in   the    British  and  Indian  Services  (1-1616).       By 

Constance  Oliver  Skelton 1-402 

Gordons  on  the  Continent  of  Europe  (1617-1835).      By  John 

Malcolm  Bulloch 403-470 

Gordons  in  America  (1836-2051)<     By  Armistead  Churchill  Gordon 

and  Constance  Oliver  Skelton 471-506 

Gordons  as  Jacobites  (2052-2154)-      By  John  Malcolm   Bulloch   507-532 

Index.      Containing    the    names   of  all   the   kinsfolk   of   Gordon 

Officers.     By  Constance  Oliver  Skelton     .....  533 



George,  5TH  and  Last  Duke  of  Gordon.  Painted  by  Sir  Henry 
Raeburn,  R.A.  :  owned  (at  Gordon  Castle)  by  His  Grace  the  Duke 
of  Richmond  and  Gordon,  K.G.,  by  whose  courtesy  it  is  published 
here ;  reproduced  and  printed  by  Carl  Hentschel      .         .        Frontispiece 

Prtsented  by  S.  Gissing  Sktlton,  Sudbury  Croft,  Harrow. 


Gordon  Highlander  of  1794,  a  regiment  raised  in  1794  by  Alexander, 
4th  Duke  of  Gordon,  164.  Painted  by  M.  Georges  Scott,  Paris, 
by  whose  courtesy,  as  owner  of  the  copyright,  and  that  of  the 
proprietors  of  "The  Graphic,"  in  which  it  appeared  on  a  large 
scale,  July  29,  191 1,  it  is  published  here:  original  in  the  possession 
of  John    Malcolm    Bulloch :    reproduced    and    printed    by    Carl 

Hentschel 24 

Presented  by  William  Will  (native  of  Huntly),  Tallis  House,  London,  B.C. 

General  Gabriel  Gordon,  466-  Painted  by  Sir  John  Watson- 
Gordon,  P.R.S.A.,  R.A. :  owned  by  Colonel  William  Barclay 
Gordon,  Cleather  (grandson  of  General  Gabriel  Gordon),  by  whose 
courtesy  it  is  published  here  (it  hangs  in  the  house  of  his  sister, 
Mrs.  Dean,  29  Craven  Hill  Gardens,  London,  S.W.) :  reproduced 
and  printed  by  Carl  Hentschel 104 

Presented  by  John  Malcolm  Bulloch. 

Colonel  James  Gordon,  of  Culvennan,  750-  As  an  officer  of  the 
Kirkcudbrightshire  Yeomanry  Cavalry  :  from  a  miniature  owned  by 
Lieut.-Colonel  Lochinvar  A.  C.  Gordon,  R.F.A.,  by  whose  courtesy 
it  is  published  here  :  reproduced  and  printed  by  Carl  Hentschel       .     168 

Cliche  lent  by  Mrs.  Walker,  London,  the  owner's  sister :  printed  at  the  expense  of 
jfohn  Malcolm  Bulloch. 


Admiral  Sir  James  Alexander  Gordon,  783.     Artist  unknown :  re- 
produced from  the  original  at  Greenwich  Hospital  by  the  courtesy 
of  the  Lords  Commissioners  of  the  Admiralty :    reproduced  and 
printed  by  Carl  Hentschel        .         .         .         .         .         .         .         .176 

Presented  by  Robert  Skelton,  Colombo. 

The  Ludhiana  Sikhs,  raised  by  Major  Patrick  Gordon,  1142.  This 
picture  is  one  of  the  plates  illustrating  "  The  Armies  of  India," 
painted  by  Colonel  A.  C.  Lovett  and  described  by  Major  G.  F. 
MacMunn,  D.S.O.,  and  is  reproduced  here  by  kind  permission  of 
the  artist  and  of  the  publishers  of  the  volume,  A.  &  C.  Black  .  .  262 
Printed  at  the  expense  of  John  Malcolm  Bulloch. 

Admiral  Thomas  Gordon,  Governor  of  Kronstadt,  1314,  1819. 
Painted  by  J.  Highmore :  owned  (at  Gordon  Castle)  by  His  Grace 
the  Duke  of  Richmond  and  Gordon,  K.G.,  by  whose  courtesy  it 
is  published  here :  reproduced  and  printed  by  T.  &  R.  Annan  & 
Sons,  Glasgow 464 

Presented  by  John  Malcolm  Bulloch. 


One  of  the  most  striking  pictures  of  our  latter-day  theatre  discovers 
the  boy  Napoleon,  a  lithe  figure  in  a  white  uniform,  standing  intent  on 
the  battle-field  of  Wagram,  from  the  darkened  vista  of  which  rise  the 
uneasy  voices  of  the  unremembered  dead.  It  is,  of  course,  a  purely 
imaginary  field,  conjured  up  to  gratify  his  pride  :  but  it  is  as  real  for  him 
as  if  he  had  fought  upon  it  side  by  side  with  his  father.  "  The  Battle- 
field !  "  he  exclaims  proudly  ;  "  I  have  willed  it !     It  has  risen  !  " 

This  book,  Gordons  Under  Arms,  has  also  been  willed,  and 
as  with  L'Aiglon,  which  was  created  by  Mme.  Bernhardt,  it  has  been 
willed  by  a  woman.  It  has  "risen,"  however,  with  none  of  the  magic 
quickness  of  M.  Rostand's  facile  imagination  and  his  stage  carpenters' 
ingenious  interpretation.  The  will  has  meant  work,  hard,  unremitting, 
often  fruitless  and  thankless  work,  pursued  for  eight  years  on  the  purely 
Naval  and  Military  side,  and  for  a  period  a  good  deal  longer  in  the  genea- 
logical setting. 

The  analogy  to  "  L'Aiglon  "  does  not  end  here.  It  was  the  veteran 
Flambeau,  symbolically  named,  who  fed  the  flame  of  the  young  Eagle's 
ambitions  :  and  it  was  the  well-tried  guardian  of  the  New  Spalding  Club 
who  fired  Mrs.  Skelton's  ambition  to  produce  the  present  book.  When 
he  did  so,  in  King's  College  Library,  one  grey  September  day  in  1904, 
neither  Mr.  P.  J.  Anderson  nor  Mrs.  Skelton  had  any  conception  of  the 
extent  of  the  battle-field,  and  of  the  immense  difficulty  of  making  it 
"  rise  ".  If  they  had,  there  might  have  been  no  Gordons  Under  Arms 

Yet  the  inspiration  of  the  work  was  quite  natural,  even  if  it  was 
novel.  The  idea  was  to  supplement  the  genealogical  investigation  in- 
augurated by  the  New  Spalding  Club,  in  the  House  of  Gordon,  1903,  by 
exchanging  the  process  of  reckoning  through  descent  for  the  Galtonian 
method  of  counting  by  achievement,  thereby  enabling  us  to  catalogue 
many  individual  Gordons  who  defy  genealogical  classification. 



As  it  happens,  the  Gordons  are  peculiarly  susceptible  of  co-ordination 
in  the  terms  of  a  dominating  kind  of  achievement.  Tradition  made  up 
its  mind  long  ago,  and  tradition  was  right,  that  the  shining  ability  of 
the  family  came  out  in  the  art  of  war.  They  were  originally  the  product 
of  war,  of  endless  feuds  on  the  Borders,  almost  as  vague  as  L'Aiglon's 
imaginary  field  of  Wagram,  from  which  they  emerged  as  a  well-defined 
group  of  formidable  fighters,  ultimately  rewarded  for  their  pains  with 
a  big  grant  of  land  in  the  North.  Once  established  there,  they  had  to 
continue,  as  they  had  begun,  to  increase  by  war  their  footing  at  the 
expense  of  existing  families.  As  the  idea  of  the  State  developed,  they 
sought  to  keep  their  own  identity  as  Cocks  of  the  North,  by  maintaining 
their  own  beliefs  against  all  comers,  notably  against  the  Covenanters, 
and  more  tentatively  in  favour  of  the  House  of  Stuart.  When  resistance 
proved  ineffectual,  as  it  was  bound  to  do,  even  with  the  Gordons,  cmitra 
mundum,  they  fell  in  with  the  new  order  in  the  terms  of  this  great  impulse, 
raising  troops  galore,  and  crowding  the  services  with  officers  by  the 
hundred,  and  private  men  who  are  countless.  Nor  did  their  energy  end 
there.  When  England  was  still  a  closed  door,  they  flocked  to  the  flag 
of  every  Continental  Power  which  would  have  them  :  and,  true  to  type, 
they  figured  conspicuously  in  the  fight  of  the  South  against  the  North 
in  the  great  Civil  War  of  America.  Soldiering  has  become  a  much  more 
humdrum  affair  to-day;  and  yet  it  is  only  five  years  since  a  young 
Seaforth  Highlander  Volunteer  from  Elgin,  George  Gordon,  set  out  with 
a  small  band  of  filibusters  to  capture  a  province  in  Brazil ! 

Tradition  apart,  the  proposal  to  evaluate  the  achievement  of  the 
Gordons  in  the  terms  of  fighting  was  no  Casaubon  counsel  :  on  the 
contrary,  it  fitted  naturally  into  our  modem  interest  in  War,  which  is 
the  paradoxical  twin  of  the  growing  claims  of  Peace,  and  finds  expres- 
sion  in  the  imposing  structure  of  naval  and  military  history,  most 
laboriously  and  variously  pieced  together  during  the  last  quarter  of  a 
century.  That  one  must  think  of  war  in  connection  with  family  and 
territorial  history  is  only  the  logical  result  of  the  origins  of  our  army, 
which,  after  many  experiments,  has  become  more  territorial  than  ever, 
defence  having  now  been  made  an  integral  part  of  local  government. 
The  call  on  the  great  landlords  under  the  Territorial  Forces  Act  of  1907, 
far  from  being  a  piece  of  new-fangled  Radicalism,  was  really  a  reversion 
to  the  fundamental  ideals  involved  in  the  feudal  origins  of  our  army. 

THE   MAKING  Or  THE   MUSTER.  xiii 

a  readjusted  vision  of  those  far-off  days  when  the  lord  supplied  his  quota 
of  men  for  state  service,  and  when  the  chief  of  the  clan  had  a  willing 
supply  of  fighters  among  his  vassals.  The  Highland  regiments,  as  a 
matter  of  fact,  retain  various  traces  of  those  origins — in  the  use  of 
family  crests  on  buttons  and  bonnets,  and  the  appearance  of  a  captain's 
arms  or  crest  on  the  banner  of  the  piper  of  his  company. 

It  is  certain  that  the  real  impetus  to  the  writing,  or  rather  compil- 
ing of,  regimental  history  which  we  have  witnessed  during  recent  years 
originated  mainly  with  the  introduction  on  July  i,  1881,  of  the  system 
of  linked  territorial  battalions  which  restored,  to  take  an  appropriate 
example,  the  75th  Foot  to  its  native  heath  after  a  spell  of  life  as  a 
sort  of  nondescript  Dorset  corps.  It  was  instinctively  felt,  as  it  were, 
that  the  army  was  getting  back  to  its  first  inspirations,  and  the  occasion 
was  seized  upon  to  show  what  these  had  been  and  I.^.v  »^.  they  had  been 
preserved.  Thus  we  have  had  a  constant  supply  of  regimental  histories, 
replacing,  or  attempting  to  replace,  the  mechanically  produced  primers 
of  Richard  Cannon.  Side  by  side,  we  have  had  a  great  quarry  opened  in 
Mr.  Charles  Dalton's  Historical  Army  Lists,  begun  with  enthusiastic 
laboriousness  in  1892  and  still "  in  progress,"  as  the  British  Museum  cata- 
logue would  say.  A  spacious  background  showing  the  political  and  tacti- 
cal side  of  soldiering  is  being  supplied  in  the  monumental  History  of  the 
British  Army,  begun  in  1899  by  the  Hon.  J.  W.  Fortescue,  who  had 
trained  himself  for  the  task  by  producing  a  history  of  the  17th  Lancers 
four  years  previously.  We  have  had  elaborate  histories  of  the  volunteers, 
such  a  busy  soldier  as  Sir  James  Grierson  having  found  time  to  produce 
an  exhaustive  work  on  the  Scots  force  from  1859  to  1908,  a  striking  com- 
ment on  the  change  of  attitude  which  has  taken  place  since  "  Geoffrey 
Chaw  Sir"  and  "  Hans  Whole-Being"  (Sir  George  Reid)  collaborated 
on  Ye  N obeli  Cheesemonger  (1861),  in  which  we  were  shown  Captain 
Stevenson,  of  the  ist  Aberdeen  Rifle  Volunteers,  being  hoisted  on  to 
the  pedestal  of  the  deposed  Duke  of  Gordon  in  Castle  Street,  Aberdeen. 

If  it  were  necessary  to  labour  the  point  that  enthusiasm  is  evoked 
by  the  historic  side  of  soldiering,  it  is  to  be  found  in  the  fact  that  every 
regimental  history  is  heavily  subsidised  in  one  way  or  another — ^just 
like  the  present  book.  Even  works  of  a  more  general  character  are 
produced  at  a  financial  loss  :  the  present  writer  knows  of  one  particular 
instance  in  which  the  publication  of  an  admirable  book  on  regimental 


colours  crippled  its  author  for  years.  But,  unhappily,  achievement  is 
rarely  commensurate  with  the  enthusiasm  which  promotes  it :  hardly 
any  other  type  of  history  is  undertaken  with  more  devotion  and  less 
capacity.  The  reason  is  obvious.  Most  regimental  histories  are  pro- 
duced by  officers  who,  while  devoted  to  the  traditions  of  their  corps, 
have  little  aptitude  and  less  opportunity  for  research.  In  nine  cases 
out  of  ten  they  are  content  to  tell  the  story  of  their  regiment  in  the 
terms  of  the  part  it  played — and  that  is  often  a  subordinate  part — 
in  various  campaigns.  Look  at  most  of  the  histories  produced  dur- 
ing the  past  ten  years,  and  you  will  find  that  the  South  African  War 
is  told  at  a  length  equal  to  all  the  other  campaigns  of  the  corps  put 
together.  If  a  succession  of  the  officers  is  given  (as  it  rarely  is),  it 
supplies  as  a  rule  only  the  services  in  the  corps  under  review ;  not 
one  history  in  a  hundred  attempts  to  say  who  these  officers  were, 
though  most  regiments  have  had  a  regular  procession  of  officers  from 
the  same  family,  brought  in  largely  by  territorial  associations.  The 
result  is  that  most  of  the  histories  will  have  to  be  done  over  again, 
if  only  because  the  material  at  the  War  Office  has  scarcely  been  looked 
at,  while  in  still  fewer  cases  have  the  archives  of  family  charter  chests 
been  utilised.  One  feels  this  acutely  in  the  case  of  the  Gordon  High- 
landers. It  happens  that  the  Duke  of  Richmond  and  Gordon,  the 
descendant  and  representative  of  the  founder,  possesses  in  his  archives 
at  Gordon  Castle  a  large  number  of  letters  and  documents  dealing  with 
its  inception  as  a  semi-private  enterprise.  The  regiment  itself  is  pecu- 
liarly happy  in  having  had  preserved  (at  Castlehill  Barracks)  its  first 
muster  roll,  almost  unique  for  its  elaborate  details  of  historical,  socio- 
logical, and  eugenic,  as  well  as  purely  military,  interest :  yet,  though  we 
have  had  at  least  three  books  on  the  regiment  during  recent  years — Mr. 
James  Cromb's,  Mr.  James  Milne's,  and  Colonel  Greenhill-Gardyne's — 
it  has  not  been  used,  and  what  is  worse,  it  cannot  be  used  for  many 
years  to  come,  for  the  field  is  already  full.  It  would  indeed  not  be  easy 
to  match  the  perverseness  which  has  persisted  in  dealing  with  regi- 
mental history  in  every  way  except  the  family  and  territorial  spirit. 
Therefore,  the  present  work  breaks  what  is  practically  new  ground. 

It  is  quite  typical  of  this  failure  that  few  dictionaries  of  military 
biography  have  been  produced  among  us.  One  does  not  forget  the  Royal 
Military  Calendar  oi  Sir  ]ohn  Philippart,  published  in  1815,  but  it  confines 


itself  to  general  officers  of  the  different  grades,  while  his  East  India  Milu 
tary  Calendar,  1823,  deals  exclusively  with  officers  of  the  Hon.  East 
India  Company's  Service.  On  the  other  hand,  the  Navy,  apparently 
feeling  the  loss  of  the  family  sense  inherent  in  a  regiment — and  em- 
phasised in  the  soldier's  case  by  a  great  diversity  of  uniform — has  pro- 
duced several  biographical  books,  such  as  Charnock's  Biographia  N avails, 
1794-8,  and  the  dictionaries  of  Marshall  and  O'Byrne  (who  died  in  "  dis- 
tressed circumstances,  despite  his  patriotic  labours").  On  the  other 
hand,  the  writing  of  naval  history  proper  has  not  been  due  to  the  causes 
which  have  operated  in  the  case  of  the  Army,  for  the  coincident 
production  of  such  an  elaborate  book  as  Laird  Clowes's  History  of  the 
Navy,  1897-1903,  has  been  largely  an  accident.  In  any  event,  the  present 
work  owes  very  little  to  printed  naval  and  military  biography. 

The  task  contemplated  in  Mr.  Anderson's  proposal  covered  a  far 
wider  area  than  that  traversed  by  the  type  of  literature  we  have  been  dis- 
cussing. It  was  not  only  unique  in  dealing  with  fighters  of  one  name, 
the  Gordons:  it  was  far-reaching  in  treating  of  them  in  all  periods 
of  history  and  under  flags  other  than  our  own ;  that  is  to  say,  it  was 
to  present  not  merely  the  Standing  Army  dating  either  from  1638 
or  1662,  but  also  all  sorts  of  military  effort  before  that  date.  Thus 
the  Gordons,  who  had  done  some  of  their  most  conspicuous  work  long 
before  the  Standing  Army  was  dreamed  of,  were  to  be  traced  from 
their  start  in  history,  from  the  period  of  Border  battle,  where  the  dead  are 
often  as  unremembered  as  the  voices  which  disturbed  L'Aiglon  in  his 
vision  of  Wagram,  down  through  the  period  of  Homildon  Hill,  Flodden, 
and  Pinkie,  the  more  important  raids,  like  Darnaway  and  Donibristle, 
known  to  the  general  historian,  the  days  of  the  Covenant  and  Montrose, 
the  Revolution  and  the  Jacobite  risings. 

The  historical  data  for  the  two  periods  are  of  a  different  character. 
For  the  period  preceding  the  birth  of  the  Standing  Army,  they  are 
to  be  found  in  general  history ;  in  local  chroniclers  like  Spalding,  the 
Parson  of  Rothiemay,  and  Sir  Robert  Gordon  :  in  pedigrees  like  the 
Balbithan  MS.,  and  in  the  hundred  and  one  other  directions  which  form 
the  ordinary  paraphernalia  of  the  genealogist.  The  sources,  varied  as 
they  are,  do  not  of  course  exhaust  the  muster  roll ;  for  it  was  only 
the  more  distinguished  men  or  the  men  of  distinct  families,  strong 
enough  to  survive,  who  were  taken  notice  of.     Most  of  this  ground  had 


already  been  harvested  by  the  present  writer  in  gathering  material 
for  the  House  of  Gordon,  and  he  had  simply  to  hand  over  his  numerous 
notes  for  incorporation.  The  same  type  of  material  also  governs  the 
Foreign  Services  and  the  Jacobite  struggle. 

The  data  of  the  Standing  Army  period  are  much  more  definitive, 
officers  being  recorded  not  because  they  did  anything  worth  remembering, 
but  simply  because  they  held  commissions.  These  are  traced  for  the 
early  period  by  Mr.  Dalton,  and  then  by  the  official  Navy  and  Army  lists, 
with  increasing  fullness,  until  we  come  to  the  issue  of  the  quarterly  lists, 
a  comparatively  recent  innovation,  which  co-ordinate  their  careers  for 
us.  This  has  been  the  particular  battle-field  on  which  Mrs.  Skelton  has 
had  to  concentrate  most  of  her  scouting;  and  although  it  is  much  more 
definitive,  it  is  far  more  exhausting,  precisely  because  of  its  copiousness. 

The  common  ground  of  inclusion  in  Gordons  under  Arms  is 
the  use  of  the  surname  of  Gordon,  either  alone  or  in  hyphened  com- 
bination with  other  surnames,  by  commissioned  officers  and  warrant 
officers  in  the  Navy,  and  its  Reserve,  the  Regular  Army,  the  Militia,  the 
Volunteers,  and  the  Territorial  Forces,  the  troops  of  the  Hon.  East 
India  Company,  and  the  Indian  Army.  No  attempt  has  been  made  to 
limit  the  legal  possession  of  the  name ;  so  that  illegitimate  sons  bearing 
it  have  been  freely  included.  To  discriminate  would  have  been  use- 
less, for  more  than  half  of  the  Gordons  in  the  North  are  descended 
from  the  two  natural  sons  of  Sir  John  Gordon  (died  1394),  and  the  rest 
are  really  Setons,  the  descendants  of  their  cousin,  Elizabeth,  the  heiress 
who  married  Sir  Alexander  Seton.  But  history  has  always  regarded 
them  as  Gordons,  Why  then  include  the  Jock-and-Tam  group  which 
produced  the  Earls  of  Aberdeen,  and  not,  say,  the  Gordons  who  come 
from  natural  sons  of  the  3rd  Earl  of  Aberdeen,  just  because  they  happen 
to  have  been  born  nearer  our  own  time  ?  It  may  be  said  that  except 
in  cases  already  well  known,  the  actual  fact  that  an  officer  of  modern 
times  was  illegitimate  has  been  left  to  inference  ;  but  that  has  been  done 
in  deference  to  the  sense  of  stigma  which  still  unfortunately  remains — 
though  some  feminists,  like  the  Germans  with  their  Mutterschutz  move- 
ment, are  striving  to  remove  it.  Any  such  feeling  was  absent  until  last 
century,  as  we  see  from  the  delightful  story  of  Jane  Maxwell  who  used 
to  describe  her  husband's  natural  son,  Colonel  George  Gordon  of  Glen- 
tromie  (he  gave  five  sons  to  the  Army)  as  "  the  Duke's  George,"  and 


her  own  son,  the  Marquis  of  Huntly,  as  "my  George".  As  a  matter 
of  fact,  the  Dukes  of  Gordon  made  a  regular  point  of  getting  commissions 
in  both  Services  for  their  natural  sons,  several  of  whom  figure  honour- 
ably in  this  book. 

The  inclusion  of  hyphened  surnames — used  for  the  most  part 
through  the  bearer's  maternal  descent — is  fully  justified  by  the  Seton- 
Gordon  precedent,  and  is  thoroughly  in  accord  with  the  new  tendency 
in  genealogy  to  widen  the  old  criterion  of  male-primogeniture  generally. 
Surnames  of  the  "Gordon-"  and  the  "-Gordon"  type  have  been  en- 
tered on  the  combined  precedent  of  the  Army  List  which  indexes 
"Gordon-Lennox,"  and  of  the  Dictionary  of  National  Biography  which 
enters  the  same  name  as  "  Lennox,  Gordon- ".  In  any  case,  it  would 
have  been  foolish  to  have  given  the  service  career  of  Colonel  Gordon- 
Gilmour  and  to  have  omitted  that  of  his  brothers,  who  bear  the  name  of 
Wolrige-Gordon.  On  the  other  hand,  one  would  not  give  the  career  of 
the  former's  son,  Mr.  Little-Gilmour,  had  he  been  in  the  service,  not 
merely  on  account  of  space,  but  because  he  has  dropped  the  Gordon. 
This  may  seem  illogical,  and  yet  there  is  a  certain  rough  sense  in  no- 
menclature, for  as  in  this  case  it  expresses  in  the  substitution  of  one 
surname  for  another  a  new  set  of  preponderating  family  interests. 
Precisely  the  same  influence  is  illustrated  in  the  case  of  the  Earls  of 
Sutherland,  who  deliberately  (in  spite  of  much  opposition)  dropped  the 
"Gordon"  which  they  had  used  for  generations,  and  resumed  their 
original  patronymic  (or  rather  matronymic)  of  "  Sutherland,"  because 
they  wished  to  throw  off  any  claim  to  headship  on  the  part  of  the 
ducal  Gordons,  whom  they  ostentatiously  opposed  in  the  Jacobite 

Having  thus  explained  what  Mrs.  Skelton  undertook  to  do,  it  is 
interesting  to  know  how  she  did  it,  all  the  more  as  students  in  search  of 
the  careers  of  officers  bearing  any  surname  other  than  Gordon  will  have 
to  go  through  precisely  the  same  process.  When  Mr.  Anderson  proposed 
the  task  to  her,  Mrs.  Skelton  happened  to  be  holidaying  in  Aberdeen, 
but  with  characteristic  energy  she  decided  to  make  a  start  on  the  spot, 
although  the  only  material  available  (in  King's  College  Library)  was 
the  Gentleman's  Magazine  and  the  Scots  Magazine.  Fortunately,  these 
useful  publications  had  a  way  of  reprinting  all  kinds  of  appointments 
from  the  London  Gazette ;  they  also  specialised  in  births,  marriages,  and 

xviii  HOUSE  OF  GORDON. 

deaths,  which  give  supplementary  information  untouched  by  the  Gazette ; 
so  it  was  really  no  waste  of  time  to  start  with  them.  The  task  of 
searching  these  files,  and  also  that  of  the  Times,  as  indexed  by  Palmer, 
was  not  completed  till  months  later,  at  the  British  Museum  ;  and  was 
then  followed  by  a  corroborative  search  in  the  printed  Army  Lists  at 
the  Museum,  with  a  few  missing  ones  at  the  Royal  United  Service 
Institution,  and  the  War  Office's  own  copy,  annotated  in  manuscript, 
at  the  Record  Office.  One  might  almost  suppose  that  the  inquiry  had 
set  a  fashion,  for  during  the  past  summer  a  charming  young  girl, 
chorussed  by  a  bevy  of  beauty,  has  been  telling  Londoners  in  the 
musical  play  Autumn  Manoeuvres  at  the  Adelphi  that 

No  book  can  e'er 

In  the  world  compare 

With  an  Army  List. 

Mrs.  Skelton  herself  was  not  of  that  opinion,  for  she  set  about  compar- 
ing the  Army  List  with  the  appointments  as  notified  in  the  London 
Gazette,  only  to  find  constant  small  discrepancies. 

In  trying  to  solve  these  and  other  points  Mrs.  Skelton  resolved  to 
go  back  to  the  bed-rock  of  the  whole  matter,  namely,  the  manuscript 
data  in  the  Record  Office,  and  therefore  transferred  her  activities 
from  Bloomsbury,  where  she  had  received  constant  encouragement  from 
the  Library  staff,  to  Chancery  Lane.  The  wealth  of  material  here, 
thanks  to  the  much  criticised  red  tape  of  the  War  Office,  and  to  a  less 
extent  of  the  Admiralty,  is  simply  bewildering.  Indeed  the  officials 
themselves  are  still  unable  to  say  how  much  they  possess,  or  at  any  rate 
to  describe  the  precise  type  of  information  contained  in  different  classes 
of  documents — registers,  records,  returns,  correspondence  of  various 
departments.  It  will  give  the  reader  some  idea  of  this  vast  undiscovered 
country  when  I  say  that  great  masses  of  documents  through  which 
Mrs.  Skelton  ploughed  had  never  before  been  examined  by  any  student, 
and  thousands  of  them  had  to  be  officially  stamped  for  the  first  time  to 
enable  her  to  use  them.  Another  glimpse  of  the  ground  to  be  covered  is 
afforded  by  Mr.  Gerald  Fothergill's  Records  of  Naval  Men,  which  appeared 
(1910)  after  Mrs.  Skelton  had  more  or  less  completed  her  work.  He 
enumerates  and  describes  no  fewer  than  280  different  types  of  docu- 
ments dealing  with  the  Navy  alone.  To  examine  all  these  in  search  of 
Gordon  material  would  be  the  work  of  a  lifetime,  and  Mrs.  Skelton  very 


wisely  did  not  attempt  to  do  it.  At  best,  they  would  have  disclosed 
no  new  names,  but  would  only  have  added  details  to  our  knowledge 
of  officers  enumerated  in  the  printed  lists.  For  example,  she  pur- 
posely abstained  from  searching  Captains'  and  Masters'  Logs  syste- 
matically, for  as  they  are  all  arranged  alphabetically  by  ships  the 
student  who  is  not  satisfied  with  the  particulars  in  the  present  book 
can  readily  search  them  for  himself.  What  Mrs.  Skelton  did  was  to 
select  certain  classes  of  documents  likely  to  yield  information.  Many 
of  these  so  selected  proved  extremely  disappointing  and  were  soon 
abandoned  :  even  then,  the  mere  task  of  turning  over  these  documents 
has  demanded  a  high  quality  of  courage. 

It  will  interest  students  to  know  the  papers  which  have  given  the 
most  satisfactory  yield  at  the  Record  Office.     They  are  as  follows : — 

Admiralty  : — 

Midshipmen — Register,  1802;  Returns  of  Services,  1814. 

Lieutenants — Passing  Certificates,  1691-1732,  1744-1819 ;  Letters,  1791  ;  Records  of 

Examinations,  1795-1807  ;  Services,  1813-47  ;  Certificates  of  Services,  1807-48. 
Captains — Letters,  1698  onwards. 

Officers  appointed  by  the  Navy  Board,  1733-1826  ;  Officers*  Services,  1817-22. 
Surgeons — Qualifications,  1700-1800  ;  Services,  1742-1815. 
Muster  Books. 

Accountant  General's  Half  Pay,  1693-1836.     Treasurer's  Pay  Books. 
Widows — Pension  Papers,  1759-1829 ;  Applications  for  Pensions,  1817-46 ;  Compas- 
sionate List  Register,  1809-36. 

War  Office  ;— 

Army  Lists  in  MS.,  1702,  1709,  1715,  1717,  1722,  1730,  1736,  1745,  1752. 

Returns  of  Officers'  Services,  1809-10,  1828,  1829-31,  1847,  1867-69,  1870-73. 

Barrack-Masters — Appointment  Papers,  1820-52  ;  Return  of  Services,  1830-52. 

Cadets — Applications,  1819-52. 

Medical— Out  Letters  of  the  Secy,  at  War,  1781-1814;  Medical  Reports,  1799-1803. 

Ordnance  Registers  ;  various  Commission  and  Notification  Books. 

In  Letters,  Series  II.,  1756-95  ;  Series  III.,  1793-1815. 

Out  Letters,  Secretary  at  War,  America,  1775-1810. 

Permissions  to  Live  Abroad,  1815-33. 

Warrants  for  Leave  of  Absence,  1704-94. 

Marriages  of  Officers,  1830-82. 

Reports  on  Petitions  and  Memorials,  1685-1746. 

Pensions — Register,  1812-51. 

Widows— Pensions  and  Bounty,  Full  Pay  Officers,  1735-181 1 ;  Half  Pay  Officers, 
1757-78 ;  Widows,  1764-1816 ;  Pensions  and  Bounty,  abstracts  of  application, 
1807-25  ;  Pensions  and  Bounty  Register  of  Claims,  1827-46. 

Compassionate  Allowances,  1773-1812;  Fqnd,  1803-60;  Papers,  1812-13. 


Supplementary  information  of  a  valuable  kind  has  been  got  from 
the  claims  of  American  Loyalists  in  the  Treasury  series :  while  much 
was  gleaned  about  Scots  officers  in  the  Scotland  Warrant  Books,  and 
the  series  called  "  Scotland,  Letters  and  Papers  ". 

It  is  only  right  to  add  that  this  great  variety  of  documents  served 
to  emphasise  still  further  discrepancies  and  mistakes.  Thus,  officers  in 
setting  forth  their  services  constantly  make  statements,  especially  as  to 
dates,  not  in  accordance  with  facts,  memory  playing  them  false  in  all 
sorts  of  details.  But  if  it  was  difficult  for  an  officer  to  tell  his  own 
career,  it  was  of  course  infinitely  more  difficult  to  tell  it  for  him,  because 
one  had  to  discover  transference  from  one  regiment  to  another — a  task 
now  performed  by  the  Official  Quarterly  Army  Lists — and,  as  Mr.  Mase- 
field  says  in  another  connection  : — 

Men  do  not  heed  the  rungs  by  which  men  climb 
Those  glittering  steps,  those  milestones  upon  Time, 
Those  tombstones  of  dead  selves,  those  hours  of  birth, 
Those  moments  of  the  soul  in  years  of  earth. 

But  Mrs.  Skelton's  task  was  by  no  means  complete.  Extensive  as 
the  documents  at  the  Record  Office  are,  they  do  not  include  India,  for 
the  India  Office,  preserving  something  of  the  jealousies  of  the  old  East 
India  Company,  retains  its  own  records,  so  that  it  was  necessary  to 
move  from  Chancery  Lane  to  Whitehall.  Here  many  months  were 
spent,  much  assistance  being  afforded  by  the  unique  knowledge  of 
Mr.  William  Foster,  the  scholarly  superintendent  of  Records,  and  his 
courteous  colleagues.  The  search  was  indeed  peculiarly  illuminating, 
for  John  Company  knew  a  great  deal  more  about  his  helpers  and 
servers  than  either  the  War  Office  or  the  Admiralty  ever  cared  to  do, 
and  hence  the  genealogical  information  supplied  by  the  records  of  the 
India  Office  is  unusually  rich. 

The  Indian  material,  moreover,  was  valuable  from  another  point  of 
view.  India  in  its  earlier  days  attracted  a  type  of  officer  somewhat 
different  from  the  Home  Services.  For  a  considerable  time  the  Navy 
and  the  Army  have  been  more  or  less  aristocratic  institutions,  their 
officers  depending  largely,  especially  in  the  case  of  the  Army,  on 
paternal  subsidies.  Service  under  the  Company  on  the  other  hand  was 
really  self-supporting,  and  as  such  attracted  a  less  wealthy  class.  It 
had  a  great  fascination  for  the  Manse  and  the  Mains,  affording  oppor- 


tunities  to  young  men  with  soldiering  in  their  blood,  if  with  few 
sovereigns  in  their  pockets.  What  happened  was  this.  A  likely  lad 
was  brought  before  the  notice  of  the  laird,  who  easily  got  a  "nomina- 
tion "  for  him  in  the  forces  of  one  or  other  of  the  Presidencies.  Once 
there,  the  rest  depended  chiefly  on  himself.  There  was  no  running  home 
every  year  or  two  as  at  the  present  time.  A  man  had  to  remain  out 
for  years  at  a  stretch,  the  home  journey  costing  too  much  and  lasting 
too  long  to  be  frequently  indulged  in.  This  of  course  cut  off  elder  sons 
who  might  be  called  upon  at  any  moment  to  succeed  their  fathers  in 
the  intimate  duties  of  landed  proprietors  :  indeed,  life  in  India  in  the  old 
days  meant  prolonged,  and  sometimes  permanent  exile,  with  far-reaching 
social  consequences — which  have  not  been  recorded  here. 

The  fullness  of  the  Indian  data  has  enabled  Mrs.  Skelton  to  follow 
up  some  families  who  have  been  forgotten  by  genealogists  at  home. 
The  most  fortunate  example  is  that  of  the  Gordons  in  Tillienaught,  the 
senior  line  of  the  present  Gordons  of  Newton.  By  means  of  the  registers 
at  the  India  Office  one  was  able  to  discover  (just  in  time  for  the  second 
volume  of  the  House  of  Gordon)  that  the  Tillienaught  group  had  given 
ten  officers  to  the  Indian  army  (and  one  to  the  nth  Foot),  while  the 
landed  branch  of  Newton  has  produced  five  officers.      One  of  these 

John  Gordon,  Portsoy,  1710-84 


James,  1750-93,  Alexander,  1753-1824, 

Tillienaught  Bought  Newton 

I  I 

II                                            I  11 

James,     William,                            Alexander,  Alexander,             George, 

Madras      Nagpur                          Madras  Army,  of  Newton,                Scots 

Surgeon      Army                          had  17  children  1804-68                  Greys 

Thomas          (i)  William,        (2)  Alex.  Ansdell,  Alex.  Morison,  Duncan  Forbes, 

Wilkinson,            Bengal                Madras  Army  of  Newton              Gordons 

Bengal      (3)  Henry  Wilson,                  |  |                           I    | 
Army                Bengal            Ramsay  Frederick,  Alex.  Theodore,       (i)  Lewis, 

(4)  John  Andrias,         Indian  Army  Gordons                Gordons 

Bengal  (2)  Alastair, 

(5)  Stannus  Verner,  R.N. 
D.S.O.  (Bengal) 

(6)  George  Wilkinson, 

nth  Foot 

The  Tillienaught  and  Newton  Gordons. 

xxii  '  HOUSE  OF  GORDON. 

Indian  officers,  Thomas  Wilkinson  Gordon,  was  among  the  first 
men  to  fall  at  Cabul  in  the  awful  tragedy  of  1841  (in  an  attempt  to 
rescue  the  Commissariat  Fort).  Another  of  the  same  group,  Colonel 
Stannus  Verner  Gordon,  won  the  Distinguished  Service  Order  in  Chitral 
in  1895.  None  of  them  has  been  connected  with  the  North  of  Scotland 
since  they  took  to  the  India  service  in  1803.  On  the  other  hand,  the 
landowning  side  of  the  house  has  kept  to  the  home  services  and  is 
intimately  associated  with  Aberdeenshire,  the  only  son  of  the  present 
laird  of  Newton  having  given  up  his  soldiering  at  an  early  age  in 
favour  of  cattle-raising  and  other  activities  of  a  country-gentleman's 
life,  thereby  illustrating  the  trend  of  circumstance  which  I  have 
described.     This  particular  case  is  typical. 

As  a  pendant  to  this  note  on  the  India  Office  material,  it  should  be 
remarked  that  the  names  of  places  have  been  transcribed  in  the  spelling 
in  which  they  appear  at  the  moment  of  the  original  entry.  To  stan- 
dardise them  is  a  hopeless  task,  when  the  authorities  themselves  have 
failed  to  agree  on  any  one  system  of  spelling. 

On  leaving,  though  not  exhausting,  the  India  Office,  Mrs.  Skelton 
returned  for  a  second  time  to  the  Record  Office,  to  "  redd  "  up  various 
moot  points  and  to  tackle  the  Navy  more  thoroughly  than  she  had 
hitherto  done.  Not  that  it  amounted  to  much,  for  the  number  of 
Gordons  in  the  services  at  the  present  time  (102  in  the  Army  to  23  in 
the  Navy)  represents  very  fairly  the  proportion  that  has  always  existed 
in  the  two  Services. 

Mrs.  Skelton  had  now  amassed  material  from  five  main  sources, 
acquired  in  the  following  order :  (i)  The  Gentleman's  Magazine,  the  Scots 
Magazine,  and  the  Times;  (2)  the  printed  Navy  and  Army  Lists 
and  East  India  Registers;  (3)  the  London  Gazette;  (4)  the  Public 
Record  Office ;  and  (5)  the  India  Office.  She  held  in  addition  a  mass 
of  notes  accumulated  by  the  Editor  of  the  House  of  Gordmi,  who  has 
been  responsible  for  most  of  the  purely  genealogical  data  throughout 
the  whole  book.  She  had  been  looking  in  ships  and  regiments  for 
Gordons ;  now  she  had  to  connect  Gordons  with  particular  ships  and 
regiments ;  in  both  cases  the  genealogical  character  of  the  work  was 
paramount,  and  it  is  here  that  the  whole  task  has  differed  from  all  other 
efforts  in  Service  biography. 

It  is  not  easy  to  decide  which  of  the  two  tasks  was  the  more 


difficult — to  find  the  origin  of  a  Gordon  in  a  known  regiment,  or  to  find 
a  regiment  for  a  Gordon  of  a  well-defined  family.  In  the  first  case 
comparatively  few  documents  at  the  Record  Office  assist.  The  India 
Office  is  much  more  satisfactory,  but  in  no  case  is  an  officer  traced 
further  back  than  his  father.  The  silence  is  deliberate,  for  genealogy, 
which  is,  of  course,  not  necessary  to  the  War  Office,  seems  to  be  con- 
sidered a  breach  of  good  form.  Thus,  Major-General  D.  O'Callaghan  in 
his  counsel  of  perfection,  The  Young  Officer  s  Don't,  lays  down  the  advice 
— "  Don't  set  undue  value  on  pedigree  or  family  connections  ".  As  a 
matter  of  fact,  the  advice  is,  as  the  Professor  of  Greek  would  have  said, 
a  matter  of  supererogation.  The  young  British  soldier,  so  far  from 
setting  undue  value  on  his  origin,  sets  no  store  by  it  at  all.  The 
classic  case,  the  most  tantalising  example,  is  that  of  David  Gordon, 
the  great-grandfather  of  "Chinese"  Gordon,  whose  family  have  given 
fourteen  male  descendants  to  the  Services.  The  fame  of  the  hero  of 
Khartoum  is  so  great  that  several  well-defined  families  would  like  to 
claim  him,  and  his  own  kinsmen  would  like  to  connect  him  with  some 
Scots  line.  But  in  spite  of  the  most  laborious  investigation — practi- 
cally co-extensive  with  the  present  book  itself — we  are  as  far  off  knowing 
David's  origin  as  ever ;  not  only  so,  but  we  are  still  more  mystified  by 
Mrs.  Skelton's  discovery  that  David's  own  (unnamed)  father  was  in  the 
Army,  for  his  grandson  in  a  return  of  services  made  in  1831,  says  :  "  My 
son  [that  is  David's  great-grandson]  is  the  fifth  generation  of  my  family 
who  have  served  in  the  regular  Army  ".  The  failure  to  find  a  father 
for  David  is  all  the  more  disappointing,  because  it  was  the  desire  to 
solve  his  origin  which  led  Mrs.  Skelton  first  to  visit  the  Record  Office 
several  years  before  undertaking  the  present  work :  indeed  Gordons 
UNDER  Arms  is  largely  the  result  of  the  desire  to  solve  this  puzzle. 

Unfortunately  a  great  many  other  officers  remain  unidentified  in 
point  of  origin  as  follows : — 

















The  counterpart  is  that  in  which  we  know  the  genealogy  of  an  officer 
but   have   no   evidence  of  the  branch  of  the  Service  he  belonged  to. 



This  is  not  difficult  to  understand,  for  the  average  Briton  has  very 
little  knowledge  of  different  regiments  (in  spite  of  the  fact  that  they 
possess  more  distinguishing  marks  than  in  the  armies  of  almost  any 
other  nation),  and  even  less  of  differentiating  rank.  If  any  reader  doubts 
this,  let  him  test  it  on  the  average  man,  even  the  man  who  has  large  poli- 
tical views  on  defence.  Such  a  man  feels,  of  course,  that  a  soldier  with 
spurs  probably  has  to  ride  a  horse,  but  he  has  scarcely  an  idea  whether 
the  wearer  belongs  to  dragoons,  lancers,  hussars,  artillery,  or  transport. 
Even  in  Scotland  it  is  amazing  to  find  how  few  citizens  know  one 
Highland  regiment  from  another.  That  being  so,  it  is  not  in  the  least 
surprising  that  genealogists  should  be  vague.  The  following  example 
from  the  Balbithan  MS.,  which  is  precise  on  most  points,  is  typical : — 

Gordon  Laird  of  Glenbucket  .  .  .  begat  three  Sons  and  a  Daughter,  viz.  his  eldest 

son  Captain  Adam  Gordon  Laird  of  Glenbuicket  who  dyed  abroad  in  Holland  [as  an  officer  of 
the  Scots  Brigade  ?]  of  a  Decay,  his  second  Son  Lifetennant  Robert  Gordon  who  married  and 
yet  lives,  his  third  Son  Ensign  Alexander  Gordon  who  yet  Lives. 

Now  when  you  consider  that  several  Adams  and  Roberts  and  Alexanders 
might  very  well  fit  into  this  description  in  point  of  time,  it  will  be  seen 
that  the  difficulty  of  fixing  a  particular  regiment  on  to  any  Gordon 
loosely  described  as  an  "officer"  is  very  great.  This  vagueness  is  not 
confined  to  formal  genealogy;  it  permeates  official  documents,  as  in 
the  announcement  in  the  Keith  Registers  of  the  baptism  (1742)  of 
Janet,  "daughter  of  Bessie  Smith,  who  gives  George  Gordon  of  Glen- 
gerack  as  father  of  her  child,  at  present  ane  officer  in  the  army  ". 

Even  more  aggravating  is  the  appearance  of  an  officer  without 
either  family  or  regiment.  An  instance  occurs  in  Thomas  Bisset's 
journal  as  quoted  in  the  Duke  of  Atholl's  elaborate  history  of  his 
family  (1908,  iii.,  332).  Under  date,  Dunkeld,  May  t8,  1746,  we  are 
told  :— 

The  garrison  was  relieved  by  Capt.  Clark  of  Pultney's  Regiment  and  Lieuts.  Carleton 
and  Gordon.  The  two  subalterns  would  not  lie  in  one  bed  as  the  former  did  ;  neither  would 
they  condescend  to  lye  in  one  room,  although  Thomas  Bisset  offered  to  get  a  box  bed  for  one 
of  them.  Gordon  (who  certainly  is  a  meer  coxcomb)  made  a  terrible  noice,  and  said,  he 
thought  he  wou'd  not  be  refused  the  best  bed  in  the  house.  When  better  could  not  be  clone. 
Tho.  Bisset  locked  the  stair  head  door  at  the  Vestable,  and  the  door  at  the  Back  Stairs  at  the 
entry  to  the  first  floor,  the  door  of  the  Launry  and  the  second  Table  room  door,  and  got 
Carleton  to  lye  in  the  housekeeper's  room. 

Still  more  puzzling  is  the  officer  without  origin,  regiment,  or  Chris- 


tian  name.  Many  of  these  have  been  identified  by  Mrs.  Skelton,  although 
she  is  nothing  if  not  cautious  in  her  deductions  ;  but  there  still  remain 
sixty-nine  men  whose  Christian  names  have  not  been  discovered. 
Then  one  has  always  to  face  the  loose  way  in  which  rank  is  assigned 
by  civilians.  Thus  "  Captain  "  is  a  favourite  generic  term  for  all  com- 
missions beneath  the  rank  of  major,  although  in  America  "  Colonel " 
seems  to  be  the  lowest  common  denominator  ;  thereby  neutralising  Mr. 
Crosland's  jibe  that  every  Scot  is  a  "  Dr.  "  to  his  neighbours. 

Rapid  as  this  survey  of  the  work  of  eight  years  has  to  be,  it 
will  disclose  to  the  most  casual  reader  some  of  the  difficulties  which 
have  had  to  be  faced  in  order  to  produce  those  apparently  easy  bio- 
graphies. "  Taking  pains,"  said  Sir  Arthur  Pinero  on  one  occasion, 
"  is  the  only  luxury  I  allow  myself."  Mrs.  Skelton  has  simply  wallowed 
in  this  form  of  luxury  during  the  past  eight  years.  Not  only  has  she 
had  to  co-ordinate  masses  of  purely  Naval  and  Military  information 
taken  from  different  sources  ;  not  only  has  she  had  to  try  and  find 
origins  for  some  officers,  and  regiments  for  others  ;  but  she  has  had  to 
reconstruct  her  system  of  presenting  their  careers,  and  has  written  her 
entire  manuscript  twice  over,  to  say  nothing  of  her  preliminary  experi- 
ments. At  first  she  marshalled  all  her  men  by  regiments,  in  the  pre- 
cedence assigned  them  by  the  Army  List,  keeping  the  Navy  men  in  a 
separate  list.  However,  in  September,  1910,  when  the  entire  manu- 
script was  ready  on  this  basis,  it  was  suggested  to  her  by  the  Secre- 
tary of  the  Club  that  the  Navy  and  Army  should  be  massed  together, 
and  that  the  whole  should  be  arranged  on  a  chronological  sequence, 
by  year,  month,  and  day  :  not  only  so,  but  that  the  work  had  been  done 
on  too  large  (and  too  readable)  a  scale  for  the  Club  to  tackle.  The  new 
form  proposed  anticipated  Mr.  Masefield's  verses  on  "  Biography  "  : — 

When  I  am  buried  all  my  thoughts  and  acts 
Will  be  reduced  to  lists  of  dates  and  facts. 

Such  a  reconstruction,  however  necessary,  was  obviously  a  heartbreak- 
ing proposal  after  all  the  years  of  building-up  work  :  and  it  would  have 
made  many  a  student  throw  the  whole  thing  up  in  utter  dismay. 
But  Mrs.  Skelton  possessing  as  she  does  the  rare  secret  of  resilience 
soon  adapted  herself  to  the  necessary'  conditions,  and  within  a  few 
months  had  the  first  section  of  the  new  manuscript  ready  for  the 
printer.     The  final  revise  of  the  first  sheet  was  dated  so  long  ago  as 


June  17,  191 1  :  the  delays  that  have  ensued  are  in  no  way  due  to  the 

author.  .    ^     ■,      ,     r         1        -^  i. 

What  then  has  all  this  work  resulted  in  ?  In  the  first  place  it  has 
proved  beyond  a  doubt  that  tradition  is  right— as  tradition  so  often 
turns  out  to  be— in  crediting  the  Gordons,  root  and  branch,  with  a  great 
aptitude  for  arms.  Such  phrases,  as  "  the  Gay  Gordons,"  "  the  Gor- 
dons had  the  guidin'  o't,"  are  shown  to  have  a  solid  sanction  beyond 
that  of  attractive  alliteration.  Indeed,  the  corroboration  of  tradition 
has  far  exceeded  every  one's  expectations :  so  much  so  that  had  any  of 
us  foreseen  the  extent  of  it,  the  task  might  never  have  been  under- 
taken :  the  battle-field  might  never  have  risen.  As  it  is,  21 16  different 
men  have  answered  the  Roll  Call  as  follows  :— 
Britain,  1616        .        .        •     of  whom  16  are  also  in  the  Foreign  list. 

„       ,,  I  is  in  the  American  list. 

„      ,,         I  is  in  the  Jacobite  list. 
Europe,  219  .        .        •        •     ,.      .»       16  are  also  in  the  British  list. 

„      ,,         2  are  in  the  Jacobite  list. 
America,  218         ..        •      „      ,.         i  is  in  the  British  list. 
Jacobite,  103        .        .        .      „      „  2  are  in  the  Foreign  list. 

,,       ,,  I  is  in  the  British  list. 

These  figures,  however,  do  not  fully  convey  the  high  place  occu- 
pied by  the  Gordons  among  our  fighting  families.  A  better  test  is  to 
see  how  the  frequency  of  the  name  occurs  in  the  Home  Services  to-day. 
It  is  not  easy  to  institute  a  complete  comparison  which  would  show  the 
proportion  of  Gordons  in  the  Services  to-day  as  compared  with  the 
number  of  people  using  the  surname  in  the  Kingdom.  The  nearest 
approach  we  can  get  is  the  table  of  incidence  of  the  surnames  of 
Scotland  in  the  year  1863  as  calculated  by  Sir  Robert  E.  Matheson, 
Registrar-General  for  Ireland,  in  his  interesting  report  on  surnames  in 
Ireland  (1909).  He  there  showed  that  the  commonest  name  in  Scotland 
(1863)  and  England  (1853)  was  Smith,  while  Murphy  headed  the  list  in 
Ireland  (1890),  with  Smith  as  a  fifth.  Gordon  stood  fiftieth  on  the  list 
in  Scotland,  but  did  not  appear  at  all  in  a  list  of  100  Irish  and  of  50 
English  surnames.  The  following  table  shows  the  incidence  of  typically 
Scots  surnames  in  the  Navy  and  Army  Quarterly  Lists  of  April,  191 2, 
while  the  index  number  of  their  incidence  in  Scotland  in  1863  appears 
in  the  last  column : — 




'E^                         Suraame.                                       Navy. 







I.     Smith 143 




2.     Stewart 





3.     Campbell 





4.     Scott 





5.     Anderson 





6.     Hamilton 





7.    Gordon 





8.     Murray 





g.     Johnston 





10.     Grant     . 





II.     Graham 





12.     Mackenzie 





13.     Robertson 





14.     Fraser    . 





15.     Macdonald 





16.     Davidson 





17.     Mitchell 





18.     Eliot      . 





19.     Ross 





20.     Douglas 





21.     Kennedy 





22.     Simpson 





23,     Cameron 





24.     Ferguson 





25.     Forbes    . 





26.     Maxwell 





27.     Macleod 





28.     Cunningham 





29.     Crawford 





30.     Maclean 





31.     Sinclair  . 





32.     Leslie     . 





33.     Morrison 





34.     Kerr 





35.     Macpherson 





36.     Duncan  . 





37.     Mackay 





38.     Lindsay 





39.     Macgregor 





40.     Milne 





41.     Maitland 





42.     Munro    . 





43.     Lumsden 





44.     Farquharson 





45.     Mackintosh    . 





46.     Farquhar 





47.     Keith      . 





48.     Leith      . 





Showing  the  Incidence  of  Surnames  in  Scotland  (in  i86j)  and  the  numbers 
(in  the  United  Kingdom)  of  the  same  Surnames  in  the  Services  (191 2). 

xxviii  HOUSE  OF  GORDON. 

The  test  of  the  fighting  qualities  of  the  Gordons  is  not  exhausted 
by  the  number  of  men  under  arms  actually  bearing  the  name  of  Gordon. 
Another  useful  index  which  may  be  applied  is  the  extraordinary  energy 
which  the  Gordons  have  displayed  in  raising  troops.  Everybody  will  at 
once  think  of  the  Gordon  Highlanders.  But  the  regiment  of  to-day  is 
only  one  of  a  series  of  troops  raised  by  the  Gordon  family.  Putting 
aside  the  unique  achievement  of  "Chinese"  Gordon,  we  get: — 

1632 — George,  2nd  Marquis  of  Huntly,  1710.  raised  a  company  for  service  in  France. 
1637 — Alexander  (1656).  son  of  Sir  Alexander  Gordon,  of  Navidale,  raised  a  company 

for  service  in  Sweden. 
1642 — George,  2nd  Marquis  of  Huntly,   1710.   sent  40  men  to  Irvine's  Regiment  for 

1642 — William,  of  Tulloch,  1828  (with  Robert  Keith),  raised  men  for  Douglas's  Regiment 

for  France. 
1643 — John,  of  Craig,  1757  (with  —  Gordon,  yr.  of  Arradoul,  and  Donald  Farquharson), 

raised  80  men  for  service  in  France. 
1650 — John,  Earl  of  Sutherland,  833,  raised  1000  men  to  assist  Leslie. 
1653 — Robert,  4th  Viscount  of  Kenmure,  1180,  raised  men  for  Glencairn's  rising. 
1715— Alexander,  2nd  Duke  of  Gordon,  2053,  and  Alexander,  of  Auchintoul,  1658,  2054, 

raised  men  for  the  first  yacobite  Rising. 
1745 — Lord  Lewis,  2134,  John,  of  Glenbucket,  2110,  and  John,  of  Avochie,  2115.  raised 

men  for  the  Second  yacobite  Rising. 
1747— Robert,  of  the  Gordonstown  family,  1193.  raised  an  Independent  Company  for 

the  H.E.I.C. 
1759-65 —Alexander,  4th  Duke  of  Gordon,  164.  raised  the  Sgth  Regiment. 
1775-83 — Alexander,  4th  Duke,  164,  assisted  by  his  wife,  Jane  Maxwell,  raised  a  company 

oi  Fraser  Highlanders  for  her  brother  Captain  Maxwell. 
1778-83— the  Hon.  William,  1397.  son  of  the  2nd  Earl  of  Aberdeen  and  cousin  of  the  4th 

Duke  of  Gordon,  164,  raised  the  %ist  Regiment. 
1778-83— Alexander,  4th  Duke,  164,  raised  the  Northern  Fencibles. 
1790— George,  5th  Duke,  519,  raised  a  company  for  the  Black  Watch. 
1793-96 — Alexander,  4th  Duke,  164,  raised  the  Northern  Fencibles. 
1794— Alexander,  4th  Duke,  164,  raised  the  looth  Regiment,  now  2nd  battalion,  Gordon 

1826— Sir  John  Bury,  of  Park,  1018,  raised  a  regiment  of  cavalry  in  Hyderabad,  now  the 

Zoth  Lancers  (Gordon's  Horse),  Indian  Army. 
1846— Major  Patrick,  Cairnfield  family,  1142.  raised  the  15M  Ludhiana  Sikhs. 
1857— Lieut.  John,  996,  belonging  to  an  English  ecclesiastical  family,  raised,  at  Asigarh, 

a  body  of  Volunteers  during  the  Indian  Mutiny. 
1857— Col.  W.  G.  Gordon-Cumming,  Gordonstown  family,  1534,  raised  the  Bheel  Police. 
1867— Rev.  Charles  Menzies,  Minmore  family,  1690,  raised  60  men  for  the  Papal  Zouaves. 

Troops  raised  by  the  Gordon  Family. 


It  will  be  noted  that  the  majority  of  these  levy  and  regiment 
raisers  belonged  to  the  northern  group  of  Gordons,  just  like  most  of 
the  traceable  Gordons  in  this  book,  and  the  Gordons  dealt  with  in  the 
Dictionary  of  National  Biography.  Some  southern  genealogists  insist 
that  the  family  as  located  in  Galloway  and  the  Border  Counties  are 
the  only  true  Gordons  ;  and,  technically,  they  are  right  on  the  lines 
of  British  genealogical  conventions,  for  as  already  stated  one  section 
of  the  northern  group  are  really  Setons,  and  the  other  are  descended 
from  illegitimate. sons  ;  but  the  hard  fact  remains  that  the  purer  blood 
of  the  South  has  resulted  in  far  inferior  achievement.  This  has  been 
attributed  to  the  introduction  of  the  blood  of  the  Seton  family,  but  that 
will  not  explain  the  matter,  for  only  a  section  of  the  northern  Gordons 
is  indebted  to  this  strain.  The  real  explanation  would  seem  to  be  the 
familiar  fact  that  a  northern  latitude  produces  almost  invariably  the 
hardier  race  of  people. 

The  influence  of  the  family  of  Gordon  on  the  soldiering  of  the 
North  has  been  very  marked,  not  only  with  men  of  their  own  name, 
but  with  men  from  other  families  more  or  less  under  their  landed  con- 
trol. The  ducal  line  of  course  led  the  way.  Just  as  much  of  the  early 
unrest  in  the  North  was  due  to  the  private  feuds  and  the  domineering 
politics  of  the  Earls  and  Marquises  of  Huntly,  so  the  first  great  impetus 
to  professional  soldiering  in  the  Standing  Army  was  given  by  their 
ducal  descendants,  who,  having  wisely  put  all  their  individualistic 
points  of  view  aside,  decided  to  help  the  Crown  just  at  the  very  moment 
in  the  latter  half  of  the  eighteenth  century,  when  the  Crown,  menaced 
by  France  and  America,  needed  as  many  troops  as  possible.  In  raising 
these  troops,  Fencibles  and  Regulars  alike,  the  Gordons  must  have  felt 
an  access  of  the  old  sense  of  chieftainship,  which  had  deteriorated 
greatly.  But  the  personal  element  was  still  far  stronger  than  the 
Imperial  impulse — about  which  much  melodramatic  nonsense  has 
been  written.  We  are  often  asked  to  contemplate  regiments  rising  like 
gourds  when  the  Empire  was  in  danger,  a  notion  carefully  fostered 
by  modern  writers  with  a  strong  political  bias  and  by  a  historian  like 
Stewart  of  Garth,  who  wished  to  convey  the  impression  that  clanship 
and  chieftainship  were  still  powerful  factors  in  the  social  organism. 
So  far  as  the  rank  and  file  was  concerned,  this  is  as  amiable  a  delusion 
as  the  idea  that  such  recruits  were  men  of  gigantic  size.     The  real 


fact  is  that  the  recruits  to  these  levies  had  to  be  bought  at  a  heavy  price 
(£30  a  man  in  solid  cash  was  not  uncommon  when  the  competition  of 
rival  recruiters  became  acute),  had  to  be  gentled  with  promises  of  leases 
or  extended  holdings,  and  sometimes  had  to  be  forced  into  the  ranks  under 
a  variety  of  pressures.  An  extremely  instructive  letter  on  the  difficulty 
of  getting  men  to  join  was  written  by  the  Rev.  Robert  Macpherson, 
parish  minister  of  Aberarder,  and  is  now  preserved  at  Gordon  Castle. 
Invited  to  co-operate  with  the  4th  Duke  of  Gordon  in  recruiting  for  the 
Northern  Fencibles  of  1778-83,  he  boldly  fell  back  on  a  policy  of  im- 
pressment on  the  ground  that 

neither  the  honour  of  the  country,  nor  attachment  to  the  Duke  of  Gordon  can  procure 
a  decent  number  of  volunteers.  .  .  .  The  spirit  of  clanship  has  absolutely  ceased  as  to  its 
more  important  consequences  all  over  the  Highlands,  and  more  especially  in  this  country.  .  .  . 
Volunteers  need  hardly  be  expected.  The  danger  is  too  remote  to  raise  any  apprehensions  in 
the  common  people  of  the  country's  being  attacked  by  a  foreign  enemy. 

Letter  after  letter,  in  the  same  strain,  was  received  by  the  Duke  from 
his  factors  and  agents ;  so  that  we  may  well  wonder  why  he  was  not 
completely  discouraged,  as  well  as  impoverished.  But  when  it  came 
to  getting  officers  he  was  heartened  again,  for  the  applications  outran 
the  opportunities.  The  sons  of  the  better-to-do  classes  leaped  to  arms, 
as  if  the  instinct  for  soldiering,  which  had  been  in  enforced  abeyance 
since  the  Forty-Five,  must  have  vent  once  more.  Here  again  the 
letters  preserved  at  Gordon  Castle  were  just  as  encouraging  as  the  efforts 
to  enlist  the  rank  and  file  were  depressing.  The  following  petition  to 
the  Duke  for  a  post  in  the  same  regiment  of  Fencibles  is  typical  of  many 
applications  by  Gordons  and  young  men  of  other  surnames : — 

That  your  memorialist  [Robert  Gordon]  has  been  for  some  years  a  Preacher  of  the 
Gospel  and  for  many  years  schoolmaster  in  Rhynie,  a  laborious  and  painful  occupation,  of 
which  he  feels  himself  very  weary. 

That  he  wou'd  be  extreamly  happy  to  accept  of  the  honour  of  any  employment  under 
your  Grace  in  the  Regiment  now  raising,  and  of  which  your  Grace  has  the  command,  as  he  has 
but  a  very  remote  prospect  of  any  provision  in  the  line  of  life  in  which  he  was  educated. 

That  if  your  Grace  cou'd  honour  him  with  a  Lieutenancy  in  that  regiment,  he  wou'd  be 
anxious  by  every  honest  method  in  his  power  to  promote  the  interest  of  the  service  with  the 
utmost  zeal ;  and,  tho'  he  cou'd  not  promise  on  raising  the  number  of  men  usually  given  for 
that  in  consequence  of  his  acquaintance  and  connection  in  this  Corner,  he  cou'd  be  of  some 
service,  the  rather  as  a  brother  of  his  has  had  some  success  in  that  way  here  and  has  still  a 
prospect  of  doing  something  more  effectual. 

Your  Memorialist  begs  leave  to  add  that  his  father  and  friends  have  been  from  time 
immemorial  tenants  to  your  Grace's  family  in  this  Corner. 


The  fact  that  the  poor  Preacher  did  not  get  a  commission  serves 
to  show  that  the  Duke  could  afford  to  restrict  himself  to  his  more 
powerful  tenants  and  neighbours,  and  that  he  had  no  difficulty  in  get- 
ting officers.  This  particular  Fencible  regiment  gave  a  start  to  several 
well-defined  military  families,  descended  from  or  connected  with  the 
following  men  who  got  commissions  in  it — Charles  Gordon,  of  Ward- 
house ;  John  Gordon,  Coynachie;  John  Gordon,  senr.,  in  Laggan  ;  and 
John  Gordon,  in  Croughly.  Another  officer  of  the  Fencibles  was 
WilHam  Gordon,  in  Minmore,  who  joined  them  in  1778,  and  was  so 
much  fascinated  by  soldiering  that  he  made  a  bid  for  a  commission  in 
the  company  which  the  youthful  Marquis  of  Huntly  raised  for  the  Black 
Watch  in  1790  : — 

I  hope  your  Grace  will  pardon  my  presuming  to  request  my  earnest  desire  and  ambition 
to  serve  under  any  of  the  Noble  family,  particularly  one  whose  transcendent  virtues  attract 
the  love  and  admiration  of  all  who  have  the  honour  to  approach  his  person.  If,  therefore,  the 
ensigncy  is  not  promised,  I  will  venture  to  request  of  your  Grace  to  be  recommended  for  it. 
If  men  were  an  object  to  his  lordship,  I  think  I  could  undertake  for  the  ordinary  compliment 
[sic'].  At  least,  I  am  convinced  my  chance  would  be  as  good  as  any  from  this  quarter,  and,  could 
I  assure  them  that  I  were  to  be  engaged,  I  believe  I  have  half  a  dozen  ready  to  follow  me, 
whom  I  have  tried  in  vain  on  any  other  footing. 

This  enthusiasm  was  not  confined  to  the  Duke's  Banffshire  tenants, 
who  at  this  time  were  more  closely  associated  with  him  than  they  were 
elsewhere  on  his  vast  estates.  He  got  applications  from  Aberdeenshire, 
despite  the  rivalry  of  other  recruiters.  Thus  John  Gordon,  Coynachie, 
Gartly,  who  held  a  commission  in  the  8ist  Regiment  (1777-83)  raised 
by  the  Duke's  first  cousin,  the  Hon.  William  Gordon,  of  Fyvie,  much  to 
his  Grace's  wrath,  welcomed  the  raising  of  the  Gordon  Highlanders  as 
a  chance  for  entering  the  regular  army.  He  wrote  to  the  Duke  on 
February  16,  1794: — 

As  the  raising  of  the  regiment  must  be  an  expensive  undertaking,  if  your  Grace  and 
Lord  Huntly  would  entrust  me  with  the  paymastership,  I  would  cheerfully  do  the  business  for 
one  half  of  the  emoluments  that  might  arise  out  of  the  office.  I  cannot  pretend  to  be  a  good 
accountant,  but  shall  be  answerable  for  ail  the  accounts  of  the  regiment  being  kept  intact,  and 
I  am  certain  that  I  would  have  your  lordship's  interest  in  view  as  any  other  that  can  be 

The  semi-private  character  of  these  levies  made  the  Duke  a  power- 
ful patron,  and  paved  the  way  for  the  exercise  of  the  same  function  with 
his  political  friends  in  the  case  of  regular  regiments  already  established. 
The  old  system  of  discriminating  patronage,  which  was  responsible  for 



much  excellent  soldiering,  deserves  a  word,  not  to  say  a  defence,  in 
passing.  Theoretically,  it  was  highly  anti-democratic.  In  practice,  it 
was  a  great  deal  more  democratic  than  the  present  competitive  method. 
No  doubt  the  competitive  system  brings  forward  the  boy  of  the  best 
book-brains»  but  apart  altogether  from  the  vexed  question  whether 
book-brains  are  the  best  for  soldiering,  there  can  be  no  doubt  that  the 
opportunity  for  exercising  them  demands  nearly  as  much  money  (in  the 
shape  of  education)  as  was  necessary  in  the  old  days  to  purchase  a  com- 
mission.  Of  recent  years  there  has  been  a  growing  disposition  to 
question  the  benefits  of  the  examination  system  for  Government 
appointments— Lord  Cromer  in  particular  has  cast  strong  doubts  on 
its  value— but  it  will  be  very  difficult  to  upset  it  in  favour  of  a  return 
to  earlier  methods.  Even  the  inducements  laid  before  University 
graduates,  rendered  necessary  by  the  shortage  of  officers  during  and 
after  the  Boer  War,  cannot  be  said  to  have  proved  very  effective  in  what 
was  once  a  favourite  recruiting  ground. 

The  similarity  between  the  Boer  and  the  fighting  men  produced 
by  the  North  of  Scotland  during  the  last  half  of  the  eighteenth  century 
is  very  marked  :  and  the  present  survey  shows  how  the  contingency  of 
war  and  the  courtesies  of  a  dying  feudalism  went  to  evolve  a  profes- 
sional military  caste.  Deducing  a  further  generalisation,  we  find  that 
the  country  produced  more  officers  than  the  town,  and  that  the  land- 
owning class,  for  the  most  part,  favoured  the  Home  Services,  while  the 
tenant  class  turned  more  readily  to  the  Indian  army  where,  as  already 
noted,  an  officer  was  able  to  support  himself. 

The  type  of  officer  produced  under  these  circumstances  did  not 
evolve  into  a  professional  caste  all  at  once.  He  was  essentially  a 
Cincinnatus,  returning  to  the  land  when  his  days  of  soldiering  were 
over.  Thus,  Paymaster  John  Gordon  of  the  Gordons,  after  a  spell  of 
arduous  service,  returned  to  Coynachie  in  1805,  and  farmed  it  till  his 
death  twenty-two  years  later.  His  son  Major-General  John  Gordon, 
R.A.,  farmed  Culdrain  in  the  evening  of  his  days,  and  his  son  again, 
Major-General  Cosmo  George  Gordon,  who  spent  thirty-nine  years  in  the 
Marines,  has  returned  to  the  old  family  rooftree  at  Culdrain.  But, 
nowadays,  the  soldier  turned  farmer  has  become  as  rare  as  the  farmer 
turned  soldier. 

Few  specimens  of  the  latter  type  are  so  interesting  as  the  family 


which  farmed  Croughly,  in  the  parish  of  Kirkmichael,  as  tenants  of  the 
Dukes  of  Gordon,  and  which  have  given  twenty-eight  (Gordon)  descendants 
to  the  Services  down  to  date.  Like  many  other  groups  of  professional 
soldiers,  the  origin  of  the  Croughly  Gordons  is  "  hard  to  be  condescended 
upon,"  as  the  Balbithan  MS.  would  say.  Their  historian,  Captain 
George  Huntly  Blair  Gordon,  R.E.,  made  an  attempt  in  the  Croughly 
Book  (1895)  to  trace  them  to  the  first  Gordons  of  Cluny.  But  the  solid 
ground  of  descent  begins  only  with  John  Gordon  (died  1738),  who 
married  Margaret,  daughter  of  James  Grant,  of  Ruthven.  His  son 
James,  born  1726,  went  over  the  hills  to  Strathdon  for  a  bride  (1760)  in 
the  person  of  Anne,  daughter  of  John  Forbes,  of  Bellabeg.  Thus  it  is 
not  difficult  to  understand  how  James's  six  sons,  with  the  Gordon-Grant- 
Forbes  blood  in  their  veins,  all  entered  the  military  service  of  their 
country  between  the  years  1781-1804  as  follows  :  — 

1781  George  (aged  16)  .        .        .  Bombay  Army. 

1782  John  (aged  19)      .        .        .  Northern  Fencibles. 
1793  William  Alexander  (aged  24)  Northern  Fencibles. 
1797  Robert  (aged  17)  .        .         .  Aberdeenshire  Militia. 
1800  Charles  (aged  18)  .        .        .  Madras  Army. 

1804  James  (aged  28)    .        .        .     Gordon  Highlanders. 

Robert  duly  returned  to  farm  Croughly  and  was  followed  by  his 
only  son  John,  who  gave  it  up  in  1843  ;  two  of  the  brothers  had  no 
issue ;  the  other  three  became  the  ancestors  of  a  regular  military  caste, 
which  has  done  its  day's  "darg"  in  many  parts  of  our  Dominions. 
Though  they  have  not  been  connected  with  the  old  homestead  for  nearly 
seventy  years,  they  are  still  recalled  in  the  beautiful  kirkyard  of  Kirk- 
michael by  their  moss-grown  memorials,  which  form  a  little  epitome  of 
the  great  task  of  building  up  the  Empire  rarely  equalled  in  similar 
circumstances.  The  Croughly  Gordons,  however,  are  only  one  of  many 
military  groups  in  the  same  region ;  we  have  the  Gordons  in  Minmore 
and  Laggan,  and  Colonel  George  Gordon,  of  Glentromie,  who  gave  five 
of  his  own  sons  to  the  Army. 

While  the  ducal  line  (which  contributed  of  itself  a  great  many 
officers  to  both  Services)  was  the  greatest  patron  of  soldiering,  the 
noble  family  of  Aberdeen,  which  belong  to  a  different  line,  produced 
a  large  number  of  officers,  though  they  were  responsible  for  raising  only 
one  regiment,  the  Sist.  William,  2nd  Earl  of  Aberdeen,  who  died  in 
1745,  had  ninety-four  Gordon  descendants  in  the  Navy  and  Army,  his 



James  Gordon,  Farmer,  Croughly,   1726-1812 
Mar,  1760,  Anne  Forbes,  Bellabeg 

F  enables 


I    I 
John  Glenny, 
Bombay  (s.p.) 
George  James, 
jgth  Ft.  (s.p.) 

Charles  Forbes, 
Madras  (s.p.) 

William  Alexander, 

g2nd  Ft. 

Major- Gen. 

(i)  James  John, 
86th  Ft. 



g2nd  Ft., 

I 776- I 867 

I  I 

Robert,  Charles, 

Militia,  Madras  Army 
Farmer,  Croughly  {d.  s.p.) 

George  H.  B., 

(2)  George  Huntly, 
Bengal  Army  (s.p.) 

(3)  William  Robert, 
Bengal  Army  (s.p.) 

(4)  Alexander  Dunlop, 

Madras  Army 

(5)  Rowland  Hill, 

SSth  Ft. 

Ill  I 

(i)  James  Charles,  {4)  Sir  Benj.  L., 

g2nd  Ft.  (s.p.)  Horse  Artillery 

(2)  Robert  Knight,  I 
Bengal  Army  (s.p.)  \ 

(3)  George  Grant,  J.  Redmond  P., 
Bengal  Army  15 <A  Hussars 

George  Grant, 

Bengal  Vols. 

James  H.  S.  G. 


Eric  R.  S. 

(5)  Wm.  Alex.  G, 

Neil  Fraser, 


Alister  Fraser, 


Charles  Forbes, 
Nigerian  Reg. 

(6)  Sir  Charles  Alexander, 


Henry  Kmg, 

Indian  Volunteers 

The  Croughly  Gordons  who  have  produced  28  officers. 

daughter,  the  lively  Henrietta,  who  married  Robert  Gordon  of  Hallhead,  contributing 
nineteen  bearing  the  name  of  Gordon.  The  Earl,  who  married  the  sister  of  his 
own  son-in-law,  Cosmo,  3rd  Duke  of  Gordon,  became  the  grandfather  of  the  4th 
Duke,  the  greatest  of  all  the  regiment  raisers :  but  the  real  fighting  force  came  from 
the  Duke's  and  not  the  Earl's  side  of  the  house.  The  large  number  of  Hallhead 
Gordons  in  the  Services  may  possibly  have  been  more  than  nineteen,  for  Adam 
Durnford  Gordon,  H.E.I.C.,  the  father  of  Adam  Lindsay  Gordon,  the  Australian 
poet,  wrote  to  the  Commander-in-Chiefs  Secretary  in  1831 :  "  My  father,  grand- 
father, brother,  six  uncles  and  all  their  sons,  twenty  of  us,  have  all  been  brought 
up  for  the  Army,  and  half  of  these  have  been  killed  or  died  on  foreign  service  "  :  but 
Mrs.  Skelton  has  been  able  to  identify  only  ten  of  these  as  Gordons :  the  other 
ten  may  have  been  maternal  relatives.  The  tables  on  the  opposite  page  trace  out 
the  remarkable  naval  and  military  activity  of  these  Gordons  ?ind  their  progenitors, 
the  Gordons  of  Haddo, 



William  (Gordon),  2nd  liarl  of  Aberdeen  (1679-1745) 
ni.  (i)  Lady  Mary  Leslie,  dau.  of  the  Earl  of  Leven 
m.  (2)  Lady  Anne  Murray,  dau.  of  the  Duke  of  AthoII 
m.  (3)  Lady  Anne  Gordon,  dau.  of  2nd  Duke  of  Gordon 

(2)  George,  3rd  Earl, 

m.  Yorkshire  woman 

(3)  William,  officer 
(3)  Cosmo,  officer 
(3)  Charles,  officer 

William,  officer         Alexander,  John, 

George,  Lord  Haddo,     of  Ellon,     of  Cairnbulg, 
officer  officer  officer 

13  officers 

4  officers         7  officers 


(3)  Alexander, 

Lord  Rockville, 


6  officers 

(2)  Catherine, 

m.  3rd  Duke 

of  Gordon 

38  officers 

(3)  Henrietta, 
.  Robert  Gordon, 
of  Hallhead 

ig  officers 

The  (94)  Officers  (of  the  name  of  Gordon)  descended  from  the  2nd  Earl  of  Aberdeen. 
One  of  these  officers  raised  the  8ist  Regiment,  and  another,  the  ^th  Duke  of  Gordon,  raised  four  regi- 
ments of  his  own  and  two  companies  for  other  regiments. 


George  Gordon,  of  Hallhead, 
Jacobite  :  fought  at  Culloden 

Robert  Gordon,  of  Hallhead 
b.  1712  :  d.  1793 

William  (Gordon),  2nd  Earl  of  Aberdeen 
Had  37  male  descendants  in  Services 

Lady  Henrietta  Gordon 
ni.  1760  :  d.  1814 



I      - 


I  I  I 

Robert,     William,  George,  R.N.         Adam  Durnford,  Thomas  Rowley,  Robert  Cumming  Hamilton, 

mstFt.  Black  Watch  Charles  Napier,  R.N. 

Anne  =  Henry  Perkins  Wolrige 

I    I 
Robert  Gordon 
Grenadier  Guards 

John   Gordon 

Wolrige-Gordon , 

Argyll  and 


Robert  Wolrige-Gordon 
Grenadier  Guards 

Walter  Gordon 

Black  Watch 

Henry  Gordon 





Adam  Lindsay, 


gSth  Ft. 








Edward  Hyde         William 
Hamilton,  Alexander, 

Gordons         Worcester  Reg. 




The  19  Officers  of  the  Hallhead  Gordons, 



Opportunity  and  patronage  similarly  gave  an  impulse  to  soldiering 
in  other  Gordon  countries.  It  was  marked  in  Sutherland,  though  there 
it  is  somewhat  obscured  by  the  fact  that  the  Earls  of  Sutherland  had 
abandoned  the  name  of  Gordon  before  the  g^eat  recruiting  impetus  of 
the  eighteenth  century  began.  A  very  remarkable  instance  is  afforded 
by  Adam  Gordon  (1750-1831),  tacksman  at  Griamachary,  Kildonan,  for 
no  fewer  than  fifteen  of  his  male  descendants  have  been  officers,  includ- 
ing the  well-known  "  gemini  generals,"  Sir  John  James  Hood  and 
Sir  Thomas  Edward  Gordon.  Their  fame  endures,  but  not  one  stone 
of  their  old  home — probably  a  mere  "  but  and  ben  "  in  Griamachary — 
is  now  standing  on  the  other. 

It  is  not  possible  in  the  space  at  one's  disposal  to  go  into  all  the 
families  producing  officers,  but  the  following  are  some  striking  cases 
of  male  descendants  in  the  British  Services,  though  the  totals  could  be 
increased  by  including  service  under  other  flags  and  as  Jacobites  : — 

Haddo — William,  2nd  Earl  of  Aberdeen  (<f.  1745)  had 
Croughly — James,  farmer  (d.  1812)  had 
Ha//A^a<i— Robert,  the  laird  (d.  1793)  had 
Cairnfield—Rohcn,  of  Lunan  (6.  1655)  had  , 
Newton — James,  Portsoy  (d.  1745)  had 
Abergeldie — Charles,  the  laird  (d.  1796)  had 
Griamachary — Adam,  tacksman  (d.  1831)  had 
Wardhouse — James,  of  Beldorney  (alive  1746)  had 
Kenmure — John,  "  8th  "  Viscount  (d.  1769)  had 
Clonmel — Thomas,  of  Spring-garden  (d.  1805)  had 
Embo — Sir  John,  5th  bart.  (d.  1779)  had 
Culvennan — William  (rf.  1757)  had         ... 

There  are  other  groups  distinctly  military  though  not  so  easily  classed 
as  these  families.  For  instance,  the  Gordons  of  Park  are  represented 
throughout  the  book  by  14  fighting  members:  the  Gordon-Cummings 
by  12,  the  Gordon-Lennox  family  by  11,  and  the  Conway-Gordons  by 
the  same  number. 

That  the  fighting  spirit  was  widely  diffused  among  men  bearing 
the  name  of  Gordon,  and  did  not  rely  on  the  power  of  the  Dukes  to 
give  it  expression,  is  seen  in  the  number  of  officers  produced  by  the 
Gordons  of  Spring-garden,  Clonmel,  who  were  founded  by  a  tanner, 
and  who  were  brilliantly  represented  in  Major-General  Edward  Charles 
Acheson  Gordon,  R.E.  There  were  several  other  Irish  families, 
grouped  here  for  the  first  time,  although  none  of  them  can  be  traced  back 








to  any  line  in  Scotland.  One  would  specially  like  to  know  something 
more  about  Anthony  Gordon  of  the  Invalids,  whose  Treatise  on  the  Science 
of  Defence  for  the  Sword,  Bayonet  and  Pike  in  Close  Action  is  described  by 
Captain  Hutton  as  "  the  earliest  known  work  giving  any  idea  of  at- 
tack and  defence  with  the  bayonet  ". 

In  view  of  the  large  number  of  unidentified  officers  in  the  list,  it  is 
obvious  that  the  grouping  of  Gordons  in  families  is  far  from  complete  : 
but  Mrs.  Skelton  has  the  satisfaction  of  knowing  that  she  has  traced 
several  men  to  their  family  stock.  This,  indeed,  has  been  a  constant 
encouragement  in  a  task  that  has  presented  some  appallingly  dull 
stretches  of  stodgy  laboriousness.  One  of  these  happy  occasions  occurs 
in  the  case  of  a  certain  Robert  Gordon,  who  distinguished  himself  in 
India.  At  an  early  part  of  the  inquiry,  he  emerged  from  the  pages  of 
Robert  Orme,  at  the  attack  on  Wandiwash,  1759,  the  capture  of  Vellore 
1760,  and  of  Pondicherry,  1760-1 ;  and  one's  heart  warmed  to  the 
glimmer  of  a  Scots  origin  in  the  story  told  by  Philippart  when  Gordon, 
as  the  conqueror  of  Thana  in  1774,  exclaimed :  "  Maister  [Ensign] 
Nugent  tells  me  he  could  dance  a  minuet  in  the  breach".  But 
neither  Orme  nor  Philippart  carried  him  further  back  than  as  a  Captain 
of  the  84th  Regiment  in  1758,  neither  of  them  suggested  an  origin,  and 
Mr.  G.  W.  Forrest's  Bombay  State  Papers  served  to  corroborate  them  only 
in  detail.  Then  one  day,  a  stray  reference  in  Smiles's  life  of  John 
Murray,  the  founder  of  the  famous  publishers  of  Albemarle  Street, 
served  to  show  that  Gordon  could  be  traced  back  to  the  Scots  Brigade 
in  Holland,  that  he  raised  an  Independent  Company  for  the  H.E.I.C. 
in  1747,  and  that  he  had  been  the  subject  of  a  fierce  public  controversy 
in  the  London  newspapers  of  1774,  when  a  shameful  attempt  was  made 
by  the  East  India  Company — sometimes  anything  but  honourable — to 
supersede  him.  This  led  to  an  examination  of  the  (MS.)  ledgers  of 
Mr.  John  Murray,  which  settled  all  doubts.  The  result  was  that  we 
now  know,  by  inference,  that  he  was  an  illegitimate  son  of  Sir  Robert 
Gordon,  of  Gordonstown.  These  discoveries  enabled  the  present  writer 
to  develop  the  career  of  Robert  Gordon,  which  had  begun  practically  at 
zero,  into  a  story  of  22,440  words,  published  in  the  Huntly  Express  and 
Banffshire  Advertiser,  the  merest  summary  of  the  facts  being  set  forth 
in  the  present  work.  The  instance  gives  one  the  opportunity  of  saying 
that  many  of  Mrs.  Skelton's  discoveries  have  been  printed  at  full  length 


and  elaborated  (in  country  newspapers)  by  the  Editor  of  the  House 
of  Gordon  in  pursuance  of  the  policy  foreshadowed  by  him  in  that  work 
ten  years  ago,  of  getting  one's  genealogical  material  out  of  the  precarious 
manuscript  stage.  The  whereabouts  of  these  elaborations  are  invari- 
ably stated  in  the  list  of  authorities  appended  to  every  biography,  but 
unfortunately  the  average  reader  will  not  be  able  to  go  to  these  sources, 
for  not  a  single  library  in  Scotland  professes  to  file  more  than  one  or 
two  of  these  journals,  invaluable  as  they  are  as  chronicles  of  the 
countryside  in  all  its  activities. 

Even  with  these  subsidiary  channels  of  information,  much  remains 
to  be  told  that  was  alien  to  the  spirit  of  the  present  work  :  and  a  writer 
with  the  skill  of  a  Burton  could  add  many  companion  volumes  to  the 
Scot  Abroad.  For  instance,  there  is  the  story  of  William  Gordon — his 
origin  has  escaped  detection — who  went  on  a  Mission  in  1739  to  Shahu 
Raja,  the  Maratha  King  of  Satara,  being  asked  to  supply  "  eight  guinea- 
hens,  two  pairs  of  turkeys,  some  Bussora  pigeons,  a  little  mummy,  and 
a  kind  of  curious  birds  ".  Again  there  is  the  grim  story  of  the  massacre 
of  Patna,  1763,  where,  as  a  little  paragraph  in  the  A  berdeen  Journal  of 
June  25,  1764,  reminded  its  readers,  Lieut.  John  Gordon,  "  son  to  Mr. 
Gordon,  of  Dundurcus,"  had  fallen,  in  the  previous  October,  a  victim 
to  the  treachery  of  the  dastardly  Swiss  "  Sombre  ". 

Romance,  of  course,  does  not  belong  exclusively  to  yesterday  : — 

Confound  Romance  I  .  .  .  And  all  unseen 
Romance  brought  up  the  nine-fifteen. 

Only  the  other  month  the  issue  of  the  ponderous  history  (it  weighs 
40  lb.)  of  the  Rajkumar  College,  at  Rajkot,  Kathiawar,  recalled  the 
story  of  Harry  Lawrence  Gordon  (1867-92),  who  began  his  career  in  the 
Durham  Light  Infantry  and  then  entered  the  Bombay  Staff  Corps.  A 
band  of  daring  dacoits  had  infested  the  province  for  fourteen  months. 
Young  Gordon,  with  some  native  men  of  the  Agency  Police,  went  out 
one  day  against  the  marauders,  twelve  in  number,  and  rounded  them 
up  in  their  stronghold.  He  completely  routed  them,  but  fell  with  nine 
bullets  in  his  body.  "  We  cannot  all  be  Gordons,"  said  Sir  Charles  Olli- 
vant,  the  Political  Agent,  in  addressing  the  students  at  the  College : 
"  but  what  I  ask  you  to  consider  is,  how  it  is  that  in  all  these  months  of 
outlawry  there  has  not  been  found  in  any  of  the  States  which  most 

THE   MAKING  OF   THE   MUSTER.  xxxix 

suffered  by  it  some  young  Rajput  to  lead  his  men  with  something  like 
Gordon's  gallantry  and  determination." 

If  there  has  been  romance  in  the  careers  of  many  Gordon  officers, 
there  has  also  been  romance  in  the  discovery  of  it,  producing  an  exhilara- 
tion familiar  to  every  student,  but  more  or  less  incommunicable  to  the 
ordinary  reader.  One  of  the  moments  is  worth  recalling,  for  it  possesses 
a  literary  as  well  as  military  value.  All  students  of  Carlyliana  are 
familiar  with  the  story  of  Margaret  Gordon,  supposed  to  have  been  the 
Seer's  first  love.  Northern  gossips  had  told  and  retold  the  story  over 
and  over  again,  but  not  one  of  them  ever  discovered  what  Gordon  she 
was.  One  day,  as  Mrs.  Skelton  was  immersed  in  her  own  work,  Mr. 
Ray  C.  Archibald,  a  young  Professor  of  Mathematics  in  a  Ladies'  College 
in  Canada,  discovered  that  the  father  of  the  girl  was  a  Dr.  Alexander 
Gordon,  an  army  surgeon.  He  followed  this  by  a  voyage  across  the 
Atlantic,  ran  up  and  down  the  country  in  a  few  weeks,  and  enlisted 
Mrs.  Skelton's  interest  and  help.  It  was  really  a  terrible  task,  a  look- 
ing for  a  needle  in  a  haystack  ;  and  involved  among  other  things  a 
search  through  seventeen  unindexed  War  Office  letter-books.  But  Mrs. 
Skelton  had  the  ultimate  satisfaction  of  running  the  mysterious  surgeon 
to  earth  among  the  Gordons  of  Logic,  while  Mr.  Archibald  himself  dis- 
covered everything  else  that  was  worth  discovering,  the  result  being  an 
elaborate  book  of  230  pages,  issued  from  the  Bodley  Head. 

The  elements  of  many  another  romance  will  be  found  scattered 
through  the  pages  of  Gordons  Under  Arms,  but  Mrs.  Skelton,  with 
an  unfaltering  perception  of  the  true  function  of  the  New  Spalding 
Club,  has  denied  herself  the  pleasure  of  exploiting  the  purple  patches 
for  the  more  prosaic  task  of  providing  the  warp  and  woof  of  hard  fact. 
The  ideal  she  has  pursued  is  the  answer  to  the  questions — Who  is  to 
use  this  book  ?  How  shall  I  help  them  quickly  and  efficiently  ?  Every 
officer  has  been  given  an  entry  number,  and  referred  to  his  father  if  in 
the  Services,  or  to  a  brother  or  some  kinsman  who  was.  Thus  Alex- 
ander Dunlop  Gordon,  224,  of  the  Croughly  family,  is  described  as  the 
son  of  William  Alexander,  1474,  but  not  as  the  brother  of  James  John, 
807,  George  Huntly,582,  William  Robert,  1511,  and  Rowland  Hill,  1281, 
who  were  all  in  the  Army.  It  is  only  on  referring  to  William  Alex- 
ander, 1474,  the  father  of  them  all,  that  you  learn  those  officers  were 
brothers.     This  plan   has  been  adopted  to  save  space,  for  with  every 



desire  to  help  the  searcher,  one  has  avoided  the  irrational  helpfulness 
which  leaves  him  nothing  whatever  to  do  for  himself.  The  cross- 
references  in  the  text  are  largely  supplemented  by  the  additional  identi- 
fications supplied  by  the  elaborate  index,  which  is  an  inventory  rather 
than  a  mere  conventional  index,  and  includes  the  relatives  of  the  officers 
(who  are  of  course  arranged  alphabetically  in  the  text). 

No  one  with  the  slightest  experience  of  research  can  fail  to  under- 
stand the  enormous  amount  of  work  involved  in  the  construction  of  the 
careers  of  individual  officers  from  varied  and  often  contradictory  data  : 
and  how  it  has  been  accentuated  by  the  elaborate  network  of  cross- 
references  with  which  the  book  is  equipped.  These  give  us,  as  nothing 
else  could  do,  a  consciousness  of  the  contribution  by  one  great  family 
alone  to  the  task  of  extending  our  Dominions,  a  task  that  was  pursued 
inarticulately  by  these  officers  themselves.  I  have  said  that  the  Gordons 
have  been  poor  historians,  but  as  a  matter  of  fact,  the  fighting  which 
they  helped  to  put  in  from  the  middle  of  the  eighteenth  century  was  little 
understood  by  the  country  at  large.  There  was  no  Seeley  to  define  Ex- 
pansion, there  was  no  political  doctrine  of  "  Empire  ".  Politicians  and 
soldiers  alike  were  nearly  as  much  puzzled  as  little  Wilhelmine  and  old 
Caspar  on  the  field  of  Blenheim.  Therefore  the  moss-grown  memorials 
of  such  men  as  the  Croughly  Gordons  in  the  quiet  kirkyard  of  Kirk- 
michael,  and  the  mere  collection  of  dates  which  constitute  the  bio- 
graphies of  hundreds  of  officers  in  this  book  are  symbolical  of  the  quiet, 
laborious  processes  which  have  made  us  what  we  are.  In  retrospect 
and  in  the  bulk  it  may  all  be  "frightfully  thrilling,"  as  Hilda  Wangel 
would  say,  but  the  individual  biography  is  often  as  dull  as  the  individual 
sections  of  an  elaborate  pattern,  and  as  unconscious  of  its  purpose  in 
the  great  design  of  which  it  is  a  part. 

The  consciousness  of  this  gives  a  political  as  well  as  genealogical 
interest  to  this  book,  and  has  sustained  the  makers  of  it.  Its  making  too 
was  possible  only  in  the  Capital  most  indebted  to  the  services  of  sailor 
and  soldier,  for  Gordons  under  Arms  could  not  possibly  have  been 
done  except  by  a  student  resident,  at  least  for  long  stretches  at  a  time, 
in  London,  where  the  main  data  alone  are  available.  Even  then,  it  could 
not  have  been  done  in  the  same  space  except  by  a  student  of  leisure 
and  immense  enthusiasm.  To  have  had  to  pay  searchers'  fees  would 
have  made  the  publication,  expensive  as  it  now  is,  quite  impossible: 


SO  that  the  debt  due  by  the  Club  to  Mrs.  Skelton  is  a  very  heavy  one 
regarded  from  every  point  of  view. 

The  Continent  of  Europe. 

The  List  of  Gordons  in  the  Services  of  Europe  entirely  compiled  by 
the  Editor  of  The  House  of  Gordon,  includes  219  officers  and  men,  of 
whom  ninety-four  are  quite  unidentified,  and  of  whom  sixteen  also  figure 
in  the  Home  Services  and  two  in  the  Jacobite  risings  of  171 5  and 
1745.     They  are  apportioned  as  follows  : — 



















Papal  Zouaves 




This  muster  roll,  however,  cannot  be  considered  complete,  for,  ex- 
cept in  the  case  of  France  and  Holland,  we  have  no  regular  registers 
to  fall  back  upon.  In  lieu  of  these  we  have  the  odds  and  ends  of  history 
written  by  Scotsmen  themselves,  notably  Sir  Robert  Gordon's  Earldom 
of  Sutherland,  but  such  books  record  only  the  men  who  were  worth 
recording.     Among  the  main  sources  of  information  are  the  following : — 

France. —  The  Scots  Men-at-Artns  and  Life  Guards  in  France,  from  their  formation  until 
their  final  dissolution,  mccccxviii-mdcccxxx.  By  William  Forbes-Leith,  S.J. :  with  etched 
plates  by  Major  H.  de  Grandmaison,  Edinburgh,  William  Paterson,  1882:  4to :  vol.  i.  pp. 
xiv,  195 ;  vol.  ii.  pp.  232. 

Holland. — Papers  ilUistrating  the  History  of  the  Scots  Brigade  in  the  Service  of  the 
Netherlands,  1572-1782,  extracted  by  permission  from  the  Government  Archives  at  the  Hague, 
and  edited  by  James  Ferguson  [of  Kinmundy].  Edinburgh,  Scottish  History  Society,  1899; 
3  vols.,  8vo.  [The  information  here  has  been  supplemented  by  several  letters  from  Prof.  Kramer, 
"  Director  of  H.M.'s  Private  Archives."] 

Denmark  and  Sweden. — Monro,  His  Expedition,  with  the  Worthy  Scots  Regiment 
(called  MacKeyes  Regiment),  levied  in  August,  1626,  by  Sr.  Donald  MacKey,  Lord  Rhees 
[sic],  Colonell  for  his  majesties  service  of  Denmark,  and  reduced  after  the  battaile  of  Nerling 
to  one  Company  in  1634  at  Wormes,  in  the  Paltz  :  collected  and  gathered  together  at  spare- 
houres  by  Colonell  Robert  Monro,  at  first  Lievetennant  under  the  said  Regiment  to  the  Noble 
and  Worthy  Capitaine,  Thomas  MacKenyee  of  Kildon,  brother  to  the  noble  Lord,  the  Lord 
Earle  of  Seafort ;  for  the  use  of  all  Worthie  Cavaliers  favouring  the  laudable  profession  of 
arms.  London,  printed  by  William  Jones  in  Red-Crosse  Streete,  1637.  [A  tantalisingly 
"  throughither  "  production.] 


An  Old  Scots  Brigade,  being  the  history  of  Mackay's  Regiment  now  incorporated  with 
the  Royal  Scots,  with  an  appendix  containing  copies  of  many  original  documents  connected 
with  the  history  of  the  regiment  By  John  Mackay  (late)  of  Herriesdale.  Edinburgh,  William 
Blackwood,  1885. 

Russia. — Tagebuch  des  Generals  Patrick  Gordon,  wahrend  seiner  Kriegsdienste  unter 
den  Schweden  und  Polen  vom  Jahre  1655  bis  1661,  und  seines  Aufenthaltes  in  Ruszland  vom 
Jahre  166 1  bis  1699,  zum  ersten  Male  voUstandig  veroffentlicht ;  durch  Furst  M.  A.  Oboienski 
und  Dr.phil.  M.  C.  Posselt.  [3  vols.]  Moskau,  Gedruckt  in  der  Universitats-Buchdruckerei, 
1849:  St.  Petersburg,  in  Commission  bci  K.  F.  Kohler  in  Leipzig,  1851,  1852, 

Pmsages  from  the  Diary  of  Patrick  Gordon  of  Auchleuchries,  a.d.  1635-A.u.  i6g() 
[edited  by  Joseph  Robertson] ;  Aberdeen,  Spalding  Club,  1859.  [This  is  an  abridgment,  in 
the  original  text,  of  the  Tagebuch,  which  contams  a  great  deal  of  supplementary  information 
about  other  Gordons  in  Russia  not  reproduced  m  the  Diary.] 

The  History  of  Peter  the  Great,  Emperor  of  Russia,  to  which  is  prefixed  a  short  history 
of  the  country  from  the  rise  of  that  monarchy,  and  an  account  of  the  author's  life.  By 
Alexander  Gordon,  of  Achintoul,  Esq.,  several  years  a  Major-general  in  the  Czar's  service ; 
Aberdeen,  printed  by  and  for  F.  Douglass  and  W.  Murray.     1755  :  2  vols.,  8vo. 

General. — Scottish  Soldiers  of  Fortune,  their  adventures  and  achievements  in  the  Armies 
of  Europe.  By  James  Grant;  illustrated  by  F.  A.  Fraser.  London,  Routledgc,  1889,  pp.  331. 
[An  interesting,  but  badly  arranged  and  indexless,  book,  in  which  few  authorities  are  cited.] 

The  type  of  officer  serving  under  a  foreign  flag  has  always  fascin- 
ated Scotsmen  themselves.  Thus  Sir  Thomas  Urquhart  in  his  Jewel 
of  1652  is  proud  to  recount  (Maitland  Club  ed.,  p.  214) : — 

Several  [Scots]  have  for  their  fidelity,  valor  and  gallantry  been  exceedingly  renowned  all 
over  France,  Spain,  the  Venetian  Territories,  Pole,  Muscovy,  the  Lowcountreyea,  Swedland, 
Hungary,  Germany,  Denmark,  and  the  other  States  and  Kingdoms, 

He  acquired  immortality  in  the  person  of  Dugald  Dalgetty,  who 
had  been  educated  at  Marischal  College,  while  Stevenson  in  Prince  Otto 
sketches  the  type  in  Herr  Oberst  Gordon — "  well  grounded  at  Aber- 
deen " — of  the  Grunewald  Army. 

Despite  the  popularity  of  this  type  of  adventurous  Scot,  his  genesis 
and  the  genius  of  the  corps  which  he  entered  have  not  been  explained 
by  Burton  or  Grant  as  they  deserve.  The  class  from  which  the  men 
came  was  in  most  cases  the  better-to-do,  and  Town  as  well  as  Country 
contributed  its  quota.  That  merchandise  and  militarism  should  run 
hand  in  hand  is  easily  understood,  for  it  was  the  Town  which  did  the 
trade  with  the  Continent  and  which  owned  the  ships  available  for  all 
passenger  traffic.  When  the  laird  wanted  to  go  abroad  he  had  to  go 
to  the  merchant  and  be  content  with  a  cargo  boat.  For  both  classes 
England  long  remained  a  closed  door;  even  if  her  portals  had  been 
flung  wide  open,  it  was  much  more  easy  to  sail  across  the  sea  than  to 


travel  by  road  across  the  Border.  The  character  of  the  foreign  corps 
also  differed.  The  Scots  Men-at-Arms  in  France  and  the  Scots  Brigade 
in  Holland  were  almost  the  only  permanent  organisations  approximating 
the  ideal  of  our  Standing  Army:  in  most  other  countries  the  Scots 
trooped  in  only  on  special  warlike  occasions. 

The  Scots  Men-at-Arms  in  France  were  the  most  aristocratic, 
and  attracted  the  land-owning  and  Catholic  gentry.  The  Brigade  in 
Holland  appealed,  on  the  other  hand,  to  the  merchant  class,  who  had 
long  been  bound  up  with  trade  in  the  Netherlands,  and  it  attracted 
Protestants.  But  beyond  that,  religious  ideals  played  little  part  in  the 
'listing  of  these  Scots,  when  the  possibilities  of  war  came  in  sight. 
Protestants  like  John  Gordon,  of  the  Gight  family,  who  was  so  closely 
associated  with  the  assassination  of  Wallenstein  in  1634,  entered  the 
service  of  the  Empire  to  fight  for  Catholicism,  and  Catholics  took  up 
arms  for  the  Protestant  Gustavus.  As  an  example  of  the  complete 
indifference  as  to  which  flag  was  to  be  served,  one  may  cite  the  early 
experiences  of  General  Patrick  Gordon,  of  Auchleuchries  : — 

(i)  1655,  Feb.,  entered  the  Swedish  Army. 

(2)  1656,  Jan.,  captured  by  the  Poles,  and  entered  their  service  in  May. 

(3)  1656,  Jul.,  captured  by  the  Swedes. 

(4)  1657,  Jan.,  recaptured  by  the  Poles,  and  then  captured  by  the  Imperial  troops. 

(5)  1658,  Ensign  in  the  Swedish  service,  and  soon  after  captured  by  the  Poles,  whose 

service  he  re-entered. 

(6)  1660,  Jun.,  fought  against  the  Russians  at  Czudno. 

{7)  i65o,  arranged  to  enter  the  service  of  the  Holy  Roman  Empire. 

(8)  1660,  Sept.,  entered  the  Russian  army,  in  which  he  served  till  his  death  in  1699. 

The  reasons  for  Scots  entering  foreign  armies  were  varied.  In 
the  first  part  of  the  seventeenth  century  the  dejnands  of  Sweden  and  of 
France  for  men  were  responsible  for  many  levies,  the  year  1642  witness- 
ing warrants  for  raising  6000  soldiers  for  France  alone.  Then  the 
Covenanting  struggle  in  Scotland  resulted  in  many  men  going  abroad 
for  safety's  sake,  as  in  the  case  of  Adam,  son  of  Sir  Adam  Gordon,  of 
Park,  who,  on  hearing  of  Lord  Huntly's  death,  "transports  himself  into 
Germany,"  and  of  Patrick,  the  notorious  "  Steelhand,"  who  closed  a 
fierce  anti-Covenanting  campaign  by  entering  the  service  of  Poland. 
Sometimes  it  was  a  private  quarrel,  as  when  John  Gordon,  bullied  and 
wounded  by  his  brother,  Alexander,  the  laird  of  Birsemoir,  "  wes  forsit  to 
leave  the  kingdom  and  go  in  service  with  Capitan  Hepburne  to  France  ". 


Russia  was  the  last  of  the  foreign  countries  to  employ  Scotsmen 
on  a  large  scale.  Peter  the  Great's  remarkable  determination  to  be- 
come a  force  by  engaging  the  best  soldiers  and  sailors  led  to  his 
inviting  Patrick  Gordon,  of  Auchleuchries,  to  join  him ;  and  the  laird's 
success  was  so  great  that  he  soon  had  a  number  of  his  countrymen 
applying  for  posts.  In  the  following  century  the  Jacobite  rebellion 
proved  the  Czar's  opportunity,  especially  in  regard  to  the  fleet,  for 
officers  with  pro-Stuart  tendencies  were  cast  adrift  in  this  country.  It 
was  in  this  way  that  Russia  acquired  the  services  of  Thomas  Gordon, 
who  had  apparently  begun  his  career  as  a  North  Sea  trader,  and  having 
entered  the  Scots  Navy  by  way  of  privateering,  was  taken  over  by  the 
English  Navy  at  the  time  of  the  Union,  meantime  doing  everything  in 
his  power  to  help  the  Jacobites,  until  he  was  forced  to  give  up  his  com- 
mand, and  enter  the  service  of  the  Czar  who  made  him  Governor  of 
Kronstadt.  Although  he  did  not  actually  fight  in  the  Fifteen,  he  may 
be  said  to  have  served  four  masters  in  turn — Scotland,  Great  Britain, 
the  Jacobites,  and  Russia.  No  other  man  in  this  book  appears  in  more 
than  two  of  the  lists  :  that  is  why  Thomas's  career  has  been  detailed  at 
such  length.  Jacobitism  gave  two  other  officers  to  Russia.  There  was 
"  Sandie"  Gordon,  a  younger  son  of  the  laird  of  Glenbucket,  who  was 
killed  on  the  Black  Sea,  while  fighting  the  Turks  in  1740  ;  if  he  be- 
haved "  honorablie  at  his  death,"  wrote  his  father,  who  was  also  to  die 
an  exile  on  a  foreign  shore,  "  it  would  be  a  great  satisfactione  for  me  to 
know  ".  William,  the  son  of  the  Jacobite  laird  of  Cobairdy,  also  took 
post  in  the  Russian  Navy.  Half  a  century  later,  the  struggle  of  Greece 
attracted  Thomas  Gordon,  of  Buthlaw,  who  learned  his  Homer  at  Eton 
and  Oxford  aitcl  1.  >  soldiering  in  the  Scots  Greys;  curiously  enough 
there  is  no  evidence  that*  he  ever  met  Lord  Byron,  who  had  narrowly 
escaped  being  his  fellow-laird  at  Gight. 

One  wonders  how  these  old  Scots  got  on  in  point  of  language. 
French  of  course  was  easy,  for  many  of  the  youths  who  entered  the 
Scots  Men-at-Arms  had  been  educated  at  Catholic  seminaries  in  France. 
One  can  understand  their  getting  along  in  Dutch,  for  merchandise  had 
made  it  a  lingua  franca.  But  how  did  they  manage  in  Polish  and  in 
Russian  ?  The  question  is  peculiarly  interesting  in  view  of  the  fierce 
struggle  in  Hungary  a  few  years  ago  when  Austria  introduced  the  Ger- 
man word  of  command,  the  Magyars  insisting  that  their  race  could  not 


understand  it,  and  the  Croats,  Ruthenians,  and  other  sections  of  the 
Composite  Monarchy  maintaining  that  the  substitution  of  Magyar  would 
not  help  them.  We  know  for  certain  that  the  inability  of  Admiral 
Thomas  Gordon  to  speak  Russian  was  the  cause  of  friction  between  him 
and  the  Dane,  Sievers  ;  he  certainly  spoke  Dutch,  but  that  cannot  have 
carried  him  very  far  in  Muscovy.  Some  of  the  Scots  had,  however,  been 
so  long  abroad  that  they  had  practically  become  foreigners  ;  such  an  one 
was  the  John  Gordon,  a  fellow-prisoner  of  the  laird  of  Auchleuchries, 
who  describes  him  "  ein  volliger  Deutscher".  In  some  cases  these 
soldiers  settled  permanently  abroad,  and  founded  military  families.  The 
best-known  example  comes  from  Poland,  where  Lady  Catherine  Gordon 
and  Lord  Henry  Gordon,  twin  children  of  the  2nd  Marquis  of  Huntly, 
were  taken  when  young,  and  acquired  a  firm  footing  through  the 
marriage  of  Lady  Catherine  with  Count  Andreas  Morsztyn,  the  Grand 
Treasurer  of  Poland.  To  this  day  there  is  a  Man^iis  J.^untly  Gordon 
in  Warsaw,  who  claims  descent  from  Lord  Henry.  The  descent  is  not 
quite  clear  at  its  start,  but  there  is  undoubtedly  a  closely  related  group 
of  military  Gordons  who  came  out  of  Poland: — 

John  James  Gordon,  "  Marquis  of  Huntly," 

said  to  be  Lord  Henry's  grandson, 

Col.,  Polish  Army  :  alive  1694 

Peter  Gordon 
Judge  at  Czerniechow 

Joseph  Felix,  Karol,  Franciszek, 

1742-1811,  d.  s.p.  1820,  d.  1826, 

Saxmi  Army  Polish  Army  General,  Poland 

Ferdinand  Heinrich  Joseph  von  Gordon,  Karol, 

Saxon  Life  Guards  :  d.  1846  b.  1818 

I  ^  ^      '•      . 

Franz  von,  Oscar  Ivan,  Franciszek, 

d.  1871,  d.  1909,  Marquis 

Saxon  Light  Horse  Austrian  Army  of  Huntly 

I  I 

I  I  I 

Felix,  Rudolf,  Oscar, 

1859-75,  b.  1863,  b.  1873, 

Cadet  Hesse  Army  German  Navy 


A  second  foreign  group,  still  more  clearly  defined,  is  descended  from 
the  Gordons  of  Coldwells,  through  a  younger  son  who  went  to  Poland 
as  a  merchant,  as  a  birth  brieve  of  June  27,  1718,  now  possessed  by  his 
family  at  Laskowitz,  and  corroborated  by  a  copy  in  the  Aberdeen  Pro- 
pinquity Register,  serves  to  prove.  The  family  is  now  represented  by 
Dr.  Franz  von  Gordon-Coldwells,  whose  grandfather  Adoli,  with  two 
brothers  Franz  and  Edmond,  were  all  in  the  Prussian  Army.  The  best- 
known  family  settled  abroad  is  that  of  the  Gordons  of  Wardhouse,  who 
have  been  long  connected  with  Spain,  although  they  are  also  intimately 
connected  with  their  native  Aberdeenshire,  where  they  still  own 

The  entry  of  the  Scot  into  foreign  armies  came  gradually  to  an 
end  with  the  discovery  of  our  Dominions  beyond  the  Seas,  and  the 
foreigner's  coincident  growth  of  ability  to  do  for  himself  what  we  and 
others  had  largely  done  for  him.  Except  for  Gordons  who  had  practically 
become  foreigners,  we  find  a  complete  stoppage  of  foreign  service ;  al- 
though the  vitality  of  the  Gordons  is  so  great  that  in  one  case  a  Spanish 
Gordon,  Jose  Maria  of  the  Wardhouse  family,  has  lived  to  enter  our  own 
service  as  commander  of  the  forces  in  the  Commonwealth  of  Australia. 
The  case  is  unique,  for  between  1840,  when  the  laird  of  Buthlaw  left 
Greece,  and  the  present  time,  I  know  of  only  one  Gordon  who  took  service 
on  the  Continent,  namely,  the  Rev.  Charles  Menzies  Gordon,  who  raised 
men  for  the  Papal  Zouaves  in  1867.  The  London  Weekly  Despatch  re- 
ported (May  I,  1904),  on  the  authority  of  the  "  Conscript  Department  ot 
the  Russian  Ministry  of  War,"  that  among  the  "  150  distinctively 
British  names  among  the  Czar's  non-commissioned  soldiers,"  appeared 
that  of"  Gordon,  of  Aberdeen" ;  but  all  efforts  to  verify  the  statement  have 
completely  failed.  One  would  have  included  him  in  the  Foreign  Legion, 
for  so  many  Gordons  of  good  family  entered  the  ranks  of  foreign  armies 
that  the  rule  adopted  in  the  British  list  of  excluding  everybody  beneath 
the  rank  of  a  warrant  officer  has  been  waived. 

It  will  be  noted  that  the  details  in  the  Foreign  List  are  fuller  than 
in  the  case  of  the  Home  Services,  for  the  simple  reason  that  many 
of  them  have  been  found  in  places  unlikely  to  be  searched  by  the 
genealogical  student,  and  several  are  the  result  of  correspondence 
carried  on  for  several  years  before  this  work  was  contemplated.  One 
must  wait  patiently  for  the  full  examination  of  the  more  minute  historical 


records  of  various  countries  before  one  can  hope  to  make  this  particular 
section  anything  like  complete. 

In  America. 

The  Gordons,  officers  and  men,  who  have  followed  the  flag  on  the 
American  Continent  number  218  ;  of  whom  one,  George,  took  part  in 
the  filibustering  raid  on  a  Brazilian  province  in  1907  ;  one,  George 
Tomline,  figures  in  another  of  the  lists,  namely,  that  of  the  British 
Services  ;  and  only  sixty  are  identified  as  to  origin. 

This  list  is  most  deeply  indebted  to  Mr.  Armistead  Churchill 
Gordon,  Staunton,  Virginia,  who  knows  more  about  the  Gordon  family 
in  America  than  any  other  genealogist.  Mr.  Gordon  belongs  to  the 
Gordons  of  Middlesex,  Virginia,  founded  by  John  Gordon,  the  third  son 
of  James  Gordon,  II.  of  Sheepbridge,  County  Down,  who,  probably, 
belonged  to  the  Gordons  of  Salterhill,  Drainie,  Morayshire,  through  the 
Rev.  James  Gordon,  minister  of  Comber,  Co.  Down.  In  pursuit  of  his 
ancestors,  Mr.  Gordon  had  elaborate  searches  made  in  Ireland,  which 
have  given  us  fuller  details  of  the  Irish  Gordon  families  than  we  have 
ever  got  from  anyone  else.  On  his  own  behalf  he  has  compiled  pedigrees 
of  the  following  Gordon  families  in  Virginia — Lancaster,  Middlesex  and 
Richmond  (his  own  branch),  Blandford,  Spottsylvania,  Falmouth  and 
Fredericksburg,  and  Alexandria.  Six  years  ago  he  made  a  list  of  Gordons 
who  had  fought  in  the  American  Colonies  and  in  the  United  States, 
and  this  has  been  supplemented  from  his  Virginian  genealogies,  of  which 
the  present  writer  has  a  typewritten  copy.  Further  information  was 
received  in  1908  from  Mr.  Daniel  Smith  Gordon,  65  West  93rd  Street, 
New  York,  claiming  descent  from  Alexander  Gordon,  a  Scot,  who  went 
to  America  in  1734,  settling  in  Cumberland  County,  Pennsylvania,  and 
dying  before  1750.  Additional  facts  have  been  drawn  from  the  follow- 
ing records  : — 

List  0/ Officers  in  the  Army  of  the  United  States  from  1779  to  1900  ;  embracing  a  register 
of  all  appointments  by  the  President  of  the  United  States  in  the  Volunteer  Service  during 
the  Civil  War,  and  of  the  Volunteer  officers  in  the  Service  of  the  United  States,  June  i,  igoo. 
Compiled  from  the  official  records  by  Colonel  William  H.  Powell,  U.S.  Army.  New  York, 
Hamersley  &  Co.,  igoo. 

List  of  Officers  of  the  Navy  oj  the  United  States  and  of  the  Marine  Corps  from  1775  to 
1900 ;  comprising  a  complete  register  of  all  present  and  former  commissioned,  warranted,  and 

xlviii  HOUSE  OF  GORDON. 

appointed  officers  of  the  United  States  Navy  and  of  the  Marine  Corps,  regular  and  volunteer. 
Compiled  by  Edward  W,  Callaghan,  Regisuar,  Bureau  of  Navigation,  Navy  Department. 
New  York,  L.  R.  Hamersley  &  Co.,  1901. 

All  this  material,  together  with  the  information  contained  in  the  various 
editions  of  Who's  Who  in  America,  has  been  arranged  by  Mra  Skelton 
on  the  pattern  of  her  own  work. 

The  list  is  anything  but  complete.  Even  Virginia,  which  has 
been  ransacked  as  no  other  state  has  been,  has  gaps,  for  Mr.  Gordon 
has  excluded  the  Virginia  "County  Colonists "  of  the  time  of  the 
Colony,  and  also  officers  in  the  Militia  in  times  of  peace,  concen- 
trating on  those  who  actually  bore  arms  in  war.  Again  the  concluding 
volumes  of  John  M.  Moore's  Roster  of  North  Carolina  Troops  in  tJte  Civil 
War  (which  is  out  of  print)  have  not  been  searched ;  and  the  absence 
in  this  country  of  most  of  those  books  of  infinitesimal  historical  re- 
search, of  which  the  Americans  are  past  masters,  must  account  for 
many  other  gaps. 

As  it  is,  we  get  the  following  figures  from  the  218  men  mentioned  : — 

Confederate  army  67        North  American  (and  U.S.)  army  82 
Revolution  54        U.S.  Navy  15 

The  list  naturally  adds  little  to  our  knowledge  of  the  origins  of 
the  American  Gordons  on  this  side  of  the  Atlantic,  which  is  the  great 
stumbling-block  of  genealogy  in  America  except  for  a  few  families. 
The  initial  difficulty  occurs  not  so  much  in  America  as  in  Ireland,  from 
which  so  many  families  emigrated.  Scarcely  one  family  of  Gordons 
in  Ireland  can  trace  to  any  well-known  stock,  the  case  of  the  Sheep- 
bridge  Gordons,  who  have  given  the  student  so  much  trouble,  being 
typical.  It  is  curious  that  the  Scots  origins  of  George  Tomline  Gordon — 
the  only  man  who  figures  in  the  Home  Army  as  well  as  in  the  American 
(Confederate)  service — are  also  unknown.  Of  the  two  other  Scots 
Gordons  who  have  been  in  the  American  service  in  our  own  day, 
William  Augustus,  Missouri  Infantry,  belonged  to  the  Cairnfield  and 
Rosieburn  group,  and  the  Rev.  George  Angier  came  from  Insch. 

There  can  be  no  doubt,  however,  which  is  the  largest  family  of 
Military  Gordons  in  America.  The  honour  belongs  to  the  Gordons  of 
Middlesex,  who  produced  this  group  of  soldiers  : — 



Alexander  Gordon  of  Salterhill,  Drainie,  Morayshire 

Rev.  James  Gordon,  Minister  of  Comber,  Co.  Down 

I   ? 
James  Gordon,  I.  of  Sheepbridge,  Co.  Down 

James  Gordon,  II.  of  Sheepbridge  (will  proved,  1753) 

Col.  James  {d.  1768), 

founded  Lancaster  Gordons, 



founder  of  Middlesex  and 

Richmond  Gordons 


James,  Nathaniel, 

1929  1763-1820 

John  Newton, 


^       I    I 
John  Newton, 


Rev.  Edward  Clifford, 


I    I    I 
James  Harrison, 


John  Willison, 

Smith  Waddell, 


I   I   I 
Arch.  Madison, 


James  Willison, 


Joseph  Calvit, 


Elizabeth  =  James, 
m.  1777  I  1759-99 

William  Fitzhugh, 
General,  2041 

I    I    I    I    I    I 
William  Fitzhugh,  jr. 

George  Loyall, 

Charles  Henry, 

John  Churchill, 

Alexander  Tazewell, 

Mason,  1983 

Navy,  1881 

John  Harrison, 
d.  1863 

Albert  Spark, 


Churchill  Grasty, 


John  Gaskins, 


The  Lancaster  and  Middlesex  family  of  Virginian  Gordons,  showing  20  Fighting  Men. 

The  most  distinguished  individual  officer  is  General  John  Brown 
Gordon  (1832-1904),  the  dignified  Confederate  leader,  who  was  wounded 
no  fewer  than  eight  times  during  the  war,  and  whose  book  of  reminis- 
cences stands  head  and  shoulders  above  the  average  military  auto- 
biography either  in  America  or  in  our  own  country.  He  belonged  to  a 
notable  military  group  of  Confederate  officers,  the  Gordons  of  Spottsyl- 
vania,  Virginia,  and  claimed  descent  from  John  George  Gordon,  who 
emigrated  from  Scotland  to  Maryland  in  1724  and  therefrom  to  Spottsyl- 
vania  County.  The  fact  that  a  grandson  was  named  James  Byron 
Gordon  is  responsible  for  the  suggestion  that  the  family  was  connected 
with  the  Gordons  of  Gight,  but  no  proof  is  forthcoming.  The 
Spottsylvania  Gordons  produced  the  following  soldiers: — 


John  George  Gordon, 

Scot,  emigrated  1724  ; 

in  Spottsylvania,  Virginia 

North  Carolina, 



M.P.  (N.C.)  1819-28 

James  Byron, 
Brig.  Gen.  1941 

North  Carolina 






John  Brown,     Augustus  Manly,   Eugene  Cornelius,  Walter  Scott,   Zachariah  Chapman, 

Gen.  1962  1866  1890  2021  2061 

Hugh  Haralson, 



Hugh  Haralson, 

The  soldier  kinsmen  of  General  John  Brown  Gordon. 

These  genealogies  are  due  to  the  untiring  energy  of  Mr.  Armistead 
Gordon,  but  it  is  not  merely  owing  to  the  accident  of  his  enthusiasm 
that  they  can  be  constructed.  Virginia,  with  its  influx  of  old  families, 
was  peculiarly  suited  to  breed  an  aristocratic  soldier  caste,  whereas  the 
north,  with  a  far  more  migratory  and  mixed  population,  naturally  de- 
feats the  process  and  defies  the  genealogist. 

It  will  be  noted  that  in  this  American  list  all  ranks  have  been  in- 
cluded, for  the  private  soldier  of  the  Confederacy  was  as  often  as  not  of 
birth  as  gentle  as  his  officer.  "  I  know  an  instance,"  writes  Mr.  Armi- 
stead Gordon,  "  where  of  a  mess  of  five  privates  and  non-commissioned 
officers  in  winter  quarters  in  1862-3,  three  were  enga^^ed  by  way  of  recrea- 
tion in  readinji^  in  the  original  Greek  the  plays  of  Euripides  and  Sopho- 
cles, and  the  other  two  in  studying  the  differential  calculus.*' 

Jacobites  in  1715  and  1745. 

The  list  of  Jacobites  shows  that  103  Gordons  entered  the  field 
for  the  old  Chevalier  in  17 15  and  for  Prince  Charlie  in  1745,  only  two 
men — one  of  them  being  the  redoubtable  John  Gordon  of  Glenbucket — 
taking  part  in  the  two  risings.     The  list,  which  has  been  compiled 


by  the  present  writer,  has  been  made  up  from  a  variety  of  sources. 
The  most  elaborate  of  these  is  : — 

A  List  of  Persons  Concerned  in  the  Rebellion,  transmitted  to  the  Commissioners  of  Excise 
by  the  several  supervisors  in  Scotland,  in  obedience  to  a  general  letter  of  the  7th  May,  1746, 
and  a  supplementary  list  with  evidences  to  prove  the  same :  with  a  preface  by  the  Earl  of 
Rosebery  and  annotations  by  the  Rev.  Walter  Macleod.  Edinburgh,  Scottish  History  Society, 
i8go.  [It  should  be  explained  that  this  date  7th  May,  1746,  has  been  adopted  as  the  date  of  the 
whereabouts  of  the  men  involved,  for  we  do  not  know  when  every  return  was  actually  made,] 

A  large  mass  of  valuable  and  little-known  information  was  discovered 
at  the  Record  Office  by  Mrs,  Skelton,  and  additional  facts  have  been 
found  in  a  variety  of  sources,  as  detailed  in  the  authorities  quoted. 

The  Jacobite  risings  afforded  the  last  big  opportunity  for  the 
Highlanders  in  general  and  the  Gordons  in  particular  to  exhibit  the  old 
individualisms  which  had  made  the  art  of  governing  them  so  difficult, 
and  the  warlike  feelings  they  aroused  afterwards  proved  of  immense  value 
to  professional  soldiering,  especially  as  regards  officers. 

The  pusillanimous  attitude  of  the  ist  and  2nd  Dukes  of  Gordon, 
impressed  on  posterity  by  some  scathing  ballads,  has  tended  to  convey 
the  impression  that  the  Gordons  did  not  readily  rise  to  rebellion.  The 
ennobled  families  certainly  did  not  make  the  same  move.  The  ist  Duke 
and  his  son,  Lord  Huntly,  were  never  quite  able  to  make  up  their  minds 
how  to  act ;  the  Earl  of  Aboyne  was  a  minor :  the  Earl  of  Aberdeen 
took  no  action  :  the  Viscount  of  Kenmure  rose,  and  lost  his  head  on 
Tower  Green  in  consequence ;  while  the  Earl  of  Sutherland,  who  had 
already  begun  to  withdraw  from  the  ducal  influence,  made  the  family 
feud  wider  than  ever  by  opposing  the  Jacobites  vigorously  and  levelling 
his  forces  against  the  Duke.  But  many  of  the  lairds  threw  themselves 
into  the  struggle  quite  recklessly,  largely,  I  think,  at  the  instigation  of 
John  Gordon,  of  Glenbucket,  who  was  plainly  disgusted  with  the  luke- 
warmness  of  the  Duke  to  whom  he  acted  as  factor.  Families  stampeded 
in  closely  related  groups — an  aspect  of  Jacobitism  which  has  never 
been  sufficiently  investigated.  For  instance,  Moir  of  Stoneywood  and 
his  brother  Moir  of  Lonmay,  who  were  both  excepted  from  the  Pardon 
of  1747,  were  respectively  the  brothers-in-law  of  Fullerlon  of  Dudwick 
and  Byres  of  Tonley,  who  were  similarly  excepted,  while  Lonmay's 
son-in-law,  Gumming  of  Pittulie,  met  a  similar  fate.  Another  related 
group,  consisting  of  Thomson  of  Faichfield,  Ogilvie  of  Auchiries,  Forbes 
of  Pitsligo,  and  Irvine  of  Drum,  were  all  in  the  same  boat  in  the  Forty- 


Five ;  and  a  Gordon  case  of  the  same  kind  is  illustrated  by  the  lairds  of 
Avochie  and  of  Logic,  as  follows  : — 

John  Gordon  of  Avochie,  James  Gordon,  of  Ardmeallie, 

alive  1672  d.  1723 

I  I 

n  I  I  I 

Patrick,  Harry,  of  Avochie,  Peter,  Alexander, 

in  Binhaill  Rebel, '15  of  Ardmeallie  ofLogie 

Charles,      Alexander,     John,  of  Avochie  =     Mary  Robert,  of  Logic 

Rebel,  '45      Rebel,  '45       Excepted,  1747         Gordon  Excepted,  1747 

Of  103  Gordons  who  rose,  24  took  part  in  the  Fifteen  and  79  in 
the  Forty-Five.  This  figure  makes  eight  more  than  are  cited  in  Lord 
Rosebery's  List,  which  gives  the  following  figures  out  of  a  total  of  780  : — 


.     104 


.     52 


•     32 


•       71 


•     4» 


.     29 


.       60 


•     41 


•     25 


•       57 


•     33 


.     II 

Out  of  the  85  men  excepted  by  the  Act  of  Pardon  of  1747  (20  Geo.  II., 
cap.  52),  there  were  seven  Gordons — more  than  appertained  to  any 
other  surname. 

Taken  in  districts,  the  103  Gordons  in  this  section  of  the  present 
work  are  arranged  as  follows : — 

Banff      . 

•    43 

Edinburgh                .    4 



.     28 

Forfar                       .3 


Elgin      . 

.     10 

Cromarty          .        .     i 
Of  unknown  origin — 11. 

Perth      . 

The  effect  of  the  rebellions  on  professional  soldiering  was,  as  I  have 
said,  most  marked,  and  that  is  why  the  Jacobite  Muster-roll  finds  an 
appropriate  place  in  the  present  work.  Not  only  did  the  rebellions  set 
the  old  warlike  spirit  coursing  through  the  veins  of  many  who  had  al- 
most forgotten  how  to  fight,  but  the  subsequent  attitude  of  expiation  gave 
a  great  fillip  to  the  Services.  Take  the  case  of  Kenmure.  The  6th  Vis- 
count lost  his  head  in  1716  :  his  second  son  William,  who  but  for  the 
attainder  which  that  sentence  carried  with  it,  would  have  been  8th  Vis- 
count, sought  to  right  his  house  and  himself  by  sending  every  one  of  his 
five  sons  into  the  Army  of  the  Chevalier's  successful  rival.     His  foresight 


was  justified,  for  the  title  was  restored  to  his  seconr"  son  John  in  1824, 
only  to  expire  (1847)  in  the  latter's  nephew  Adam,  who  had  fought 
at  Trafalgar  and  whose  four  brothers  all  entered  the  Army.  It  was 
precisely  the  same  wisdom  which  made  the  wife  of  the  2nd  Duke  of 
Gordon  send  three  of  her  boys  into  the  Services,  for  her  husband  and 
his  father  had  nearly  wrecked  the  house  with  their  Jacobitism,  ten- 
tative though  it  was.  Her  Grace's  prudence  was  imperilled  by  one  of 
the  sons,  the  beloved  Lord  Lewis,  leaving  the  Navy  to  follow  Prince 
Charlie.  So  the  wise  consort  of  his  brother,  the  3rd  Duke,  put  every 
one  of  her  three  sons  into  the  Services.  The  notorious  outbreak  of 
the  youngest,  George,  also  a  naval  officer,  once  again  almost  upset  her 
calculations  :  but  the  enthusiasm  of  his  brother,  the  4th  Duke,  in  raising 
four  complete  regiments,  and  generally  supporting  all  sorts  of  soldiering 
efforts  in  the  North,  more  than  restored  the  balance  of  patriotism. 

If  it  was  a  sense  of  self-preservation  which  made  these  ennobled 
Gordons  turn  from  the  House  of  Stuart  to  the  House  of  Hanover,  it  was 
mainly  the  military  opportunity,  afforded  by  each  rising  in  turn, 
rather  than  a  strong  dynastic  bias,  which  affected  the  rank  and  file,  for 
the  Gordons  possess  in  a  pre-eminent  degree  the  soul  of  the  Soldier, 
rather  than  the  finesse  of  the  Politician.  They  have  always  been  men 
of  action,  men  who  have  made  history,  and  who,  almost  as  a  conse- 
quence, have  lacked  most  of  the  laborious  qualities  which  are  necessary 
for  recording  it.  So  it  comes  about  with  a  touch  of  logical  irony  that, 
with  the  exception  of  Mr.  Armistead  Gordon,  none  of  the  makers  of  this 
Muster  possesses  a  drop  of  Gordon  blood. 

Many  hands  have  helped,  under  the  co-ordinating  enthusiasm  of 
Mrs.  Skelton,  to  make  this  Muster-roll.  There  has  been  a  host  of 
correspondents  all  over  the  world.  There  have  been  the  officials  at 
the  British  Museum,  the  Public  Record  Office,  and  the  India  Office. 
There  are  the  donors  of  the  portraits.  Dr.  David  Littlejohn  has  always 
been  ready  to  verify  points  in  the  unique  records  in  his  charge,  while 
Major-General  Sir  A.  J,  F.  Reid,  K.C.B.,  and  Colonel  William  John- 
ston, C.B.,  have  worked  patiently  at  the  well-named  galleys. 

Thus  the  Battle-field  has  Risen  after  many  delays,  trying  to  the 
patience  alike  of  the  Muster-maker  and  the  Members  of  the  Club. 
Amid  disappointments  and  the  indifference  of  the  familiar  Cuibono  ?  class, 
the  men  have  emerged  from  the  chaos  of  forgetfulness — leaving  many 


corners  of  the  field  still  in  doubt  and  darkness,  with  gaps  in  the 
ranks  and  voices  that  will  not  answer  the  Roll  Call.  It  has  risen  in 
obedience  to  the  strong  will  of  the  chief  worker  and  the  informal  co- 
operation of  many  helpers  ;  and  it  may  become  still  more  clearly  defined 
by  the  correction  of  many  mistakes  and  the  supply  of  additional  data 
which  occur  to  the  spectators  before  whom  this  pageant  of  Sailors  and 
Soldiers  is  paraded  ;  so  that,  taking  a  little  liberty  with  M.  Rostand's 
line,  we  may  say  : — 

C'est  le  champ  de  batailh !  Nous  I'avons  voulu, — c'est  lui. 


123  Pall  Mall,  London,  S.W., 
Sept.  2,  191 2. 


14.     add,  "  Possibly  16a  ". 

16a.  Alexander.  Capt.,  his  memorial  dated  1709,  Jul.  4,  refers  to 
his  long  and  faithful  sufferings,  particularly  at  the  battle  of  Landen,  where  he  was  disabled  by 
the  loss  of  both  his  leggs.  His  Majesty  King  William  was  graciously  pleased  to  allow  him  a 
pension  of  ;£'5o  a  year  payable  out  of  the  funds  of  the  Army  in  Scotland,  and  yet  ever  since  the 
happy  Union  of  the  two  Kingdoms,  he  has  had  no  allowance,  nor  as  yet  put  upon  the  establish- 

Memorial  referred  to  Lord  High  Treasurer  {S.P.  Dom.,  Entry  Books,  Peti- 
tions, 244,  P.R.O.).     Possibly  14. 

18a.  1716,  Capt.,  "a  gallant  gentleman,"  comd.  "the  whole  fleet  and 
near  2000  men  of  Land  Forces,"  sent  from  Bombay  in  1716  against  the 
Raja  of  Karwar  (south  of  Goa),  who  had  looted  a  wrecked  merchant  ship 
of  Surat.  Gordon,  having  drawn  up  a  hollow  square,  received  a  shot  "  which 
went  through  the  uppermost  part  of  his  left  breast ".  His  successor  in  com- 
mand bungled  the  defence  (Clement  Downing's  Compendious  History  of  the 
Indian  Wars,  1737,  p.  17).  171 7,  Apr.,  in  an  attack  on  the  pirate  chief 
Angria's  stronghold  of  Geriah  (Vijayadurg,  170  miles  south  of  Bombay),  "the 
gallant  Capt.  Gordon  "  was  again  wounded  {ibid.,  p.  28).     Possibly  19- 

72.  read,  "  Albert  Edward  "for  "A.  E."  ;  line  2,  add  "  Boyes  "  after 
"  Olive  "  ;  line  3,  add,  "  Son  of  Sir  Henry  William,  653  "• 

76.     line  8,  read  "  Corny."  for  "  Comp."  ;  line  9,  read  "  S.C.  "  for  "  s.c." 

87a.  Adam.  1660,  Dec,  petitioned  the  King,  refers  to  his  deceased 
father's  services,  and  continues 

Your  Petitioner  had  no  sooner  strength  for  action,  but  did  inherit  his  father's  loyalty  by  serving 
his  late  Majestic  under  the  command  of  the  Lord  Marquis  of  Montrose  and  the  Marquis  of 
Huntly,  who  was  beheaded  at  Edinburgh,  upon  account  of  his  Majestie's  service,  and  by 
serving  your  Majestic  under  the  command  of  the  Earles  of  Glencarne  and  Middleton  [1653-4] 
commissioned  by  your  Majestic,  as  shall  be  evidenced  by  the  severall  certificates  to  be  pro- 
duced; whereby,  by  great  sufferings  and  losses  sustained  by  your  Petitioner  and  his  father,  the 
small  fortune  he  doth  inherit  is  altogether  ruined,  and  your  Petitioner  himself  is  brought  to 
great  straits,  not  having  a  competent  livelyhood  or  subsistence,  and  so  will  be  forced  to 
abandon  his  native  country  unless  your  Majestic  of  your  Royal  bounty  and  favour  be  pleased 
to  prevent  the  same. 

Iv  h 

Ivi  HOUSE  Of  GORiX)N. 

May  it  therefore  please  your  Sacred  Majestic  to  take  your  Petitioner's  sadd  and  low  con- 
dition, together  with  his  father's  and  his  own  faithful!  services,  and  their  great  sufferings  and 
losses  to  your  Royall  consideration  and  for  the  reliefe  of  your  Petitioner's  estate  and  future 
and  supply  of  his  own  necessities,  to  bestow  upon  him  the  gift  of  a  Lord  Viscount  in  Scotland, 
in  case  your  Petitioner  shall  be  able  to  put  out  a  competent  and  fitting  person,  both  for  his 
fortune  and  loyalty  upon  whom  the  same  may  be  conferred  (S.P.  Dom.,  Charles  II.,  bundle  15, 
p.  42,  P.R.O.). 

Son  of  Nathaniel,  1116;  served  his  heir,  1656,  Jan.  2  {House  0/ Gordon, 
I.  (221)). 

92.  line  15,  read,  "North  Britain"  for  "  Gt.  Britain,"  and  add,  "till 
1798" ;  line  18,  for  "  Son  of"  read  "  Fourth  son  of"  ;  line  23,  read,  "  H.  P. 
Danloux,  P.  Audinet,"  for  "  Danlorix-Audinet  ". 

94-5.     line  4,  read,  "  Indcp.  Coy."  for  '•  Ind.  Coy." 

97.  line  10,  read,  "John,  953a,"  for  "John,  b.  1791  "  ;  lines  16-17,  read, 
"but  for  the  attainder,  loth  Viscount,  897,"  for  "  loth  Viscount". 

110.  add,  "The  Cheltenham  Colonel  Newcome ".  Portrait  produced 
in  The  Poems  0/  Adam  Lindsay  Gordon,  arranged  by  Douglas  Sladen  (Con- 
stable, 1 91 2),  p.  21.  See  also  Adam  Lindsay  Gordon  and  his  Friends  in 
England  and  Australia,  by  Douglas  Sladen  and  Edith  Humphris,  191 2. 

116.  lines  6-7,  read,  "  gd-father  of  George,  4th  Earl  of  Huntly,  470i" 
for  "had  George,  3rd  Earl  of  Huntly  ". 

131-  line  17,  add,  "1743,  Aug.  7,  writes  'hath  been  an  officer  in  the 
Army  forty-three  years,  and  being  infirm,  and  having  procured  an  annuity 
for  his  life,  begs  leave  to  retire  from  the  Service  ' "  {S.  P.  Dom.,  Entry  Books^ 
Petitions,  P.R.O.). 

139a.  Alexander.  1716,  or  earlier,  Lt.,  ist  Ft.;  May  16,  his  father 
William,  banker,  Paris,  writes,  "  he  has  lost  not  only  half  but  whole  pay  in 
Orkney's  Regiment".  Gordon  himself  writes  from  Paris,  same  date;  "after 
a  very  troublesome  and  tedious  voyage,  and  what  was  yet  more  shocking, 
lurking  in  England,  I  am  at  last  arrived  here.  It  vexed  me  very  much  I 
had  not  the  honour  to  be  a  sharer  of  my  country's  and  my  friends'  fortunes. 
However  since  it  pleased  God  they  should  not  succeed  at  this  time,  I  am  in 
hopes  He  will  not  suffer  those  murderers  and  parricides  to  go  on  longer  in 
their  career  and  restore  that  Prince  they  have  so  barbarously  treated  ;  "  Oct. 
12,  Maj.  of  Ft.  (Stuart  Papers,  Hist.  MSS.  Com.,  11.  158,  in.  70). 

Only  son  of  William,  rf,  1727,  Feb.  {Edin.  Com.);  formerly  banker,  Paris, 
later  merchant  in  Boulogne,  afterwards  of  Campvere,  and  then  merchant  in 
Edinburgh,  whose  origin  is  obscure  ;  served  his  heir  1729,  Sep.  11.  Possibly 

147.  Add,  line  4,  "  1744,  Mar.  29,  writes  to  the  Lords  of  the  Admiralty 
regretting  that  they  will  not  grant  him  three  days  in  town  to  settle  an  estate, 


left  him  by  a  near  relative  just  now  dead,  and  that  he  is  considered  not  worthy 
of  a  bigger  ship"  (Adtti.,  Lts.  Letters,  P.R.O.). 

162-  line  5,  add,  "  1761,  served  at  siege  of  Belleisle"  ;  read,  "  1764,  Feb. 
27,  h.p.,"  for  "1793,  h.p.";  add,  "  B.  1728". 

172.     line  37,  add,  "  2144  "  after  "  Robert,  of  Logie  ". 

174-  last  line,  add,  "  granted  for  twelve  months,  to  go  a  voyage  in 
merchant  service  in  command  of  '  Mary,'  bound  to  Africa  and  West  Indies 
and  back,  '  of  greatest  importance  to  my  private  affairs ' ;  refers  to  having 
comd.  gunboats  in  America  for  nearly  two  years  "  (Adtn.,  Lts.  Letters,  P.R.O.). 

183-  line  II,  add,  "  1803,  Nov.  4,  declines  appt.  to  '  Royal  William,'  asks 
for  two  months  leave  of  absence  on  account  of  family  affairs,  having  only 
been  three  weeks  home  from  India  after  an  absence  of  seven  and  a  half  years, 
desiring  to  go  to  Scotland  for  final  arrangement  of  private  affairs"  {Adm., 
Lts.  Letters,  P.R.O.). 

185-  line  23,  read,  "George,  524,"  for  "George,  521,"  and  line  24, 
"John  P.,  1055,"  for  "John  P.,  655". 

192.     line  26,  read,  "  Alexander  Herman  Adam,  230,"  for  "  229  "• 

197.     line  8,  add,  "  and  William  Everard  Alphonso,  1492  ". 

212.  add,  "Son  of  William,  IV.  of  Aberdour,  1419  ;  b.  18 19,  Apr.  29; 
went  to  Natal,  where  he  was  murdered,  186 1,  Jul. ;  had  three  sons,  one  being 
William  Rose,  Summerhill,  Gilletts,  Natal,  alive  1912". 

219-     line  2,  add,  "  191 1,  Dec.  2,  Capt."  {L.G.,  1912,  Jan.  19). 

223.  line  9,  read,  "Thomas  Duff-Gordon,  1590,"  for  "Thomas  Duff 
Gordon-Duff,  1543  "• 

225-  line  21,  add,  "  and  Caroline  Augusta,  m.  Arthur  John  Lewis,  272a  "  ; 
new  entry  below. 

249a.  Andrew  Douglas.  1911,  Sep.  20,  2nd  Lt.,  Middlesex  Reg. 
{A.L.,  1912). 

B.     1892,  Nov.  21. 

271«  line  3,  add,  "  1876,  as  Gov'r  of  Fiji  had  much  to  do  with  the 
native  war  there,  describing  the  campaign  in  Letters  and  Notes  written  during 
the  disturbances  in  the  Highlands  {known  as  the  Devil  Country)  of  Viti  Levu, 
Fiji,  1876  (Edinburgh  :  privately  printed  for  R.  &  R.  Clark,  1879  ;  vol.  i., 
pp.  xxi,  467,  vol.  II.,  pp.  376)  "  ;  add,  line  7,  "D.  1912,  Jan.  30". 

272a.  Arthur  John  Lewis.  1876,  took  an  active  part  in  the  war  in 
Fiji,  as  described  at  much  length  in  his  kinsman,  Lord  Stanmore's  Letters 
and  Notes  (see  271) ;  May  26,  burned  three  small  towns,  Korokula,  Mavala, 
and  Mavua  (ibid.,  i.  235) ;  Jun.  6,  captured  the  fortress  town  of  Koroivatuma ; 
Jun.  7,  burned  it  and  Bukutia  (ibid.,  i.  293-7). 


Eldest  surviving  son  of  George  Robert,  of  Ellon;  b.  1847,  Mar.  19; 
1866-81,  in  the  Colonial  Service  in  Trinidad,  Mauritius,  Fiji,  and  Canada; 
1877,  C.M.G. ;  ni.  1885,  Feb.  14,  his  kinswoman,  Caroline  Augusta,  dau.  of  the 
Hon.  Sir  Alexander  Hamilton,  225,  and  has  one  child,  Cosmo  Alexander,  b. 
1886,  Jun.  13. 

286-  add,  "  Son  of  George  ;  ui.  1876,  Aug.  21,  at  Kirkee,  Marie  Kate,  dau. 
of  Henry  Lawbuary  "  (I.O.  Rec). 

295a.  Charles.  1715,  Jan.  11,  Ens.,  ist  Ft,  {S.P.  Dom.,  Entry  Books, 

298.  first  line,  read,  "  Honywood's  (i  ith)  Dgns,"  for  "  Earl  of  Stair's 
(6th)  Dgns."  Add,  '*  1727,  Jun.  20,  Lord  Stair's  (6th)  Dgns."  {S.P.  Dom.,  Entry 
Books,  P.R.O.). 

3()9a.  Charles.  1792,  Dec.  15,  Schoolmaster,  R.N.,  Academy  Royal 
(A dm.  Reg.,  P.R.O.). 

374.  add,  line  11,  "  1912,  Aug.  9,  assumed  the  name  of  Gordon  Steward 
by  Deed  Poll,  dated  Aug.  9  (Times)  ". 

377.     last  line,  read,  "  Hugh  Mackay,  673,"  for  ♦'  Hugh  Mackay,  1673  ". 

382-  line  5,  add,  "  1912,  Aug.  9,  assumed  the  name  of  Gordon  Steward 
by  Deed  Poll,  dated  Aug.  9  (Times)  ". 

397.     line  23,  read,  "  Henry  William,  652,"  for  "  Henry  William,  653  "• 

402a  David.  1807,  May  8,  Chaplain,  R.N.,  "  Maida  ".  1808,  Feb.  8, 
"  Africa  ".     1810,  Dec.  20,  "  Theseus  "  (Adm.  Reg.  of  Chaplains,  P.R.O.). 

Native  of  Ballyroney,  Co.  Down ;  previous  to  entering  Navy,  curate  of 
Glenavy ;  his  only  dau.  m.  1817,  Apr.  5,  Thomas  Anderson,  formerly  of 
Somerset,  Coleraine,  Co.  Derry. 

441-  line  6,  read,  "  gdmother  "  for  "  mother  (of  James  Gordon  Francis 
Shirrefs-Gordon)  ". 

446-     line  5,  add,  *'  Son  of  Cornelius  and  Mary ;  b.  at  Llanrhidian, 

Glamorgan,  bap.  1786,  Mar.  26  ". 

488-  line  4,  add,  "  1707,  or  earlier,  Lt.,  'Crown,'  appt.  Comdr.  *  Maid- 
stone,' turned  out  of  this  ship  by  Captain  Simmonds,  who  proffered  me  to  go 
ist  Lt.  of  the  'Crown'  again,  which  I  refused,  and  went  Volunteer  on  board 
the  '  Maidstone,'  till  upon  his  decease,  was  appt.  Comdr.  again  by  Captain 
Fane  "  (Adm.,  Captains'  Letters,  P.R.O.);  line  16,  read,  "  Elizabeth  Clayton  " 
for  "  Elizabeth,"  and  "»/.  before  17 18,  Nov.  26,  when  she  was  granted  adminis- 
tration of  the  estate  of  her  mother  Elizabeth  Clayton  of  Stepney,  widow  ". 

489.  line  9,  read,  "John,  857,"  for  "John,  858". 

490.  line  8,  add,  "  2068  "  after  "  Arthur,  younger  of  Carnousie  ". 

493a  George.  171 1,  Mar.  i,  Secy,  to  Brig.  Hill  (S.P.  Dom.,  Entry  Books, 


507-  line  2,  read,  "1788,  May  13,  a  Lt.  George  Gordon,  72nd 
Reg."  for  "  1787,  May  17,"  ;  lines  4-5,  delete,  "this  applies  equally  to  508"  ; 
line  5,  delete,  "1788,  Apr,,  served  on  the  Coromandel  Coast";  line  6,  add, 
"  1773,  apprenticed  to  Alexander  Lumsden,  Advocate,  Aberdeen"  {List  of  Ap- 
prentices of  the  Soc.  of  Advocates,  Aberdeen). 

510.     line  6,  delete,  "  Hon.  William,  1797  ". 

515.     line  6,  read,  "John  Glenny,  1034,"  for  "John  Glenny,  1043". 

519.  line  5,  add,  "  1792,  Capt.  and  Lt.  Col.,  3rd  Lt.  Gds. ;  "  line  8,  add, 
"  1798,  Brig.  Gen.,  Ireland,  during  Rebellion  "  ;  line  9,  read,  "  Egmont-op-Zee  " 
for  "  Bergen-op-Zoom '' ;  line  11,  add,  "1803-6,  Comdr.  of  the  Forces,  N. 
Britain.  1808,  Lt.  Gen.  1809,  comd.  a  division  in  expedition  to  Walcheren. 
1819,  Gen.  1820,  G.C.B.'' ;  line  12,  add,  "  1827,  Govr.  of  Edinburgh  Castle, 
and  Keeper  of  the  Great  Seal  of  Scotland  "  ;  line  13,  add,  "  b.  1770  "  ;  line  19, 
add,  "  Portrait  by  Sir  H.  Raeburn,  miniature  by  Robertson,  engd.  by  Holl  ". 

524.     line  21,  read,  "William,  1408,"  for  "  William,  4108  ". 

544-     line  8,  read,  John,  994,"  for  "John,  b.  1821,  Jun.  29,"  etc. 

561.     line  5,  read,  "  Elers'  Memoirs  "  for  "  Ebers'  Memoirs  ". 

563a.    line  3,  add  after  his  father's  name,  "whom  he  succeeded,  191 2,  Jan.'' 

564.     line  4,  read,  "  John  Francis,  1030,"  for  "John  Francis,  630  ". 

570.  add,  line  12,  "  1897,  C.V.O."  ;  line  13,  add,  "  1911,  CLE.  "  ;  line  17, 
add,  "  D.  1912,  Jan.  24,  at  Worthing". 

575.  line  10,  read,  "  Edward  Hyde  Hamilton,  428,"  for  "  Edward  Hyde 
Hamilton,  528  "• 

585.     line  13,  delete,  "  Gordon  Clunes,  605  ". 

605.  line  6,  delete,  "  Brother  of  George  James,  685,  John,  933,  William, 
1431 ". 

627.  line  II,  read,  "the  Queen"  for  "the  King";  line  17,  add,  "  1711, 
Apr.  12,  '  Her  Majesty  is  inclined  to  recommend  Cornet  Gordon  to  the  Duke  of 
Marlborough  for  some  preferment,  in  consideration  of  the  wounds  he  has  re- 
ceived in  the  Service  and  directs  that  she  be  reminded  of  it '  {S.P.  Dom.,  Anne, 
P.R.O.) ;  last  line,  add,  "  1738,  Jan.  13,  Henry,  son  of  Lt.  Henry,  petitioned 
for  relief  {Petitions  to  the  Lord  Lieutenant,  Lords  Justices,  and  Council,  Ire- 
land) ". 

643.  line  12,  add,  "  1818,  Jul.  9,  granted  two  years  leave  of  absence  to 
go  to  East  Indies,  on  private  affairs.  1823,  Jan.  20,  then  in  Calcutta,  granted 
leave  to  remain  in  India  {Adm.,  Lts.  Letters,  P.R.O.) ". 

653.     line  15,  add,  "  another  son,  A[lbert]  E[dward],  72  ". 
688a.  James,  2nd  Viscount  of  Aboyne.    1639,  Jun.,  took  possession  of 
Aberdeen  as  an  anti-Covenanter;  Jun.   14,  had  a  skirmish  with  Marischal  ; 


Jun.  i8,  fought  a  skirmish  at  the  Bridge  of  Dee  ;  Jun.  19,  fight  renewed ;  Jun. 
21,  escaped  to  Berwick  (Spalding's  Trubles,  i.  204,  208,  210,  211).  See  his 
career  in  the  French  Army,  1734- 

801.     line  4,  add  after  "  wife  "  the  name  "  Isabella  ". 

813.  line  20,  read,  "  Webster  Thomas,  1368,  nephew,"  for  "  son,  of  James 
Murray,  813". 

813a.  James  Murray.  1795,  May  6,  Schoolmaster,  R.N.,  Academy 
Royal  (A  dm.  Reg.,  P.R.O.). 

933.     lines  12-13,  delete,  "  Gordon  Clunes,  605  ". 

947.     line  II,  read,  "John  Francis,  1030,  "  for  "John  Francis,  630"- 

953a.     line  5,  add,  "rf.  unm.  1813,  Dec.  31  (Scots  Peerage,  v.  132)**. 

977.     wrongly  numbered  677. 

1006-  line  5,  read,  "  Andrew  Robertson,  250."  for  "  Andrew  Robertson, 

1018.  line  3  from  the  end  of  p.  229,  add,  "  A  History  of  the  30th  Lancers, 
Gordon's  Horse,"  by  Major  E.  A.  W.  Stotherd,  was  published  for  the  regiment 
by  Gale  and  Polden,  London  and  Aldershot,  1912. 

1039-     line  6,  read,  "  Michael  Francis  "  for  "  Michael  Henry  ". 

1047-  line  25,  read,  "John  Frederick  Strathearn,  1033,"  for  "John 
Frederick  Strathearn,  1032  ". 

1116.  Add,  "Had  Adam,  87a  (addition),  who,  i66o,  Dec,  addressed  a 
petition  to  the  King  {S.P.  Dom.,  Charles  II.,  bundle  15,  p.  42,  P.R.O.)  in 
which  he  refers  to  his 

deceast  father  Colonell  Nathaniell  Gordon,  having  from  the  beginning  of  the  late  warr,  served 
your  Majestie's  Royal  Father  of  ever  blessed  memory  in  England  under  the  command  of  the 
late  Earle  of  Strafford,  Lord  Deputy  of  Ireland,  and  being  the  first  man  who  did  draw  his 
sword  at  Whitehall  against  the  Apprentices  of  London  and  others  of  the  tumultous  vulgar 
rabble  att  that  tyme,  who  did  crye  out  for  justice  against  the  said  Earle  of  Strafford  and 
Bishop  of  Canterbury  ;  and  having  also  served  his  late  Majestie  under  his  excellency  the  Lord 
Marquis  of  Montrose,  in  Scotland,  till  it  was  his  fate,  after  a  long  imprisonment  by  bis  Majestie's 
enemies  to  be  murdered  upon  the  scaffold  under  the  colour  of  justice. 

1149.     line  19,  read,  "  Grenada  "  for  "  Granada  ". 

1186.     line  II,  read,  "  Charles,  296,  "  for  "  Charles,  299  ". 

1233.     last  line,  read,  "  Walter,  1616,"  for  "  Walter,  1615  "• 

1247.     last  line,  read,  "John,  996,"  for  "John,  997". 

1255.  line  2,  add,  "  191 1,  Jan.  i,  Capt.  ;  aviator:  in  the  summer  of  191 2 
he  flew  from  Eastchurch  to  Walmer  Barracks  on  the  Admiralty  biplane  Gi  ". 

1279.     line  2,  add,  "  191 1,  May  16,  res.  com.  (L.G.)". 

1292.  line  5,  add,  "  Son  of  Samuel,  1286  ". 

1293.  line  32,  read,  "William  Neville,  1508,"  for  "William  Neville, 


1301a.     Stephen.     1912,  Jul,  27,  Indian  Medical  Service. 

Son  of  Rev.  Charles  James,  Penrith;  b.  1884;  B.A.,  B.C.,  M.R.C.S., 
L.R.C.P.,  Cambridge  University,  passed  in  5th  with  3316  marks.  Brother  of 
William,  1472- 

1308-     line  2,  delete,  "  previously  Hosp.  Mate  ". 

1320.     line  4,  read,  "  Bengal  Cal."  for  "  Bengal  Col." 

1323.     line  1 2,  read,  "  Thomas,  1343  "  for  "  Thomas,  1323  ". 

1348-     line  5,  insert,  "  Hon."  between  "  Aug.  21,"  and  "  Capt.  ". 

1370a.     line  7,  read,  "  1685  "  for  "  1885  ". 

1381.  line  18,  read,  "John,  Earl  of  Sutherland,  838,"  for  "John,  Earl  of 
Sutherland,  839  "• 

1397.     line  29,  read,  "  Hon.  Charles,  305,"  for  "  Hon.  Charles,  395  ". 

1431.     line  10,  delete,  "  Gordon  Clones,  605  ". 

1477.  for  "  Wiiliam  Alexander  McPherson  "  read  "  William  Andrew 
McPherson  ". 

1478-  line  30,  read,  "m.  1773  at  St.  John's,  Hackney,"  for  "m.  1793,  ^^ 
Hexham  ". 

1519.     line  II,  read,  "  Orr  Boswell,  1123,"  for  "  Orr  Boswell,  1519". 

1590.     line  12,  for  "  Alexander  Duff,  223a,"  read  "  Alexander  Duff,  223  "• 

1611.     line  6,  add  "Ann,"  before  "  sister  of  John  Crawford,  1022  ". 

1623-     delete  this  entry  as  it  seems  to  refer  to  the  same  man  as  1828- 

1678-     line  3,  delete  words  between  "  Pavia  "  and  "  (C.  A.  Gordon's,  etc.) ". 

1713-     lines  4  and  5,  read,  "  Konigsberg"  for  "  Konisberg". 

1764.     line  4,  for  "  son  "  read  "  grandson  of  Edmond  ". 

1792.     line  3,  read,  "John,  1757,"  for  "John,  1759  ". 

1873-     line  6,  for  "  who  was  "  read  "  and  ". 

1875.     penultimate  line,  read,  "  Callaghan ''  for  "  Powell  ". 

1906a.  George  Augustus.  1862,  Asst.  Qt.  Mr.,  "Home  Guard,"  ist 
Georgia  troops  with  rank  of  Capt.,  and  served  to  the  end  of  the  Civil 

Son  of  Ebenezer  (i 797-1855),  who  was  the  great-great-great-grandson  of 
Alexander  (c.  1635-97),  said  to  have  been  born  "  in  the  Highlands  of  Scot- 
land," and  to  have  been  a  soldier  in  Monk's  army  and  to  have  gone  to  Boston, 
1652;  b.  1827,  Jul.  17,  at  Dover,  N.H.;  educated  at  Dartmouth  Coll.;  civil 
engineer,  journalist,  genealogist;  m.  1857,  Oct.  16,  Ann  Farley  Gordon,  his 
distant  kinswoman,  and  had  Lysson,  Harry,  Huntly,  Agnes  and  Margaret ; 
d.  1912,  May  3,  at  his  home,  54  Belmont  St.,  Somerville,  Mass.  {Boston 
Daily  Globe,  191 2,  May  3,  with  portrait). 

1908.     delete. 


1915.  Substitute  for  lines  1-3  the  following—"  1861,  joined  the  ist 
Minnesota  Vols,  and  fought  in  Civil  War;  wounded  at  Edwards'  P'erry, 
Sep.  8,  being  discharged  for  '  disability,'  Dec.  i.  On  returning  home,  helped 
to  recruit  2nd  Minnesota  Battery,  but  owing  to  his  '  disability '  was  denied  a 
'muster  in,'  as  senior  ist  Lt.  Major  Gen.,  in  command  of  State  troops  in 
Sioux  War,  in  which  he  writes,  '  I  neither  distinguished  nor  extinguished 
myself,  for  I  didn't  have  the  opportunity  :  I  did,  however,  capture  an  old 
squaw  and  two  papooses'  (Letter  to  J.  M.  Bulloch,  191 2,  Aug.  25)".  Last 
line,  read,  "  Angeles  "  for  "  Angelos  ".  Add,  "  Wrote  Indian  Legends  and 
other  Poems  (Salem  Press  Co.,  Salem,  Mass.,  1910,  pp.  viii,  406),  with  portrait ; 
m.  Sylvia  Smith,  Englishwoman,  and  had  Ada  Byron  (Mrs.  Hedderly) ; 
Huntly  Lennox ;  Mary  Louisa  (Mrs.  Brassey)  and  William  Wallace." 

1941.     line  8,  for  "  great-great-grandson  "  read  "  great-grandson  ". 

2058-     add,  "  Possibly  139a,"  new  entry  as  above. 



A.     Army. 

A.  and  S.H.      Argyll  and  Sutherlandi  High- 
A.A.    &    Q.M.G.     Assistant    Adjutant     and 
A.A.G.     Assistant  Adjutant-General. 
Ab.     Able  seaman. 
Abd.     Aberdeen. 
Abs.     Abstract. 
Acad.     Academy. 
Accts.     Accounts. 
Act.     Acting. 
A.D.C.     Aide-de-Camp. 
Add.  MS.,  BM.      Additional  Manuscripts  in 

the  British  Museum. 
Adj.     Adjutant. 
Adjtcy.     Adjutancy. 
Adm.     Admiral. 
Adm.     Admiralty. 
A.H.C.     Army  Hospital  Corps. 
A.L.    Army  List. 

A.M.D.     Army  Medical  Department. 
A.M.S.     Army  Medical  Staff. 
Apothy.     Apothecary. 
Applns.    Applications. 
Appt.     Appointment. 
Apptd.     Appointed. 

A.Q.M.G.     Assistant  Quarter  Master-General. 
Art.     Artillery. 
Assem.     Assembly. 
Aux.     Auxiliary. 


b.     born. 

bap.     baptised. 

Barr.     Barrister. 

Batn.     Battalion. 

B.C.S.     Bengal  Civil  Service. 

Bk.     Book. 

Bo.S.C.     Bombay  Staff  Corps. 

Brig.     Brigade. 

Brig,  Gen.     Brigadier- General. 

Bt.     Brevet. 

bur.     buried. 









Certif.     Certificates. 



C.  in 

C.     Commander-in 


C.M.S.     Church  Missionary  Society. 









comdg.     commanding. 

Comdr.     Commander. 

Comdt.     Commandant, 
Commiss.     Commissary. 
Commisst.     Commissariat. 
Compass.     Compassionate. 
Comr.     Commissioner, 
corpl.     corporal. 
corresp.     correspondence. 
C.S.     Civil  Service. 


d.     died. 

D.A.A.G.  Deputy  Assistant  Adjutant-Gen- 

D.A.C.G.  Deputy  Assistant  Commissary- 

D.A.Q.M.G.  Deputy  Assistant  Quarter- 

D.A.  &  Q.M.G.  Deputy  Adjutant  and 

dau.     daughter. 

Dep.     Deputy. 

Dgns.     Dragoons. 

Dir.     Director. 

Dist.     District. 

Div.     Division. 

D.N.B.     Dictionary  of  National  Biography. 

D. Q.M.G.     Deputy  Quarter-Master-General. 

D.S.     District  Superintendent. 















East  India. 



.     Establishment. 

.     Examination. 

Fd.     field. 
Fenc.     Fencible. 
f.p.     full  pay. 
Ft.     Foot. 
Fu8.     Fusiliers. 



Garr.     Garrison. 

Gds.     Guards. 

Gen.     General. 

G.M.     Gentleman's  Magazme. 

G.O.C.     General  Officer  Commanding. 

Govr.     Governor. 

Govt.     Government. 

G.P.     Gunpowder. 

Gunr.     Gunner. 

H.A.C.     Honourable  Artillery  Company. 
Harl.  Soc.     Harleian  Society. 
H.B.     Heavy  Battery. 
K.E.I.C.S.      Honourable    East 

pany's  Service. 
Highlrs.     Highlanders. 
Hist  Historical.  .     ,   „ 

MSS.   Com.      Historical  Manuscripts 

Home  Office. 
half  pay. 
Head  Quarters. 

India  Com- 








Instr.     Instructor. 

Inter.     Interpreter. 

intest.     intestate. 

I.O.  Rec.     India  Office  Records. 

Irreg.     Irregular. 

I.S.C.     Indian  Staff  Corps. 

I.A.L.    Indian  Army  Lists. 
ibid,     the  same. 

I.G.S.N.  Coy.   .Indian  General  Steam  Navi- 
gation Company. 
Imp.     Imperial. 

I.M.S.     Indian  Medical  Service. 
Ind.     Indian. 
Indep.     Independent. 
Inf.     Infantry. 
Innis.     Inniskilling. 
Insp.     Inspector. 

Jour.     Journal. 

k.    killed. 



Lcrs.     Lancers. 

Ld.  Lt.     Lord  Lieutenant. 

L.G.     London  Gazette. 

licen.     licensed. 

Lt.     Lieutenant. 

Ltcy.     Lieutenancy. 


m.     married. 

Mag.     Magazine. 

Maj.     Major. 

M.A.L.    Madras  Army  Lists. 

Mar.     Marines. 

Med.    Medical. 

Mid.     Midshipman. 

Mil.     Militia. 

Min.    Minister. 

Mtsc.     Miscellaneous. 

Mod.   Eng.   Biog. 

Mrges.     Marriages. 
MS.     Manuscript. 
Mtd.     Mounted. 
Musk.     Musketry. 

Modern    English 



N.     Navy. 

N.B.     North  British. 

Nat.     Native.  u-     i    rv: 

Nav.   Biog.  Die.     Naval  Biographical    I>ic- 

N.l.     Native  Infantry. 
N.L.     Navy  Lists. 
N.  &•  Q.     Notes  and  Queries. 
N.S.     New  Series. 
N.S.C.     New  Spalding  Club. 
N.S.C.   Misc.     New  Spalding  Club  Miscel- 
N.W.P.     North- West  Provinces. 




Obil.     Obituary. 

Ofif.     Officer. 

opns.     operations. 

Ord.      ordinary  seamen. 

ord.     ordained. 

Ord.  off.     Ordinance  officer. 

P.     Principal. 

p.a.     private  affairs. 

Par.     Parish. 

Paymr.     Paymaster. 

P.E.I.     Prince  Edward  Island. 

Phys.     Physician. 

port,     portion  er. 

Presb.     Presbytery. 

Privy  Conn.  Reg.     Privy  Council  Register. 

P.R.O.     Public  Record  Office. 

Proby.     Probationary. 

Prof.     Professor. 

prom,     promoted. 

prov.  gen.     provision  general. 

P.  W.  D.     Public  Works  Departmen  t. 

qual.     qualified. 

Qr.Mr.     Quarter- Master. 

Q.M.G.     Quarter-Master-General. 


R.A.     Royal  Artillery. 

R.  Adm.     Rear  Admiral. 

R.A.M.C.     Royal  Army  Medical  Corps. 

R.C.     Roman  Catholic. 

R.E.     Royal  Engineers. 

Rec.     Records. 

Reg.  Regiment. 

Reg.     Register. 

res.     resigned. 

Resdt.     Resident. 

ret.,    retired. 

Rev.  Surv.     Revenue  Survey. 

R.F.A.     Royal  Field  Artillery. 

R.G.A.     Royal  Garrison  Artillery. 

R.H.A.     Royal  Horse  Artillery. 

Rif.     Rifles. 

R.I.     Royal  Irish. 

R.  Mar.     Royal  Marines. 

R.M.A.     Royal  Marine  Artillery. 

R.N.     Royal  Navy. 

R.O.     Record  Office. 

R.,  Roy.      Royal. 

Roy.  Inst.     Royal  Institution. 

R.V.  Batn.     Royal  Veteran  Battalion. 


S.C.     Staff  Corps. 

s.c.     sick  certificate. 

Sch.     School. 

Sec.     Secretary. 

Serg.     Sergeant. 

S.H.     Services  of  Heirs. 

S.I.  Ry.     South  Indian  Railway. 

S.Lt.     Sub.-Lieutenant. 

S.M.     Scots  Magazine. 

S.AT.  &.  Q,     Scottish  Notes  and  Queries. 

S.P.     State  Papers. 
s.p.     sine  prole,  without  issue. 
Spald.    Club  Misc.     Spalding   Club    Miscel- 

S.P.  Dom.     State  Papers  Domestic. 

S.A.C.G.      Sub- Assistant   Commissary-Gen- 
Spec.     Special. 
Stg.     Sterling. 
Stn.     Station. 
Succ.     Succeeded. 
Supt.     Superintendent. 
Supy.     Supernumerary. 
Surg.     Surgeon. 

temp,     temporary. 
Test.     Testament. 



unat.     unattached. 

Unit.  Serv.  Mag.     United  Service  Magazine. 

Univ.     University. 

unm.     unmarried. 

U.S.V.I.     United  States  Volunteer  Infantry. 


V.     Vice. 

V.B.G.H.       Volunteer     Battalion     Gordon 

Vetn.     Veteran. 
Vol.     Volunteer. 

v.p.     vita  parentis,    in    the    lifetime   of    his 


W.I.     West  India. 

wid.     widow. 

W.O.     War  Office. 

W.S.     Writer  to  the  Signet. 


Yeo.     Yeomanry. 
Yr.     younger. 



1.  [...].  Col.,  probably  H.E.I.C.S. ;  "served  30  years  in  India 
.  .  .  met  with  his  death  through  an  accident  on  the  eve  of  his  return  to 
Europe"  (Pryse  Lockhart  Gordon's  Memoirs,  i.  35).  Brother  of  Rev. 
Harry,  617  ;  possibly  James,  730- 

2.  [•••]•  Capt. ;  his  dau.  Janet  m.  Hew  McCormack  of  Cartwilling, 
Belfast.     Son  of  12. 

3.  [...].  1608,  May  I,  Lt.,  k.  in  connection  with  the  attack  made 
by  Sir  Cahir  O'Dogherty,  Lord  of  Inishaven  (1587-1608)  who,  when  insulted 
by  Sir  George  Paulett,  gov.  of  Derry,  advanced  on  Derry  at  2  a.m.  Tuesday 
1608,  Apr.  19,  with  scarcely  100  men  : — 

They  divided  at  the  bogside,  Paulett  attacking  the  lower  forts,  and  Phelim  Reagh  under- 
taking the  Governor's  house  on  the  high  ground.  Paulett  escaped  into  Ens.  Corbett's 
house,  where  a  short  stand  was  made.  Corbett  wounded  Reagh,  but  was  struck  down  from 
behind  ;  his  wife  killed  the  man  who  had  struck  the  fatal  blow  and  was  herself  slain. 
Paulett  fell  by  the  hand  of  Owen  O'Dogherty.  Lt.  Gordon  jumped  from  his  bed,  seized 
a  rapier  and  dagger  and  ran  out,  killing  two  of  the  assailants,  and  calling  upon  the  soldiers  to 
fight  for  their  lives.  He  was  overpowered  and  killed  (Richard  Bagwell's  Ireland  under  the 
Stuarts,  I.  52). 

4.  [•••]•  1644,  Col.,  Scottish  Army  (List  of  Regiments  and  Chief 
Officers  of  the  Scottish  Army,  quartered  near  Newcastle  in  1644,  printed  for 
Robert  Bostock  and  Samuel  Gellibrand,  St.  Paul's  Churchyard). 

5.  [•••]•  1645,  May  9,  Capt.  Lt.,  one  of  the  14th  Earl  of  Suther- 
land's officers,  captured  at  Auldearn,  shortly  afterwards  released  by  Lord 
Aboyne  whose  prisoner  he  was.     "  Of  Brora"  {Earls  of  Sutherland,  525). 

6.  [•••]•  1648,  Col.,  ("Gourden")  had  a  command  in  Suffolk's 
forces  at  the  siege  of  Colchester,  Jun.-Aug.  He  and  his  fellow  colonels  were 
"  persuaded  to  quit  their  passes  at  Stratford  and  Nayland — where  at  first 
they  pretended  only  the  securing  of  their  owne  countie — and  take  their  postes 
among  the  beseegers  "  {Beaufort  Papers  :  Hist.  MSS.  Com.  p.  26). 

7.  [•••].     1650,  Apr.  27,  Col.,  k.  at  Carbisdell,  Invercarron,  Ross- 



shire,   fighting  with   Montrose,   who   was   defeated  by  Strachan  (Earls  of 

8. '  t  *  V  • '3-    1653,  Mar.  10,  Capt.,  "gone  to  Denmark";  letter  from 
'.Jimes  Ais&h'ihgtQrune,  at  Bergen,  to  Capt.  John  Strachan,  in  Zealand  [Claren- 
don Papers  in  the  Bodleian,  181). 

9.  [..•]•  1653,  Nov.  5,  "  One  Gordon,"  commanding  100  "Tories," 
went  to  Falkirk  and  captured  Capt.  Townsend  and  Capt.  Scrope  of  Col. 
Overton's  Reg.  who  were  going  to  Glasgow.  "  Their  [Gordon's  troops] 
haste  would  hardly  permit  them  [the  captives]  to  put  on  their  clothes " 
("Diurnal  of  Occurrences  "  quoted  in  Spottiswoode  Misc.,  i.  144). 

10.  [...].  1690,  Aug.  26,  Capt.,  in  command  of  a  company  at  Lord 
Cardross's  house,  during  an  attack  by  a  party  of  250  rebels,  captured,  but 
afterwards  rescued  by  Gen.  Mackay  {Le  Fleming  Papers,  Hist.  MSS.  Com. 
p.  288). 

11.  [..•]•  1692,  Capt.,  Sir  Charles  Graham's  Ft. ;  not  after  Dec.  29. 
Graham's  Foot  fought  at  Steenkirk,  Jul.  1692  {P.R.O.,  H.O.  Military  Entry 
Book,  2,  p.  313). 

12.  [...].  1693,  Maj.,  Dgn.  Reg.,  m.  Ann,  dau.  of  Maj.  Montgomery, 
and  had  2. 

13.  [..•].  1694,  May  7,  Ens.,  Col.  John  Buchan's  Ft,  1695,  Aug. 
4,  k.  at  the  siege  of  Namur  (Dalton's  A.L.,  iii.  377). 

14.  [•••]•  Capt.  1700,  Apr.  I,  "  in  consideration  of  his  good  services 
we  have  resolved  to  bestow  a  mark  of  our  Royal  Bounty ;  "  the  King  com- 
mands the  Treasury  to  settle  a  yearly  allowance  of  stg.  on  Gordon  (Scot- 
land Warrant  Book    PRO.,  vol.  17,  p.  302.) 

15-  [•••]•  1704,  Jan.  29,  Ens.,  Col.  George  Maccartney's  Ft.;  not 
after  1706  (Dalton's  A.L.,  v.  224), 

16.  [•••]•  1708,  Jan.  I,  Maj.  in  Aldunie  of  Dalvey,  witnessed  the 
bap.  of  Allan,  son  of  John  Grant,  in  Lettoch  (Cromdale  Reg.). 

17.  [..•].     1715,  Off.,  father  of  David,  397- 

18-  [  .  .  •  ]•  171S1  Maj.,  advised  the  magistrates  of  Aberdeen  to  fortify 
the  town  against  the  rebels  (Allardyce's  Hist,  Papers,  39). 

19.  [•••]•  1720,  May  5,  Capt.,  H.E.I.C.S.,  Bombay,  "his  deposi- 
tion (with  others)  read  at  a  Board  meeting,  in  reference  to  a  charge  against 
Mr.  Parker"  (Bombay  State  Papers,  i.  9).  Possibly  John,  868,  or  William, 

20.  [•••]•  i724»  Sep.  27,  Lt.,  witnessed  the  bap.,  at  St.  Paul's 
Epis.  Ch.,  Aberdeen,  of  Susanna,  dau.  of  Patrick  Smith,  Inveramsay  (N.S.C. 
Misc.,  II.  (115) ). 


21.  [•••]•  1726,  Apr.  2,  Lt.,  witnessed  the  bap,,  at  St.  Paul's 
Epis.  Ch.,  Aberdeen,  of  Donald  McQuean  {N.S.C.  Misc.,  11.  (n6)). 

22.  [...].  1726,  Dec.  18,  Maj.,  witnessed  the  bap,,  at  St  Paul's 
Epis,  Ch.,  Aberdeen,  of  Helen,  dau.  of  Patrick  Smith,  of  Inveramsay  {N.S.C. 
Misc.,  II.  (117)). 

23-  [...].  1726,  Dec.  18,  Lt.,  witnessed,  the  bap.,  at  St.  Paul's 
Epis.  Ch.,  Aberdeen,  of  Helen,  dau.  of  Patrick  Smith,  of  Inveramsay  {N.S.C. 
Misc.,  II.  (117)). 

24.  [.••]■  1728,  May  15,  Maj.,  witnessed  the  bap.,  at  St.  Paul's 
Epis,  Ch,,  Aberdeen,  of  Henry,  son  of  Lt.  McKfarlin  {N.S.C.  Misc.,  11.  (121)). 

25-  [•••]•  ^28,  May  15,  Lt.,  witnessed  the  bap.,  at  St.  Paul's 
Epis.  Ch.,  Aberdeen,  of  Henry,  son  of  Lt.  McKfarlin  {N.S.C.  Misc.,  11. 

26-  [••.]•  1728,  Jun.  26,  Lt.,  witnessed  the  bap.,  at  St,  Paul's  Epis. 
Ch.,  Aberdeen,  of  Carolina,  dau,  of  Lt.  McQueen  {N.S.C.  Misc.,  11,  (121)), 

27.  [  .  .  •  ]  1729,  May,  Capt,,  Pocock's  Ft.;  his  widow,  Juliana 
Dalgarno,  received  pension  of  ^26  (lists  missing  from  1713-28),  1736,  Feb.  i, 
bur.  in  Gordon's  aisle.  Old  Machar  Cathedral,  Aberdeen  {W.O.,  Wid. 
Pensions,  P.R.O. ;  Munro's  Old  Aberdeen,  11. 179),  but  name  listed  until  1738. 
"  Pocock's  Ft.,"  after  a  brief  existence,  disbanded  in  1718;  John  Pocock,  Col., 
36th  Ft.,  1720,  Dec.  2 — 1721,  Apr.  21;  Col.,  8th  Ft.,  1721,  Apr,  21 — 1732, 
May  8. 

28-  [•••]•  1729.  May,  Ens.,  Invalids;  his  widow,  Jane,  received 
pension  of  £16.  1770,  '*  is  supposed  to  be  either  dead  or  re-married,  as  she 
has  not  received  any  pension  since  Christmas  1765  "  {W.O.,  Wid.  Pensions, 
P.R.O.) :  possibly  Nicholas,  1120. 

29-  [•••]•  1729,  Jul.  18,  Lt.,  witnessed  the  bap,,  at  St.  Paul's  Epis. 
Ch.,  Aberdeen,  of  Wilelmina,  dau,  of  Lt,  Duncan  McKfarlin  {N.S.C.  Misc.,  11. 


30.  [...].  1741,  Off.,  Bland's  (36th)  Ft.;  his  widow,  Margaret,  re- 
ceived pension  of  £"20.  1745,  last  payment,  presumably  d.  or  m.  {W.O.,  Wid. 
Pensions,  P.R,0), 

31,  [•••]•  1745)  Lt.  Col.,  "Liverpool  Blues,"  a  regiment  of  volun- 
teers (six  companies  of  70  men  each)  raised  and  officered  by  leading  men  of 
Liverpool  for  home  service  (J.  A.  Picton's  Memorials  of  Liverpool,  i,  176), 

32.  [..•]•  1745)  Mar,  12,  Capt.,  witnessed  the  bap,,  at  St.  Paul's 
Epis,  Ch,,  Aberdeen,  of  Jannet,  dau,  of  William  Simpson  and  Clementina 
Ramsay  {N.S.C.  Misc.,  11,  (156)). 

33,  [.,,].    1747,  Sep.  27,  Capt,  H.  M.  Independent  Company  for  the 


East  Indies,  conveyed  several  prisoners  from  Carlisle  to  London  (AUardyce's 
Hist.  Papers,  6i8).     Probably  Robert,  1193. 

34.  [...]•  1755,  Oct.  5,  Ens.,  Col.  George  Howard's  (3rd)  Ft.  (W.O., 
A.  Corns.)  Cancelled  {MS.  A.L.,  1752,  P.R.O.). 

35.  [•••]•  1759,  J^"^-,  Capt.,  R.N.  Nine  released  Captains, 
prisoners  of  France  arrived  at  Plymouth  (Plymouth  Newspapers).  "The 
case  of  poor  Captain  Gordon  and  his  ship's  Company  is  a  most  deplorable 
one  ;  the  whole  crew  perished  in  the  French  ship  they  were  taken  in,  she 
being  lost  on  some  rocks  near  the  shore,  the  crew  who  were  confined  in  irons, 
were  by  the  French  Captain  called  English  dogs,  and  told  they  should  perish 
as  such,  and  would  not  suffer  a  man  to  let  them  out "  (Gomer  Williams's 
Liverpool  Privateers,  168). 

36.  [.••].  1760,  Dec.  20,  Ens.,  25th  Ft.  {A.L.,  1762).  1762,  name 
erased  in  MS.  W.O.,  A.L.,  P.R.O. 

37.  [•••]•  1762,  Commiss.  of  Stores  and  Provisions,  at  Grand  Terre, 
Fort  George,  Louisiana,  3/-  a  day.  1763,  Off.  of  one  of  the  Garrisons  in  the 
Plantations  {A.L.,  1762-4). 

38.  [•••]•  i777»  Lt.,  fought  against  the  French  in  St.  Vincent, 
gallantly  defending  his  post  at  Colonaire,  till  overpowered  by  superior  num- 
bers (Shepherd's  Hist,  of  St.  Vincent). 

39.  [...].  1778,  Ens.,  99th  Wilts.  Mil.  (J.  Almon's  List  of  Officers 
of  the  Mil.  of  England  and  Wales,  1778,  26). 

40-  [•••]•  1779,  Jan.,  Capt.,  possibly  H. E. I. C.S.,  Bombay.  An  ex- 
pedition was  despatched  across  the  Ghats,  against  Poonah,  under  Gen.  James 
Hartley,  Cols,  Egerton  and  Cockburn,  on  behalf  of  Ragobah,  England's 
claimant  to  the  dynasty  (first  Mahratta  war,  1775-82)  against  the  Mahrattas 
under  Mahadagie  Scindia,  Hurry  Punt,  Phurkay  and  Tookagee  Holkar  : — 

The  English  reached  Tullygaom,  18  miles  from  Poonah,  but  John  Carnac,  Civil  Commis- 
sioner with  the  Army,  becoming  alarmed  at  the  increasing  numbers  of  the  Mahrattas,  in  spite 
of  earnest  remonstrance  from  Ragobah,  Jan.  11,  determined  on  a  retreat.  Hartley  strongly 
resisted  this,  but  was  overruled.  That  night  the  heavy  guns  having  been  thrown  into  a  large 
tank  and  a  quantity  of  stores  burned,  an  army  of  2600  British  troops  began  its  retreat,  secretly, 
as  was  supposed,  before  50,000  Mahrattas.  They  had  not  made  a  single  march,  before  .  .  . 
they  were  discovered;  Jan.  12,  at  2  a.m.  Capt.  Gordon  was  fired  upon  by  a  party  of  horse; 
...  at  daylight  .  .  .  they  were  completely  surrounded.  .  .  .  During  the  engagement  that 
followed  at  the  village  of  Wurgaom,  56  men  were  killed,  151  wounded,  and  155  missing, 
supposed  to  be  desertion.  Among  the  killed  and  wounded  were  15  European  officers  (Henry 
Beveridge's  Hist,  of  India,  n.  450). 

41.  [...].     1780,  Apr.  25,  Ens.,  W.  Norfolk  Mil.  {A.L.,  1782). 

42.  [  •  •  •  ]    1781,  Feb.  23,  Col.,  of  Bevennie ;  pre-deceased  his  son, 


"  Hon.  James,"  bu>'.  on  this  date  in  the  Earl  of  Moray's  aisle,  at  Restalrig 
(Churchyard  of  Restalrig  :  Scottish  Rec.  Soc). 

43-  [•••]•  1 781,  Sep.  An  officer  presumably,  H.E.I.C.S.,  Bengal, 
referred  to  as  Lt.,  Capt.  and  Col.  by  three  different  authorities  in  connection 
with  the  rebellion  of  Cheyt  Singh,  Raja  of  Benares,  who  declined  to  pay 
another  five  lakhs  tribute  to  the  English.  Warren  Hastings  stated  (1782, 
Feb.  2)  that  the  Begums  of  Oudh,  to  which  state  Benares  had  previously  paid 
the  tribute,  supported  Cheyt  Singh,  and  that  the  younger  Begum,  mother  of 
the  Nawab  of  Oudh,  "openly  opposed  and  attacked  Col.  Gordon"  (Gleig's 
Hastings^  i.  456).  Col.  Hannay,  operating  against  Cheyt  Singh,  stated  (1781, 
Sept.)  that  Lt.  Gordon's  detachment  was  cut  off  {Selections  from  State  Papers, 
Foreign  Depart.,  India,  1772-82,  in.  952,  1004) : — 

It  happened  by  the  villainy  of  the  Fouzdar  of  Tanda,  Shumsheer  Khan  [the  Bhow 
Begum's  Agent  and  the  adopted  son  of]  Behar  Ally  Khan  [her  principal  minister],  who  turned 
his  guns  upon  the  detachment,  and  an  unfordable  nullah  front,  and  many  thousands  of 
Rajpoots,  who  had  fought  them  all  the  way  from  Chowra  Ghaut,  made  the  Sepoys  despair. 
Behar  Ally  Khan  deserves  death,  as  the  loss  of  Gordon's  detachment  can  only  be  imputed  to 
him.     His  Chellah  would  never  have  acted  so  damning  a  part  without  orders  from  him. 

A  completely  different  complexion  was  put  on  the  affair  (1794,  May  14) 
by  Sheridan  in  his  Begum  speech,  impeaching  Hastings  (1794,  May  14) 
Eraser  Rae's  Sheridan,  11.  420-8) : — 

Considerable  stress  is  laid  upon  the  affair  of  Capt.  Gordon.  This  circumstance,  I  con- 
sidered to  be  the  most  decisive  proof  of  the  Begum's  innocence,  and  of  the  foul  conspiracy  .  .  . 
against  them.  The  Begum  is  charged  not  only  with  actually  giving  assistance  to  Cheyt 
Singh,  but  with  preventing  a  British  officer  (Capt.  Gordon)  from  bringing  his  force  to  join 
Col.  Hannay,  and  by  that  means  leaving  Col.  Hannay  in  a  considerable  degree  of  peril.  .  .  . 
The  fact  is  .  .  .  that  Capt.  Gordon  marches  to  a  river,  the  fort  on  the  opposite  side  being  under 
the  command  of  Shumsheer  Khan.  Capt.  Gordon,  who  was  not  then  in  the  Begum's  country 
but  had  been  assisted  by  the  country  people  through  the  whole  of  his  march,  is  desirous  to 
pass  over,  and  is  not  very  readily  accommodated  with  a  boat,  in  order  that  he  might  pass  over 
into  the  Begum's  territories.  ...  It  is  stated  that  these  country  people  detested  the  English, 
and  it  is  assumed  that  they  were  set  on  by  the  Begums,  though  not  in  their  territories ;  that 
his  detachment  desert  and  leave  him,  with  only  9  or  10  people;  that  the  country  people,  who 
before  were  more  than  a  match  for  him,  leave  him  ;  and  he  is  carried  over  in  safety  and  placed 
under  the  protection  of  Shumsheer  Khan.  As  all  our  material  evidence  has  consisted  in  papers, 
which  have  accidentally  come  to  light,  we  produce  letters  of  thanks  from  Capt.  Gordon  and  Col. 
Hannay  addressed  to  the  Begum,  who  the  moment  she  hears  of  their  situation,  sends  an  escort 
to  them,  and  brings  Capt.  Gordon  up  to  Fyzabad,  and  afterwards  places  him  in  safety  with 
Col.  Hannay.  .  .  .  Capt.  Gordon  says  in  terms  of  glowing  gratitude,  that  "  their  safety  and 
life  are  entirely  the  gift  of  Her  Highness ".  .  .  .  These  letters  were  for  a  considerable  time 
suppressed.  .  .  .  When  Sir  Elijah  Impey  went  to  Lucknow,  to  take  depositions  upon  which 
afterwards  charge  and  proof  were  to  be  founded  against  the  Begums  .  .  .  in  swearing  Capt. 
Gordon,  Mr.  Middleton  [President  at  the  Vizier's  Court]  and  Col.  Hanhay,  who  knew  the  fact 


of  the  Begum  having  saved  Capt.  Gordon  life,  they  all  three  swear  to  the  circumstance  of  the 
delay  of  Shumsheer  Khan,  in  sending  over  the  boat  for  the  rescue  of  Capt.  Gordon  ;  they  all 
stated  that  as  a  suspicious  circumstance,  and  they  all  three  suppress  the  fact  of  the  Begum 
having  saved  their  lives  and  of  their  having  returned  their  thanks  in  this  letter  of  gratitude  to 

44.  [•••]•  1783,  Jul-  6,  Brig.  Maj.,  k,  at  the  siege  of  Mangalore 
(Jul.  83-Jan.  84)  by  combined  forces  of  the  French  and  the  Nabob,  Tippoo 
Sultan;  garrison  consisted  of  detachments  of  H.E.I.C.  and  H.M.'s  troops 
under  Col.  John  Campbell,  42nd  Ft.  {Account  of  Siege  of  Mangalore,  by  a 
British  Officer,  63). 

45-  [...].  1783,  Dec,  Col.  and  Q.M.G.  :  served  under  Brig.  Gen. 
Macleod  in  the  war  by  the  H.E.I.C.  and  H.M.  troops  and  the  combined  forces 
of  Tippoo  Sultan  and  the  French  1783-4.  Macleod,  advancing  from  Telli- 
cherry  against  Cannanoire,  wrote  (Bombay  State  Papers,  Home  Ser.,  11.  295- 

Colonel  Gordon  took  the  proper  means  to  construct  and  place  at  each  of  the  four  deep 
rivers  that  had  to  be  crossed  by  the  troops  a  sufficient  number  of  tonies  jungudores  to  ferry 
over  troops.  Col.  Gordon,  who  was  in  command  of  advanced  guard,  Dec.  1783,  three  miles 
from  Cannanore  on  the  way  to  the  sea,  resolved  to  have  a  view  of  the  colours  on  the  enemy's 
flagst.aff,  accompanied  by  Lt.  Fraser  and  two  companies  of  Grenadier  Sepoys.  These  colours 
seemed  very  near  after  an  advance  the  following  day,  but  a  thick  wood  of  cocoanut  trees  still 
hid  the  walls.  Col.  Gordon  advanced,  and,  arriving  at  the  skirt  of  the  wood,  found  himself  on 
the  esplanade,  300  yards  from  the  wall,  finding  houses,  banks,  trees  and  complete  cover  for 
troops  and  batteries.  I  soon  joined  him  with  the  Chief  Engineer  and  Commanding  Officer  of 
Artillery ;  the  fort  was  taken  by  storm  next  day.  I  sent  Col.  Gordon  and  the  Chief  Engineer 
to  find  out  most  vulnerable  place,  which  they  soon  did  with  happy  judgment,  when  attacking 
the  town  from  the  beach  side  next  day. 

1784,  Jan.  27,  "Col.  Gordon,  commanding  in  Brig.  Gen.  Macleod's  ab- 
sence, arrived  at  Mangalore,  on  board  the  *  Sulivan  '  East  Indiaman  "  {Account 
of  the  six  months  Siege  of  Mangalore,  by  a  British  Officer,  144-5,  211)  which 
states  that  "  his  intention  was  to  throw  another  month's  provision  into  the 
fort,  but  under  the  articles  of  capitulation,  Tippoo  Sultan  would  not  allow  the 
admission  of  any  provisions.  Col,  Gordon  immediately  despatched  expresses 
to  Cannanore  and  Tellicherry,  for  all  shipping  and  small  craft  that  could  be 
collected,  in  order  to  prevent  any  part  of  the  garrison  being  necessitated  to  go 
by  land  to  either  of  these  places."  Feb.  4,  Col.  Gordon  arrived  at  Onore, 
on  the  "  Batilla  "  in  the  evening,  with  an  account  of  the  garrison  at  Manga- 
lore, .  .  .  Tippoo  Sultan  having  agreed  to  their  marching  out  with  military 
honours  upon  surrendering  the  fort  .  .  .  the  troops  embarked  for  Tellicherry 
(Mr.  Edward  Ravenscroft's  letter,  dated  Feb.  6  on  board  the  "  Harriet " 
armed  ship,  off  Onore,  to  the  resident  at  Carwar,  rec.  Feb.  19  by  Bombay 


Council  {Bombay  State  Papers,  11.  308)).     Feb.  7,  Capt,  Torriano,  Commander 
of  the  port  of  Onore,  heard  from  a  messenger  he  had  sent  out  that 

Maw  Mirza  was  told  Feb.  6,  by  Col.  Gordon  on  the  "  Batilla,"  that  he  had  come  from 
Tellicherry,  where  he  heard  horn  Gen.  Lang  that  Gen.  Macleod  had  resigned  the  command  of 
the  Bombay  Army,  and  that  a  note  for  the  Commanding  Officer  had  been  sent  on  shore  the  day 
before,  .  .  .  with  the  provisions  for  the  fort  then  removing  from  the  "  Batilla"  into  the  Nabob's 
boat.  The  note  .  .  .  proved  to  be  only  from  the  Deputy  Commissary,  specifying  the  supplies 
dispatched  and  requesting  that  three  guns  might  be  fired  as  a  signal  of  their  safe  arrival.  As 
soon  as  the  Nabob's  vessel  left  the  port,  the  required  signal  was  made,  and  an  answer  returned 
to  the  Deputy  Commissary  indicating  that  the  state  of  the  garrison  was  totally  misunderstood 
by  their  friends,  that  ...  if  the  ships  left  the  roads,  desertion  would  reduce  them  in  a  short 
time  to  the  last  extremity.  The  Myer,  employed  betwixt  Maw  Mirza,  the  fort  and  the  ships, 
had  been  for  some  years  in  the  English  service,  .  .  .  after  delivering  Mr.  Ravenscroft's  letter 
.  .  .  told  the  Subadar  Missauber  that  a  jemidar,  lately  deserted  from  the  fort,  had  accompanied 
him  on  board  as  if  sent  from  the  garrison,  and  that  Col.  Gordon  had  delivered  to  his  care  a 
private  letter,  which  Maw  Mirza  received  and  secreted.  Capt.  Torriano  .  .  .  secured  the 
Myer  [who]  undertook  to  deliver  a  letter  to  Col.  Gordon.  .  .  .  The  vessels  made  signals  for 
sailing ;  Feb.  8,  got  under  weigh  in  the  morning,  but  from  their  having  waited  so  long,  it  was 
conjectured  that  Col.  Gordon  had  sent  on  shore  an  answer  to  Capt.  Torriano's  letter,  directed 
some  signal  to  be  made  when  it  should  be  received,  had  remained  in  expectation  of  seeing  or 
hearing  it "  (Philippart's  East  India  Mil.  Cal.,  11.  181-3).     Mar.  11,  Peace  with  Tippoo  Sultan. 

46.  [...].     1784,  Dec.  18,  Lt,  bur.  at  Trichinopoly  (7.0.  Rec). 

47.  [•••]•     i795>  Oc*'  27,  Lt.,  N.  Lowland  Fenc.  Inf.  {L.G.,  1104). 

48.  [...].  1796,  Jun.  10,  Vol.,  34th  Ft.,  served  at  the  reduction  of 
the  Island  of  St.  Vincent,  d.  of  wounds  {Hist.  Rec,  34th  Ft.,  41). 

49-  [•••]•  1796,  Jul.,  Col.,  w.  Miss  Moncrief  of  Manchester  Square, 
[London  ?],  dau.  of  Col.  Moncrief;  k.  at  the  siege  of  Dunkirk  {G.M.,  vol.  66, 
p.  612). 

50.  [...].  1797,  Aug.  29,  Gen.;  Col.  Sir  David  Baird  wrote  him 
from  Wallajahbad,  "war  would  almost  immediately  be  declared  by  Tippoo, 
who  had  collected  a  very  large  army,  and  seventy  pieces  of  artillery  in  the 
neighbourhood  of  Seringapatam,  it  is  reported  that  he  expects  to  be  supported 
from  France"  {Life  of  Sir  David  Baird,  1.  150). 

51.  [...].  1798,  May  22,  Capt.,  " of  St.  George's  in  the  East";  his 
dau.  M.  w.  Mr.  Hanam,  Strand,  London  (G.M.,  vol.  68,  pt.  2,  p.  534). 

52.  [...].     1799,  Jul.  13,  Capt.,  Old  Meldrum  Vols.  {L.G.,  699). 

53.  [...].  1801,  May,  Capt.,  in  command  of  a  small  British  con- 
tingent, assisting  the  garrison  (chiefly  Tuscan)  at  Porto  Ferrago,  Elba, 
when  invested  by  about  1500  French  troops  ;  subsequently  blockaded ;  con- 
tingent afterwards  commanded  by  Lt.  Col.  George  Airey  (Laird  Clowes's 
Navy,  IV.  451  n.). 


54-  [•••]•  1803,  Oct.  18,  Capt.,  had  immediate  charge  of  Down- 
patrick  prison,  while  Thomas  Russell,  who  had  personated  a  general  officer 
of  the  rebel  army  in  the  north,  was  waiting  trial  for  high  treason.  Russell 
sounded  Gordon  "  under  the  idea  of  an  escape  "  (Lord  Hardwicke's  Viceroy's 
Post  Bag,  423). 

55.  [•••].  1804,  Apr.  25,  Ens.,  Aberdeensh.  (55th)  Mil.,  2nd  Coy. 
(Innes's  Gordon  Highlrs.,  19). 

66.  [...].  18 10.  Cav.  Off.  in  the  army  (mostly  cavalry)  which 
Ranjit  Singh,  founder  of  the  short-lived  kingdom  of  Lahore  (1780- 1839) 
raised  on  the  European  system,  giving  employment  to  a  number  of  foreign 
officers,  and  to  certain  deserters  from  the  British  service.  "  The  skill  and 
tenacity  with  which  the  Sikh  Army  fought  the  British  in  two  desperate  cam- 
paigns, shows  with  what  success  these  officers  served  Ranjit  Singh  ;  his  death 
and  the  accession  of  Sher  Singh,  was  followed  by  an  outburst  of  violence, 
...  a  large  number  of  officers,  who  had  incurred  the  enmity  of  the  soldiers, 
were  murdered  in  cold  blood  "  (Col.  Hugh  Pearse's  Memoirs 0/ Col.  Alexander 

57-  [•••]•  18 10,  Sep.  17,  Maj.,  Aberdeensh.  Mil.,  tried  by  Court 
Martial,  at  the  Mess  Room,  in  the  Barracks,  Berwick,  on  charges  preferred  by 
Capt.  Adj.  Christie,  '•  for  malignant,  un-officerlike,  and  ungentlemanlike 
behaviour  towards  him  " ;  honourably  acquitted  {Times,  Sep.  25). 

58-9.  [.••].  181 1,  Oct.  12,  Capt;  his  dau.  Mary  Ann,  bur.  at  Fort 
St.  George  (7.0.  Rec). 

60.  [•••]•  18 16,  Jan.  25,  Hon.  Capt.,  present  at  the  Burns  Anni- 
versary Celebrations  in  Edinburgh  {G.M.,  vol.  86,  pt.  i,  p.  174). 

61.  [...]•  1816,  Apr.  29,  Maj.,  "recently  returned  from  the  East 
Indies,"  d.  at  Hope  Cottage,  near  Cowes  {G.M.,  vol.  86,  pt.  1,  p.  567). 

62.  [•..].  18 1 7.  Jun.  35,  Capt.,  travelling  with  Lord  Clanwilliam 
from  Vienna  to  London  on  diplomatic  business,  robbed  by  banditti  near  La 
Carriere  {G.M.,  vol.  87,  pt,  2,  p.  73). 

63.  [...]•  1817,  Dec.  12,  Capt.,  R.N.,  and  Lt.  Col.  Herries,  attacked, 
on  a  journey  from  Rome  to  Naples,  between  Terracina  and  Fondi,  by 
banditti,  who  fired  upon  and  mortally  wounded  the  postilion,  allowing  them 
to  proceed,  after  taking  their  watches  and  money.  "  Herries  and  Gordon  must 
be  considered  as  owing  their  lives  to  their  being  unprepared  to  offer  any 
resistance"  {G.M.,  vol.  88,  pt.  i,  p.  71  ;  Arniston  Memoirs,  291). 

64.  [•..]•  1822,  Jul.  9,  Lt.  Col. ;  his  dau.  m.  Capt.  Mason  of  the  late 
looth  Ft.  (G.M.,  vol.  92,  pt.  2,  p.  88). 

65.  ['•']•     1822,  Sep.  20,  Capt,  recently  returned  with  his  family 


from  India,  appeared  at  Marlborough  Street  Police  Court,  summoned  by  his 
servant,  Francis  Paule,  a  Frenchman,  for  illegally  detaining  his  clothes  ;  Paule 
was  keeping  a  vigil  at  Napoleon's  tomb,  St.  Helena,  when  his  vessel  sailed 
without  him  {Times,  Sep.  21). 

66-67-  [•••]•  1839,  Sep.  9,  Capt. ;  his  dau.  Elizabeth  was  served  heir 
to  her  aunt  Margaret  Gordon,  Gordonville. 

68'  [•••]•  1842,  Apr.  23,  Lt.  Col. ;  his  widow  d.  at  42  Bon-Accord 
Street,  Aberdeen,  in  her  83rd  year  {Abd.  jfour.). 

69.  [•••]•  1848,  Jul.  20,  Lt.  Col.,  father  of  W.H.,  1362;  described 
"of  Danesbury  Park,"  Herts.,  then  owned  by  a  Mr.  Blake. 

70.  A.  1788,  Capt.,  of  Lossack,  Wigtonsh,,  Parliamentary  voter,  "  will 
not  swear"  (Sir  C.  E.  Adam's  Political  State  of  Scotland  in  1788,  345). 

71.  A.  1822,  Dec.  I,  Mid.,  "Prince  Regent"  colonial  schooner,  in 
charge  of  a  prize,  sent  with  his  crew  of  11  men  to  the  assistance  of  the 
colonists,  Cape  Mesurado,  Liberia,  during  an  attack  by  natives.  Gordon 
conveyed  to  them  supplies  of  food  and  munitions  of  war,  remaining  there  one 
month  ;  d,  of  fever  at  Monrovia  with  eight  seamen,  just  before  relief  came. 
In  1905,  a  "Gordon  Memorial  Scholarship,"  proposed  by  Dr.  E.  W.  Blyden 
in  1900,  was  established  in  the  Liberia  College  (Sir  Harry  Johnston's  Liberia, 

72.  A.  E.  1900,  Capt.  (Colonial),  Roberts'  Horse,  served  during  8. 
African  war  (A.L,  1900 — Jul.  '01).  1903,  Sep.  22,  his  widow  Olive  d.  a.t 
Greenpoint,  Cape  Town  (Times,  Oct.  11). 

73.  Rev.  Abercromby.  181 1,  Nov.  12 — 1812,  Jun.  25,  Chaplain's 
duty,  Banff,  ^8  i6s.  6d.  {W.O.,  Chaplain's  Payment  Bk.,  P.R.O.) ;  Minister  of 
Banff;  b.  1758,  d.  182 1,  Mar.  12.     Son  of  Rev.  Harry,  Ardersier,  617- 

74.  Abraham,  M.D.  1741,  Aug.  31,  Surg.  Mate  (4th)  R.N.,  "Royal 
Oak".  1743,  May  16,  4th  Mate,  "  Namur  "  ;  Aug.  24,  3rd  Mate;  Nov.  4, 
3rd  Mate.  1744,  Jan.  25,  2nd  Mate.  1745,  Feb.  21,  Surg.,  "Chatham"; 
Mar.  14,  "  Nazareth  "  fireship  (Adm.  Offs.  appt.  by  N.  Board,  P.R.O.).  1746, 
Oct.  II,  Surg.,  3rd  Ft.  Afterwards  Staff  Surg.,  Hosp.,  Germany.  1763, 
h.p.  {A.L.,  1754-1808;  MS.  A.L.,  1752,  127,  P.R.O. ).  1754-5  w.  Anna 
McDonnel,  and  had,  with  other  children,  Abraham  Cyrus,  75,  and  Mary  Jane ; 
d.  1808,  Jan.  21,  at  Stirling,  in  his  86th  year.  His  widow  received  pension 
of  £40 ;  d.  1818,  Aug.  31,  at  Stirling  in  her  85th  year  {W.O.  Wid.  Pensions, 
W.O.  Cert.,  P.R.O.;  Tablet,  West  Parish  Ch.,  Stirling).  Son  and  dau. 
served  heirs  to  their  mother  in  Stirling,  1822,  Apr.  19,  May,  21.  An  Abraham 
Gordon,  m.  1752,  Jul.  5,  at  St.  George's  Chapel,  Mayfair,  Ann  Nelson  of 
Bishopsgate  Street  {Harl.  Soc). 


75-  Abraham  Cyrus.  1771,  Sep.  i,  Ens.,  28th  F"!.  1772,  Jun.  21, 
Ens,,  24th  Ft.,  com.  given  by  Lord  Townshend,  Ld.  Lt.  of  Ireland,  whose 
page  he  had  been,  1774,  h.p.  {A.L.,  1772-4;  Cal.  of  Home  Office  Papers, 
1775,  209).  i777i  Vol.,  2nd  Lt.  Inf,,  served  in  America  ;  Oct,  4,  wounded  at 
Germantown  ;  Oct,  8,  2nd  Lt.,  21st  Ft.;  Dec.  19,  Gen,  Sir  William  Howe 
writes  from  Philadelphia  "  he  had  given  the  2nd  Ltcy.  21st  Ft.  to  Mr,  Gordon, 
from  half  pay  who  had  been  very  strongly  recommended  "  (Roy.  Inst.  Papers, 
Hist.  MSS.  Com.,  i,  166,  303;  L.G.,  1778,  Mar.  31).  1779,  Dec,  i,  Lt., 
91st  Ft.,  1781,  Jul.  6,  Capt,  Lt,  1783,  Apr,  25,  reg,  disbanded  h,p,  {A.L., 
1778-1832).     1803,  Oct  6,  Lt.  Bawtrey  Vols;  Oct,  25,  Capt, 

Son  of  Abraham,  74  J  'w.  1781,  Dec.  17,  at  Newark  on  Trent,  "  in  Nov, 
at  Gretna  Green,  Capt  Gordon,  91st  P't,  m.  Miss  Locke"  (G.3/.,  vol.  51, 
p.  54),  and  had  Frederick  460.  Abraham  Henry  77.  Robert  James,  1270. 
George  Cyrus,  b.  1792,  Dec.  24,  B,A.,  1815,  M,A,  1818,  Trin.  Coll, 
Cam.,  Curate  of  N,  Clifton,  Notts.,  d.  at  Clifton,  Yorks,  1859,  Jun.  12; 
Augustus,  27.  Anna  Elizabeth,  b.  1788,  Aug.  7,  and  Amalie,  6.  1800,  May  8. 
Gordon  d.  1832,  Jan.,  at  Bawtrey,  aged  73  (W.O.,  Offs.  Services,  1828, 

76.  Abraham  Cyrus.  1843,  Cadet,  H.E.LC.S.  (Madras),  1844,  Feb,  28, 
Ens.,  32nd  N.I,  1847,  Nov,  26,  sent  to  England  on  s.c,  1849,  Jun,  29,  ret. 
to  duty  ;  Aug.  29,  Qr.  Mr.  and  Inter,  (act.).  1850,  Feb,  28,  Lt ;  Nov,  26,  Qr, 
Mr.  and  Inter.  1 851,  Jul.  21,  in  charge  of  the  Bazaar  and  Police  at  Jubbul- 
pore,  1852,  Feb,  28,  passed  in  Hindustani,  1854,  Jan.  placed  at  the 
disposal  of  Govt  in  N,W,  Prov.  ;  Jun.  7,  Asst  Comr.,  3rd  class,  Sangor  and 
Nerbudda.  1856,  Oct.  11,  Dep.  Comr,,  and  class,  Seonee,  1859,  Jan  17, 
Dep,  Comp,,  1st  class,  Nursingpoor  (Civil  emp,) ;  Feb,  2,  Capt  1862,  Jan. 
7,  Maj.  s.c, ;  sent  to  England  on  s.c,  (E,I.R,,  I.L.,  1844-66). 

Son  of  Frederick,  460 ;  6-  1826,  Mar.  15,  bap.  Aug.  6,  at  Carrigrohan  Mil. 
Chapel,  Ballincolly,  co.  Cork ;  educ,  Barnstaple  Grammar  Sch„  Mr,  Jeffrey's 
Woolwich,  King's  Coll.,  and  Addiscombe,  Nominated  for  H.E.I.C.S,  by  G, 
F.  Warden,  on  recommendation  of  his  uncle,  James  Gordon  Murdoch, 
Hampstead;  m.  1862,  Jul,  15,  at  St  Leonards,  Emily,  b.  1833,  Feb.  17, 
third  dau,  of  James  Turing  Bruce,  Westbourne  Terrace,  Hyde  Park  {G.M.,  13, 
2nd  N,S.,  226).  Gordon  d.  1865,  Dec  26,  at  Tunbridge  Wells  {ibid.,  vol,  i, 
3rd  N.S.,  290).     His  widow  d.  1903,  Nov,  6,  in  Rome  {Times). 

77-  Abraham  Henry,  1801,  Jan,  5,  2nd  Lt,,  R.M.  1805,  Jul,  18,  Lt, 
1824,  Dec.  18,  Capt,  1838,  Jun.  28,  Maj,  1839,  Aug,  26,  Lt,  Col.  1848, 
Jan.  4,  Col.,  2nd  Comdt,  185 1,  Feb.  26,  Col,  Comdt  1855,  Jun,  20,  Maj. 
Gen.;  ret.  f.p,  {Hurt's  A. L.,  1840-66;  iV.L.,  1802-66;  G.M.  vol.  29,  p.  188, 


vol.  35,  p.  419,  N.S.).  Son  of  Abraham  Cyrus,  75;  b.  1785,  Apr.  25; 
d.  1865,  Apr.  20,  in  Westbourne  Terrace  Rd.,  London,  aged  81  (ibid., 
18,  N.S.,  670). 

78-  Adam.  Capt.,  "of  Inverbucket  "  (Acts  of  Parliament  (Private)  4 
Geo  IV,  c.  27).     Son  of  John,  tutor  of  Glenbucket  (Balbithan  MS.). 

79.  Sir  Adam.  1314,  may  have  fought  at  Bannockburn.  1318? 
raided  Norham  Castle  ;  first  of  the  Gordons  to  go  north  on  getting  a  grant  of 
Strathbogie  (Scots  Peerage,  iv.  512) ;  called  Alexander  in  the  Earls  of  Suther- 
land (39,  41,  42,  45,  48,  50);  had  Sir  Adam,  80,  and  John,  823. 

80-  Sir  Adam.  1333,  Jul.  19,  one  of  the  leaders  of  the  army  which 
fought  at  Halidon,  being  in  the^  division  commanded  by  John  Randolph,  Earl 
of  Moray  (Scots  Peerage,  iv.  513).  The  Earls  of  Sutherland  (p.  43)  says  he 
was  k.  at  this  battle,  but  the  Scots  Peerage  suggests  1351  as  his  death. 
Eldest  son  of  Sir  Adam,  79  ;  had  John,  824. 

81-  Sir  Adam.  1402,  Sep.  14,  k.  at  the  battle  of  Homildon  (Scots 
Peerage,  iv.  517).     Son  of  John,  824;  grandfather  of  Sir  Alexander,  115. 

82.  Sir  Adam,  Earl  of  Sutherland.  1513,  Sep.  9,  fought  at  Flodden, 
where  his  brother  Alexander,  3rd  Earl  of  Huntly,  commanded  the  left  wing  of 
the  army,  and  his  younger  brother  Sir  William  was  killed  ;  m.  Elizabeth 
Countess  of  Sutherland  and  became  Earl  of  Sutherland,  the  family  adopting 
the  name  of  Gordon  for  centuries  (Earls  of  Sutherland,  86).  Son  of  George, 
2nd  Earl  of  Huntly,  469- 

83-  Master  Adam.  1547,  Sep.  10,  k.  at  Pinkie;  yr.  son  of  Adam  (ist 
Gordon),  Earl  of  Sutherland  (Earls  of  Aboyne,  128).     Uncle  of  John,  nth 

Earl,  826. 

84-  Adam  ("  Edom  o'  Gordon").  1562,  Oct.  28,  captured  at  Corrichie. 
1571,  Oct.  17,  defeated  the  Forbeses  at  Tillyangus ;  Nov.  20,  defeated  them 
again  at  the  Crabstane,  Aberdeen,  when  he  captured  the  Master  of  Forbes, 
and  immediately  after  burned  Powis  House  with  its  lady  and  27  inmates  as 
immortalised  in  the  well-known  ballad.  1572,  Jun.  raided  the  Mearnsand  sur- 
prised the  Castle  of  Doupjlas  of  Glenbervie ;  Jul,  5,  defeated  Lords  Crawford, 
Lindsay  and  Buchan  at  Brechin  (Records  of  Aboyne,  469,  489,  490;  House  of 
Gordon,  11.  (555)).  Laird  of  Auchindoun  and  sixth  son  of  George  4th  Earl  of 
Huntly,  470;  d.s.p. 

85-  Adam.  1647,  went  to  the  Scots  Coll.,  Madrid,  aged  31,  for  mathe- 
matics and  philosophy ;  the  Rector,  unwilling  to  receive  him  because  of  his 
advanced  age,  gave  him  200  reals  and  obtained  for  him  an  officership  in  the 
army.  Son  of  George,  and  Isabella  Leask,  b.  at  Auchmathie  in  Buchan 
(Rec.  of  the  Scots  Coll.,  N.S.C.  i.  196). 


86'  Adam.  1649,  Off-  '"  Ireland  (  O'Hart's  Landed  Irish  Gentry,  p. 
389;  Inrohnents  in  the  Exchequer  Office  Dublin,  Roll  11.  Membrane  10). 

87'  Adam.  1652,  Capt.,  d.  at  Stirling.  Son  of  Adam  of  Kilcalmkil, 
Ross-shire,  German  service ;  brother  of  William,  1373' 

88-  Sir  Adam.  1689,  Capt.,  Lord  Strathnaver's  Ft.  (reg.  disbanded  in 
1690).  1700,  his  will  showed  his  arrears  of  pay  amounted  to  £\2Zj^  12s.  od. 
Scots;  " of  Dalpholly,"  had  Sir  William,  ist  Bart,  of  Invergordon,  and  Alex- 
ander of  Ardoch,  140.  grandsons,  Alexander,  162,  Alexander,  146,  and  Ann, 
252  (Bulloch's  Gordons  of  Invergordon,  8-13). 

89-  Adam.  1694,  Ens.,  Col.  James  Maitland's  (25th)  Ft.  1695,  July. 
5,  Lt.,  serving  at  Namur,  where  com.  dated.  1702,  Aug.  25,  com.  renewed 
at  Windsor;  until  1706  (Dalton's  .<4.L.,  iv.  42,98,  v.  222).  1717,  Apr.  16, 
three  daus.,  Joan,  Theodosia  and  Ann,  served  his  heirs.  Cousin  and  a 
residuary  legatee  of  George  Gordon,  macer,  Edinburgh  ;  d.  1702,  Apr. 

90-  Adam.  1694,  May  7,  Ens.,  Sir  Charles  Graham's  Ft.  (Dalton's 
A.L.,  m.  396;  Add.  MS.,  B.M.,  17,  918). 

91.  Adam.  1708,  Aug.  13,  Lt.  and  Capt,  Earl  of  Portmore's  (2nd) 
Ft.,  com.  dated  at  Windsor  (Dalton's  A.L.,  vi.  67 ;  Davis's  2nd  Ft.  vi.  103). 

92*  Lord  Adam.  1741,  Apr.  25,  Cornet,  N.B.  Dgns.  1743,  Sep.  18, 
Lt.  {MS.  A.L.,  1742-3,  1745,  P.R.O.).  1745,  Sep.  3,  Lt.,  Indep.  Coy.  of  Ft 
{Genealogist,  xiv.  12-3).  1746,  Sep.  30,  Capt.,  Col.  Fleming's  Ft;  Dec.  13, 
i8th  Ft  (MS.  A.L.,  1742-3,  P.R.O.).  175  ,  Jan.  2,  Capt  Lt,  3rd  Ft  Gds. 
1756,  Jun.  I,  Capt.  and  Lt.  Col.  {MS.  A.L.,  1755,  P.R.O. ;  Quarters  of  Army 
in  Ireland,  1749-52;  J.  Millan's  List  of  Officers,  Irish  Estab.  1755,  bound 
with  A.L.,  1754).  1758,  served  under  Gen.  Bligh  in  his  unfortunate  expedi- 
tion to  coast  of  France,  signalized  himself  at  the  head  of  his  grenadier 
company  of  the  guards,  bringing  up  the  rear  of  the  embarkation  at  St.  Cas, 
Sep.  10,  in  the  face  of  a  very  superior  army,  preventing  the  enemy,  for  a 
considerable  time,  getting  forward,  till  being  overpowered  by  numbers,  he 
was  forced  to  retire  to  the  beach  (James  Hamilton's  Roy.  Scots,  367).  1762, 
Feb.  19,  Bt  Col.  1763,  Jan.  19,  Col.,  66th  Ft  1772,  May  25,  Maj.  Gen. 
1775,  Dec.  27,  Col.,  26th  Ft.  1777,  Aug.  21,  Lt.  Gen.  1782,  May  9,  Col., 
ist  Ft.  1789,  Jun.  6,  Comdr.  of  Forces  in  Gt.  Britain.  1793,  Oct.  12,  Gen. 
1778,  Apr. — 1796,  Govr.,  Cliff  Fort,  Tinmouth,  £284  3s.  6d.  1796,  Nov.  5, 
Govr.,  Edinburgh  Castle  (/I. L.,  1754-1800;  L.G.,  1778,  1789,418,  1796,  1062). 

Son  of  2nd  Duke  of  Gordon,  b.  1728,  m.  1767,  Sep.  2,  Jane,  dau.  of  John 
Drummond  and  wid.  of  James,  2nd  Duke  of  Atholl ;  he  d.  s.p.  1801.  The 
3rd  Hussars  bears  nickname  "  Lord  Adam  Gordon's  Lifeguards  "  (Farmer's 
Regtl.  Rec.,  25.    J.  M.  Bulloch  in  Banffshire  Advertiser,  191 1,  Feb.  23,  Mar.  2 


and  9).  Brother  of  Lord  Charles,  300,  and  Lord  Lewis,  1090-  Portrait, 
half-length,  14I  x  10^,  by  Danlorix — Audinet :  whole  length  on  horseback, 
10  X  6J,  by  Kay  1796. 

93-  Adam.  1745,  Sept.  3,  Lt.,  Capt.,  George  Munro  of  Culcairn's  In- 
dependent Coy.  ;  Dec.  23,  captured  at  Inverury  by  the  Jacobites.  1746,  Sep. 
"to  be  advanced  to  a  company  in  a  marching  regiment"  {Albemarle  Papers, 
I.  218).     1759,  Sep.  9,  Capt.,  Earl  of  Sutherland's  Highlrs.  {A.L.,  1760-2). 

Son  of  Alexander  of  Ardoch,  140 ;  his  daus.,  Anne  and  Johanna,  m.  9th 
and  loth  Earls  of  Kellie  (Bulloch's  Gordons  of  Invergordon,  66-81). 

91-95-  Adam.  1757,  Dec.  i,  Ens.,  Capt.  William  Williams'  Independent 
Coy.  of  Invalids,  at  Plymouth  (previously  in  ranks.  Horse  Gds.).  1762,  Feb. 
24,  Ens.,  73rd  Ft.  1770,  stationed  in  Jersey;  Jul.  12,  or  Aug.  6,  Ens.,  Capt. 
Fletcher's  Ind.  Coy.  of  Invalids,  at  Pendennis  Castle  {W.O.,  A.  Corns., 
P.R.O. ;  A.L.,  1758-73  ;  L.G.,  1770).  1772,  name  erased  in  MS.,  "to  receive 
pay  by  warrant"  {W.O.,  A.L.,  P.R.O.). 

96.  Adam.  1765,  Mar.  14,  Ens.,  33rd  Ft.  1768,  ret.  (^.L-,  1766-8; 
L.G.,  1768,  Apr.  28;  W.O.,  A.L.,  P.R.O.,  MS.  note). 

97-  Hon.  Adam.  1769,  Sep.  20,  Ens.,  66th  Ft.  1770,  Feb.  12,  "leave 
of  absence  for  twelve  months  on  private  afifairs".  1774,  Dec.  26,  Lt.  1778, 
Jul.  28,  Capt.,  8ist(L.G.,Jul.  1778).  1783,  h.p.,  reg.  disbanded.  1787,  Oct.  7, 
Capt.,  42nd  Ft.;  Dec.  24,  h.p.  [ibid.,  463).  1799,  May  7,  Capt.,  Port 
Patrick  Vols,  {ibid.,  426;  A.L.,  1770-1806). 

Son  of  "8th  Viscount  of  Kenmure";  m.  (i)  1789,  Jun.,  Harriet,  dau.  of 
Daniel  Davies,  (5.M.,  vol.  51,  p.  309  ;  Conolly's  Romance  of  the  Ranks,  11.  16) ; 
she  d.  1801,  Feb.  28,  at  Port  Patrick;  m.  (2)  1805,  Oct.  25,  at  Stranraer, 
Maria,  eld.  dau.  of  Maj.  Hamilton  Maxwell  and  Maria  le  Blanche.  He  had, 
John,  6.  1791,  Adam,  105,  Francis,  447,  Henry  Pelham,  b.  1796,  Edward,  424, 
and  Louisa,  b.  1798.  Gordon  was  Collector  of  Customs  at  Port  Patrick,  d. 
there  1806,  Dec.  17;  his  widow  received  pension.  1808,  four  younger 
children,  on  recommendation  of  Earl  of  Galloway,  placed  on  Compassionate 
List  at  £8  a  year  each  {G.M.,  71,  pt.  i.  279;  77,  pt.  i.  i.  89;  W.O.,  Wid. 
Pensions,  Abst.  of  Applications  Compass.  List,  1808,  Compass.  Reg.,  1814, 
P.R.O. ;  Earlston  MS.).  His  brothers  were  James,  725,  John,  loth  Viscount 
of  Kenmure,  897,  Robert,  1203,  and  William,  1402.  Burns  addressed  a  short 
poem,  not  included  in  his  published  works,  to  Gordon,  his  intimate  friend; 
Mrs.  Gordon's  sister,  Deborah  Duff  Davies,  was  Burns's  "  bonnie  wee  thing  " 
and  "  lovely  Davies"  {Scots  Peerage,  v.  132). 

98-  Adam.     1779,  Jul.  24,  Lt.,  Sutherland  Fenc.  Inf.  {A.L.,  1779-82). 
99.     Adam.     1780,  May  8,  Capt,  d.  s.p.  at  Auchanachie  in  his  76th  year 


{Abd.  your.).  1782,  Aug.  15,  his  niece,  Elizabeth  Gordon  (discovered  in  a 
French  nunnery  under  romantic  circumstances)  was  served  his  heir  (Pirie's 
Parish  of  Cairnie,  36-8).  1785,  May  5,  1783,  Feb.  22,  will  proved  (Moray 
Test.,  vols.  6  and  7). 

100.  Adam.  1781,  Jan.  i,  Ens.,  N.  Fenc.  Inf.  1782,  May  29,  or  Jun. 
25,  Lt.  {A.L.,  1781-2;  L.G.;   W.O.,  A.  Corns.,  P.R.O.). 

101.  Adam.  1782,  Sep.  29  or  Oct.  19,  Ens.,  N.  Fenc.  Inf.  {L.G. ;  A. 
Corns.,  P.R.O.). 

Son  of  John,  of  Florida  and  S.  Carolina,  who  d.  1778,  Mar.  4,  at 
Bordeaux  {American  Loyalist  Claims  Treasury  Rec,  P.R.O.). 

102-  Adam.  1783,  Jan.  28,  Ens.,  83rd  Ft.;  reg.  disbanded  {L.G.,  88)  I 
Aug.  4,  or  1784,  Feb.  7,  Ens.  78th  Ft.  1784,  Feb.  28,  or  Jun.  4,  Lt.,  loist 
Ft.  [L.G.,  71,  129).  1785,  May  21,  Lt.,  67th  Ft.  {L.G.,  241).  Dec.  31,  six 
months  leave  of  absence  on  p.a.  (this  applies  equally  to  Anthony,  253)*  1788, 
Oct.  17,  six  months  similar  leave.  1785,  Jul. — Oct.  1791,  served  in  West 
Indies;  sent  to  England  on  s.c.  1793,  Apr.  30,  Capt.  {L.G.,  345),  returned 
to  West  Indies.  1794,  served  at  the  siege  of  Fort  Bourbon  and  storming  of 
Fort  Royal,  Martinique,  capture  of  St.  Lucia  (storming  the  Nig6e),  and 
Guadaloupe.  1795,  Feb.,  West  Indies,  served  in  St.  Domingo,  and  at  the 
reduction  of  Fort  Bombard.  1799,  sent  to  England  on  s.c.  1806,  Jun. — 1810, 
East  Indies.  1813-15,  Comd.  Aberdeen  District  {A.L.,  1783-1816;  IV.O., 
Offs.  Services,  1810,  P.R.O. ;  L.G.,  1047). 

Son  of  Harry,  of  Knockespock,  615;  d.  1815,  Feb.  22,  at  Stonehaven  in 
his  49th  year  {G.M.,  85,  pt.  i.  28;  Abd.  jfour. ;  Wimberley's  Gordons  of 
Knockespock,  82). 

103-  Adam.  17971  Jun.  6,  2nd  Lt.,  Strathnaver  Vols.  {L.G.  513). 
1798,  Dec.  4,  Lt.  {ibid.,  1153). 

104.  Adam.  1798,  Jul.  20,  Capt,  6th  N.  Brit.  (Aberdeensh.)  Mil. 
(Innes's  Aberdeensh  Mil.,  12).     1799,  Aug.  19,  res.  {Abd.  Jour.). 

105-  Adam,  nth  Viscount  of  Kenmure.  1804,  Jul.  12,  Vol.  ist  Class, 
"Ajax,"  served  in  Sir  Robert  Calder's  action  ;  Oct.  21,  Trafalgar.  1806,  Apr. 
24,  Ab. ;  May,  17,  Mid.,  "  Seahorse  ".  1808,  Jul.  6,  capture  of  Turkish  frigate 
"  Badere  i  Zaffer  ".  1809,  at  reduction  of  islands  of  Cianuti  and  Pianosa,  and 
in  a  boat  action,  coast  of  Italy,  wounded  ;  Oct.  21,  taken  prisoner  in  a  prize 
off  Sardinia;  detained  at  Verdun,  1814,  Sep.  5 — Oct.  25,  "Zealous," 
passage  to  Quebec,  Oct.  26 — 1815,  Apr.  8,  '•  Psyche,"  Lake  Ontario.  1815, 
Apr.  9— Jul.  8,  Lt.  (act.),  "Prince  Regent";  Lt,  Jul.  i;  Jul.  9 — Aug.  10, 
"St.  Lawrence";  Aug.  30 — 1816,  Jun.  30,  Lt.  Comdg.,  "  Sauk  "  schooner, 
Lakes    Erie   and    Huron.      18 16,   Jul. — Aug.    25,    "  Prince    Regent,"    Lake 


Ontario  {N.L.,  1805-41;  Trafalgar  Roll,  Unit.  Serv.  Mag.,  Feb.  1910; 
Adfu.  Offs.  Services,  P.R.O.). 

Son  of  Hon.  Adam,  97>  h.  1792,  at  Dumfries,  succ.  to  the  peerage,  1840; 
d.  s.p.  1847,  Sep.  I,  at  Kenmure  Castle  {Scots  Peerage,  v.  135). 

106-  Adam.  1812,  Jun.  i,  or  Oct.  9,  Ens.,  Cape  Reg.  (previously 
served  11  years  in  93rd  Ft.,  in  the  ranks).  18 14,  Jun.  9,  Lt.  1817,  Jan. 
I,  or  1818,  Jan.   16,  h.p.,  reg.  reduced  {A.L.,  1813-32;  Offs.  Services,  1828). 

Second  son  of  Adam  of  Griamachary,  h,  1783;  m.  1823,  Apr.  18,  at 
Kildonan,  Sutherlandsh.,  Ann  Sutherland,  and  had  Adam,  b.  1824,  Jan.  4. 
1823-8,  lived  at  Griamachary.  1832,  Apr.  25,  d.  at  Reay,  Thurso.  His  widow 
received  pension  of  £40  (1832,  Nov.  21,  warrant) ;  d.  1855,  Jun.  5,  arrears  due 
at  her  death  paid  to  Adam  Gordon,  Supt.'s  Office,  Musselburgh  {W.O.,  Wid. 
Compass,  and  Bounty  Warrants,  W .0.  Cert.,  Letters  Compass.  Fund,  P.R.O.). 
Brother  of  John,  960,  Thomas,  1341,  and  William,  1440, 

107-  Adam.     1842,  Nov.  25,  Asst.  Surg.,  R.N.     1853,  Mar.  24,  Surg. 

1855,  Mar.,  discharged  {N.L.,  1843-55).  ^^"^  of  James,  of  Littlefolla,  Aberdeen- 
shire, b.  1818;  Marischal  Coll.  1834-36;  M.R.S.C.  Eng.  1841;  lived  at 
Ronaldshay,  Orkney,  after  leaving  Navy;  d.  1873,  Sep.  25. 

Brother  of  George,  529,  James  Alexander,  784,  James  Edward,  791, 
Peter,  1155,  Robert,  1236-     First  cousin  of  John,  909- 

108-  Adam  Annand.  1857,  Jul.  14,  Capt.,  Madras  Vol.  Gds.  1861, 
Jul.  17 — 1873,  Maj.  {M.A.L.,  1862-73).  Son  of  George.  1832-6,  student, 
King's  Coll..  Abd.  1845,  Edin.  Univ.  1846,  M.A.,  King's  Coll.  Abd.  1847, 
2nd  Master,  Madras  Univ.  1855,  Prof,  of  History,  Presidency  Coll.  1873, 
Registrar,  Madras  Univ. ;  m.  1847,  Feb.  10,  at  Madras,  Letitia,  b.  1832,  dau. 
of  John  Richardson  {G.M.,  27,  N.S.  648),  and  had  Adam  Annand,  109, 
Isabella,  b.  1849,  Aug.  21,  bap.  1850,  Jan.  i6 ;  Letitia,  b.  1850,  Nov.  27,  bap. 
185 1,  May  7  ;  Georgiana,  b.  1855,  May  6,  bap.  Aug.   i ;  Agnes  Gertrude,  b. 

1856,  Nov.  25,  bap.  Dec.  27.  Mrs.  Gordon  d.  1873,  Feb.  6,  bur.  Feb.  7,  at 
Madras  (7.0.  Rec). 

109-  Adam  Annand,  Jr.  1879,  Dec.  24,  2nd  Lt.,  4th  Middlesex  Vols. 
{A.L.  1880;  L.G.  pt.  7,  7538).  1881,  Jun.  i,  res.  (ibid.,  pt.  3,  2807).  Only 
son  of  Adam  Annand,  108;  b.  1847,  Nov.  10,  bap.  1848,  Feb.  19,  Madras; 
student,  Glasgow  Univ.  1876,  May  4,  entered  at  Lincoln's  Inn  (Lincoln's 
Inn  Admission  Reg.,  11.  375). 

110.  Adam  Durnford.  1814,  Jul.  28,  Ens.,  3rd  W.  I.  Reg.  47th  Ft. 
(L.G.,  1587  ;  1815,  1539).  1816,  Mar.  25,  h.p.  (A.L.,  1815-32).  1817,  Nov., 
applied  to  W.O.  "  for  permission  to  live  in  East  Indies  for  an  unlimited 
period,"    petitioned    H.E.I.C.   for  a  Bengal  cadetship,   nominated   by  Hon. 


Hugh  Lindsay.  i8i8,  Ens.,  20th  N.I.  1819,  Sep.  28,  Lt,  12th  N.I.  1820, 
Jun.  12,  granted  twelve  months  leave  to  study  in  the  Coll.,  Fort  William. 
1821,  Jun  28,  tvk^elve  months  leave  to  remain  at  the  Coll.  1822,  D.A.Q.M.G., 
until  Nov.  4 ;  Dec.  9,  Adj.,  ist  Batn.  1823,  Jan.  14,  exchanged  to  Inter,  and  Qr. 
Mr.,  '*  having  obtained  Medals  of  Merit  for  Native  languages  ".  1824,  Feb.  3 — 
Jul.  16,  S.A.C.G. ;  Jul.  16,  Examiner,  Coll.,  Fort  William.  1827,  Apr.  7,  went 
to  England  on  s.c,  in  charge  of  invalids.  1831,  Jan.  12,  and  Jul.  20  requested 
to  make  immediate  application  for  extension  of  leave  of  absence;  Aug.  31, 
requested  permission  to  resign;  Sep.  7,  accepted;  Nov.  18,  h  p.,  47th  Ft., 
cancelled,  received  commuted  allowance,  £"300  {Applications  to  Live  Abroad, 
Officers  Services,  h.p.,  1827-30,  P.R.O.,  L.G.  1831,  2303;  E.I.R.,  1818-30; 
7.0.  Rec).  1844,  Jun.  applied  for  an  appt.  as  Barrack-Master,  on  recom- 
mendation of  Lord  Aberdeen  ;  name  added  to  list  of  candidates.  1846,  Prof, 
Oriental  Languages,  Cheltenham  Coll. ;  compiled  Hindustani  Grammar. 

Son  of  William,  1416,  cadet  of  the  Hallhead  family  ;  b.  1796,  Aug.  22,  bap. 
at  Ardersier,  Inverness;  educated  at  Sandhurst;  m.  1829,  Sep.  12,  at  Paris, 
his  cousin  Harriet  Elizabeth,  only  child  of  Robert  Gordon,  once  Govr.  of  Ber- 
bice,  rf.  1814 ;  and  had  Adam  Lindsay,  the  poet,  a  trooper  in  the  S.  Austral.  Mtd. 
Pol.,  1853;  b.  1833;  d.  1870,  Jun.  24  (by  his  own  hand)  at  Brighton,  nr. 
Melbourne;  and  Inez,  b.  1837.  Gordon  d.  1857,  Jun.  16,  at  Cheltenham 
{G.M.,  vol.  99,  pt.  2,  p.  364;  Cheltenham  Col.  Reg.,  i).  Gordon  (letter  to 
Col.  Lord  Fitzroy  Somerset,  Sec.  to  the  C.  in  C,  dated  Worcester,  1831, 
Aug.  29)  states :  "  my  father,  grandfather,  brothers,  six  uncles,  and  all  their 
sons,  twenty  of  us,  have  all  been  brought  up  for  the  Army,  and  half  of  these 
have  been  killed  or  died  on  foreign  service  "  (only  seven  identified). 

111.  Adam  Graham  McNlcol.  1905,  Mar.  i,  Serg.  Maj.,  loth  Hrs. 
(previously  served  13  years,  306  dys.  in  the  ranks)  {A.L.,  1905-10);  b.  1872, 
May  29;  tn.  Margaret  Simpson  Eraser  and  has  Agnes  Catherine,  b.  1905, 
Mar.  22,  bap.,  Jun.  22,  at  Mhow,  d.  Jul.  30,  and  John  Ritchie,  b.  1906,  Sep. 
i8,  bap.,  Nov.  I,  at  Rawal  Pindi  (7.0.  Rec). 

112.  Adam  Stewart.  1825,  Mar.  10,  Vol.,  ist  Class  R.N.,  "Doris". 
1827,  Nov.  10,  Mid.  "  Menai ".  1829,  Oct.  17,  "Prince  Regent";  Nov.  14, 
"Hyacinth".  1831,  Feb.  11,  "Mersey";  Sep.  14,  passed  as  Lt.  1832,  May 
2,  "Vernon";  Oct.  9,  discharged  (invalided,  Plymouth  Hosp.).  1833,  May 
20,  "  Caledonia  ".  1834,  Feb.  14,  prom,  for  rank.  1837,  Apr.  5,  serving  as 
Mate  at  his  own  request;  Jun.  22,  extra  Mate,  "Donegal";  Aug.  16, 
"  Saracen  "  cruising  off  coast  of  Africa  where  he  contracted  consumption. 
1838,  Jan.  3,  invalided  ;  Apr.  3,"  Meteor,"  a  small  steamship  stationed  at 
Falmouth  to  bring  in  despatches  from  Govt,  packets  detained  by  wind  in  the 
Channel;  Jul.  6,  invalided  {Adm.  Indexes,  Midshipmen,  etc.,  P.R.O.). 


Fourth  son  of  Adam,  IX.  of  Cairnfield  ;  b.  1811,  Jul.  18;  d.  1838,  Sep. 
25,  at  Plymouth  {BxxWoch's  Gordons  of  Cairnfield  df'  Rosiehurn,  57).  Brother 
of  James  Gordon  Duff,  798,  Patrick,  1142,  and  William,  1460- 

113-  Alan  Douglas.  1909,  Sep.  18,  2nd  Lt.,  R.  Berks.  Reg.  {A.L., 
1910).     Son  of  Stewart  Douglas,  1304;  h.  1889,  Nov.  i- 

114.  Alastair.  1901,  Sep.  15,  N.  Cadet;  Oct.  30,  Mid.  1904,  Dec.  30, 
S.  Lt.  1907,  Apr.  I,  Lt.  {N.L.,  1902-10).  Son  of  Duncan  Forbes,  418;  b. 
1884,  Nov.  27  (House  of  Gordon,  11.  (489-90)). 

115.  Sir  Alexander  (really  Seton),  ist  Earl  of  Huntly.  1445-6,  Jan. 
23,  present  at  the  conflict  at  the  gates  of  Arbroath  when  the  Ogilvies  were 
defeated.  1452,  May  18,  as  Lt.  General  of  the  North,  defeated  the  Earl  of 
Crawford  at  Brechin.  1470,  Jul.  15,  d.  at  Huntly.  Son  of  Elizabeth  Gordon 
who  married  Alexander  Seton ;  grandson  of  Sir  Adam,  81 ;  had  George,  2nd 
Earl,  469.     Brother  of  Henry,  625,  and  William,  1369- 

116-  Alexander,  3rd  Earl  of  Huntly.  1494,  seems  to  have  accom- 
panied King  James  to  the  Isles  and  to  have  been  intrusted  with  the  destruc- 
tion of  certain  houses  belonging  to  John  Maclan  of  Islay.  1503,  Mar  n, 
commanded  by  Parliament  to  lead  an  army  against  the  Isles,  an  expedition 
which  he  repeated  in  1505.  1513  Sep.  9,  commanded  the  left  wing  of  the 
army  at  Flodden,  from  which  he  escaped.  Son  of  George,  2nd  Earl,  469 ',  had 
George,  3rd  Earl,  470;  d.,  1523,  Jan.  16,  at  Perth. 

117.  Sir  Alexander.  15 13,  Sep.  9,  k.  at  Flodden,  where  the  Earlston 
MS.  gives  him  command  of  the  right  wing.     Laird  of  Lochinvar. 

118.  Alexander.  1562,  Capt.  of  Inverness  Castle,  "whom  the  Earle 
of  Huntley  placed  ther  and  commanded  him  to  mak  the  castell  patent  to  the 
quein  [Mary]  whensoever  her  majestic  desyred  the  same":  which  he  did. 
"  Yit,  nevertheles  the  Earle  of  Murray  caused  him  to  be  executed  ther  at 
Innernesse.     One  of  the  family  of  Bothron  "   (Earls  of  Sutherland,  141). 

119-  Alexander.  1580-1,  Mar.  6,  Capt.  of  Ft.;  Thomas  Randolph 
writes  from  Edinburgh  to  Lord  Hunsdon,  Govr.  of  Berwick,  "eight  hundred 
footmen  are  ...  to  be  levied  by  five  Captains, — namely  Sandy  Gordon,  Bruce, 
Presold,  Spens,  and    ..."  (Cal.  State  Papers,  Scotland,  v.  650,  P.R.O.). 

120-  Alexander.  1639,  May,  Capt.  of  a  troop  of  horse  under  the  laird 
of  Philorth  yr.  (S.N.  &=  Q.,  1902,  Jun.)  1667,  captured  Patrick  Roy  Macgregor, 
cateran,  and  Patrick  Drummond,  who  were  executed  at  Edinburgh,  and  killed 
another  member  of  the  gang  at  Keith,  "  where  they  fought  valiantly  upon 
Paul's  day,  or  rather  the  evening  "  (Balbithan  MS.,  Privy  Coun.  Reg.,  3rd 
ser.,  II.  489;  Legends  of  Strathisla,  109).  Laird  of  Glengerack,  Keith;  son 
of  William  of  Auchenhuif  and  Laird  of  Cluny's  dau. ;  ni.  Katherine  Brodie. 
Brother  of  William,  in  the  French  army. 


1 8       ,  HOUSE  OF  GORDON. 

120a.  Alexander.  1640,  Jun.  27,  member  of  Covenanters'  War  Com- 
mittee;  Sep.,  Capt.  1649,  nominated  for  military  command  against  Com- 
monwealth {D.N.B.). 

Eldest  son  of  John,  I.  of  Earlston,  succeeding  ;  m.  Elizabeth,  dau.  ot 
John  Gordon  of  Murefad;  d.  1654.     Father  of  William,  1371. 

120b.  Alexander.  1640,  Dec,  Capt.,  Covenanting  army  (Minute  Book 
of  the  War  Committee  of  the  Covenanters,  130). 

Laird  of  Garlarg.     Father  of  Alexander,  of  Knockbrex,  Kirkcud. 

120c.  Alexander.  1640,  Dec,  Capt.,  Covenanting  army  {Minute  Book, 
130).     Laird  of  Knockgray. 

121-  Alexander.  .  Capt. ;  2nd  son  of  William  of  Knockespock  (alive 
in  1642)  and  his  wife  Helen  Gordon  {Balbithan  MS.). 

122.  Alexander.  1642,  Oct.  23,  k.  at  Edgehill.  Eldest  son  of  Sir 
Alexander  of  Navidale,  grandson  of  the  12th  Earl  of  Sutherland  (and  Both- 
well's  divorced  wife  Lady  Jean  Gordon),  and  brother  of  John,  832;  ^.  1614, 
Dec.  17  {Earls  of  Sutherland,  262,  511 ;  House  of  Gordon,  11.  (132)). 

123-  Alexander,  5th  Viscount  of  Kenmure.  1666,  took  the  field  to  help 
in  suppressing  the  Pentland  rising,  but  was  ordered  to  return  to  his  own  dis- 
trict. 1676,  May  29,  Capt,  Wigtonsh.  (Mil.)  Troop  of  Horse  ;  Dec.  24,  Capt., 
(Mil.)  Troop  of  Horse  formerly  commanded  by  Lord  Maxwell  {S.P. 
Scotland  Warrant  Bks.,  in.  495,  iv.  156,  P.R.O.).  1689  Jan.  25,  Col.,  Ken- 
mure's  Ft.  {ibid.,  xiv.  430);  Jul.  27,  commanded  "at  Killiecrankie,"  where 
many  of  his  officers,  and  most  of  his  men  were  cut  to  pieces  "  {Earlston  MS.). 
Son  of  William  of  Penninghame,  and  father  of  William,  6th  Viscount. 

124-  Alexander.  1672,  Feb.  28,  H.M.  Lifeguards;  registration  of  his 
bond  for  107  merks  Scots  to  Elspet  Barclay,  wife  of  James  Miller;  "of  Tilli- 
hill"  {Reg.  of  Deeds,  vol.  32).     Regiment  raised  in  1661;  disbanded  in  1676. 

124a.  Sir  Alexander,  2nd  bart.,  of  Earlston.  1679,  Jun.  22,  fought  at 
Bothwell  Bridge,  as  a  Covenanter,  and  escaped  to  Holland. 

Eldest  son  of  William,  1371 ;  b.  1650  ;  estates  forfeited  1683,  but  restored 
1689;  d.  1726,  Nov.  II  ;  had  15  children,  including  Hope,  662. 

125.  Alexander.  1687,  Jun.  27,  or  Jul.  i,  2nd  Lt.,  Lord  Dumbarton's 
(ist)  Ft. ;  Lt.,  Nov.,  not  after  1688  (Dalton's  A.L.,  11.  105,  131). 

126-  Alexander.  1689,  Jul.  27,  Capt.  Lt.,  Kenmure 's  Ft.,  served  at 
Killiecrankie  (Dalton's  A.L.,  iii.  94).  1690,  May  29,  "of  Kirkland,"  had 
sasine  of  an  annual  rent  of  £2400,  out  of  the  lands  of  Arnnicneillie, 
Balmaclellan,  then  possessed  by  James  Gordon,  Ens.,  Kenmure's  Ft. 
{Dumfries  Sasines,  vol.  6,  fol.  69);  Sept.  10,  signed  at  Edinburgh,  a  bond, 
to  Patrick  Craufurd,  merchant  there,  for  £"50  8s.  od. 

127-  Alexander.     1690,  Capt.,  Col.  Charles  Herbert's  (23rd)  Ft.,  serving 


in  Ireland.  168 1,  Jun.  7,  drew  up  his  will  on  the  eve  of  battle,  near  Mullingar, 
leaving  his  property  to  his  fellow  officers  "John  Haynes,  my  Lieutenant, 
and  Hance  Stevenson,  my  Ensigne  " ;  Aug.  2,  will  proved  in  the  Prerogative 
Court  {Dublin  R.O. ;  O'Hart's  Irish  Landed  Gentry,  1887,  p.  505).  Described 
"  nuper  de  Ardendragh  ". 

128.  Alexander.  1691,  Apr.  i,  Lt.,  Earl  of  Angus's  (26th)  Ft.  {H.O. 
Mil.  Entry  Bks.,  p.  77,  P.R.O.,  Dalton's  yl.L.,  in.  210).  1692,  Feb.  2,  at  Ayr 
on  H.M.'s  orders  for  recruits  for  Flanders  : — 

With  allowance  and  concurrence  of  the  Magistrates  there,  he  caused  beatt  drums  throu 
the  town  for  inveiting  men  to  their  Majesties's  service  in  the  Regiment ;  one  William  Logan, 
who  had  been  formerly  engadged  in  Capt.  Campbell's  Company,  and  had  run  away,  came 
.  .  .  and  offered  voluntarily  to  take  on(e)  as  a  souldier  with  Lt.  Gordon,  and  received  money 
from  him  for  engadgeing  him  ;  notwithstanding,  Patrick  Ramsay,  late  collector  at  Ayr,  after- 
wards be  his  servants  and  his  complices  to  the  number  of  ten  or  thereby,  came  and  carried 
Logan  away  from  Lt.  Gordon's  quarters  most  violently  .  .  .  and  keeped  by  him  closs  from 
Lt.  Gordon  in  a  taverne  in  Ayr,  called  the  Ladie  Capringtouns  .  .  .  Ramsay's  servant  did 
most  grievously  beatt  and  abuse  Lt.  Gordon's  servant  .  .  .  whereupon  Lt.  Gordon  went  to 
the  Proveist  of  Ayr,  and  informed  him  thereof,  and  got  three  toun  officers  from  the  proveist 
for  makeing  search  ...  in  the  tavern,  and  in  King  William's  name  demanded  back  the 
man  .  .  .  whereupon  Patrick  Ramsay  and  others,  and  their  servants  and  complices  .  .  , 
did  in  a  most  furious  way  and  manner,  come  out  at  a  door  of  the  house  that  was  unknoune 
to  Lt.  Gordone  and  surpryze  and  disarm  him  ;  and  while  the  Lt.  retired,  they  pursued  him  and 
beatt  him  with  pistolls  and  suords  and  had  thrust  him  through  with  their  suords,  if  he  had  not 
got  some  defence  from  Serjeant  M'Gavine,  and  thereafter  they  carried  Lt.  Gordon  up  prisoner 
to  the  tavern  and  detained  him  there  for  some  space  until  the  provost  came.  .  .  .  [Gordon 
and  other  officers]  not  having  now  time  allowed  for  any  tedious  prosecutions  ...  by  reason 
of  their  going  to  Flanders  for  His  Majesty's  service  .  .  .  craved  the  Lords  of  Privy  Council 
...  to  grant  such  warrants  ...  for  redressing  the  injuries  done  to  the  petitioners  while 
prosecuting  their  Majesties's  orders  for  recruits  .  .  .  and  for  due  punishment  of  these 
persons.  .  .  The  Lords  desired  their  Majesties'  solicitors  to  take  instant  steps  against  the 
parties  complained  of  and  issue  warrant  for  their  imprisonment  (Privy  Council  Reg.,  Feb.  18, 
1692 ;    Ross's  Regimental  Colours,  46).     Out  of  the  reg.  before  1694. 

129.  Alexander.  1692,  Feb.  23,  with  his  wife  Jean  Gordon  got  sasine 
of  Upper  Dallachie,  Bellie ;  is  called  "alias  major"  (Banffshire  Sasine), 
Elspet  Gordon,  spouse  to  Alexander  Gordon  of  Upper  Dallachie  alias  Major 
departed  May  12,  1690  (Jervise's  Epitaphs,  i.  13).  1724,  "Maj.  Gordon  of 
Dallachie,  married  to  Patrick  Grant  of  Ballindalloch's  daughter,  died  and  left 
two  daughters ;  buried  in  the  Kirk  of  Bellie  but  carried  from  Maverston  in 
Urquhart,  where  he  last  dwelled  in  much  respect  of  the  country  and  admired 
by  his  neighbourhood,  as  well  as  adored "  (Mitchell  MS.).  Descended 
from  Robert  Gordon  of  Gollachie  (ibid.). 

130-  Alexander.  1694,  Feb.  18,  Capt.,  bur.  in  Greyfriars,  Edinburgh 
(Grey friars  Reg.,  Scot.  Rec.  Soc). 


131.  Alexander.  1696,  May  28  (or  1699),  Ens.,  ist  Ft.  1703,  Mar. 
3,  Lt.  (com.  renewed  1702).  1704,  served  at  Blenheim,  awarded  £14  Bounty 
(Dailton's  Blenheim  Roll ;  MS.A.L.,  1702,  140;  1709,  19,  P.R.O.)  1705,  Capt. 
1 7 10,  May  9,  Maj. ;  Jun.,  served  at  the  siege  of  Douay,  dangerously  wounded. 
1 7 13,  h.p.,  Col.  Leigh's  Ft.  1720,  Jan.  4,  Maj.  &.  Capt.,  Col.  Charles  Otway's 
(35th)  Ft.  1722,  Feb.  28,  Lt.  Col.  &.  Capt.,  41st  Ft.  1723,  Feb.  i,  granted 
"  six  months  leave  of  absence  to  go  to  Montpellier  for  the  recovery  of  his 
health".  1729,  May,  29,  "four  months  leave  to  go  to  France".  1731, 
represented  to  the  Treasury  "that  the  Invalids  of  Jersey  had  not  been  paid 
since  Feb.  24,  for  want  of  copper  money,  and  desiring  that  the  agent  of  the 
Company  may  be  directed  to  answer  such  bills  as  shall  be  drawn  by  the 
proper  officers  there  from  time  to  time,  till  copper  money  shall  be  sent  over  "  ; 
Apr.  31,  the  Treasury  decided  "that  neither  the  Invalids  nor  the  people  of 
Jersey  were  to  be  distressed  for  want  of  the  regular  subsistence,  and  order 
that  copper  money  be  sent,  or  bills  taken  ..."  {Cat.  of  Treasury  Bks., 
1731-41).  1741,  Jul.  2,  succ.  Lt.  Gen.  P'ielding  as  Col.,  41st  Invalids 
{Caledonian  Mercury,  Jul.  2  ;  Succession  of  Colonels,  1744-50).  Gordon  d. 
1 75 1  (Dalton's  A.L.;  MS.  A.L.,  1742-3,  p.  106;  1745,  p.  128;  1752,  pp. 
333-4,  P.R.O.). 

132.  Alexander.  1697,  Ens.,  Brig.  Walter  Collier's  Ft.;  Mar.  19, 
burgess  of  Aberdeen  {N.S.C.  Misc.,  11.  (474)).  One  of  seven  regiments  re- 
tained at  the  reduction  in  1698,  one  of  six  regiments  serving  in  Holland  in 
1703  (Andrew  Ross's  Old  Scottish  Regimental  Colours,  22,  41,  117). 

133-  Alexander.  1699,  Mar.  6,  Capt.  of  Laichie ;  his  wife,  Gethrad 
Abraham,  and  sons,  George  and  Patrick,  had  sasine  on  the  lands  of  Laichie 
and  others  {Banffshire  Sasines).  Possibly  2nd  son  of  Patrick,  1129  (Bul- 
loch's Gordons  and  Smiths  at  Minmore,  9). 

134.  Alexander.  1706,  Lt.,  ist  Ft.;  Feb.  11,  Lt.  Col.  J.  Cranstoun, 
writing  from  Bosch  to  Robert  Cunningham,  refers  to  Gordon's  having  con- 
veyed to  him  an  earlier  letter,  and  some  holland — "  I  addressed  him  to 
William  Elliott,  the  laceman,  to  find  you  out.  It  is  now  long  since  he  went 
from  this,  and  I  hope  the  linen  has  gone  safe  to  your  hands  "  {Portland 
Papers,  Hist.  MSS.  Com.,  iv.  284-5).  Possibly  Ens.  Alexander,  ist  P't 
1701,  May  31,  in  "List  of  Corns,  granted  to  Off.  of  the  Companys  added  to 
the  regiment  by  Act  of  Parliament"  (Dalton's  A.L.,  iv.  125,  251).  1712, 
Feb.  19,  Capt.  {ibid.  vi.  64).  17 13,  h.p.  (Dalton's  List  of  Offs.  on  h.p.  in  17 14, 
p.  29). 

Laird  of  Muraik ;  m.  Jane  Campbell,  and  had  James  George,  served 
his  heir  1733,  and  Alexander  Henry.     1727,  May,  11,    will    proved  in    the 


Prerogative  Court,  Dublin.  1733,  Aug.  24,  proved  at  Edinburgh,  described 
"late  of  Dublin".  1729,  Nov.  17,  Mrs.  Gordon's  will,  signed  Aug.  11,  proved 
at  Dublin.     Brother  of  Charles,  295  ;  possibly  brother  of  Henry,  627' 

135-  Alexander.  1710,  Aug.  10,  Capt.,  bur.  in  Gordon's  Aisle,  Old 
Machar  Cathedral,  Old  Aberdeen  {Old  Machar  Reg.). 

136-  Alexander.  1711,  Jun.  24,  1712,  Dec.  22,  Surg.  Mate,  Garrison 
at  Gibraltar,  5/-  a  day  {Declared  Accts.,  Pipe  Office,  No.  398,  P.R.O.) 

137-  Alexander.  17 14,  Ens.,  Lt.  Gen.  Hamilton's  Ft.  h.p.,  at  is.  lod. 
a  day,  com.  lost  at  Marchienns,  Flanders,  "44  years  of  age  "  {List  0/ 
Reduced  Offs.  of  H.M.  Land  Forces  and  Marines  pub.  for  House  of  Commons, 
1739-40;  List,  1749);  d.  1750,  Aug.,  belonged  to  Montrose.  1751,  Jan.  18, 
will  confirmed  at  Brechin,  there  designated  "  of  [Colonel  George]  Hamilton's 
Scots  Reg.  in  the  Dutch  Service  [raised  1694]  afterwards  put  upon  the  British 
Establishment  on  Half  Pay  "  {Brechin  Test.) 

138.  Alexander.  1715,  Mar.  27,  2nd  Lt.,  *'  Speedwell"  galley  {Stuart 
Papers,  Hist.  MSS.  Com.,  i.  356). 

139-  Alexander.  17 15,  Aug.  i.  Ens.,  Capt.  Nicholson's  Independent 
Coy.  of  Ft.,  Placentia  garrison,  Newfoundland.  1716,  Jun.  2,  Capt.  Aldridge's 
Independent  Coy.,  at  Annapolis  Royal,  N.S.  {W.O.,  A.  Corns.,  P.R.O.). 

140'  Alexander.  1 716,  Jun.  9,  "  Sole  Dep.  Commiss.  of  the  Musters 
of  all  Forces,  both  Horse  and  Foot,  now  or  hereafter  to  be  raised  in  Scotland  " 
{W.O.,  A.  Co)ns.,  P.R.O.).  1716,  Jun.  13,  killed  James  son  of  7th  Lord 
Cathcart  in  a  duel  at  Kensington.  Yr.  son  of  Sir  Adam  of  Dalpholly,  88 ; 
"of  Ardoch"  ;  m.  Ann,  dau.  of  Sir  Robert  Munro  of  Foulis  and  had  Adam, 
93  (Bulloch's  Gor^o«5  of  Invergordon,  66). 

141-  Alexander.  17 17,  Aug.  25,  Ens.,  Col.  Richard  Phillipp's  (40th) 
Ft.  {W.O.,  A.  Coms.,  P.R.O.). 

142.  Alexander.  1720,  Vol.,  R.N.,  "  Monmouth  "  ;  later  Mid.,  "  Essex," 
"Yarmouth,"  "Elizabeth,"  and  "  Weazle  "  sloop.  1725,  Apr.  5,  Lt.  {Adm. 
N.  Board,  Lis.  Passing  Certif.,  P.R.O.).  1730,  Sep.  20,  h.p.,  previously  2nd 
Lt.,  "Angelsea".  1733,  ^ov.  13,  "Antelope".  1736,  May  6,  "Argyll"; 
Sep.  26,  h.p.  1739,  Aug.  14,  "Severn".  1740,  Feb.  2,  "  Royal  George  "  ; 
Feb.  9,  "Grampus".  1741,  Feb.  5,  Capt.,  Comdr.,  "Grampus"  {Adtn., 
Sea  Offs.  Corns.,  1730-1818;  Treasurer's  Pay  Bks.,  Half  Pay  Lists,  P.R.O.). 
1742,  Jun.  25,  attacked  off  Plymouth  by  a  privateer,  "El  Santo  Christo  de 
Portal  nostra  seniora  de  la  Soledad  de  Portugalute  " ;  after  a  three  hours' 
engagement  Gordon  was  killed  by  a  cartridge  box  taking  fire  at  his  side 
{G.M.,  vol.  XII.  329,  498).  His  mother  Emelia  received  ;^i46  bounty 
{Bounty  Papers,  N.  Board,  P.R.O.). 


143-  Alexander.  1724,  Capt.,  mentioned  in  will  of  Henry,  627i  as  joint 
executor  with  wife  {Dublin  R.O.).     Possibly  Alexander,  134- 

144-  Alexander.  1725,  May  12,  Capt.,  mentioned  in  will  of  Rev. 
James  Gordon,  of  Mountgordon,  Co.  Mayo,  proved  May  25  in  the  diocese  of 
Tuam  (Dublin  R.  O.) ;  possibly  same  as  143- 

145.  Alexander.  1726,  served  as  Ord.,  Ab.,  and  Mid.,  R.N.,  "  Berwick  "  ; 
later,  Ab.,  and  Mid.,  "  Winchelsea,"  "  Torrington,"  "  Ludlow  Castle,"  and 
"Captain".  1732,  Dec.  28,  Lt.  (Adm.  N.  Board,  Lts.  Passing  Certif., 
P.R.O.).  1733,  Feb.  23,  3rd  Lt.,  "Yarmouth  ".  1735,  Jan.  13,  h.p.,  previously 
Lt.,  "  Stirling  Castle".  1737,  Jan.  5,  "Terrible"  sloop.  1738,  Jul.  14,2nd 
Lt.,  "Lyon'';  Dec.  5,  h.p.  1739,  Jun.  8,  "Terrible".  1740,  Feb.  21,  Lt., 
"Hound"  sloop.  1741,  Mar.  22,  h.p.;  Nov.  17,  Capt.,  Comdr.,  "Otter" 
sloop  {Adm.,  Sea  Offs.  Corns.,  1 730-1818;  Treasurer's  Pay  Bks.,  Half  Pay 
Lists,  P.R.O.).  1742,  Jan.  7,  shipwrecked  and  lost  on  the  Suffolk  Coast, 
only  fifteen  of  the  crew,  and  the  mate  being  saved  {G.M.,  iii.  523,  iv. 
47  ;  Scots  Mag.,  long  memorial  ode,  iv.  277-9).  Son  of  Sir  William  of 
Invergordon  (but  omitted  from  Bulloch's  Gordons  0/  Invergordon) ;  grandson 
of  Sir  Adam,  88- 

146.  Alexander.  1726,  Nov.  i,  Surg.  Mate,  Col.  Fielding's  (41st) 
Invalids,  granted  six  months  leave  to  go  abroad  upon  extraordinary  business 
{Leave  0/ Absence,  P.R.O.), 

147.  Alexander.  1734,  Ab.,  R.N.,  "  Burford,"  "Guernsey,"  and 
"  Lark  ' ;  later  Mid.,  "  Lark  "  ;  Ab.,  "  Dursley  "  galley  ;  Mid.,  '*  Greyhound  ** 
and  "  Depttord  ".  1740,  Apr.  17,  Lt.  {Adm.  N,  Board,  Lts.  Passing  Certif., 
P.R.O.).  1741,  Feb.  25,  Lt.,  "Mortar  "  bomb.  1744,  Jun.  9,  h.p.;  Jul.  14, 
"Princess  Amelia".  1745,  Feb.  16,  h.p.;  May  18,  "Shrewsbury".  1746, 
Jan.  I,  h.p.  1747,  Jun.  30,  "  Superb".  1748,  Jul.  29,  h.p.  1783,  Nov.  24. 
d.,  probably  in  Greenwich  Hosp.,  to  which  his  h.p.  was  always  paid  {Adm., 
Sea  Offs.  Corns.,  1730-1818;  Treasurer's  Pay  Bks.,  Half  Lists,  P.R.O.). 

148.  Alexander.  1738,  May  18,  Surg.  Mate,  R.N.,  "Elizabeth". 
1739,  Jun.  20,  "  Bredah  ".  1741,  Dec.  30,  "  Marlborough".  1742,  Dec.  20, 
Surg.,  "Duke"  fireship.  1743,  Jan.  3,  "Lightning"  bomb.  1744,  Jun. 
27,  "Mary"  galley.  1746,  May  1,  "Portland"  prize  {Adm.,  0_ffs,  appt. 
by  N.  Board,  P.R.O.). 

149.  Alexander.  1739,  Ens.,  25th  Ft  (Capt.  R.  T.  Higgins's  King's 
Own  Scottish  Borderers,  35). 

150.  Alexander.  1741,  Feb.  5,  2nd  Lt.,  Cornwallis's  Marines  {MS. 
A.L.,  1742-3,  148;  1745,  148,  200;  A.  Corns.,  P.R.O.).  i743»  Mar.  18, 
d.  s.p.,  at  Sheerness  {Loudon  Daily  Post,  Apr.  12). 


Only  son  of  Alexander  of  Pitlurg.  1743,  Nov.  2,  will  proved  at  Edin- 
burgh (Edinburgh  Test.). 

151.  Alexander.  1741,  Oct.  24,  2nd  Lt.,  Col.  Cochrane's,  afterwards 
Lt.  Gen.  Churchill's,  Marines  (Caleb  Whitefoord's  Whitefoord  Papers,  25 ; 
A.  Corns.;  MS.  A.L.,  1742-3,  142,  P.R.O.).  1747-8,  h. p.  at  is.  lod.  a  day 
{List  of  Reduced  Offs.  of  H.M.'s  Land  Forces  and  Marines,  1749;  A.L., 
1757-81) ;  presumably  d.  1781-2. 

162-  Alexander.  1744,  Feb.  20,  Mate,  R.N.,  "  Somerset".  1745,  Dec. 
II,  "Marlborough"  {Adm.,  Offs.  appt.  by  N.  Board,  P.R.O.). 

153-  Alexander.  1744,  Jun.  13,  Ens.,  Lt,  Gen.  Barrell's  (4th)  Ft. 
1746,  Sep. — Oct.,  absent  on  leave  by  permission  of  Lord  Albemarle  (Terry's 
Albemarle  Papers,  i.  205,  276).  1747,  Feb.  24,  Lt.  1748,  Oct.  27,  burgess 
of  Inverness  {S.N.  &'  Q.,  1905,  Jul.,  p.  12).  1750,  ret.  h.p.  {MS.  A.L.,  1736, 
42  ;    1742-51,  42,  P.R.O.). 

154-  Alexander.  1745,  May  11,  Asst.  Surg.,  Scots  Greys,  served  at 
Fontenoy.  Surg.,  R.N.  [?]  {G.M.,  vol.  69,  pt.  i,  p.  260-1).  1760-1,  settled 
and  practised  as  Surg.  Apoth.  and  Druggist  at  Norfolk,  Virginia ;  m.  a 
Virginian.  1775,  was  among  the  first  Loyalists  who  joined  Gov.  Lord 
Dunraven  in  arms,  when  obliged  to  retire  from  Williamsburgh  to  Norfolk, 
raised  three  Coys,  and  appt.  Col.,  Loyal  Mil.;  fought  at  Great  Bridge; 
assisted  in  defending  that  town  until  it  was  abandoned  ;  taken  prisoner 
while  employed  in  destroying  some  cannon  ;  thrown  into  gaol ;  tried  by  the 
Council  of  Safety  as  an  enemy  to  Virginia,  and  being  found  guilty,  was  at 
first  imprisoned,  afterwards  released  on  parole,  and  finally  exchanged  as  a 
Prisoner  of  War.  1777,  Apr.,  joined  Gen.  Howe  at  New  York;  accompanied 
his  army  to  the  Head  of  Elk,  served  at  Brandy  wine  and  elsewhere.  1779, 
came  to  England;  granted  an  allowance  of  £"150  a  year  by  Govt,  for  his 
services,  until  1781,  when  ordered  to  return  to  America  with  Lord  Dunmore. 
Refused  permission  to  join  his  family  in  Virginia  until  some  time  after  the 
peace,  and  then  only  for  one  year.  1784,  Jul.,  returned  to  England,  leaving 
his  wife  and  five  children  in  Virginia,  where  his  property  (three  houses)  in 
Bute  Street,  Norfolk,  valued  with  contents  at  £2700,  had  been  destroyed 
(burned)  by  the  Americans,  his  land  not  being  confiscated.  Gordon  was 
granted,  Sep.  30,  a  pension  of  £'40  from  Jul.  1784  and  received  a  further 
allowance  of  £97  los.  as  Col.  of  Norfolk  Mil  {American  Loyalist  Claims, 
Treasury  Rec,  P.R.O.).  "  His  family  remained  in  America,  but  so  great  was 
Gordon's  loyalty  that  he  declared  he  would  never  live  in  a  country  of  which 
King  George  was  not  Sovereign.  He  died  at  Kensington,  1799,  Mar.  11, 
aged    79,  buried  in   Kensington   Church  in  a  spot  chosen  by  himself;  of  a 


respectable  family  in  Aberdeenshire,  and  studied  in  Edinburgh  "  {G.M.,  vol. 
69,  pt.  I,  p.  260-1).  His  elder  son  Adam,  aged  13,  granted  by  the  Treasury, 
1779,  an  allowance  of  £^0  a  year  for  two  years  for  finishing  his  education  in 
Scotland,  and  a  son  George,  presumably  pre-deceased  Gordon ;  his  widow 
Elizabeth  and  three  daus.,  Isabella  Carr,  Sarah  Carr,  and  Elizabeth,  survived 
him  {Will,  Somerset  House). 

155-  Alexander.  1745.  Aug.  31,  Capt.,  Aberdeen  Art.  Vols.,  specially 
raised  to  defend  the  town  against  the  Jacobites ;  a  shipmaster  (Sinclair's 
Aberdeen  Vols.,  17). 

156.  Alexander.  1746,  Mar.  11,  Surg,  Mate,  R.N.,  "  Defiance  "  {Adm., 
Offs.  appt.  by  N.  Board,  P.R.O.). 

157.  Alexander.  1747,  Feb.  6,  Surg.  Mate,  R.N.,  "  Queenborough  ". 
1748,  Sep.  28,  "  Guarland  "  {Adm.,  Surgeon's  Certi/.f  Offs.  appt.  by  N.  Board, 

158.  Alexander.  1751,  Apr.  25,  Ens.,  33rd  Ft.  1755,  Oct.  13,  Lt. 
1756,  Dec.  8,  Qr.  Mar.  1761,  Mar.  17,  Capt.  Lt.  1762,  Apr.  30,  Capt.  1763, 
May  19,  Capt.,  85th  Ft.  1763-4,  h.p.  {A.L.,  1754-93".  ^-  Cams.,  P.R.O.). 
1793-4,  d.  at  Belleville,  intestate,  estate  proved  by  his  niece,  Susan,  dau,  of 
William  Maxwell  of  Ardwell,  as  nearest  of  kin,  before  the  commissary  of 
Wigtown,  Apr.  2,  decreet  dative;  arrears  of  h. p.,  £44  7s.  3d.  due  1793,  Christ- 
mas {Wigtown  Test.).  1837,  Sep.,  William  Ross  served  heir  to  Capt.  Alex- 
ander, his  great-grand-uncle,  at    Belleville,  Stranraer  {S.H.). 

159.  Alexander.  1753,  Aug.  28,  Lt.,  25th  Ft.  1757,  Mar,  22,  Capt. 
Lt,,  56th  {A.L.,  T754-8;  A.  Corns.,  P,R.O,). 

160-  Sir  Alexander.  1756,  Surg.,  R,N. ;  Jul.,  h.p.  1757,  May  6, 
struck  off  the  list  {Adm.,  Half  Pay  Lists,  P.R.O,). 

161.  Alexander.  1756,  Feb.  16,  and  Lt.,  ist  Ft.,  2nd  Batn.  (MS.  A.L., 
1752,  116,  P.R.O.). 

162.  Alexander.  1755,  Apr.  30,  or  1756,  Aug.  29,  Ens,,  19th  Ft 
(previously  served  in  the  Scots  Brigade  in  Holland  as  Lt,),  1756,  Aug.  28, 
or  1757,  Sep,  28,  Lt,  {W.O.  Notifications,  P.R.O. ;  A.L.,  1756-82),  1759, 
stationed  at  Wonley  Camp,  Brentwood,  Essex  (Sir  John  Gordon  of  Inver- 
gordon's  MS.  Pocket  Book).  1 793,  h.p.  {A  .L.).  Grandson  of  Sir  Adam  of 
Dalpholly,  88 ;  nt.,  1763,  Jun.  24,  Mary  dau,  of  Caleb  Incledon,  Falmouth, 
and  d.  1781,  Nov.,  aged  60;  had  George,  4th  bart,  of  Invergordon,  18 17,  who 
d.  unm.  at  St.  Keverne,  near  Helston,  Cornwall,  1840;  Adam,  placed  on 
Compassionate  list  at  £5,  removed  Nov,  1809,  as  "upwards  of  30  years  of 
age,"  or  "34  in  1808,"  succeeded  as  5th  bart.,  d.  unm.  at  St,  Keverne,  1850; 
Anne,  got  pension  of  £5  in  1793,  which  was  increased  in  1809  to  £10,  alive 

A    GORDON    HIGHLANDER,    1794 
Painted  by  Georges  Scott 


and  m.,  at  St.  Keverne,  1808,  Dec.  3;  Elizabeth,  with  pension  like  her  sister, 
alive,  but  unin.,  at  St.  Keverne,  1828  {W.O.,  Letters,  Compass.  Fund,  Reg. 
Compass.  Allowances,  1785,  P.R.O. ;  Bulloch's  Gordons  of  Invergorden,  pp. 
12,  59).     Brother  of  Ann,  252' 

163-  Alexander.  1759,  Feb.  28,  Capt.,  Strode's  (62nd)  Ft.  1764,  Mar. 
30,  leave  of  absence  on  private  affairs  {A.L.,  1760-4). 

164.  Alexander,  4th  Duke  of  Gordon.  1759,  raised  89th  Ft.;  Oct.  13, 
Capt.  1762,  Apr.  3,  Capt.,  85th  Ft.  1775,  raised  a  Coy.  for  71st  Ft.,  Fraser's 
Highlrs.  1778,  raised  N.  Fencibles,  Apr.  14,  Col.  1790,  raised  a  Coy.  for  the 
Black  Watch,  42nd  Ft.  1793,  raised  N.  Fencibles,  Col.  1794,  raised  looth, 
afterwards  92nd  Ft.,  "  Gordon  Highlrs.". 

Son  of  3rd  Duke,  b.,  1743 ;  m.,  Jane  Maxwell,  and  had  George,  5th  and 
last  Duke,  519,  and  Lord  Alexander,  194 ;  d.  1827  (Bulloch's  Duke  of  Gordon's 
First  Regiment ;  Duchess  of  Gordon  as  a  Recruiter ;  Duke  of  Gordon's  Second 
Regiment ;  Duke  of  Gordon's  Third  Regiment — four  privately  printed 

165-  Alexander.  1759,  Oct.  16,  Ens.,  89th  Ft.  (Gordon  Highlrs.) 
(A.L.  1 761-3).  1762,  designated  "  in  Tilliethrowie"  in  will  of  Hugh  Gordon. 
Only  son  of  George  of  Cults,  whose  bill  dated  Aug.  16,  1759,  he  held  for 
£285  8s.  8d.  Scots  {Aberdeen  Test.). 

166.  Alexander.  1756,  Feb.  16,  Ens.,  ist  Ft.  ;  Nov.  22,  Lt.  1760, 
Jan.  19,  Capt.,  92nd  Ft.  1764,  h.p.  1773,  name  erased,  MS.  alteration  {A.L., 
1756-73;  W.O.,  A.L.,  P.R.O.,  1760,  MS.  note;  G.M.,  vol.  30,  p.  154;  S.M., 
vol.  22,  p.  106).  177 1,  Sep.  I,  Capt.,  24th  Ft.  (Army  Rank  1760,  Jan.  19). 
1775,  name  erased,  MS.  alteration  {A.L.,  1772-5). 

167-168-  Alexander.  1766,  Jun.  8,  Ens.,  49th  Ft.  (A.L.  1768);  im- 
plicated in  a  street  brawl  in  Cork,  where  a  butcher  was  killed.  1769,  N6v.  25, 
hanged  at  Brest  as  a  spy. 

Laird  of  Wardhouse  and  brother  of  Charles,  307.  ("  Proems  d'Alexandre 
Gordon,  espion  Anglais,"  Bulletin  de  la  Societe  Academique  de  Brest,  i. 
295-360;  Abd.  Free  Press,  Aug.  26,  1898;  S.N.  cr*  Q.,  1899,  Feb.,  and  Banff- 
shire Herald,  Keith,  1909,  April  7 — June  12,  all  by  J.  M.  Bulloch). 

169.  Alexander.  1772,  Aug.,  Capt.,  port,  of  Hassington;  his  brother 
George,  of  Gordonbank,  Scots  Brigade  in  Holland,  served  his  heir. 

170.  Alexander.  1774,  Jun.  8  or  29,  Ens.,  19th  Ft.  {L.G.).  1775, 
name  erased,  MS.  alteration  {A.L.,  1775). 

Son  of  Alexander,  Laird  of  Carleton,  Dutch  service;  d.  1775,  Jul.  17,  at 
Waterford  {Earlston  MS.).     1789,  May  5,  his  brother  John  was  served  his  heir. 

171.  Alexander.     1775,  Lt.,  H.E.LC.S.  (Madras) ;  d.  intest. ;  his  friend 

D  . 


Lt.  Harcourt  Woodhouse  appt.  administrator  to  his  estate  by  the  Mayor's 
Court,  Madras  (7.0.  Rec). 

172.     Alexander     1776  "entered  the  army  as  Medical  Officer  [Hosp. 
Mate]  and  served  through  the  American  War  in  the  Guards"  {W.O.,  Applns. 
Compass.  List,  1817,  1821,  P.R.O);  May  13,  ♦'  a  detachment  from  three  Regi- 
ments of  Foot  Guards  to  embark  from  Portsmouth  for  North  America  under 
command  of  Col.  Mathew  of  the  Coldstreams  with  one  Surgeon  and  three 
mates"  [W.O.,  Out  Letters  Sec.  at  War,  America,  P.R.O.).     1784,  Feb.  i, 
in  charge  of  a  temporary  Hosp.  for  the  reception  of  sick  and  wounded  soldiers 
at  Plymouth,  at  5/-  a  day ;  Aug.  24,  Hosp.  discontinued,  previously  instructed 
by  Surg.  Gen.  Adair,  "to  repair  to  London  whenever  you  please  and  deliver 
up  the  stores  to  Mr.  Moore's  care;  you  may  draw  for  the  amount  of  your 
disbursements  upon  Mr.  Charlton  (Agent  to  the  Hospital)  taking  care  to  send 
me  the  receipt  tax  and  the  receipt  for  rent "  {W.O.,  Out  Letters,  Med.  Dept., 
P.R.O.).     1784,  Aug.  25,  Hosp.  Mate,  Cape  Breton  (but  not  despatched  until 
1785) ;  Mar.  12,  Mr.  Adair  wrote  him  "at  Mrs.  Gordon's,  Logie,  Edinburgh, 
with    orders   to    repair   to   his    station"    {ibid.).     1787,  Jul.,  doing  duty  at 
Charlottetown,  P.E.I. ;  Dec,  attached  to  42nd  Reg.  there.     1790,  Jan.,  applied 
(unsuccessfully)  for  Surgeoncy.     1792,  Jun.,  serving  as  Hosp.  Mate,  Island 
of  St.  John's.     1795,  Oct.  I,  Surg.  Mate,  Island  of  St.  John's  Vols.     1797-98, 
Aug.  I,  Asst.  Surg.  {In  Letters,  Sec.  at  War,  America,  P.R.O.).     1797,  Aug. 
I,  informed  in  answer  to  his  memorial  asking  for  an  increase  of  pay,  "that 
there   do  not  appear  to  be  any  proper  grounds  for  it "  {Out  Letters,  Med. 
Dept.).     1800,    Mar.  7,  appt.  Apothy.  at  Halifax,  "to  assist   Mr.   Boggs  in 
the  distribution   and   compounding   of  medicines,   and   to  superintend   the 
Hospitals,  during  the  absences  of  Dr.  Noath  "  {Out  Letters,  Sec.  at  War, 
America),  but  his  name  appears  as  Act.  Garr.  Surg.,  Charlottetown,  until 
Aug.   24.     1801,  Dec.   14-18,  tried  by  Court  Martial,  at  Halifax;  suspended 
from  rank  and  pay  for  six  months  (A/5.  List  of  Mates).     1802,  May  5,  the  Sec. 
at  War  wrote  to  Lt.  Gen.  Bowyer,  commdg.  at  Halifax   "  you  will  take  the 
necessary  steps  for  causing  the  pay  of  Mr.  Gordon's  present  commission  to 
be  stopped,  until  he  shall  have  accounted  to  Mr.  Window  (Agent  for  Regtl, 
Hospitals)  for   the  sum  of  £108  3s.,  which  Gordon  drew  upon  him  for  on 
account  of  his  pay  as  Hosp.  Mate  at  Prince  Edward  Island,  for  a  period 
subsequent  to  the  date  of  his  present  appointment  "  ;  Sep.  25,  Bowyer  written 
to — "An  extract  of  your  letter  relative  to  Mr.  Gordon  has  been  communicated 
to  Mr.  Window"  {Out  Letters,  Sec.  at  War,  America).     1802,  Sep.  25.  h.p. 
1803,  May,  d.  on  his  passage  from  Halifax  to  England. 

Son  of  Robert  of  l  Logie,  Aberdeenshire,  and  great-grandson  of  James, 


I.  of  Ardmeallie  ;  m.  1791,  Mar.  5,  at  Charlottetown,  Margaret,  dau.  of  Gov. 
Patterson,  and  had  Henry,  b.  1791,  Edward,  422,  Mary  Helen,  b.  1795,  Sep. 
23,  and  Margaret,  b.  1798,  Aug.  24,  all  placed  on  Compass.  List  at  £6  on 
recommendation  of  Gen.  Bowyer  {W.O.,  Applns.  &'  Corresp.  Compass.  List, 
Reg.  Compass.  Allowances,  P.R.O.).  Mrs.  Gordon  m.  2ndly,  in  1806,  at 
Halifax,  the  very  distinguished  surgeon  Dr.  George  James  Guthrie  (M.D,, 
King's  Coll.,  Abd.,  1824);  d.  1846,  Sep.  18,  in  London;  the  elder  dau.  w. 
1836,  Sep.  21,  the  Rev.  Richard  Dawes,  Dean  of  Hereford  (1793-1867),  d. 
1892,  Jan.  15;  Margaret,  famous  as  "Carlyle's  First  Love,"  m.  1824,  Jan. 
14,  at  St.  George's  Hanover  Sq.,  London,  Sir  Alexander  Bannerman,  of 
Aberdeen  (i  788-1824),  d.  1878,  Dec.  24,  at  Greenwich  (Ray  C.  Archibald's 
Carlyle's  First  Love  ;  House  of  Gordon,  i.  (144);  J.  M.  Bulloch  in  Huntly 
Express,  1909,  Dec.  3,  17,  31;  1910,  Jan.  7,  28). 

173.  Alexander.  1776,  Oct.  4,  Ens.,  49th  Ft.,  com.  given  by  Gen. 
Howe,  Boston  (Worthington  C.  Ford's  British  Offs.  serving  in  American 
Revolution,  1774-83),  or  1777,  Jan.  28  (L.G.) ;  d.  1778,  Apr.  or  May  {W.O.,  In 
Letters,  Sec.  at  War,  America,  S^  Misc.,  P.R.O.)  His  letter  suggests  he 
belonged  to  the  North  of  Scotland. 

174.  Alexander.  1 776,  Nov.  7,  Mid.,  R.N.,  "  Fell  Snow  ".  1 778,  Sept. 
29,  Ab.,  "  Canceaux  ".  1779,  Sep.  19,  Mid.  1781,  Feb.  22,  Ab.,  "Viper". 
1782,  Jan.  12,  Mid.,  "Diligente";  Jan.  17,  passed  as  Lt.,  aged  25  {Adm., 
N.  Board  Lts.  Passing  Certif.,  P.R.O.) ;  Mar.  2,  Lt.,  "Emerald".  1783, 
Sep.  26,  h.p.  1787,  Jan.  27,  "Calypso".  1790,  Aug.  24,  h.p. ;  Aug.  31, 
"Inconstant".  i79i,Jan.  27,  h.p.  1793,  Feb.  13,  "Cleopatra  ";  Jun.  12, 
"Montagu".  1794,  Apr.  9,  discharged;  Apr.  10,  h.p.;  Apr.  15,  leave  of 
absence  {Adm.,  Half  Pay  Lists,  P.R.O.). 

175.  Alexander.  1778,  Mar.  10,  Ens.,  2nd  Ft.;  Nov.  6.,  Lt.  1780, 
Jul.  25 — 1784,  Feb.  2,  Adj.  1786,  Sep.  21,  six  months  absence  on  private 
affairs.  1787,  Mar.  22,  three  months  additional.  1793,  Apr.  26,  Capt.  Lt.  1794, 
Jun.  I,  in  command  of  a  detachment  of  the  reg.  on  board  H.M.S.  "  Russell,'' 
during  Lord  Howe's  victory.  1795,  Jan.  10,  Capt. ;  Dec,  wrecked  on  Selsey 
Bill  in  the  "  Prince  "  transport.  1796,  Dec,  in  command  of  the  2nd  division 
which  marched  from  Penzance  and  St.  Ives.  1798,  served  in  Irish  rebellion. 
1799,  Jul.  25,  Maj.  1800,  Mar.  4,  ret.  (Col.  John  Davis's  2nd  Ft.,  in.  300-t ; 
VI.  104;  A.L.,  1778-1800). 

Son  of  Alexander  merchant,  Boston,  Mass.,  and  Jean  Mackay  (J. 
1789,  Jun.  29,  at  Edinburgh),  b.  and  bap.,  1757,  Aug.  27,  at  Boston.  1834, 
Jan.  19,  drowned  in  the  Bay  of  Inverness  (G.M.,  N.S.,  vol.  i,  pt.  p.  344). 
Brother  of  George,  505,  and  Hugh  Mackay,  672. 


176-  Alexander.  1780,  Apr.  5,  Surg.,  92nd  Ft.  1783,  h.p.  {A.L. 
1781-92).     Previously  practised  in  Old  Meldrum  {Med  Reg.,  1780). 

Born  "Wemyss";  laird  of  Edintore;  d.  1790,  Nov.  22,  at  Huntly 
{S.M.,  vol.  62,  p.  619;  Abd.  jfour.,  Nov.  29;  House  of  Gordon,  11.  (401)). 

177.  Alexander.  1780,  May  20,  Surg.  Mate,  R.N.,  "Swallow". 
1781,  Aug.  21,  "Warspite".  1782,  Mar.  25,  Surg.,  " Otter "  sloop.  1785, 
Apr.   12,  h.p.     1796,  Jan.  5 — Apr.   10,  "Adamant";  Sep.   i,  "  Overyssel  ". 

1799,  Aug.  II,  h.p.  {Adm.,  Offs.  Appt.  by  N.  Board;  Surgeons'  Services, 
1742-1815;  Half  Pay  Lists,  Mid.  Pensions,  P.R.O.) 

Son  of  Alexander  in  Milton  of  Drum  ;  b.  1752,  in  Strachan,  Kin- 
cardine (Peterculter  Par.  Reg.);  Student,  Marischal  Coll.,  Aberdeen,  1763- 
7  ;  M.D.,  1788.  1798,  wrote  a  classic  essay  on  Puerperal  Fever.  1784,  Feb. 
18,  at  Aberdeen,  m.  Elizabeth  Harvey  {d.  1843,  Mar.  8,  aged  83),  and  had  two 
daus.  Gordon  d.  1799,  Oct.  19,  aged  47  (House  of  Gordon,  i.  (145-6),  where 
he  is  erroneously  stated  to  have  been  the  son  of  Robert  of  Logie,  of  the 
Ardmeallie  family.  * 

178'  Alexander.  1780,  Oct.  25,  2nd  Lt.,  R.M.  1790,  Feb.  6,  h.p. 
1826,  Nov.,  appeared  at  Taunton,  in  Court  for  relief  of  insolvent  debtors, 
*' late  of  Bedminster,  Somerset,  formerly  of  Bristol"  {L.G.,  18296);  d. 
1842  {A.L.,  1781-1843;  N.L.,  1800-44). 

179.  Alexander.     1780,  Nov.  11,  Lt.,  bur.  at  Bombay  (I.O.Rec). 

180.  Alexander.  1782,  Cadet,  H.E.I.C.S.  (Madras).  17S3,  Jun.  24, 
Ens.,  N.I.  1788,  Apr.,  serving  on  the  Coromandel  Coast.  1790,  Aug.  21, 
Lt.  1793,  Aug.  23,  d.  at  Fort  St.  George  {Bengal  Cal.,  1788,  pp.  49,  55; 
List  of  H.M.  &*  H.E.I.C.  United  Offs.). 

Second  son  of  William  of  Nethermuir  {d.  1771)  and  Margaret,  dau.  of 
Hugh  Forbes  of  Schivas ;  made  his  will  at  Pheymey,  1793,  Jul.  10,  whereby, 
subject  to  legacies,  he  gave  his  estate  to  his  mother  {I.O.  Rec. ;  Abd.  your.). 

181-  Alexander.  1790,  Oct.  8,  Surg.  Mate,  R.N.,  "  Duke  ".  1795,  Feb. 
12,  "  Amphion".    1796,  Jun.  28,  Surg.,  "Squirrel".    1799,  Aug.  2,  "  Volage". 

1800,  Mar.  8,  "Meleager"  ;  Jul.,  h.p.  1803,  Jun.  18,  •'York";  Dec.  31,  d., 
ship  lost.  Gordon  m.  1802,  Aug.  14,  (aged  about  30)  at  Glenarm,  co. 
Antrim,  Victoria  Brown,  of  Skerry  {Adm.,  Offs.  appt.  by  N.  Board,  Surgeons' 
Services,  Wid.  Pensions,  P.R.O.). 

182.  Alexander.     1791,  Jun.  30,  2nd  Lt.,  23rd  Ft.  ;  Nov.  30,  Qr.  Mr. 

1793,  Aug.  31,  ist  Lt.  {L.G.,  887  ;  A.L.,  1792-4).     "  Garden  "  in  A.L. 

183.  Alexander.    1793,  Sep.,  entered  R.N.  as  Capt.'s  Servant,  "  Shark  ". 

1794,  Jan.  7,  Ab.  and  Mid.,  "Valiant";  Jun.  i,  served  under  Vice  Adm. 
Thomas    Pringle   at  defeat   of  French    Fleet    by  Earl    Howe.       1795,  Jun. 


23,  witnessed  capture  of  three  republican  line-of-battle  ships,  near  I'Orient ; 
Sep.,  Mid.,  "Asia,"  flagship  of  R.  Adm.  Pringle,  N.  Sea.  1796,  Apr.  2, 
Mid.  and  Master's  Mate,  "Tremendous,"  Cape  of  Good  Hope;  Aug. 
18,  Act.  Lt.,  "Prince  Frederick";  Dec.  29,  Act.  Lt.,  "Trident,"  E.  Indies. 
1798,  Jul.,  Lt.,  "Arrogant,"  E,  Indies.  1800,  assisted  at  capture  of  Dutch 
Coy.'s  armed  ship  "  Hartog  van  Brunswyk,"  and  the  "  Mongoose!"  brig  and 
"  Ondermeming  "  Indiaman,  both  taken  by  the  boats  of  the  "Arrogant,"  May 
17  and  25.  1804,  Oct.  10,  Lt.,  "Polyphemus,"  Cadiz  station;  Dec.  7,  in- 
trusted with  charge  of  the  "  Santa  Gertruyda,"  Spanish  galleon  (taken  off 
Cape  St.  Mary),  which  parted  company  during  a  violent  gale,  Dec.  16,  lost  her 
rudder,  and  was  totally  dismasted.  A  new  rudder  was  constructed,  jury  masts 
rigged,  and  then  the  galleon  was  picked  up  by  the  "  Harriett "  and  towed  to  Ply- 
mouth, Jan.  10.  The  Spanish  captain  spoke  in  the  highest  terms  of  the 
attention  and  politeness  of  Lt.  Gordon  and  the  nautical  skill  he  displayed. 
1805,  Mar.  28,  appointed  to  the  "  Glory,"  and  soon  after  returned  to  the  "  Poly- 
phemus," from  which  (Oct.  4)  he  was  invalided  when  off  Cadiz.  1806,  Jan.  22, 
Comdr.,  "Moselle"  brig,  Mediterranean,  W.  Indies.  1808,  invalided  home 
from  Jamaica.  1809,  Aug.  24,  "Diligence";  Nov.  3,  "Rattler"  sloop, 
Lisbon,  W.  Indies,  and  N.  America.  1812,  in  command  of  a  small  detachment 
in  the  Bay  of  Fundy,  where  the  "  Rattler  "  and  her  consorts  made  many  prizes, 
principally  American  merchantmen.  1813,  May,  wrote,  to  the  Senior 
Off.,  off  Boston  :— 

H.M.S.  under  my  command  drove  on  shore  and  captured  on  19th  inst.  off  Kenebank,  the 
private  armed  ship  Alexander,  returning  to  Salem  from  a  cruise  often  weeks.  The  Alexander  is  a 
remarkably  fine  ship,  four  years  old,  and  was  considered  the  fastest  sailing  privateer  out  of  the 
United  States.  She  left  Salem  with  a  crew  of  127  men,  but  had  only  about  70  remaning  at  the 
time  of  her  capture,  the  greatest  part  of  whom  made  their  escape  on  her  getting  aground,  and 
several  were  drowned  in  their  attempt  to  swim  from  her.  H.  M.  schooner  Bream  contributed 
much  to  our  assistance  in  getting  the  ship  off,  and  I  am  happy  to  say  with  hardly  any  injury. 
I  had  the  honour  to  report  to  the  Senr.  Officer  at  Halifax  my  having  chased  on  shore  near 
Bayley's  mistake,  the  American  privateer  schooner  Gallynippee  of  2  long  six  pounders  and  35 
men  on  the  2nd  inst.  and  of  her  being  attacked  in  that  situation  and  destroyed  by  the  boats  of 
H.M.  ship  in  charge  of  Mr.  Jas.  Cutlip,  acting  Master  (signed)  Alex.  Gordon. 

1813,  Jun.  28,  Act.  Capt.,  "Chesapeake"  frigate,  Halifax;    Sep.,  confirmed. 

1814,  Feb.  10,  Post  Capt. ;  May,  exchanged  with  Capt.  Burdett  of  the  "Maid- 
stone," Coast  of  America ;  Aug.  "  Superb,"  bearing  the  broad  pennant  of 
Commodore  Hotham  off  New  London  ;  Nov.,  "  Narcissus,"  American  Station. 

1815,  Mar.,  came  to  England  (John  Marshall's  R.N.  Biog.,  vol.  iii.  Supp. 
pp.  224-7).     1832,  served  on  the  "AthoU"  frigate  on  the  African  Station; 


under  Capt.  Hayes,  C.B.;  Sep.  29,  tried  by  Court  Martial  on  board  H.M.S. 
••  Victory  ". 

The  charges  were  (i)  for  not  waiting  on  the  Commodore  when  he  joined  him  at  Prince's 
Island,  stating  he  was  unable  to  do  so,  though  he  did  pay  a  visit  to  another  ship,  the  Medina,  at 
the  same  time,  on  the  contrary  proposing  to  pay  such  visit  when  he  should  be  invalided ;  (2)  for 
negligently  performing  Capt.  Hayes's  orders ;  (3)  for  writing  to  Capt.  Hayes  and  stating  that 
in  executing  his  orders  several  valuable  lives  had  been  lost  when  on  the  contrary  no  life  had 
been  lost;  (4)  for  making  a  money  bargain,  when  he  invalided,  with  his  successor;  (5)  for 
writing  on  his  return  from  the  coast  of  Africa  a  letter  of  complaint  against  Commodore  Hayes  ; 
and  reflecting  on  his  conduct.  This  letter,  although  alluded  to  in  the  order  for  assembling  the 
Court,  in  fact  it  was  the  original  cause  of  the  difference  between  these  officers — was  yet  omitted 
to  be  made  a  substantive  change.  With  respect  to  charge  (4)  it  was  stated  that  the  only  bar- 
gain made  was  selling  his  furniture  and  stock  to  Capt.  Webb,  who  succeeded  him,  and  that  at  a 
lair  price.  The  Court  Martial  terminated  on  Oct.  4:  of  the  five  charges  the  1st.  2nd  and  4th 
were  not  proved,  the  court  had  no  authority,  to  try  Gordon  on  the  fifth,  and  the  third  was  partly 
proved ;  whereupon  he  was  admonished  to  be  more  circumspect  in  his  correspondence  with  his 
superior  officers  in  future  (Times,  Oct.  i,  and  8). 

Son  of  John  of  Balmuir,  and  Margaret  Stuart  of  Dunearn,  Fifesh. ;  b. 
1780,  May,  at  Edinburgh;  w.,  1821,  Nov.  6,  Mary  Elizabeth  (d.  1851),  dau. 
of  Ernest  of  Park;  i8i6,  Dec.  2,  served  heir  to  Alison  Spittal,  widow  of 
James  Stuart,  Lord  Provost  of  Edinburgh.  1818,  Nov.  11,  served  heir  to  his 
brother  John,  949.  Gordon  d.  1842-3  {N.L.,  1797-Mar.  1843).  Brother  of 
John,  949,  and  Peter,  1153:  uncle  of  John,  986- 

184-  Alexander.  1794,  Apr.  8,  Ens.,  Capt.  Bayley's  Independent  Coy. 
of  Ft. ;  Jun.  3,  Lt.,  90th  Ft.  {L.G.,  305,  510).  1795,  May  29,  Capt.,  looth  Ft. 
1799,  served  under  the  Marquis  of  Huntly  in  Holland,  very  severely  wounded, 
and  in  Egypt.  1803,  Jul.  9,  Maj.,  14th  Batn.  of  Reserve  {ibid.,  873).  1804, 
Aug.  28,  Bt.  Lt.  Col.  ;  Sep.  4,  Lt.  Col.  3rd  Batn.  of  Reserve,  A.D.C.  to  Lord 
Hardwicke,  Ld.  Lt.  of  Ireland.  1805,  the  W.O.  would  not  allow  him  to 
continue  his  duties,  and  the  refusal  is  the  subject  of  several  of  his  letters  to 
D.  Campbell  and  Lord  Hardwicke  {Add.  MSS.  B.M.,  35,  755-35,  758;  L.G., 
263);  May  18,  Lt.  Col.,  83rd  Ft.,  2nd  Batn.  ;  Aug.  9,  wrote  from  Chichester 
Barracks  to  Lord  Hardwicke  asking  permission  to  recruit  Vols,  from  the  Irish 
Mil.  {Add.  MSS.,  35,  761,  f.  158  ;  L.G.,  651).  1809,  Jul.  28,  fell  at  the  battle 
of  Talavera,  "  being  wounded  in  the  neck  by  a  musket  ball  when  charging  the 
enemy  at  the  head  of  his  regiment ;  when  being  removed  to  the  rear,  a  shell 
fell  into  the  blanket  in  which  he  was  being  carried  and,  bursting,  killed 
him  and  his  bearers"  {G.M.,  vol.  79,  pt.  2,  p.  781 ;  Earl  of  Munster's  British 
Campaign  in  Portugal  and  Spain,  241  ;   A.L.,  1795-1810). 

Son  of  Lord  Rockville  and  Anne  Countess  of  Dumfries  ;  nephew  of  Hon. 
William,  1397,  and  brother  of  Cosmo,  387- 


185.  Alexander.  1794,  Sep.  27,  Lt.,  Sutherland  Fencibles  {L.G.,  794). 
1795,  Oct.  3»  Ens.,  i6th  Ft.  1796,  Apr.  23,  Lt.  (i6irf.,  371,  1017).  1800, 
Aug.  28,  Capt.,  93rd  Ft.  1806,  served  at  the  capture  of  Cape  of  Good  Hope 
under  Sir  David  Baird,  remaining  in  that  colony  until  Apr.  1814.  1813, 
Jan.  I,  Bt.  Maj.  1814,  Feb.  10,  Maj.  Served  in  the  expedition  from  England 
to  New  Orleans,  present  in  actions,  1814,  Dec.  28,  and  1815,  Jan.  i  and  8. 
1821,  Jul.  19,  Bt.  Lt.  Col.  (ibid.,  1510).  1822,  ret.  (A.L.,  1795-1823; 
Philippart's  Mil.  Cal.,  v.  198).  1825,  applied  for  an  appt.  as  Barrack 
Master,  specially  recommended  by  Lord  Robert  Kerr.  1826,  Aug.  8,  and 
application,  wrote  to  Lord  F.  Leveson  Gower — 

A  most  frightful  calamity  has  overtaken  me  by  the  failure  of  my  brother  in  London 
[John,  banker.]  ...  I  am  left  totally  destitute.  All  I  have  in  the  world  .  .  .  happened  to 
be  left  in  his  hands  and  ...  he  has  involved  me  in  his  own  ruin.  I  therefore  hope  you  will 
address  the  Marquis  of  Huntly  on  my  behalf  ...  for  the  appointment  of  the  vacant  Barrack 
Mastership  at  Aberdeen. 

1826,  Dec.  26,  advised  the  authorities  of  his  address  for  some  months  at  Down- 
patrick,  Ireland,  stated  his  inability  to  accept  any  appointment  abroad  "owing  to 
financial  circumstances  and  advanced  age  ".  1827,  May  23,  wrote  to  Gower : — 
"  I  fear  I  am  getting  very  troublesome,  .  .  .  but  my  difficulties  are  .  .  .  urgent 
and  .  .  .  must  ultimately  yield  to  them,  if  not  soon  relieved  ".  1835,  Barrack 
Master,  Tobago,  10/-  a  day  {W.O.,  Barrack  Masters  Appts.  &>  Services,  P.R.O.). 
Sixth  son  of  Robert,  Achness;  b.  iTj$,  Jul.  14;  d.  untn.  at  Tobago 
(Bulloch's  Gordons  of  Embo).  Brother  of  George,  521,  William,  1408> 
half  brother  of  John  P.,  655,  and  Robert,  1207- 

186-  Alexander.  1795,  ■^'^S-  8»  Ens.,  Aberdeen  Highland  Fenc.  Inf. 
{L.G.,  815).  1799,  Nov.  26,  writing  from  Glasgow  to  Lord  Huntly  for  a 
Commission  he  said  "  he  would  exercise  his  utmost  exertion  and  fidelity  in 
getting  some  clever  young  lads  for  his  regiment  " ;  described  himself  "  an 
Ensign  in  the  2nd  Batn.,  Caithness  Legion,  that  has  been  disbanded  at 
Aberdeen,  being  the  first  of  the  Fencibles  that  was  disbanded  in  Scotland  " 
{Gordon  Castle  Papers).  Aberdeen  Highland  Reg.,  raised  in  1794,  disbanded 
in  Ireland,  1803,  Sep.  11;  Caithness  Legion,  raised  in  1796,  disbanded  in 
1802  ;  Rothesay  &  Caithness  Fencibles,  ist  Batn.,  raised  in  1794,  disbanded 
at  Edinburgh,  1799,  May  i ;  2nd  Batn.,  raised  in  1795,  disbanded  in  1802 
(Andrew  Ross's  Scottish  Colours,  121-2,  126.) 

187-  Alexander.  1796,  May  17,  Qr.  Mr.,  6th  W.I.  Reg. ;  d.,  May  18, 
his  widow  Frances  {b.  1756,  Aug.  15)  granted  pension  of  £16.  1826,  living 
in  Birmingham  (W.O.,  Applns.  Compass.  List,  Wid.  Pensions,  P.R.O.). 

188.     Alexander.     1796,  Oct.  31,  Capt.,  Swords  (Dublin)  Inf.  {List  of 


Off,  of  District  Corps,  Ireland,  1797,  p.  113).  Son  of  John,  869  ;  '"•  Catherine, 
dau.  of  Hugh  Montgomery,  and  had  John,  918-9,  Hugh  Loftus,  671,  and  five 
daus.     Lord  Belmore  [Corry  Family)  calls  him  "  Lt.  Col.". 

189-  Rev.  Alexander.  1797,  Aug.  12,  Garr.  Chaplain,  Fort  George, 
Salary  £"105  5s.  {L.G.,  760;. 

Son  of  Rev.  James,  709;  If-  1773;  student  at  Marischal  Coll.,  1788-91, 
divinity  classes,   1791-4;  d.  1800,  Jan.  i,  at  Fochabers  {S.M.,  vol.  62,  p.  71). 

190.  Alexander.  1798,  May  26,  Lt.,  Wootton  Bassett  (Wilts.)  Vols. 
{L.G.,  954). 

191.  Alexander.     1798,  Jul.  14,  Lt.,  Westminster  Vols.  {L.G.,  649). 

192.  Alexander.  1798,  Aug.  29,  Ens.,  15th  Ft.  1799,  Jun.  6,  Lt., 
8sth  Ft.  1 801,  May  28,  Capt.  1802,  h.p.  1803,  May  25,  69th  Ft.  1804, 
Apr.  21,  95th  Ft.  1808,  ret.  {A.L.,  1799-1808;  W.O.,  A.L.,  P.R.O.,  1808, 
MS.  note,  Henry  Stooks  Smith's  List  of  Officers,  85th,  pp.  28-9,  95th, 
pp.  24-5).  181 1,  May  25,  Lt.  Col.,  Aberdeen  Mil.  {L.G.,  640),  previously 
Capt.     181 7,  Adj.  {List  of  Mil.  Yeo.,  Cav.  &»  Vols.,  1825,  p.  81,  P.R.O.). 

Eldest  son  of  James,  of  Rosieburn,  and  Jane  Mercer,  Edinburgh ; 
b.  1 78 1,  w.  1805,  Jul.  30,  at  Edinburgh,  Elizabeth  {d.  1849,  Jul.  28,  in  Canada) 
2nd  dau.  of  George  Robinson,  W.S.,  of  Clermiston  {S.M.,  vol.  67,  p.  564), 
and  had  three  sons  and  two  daughters  (one  of  them  the  mother  of  Lt.  Col. 
William  Gordon  Alexander,  1517),  given  in  full  detail  in  Bulloch's  account  of 
theCairnfield  and  Rosieburn  Gordons  {Banffshire  Field  Club,  1910,  pp.  46-9). 
1823,  Sep.  2,  Gordon  witnessed  at  Aberdeen  the  marriage  of  his  sister  Mary 
Ann  to  Major  Gen.  William  Alexander  Gordon,  1474.  1827,  emigrated  to 
Canada.  1841,  farming  at  Mount  Dorchester,  Stamford;  Mar.  16,  applied 
to  Sir  Peregrine  Maitland  for  an  appt.  as  Barrack  Master : — 

My  sons  and  daughters  are  all  married  and  gone  from  me.  Mrs.  Gordon  and  I  are  left 
alone  ;  my  farming  days  are  nearly  at  an  end,  and  as  I  have  none  of  my  family  now  to  assist 
me,  I  am  heartily  tired  of  such  hard  work  1841,  Dec.  23  (2nd  application)  .  .  .  being  a 
Banffshire  man,  I  had  the  honour  to  class  amongst  my  staunchest  friends,  the  much-lamented 
late  Duke  of  Gordon,  and,  were  it  possible,  I  would  prefer  employment  in  Scotland.  The 
Barrack  Master  in  Aberdeen  is  an  old  man,  and  an  intimate  acquaintance  of  mine,  and  were 
that  situation  to  become  vacant,  I  would  prefer  it  to  any  in  Britain,  as  all  my  relatives  are 
within  a  short  distance.     Placed  on  List  of  Candidates  {Barrack  Master's  Appts.,  P.R.O.). 

Brother  of  George  Maxwell,  592,  James  Innes,  806,  and  William,  1449; 
distantly  related  to  Alexander  Hermann  Adam,  229.  and  John,  982. 

193-  Alexander.     1798,  Oct.  6,  2nd  Lt.,  Glasgow  Vols.  {L.G.,  935). 

194-  Lord  Alexander.  1801,  Oct.  13,  Cornet,  loth  Lt.  Dgns.  {L.G., 
1240).     1802,  Jun    28,  Lt.,  h.p.  {ibid.,  759).     1803,  Apr.   16,  35th  Ft.  {ibid., 


1027).  1805,  Feb.  19,  Capt.,  5th  Ft;  Mar.  2,  Lt.,  Coldstream  Gds.  {ibid., 
227,  274).  1806,  Jun.  3,  Capt.,  59th  Ft.,  h.p.  {ibid.,  682).  1807,  May  6,  Maj., 
Aberdeensh.  Mil.  {ibid.,  713). 

Second  son  of  4th  Duke,  Alexander,  164;  b.  1785,  Nov.,  at  Edinburgh; 
d.  unm.,  London,  1808,  Jan.  8;  very  curious  account  of  his  deathbead  "con- 
version "  given  in  Rev.  Dr.  W.  Thorpe's  Essay  on  Death-bed  Repentance,  1814. 

195.  Alexander.  1802,  Nov.  i,  Ens.,  Aberdeensh.  Mil.  {L.G.,  680). 
1803,  Jul.  18,  Lt.  {ibid.,  105 1).     1804,  Dec.  18,  res.  {ibid.,  3). 

196-  Hon.  Sir  Alexander.  1803,  May  26,  Ens.,  3rd  Ft.  Gds.  1805, 
A.D.C.  to  his  uncle,  Sir  David  Baird,  at  the  re-capture  of  the  Cape. 
1806,  Apr.  3,  Lt.  &  Capt.  1809,  Jan.  16,  served  at  Corunna,  and  afterwards 
brought  home  the  official  despatches  {Abd.  Jour.  Feb.  11).  1810,  May  26, 
Bt.  Maj.  1812,  Feb.  6,  Bt.  Lt.  Col.  1813,  Jul.  28,  severely  wounded  at  the 
siege  of  San  Sebastian  {G.M.  vol.  83,  pt.  2,  p.  596);  Dec.  25,  Capt.  &  Lt. 
Col.  1815,  Jan.  15,  K.C.B.  {ibid.,  vol.  85,  pt.  i,  p.  68);  Jun.  18,  fatally 
wounded  at  Waterloo,  while  expostulating  with  Wellington  upon  the  danger 
to  which  he  was  exposing  himself  It  is  said  that  when  the  Duke,  roused  from 
his  sleep,  was  told  of  Gordon's  death,  he  burst  into  tears  (Dalton's  Waterloo 
Roll  Call,  2nd  ed.,  p.  10).     The  Duke  wrote  to  the  Earl  of  Aberdeen — 

I  cannot  express  to  you  the  regret  and  sorrow  with  which  I  contemplate  the  losses  the 
country  and  the  service  have  sustained,  none  more  severe  than  Sir  Alexander  Gordon.  The  glory 
resulting  from  such  action  so  dearly  bought  is  no  consolation  to  me,  and  I  cannot  imagine  it 
is  any  to  you.  But  I  trust  .  .  .  that  our  exertions  will  be  rewarded  by  the  attainment  of  our 
first  object — then  .  .  .  the  glory  of  the  actions  in  which  our  friends  have  fallen  may  be  some 
consolation  (William  Mudford's  Waterloo,  286). 

Third  son  of  George  Lord  Haddo,  510,  and  brother  of  George,  4th  Earl  of 
Aberdeen,  541 ;  i.  1786;  held  ten  medals  (D.A^.5.),  A  monument  to  Gordon 
was  erected  by  his  brothers  and  sister  at  Waterloo  (there  is  a  replica  at  Haddo 
House)  and  repaired  in  1837  at  the  public  expense,  M.  Brassau,  innkeeper  at 
Mont.  St.  Jean,  undertaking  to  look  after  it  {Times,  Oct.  6).  A  print  showing 
him  being  carried  off  the  field  appears  in  Kelly's  Waterloo  ;  a  long  account  of 
his  career  in  the  Aberdeen  Free  Press,  1899,  Jun.  17,  by  J.  M.  Bulloch. 

197.  Alexander.  1803,  Jul.  9,  Cornet,  15th  Lt.  Dgns.  1805,  Jan.  22, 
Lt.  1808,  Feb.  23,  Capt.,  3rd  W.  L  Reg.  (L.G.,  267);  Mar.  8,  Capt.,  15th 
Lt.  Dgns.  1808-9,  served  in  the  Peninsular  war  (Medal)  {ibid.,  339).  181 1, 
May  14,  60th  Ft.     181 1,  ret.  {A.L.,  1803-12,  W.O.,  A.L.,  P.R.O.,  MS.  note). 

Laird  of  Auchlunies  and  Ellon,  son  of  the  3rd  Earl  of  Aberdeen  ;  b.  1786  ; 
m.,  Albinia  Louisa,  dau.  of  Lady  Albinia  Cumberland,  and  had  Bertie  Edward 
Murray,  283,  Charles  Alexander  Boswell,  345,  and  Richard  Lewis  Hobart, 


1176-  Compiled  a  journal  of  the  events  of  the  campaign  under  Sir  John 
Moore  (from  notes  taken  on  the  spot)  immediately  after  his  return  to  England, 
now  in  the  possession  of  the  Laird  of  Ellon. 

198'  Alexander.  1803,  Sep.  27,  Capt.,  Ealing  and  Brentford  Vols. 
{L.G.,  1298). 

199-  Sir  Alexander.  1803,  Oct.  29,  Capt.,  Kirkcudbrightsh.  Gentle- 
men &  Yeo.  Cav. ;  Dec.  17,  Lt.  Col.,  Kirkcudbright.  Vols.  {L.G.,  1480,  1765). 
1808,  Jul.  7,  Lt.  Col.  Comdt. ;  Sep,  24,  Lt.  Col.  Comdt.,  Kirkcudbright.  Mil. 
{ibid.,  1263,  1 142). 

Son  of  William,  of  Culvennan ;  b.  1748,  m.  1769,  Jul.  17,  Grace 
Dalrymple,  only  sister  of  Sir  John  Dalrymple  Hay,  Bart,  of  Glenluce,  and  d. 
1830.  He  had  David,  404,  and  James,  750  (Bulloch's  Gordons  of  Culvennan, 
Dumfries  Courier,  Aug.  31,  1906). 

200.  Alexander.  1804,  Cadet,  H.E.LC.S.  (Bengal).  1806,  Apr.  4,  Ens., 
5th  N.L  1808,  Jan.  25,  Lt.  1814,  Dec.  11,  Qr.  Mr.  and  Inter.,  2nd  Batn. 
1819,  Aug.  12,  d.  at  Anopsheer  {E.I.  Reg.  1804-19). 

201-  Alexander.  1804,  Jul.  14,  Ens.,  Aberdeensh.  Mil.  {L.G.,  852); 
Dec.  18,  Lt.  {ibid.,  1805,  p.  3).  1806,  2nd  Lt.,  92nd  Ft.  1808,  Mar.  3,  Lt. 
1813,  Jul.  25,  wounded  at  the  siege  of  San  Sebastian  {G.M.,  vol.  83,  pt. 
2.  P-  596).  1816,  Oct.  25,  "placed  on  h.p.  by  Med.  Board  on  account  of  ill 
health,  receiving  no  difference  and  not  at  his  own  request"  {A.L.,  1807-61; 
W.O.  Offs.  Services,  H.P.,  1847,  1854,  P.R.O.). 

Son  of  the  Rev.  John,  minister  of  Alvie,  and  Ann  Matheson ;  b.  at 
Lynvousley,  where  he  lived  and  farmed  after  his  retirement,  and  d.  there  1856. 
Brother  of  George,  544' 

202.  Alexander.  1805,  Aug.  11,  Asst.  Surg.  H.E.LC.S.  (Bombay). 
1807,  Mar.  17,  5th  N.L,  ist.  Batn.  1808,  Aug.  25,  2nd  N.L,  2nd  Batn.  1809, 
May  5,  ist  N.L,  ist  Batn.  1813,  Troop  of  Nat.  Cav.  1815-6  on  furlough. 
181 7-8,  served  in  Deccan  war,  as  Med.  Store-keeper,  and  with  the  Irreg. 
Horse;  shared  in  the  prize  money.  1818,  Jan.  i,  Surg,  to  the  Residency, 
Satara.     1819,  Poonah  Aux.  Forces  {E.I.  Reg.  1806-20:  I.O.  Rec). 

Eldest  son  of  Rev.  Dr.  George,  534 ;  b.  1 786,  Apr.,  in  Aberdeen  ;  student, 
Marischal  Coll.,  1800-3;  nominated  for  H.E.LC.S.  by  Charles  Grant,  on  re- 
commendation of  the  Duke  of  Gordon  ;  d.  1819,  Mar.  2,  at  Satara,  of  cholera 
"after  a  short  illness  of  seven  hours,  caught  by  infection,  while  administering 
relief  to  a  poor  native  Indian"  {S.M.,  vol.  5,  p.  487).  Gordon  left  his  estate 
to  his  brother  George,  540.  with  instructions  to  "  do  the  best  he  can  for  the 
family  at  home  ".  Full  account  of  family  by  J.  M.  Bulloch,  in  Huntly  Express, 
1907,  July  5. 


203.  Alexander.     1805,  Dec.  3,  Ens.,  Peterhead  Vols.  {L.G.,  1683). 

204.  Alexander.  1807,  Jul.  3,  Ens.,  Madras  European  Inf.,  H.E.I.C.S. 
1809,  Jan,  3,  granted  four  months  leave  to  Nagpoor  on  private  affairs ;  Apr. 
II,  appt.  to  do  duty  with  Resident's  Escort,  Nagpoor  Native  Court.  1810, 
Jun.  30,  Lt.  1813,  Nov.  26,  honorary  reward  for  proficiency  in  Hindustani. 
1814,  Jan.  18,  additional  distinction  for  proficiency  in  Persian.  1816,  Oct.  14, 
2nd  Asst.  to  the  Resident,  Nagpoor.  181 7,  served  at  Poonah,  sharing  in 
booty.  1822,  Feb.  28,  Bt.  Capt:,  1823,  sent  to  the  Cape  for  ten  months  on 
s.c.  1824,  May  i,  Capt.  1830,  Mar.  3,  Bt.  Maj. ;  Sep.  10,  Maj.  ;  ist  asst. 
to  the  Resident,  during  the  absence  of  Mr.  Wilder.  1832,  Mar.  26,  res.  this 
appt.,  granted  furlough  to  Europe,  sailed  Mar.  30,  retiring  from  the  service  from 
Mar.  26.  ;  "  the  Resident  of  Nagpoor  had  a  high  sense  of  Major  Gordon's 
services,  and  derived  much  advantage  from  the  steadiness  of  his  principles, 
his  good  judgment  and  long  experience  "  {E.I.  Reg.,  1808-32  ;  I.O.  Rec). 

Son  of  James  in  Tillienaught,  founder  of  the  existing  Gordons  of 
Newton;  bap.  1790,  Jan.  9,  at  Fordyce ;  nominated  for  H.E.I.C.S.  by  J. 
Cotton;  m.  Maria  Margaretta  de  Wet,  a  Dutchwoman  {d.  1886),  and  had 
seventeen  children  including  Alexander  Ansdell,  220,  George  Wilkinson 
Ramsay,  602,  Henry  Wilson,  656,  John  Andreas  Davidson,  1015,  Stannus 
Verner,  1299,  and  William,  1461.  Gordon  d.  185 1,  Sep.  28,  at  Boulogne 
sur  Mer,  where  he  had  lived  for  many  years  {House  of  Gordon^  11.  (482)). 
His  eldest  dau.  Anna  Maria,  d.  1910,  Feb.  19  at  91  Warwick  Rd.,  London, 
in  her  83rd  year  (Times).     Brother  of  James,  747,  and  William,  1432- 

205-  Alexander.  1808,  Aug.  26,  Ens.,  8ist  Ft.  181 1,  Mar.  2,  Lt. 
1821,  Apr.  19,  h.p.,  34th  Ft.  1827,  Jun.  21,  Lt.,  97th  Ft.  {L.G.,  1428).  1828, 
Jun.  5,  22nd  Ft.  {ibid.,  1165)  1830,  Oct.  26,  Capt.  of  Inf.,  unat.,  h.p.  (ibid., 
2235).  1833,  Oct.  4,  Capt.,  92nd  Ft.  {ibid.,  1783);  ^.  in  1834  (/I .L.  1809- 
35,  W^.O.,^.L.,  P.R.O.,  1834). 

206.  Alexander.     1810,  May  31,  Maj.,  Banffsh.  Mil.  {L.G.,  861). 

207.  Alexander.  1812,  May  27,  Asst.  Surg.,  R.N.  1822,  Oct.  7, 
Surg.,  ret.  {N.L.).  1864,  med.  practitioner,  parish  of  St.  Fergus  {Medical 
Register,  1859);  d.  1872-3. 

208-  Alexander.  1814,  Mar.  19,  Ens.  &.  Lt.,  Coldstream  Gds.,  2nd 
Batn.  1815,  served  at  Waterloo  (Medal)  {A.L.,  1815-9;  Dalton's  Waterloo 
Roll  Call.). 

Son  of  William,  IV.  of  Aberdour,  1419,  b.  1798;  said  to  have  been  k. 
1 818,  Apr.  I,  at  Cambrai,  France,  in  a  duel  with  a  French  officer. 

209-10.  Alexander.  1815,  Sep.  i,  2nd  Lt.,  R.E.  1823-4,  served  as  Senior 
Off.  in  Demerara  during  an  insurrection  of  the  negroes  ;  mentioned  in  general 


orders  and  received  the  thanks  of  the  Court  of  Policy  of  United  Colony  of 
Demerara  and  Essequibo  {G.M.,  vol.  14,  N.S.,  pp.  534,  667).  1824,  Dec.  2. 
ist  Lt,  1825,  Mar.  25,  re-appt.  ist  Lt.  from  h.p.  1837,  Jan.  10,  Capt. 
1851,  Nov.  II,  Bt.  Maj. ;  Dec.  6,  Lt.  Col.  1854,  Nov.  28,  Bt.  Col.  1856, 
Sep.  10,  Col.  1861,  Apr.  20,  Maj.  Gen.  Served  many  years  in  Canada  and 
ultimately  at  the  Cape  of  Good  Hope    (Hart's  A.L.,  1840-64). 

Son  of  the  4th  Duke  of  Gordon  (who  got  him  his  com.);  b.  1794,  Feb. 
15  ;  educated  at  Rothes;  m.  1822,  Aug.  6,  Zeb6e  Ann  Rose  (6.  1797,  Feb.  28, 
d.  1874,  Oct.  20),  dau.  of  Francis  Joseph  Tonzi,  Comdr.,  French  Naval  Service, 
of  San  Domingo,  and  Mrs.  Howe,  widow  of  an  English  merchant.  Mrs. 
Gordon  and  her  twin  sister,  Lucinde  Antoinette,  were,  as  orphan  children, 
rescued  from  the  siege  of  San  Domingo,  and  brought  home  in  a  British 
warship,  the  Comdr.  of  which,  T.  E.  Symonds,  educated  them,  and  ?».  in 
181 5  Lucinde  Antoinette.  Gordon,  d.  1863,  Mar.  16,  at  22  Bloomsbury  Sq., 
London;  had  Alexander  William,  238,  and  George  Tindal,  b.  1832,  in. 
Elizabeth  Knyvett,  both  alive  and  residing  in  Melbourne  ;  they  have  Alexander 
Huntly,  George  Seton,  and  two  daus.  Of  Gordon's  six  daus.,  Theresa  Eliza 
Isabella  m.  Rev.  Donald  Eraser,  Free  High  Church,  Inverness  (G.M.  vol.  14, 
p.  667,  S.  N.  dr  Q.  Aug.  1905)  and  d.  1909,  Mar.  9,  at  St.  Leonard's-on-Sea, 
aged  78  (Times,  Mar.  12);  another,  Mereline  Victoria,  vi.  1858,  Aug.  6,  at 
Edgbaston,  William  Ledsam. 

211.  Alexander.  1831,  Mar.  15,  Capt.,  xo5th  or  P'orfar,  and  Kin- 
cardinesh.  Mil.  {L.G.,  1362;  A.L.,  Roy.  Mil.  6*  Yeo.  Cav.,  1850,  p.  143, 

212.  Alexander.  1838,  Apr.  6,  Ens.,  ist  Ft.,  ist  Batn.  {L.G.,  386). 
1841,  Aug.  3,  Lt.  1842,  Feb.  8,  Adj.  1847,  or  early  in  1848,  ret.  by  sale  of 
com.  (Hart's  A.L.,  1840-9);  b.  1820;  m.  1846,  Feb.  4,  at  Roscrea,  Tipperary, 
Mary  Bourchier  {b.  1825)  [w.O.  Offs.  Mrges.,  P.R.O.). 

213-  Alexander.  1844,  Nov.  11,  Cadet,  R.A.  1847,  May  2,  2nd  Lt. 
1848,  Jun.  30,  ist  Lt.  1854,  Aug.  4,  2nd  Capt.  1855,  got  out  to  Crimea  by 
obtaining  the  charge  of  a  draft  of  artillery  horses  for  Sebastopol.  Once  there, 
he  was  allowed  to  serve  and  did  duty  for  several  weeks  in  the  trenches,  in  the 
famous  battery  of  his  kinsman  Sir  John  William  Gordon,  1066;  Jun.  18,  was 
present  as  aide  to  Col.  Warde,  R. A.,  at  the  unsuccessful  attack  on  the  Redan, 
being  slightly  wounded  ;  Jul.  6,  k.  in  the  batteries  before  Sebastopol : — 

On  that  day  Captain  Gordon  had  been  requested  to  open  some  guns  upon  the  Russians 
for  the  purpose  of  directing  their  attention  from  one  of  our  working  parties.  He  had  success- 
fully accomplished  this,  when  he  suddenly  obsened  a  large  shell,  and  had  hardly  time  to  warn 
his  men,  who  got  safely  under  cover  ;  a  moment's  hesitation  as  to  which  side  the  missile  was 


falling  deprived  him  of  the  opportunity  of  safety.  He  was  killed  instantaneously.  His  services 
having  been  required  at  Woolwich,  he  was  to  have  returned  there  in  a  few  days,  and  when 
carried  back  to  his  tent  the  blue  envelope  was  found  on  his  table  still  further  hastening  his 
return.  To  use  the  words  of  General  Sir  Richard  Dacres,  "  he  was  killed  in  the  trenches  while 
nobly  fighting  his  guns,  leaving  no  spirit  more  brave  and  gallant  than  himself  amongst  his 
noble  corps  "  (N.  &•  Q.,  9th  ser.  viii.  452  ;  Mrs.  Brewster  Gordon's  'John  Gordon,  31 ;  Kane's 
ListofOffs.,R.A.  58.) 

Son  of  William  Gordon-Cumming-Skene  of  Pitlurg,  1537;  6-  i8a8,  Nov. 
30  ;  educated  at  Loretto. 

214.  Alexander.  1846,  Mar.  31,  Lt.,  Kirkcudbright  and  Wigtown  Mil. 
{L.G.,  pt.  2,  p.  1531). 

215.  Alexander.  1854,  Aug.  u,  Ens.,  14th  Ft. ;  Dec.  29,  Lt.  Served 
in  the  Crimean  Campaign,  1854-5,  including  battles  of  Alma,  Inkerman,  and 
in  the  trenches  at  the  siege  and  fall  of  Sebastopol  and  assault,  Jun.  18 
(Medal  and  clasps,  and  5th  Class  Medjidie).  1856,  went  to  Malta  with  his 
reg.,  as  Adj.,  arrived  May-Jun.  1861,  at  Newcastle, Jamaica;  Mar., in  charge 
of  a  Coy.  sent  to  Kingston.  1863,  Nov.  26,  Capt.  1866,  exchanged  into  1  ith 
Ft,  1867,  ret.  by  sale  of  com.  (Hart's  A.L.,  1855-68;  Capt.  O'Donnell's 
Rec.  14th  Reg.,  162,  175,  366). 

216-  Alexander.  1870,  Sep.  8,  ist  Lt.,  3rd  Middlesex  Art.  Vols. 
{L.G.,  pt.  6,  p.  42 10).  1874,  Jun.  3,  Capt.  {ibid.,  pt.  3,  p.  2865).  1886,  Mar.  24, 
hon.  rank  of  Maj.  {ibid.,  pt.  2,  p.  1414).  1891,  Feb.  14,  hon.  rank  of  Lt. 
Col.;  Sep.  19,  Lt.  Col.;  Oct.  17,  hon.  rank  of  Col.  {ibid.,  pt.  i,  p.  816,  pt. 
5,  pp.  4990,  5466).     1893,  Dec.  16,  res.  his  com.  {ibid.,  pt.  6,  p.  7322). 

217.  Alexander.  1874,  Mar.  18,  Sub.  Lt.,  Aberdeen  Mil.;  Jul.  i,  Lt. 
{L.G.,  pt.  3,  p.  3258,  Innes's  Aberdeensh.  Mil.).  1877,  Dec.  19,  Ens,,  90th 
Ft.  1878,  Jun.  17,  Lt.  Served  in  the  Gaika  War  1878,  including  operations 
in  the  Waterkloof  and  the  Perie  Bush,  Zulu  War.  1879,  present  in  engage- 
ments at  Zungin  Nek,  Kambula,  and  Ulundi  (Medal  with  clasps).  1882, 
Jun.  10,  Roy.  Horse  Gds.     1885,  Aug.  19,  res.  (Hart's  A.L.,  1878-86). 

Only  son  of  John  Gordon-Cumming-Skene,  of  Pitlurg,  and  his  first  wife 
Maria,  only  surviving  dau.  of  Capt.  W.  H.  Nares,  R.N. ;  b.  1857,  Jun.  14; 
m.  1885,  Apr.  9,  Ada  Wilson  {d.  1908,  Nov.  19)  an  actress,  and  had  John,  b. 
1886,  Feb.  4,  and  Charles,  b.  1888,  May  13.  Gordon  d.  1894,  Jun.  4,  at  his 
residence  in  Cornwall ;  buried  in  Kensal  Green ;  described  in  a  tablet  in  the 
Parkhill  burying  ground  as  "  Alexander  Gordon  Cuming  Skene  ". 

218-  Alexander  Junr.  1892,  May  4,  2nd  Lt.,  3rd  Vol.  Batn.  (Ren- 
frewsh.)  Princess  Louise's  Argyll  and  Sutherland  Highlrs.  1893,  Aug.  5, 
Capt.  1899,  Apr.  29,  Qr.  Mr.  {A.L.,  1892-1901,  Apr.). 


219-  Alexander.  1905,  Sep.  13,  2nd  Lt.,  5th  (Glasgow  Highland) 
Vol.  Batn.  (Highland)  Light  Inf.     1906,  Oct.  6,  Lt.  {A.L.,  1905 -Jan.  08). 

220-  Alexander  Ansdell.  1851,  Jan.  20,  Cornet,  H.E.LC.S.,  7th 
Madras  Light  Cav. ;  Jul.  2,  Lt.  1857,  Sep.  i,  Madras  Staff  Corps.  1858-60, 
on  furlough.  1863,  Apr.  10,  Capt.  1868-9,  served  with  ist  Lt.  Cav.  187 1, 
Jan.  20,  Bt.  Maj.     1873,  Apr.  i,  ret.  {E.I.  Reg.,  1851-73). 

Son  of  Alexander.  204  ;  b.  1832,  Oct.  17  at  Cape  Town  ;  educated  at 
Mr.  Day's,  Brixton,  Mr.  Ward's,  Kew,  and  Mr.  Rowsell's,  Godalming  ; 
nominated  for  H.E.LC.S.  by  Sir  R.  Jenkins  on  recommendation  of  his 
father;  m.  i860,  Apr.  30,  at  Hannington,  Wilts,  Lucy  Catherine  (b.  1839), 
youngest  child  of  Capt.  Frederic  Johnstone,  54th  Ft.,  and  had  Lily  Isabella 
Willes,  b.  1861,  Mar.  12,  bap.  May  14,  at  Bangalore,  d.  1883,  Sep.  3;  and 
Ramsay  Frederick  Clayton,  1170.  Gordon  d.  in  1874  {House  of  Gordon,  11. 
(484) ;  I.O.  Rec). 

221.  Alexander  Att wood.  1883,  Jan.  15,  Cadet,  R.N.  1885,  Jun.  15, 
Mid.     1889,  Jun.  14,  Act.  S.  Lt.     1892,  Apr.  i,  Lt.     1903,  ret.     {N.L.). 

Only  surviving  son  of  Isadore  Sidgesmund,  a  German,  who  emigrated 
to  South  Africa  where  he  m.  Isabel  Ingle  Maclear,  niece  of  Sir  Thomas 
Maclear;  d.  1904,  Apr.  14.  at  4  Woodpath,  Southsea,  aged  34  {Times). 
Brother  of  George  Maclear,  591- 

222.  Alexander  Crombie.  1831,  May  31,  Vol.,  ist.  class,  R.N.,  "  Bar- 
ham  ".  1833,  Jun.  6,  Mid.  1834,  Mar.  23,  "  Malabar  ".  1838,  Jan.  2,  passed 
examination.  Served  as  Mate,  N.  American,  W.  Indian  and  Mediterranean 
Stations,  in  '•  Cleopatra  "  and  "  Queen  ".  1842,  Sep.  17,  Lt.,  "  Queen  "  ;  Oct. 
6,  "  Inconstant,"  Mediterranean.  1847,  Apr.  20,  discharged.  1853,  Oct.  22, 
Comdr.  1854  Feb.  10,  "  Majestic  ".  1855,  "  Bulldog,"  Baltic.  1858,  Feb. 
5,  Capt.,  "Amphion,"  Mediterranean,  and  "Cadmus,"  N.  America;  sub- 
sequently commanded  the  "  Blackbriar,"  coastguard  ship  at  Greenock.  187 1, 
ret.  1875,  I^ec.  II,  R.  Adm.  1880,  Jan.  20,  V.  Adm.  {N.L.,  1842-93; 
O'Byrne's  Nav.  Biog.  Die). 

Third  son  of  John  of  Cairnbulg,  971;  b.  1818,  Dec.  3,  at  Mormond 
House,  Rathen ;  J. P.  for  Aberdeenshire;  d.  1893,  Dec.  23,  at  3  Albyn  Place, 
Aberdeen  {Times,  Dec.  28). 

223.  Alexander  Duff.  1832,  Aug.  27,  Vol.,  ist  Class,  R.N.,  "Win- 
chester," aged  13.  1833,  Apr.  17 — Nov.  2,  "Blanche".  1834,  Aug.  29, 
"Raleigh".  1837,  Jul.  i.  Mid.  (extra).  1838,  Jul.  28,  Mid.,  "Viper  ".  1840, 
Feb.  12,  passed  as  Lt.  1842-3,  employed  as  Mate  "  Excellent,"  gunnery  ship, 
Portsmouth  ;  afterwards  joined  "  Illustrious,"  N.  American  and  W.  Indian 
stations.     1845,  Dec.  6,  Lt.  for  rank.     1846,  Jan.  12,  Lt.,  "Electra".     1853, 



May  3,  Comdr.  {Adm.  Indexes,  Midshipmen,  P.R.O. ;  O'Byrne'8  Nav.  Biog. 
Die;  N.L.,  1841-57). 

Third  son  of  Thomas  Dufif  Gordon-Duflf  of  Park,  1543;  b.  1820,  Mar. 
2  ;  d.  1856,  Dec.  4,  at  sea,  off  West  Coast  of  Africa. 

224.  Alexander  Dunlop.  1849,  Dec.  11,  Ens.,  H.E.I.C.S.  (Madras); 
1850,  Sep.  3,  24th  N.I.  1856,  Jul.  4,  Lt.  1862,  Jul.  30,  Capt.,  102nd  Ft. 
{E.I.R.,  1850-62). 

Son  of  William  Alexander,  of  the  Croughly  family,  1474;  b.  1830,  Nov. 
29,  at  Inverlochy,  bap.  Dec.  16  ;  educated  at  Nairn,  Kemnay  Acad.,  and 
Addiscombe  ;  nominated  by  Lt.  Col.  Sykes  on  recommendation  of  Sir  C. 
Forbes,  Bart.  ;  m.  1862,  Nov.  8,  Margaret  Mackenzie  {d.  1871,  in  America) 
youngest  dau.  of  Sir  George  Simpson,  Gov.  of  Rupert's  Land  and  Hudson's 
Bay,  and  had  a  posthumous  son  (who  d.  s.p.,  1892).  Gordon  d.  1863,  Jul. 
12,  at  Sandown,  Isle  of  Wight;  bur.  at  Kirkmichael,  Banffsh.  (7.0.  Rec. ; 
Croughly  Book,  63  ;  Reg.  Kirkmichael). 

225.  Hon.  Sir  Alexander  Hamilton.  1834,  May  2,  Ens.  and  Lt., 
Grenadier  Gds.  1840,  May  15,  Lt.  and  Capt.  1849,  Apr.  10,  Capt.  and  Lt. 
Col.  1854,  Feb,  22,  Extra  Equerry  to  Prince  Consort;  Nov.  28,  Col.  Served 
on  the  Q.M.G.'s  Staff  throughout  Crimean  Campaign,  1854-5,  including  Alma, 
Balaclava,  Inkerman  (horse  killed)  and  siege  of  Sebastopol  (Medal,  4  clasps ; 
C.B. ;  Off,  of  the  Legion  of  Honour;  3rd  Class  of  the  Medjidie  and  Turkish 
Medal).  1856,  Feb.  25,  Lord  Panmure  wrote  to  Sir  W.  Codrington,  "the 
report  of  McNeill  and  Tulloch  is  giving  us  no  end  of  trouble  and  every 
attempt  is  being  made  to  ruin  Airey  and  Gordon  ;  but  I  will  uphold  them  as 
far  as  I  can,  for,  though  many  things  might  have  been  better,  I  conscientiously 
believe  they  did  their  utmost  to  perform  the  arduous  duties  with  which  they 
were  charged"  {Panmure  Papers,  11.  129).  1856,  Oct.  17,  Lt.  Col.  unat.  h.p. 
1862,  May  20,  Equerry  to  Queen  Victoria.  1863,  Jun.  8,  Maj.  Gen.  1872, 
Jan.  I,  Lt.  Gen. ;  Jul.  5,  Col.,  looth  Ft.  1873,  K.C.B.  1877,  Oct.  i,  Gen. 
1881,  ret.  (Hart's  A.L.,  1840-91,  A.L.,  1835-90).  1883,  Feb.  14,  Hon.  Col., 
3rd  Aberdeensh.  (Buchan)  Rif.  Vols.  (L.G.,  pt.  i,  p.  796). 

Second  Son  of  George,  4th  Earl  of  Aberdeen,  541 ;  b-  181 7,  Dec.  11 ;  m. 
1852,  Dec.  9,  Caroline  Emilia  Mary,  dau.  of  Sir  J.  F.  W.  Herschel,  ist  Bart,; 
and  had  nine  children  including  Alexander  Hamilton,  226>  Francis  Henry 
Hamilton,  456,  George  Herschel  Hamilton,  580,  and  William  Reginald 
Hamilton,  1509-  Wrote  "  Remarks  on  National  Defence,  Volunteers  and 
Rifles  with  a  report  on  experiment  with  small  arms  carried  at  the  Royal  Manu- 
factory at  Enfield,"  1852  (8vo,  1853).  "An  Enquiry  into  the  Defects  of  the 
Organisation  of  the  Army,"  1875.     Gordon  d.  1890,  May  19. 


226-  Alexander  Hamilton.  1880,  Feb.  18,  Lt.,  R.A. ;  served  in 
Afghan  War  (Medal).  1888,  Apr.  i,  Capt.  1894,  Aug.  3 — 1897,  Dec.  10, 
Brig.  Maj.,  Malta.  1897,  Oct.  9,  Maj.  1900,  served  in  S.  African  War  on 
the  Staff,  relief  of  Ladysmith,  including  operations  Jan.  12-24,  and  en- 
gagements at  Spion  Kop,  operations  Jan.  5-7,  action  at  Vaal  Krantz  on 
Tugela  Heights  and  engagement  at  Pieter's  Hill,  Natal,  including  action  at 
Laing's  Nek,  and  the  Transvaal,  east  of  Pretoria,  Jul.  6 — Nov.  9,  including 
actions  at  Belfast,  and  Leydenburg ;  mentioned  in  despatches  (Medal,  six 
clasps).  1900,  Nov.  29,  Bt.  Lt.  Col.  1901,  Jan.  15 — Mar.  i,  D.A.A.G. 
(Intell.)  S.  Africa;  Apr.  24 — Oct.  27,  Inst.  Sch. lof. Gunnery ;  Oct.  28 — 1904, 
Mar.  I,  D.A.Q.M.G.,  ist  Army  Corps;  Mar.  2,  Bt.  Col.  1905,  Apr.  23,  Lt 
Col.;  Jun.  13,  Subst.  1904,  Mar.  2 — 1910,  Mar.  4,  A.Q.M.G.  (Mobn.)  H.Q. 
of  Army,  Gen.  Staff  Off.,  ist  Grade;  Mar.  5,  h.p. ;  Mar.  25,  f.p.  1907,  June 
28,  C.B.  1909,  Jun.  13 — 1910,  Mar.  4,  Gen.  Staff  Off.,  ist  Grade,  E.  Comd. ; 
Mar.  25,  Dir.  Mil.  Opns.  H.  Q.,  India. 

Eldest  son  of  Sir  Alexander  Hamilton,  225;  b.  1859,  Jul.  6;  m.  1888, 
Oct.  15,  at  Holy  Trinity  Ch.,  Murree,  Isabel,  dau.  of  Maj.  Gen.  George  New- 
march,  and  has  Eileen  Muriel,  b.  1889,  Jul.  17,  bap.  Sep.  10  at  St.  Johns 
Ch.,  Naini  Tal.  1903,  patented,  (No.  22756)  "improvements  relating  to 
sighting  apparatus  for  ordnance,"  so  that  calculations  for  the  correction  of 
drift  and  of  the  want  of  level  of  the  gun  trunnions  were  rendered  unnecessary. 
Portrait  in  A  Hadsecf^  (Arad),  1909,  Dec.  16. 

227-  Alexander  Henry.  1759,  Oct.  30,  2nd  Lt.,  Marines.  1763,  h.p. 
1764,  Feb.  27,  P'ort  Adj.  &  Barrack  Master,  Tobago.  {A.L.,  1760-4;  S.M., 
vol.  26,  p.  168;  W.O.  Notifications,  P.R.O.) 

228-  Alexander  Henry.  1828,  Mar.  18,  Vol.  Cadet,  H.E.I.C.S.,  Bom- 
bay Marine  ;  Jun.  i,  "  Duchess  of  Athol " ;  Jul.  i,  Mid.,  "Coote".  1832, 
"  Elphinstone ".  1833,  "Tigris".  1835,  Act.  Lt.,  "Cootc";  Jun.  8,  Lt, 
"Elphinstone".  1838,  Mar.  i,  appt  to  perform  duties  of  Purser  on  [.  .  .]. 
1839,  Feb.  23,  in  charge  of  "  Hastings"  ;  Apr.  20,  in  charge  of  "Taptee" 
brig;  Jul.  12,  Supt.  of  Pattamars,  Qr.  Mr.,  Standing  Committee  of  Survey; 
Sep.  20,  in  command  "  Taptee  "  ;  "  the  Gov.  in  Council  e.xpresses  his  high 
approbation  of  his  conduct  on  the  occasion  of  a  fire  on  board  the  steam  vessel 
•  Atalanta,'  and  states  that  by  the  intrepid  exertions  of  himself  and  others  the 
vessel  and  her  valuable  machinery  were  preserved  uninjured " ;  Oct.  7, 
"Zenobia";  Dec.  24,  temporary  command.  1841,  Feb.  26,  furlough  to 
Europe  for  three  years  on  s.c. ;  selected  to  proceed  to  Portsmouth  to  study 
Naval  Gunnery  on  the  "Excellent".  1843,  Mar.  16,  granted  leave  of 
absence  from  "Excellent".      1843,  Apr.  3  and  Jul.  6,  given  introductions  to 


Maudslay,  Sons  &  Field,  and  Robert  Napier's  factories  to  enable  him  to 
improve  his  knowledge  of  steam  engines  and  machinery ;  Sep.  6,  permitted 
to  return  to  India  overland  ;  Oct.  25,  informed  that,  his  health  not  having 
admitted  of  his  going  through  the  theoretical  branch  of  the  Gunnery  Service, 
the  period  of  his  attendance  cannot  be  reckoned  as  actual  service  in  India, 
1844,  Mar.  21,  removed  from  "Hastings"  to  temporary  command  of  the 
"  Euphrates  ".  1845,  '"  charge  of  "  Atalanta  ".  1847,  Sep.  13,  Comdr., 
1848,  Apr.  I,  temporary  command  of  the  "  Ajdaha  " ;  Jun.  13,  granted  fur- 
lough to  Europe  for  three  years  on  s.c.  1850,  Nov.  8,  ret.  {E.I.  Reg., 
1829-51;  I.O.  Rec).  Gordon  was  presented  with  a  Damascus  blade, 
mounted  to  correspond  as  nearly  as  possible  to  the  service  blade  of  the 
Indian  Navy,  by  Seyyid  Said,  Imaum  of  Muscat,  now  in  the  possession  of 
Archibald  Gordon  Pollock,  Dorking,  his  godson  ;  Gordon  and  Pollock's  father, 
Robert  John,  3rd  son  of  Sir  Frederick  Pollock,  ist  Bart.,  mar.  sisters. 

Second  son  of  Charles,  IV.  of  Fyvie  (who  was  a  grandson  of  the  2nd  Earl 
of  Aberdeen) ;  b.  1813,  Jan.  14,  hap.  Dec.  20,  at  Compton  m.  Catherine  Jane 
Bradby  {h.  1819).  dau.  of  Adm.  Peter  Douglas:  succ.  his;  brother  William 
Cosmo,  1484>  as  VI.  of  Fyvie  ;  d.  s.p.  of  heart  disease,  1884,  Mar.  5,  in 
the  Town  and  County  Bank,  head  office,  Aberdeen. 

229-  Alexander  Henry,  i860.  May  8,  ist  Lt.,  Hampshire  Art.  Vols., 
ist  Coy.  {L.G.,  pt.  3,  p.  1793).     1861,  May,  res.  (ibid.,  pt.  2,  p.  1281). 

230.  Alexander  Hermann  Adam.  1856,  Feb.  i.  Ens.,  Brit.  German 
Legion.  1857,  Jan.  17,  Adj.  1858,  May  15,  Lt.  1856,  Nov.  11 — 1858,  Oct. 
14,  served  at  Cape  of  Good  Hope;  Oct.  15 — 1860,  Mar.  4,  E.  Indies;  Sep. 
21,  Ens.,  78th  Ft.  1861,  Jun.  18,  exchanged  to  98th  Ft,  1862,  Jan.  2 — 1867, 
Apr.  25,  E.  Indies.  1864,  Aug.  5,  Lt.  1868,  May  20 — 1873,  Dec.  9,  Adj. 
1873,  Jan.  28 — Jun.  11,  W.  Indies;  served  throughout  Ashanti  war;  Jul.  6, 
landed  on  the  Gold  Coast ;  made  Comdt.  of  Houssas,  and  Adj.  of  Armed 
Police ;  organized  scouting  parties,  patrols,  and  reconnaissances  to  discover 
the  positions  of  the  enemy  ;  made  the  first  rough  map  of  the  neighbourhood  ; 
selected  the  positions  and  constructed  the  important  redoubts  of  Napoleon 
and  Abbaye,  covering  Cape  Coast  and  Elmina  respectively ;  began  the  Cape 
Coast-Coomassie  Road,  and  had  made  it  practicable  for  artillery  as  far  as 
Dunquah  before  Wolseley's  arrival ;  the  Off.  Comdg.  R.E.  reported  when  Maj. 
Home,  R.E.,  took  over  the  task,  "  I  have  now  seen  the  road  from  Cape  Coast 
to  Yancomassie  Fantee ;  with  the  exception  of  3^^  miles  between  Yamoranza 
and  Assayboo,  it  is  all  fairly  passable  for  infantry  in  fours.  I  think  Gordon 
deserves  great  credit  for  what  he  has  done."  Placed  on  list  of  special 
Service  Ofifs.,  and  commanded  the  guard  of  working  party  at  head  of  road 



till  the  middle  of  Oct.,  when  placed  in  command  of  Houssas  ;  Nov.  5-6, 
commanded  them  at  repulse  of  Ashanti  army  at  Abrakrampa,  and  Nov.  8,  at 
reconnaissance  in  force ;  commanded  Houssa  Coy.,  Russell's  Reg.,  at 
capture  and  destruction  of  Adubiassie,  battle  of  Amodful,  capture  and  des- 
truction of  Becquah,  advanced  guard  engagement  of  Jarbinbah  (slightly 
wounded),  skirmishes  and  ambuscade  affairs  between  Adwabin  and  the  river 
Ordah,  battle  of  Ordahsu,  and  capture  of  Coomassie;  Dec.  10,  promoted 
Capt.,  84th  Ft.,  "  in  recognition  of  his  valuable  services  with  Houssas  and 
other  forces  under  his  orders,  whilst  operating  against  Ashantis  " ;  several 
times  mentioned  in  despatches  (Medal  with  clasp).  Maj.  Gen.  Whitworth 
Porter  (R.E.,  11.  pp.  11-12),  says  that  "Gordon  had  proved  himself  a  most 
valuable  man  ;  he  seemed  to  have  an  influence  over  the  native  workmen 
very  difficult  to  obtain,  and  he  showed  great  skill  and  tact  in  the  selection  of 
those  he  engaged.  The  consequence  was,  that  whilst  desertions  were  rife 
in  all  the  other  parties,  those  which  had  worked  under  Gordon  proved  steady 
and  trustworthy."  1874,  Apr.  1,  Bt.  Maj. ;  May  13,  Capt.,  65th  Ft.  1875, 
Aug.  13 — Oct.  I,  Brig.  Maj.,  Bengal.  1876,  Apr.  15 — Nov.  i,  Chief  Insp.  of 
Musketry,  Bengal.  1878,  Nov.  12 — 1879,  J un.  20,  Brig.  Maj.,  Afghan  Cam- 
paign ;  mentioned  in  despatches  (Medal) ;  Nov.  22,  Bt.  Lt.  Col.  (under  Roy. 
Warrant  1878,  May  i).  1879,  Nov.  17 — 1884,  Nov.  16,  Comdt.  Mil.  Police, 
Cyprus.  1881,  Jan.  i,  h.p. ;  Jul.  i,  Maj.,  h.p.,  York  and  Lancaster  Reg. 
(Roy.  Warrant,  Jun.  25).  1883,  Nov.  22,  Bt.  Col.  1884,  Dec.  10,  Maj.,  York 
and  Lancaster  Reg.,  2nd  Batn.  1885,  Mar.  35,  ret.  on  ret.  p.,  with  hon. 
rank  of  Maj.  Gen.  (Hart's /I. L.,  1861-94;  Maj.  G.  A.  Raikes'  Roll  of  Off 5., 
York  and  Lancaster  Reg.,  2nd  Batn.). 

Son  of  Alexander,  Sheriff"  Substitute  of  Dornoch,  who  was  a  grand- 
nephew  of  Alexander,  of  Cairnfield  (Bulloch's  Gordons  of  Cairnfield) ;  b.  Sep. 
1836,  Sep.  1 8,  at  Heidelberg;  Student  Marischal  College,  1848-50  and  '51-2; 
m.  1874,  Sep.  24,  at  Hanwell,  Katherine  Sophia  Escandon  {b.  1849),  dau.  of 
Capt.  John  H.  Buchan,  R.N.,  The  Grove,  Hanwell  (James  Lewis  Gordon 
being  a  witness),  and  had  Duncan  Robert  Wolseley,  419.  Harry  Francis 
Adam,  620,  Katherine  Eva  Isabel,  b.  1875,  Sep.  29,  bap.  Oct.  26,  at  Lucknow 
(actress,  under  the  name  of  "  Kirsteen  Graeme  ") ;  Alexander  John  Douglas, 
b.  1878,  May  31,  bap.  Jul.  17,  d.  1883,  Jun.  3,  at  Nicosia,  Cyprus;  Alexandra 
Viola,  b.  1884,  Sep.  20,  at  Hanwell;  m.  191 1,  Jul.  25,  at  St.  Peter's,  Cranley 
Gardens,  London,  Francis  Rowsell  Cunningham ;  and  Mary  Carmichael, 
b.  1887,  Apr.  8,  at  Hanwell.  Gordon  d.  1893,  Feb.  16,  on  board  the  "Aden," 
homeward  bound,  being  then  Capt.  Supt.  of  Police,  Hong  Kong;  bur.  with 
military  honours  at  Singapore  {Times,  Feb.  27  ;  W.O.,  Offs.  Mrges,,  P.R.O. ; 
I.O.  Rec).     Mrs.  Gordon  d.  1906,  Jun.  3,  at  Elgin  {Times). 


231.  Alexander  James.  1879,  Feb.  8,  and  Lt.,  3rd  (afterwards  ist) 
Forfarsh.  Art.  Vols.  {L.G.,  pt.  2,  p.  603).  1881,  Jul.  i,  Lt.  1885,  Mar.  7, 
Capt.  {ibid.,  pt.  2,  p.  974).  1894,  Apr.  4,  Hon.  rank,  of  Maj.  {ibid.,  pt.  2,  p. 
1885).     1901,  Jun.  26,  Maj.  {ibid.,  pt.  3,  p.  4254,  A.L.,  1880— Jun.  1902). 

Fourth  son  of  Alexander,  of  Ashludie,  1823-1911;  educated  at  Harrow 
(Bulloch's  Gordons  in  Forfarsh.,  26).  Brother  of  William  Alexander,  1475, 
and  cousin  of  William,  1469- 

232.  Alexander  James  Marriott.  1898,  Jan.  12,  Lt.,  4th  Batt.  E. 
Surrey  Reg.  (Mil).  1899,  Oct.  18,  2nd  Lt.,  27th  Innis.  Fus.  1900,  Nov.  i6» 
Lt.  Served  in  S.  African  War,  1899-1901,  relief  of  Ladysmith,  including 
action  at  Colenso,  where,  finding  his  half  Coy.  somewhat  demoralised  at  the 
spectacle  of  a  comrade  torn  to  pieces  by  the  bursting  of  a  shell  in  their  midst, 
he  coolly  walked  up  and  down  as  they  lay  under  some  slight  cover,  rolling 
cigarettes  for  the  men  and  assuring  them  they  were  perfectly  safe ;  while  thus 
engaged,  he  observed  Private  Macquillan  of  his  reg.  lying  wounded  on  the 
veldt,  200  yards  away  under  a  hailstorm  of  bullets.  Lt.  Gordon  went  out 
into  the  line  of  fire,  picked  up  his  man,  and  carried  him  into  shelter,  single 
handed,  but  Macquillan  died  next  morning.  Took  part  in  the  operations  in 
Natal,  1900,  Mar. -Jun.,  in  the  Transvaal,  east  of  Pretoria,  Jul.-Nov.,  including 
actions  at  Belfast  (Aug.  26-27)  and  Lydenberg  (Sep.  5-8)  in  the  Transvaal, 
Nov.  30 — 1901,  Jun.  (Queen's  Medal,  one  clasp).  1906,  Aug.  5,  Capt.  {A.L., 

Second  son  of  James  Rollings,  of  Auchendolly,  817;  b.  1879,  Sep.  30. 

233-  Alexander  Love.  1775,  Dec.  6,  Surg.  Mate,  R.N.,  "Sphynx," 
previously  Mate,  "Prudent".  1777,  Dec.  14,  "Scarborough".  1779,  Jul. 
17,  Surg.,  "Cyclops".  1781,  Sep.  25,  "  Perseus".  1783,  Jan.  21,  "Orpheus  ". 
{Adm.  Offs.  appt.  by.  N.  Board;  Surgeons'  Services,  1742-1815,  P.R.O.). 
1793,  Feb   16,  h.p. 

Born  1757  ;  m.  1788,  Nov.  6,  at  St.  Anne's,  Soho,  Harriet  Anna  Brown, 
Ealing  {b.  1758);  d.  1828,  May  28,  aged  71;  bur.  in  Ealing  Ch.,  monument 
describing  him  as  "  formerly  of  the  parish,  but  late  of  Gorleston,  Suffolk " 
{Adm.,  Wid.  Pensions,  P.R.O.  ;  Thomas  Faulkener's  Brentford,  Ealing  and 
Chiswick,  191). 

234  Alexander  Robert  Gisborne.  1901,  May  18,  2nd  Lt.,  i8th  R. 
Ir.  Reg.     1904,  Jan.  29,  Lt.     1909,  Aug.  3,  Capt.  ;  Oct.  i,  Adj.  {A.L.). 

Son  of  Alexander  Hamilton  Miller  Haven,  of  Delamont  and  Florida, 
CO.  Down,  and  Ada  Austen,  dau,  of  the  famous  Governor  Eyre;  1896-1900, 
at  Rugby  School ;  brother  of  Henry  Gisborne,  645,  and  John  de  la  Hay,  1023 ; 
grand-nephew  of  James  Gisborne,  797,  and  gt.  grand-nephew  of  John  Craw- 
ford, 1022. 


235.  Alexander  Sinclair.  1796,  Jan.  30,  Adj.,  London  and  West- 
minster Lt.  Horse  Vols.  {L.G.,  114).  1797,  Feb.  7,  Lt.  {ibid.,  121).  1803, 
Nov.  19,  Bt.  Capt.  {ibid.,  1593).  1808,  Jul.  2,  Capt.  {ibid.,  912).  Still 
serving  in  181 7  {List  of  Mil.  Offs.  and  Yeo.  Cav.,  Gt.  Brit.,  181 7,  P.R.O.). 

Sixth  son  of  Charles,  XII.  of  Abergeldie  ;  i.  1760;  d.  s.p.,  at  Strath- 
peffer,  1837,  Jun.  30  {House  of  Gordon,  i.  (97)-(io2)).  Entered  Drummond's 
Bank  in  1776  {Add.  MSS.  35,511,  f.  99).  The  family  possess  an  oil  portrait 
of  him  in  uniform,  on  horseback,  with  drawn  sword  ;  an  engraving  was  done 
in  stipple  by  A.  Garden,  after  A.  W.  Devis.  Henry  Angelo  {Reminiscences, 
I.  439)  calls  him  a  "Joyous  convive ;  certain  Scottish  songs  which  he  sang 
with  peculiar  nationality  were  delectable  to  hear  ".  Brother  of  Sir  Charles, 
306,  and  William,  1410. 

236.  Alexander  Theodore.  1899,  Nov.  18,  2nd  Lt.,  Gordon  Highlrs. 
3rd  Batn.  (Mil.).  1900,  Jun.  30,  2nd  Lt.,  1st  Batn.  Served  in  S.  African 
War,  operations  in  Transvaal  east  of  Pretoria,  Jul. -Nov.,  Orange  River 
Colony,  May-Nov.  1904,  Capt.,  Scottish  Horse.  1906,  Jul.  10,  Capt.,  3rd 
Gordons  {A.L.,  1900 — Jan.  1908). 

Only  son  of  Alexander  Morison,  of  Newton  {House  of  Gordon,  11. 
(491-2));  b.  1881,  May  11  :  ed.  at  Glenalmond  ;  now  breeding  pedigree  short- 
horns at  Combscauseway,  Insch ;  ni.  1910,  Jul.  6,  at  St.  Peter's,  Eaton 
Square,  London,  Cecilia  Margaret,  widow  of  James  E.  Moss,  son  of  Sir 
Edward  Moss,  and  dau.  of  Robert  Crawford,  Leith  {Times). 

237.  Alexander  Weston.  1878,  May  i.  Ens.,  Roy.  Dublin  Fus. 
1880,  served  in  Afghan  War  (Medal).  1881,  Mar.  12,  Lt.  1887,  Jul.  i, 
Capt.  1895,  Ja"-  5»  Maj.  1900,  Nov.  29,  Bt.  Lt.  Col.  Served  in  S.  African 
war,  1 899-1 902,  relief  of  Ladysmith,  including  action  at  Colenso  (severely 
wounded) ;  operations  in  Transvaal  east  of  Pretoria,  Jul. ;  Comdt.,  Potchef- 
stroom  ;  Transvaal,  Dec. — May,  1901,  Jan. — May,  1902.  (Despatches,  L.G., 
Sep.  10,  1 901,  Queen's  Medal,  2  clasps,  King's  Medal,  2  clasps.)  1904, 
Maj.,  2nd  in  command.     1907,  Jul.  29,  h.p. ;  Aug.  3,  ret.  p.  {A.L.,  1878-1910). 

Son  of  John,  989  ;  b.  1859,  Jul.  29;  ;;/.  Katherine  Fanny  Clay,  niece  of 
Sir  Benjamin  Lumsden  Gordon,  and  has  Charles  Alexander  Cosmo,  b.  1895, 
Mar.  2,  bap.  Apr.  20,  at  Quetta. 

238.  Alexander  William.  1842,  Mar.  11,  Ens.,  ist  Ft.  1844,  May 
3,  Lt.  1848,  Dec.  29,  Capt.  Served  at  the  siege  of  Delhi,  1857,  present  at 
repulse  of  sorties,  Jul.  4  and  18,  action  of  Nuggufghur,  Aug.  25,  where  he 
comd.  reserves.  Medal  (clasp)  and  1858,  Jan.  19,  Bt.  Maj.  1868,  Nov.  16, 
Maj.;  Dec.  29,  Bt.  Lt.  Col.  1873,  Jan.  15,  Lt.  Col.  1875,  Dec.  22,  Col. 
1876,  May  31,  hon.  rank  Maj.-Gen.,  ret.  f.p.  (Hart's  A.L.,  1843-92,  A.L., 
1843— Oct.  '91). 


Son  of  Alexander,  209;  b.  1823,  Sep.  26,  at  Demerara  ;  m.  i8si,Jun.  19, 
at  Bishopsbourne  Rectory,  Kent,  Mary  Elizabeth  (b.  1826,  d.  s.p.  1862)  eldest 
dau.  of  T,  A.  Whitney,  of  Merton,  co.  Wexford  {G.M.,  vol.  36,  N.S.,  p.  315)  ; 
m.  2ndly,  after  187 1,  Constance  Mary  Mordague  (or  Mordac),  who  survived 
him,  s.p.     Gordon  d.  1891,  Aug.  23. 

239.  Alfred.  1892,  Aug.  6,  Mid.,  R.N.  Reserve.  1898,  Aug.  13,  S. 
Lt.     1909,  ret.  {N.L.,  1892 — Oct.  1910). 

240.  Alfred  Ernest.  1882,  Dec.  9,  Lt.  (Supy.)  ist  Middlesex 
(Victoria)  Vol.  Batn.  King's  Roy.  Rif.  Corps  :  previously  in  the  ranks  {L.G., 
pt.  6,  p.  6252).  1884,  Jun.  14,  res.  {ibid.,  pt.  3,  p.  2612) ;  went  back  to  the  ranks. 
1893,  J""-  1 7'  2nd  Lt.  (Supy.)  {ibid.,  pt.  3,  p.  3458).  1897,  Jan.  6,  res.  {ibid., 
pt.  I,  p.  69). 

Tenth  son  of  Charles  (described  by  J.  M.  Bulloch,  in  Huntly  Express, 
1907,  Aug.  23,  30);  claims  descent  from  Gordon  of  Abergeldie  ;  one  member, 
Rev.  Osborne  (D.N.B.)  was  King  Edward's  tutor  at  Oxford.  B.  1853, 
Oct.  6 ;  commands  ist  batt.,  Ely,  Church  Lads'  Brigade ;  lives  at  Bed- 
ford ;  ;;/.  1884,  Sep.  10,  Ada  Marion  Fellows,  and  has  a  dau.  and  two 
sons,  one  of  them,  Archibald  Douglas,  b.  1888,  Apr.  14,  being  in  Indian 
Police  since  1907.  Brother  of  Francis  Alexander,  449,  and  William  Henry, 
1500,  and  nephew  of  John  Rolfe,  1060. 

241.  Alfred  Ernest.  189 1,  Jul.  24,  2nd  Lt.,  R.A.  1894,  Jul.  24,  Lt. 
1899,  Nov.  13,  Capt.  1899,  Apr.  5 — 1902,  Jun.  3,  Ord.  OfT.,  4th  C.C.  1903, 
Mar.  3 — 1904,  Dec.  i,  Adj.,  8th  Lane.  R.G.A.  Vols.  1905,  Dec.  5,  h.p.  {A.L., 

Son  of  Hamilton  Winkup,  B.C.S. ;  b.  187 1,  Nov.  25,  bap.  1872,  Mar. 
14,  at  Patna;  Cheltenham  Coll.,  1886;  Woolwich,  1889.  {Cheltenham  Coll. 
Reg.,  386).     Brother  of  Hamilton  Charles,  611- 

242-  Alfred  William.  1881,  May  30,  2nd  Lt.,  Duke  of  Edinburgh's 
Wilts.  Mil.  {L.G.,  pt.  2,  p.  1439);  Jul.  i,  Lt.  {A.L.,  1882). 

Seventh  son  of  Charles  William,  of  Wincombe,  Wilts,  379 ;  educated 
at  Marlborough,  1872-6;  1883-93,  planted  sugar  in  British  Guinea;  resides 
at  Epsom. 

243-  Algernon  Hyndman.  1841,  Cadet,  H.E.LC.S.  (Madras) ;  Dec. 
24,  Ens.,  52nd  N.L  1844,  Oct.  22,  Lt. ;  granted  leave  to  Europe  on  s.c.from 
Feb.  27 — 1846,  Jan.  8,  and  1853,  Jul.  9 — 1856,  May,  then  four  months  ex- 
tension. 1856,  Nov.  23,  Capt.  1863-5,  served  with  31st  N.L  1865,  Nov.  i, 
2nd  in  command,  19th  N.L  1866,  Sept.  12,  Maj.  1868,  May  3,  Lt.  Col. 
1869,  Aug.  14,  Lt.  Col.,  S.C. ;  in  England  on  furlough,  ret.  (E.I.  Reg., 
I.A.L.,  1842-70). 


Fifth  son  of  John,  VII.  of  Kethocks  Mill,  Aberdeen,  and  Marie  Victoria 
Blanc ;  b.  1824,  Oct.  26,  bap.  Nov.  26,  in  Kensington,  parents  living  at 
Norland  House  ;  educated  at  Rev.  Mr.  Wickham's,  Hammersmith,  Rev.  W. 
Edmond's,  Brighton,  and  Addiscombe  ;  nominated  for  H.E.I.C.S.,  by  J.  P. 
Muspratt,  on  recommendation  of  V.  Adm.  Sir  Charles  Adam  in  1841,  when 
his  widowed  mother  was  living  at  Wandsworth ;  m.  1847,  Jul,  15,  at 
Palaveram,  Madras,  Eliza  Carnegie  (b.  1832),  dau.  of  David  Carnegie  Low, 
and  had  Marie  Emily  Elizabeth,  b.  1850,  Nov.  9,  bap.  Dec.  16  ;  d.  1851,  Jul. 
16,  bur.  in  Vellore  Old  Cemetery.  Gordon  d.  1876,  Veh.  2  ;  his  widow  d.  1879, 
Feb.  12  (/.O.  Rec]  family  described  S.N.  <S*  Q.,  1900,  Jul.:  1902,  May). 
Brother  of  John,  985.     Uncle  of  Theodore,  1310. 

244.  Alister  Fraser.  1890,  Oct.  8,  2nd  Lt.,  Black  Watch;  Nov.  12, 
2nd  Lt.,  Gordon  Highlrs.  1893,  Sep  i,  Lt.  1895,  served  in  Chitral  with 
relief  force  (Medal  with  clasp).  1897-8,  Tirah  actions  of  Chagru  Kotal  and 
Dargai,  capture  of  the  Sampagha  and  Arhanga  Passes,  operations  in  Waran 
Valley  and  action  of  Nov.  16,  operations  in  Bara  Valley,  Dec  7-14  (De- 
spatches, L.G.,  1898,  Apr.  5,  2  clasps).  1899,  May  28,  Capt ;  served  with 
Central  African  Rifles  and  King's  African  Rifles  1899,  Apr,  12 — 1902,  Apr.  i  r. 
1900,  fought  in  W.  Africa,  and  in  Ashanti ;  Nov.  29,  D.S.O.  (Despatches, 
L.G.,  1901,  Mar.  8.)  S,  African  War,  1901-2,  Railway  Staff"  Off",  and  Station 
Staff"  Off^. ;  operations  in  Transvaal,  1901,  Sep. — 1902,  May  31  (Queen's 
Medal,  three  clasps).  1903,  Jan.  21  — 1906,  Jan.  20,  Adj.  1908,  Jul.  4,  Maj. 
{A.L.,  1891-1910).     General  Staff" Officer,  N.E.  Coast  Defences. 

Third  son  of  William  Alexander  Grant  and  grandson  of  James  of 
Croughly,  755;  b.  1872,  Feb.  i  ;  m.  1908,  Jan.  9,  at  St.  James's,  Spanish 
Place,  Pilar  Eliza  Mary,  3rd  dau.  of  Charles  Edward  Harris  Edmonstoune- 
Cranstoun  {d.  1888)  of  Corehouse,  Lanarksh.  (portraits  in  The  Gentlewoman, 
Feb.  i),  and  has  Margaret  CoUette  May,  b.  1909,  Jan.  13,  at  Corehouse  and 
Alastair  Joseph  Edgar,  6.  1910,  Aug.  11,  at  Newcastle-on-Tyne  (Croughly 
Book,  65  ;  Debrett's  Peerage,  under  Baron  Staff"ord). 

245.  Allan  Bell.  Served  in  S.  African  War;  Capt.,  King  Williams- 
town  Guard;  comdg.  C.  Squadron  {A.L.,  1900-3;  S.  African  Who's  Who, 
1908,  p.  155). 

Son  of  the  Rev.  John  ;  b.  1863,  Sep.  27,  at  All  Saints,  Transkei,  Cape 
Colony;  m.  1889,  Feb.  5,  G.  E.  Nettleton,  and  has  four  children  ;  S.  African 
manager  of  the  Sun  Insurance  Co. 

246.  Andrew.  1759,  Sep.  8,  Ens.,  56th  Ft.  1761,  May  4,  Lt.,  79th 
Ft.  1767,  Apr.  8,  Lt.,  26th  Ft.  1768,  Oct.  29,  Capt.  {L.G.).  1777,  Mar. 
25,  Maj.  (ibid.).     1781,   May   23,  Lt.  Col.,  E.  Indies;    Nov.   13,  Lt.   Col., 


loist  Ft.  (ibid.).  1782,  Jun.  13,  Col.,  E.  Indies.  1783,  Apr.  21,  served 
under  Maj.  Gen.  Stuart  in  India  ;  in  command  of  and  Line  (4th  &  5th 
Brigades)  at  Cuddalore  (Lt.  W.  I.  Wilson's  Madras  Army,  11.  76).  1784, 
Jun.  29,  Lt.  Col.,  26th  Ft.  {L.G.,  454).  1794,001.  4,  Maj.  Gen.  (ibd .,  loii). 
1795,  Comdt.  of  Forces  in  Jersey  during  absence  of  Govr. ;  Dec.  26,  Col., 
89th  Ft.  {ibid.,  514,  1472).  1797,  Col.,  59th  F^t.  and  Lt.  Govr.  of  Jersey,  salary 
;fi72  17s.  6d.  (ibid.,  216,  273).  1799,  Dec.  14,  Lt.  Gen.,  Jersey  only  (ibid., 
37).     1801,  Mar.  28,  Col.,  26th  Ft.  (ibid.,  393). 

Second  son  of  James,  II.  of  Ellon;  d.  i8o6,  Apr.  17,  in  Jersey  (Times, 
Apr.  20,  S.M.,  vol.  68,  p.  397).  Gordon  figured  as  Maj.  Gen.  Stuart's 
second  in  his  duel  with  Lord  Macartney  in  Kensington,  1786,  Jun.  8  (Annual 
Reg.).  Brother  of  James,  712  (Bulloch's  "  Gordons  of  Ellon,"  Huntly 
Express,  1906,  Dec.  8,  1909,  Feb.  19). 

247.  Andrew.  1761,  Feb.  6,  Staff  Surg.,  Hosp.  at  Belleisle ;  then  at 
Martinico.  1763,  h.p.  (A.L.,  1765-72;.  1772,  erased  in  MS.  (W.O.,  A.L., 

Probably  son  of  Francis,  Surg.,  Fochabers;  Student  Marischal  Coll., 
Abd.,  1745  ;  M.D.,  1761  (House  of  Gordon,  i.  (496)). 

248-  Andrew.  1785,  Jun.  23,  Boatswain,  R.N.,  aged  33,  m.  at  St. 
Luke's,  Middlesex,  Mary  Lytham,  aged  23,  both  of  this  parish  ;  afterwards 
superannuated  and  pensioned  ;  d.  1826,  Feb.  6,  at  Sutton,  near  Hull ;  his 
widow  received  pension  (Adm.  Wid,  Pensions,  P.R.O.). 

249.  Andrew.  1900,  Aug.  6,  Qr.  Mr.,  9th  Vol.  Batn.,  Roy.  Scots 
(A.L.,  1900 — ^Jan.  '08). 

250-  Andrew  Robertson.  1870,  Feb.  13,  S.  Lt.,  R.N.  187 1,  May  24, 
Lt.     1873,  Oct-,  ret.  (N.L.,  1870— Apr.  '94). 

Second  son  of  Peter  Laing  (who  took  the  name  of  Gordon)  of  Craigmile  ; 
b.  1 83 1,  Feb.  13,  at  Aberdeen  ;  went  to  Canada  after  leaving  Navy  ;  attached 
to  Meteorological  Observatory,  Toronto.  1880,  Dep.  Supt.,  Meteorological 
Service  of  Canada.  1884,  commanded  an  expedition  to  determine  the  length 
of  time  during  which  Hudson's  Bay  was  navigable  (in  connection  with  a 
projected  railway  from  Manitoba)  and  to  make  surveys.  Explorations  during 
three  seasons  1884-6  proved  that  the  Bay  would  admit  of  safe  navigation 
during  four  months  of  the  year  (Appleton's  Cyclopedia  of  American  Biog.  ; 
Pratt's  People  of  the  Period,  i.  453).  Served  as  Lt.,  Canadian  Army. 
M.  1872,  Mary  Elizabeth,  only  dau.  of  Sir  Melville  Parker,  6th  and  last 
bart.  of  Harpur,  Warwickshire,  and  d.  1893,  Mar.  24,  leaving  three  sons  and 
three  daus.  Craigmile  Gordons  described  by  J.  M.  Bulloch  in  Huntly  Express, 
1910,  Aug.  ig,  26,  Sep.  2.     Brother  of  John,  possibly  1006* 

251.     Andrew  Rutherfurd.     Mid.,  R.N.     i860.  Mar.  7,  passed  as  Lt 


i86i,  May  22,  promoted  Lt,  1873,  May,  ret.  (Adm.  Indexes  Midshipmen, 
P.R.O. ;  N.L.,  186 1— Jan.  '97). 

Second  son  of  Sheriff  John  Thomson  (1815-65),  Edintore  family,  1063; 
b.   1840,  Mar.  7;  d.  about   1881  {House  of  Gordon,  11.  (411)). 

252-  Ann.  1757.  Feb.  3,  Ens.,  46th  Ft.  1758,  Jul.  6-8,  wounded  in 
hand  and  leg  at  the  attack  on  the  intrenchments  at  Ticonderoga  where  the 
French  defeated  us.  1759,  Jul.,  wounded  in  the  leg  at  the  siege  of  Niagara. 
1762,  Aug.  16,  Ens.,  42nd  Ft.  1763,  Jul.,  wounded  in  the  neck  and  shoulder 
in  fighting  the  Indians.  1763,  h.p. ;  Dec.  17,  wrote  from  Fort  Bedford  to 
Bouquet,  about  his  hard  treatment :  "  I  have  been  very  unlucky  in  the 
Service.  My  commission  cost  me  dear,  and  I  have  sustained  losses  in  this 
country  to  the  amount  of  £200  stg.  by  shipwreck,  etc. ;  now  a  reduced  Lt. 
after  seven  years  in  America  with  almost  the  loss  of  a  limb''  (Add.  MSS., 
B.M.  21,649,  f.  503). 

Son  of  Adam  and  Helen  Gray,  grandson  of  Sir  Adam  of  Dalpholly,  88, 
and  brother  of  Alexander,  162-  1763,  got  2000  acres  in  New  Hampshire 
as  a  reward  for  his  services,  by  Koyal  Proclamation.  1772,  Mar.  19,  got  1000 
acres  at  Albany,  N.Y.,  a  fourth  of  the  similar  grant  to  Capt.  John  Munro. 
1 775,  these  lands  confiscated  by  Congress.  Gordon  occupied  one  of  two  farms 
he  had  bought  at  St.  Sulpice,  29  miles  from  Montreal.  Attacked  by  cancer 
in  the  face,  in  addition  to  his  wounds,  he  attended  the  doctors  at  Quebec  for  six 
years.  1780,  started  for  E)ngland  for  treatment,  wrecked  in  the  St.  Lawrence, 
losing  everything  and  £300  in  Halifax  currency,  getting  home  with  great 
difficulty.  1 781,  mortgaging  his  farm,  he  went  to  London,  in  dire  straits.  1873, 
Apr.  3,  granted  £60  a  year  from  Jan.  5.  1786,  May,  applied  for  compensation 
for  the  loss  of  his  lost  3000  acres,  his  medical  attendant,  Dr.  Thomas  Birt, 
of  Blackman  St.,iSouthwark,  certified  that  Gordon  was  in  a  desperate  state, 
suffering  dreadfully  from  cancer  in  the  face  of  some  years'  standing,  and  quite 
blind,  "  when  called  in  to  attend  him  some  two  years  before  in  Sherborne 
Lane  (King  William  Street  ?)  had  caused  him  to  be  removed  to  his  sister's 
house  3  Winches  Row,  St.  George's  in  the  Fields,  for  better  air  ".  Gordon 
wrote  thence,  Nov.  6,  to  the  Commissioners  for  Settling  American  Claims — 

1  received  the  favour  yesterday  of  your  verbal  message  by  your  servant  intimating  my 
appearance  this  day  at  Lincoln's  Inn  Fields.  My  case,  my  unhappy  case,  can  only  be  described 
by  Dr.  Birt,  who  has  daily  attended  me  two  years,  and  whose  testimony  was  with  great 
humanity  received  on  my  behalf  by  the  Honble.  Board  of  Commissioners,  nothwithstanding 
my  unhappy  state,  let  the  consequences  be  what  it  may,  I  shall  appear  if  required. 

1787,  Jul.,  sent  in  a  further  sworn  statement  of  his  case;  d.  Aug.  22. 
By  codicil  (to  his  will),  1786,  Jun.  20,  he  appt.  his  nephew  Rev.  Sir  Adam 


Gordon,  bart.  of  Invergorden,  executor,  with  Alexander  Ellice,  and  Hector 
McKay.  The  following  letter  from  Mrs.  Gordon  reached  London  after 
Gordon's  death — 

I  received  your  letter  by  Major  Gray;  their  long  passage  made  it  so  late,  that  the 
shipping  were  gone  before  I  could  answer  it ;  but  I  write  by  Mrs.  Gibson,  which  I  hope  you 
have  received.  My  dear  Sir,  nothing  grieves  me  so  much,  as  to  find  your  complaint  was 
growing  worse,  which  now  confirms  my  fears  of  never  seeing  you  in  this  world,  but  must 
depend  upon  our  happiness  in  the  next.  In  my  present  situation,  which  you  must  know  to  be 
distressing  with  a  large  family,  I  shall  use  every  endeavour  in  my  power  to  do  that  justice  to 
our  dear  little  ones  that  my  circumstances  will  allow,  and  leave  the  rest  to  Providence.  Unless 
some  assistance  can  be  got  by  the  interest  of  your  friends  and  relations  to  support  me,  and 
those  that  can't  work  for  themselves,  God  only  knows  what  will  become  of  them.  Oh  mc,  in 
my  old  days  your  long  services  and  attachment  to  your  King  and  Country,  might  be  a  plea  for 
your  friends  to  petition  for  some  allowance  to  support  your  family.  The  services  you  received 
from  Sir  Adam  Gordon  I  shall  ever  pray  for  his  happiness  in  this  world  and  the  next.  I  wrote 
you  in  my  last  letter  of  Mr.  Dovie's  friendship  to  me,  since  you  went  home.  I  have  now  the 
happiness  to  assure  you  that  Major  and  Mrs.  Gray  will  take  James  as  their  own  child,  to  act 
by  him  as  their  own,  this  is  what  the  Major  said  he  promised  to  you.  He  will  be  so  good  as  to 
deliver  this  to  you,  or  in  case  of  death,  they  will  take  the  trouble  to  show  it  to  your  friends  and 
deliver  my  thanks  to  them  for  any  service  or  benefit  you  have  received,  and  hope  at  the  same 
time  my  distressed  situation  may  be  made  known  to  them,  in  case  God  puts  it  in  their  hearts 
to  take  a  little  notice  of  my  poor  children.  They  all  give  their  blessing  to  their  dear  Papa,  as 
does,  my  dear  Love,  your  affectionate  and  distressed  wife,  Marie  Joseph  velle  Gordon. 

1787,  Dec.  18,  £"20  pension  granted  to  widow  and  five  children,  and 
in  case  of  her  death  to  continue  until  children  were  reduced  to  one,  that 
one  to  have  £'10  (American  Loyalist  Claims,  Treasury  Rec,  P.R.O. ; 
J.  M.  Bulloch  in  Ross-shire  journal,  191 1,  April  21,  28,  May  6). 

253-  Anthony.  1781,  Apr.  30,  Ens.,  77th  Ft.  (L.G.,  Jun.  9)  ;  "removed 
in  a  few  months  into  67th  Ft.,  by  the  benevolence  of  Lord  Clonmel,  who 
purchased  a  Ltcy.  for  him  "  ;  Sep.  i,  Ens.,  67th  Ft.  {L.G.).  1784,  Feb.  21, 
Lt.  {ibid.  153).  1785,  Dec.  31,  either  he  or  Lt.  Adam,  102,  granted  leave  of 
absence  till  1786,  Jul.  i,  on  private  affairs  {W.O.  Leave  of  Absence,  P.R.O.). 
1793,  Oct.  8,  Capt.  Lt.  {L.G.,  905).  1794,  Aug.  6,  Capt.  1795,  J"'-  ^'  ^^P*- 
of  Invalid  Coy.  at  Chatham  Barracks  {ibid.,  718).  1797,  Mar.  2,  Maj.,  Invalids 
in  Alderney;  Mar.  23,  Maj.  Comdg.  (?6i^.,  217,273).  1800,  ret.  f.p.  (.r^.L., 
1 782- 1832).  1805,  published  a  Treatise  on  the  Science  of  Defence  for  the 
Sword,  Bayonet  and  Pike  in  Close  Action  (London,  4to,  19  plates;  dedi- 
cated to  the  Duke  of  York),  which  Captain  Alfred  Hutton  describes  (in 
Fixed  Bayonets)  as  the  "  earliest  known  work  giving  any  idea  of  attack  and 
defence  with  the  bayonet".  In  his  "Return  of  Services"  (1828,  Dec  13) 
he  says  : — 



It  was  and  is  to  my  dearest  friend  and  Protector,  the  late  Earl  of  Clonmel,  I  owe  every- 
thing .  .  .  including  the  idea  of  the  Bayonet  Exercise.  This  invention  while  living  he  ascribed  to 
me.  I  had  been  about  lo  years  in  Trinity  Coll.,  Dublin,  either  as  Scholar  of  the  House  or  Master, 
etc.  My  noble  friend  was  critically  conversant  in  the  first  application  of  the  powers  of  the 
Liver.  He  taught  me  the  mode  of  applying  the  musket,  so  as  to  obtain  the  advantage  of 
loo  : :  I  !  against  a  man  not  similarly  instructed.  He  attended  all  the  exhibitions  of  it  before 
the  Lord  Lt.,  the  Duke  of  Rutland  and  the  Comm. -in-Chief.  It  was  proved  and  admitted  that 
the  30  men  I  had  could  easily  defeat  in  close  action  the  whole  garrison  in  equal  numbers  at 
the  same  time.  It  was,  under  the  illustrious  sanction  of  the  Duke  and  Sir  William  Pitt, 
offered  to  His  Majesty's  notice,  notwithstanding  the  hostility  of  Sir  David  Dundas.  His 
Majesty  ordered  100  recruits  to  be  drilled  in  Chatham  ;  they  were  honoured  with  His  Majesty's 
inspection,  and  approbation,  Feb.  i,  1796,  in  Pimlico;  and  on  the  Friday  after  at  his  Royal 
Levee,  His  Majesty  extended  his  Royal  hand  to  my  lips,  using  the  expression  "  Col.  Gordon  ". 
Now,  were  I  honoured  with  your  permission,  I  should  at  my  leisure  prepare,  and  wait  upon 
you,  with  a  statement  of  particulars  such  as  might  induce  you  to  rescue  a  momentous  subject 
from  destruction.  If  you  will  grant  me  an  opportunity,  I  promise  by  facts  to  make  this  subject 
clear  and  as  true  as  one  of  the  Corollaries  of  Euclid. 

Son  of  Nathaniel,  farmer;  b.  1746,  in  Donegal:  entered  Trin.  Coll., 
Dublin,  as  a  pensioner,  1770,  Nov.  i,  aged  24.  Gordon,  whose  wife  had  in 
1828  been  dead  "nearly  five  years,"  had  two  sons  (i)  Anthony,  b.  1794,  Feb. 
4;  entered  St.  Paul's  school,  i8o6.  May  6;  captain  181 1-2;  captain  of  the 
school  181 1-3;  Campden  Exhibitioner,  and  Perry  scholar.  Trinity  Coll., 
Cambridge,  B.A.,  junior  op.  1815  {St.  Paul's  School  Reg.  231)  ;  curate  at 
Westminster,  1828;  chaplain  of  his  Coll.  1838-58;  (2)  Francis  Hastings, 
b.,  Westminster,  1806,  May  6;  educated  at  Bristol;  admitted  1826,  Oct.  2, 
as  a  Sizar  to  Trinity  Coll.,  Cambridge,  B.A.  1831.  Gordon,  who  was  in  1828 
living  at  118  Paul  St.,  Kingsdown,  Bristol,  aged  87,  d.  183 1  {W.O.,  Offs. 
Services,  1828,  P.R.O.). 

264-  Anthony.  1794,  Oct.  11,  Ens.,  112th  Ft.  1795,  h.p.  1825,  res. 
or  ret.  {A.L.,  1795-1826). 

255.  Anthony.  1811,  Dec.  31,  Ens.,  5th  Roy.  Vet.  Batn.  {L.G.,  2501) 
on  recommendation  of  the  Duke  of  York  (previously  served  32  years,  4  months 
in  R.A.,  ret.  on  pension  of  2s.  2d.  a  day).  1814,  ret.  f.p.  1828,  "incapable  of 
serving,  72  years  of  age,  unm.,  and  in  bad  health,  living  at  St  John's,  Clachan 
of  Dairy,  New  Galloway,  Kirkcudbrightsh."  {W.O.,  Offs.  Services,  1828, 
P.R.O.) ;  (L  there,  intest.,  1843,  Sep.  17.  His  grandson,  Anthony  Gordon- 
Candlish,  "his  nearest  lawful  heir  and  next  of  kin"  of  the  same  place, 
claimed  amount  of  full  pay  due  at  Gordon's  death  {A.L.,  1813-44;  Hart's 
A.L.,  1840-4;  W.O.,  Certificates^  P.R.O),  and  died  1846,  Jan.  19,  his  son, 
also  Anthony  Gordon-Candlish,  being  served  heir  special  to  him  in  two  plots 
with  houses  thereon  in  St.  John's,  1867,  Jun.  21. 


256-  Archibald.  1740,  Jun.  9,  Bt.  Capt.,  27th  Ft.  1742,  Oct.  14, 
Capt.  from  h.p.  {MS.  A.L.,  1742,  p.  84,  1752,  p.  255,  P.R.O.  Quarters  of 
the  Army  in  Ireland,  1749-52).  1747.  Nov.,  employed  in  hunting  Sir 
William  Gordon,  Jacobite  Laird  of  Park,  informing  Lord  Findlater,  that  on 
their  road  a  well  dressed  man  crossed  their  path  at  a  gallop  at  a  quarter  of  a 
mile  distance.  The  Capt.  thought  it  necessary  to  send  an  officer  to  examine 
the  fugitive,  who  then  set  spurs  to  his  horse,  and  "  drove  through  the  boggs 
up  a  hill  as  fast  as  he  could  ;  but  the  officers  in  pursuing  got  their  horses 
bogg'd  and  found  themselves  environed  with  dykes  and  boggs,"  Sir  William 
escaping  through  his  better  knowledge  of  the  country  (Grant's  Banffsh. 
Roads,  pp.  59-60).  1758,  Jul.  6-8,  served  at  the  attack  on  the  entrenchments 
at  Ticonderoga,  wounded  ;  July  16,  Maj.  1762,  Jan.  11,  Lt.  Col. ;  d.  in  Cuba 
{A.L.,  1754-62,  S.M.,  vol.  24,  pp.  168,  503;  Abd.  Joxir.,  1762,  Oct.  11). 

Will,  dated  1757,  Feb.  21,  proved  by  his  widow  Mary,  1763,  Feb.  23, 
Prerogative  Court,  Dublin,  mentions  wife,  son  Charles,  and  dau.  Isabella 
(Mrs.  Ahmuhty)  {Dublin,  R.O.).  Mrs.  Gordon  received  pension  1762-7, 
when  she  presumably  d.  or  m.  {W.O.,  Wid,  Pensions,  P.R.O.). 

257.  Archibald.  1742,  Jun.  4,  Surg.  Mate,  R.N.,  Deptford  (qualified 
Jun.  I,  Barbers  and  Surgeons'  Hall) ;  Jul.  19,  "  Dolphin  "  ;  Jul.  22,  "  Solebay  " 
which  took  many  prizes  including  the  Spanish  register  ship  "Concordia," 
valued  at  ;^2oo,ooo,  taken  1744,  Feb.  20.  1744,  captured  by  the  French  and 
taken  to  Brest  {Adm.,  Surgeons    Qualifications:  Offs.  appt.  by  N.  Board). 

Second  son  of  Sir  Thomas,  3rd  bart.  of  Earlston,  1316;  b.  1719. 
1737,  Jun.,  apprenticed  for  three  years  to  George  Cunningham,  Edinburgh. 
1742,  May  I,  sailed  for  London  on  the  "Hope".  1743,  Jan.,  set  out  for 
Plymouth,  "where  he  continued  to  his  great  regret,  being  of  a  sober,  religious 
turn  of  mind,  and  could  not  relish  either  his  companions  or  way  of  life  ".  On 
leaving  Earlston  he  had  begged  his  brothers  to  make  their  wills,  but  they 
"imprudently  laughed  him  out  of  it".  Gordon  d,  unm.  of  fever  in  Brest 
hospital,  1745,  Jan.  11,  aged  26,  his  father  recovering  £"1300  of  his  prize 
money  {Earlston  MS.). 

258-  Archibald.  1752,  Nov.  14,  Boatswain,  R.N.  "Severn;"  warrant 
given  at  Jamaica,  Port  Royal  Harbour  {Adm.,  Foreign  Appts.,  P.R.O. ). 

259-  Archibald.  1771,  Jul.  25,  Ens.,  53rd  Ft.  1775,  Aug.  2,  Lt. 
1779,  Apr.  15,  he  and  other  prisoners  on  parole,  sent  a  memorial  from  Easton 
to  Gen.  Sir  Henry  Clinton  {Roy.  Inst.  MSS.,  Hist.  MSS.  Com.,  i.  418): 
appears  in  "  List  of  British  Oflf.  prisoners  with  Americans,  exchanged  since 
Oct.  25,  1780"  {L.G.,  1781,  Feb.  24).  1786,  sent  to  England  from  Canada 
by  Brig.  Gen.  Howe,  in  charge  of  a  sergeant  and  32  privates,  invalids  and 


discharged  men,  of  different  regiments  ;  Aug.  20,  sailed  in  "  Admiral  Parker  " 
transport;  Sep.  13,  arrived  Portsmouth;  Sep.  14,  wrote  to  Sec.  at  War  foi 
orders  with  regard  to  these  men  "  many  very  infirm  .  .  .  and  unable  to 
make  a  journey  by  land  ;  "  Sep.  23,  announced  his  arrival  at  Chelsea,  having 
marched  with  the  sergeant  and  22  privates  from  Portsmouth  the  previous 
Tuesday  {W.O.,  In  Letters,  Misc.,  Sec.  at  War).     1787,  h.p.  83rd  Ft. 

Seventh  son  of  Alexander  (Davidson)  Gordon,  XI.  of  Gight,  whose 
mother,  Mary  Gordon,  heiress  of  Gight,  ;».  Alexander  Davidson  of  Newton 
(House  of  Gordon,  i.  (281),  11.  (475));  hap.  at  Fyvie,  1754,  Oct.  15;  d.  1792, 
Nov.  28,  at  Ardmurchin  {Ahd.  Jour.,  A.L.,  1772-1805). 

260.  Archibald.  1795,  Jan.  10,  Capt.  and  Paymaster,  (previously  Lt.) 
Dumfries  Fenc.  Cav.  {L.G.,  99)  and  took  part  in  repressing  the  Irish  rebellion 
of  1798. 

1798,  Jul.,  15C0  rebels  attacked  Clonard,  were  repulsed,  escaped,  were  pursued,  and 
having  eventually  formed  a  strong  position  on  the  road  to  Ardee,  were  put  to  confusion. 
Some  fled  into  the  Bog,  where  a  large  number  were  killed,  and  two  Standards  taken.  Others, 
whp  escaped,  went  towards  Ardee,  the  rest  retreated  over  the  Boyne  towards  Garretstown, 
where  they  were  again  attacked  by  Capt.  Gordon,  Dumfries  Lt.  Dragoons,  who  had  assembled 
130  infantry,  consisting  of  detachments  of  Fermanagh  and  Carlow  Militia  the  Swords 
Yeomanry,  and  about  100  Cavalry,  consisting  of  part  of  the  Dumfries  Reg.,  the  Finga',  the 
Coolock,  the  Balbriggan  and  Lord  Gormanstown's  Yeomen.  The  rebels,  being  mounted,  Col. 
Gordon  ordered  a  great  part  of  his  cavalry  to  pursue,  and  on  their  advancing,  the  rebels  dis- 
mounted, and  fled  in  all  d:rection8.  Not  100  remained  on  the  ground  when  the  infantry  came 
up,  and  they  were  dispersed  on  the  first  discharge,  and  then  pursued  by  Lord  Gormanstown's 
troop.  Gordon  states  the  loss  of  the  rebels  to  have  amounted  to  150  men,  while  he  captured 
200  horses.  This  service  was  performed  without  any  loss  on  the  part  of  His  M  ijesty's  troops. 
Gordon  th  nks  it  but  justice  to  the  Carlow  and  Fermanagh  detachments  to  say  that  after  a 
severe  march  of  8  hours,  they  pressed  forward  with  the  greatest  alacrity,  and  that  the  exertions 
of  the  Dumfriesshire  Yeomanry  answered  his  warmest  expectations  {Dublin  and  Irish  Monthly 
R'g;  Aug.  1798,  p.  79). 

1799,  Mar.  12,  Maj.  {L.G.,  477;  A.L.,  1800-1;  List  of  Offs.  Mil.  Fenc. 
Cav.  &*  Inf.f  Irish  Estah.,  1799- 1800). 

Second  son  of  Gilbert  of  Halleaths  (1722-89)  ;  served  his  heir  1790,  Mar. 
20;  ni.  1798,  Feb.  6,  at  Dumfries,  Margaret,  2nd  dau.  of  John  Ponsonby  of 
Egremont,  Cumberland  {G.M.,  vol.  68,  p.  169),  and  had  Gilbert,  d.  unm.  1845  ; 
Archibald,  went  to  America,  d.  1847  ;  and  John  Ponsonby,  1057-  1816,  Jul. 
9,  Consul  of  Havre  {G.M.,  vol.  86,  pt  2,  p.  79);  d.  1841,  Jul.  25,  aged  69 
{G.M.,  vol.  16,  N.S.,  pp.  223,  446).  His  children's  tutor,  William  Seaton, 
was  drowned  while  bathing  at  Skinburness,  1810,  Sep.  i  {G.M.,  vol.  80, 
pt.   I,  p.  278). 


261.  Archibald.     1803,  Nov.  22,  Maj.,  Annandale  and  Eskdale  Batn., 
Dumfriessh.  Vols.     {L.G.,  161 1). 

262.  Archibald.     1804,  Apr.  21,  Paymaster,  6th  Dgn.  Gds.  {L.G.,  519; 
A.L.,  1805-8,  IV.O.,  A.L.,  1805-7,  P.R.O.). 

263-  Archibald.  1836,  Jun.  28,  Asst.  Surg,  to  Forces  {L.G.,  1200); 
Oct.  14,  35th  ¥x.  {ibid.,  1784).  1844,  Jul.  23.  53rd  Ft.  1846,  served  in  the 
campaign  on  the  Sutlej  (Medal),  including  actions  at  Buddiwal,  Aliwal,  and 
Subraon.  1848,  95th  Ft. ;  Sep.  12,  Surg.  1848-9,  served  in  medical  charge 
24th  Ft.,  Punjaub  Campaign,  present  at  Sadoolapore,  Chillianwallah,  and 
Goojerat  (Medal  and  clasps).  1854-5,  served  in  the  Crimean  Campaign, 
present  at  the  affair  of  Bulganac,  Alma  (where  Maj.  H.  C.  Wylly  says  he 
was  wounded,  invalided  Oct.,  and  promoted  to  the  Staff  while  absent,  Surg. 
Maj.  Oct.  27),  and  capture  of  Balaclava,  P.  Med.  Off.,  2nd  Div.,  siege  of 
Sebastopol,  and  Kingbourn  expedition  (Medal,  three  clasps,  C.B.  (1856,  Feb. 
5),  Kt.  of  the  Legion  of  Honour,  and  Turkish  Medal).  1856,  Jan.  25,  Dep. 
Insp.  Gen.  1857,  P.  Med.  Off.,  Expeditionary  Force  to  China,  capture  of 
Canton  (Medal  with  clasp).  1858-9,  campaign  in  Oudh  (Medal).  1867,  Mar. 
9,  Insp.  Gen.  of  Hosp.  1870,  Jul.  i,  h.p.,  ret.  1870,  Aug.  9,  Hon.  Surg,  to 
Queen  Victoria  (Hart's  A.L.,  1840-87). 

Son  of  William,  of  Hallmyre,  Peeblesshire,  who  was  the  nat.  son  of 
Sir  William,  6th  bart.  of  Gordonstoun  (G.  E.  C.'s  Complete  Baronetage,  11. 
279);  h.  1812  ;  M.D,  Edin.,  1834  ;  m.  1851,  Jun.  3,  at  Edinburgh,  Magdaline 
{d.  1853  at  Rochester),  2nd  dau.  of  Charles  Ferrier  of  Baddinsgill,  tn.  2ndly, 
i860,  Apr.  21,  Mary  Preston,  2nd  dau.  of  William  Belton  Crealock,  Stanhope 
Place,  Hyde  Park,  and  had  issue.  Gordon  d.  1886,  Aug.  3,  at  Woodlands, 
West  Hoathley,  in  his  75th  year  (G.M.,  vol.  36,  N.S.,  p.  189,  vol.  40,  N.S., 
p.  loi,  vol.  8,  N.S.,  p.  510,  Richard  Trimen's  ^^th  Foot,  202;  Col.  W. 
Rogerson's  ^^rdFt.,  133-4  ;  Maj.  H.  C.  Wylly's  g^th  Reg.  in  the  Crimea,  96  ; 
D.N.B.).  Mrs.  Gordon  d.  suddenly,  1909,  Apr.  2,  at  her  residence,  Belmore, 
Lymington,  Hants,  aged  76,  bur.  at  Greenwich  (Times).  Brother  of  Charles, 
338,  and  George,  551- 

264.  Archibald  Alexander.  1900,  Aug.  21,  Capt.,  2nd  Q.V.B.,  Roy. 
Scots.  1905,  Jan.  10,  Maj.,  hon.  rank  of  Lt.  Col.  1906,  May  24,  res.  Legion 
of  Honour,  5th  Class,  France  ;  Crown  of  Italy,  Offs.  Cross  ;  St.  James  of  the 
Sword  Knight's  Cross  {A.L.,  1900-6). 

Second  son  of  William  Eagleson,  M.D.,  Bridge  of  Allan  (1821-73),  de- 
scended from  William  Gordon,  farmer,  Ballyskeagh,  Leckpatrick,  co.  Tyrone 
{Huntly  Express,  1909,  Nov.  19,  26);  b.  1867,  Sep.  3;  m.  1892,  Dec.  i, 
Maude,  twin  dau.  of  Maj.  Gen.  Edmund  Davidson  Smith,  and  has  several 


sons.  1896,  Nov.  16,  admitted  to  the  Roy.  Coy.  of  Archers  (the  King's  Body- 
guard in  Scotland);  1889,  a  chartered  accountant;  1906,  May  24,  appointed 
private  sec.  to  the  Duke  of  Wellington  ;  interested  in  the  Franco- Scottish 
Soc.  (A.  C.  Fox-Davies'  Armorial  Families,  1902,  p.  519;  Who's  ]VJw). 
Brother  of  Robert  Aaron,  1257,  and  William  Eagleson,  1489. 

265.  Archibald  Campbell.  1826,  Asst.  Surg.,  H.E.I.C.S.  (Bengal); 
Jun.  13,  Art.  1827,  serving  at  Agra.  1828,  Jan.  3,  7th  Lt.  Cav.  1830,  Jan. 
4,  granted  furlough  to  Europe.  1833,  returned  ;  Dec.  24,  62nd  N.I.  1836, 
Feb.  6,  Asst.  Surg,  to  Political  Agent,  at  the  Residency,  Umballa.  1838, 
Apr.  16,  in  charge  of  jail,  Umballa.  1838,  ordered  to  take  charge  of  Runjeet 
Sing's  fleet  of  boats,  laden  with  produce  of  the  Punjab,  proceeding  by  the 
Indus  to  Bombay;  Jun.  31,  Capt.  Wade,  Political  Agent  at  Loodiana, 
stated  : — 

Dr.  Gordon  is  well  acquainted  with  Persian,  Punjabi,  and  Hindu  languages,  and  with 
his  medical  knowledge,  which  will  render  him  useful  to  the  people  of  the  countries  on  his 
route,  combines  other  qualifications  essential  to  an  officer  required  to  discharge  with  credit  the 
duty  to  which  he  is  appointed  ;  Aug.  22,  Capt.  Wade  "  was  instructed  to  convey  to  Dr.  Gordon, 
the  Governor  General's  entire  approbation  of  the  manner  in  which  he  had  performed  the  duty 
.  .  .  and  his  acknowledgements  for  the  very  useful  and  interesting  report  furnished  by  Dr. 
Gordon  ". 

1841,  Apr.  23,  granted  leave  on  s.c,  to  the  hills  N.  of  Deyrah  till  Dec. 
I  ;  but  Jul.  23.  placed  at  disposal  of  Comr.-in-Chief,  posted  to  60th  N.I.,  at 
Ferozepore;  Nov.  24,  appt.  by  Lt.  Col.  Wild  to  53rd  N.I.,  directed  to  proceed 
with  that  reg.  until  able  to  join  60th  N.I. ;  confirmed  Dec.  9;  Nov.  28, 
directed  by  Maj.  Gen.  Pollock,  commdg.  all  the  troops  West  of  the  Indus,  to 
give  medical  aid  to  the  corps  of  Bildars  under  charge  of  Mr.  Mackeson  ;  con- 
firmed 1842,  May  14.  It  does  not  transpire  whether  Gordon  accompanied 
Wild,  who  attempted  to  penetrate  to  Ali  Musjid,  where  he  was  repulsed,  Jan. 
19,  or  whether  he  remained  with  Pollock,  who  started  in  Apr.  to  relieve  Sale 
at  Jellalabad,  afterwards  leading  the  British  Army  back  to  Cabul,  Sep.  16. 
1843,  Jan.  I,  Surg.  1844,  Jan.  16,  regtl.  rank;  Jun.  22,  in  charge  of  jail  and 
police  batn.,  Kurnaul.  1845,  Feb.  11,  in  charge  of  recruit  depots  of  certain 
regiments,  Benares.  1848,  Feb.  25,  appt.  to  Civil  Duties,  Mirzapore ;  May, 
incapacitated  by  a  serious  accident;  Oct.  23,  relieved.  1849,  granted  leave 
from  Mar.  28 — Sep.  28,  preparatory  to  retirement;  Apr.  6,  removed  to  58th 
N.I. ;  Sep.  II,  ist  N.I.,  at  Lahore;  d.  Nov.  30,  at  Jullundhur  {EI.  Reg., 
1826-50;  G.M.,  vol.  34,  N.S.,  p.  108  ;  Murray's  British  India,  pp.  584-  601). 
Second  son  of  Rev.  George,  Minister  of  Sorn  (d.  1805)  and  Anna 
Lawrie  ;  b.  1804,  May  29,  bap.  Jun.  25  ;  educated  at  Glasgow  Univ.,  M.D,, 



CM.  ;  1826,  nominated  for  H.E.I.C.S.  by  C.  Marjoribanks  (I.O.  Rec). 
Brother  of  George  Lawrie,  589- 

266.  Archibald  Kinloch.  1765,  May  3,  Ens.,  65th  Ft.  1767,  Aug.  26, 
Lt.     1774,  Jun.  3,  Capt.     1779,  Nov.  25,  Maj.,  90th  Ft.  {A.L.,  1766-82). 

267-  Arthur.  1766,  Mar.  25,  Mid.,  "  Drake  "  snow,  H.E.I.C.S.,  Bom- 
bay Marine.     1767,  "  Fancy  "  ;  d.  May  7  {I.O.  Rec). 

268.  Arthur.  1804,  Oct.  13,  Ens.,  3rd  Ft.  (The  Buffs)  {L.G.,  p.  1267). 
1805,  May  23,  Lt.  1808,  Apr.  14,  Capt.  181 1,  May  16,  severely  wounded  at 
Albuera  {G.M.,  vol.  8i,  p.  662).  1813,  Dec.  13,  wounded  at  Bayonne  (ibid., 
vol.  84,  pt.  2,  p.  608).      18 14,  ret. 

Son  of  Thomas  Knox,  of  Ballinteggart,  cadet  of  Delamont ;  d.  s.p.  18 14, 
Nov.  28,  at  Exeter,  "from  wounds,  fatigue  and  hardships  encountered  in  the 
Pyrenees  Campaign  .  .  .  having  been  exposed  for  three  nights  [1813,  Dec. 
9-13]  to  the  inclemency  of  the  weather  "  (ibid,,  Huntly  Express,  1909,  Sept.  8). 
Brother  of  John  P.,  1054- 

269.  Arthur.     1850,  Dec.  20,  Cadet,  H.E.I.C.S.  (Bengal).      185 1,  May 

3,  Ens.,  49th  N.I.  1852,  May  18,  passed  colloquial  exam,  in  Hindoostanee. 
1853,  Feb.  16,  passed  final  {E.I.  Reg.,  185 1-6,  I.O.  Rec). 

Son  of  Arthur  Helsham,  272 ;  b.  1832,  bap.  Jun.  14,  at  Northam,  Devon  ; 
educated  at  Rugby;  nominated  for  H.E.I.C.S.,  by  Martin  Tucker  on  recom- 
mendation of  Capt.  Tucker;  d.  1856,  Mar.  30,  at  Mean  Meer,  Lahore. 

270.  Rev.  the  Hon.  Arthur.  1892,  May  4,  Chaplain,  (act.)  Queen's 
Rif.  Vol.  Brigade  (Roy.  Scots).  1908,  Apr.  i.  Chaplain,  2nd  class,  4th  Batn. 
{A.L.,  1892-1910).     Sometime  Chaplain  to  Edin.  Castle. 

Third  son  of  Edward  Strathearn,  Baron  Gordon  of  Drumearn,  432 ;  b.  1854, 
Dec.  20 ;  m.  1893,  Feb.  8,  Emily  Olga  Marion,  dau.  of  F.  F.  S.  Constant  and 
has  two  sons  and  a  dau. 

271.  Sir  Arthur  Hamilton,  ist  Baron  Stanmore.  i860,  Feb.  15,  Capt. 
Comdt.,  ist  Aberdeensh.  Rif.  Vols.  (L.G.,  pt.  i,  p.  652).  1862,  Aug.  22,  res, 
{ibid.,  pt.  5,  p.  4374). 

Youngest  son  of  George,  4th  Earl  of  Aberdeen,  541 ;  b.  1829,  Nov.  26 ; 
created  Baron  Stanmore  1893,  Aug.  21  ;  tn.  1865,  Sept.  24,  Rachel  Emily 
{d.  1889),  eldest  dau.  of  Sir  John  Shaw  Lefevre,  K.C.B.,  and  has  Hon.  George 
Arthur  Maurice,  563a. 

272.  Arthur  Helsham.  1796,  Apr.  25,  Cornet,  5th  Dgn.  Gds.  1798, 
Jul.  6,  Lt.     1799,  Apr.  8,  Capt.     Served  in  the  Peninsular  War.     181 1,  Jun. 

4,  Bt.  Maj.  1812,  A.D.C.  to  Maj.  Gen.  Ponsonby  and  Secretary  to  the 
Board  of  Claims  ;  Jul.  22,  present  at  Salamanca.  1813,  Apr.  8,  Maj.  1816, 
Feb.  8,  Lt.  Col.     1824,  May  6,  h.p.  as  Lt.  Col.  unat.,  by  exchange.     1847, 


Jan.  lo,  ret.;  Feb.  12,  Bt.  Col.     (Philippart's  Mil.  Cal.,  v.  124;  A.L.,  1797- 
65;   Hart's  ^.L.,  1840-65;  Offs.  Services,  1828,  P.R.O.). 

Third  son  of  Thomas,  of  Spring  Garden,  Waterford,  1323  ;  who  in 
his  will  dated  1805,  May  29,  states  he  bought  him  a  troop  in  the  5th  Dgn. 
Gds.,  "which  I  intended  as  a  provision  for  him,  but  from  his  very  good  con- 
duct as  a  soldier  in  said  regiment  in  which  he  is  very  highly  esteemed,  I 
cannot  close  this  my  will  without  leaving  him  a  further  token  of  my  affection 
and  regard.  I  therefore  bequeath  him  £"500  stg.  " ;  b.  1790;  m.  1820,  Jul. 
20,  at  York,  Anne  eldest  dau.  of  Joseph  Bilton,  York  {G.M.,  vol.  90,  p.  84), 
and  had  with  other  children  Arthur,  269.  Edward  Charles  Acheson,  427» 
Stephen  Bilton,  1302.  Gordon  was  a  great  friend  of  the  Princess  Charlotte, 
who  was  godmother  to  his  eldest  child.  Prince  Leopold  being  its  godfather. 
He  d.  1865,  May  12,  at  Orvieto,  on  his  way  to  England,  at  a  very  advanced 
age,  bur.  at  P'lorence  [N.  and  Q.,  loth  S.,  ix.  444). 

273.  Arthur  Nell.  1878,  May  25,  2nd  Lt.,  24th  (Worcestersh.)  Ft. 
1880,  res.  (Hart's  A.L.,  1879-81  ;  A.L.,  1879 — Dec.  '80). 

Third  son  of  John,  989;  b.  1857,  Dec.  31  ;  educated  at  Glenalmond ;  in. 
1891,  Amy  Alice,  dau.  of  William  Bancroft  Thomson  and  has  Catherine  Amy 
Sempill,  b.  1895,  Nov.  18,  bap.  1896,  Jan.  25,  at  Benares;  John  Woodburn 
Sempill,  /;.  1897,  Mar.  11,  bap.  May  9,  at  Gorakhpur ;  Christine  Beryl  Sem- 
pill, b.  1898,  June  26;  Hugh  Cosmo  Erskine,  b.  1900,  Oct.  29,  bap.  Dec. 
23,  at  Christ  Ch.,  Lucknow.  1896,  Asst.  D.S.  Police,  N.W.  Provinces  and 
Oudh.  1897,  Gorakhpur.  1900,  Etah,  1905;  wrote,  Modern  Islnnaelites,  or 
Sketches  of  the  Wanderins;  Tribes  of  N.W.  Provinces  (Allahabad,  pp.  71). 

274.  Arthur  William  Bolton.  1877,  Jun.  19,  Lt.,  R.A.  1882, 
served  in  Egyptian  expedition,  battle  of  Tel-el-Kebir  (Medal  with  clasps. 
Bronze  Star).  1886,  Jan.  11,  Capt.  1886,  Feb.  i  — 1889,  Mar.  31,  A.D.C. 
to  Maj.  Gen.,  W.  District.  1887,  Feb.  1— Aug.  22,  A.D.C.  to  Govr.  of  Bom- 
bay. 1890,  Nov.  26 — 1895,  Mar.  31,  Staff  Capt.,  R.A.,  Madras.  1895,  Apr. 
I — Dec.  6,  D.A.A.G.,  Madras;  Sep.  20,  Maj.,  Reserve  of  Offs.;  Nov.  i,  Maj. 
1900,  Nov.  28,  ret.  on  ret.  pay  {A.L.,  1877- 19 10). 

Elder  son  of  Edward  Charles  Acheson,  427;  b.  1858,  Aug.  2  ;  ;;;.  and  has 
a  son  b.  1904,  Jul.  15,  at  Heavitree,  Exeter  {Times)  and  a  son  b.  1908,  Apr. 
5,  at  Grasslawn,  Exeter  {ibid.). 

275.  Arthur  William  Wollocombe.  1885,  May  27,  Lt.,  ist  Vol. 
Batn.,  the  Buffs,  E.  Kent.  Reg.  {A.L.,  1885— Jul.  '86). 

Eldest  son  of  Stephen  Bilton,  1302;  b.  1856,  Dec.  3;  Winchester  Sch., 
1870;  Matric.  Corpus  Christi,  Oxford,  1876,  Jan.  27;  B.A.,  1880;  M.A.,  1882  ; 
m.  1893,  Aug.  3,  Marion  Louise,  2nd  dau.  of  W.  W.  Gascoigne  of  Bapchild 



Court,  Kent;  has  no  issue;  living  191 1  at  Oaklands  Court,  St.  Peters,  Isle 
of  Thanet  (Holgate's  Old  Wykehamists,  70). 

276.  Aubrey  John  Fullerton.  1855,  Feb.  4,  Cadet,  H.E.I.C.S. 
(Madras) ;  Apr.  11,  Ens.,  2Sth  N.I.  1857,  Apr.  28,  Lt.  i860,  Feb.  21,  Proby. 
Supt.,  Mofussil  Police,  Madura.  1861,  Jun.  21,  Lt.,  Madras,  S.C.  1862-6, 
Proby.  Supt.  of  Police,  Nellore  District.  1867,  Feb.  4,  Capt.,  S.C,  Supt, 
Salem  Jail.     1868,  on  furlough.  {E.I.  Reg.  6^  I.A.L.,  1855-70). 

Youngest  son  of  Henry,  635  ;  b.  1837,  Dec.  5,  bap.  1838,  Jul.  17,  at  St. 
George's  Cathedral,  Madras;  educated  at  Christ's  Hosp.  and  Clapham 
Grammar  Sch.  ;  nominated  for  H.E.I.C.S.  by  Elliot  Macnaghten  on  recom- 
mendation of  Maj.  Moore  in  1855,  his  mother  and  stepfather,  Col.  Vivian, 
then  living  at  Chateau  St.  Leonard,  Pont  de  Brigue,  Boulogne  ;  ;».  1862,  Jul. 
24,  at  Nellore,  Madras,  Frances  Helen  {b.  1838,  Nov.  18),  dau.  of  Lawrence 
Cloete,  and  had  Helen  Sophia  Augusta,  b.  1863,  Oct.  6,  at  Southampton,  m. 
1884,  Jun.  17,  Capt.  M.  A.  Gray,  B.S.C.  ;  Aubrey  Richard,  b.  1865,  Nov.  5, 
d.  1866,  May  13;  and  Harry  Lawrence,  622-  Gordon  d.  1869,  Oct.  24,  at 
Cape  of  Good  Hope.  Mrs.  Gordon  m.  2ndly  1876,  Apr.  22,  Maj.  Gen.  W.  R. 
Elliott  and  d.  1884,  Jun.  3  (I.O.  Rec). 

277.  Augustus.  181 7,  Apr.  10,  Ens.,  33rd  Ft.  1819,  Feb.  4,  exchanged 
to  h.p.,  98th  Ft.,  "  without  the  difference,  from  ill  health  and  private  motives  ". 

1828,  Sep.   10,  Cornet,  S.  Yorksh.  Yeo.  Cav.  {L.G.,  1869).     1834,  Mar,  7, 
Ens.,  41st  Ft.  {ibid.,  404).     1834,  ret.  {A.L.,  1818-35;   W.O.  Offs.  Services, 

1829,  P.R.O. ;  W.O.  A.L.,  P.R.O.). 

Son  of  Abraham  Cyrus,  75;  b.  1792,  Dec.  24;  m.  1824,  Sep.  18,  at 
Scrooby,  near  Bawtry,  Yorksh.,  and  had  Emma,  b.  1825,  Jun.  11,  d.  1834, 
Apr.  19;  Sarah  Elizabeth,  b.  1826,  Dec.  20,  d.  1834,  Apr.  5;  Cyrus  Augustus, 
b.  1828,  Jun.  20,  d.  1834,  May  i;  Robert  Spragging,  b.  1831,  d.  1834,  Apr. 
21,  all  died  at  Matlock,  one  child  survived  {G.M.,  vol.  i,  N.S.,  p.  667).  Gordon 
d.  1847,  May  7,  at  Paddington  {ibid.,  vol.  28,  N.S.,  p.  104). 

278-  Augustus.  1823,  Dec.  8,  Vol.,  R.N.,  "Jasper".  1825,  Jul.  i. 
Mid.,  "Romney".  1828,  Jan.  17,  "  Revenge".  1830,  Apr.  30,  passed  as  Lt. 
1836,  Feb.  16,  promoted  for  rank ;  Mar.  18,  Lt.,  "  Talavera,"  Mediterranean 
Station.  1840,  Jan.  3,  h.p.;  Oct.  i,  "Howe".  1843,  Jul.  27,  paid  off.  1844, 
Oct.  3,  ist  Lt.,  "Thunderer,"  surveying  vessel,  N.  America  and  W.  Indian 
Stations.  1848,  Aug.  31,  discharged.  1849,  Nov.  i,  Comdr.  1865,  Jan.  i, 
Cdi^t.  {A dm.  Indexes,  Midshipmen,  P.R.O. ;  N.L.,  1836-69;  O'Byrne's  N'av. 
Bio.  Die.). 

Fourth  son  of  Robert,  1205;  b.  1809,  at  Botley,  Hants;  d.  unm.  1869 
(Burke's  Landed  Gentry,  1886,  7th  edit.,  i.,  755). 



279.  Augustus  Henry.  1794,  Cadet,  R.A.  1796,  Jun.  18,  trans,  as 
2nd  Lt.,  to  R.E.     1798,  Aug.  29,  Lt.  {List  of  Offs.,  R.A.;  A.L.,  1 795-1802). 

Son  of  William  Augustus,  1478;  d.  1802  at  Bristol. 

280.  Benjamin.  1742,  May  25,  2nd  Lt,,  ist  Ft.  {MS.  A.L.,  1745,  p. 
49,  P.R.O.).  1744,  serving  in  Belgium;  John  Stuart,  writing  Sep.  8  (O.S.), 
from  Mary  Kirk  Camp,  near  Ghent,  to  Grant  of  Tormore,  states  that  two 
days  before  a  party  of  the  PVench  "came  down  an  avenue  leading  to  the 
canal  and  fired  before  they  were  perceived  at  Col.  Abercrombie,  and  several 
other  officers,  who  were  walking  on  the  opposite  side  of  the  canal,  but  they 
all  escaped  save  Ens.  Gordon,  Bibithen  [Balbithan]  of  our  regiment,  who  was 
shot  through  the  calf  of  the  right  leg,  the  Colonel's  servant  through  the  left 
thigh,  and  a  private,  who  was  sentry,  wounded  in  the  head ;  none  of  them 
are  judged  to  be  any  way  dangerous"  {Tammore  MS.,  B.M.).  1745,  Jun.  28, 
Lt.  {Quarters  of  the  Army  in  Ireland,  1749-52).  1747,  May  24,  wounded 
during  a  desperate  defence  of  an  outwork  at  Fort  Sandberg,  when  attacked 
by  the  French  {Hist.  Rec,  ist  Ft.,  131).  1756,  Apr.  27,  Capt.  Lt.  {MS. 
A.L.,  1752,  pp.  107-8).  1757,  Feb.  2,  Capt.  1762,  Sep.  2,  Maj.,  48th  Ft. 
1769,  Mar.  4,  Lt.  Col.  1779,  Feb.  19,  Bt.  Col.  1782,  Nov.  20,  Maj  Gen. 
1796,  May  3,  Lt.  Gen.     1801,  Jan.   i.  Gen.  {A.L.,  1754-1803). 

Son  of  James,  L  of  Balbithan,  who  was  the  son  of  David,  of  Auchoynany, 
and  the  grandson  of  Sir  John,  of  Park;  b.  1719.  1733  at  Marischal  College; 
d.  unm.,  1803,  Nov.  20,  at  Balbithan,  of  which  he  was  laird,  being  the  "oldest 
freeholder"  in  Aberdeenshire  (S.  U.,  vol.  65,  p.  884).  He  was  succeeded  in 
Balbithan  by  his  grandnephew,  Benjamin  Forbes  Gordon,  1603. 

281.  Benjamin.  1799,  Jan.  14,  Purser,  R.N.,  "Hound"  {Adm.,  Offs. 
appt.  by  Adm.  Board,  P.R.O.). 

282*  Sir  Benjamin  Lumsden.  1853,  Jun.  12,  2nd  Lt.,  H.E.LC.S. 
(Madras  Art.).  1857-8,  served  in  Indian  Mutiny,  present  at  relief  of  Lucknow, 
including  operations  at  the  Martiniere  and  Dilkoosha,  Dec.  6,  action  and  defeat 
of  Gwalior  Contingent  at  Cawnpore,  and  pursuit  (Medal  with  clasp).  1858, 
Apr.  27,  Lt.  1863,  Jun.  5,  2nd  Capt.,  R.A.  1868,  May  28,  Capt.  1872, 
Jul.  5,  Maj.  1875,  ^P*"'  i»  Lt.  Col.  1880,  Apr.  i,  Bt.  Col.  1879-80,  served 
in  Afghan  war,  battle  of  Charasiah,  and  operations  round  Cabul  (Medal,  two 
clasps).  i88i,  Feb.  22,  C.B.  1883,  Mar.  31,  Col.  1884,  Mar.  31 — Sep.  13, 
Brig.  Gen.  (temp.),  Madras;  Jun.  10,  reward  for  distinguished  services;  Sep. 
14 — 1886,  Mar.  30,  Brig.  Gen.,  Madras;  Oct.  27,  Maj.  Gen.;  Mar.  31 — 
1890,  May  31,  comd.  in  Madras  as  a  Maj.  Gen.  1886-7,  served  in  Bur- 
mese Expedition,  comd.  in  Lower  Burma  Div. ;  thanked  by  Govt,  of  India 
(Despatches,  Medal  with  clasps)  {L.G.,  1887,  Sep.  3),     1889-90,  served  in 


Chin-Lushai  expedition,  comd.  Burma   Dist.  {L.G.,  1890,   Sep.   i»).     1890, 
Mar.  30,  Lt.  Gen. ;  Nov.  15,  ret.  list.  {A.L.,  1853-1910).     1899,  Jun.  3,  K.C.B. 

Third  son  of  James,  of  Croughly,  755;  b.  at  Revack  1833,  Jul.  8,  bap. 
Jul.  31,  at  Abernethy,  Moray;  educated  at  Edinburgh  and  Addiscombe; 
nominated  for  H.E.I.C.S.  by  W.  J.  Eastwick  on  recommendation  of  his 
mother;  ;;/.  i860,  Feb.  2,  Laura  Sophia  {b.  1839,  May  2),  dau.  of  R.  R. 
Caton,  of  Binbrook,  Lincolnsh.,  and  has  James  Redmond  Patrick,  814 ; 
Ethel  Fanny  Grant,  b.  1862,  Jun.  26,  bap.  Jul.  31,  at  Madras;  Ida  Georgie 
Grant,  b.  1864,  May  16,  bap.  Jun.  14,  at  Madras  ;  and'  Mabel  Laura,  /;.  1865, 
Sep.  19,  bap.  Oct.  25,  at  Madras  (7.0.  Rec,  Croughly  Book,  67). 

283-  Bertie  Edward  Murray.  1832,  Oct.  26,  2nd  Lt.,  21st  Ft.  {L.G., 
2376).  1833,  Oct.  6,  Ens.,  91st  Ft.  (ibid.,  2574).  1835,  Jul.  24,  Lt.  1841, 
Apr.  23,  Capt.  1842,  Aug.  27,  was  chiefly  instrumental  in  saving  700  lives 
from  the  trooper  "  Abercrombie  Robinson,"  on  which  he  commanded  the 
troops  and  which  was  wrecked  at  Table  Bay.  Wellington  writes  that  he  had 
"  never  read  anything  so  satisfactory "  as  the  report  of  the  affair,  which 
brought  Gordon  £100  a  year  for  meritorious  service (G.  L.  Goff's  915^  Argyll- 
shire Highlrs.,  335  ;  H.  Gordon  Robley  and  P.  J.  Aubin's  Princess  Louise's 
A.  and  S.H.).  1846-7,  served  in  Kaffir  war.  1848,  Oct.  13,  Maj.  1855-58, 
served  in  Greece,  making  a  perfectly  sanitary  camp  for  the  reg.  at  Salamis 
Bay.  1858,  Sep,  30,  Bt.  Lt.  Col.  i860,  Aug.  31,  Col.  1859-64,  was  the 
means  "of  restoring  to  the  91st  Ft.  its  original  Highland  designation  and 
dress,  tartan  trews  taking  the  place  of  the  more  airy  kilt  ...  he  did  not 
cease  his  solicitations  until  they  resulted  in  complete  success  in  1864  .  .  . 
A  voluminous  correspondence  between  Col.  Gordon  and  the  War  Office 
shows  clearly  his  ability,  enthusiasm,  perseverance,  intense  nationality,  and 
love  for  his  regiment"  (Scott  Keltie's  Scottish  Highlands,  11.  744-51).  1870, 
Jan   28,  ret.  h.p.  (Hart's  A.L.,  1840-71). 

Second  son  of  Alexander,  of  Auchlunies  and  Ellon,  197;  ^-  at  Auch- 
lunies,  1813,  Dec.  17  ;  educated  at  Rainham,  Kent,  Edinburgh  Acad,  and 
(Edinburgh)  Royal  Military  Acad. ;  m.  1863,  Sep.  19,  at  St.  Olave's,  York, 
his  kinswoman  Katherine  Alicia  {b.  1825),  2nd  dau.  of  Francis  Beynon 
Hackett,  of  Moor  Hall,  Warwicksh.,  grandson  of  Thomas  and  Lady  Mary 
Horton  of  Howroyde  Hall,  Yorksh.  {W.O.,  Offs.  Urges.,  1862-8,  P.R.O. ; 
G.M.,  N.S.,  vol.  15,  p.  636);  d.  s.p.  1870,  Jul.  27,  at  Ellon  Castle;  bur.  in 
St.  Mary's  Church  there.  J.  M.  Bulloch  described  Gordon  in  Huntly  Express, 
1907,  Feb.  15;  portrait  at  age  of  16  by  Sir  J,  Watson  Gordon;  picture  of 
sinking  of  the  "  Abercrombie  Robinson,"  by  Thomas  Hemy,  shown  in  Royal 
Academy,  1911,  reproduced  in  the  Graphic,  191 1,  Aug.  26. 


284.  Bertrand  Gorges  Reginald.     1900,  Jan.    20,  2nd  Lt.   R.  War- 

wicksh.  Reg.;  Aug.  4,  Lt.  Served  in  S.  African  War,  1902,  Mar. -May, 
operations  in  Transvaal  (Queen's  Medal  with  clasp).  1905,  Aug.  21 — 1908, 
Apr.  6,  serving  with  King's  Afr.  Rif.  1908,  Jan.  18,  Capt. ;  May  20,  Capt., 
Gordon  Highlrs. ;  Oct.  5,  Supt.  of  Gymnasia,  Amballa  {A.L.,  1900-10). 

Youngest  son  of  James  Rollings,  of  Auchendolly,  817  >  ^-  1880,  Nov.  7  ; 
m.,  1904,  Ethel  Ives  Emily  Ziikoska,  elder  dau.  of  late  Col.  Arnold,  Roy.  W. 
Kent  Reg.,  step-dau.  of  Maj.  Westmorland,  Warwicksh.  Reg. 

285.  Bryan.  1907,  Apr.  16,  S.  Lt.,  R.  Ind.  Marine;  b.  1885, 
Jun.  25. 

286-  Bryce.  1866,  Nov.  24,  Asst.  Apoth.,  Ind.  Sub.  Med.  Dept.  (Bom- 
bay). 1877,  Master  Refiner,  G.P.  F'actory,  Kirkee.  1880,  Apr.  2,  Apoth.,  2nd 
Class.  1885,  Apr.  2,  ist  Grade.  1888,  Jul.  3,  pensioned  {I.A.L.,  1877-89). 
M.R.C.S.,  1881,  L.R.C.P.  Lond.,  1886. 

287-  C.  1804,  Apr.  25,  Lt.,  Aberdeensh.  (55th)  Mil.  (Grenadiers) 
(Innes's  yd  Gordon  Highlrs.,  19). 

288.  Carlos  Pedro.  1870,  May  14,  Lt.,  Aberdeensh.  Mil.  (3rd  Batn. 
Gordon  Highrs.)  {L.G.,  pt.  4,  p.  2698).  1872,  Aug.  10,  ret.  {ibid.,  pt.  3,  p. 
3530,  Innes's  Aberdeensh.  Mil.). 

Eldest  son  of  Carlos  Pedro,  of  Wardhouse  ;  b.  1844,  Jul.  27  ;  tn.  1871,  Sep. 
18,  at  Madrid,  his  cousin,  Rosa  de  Aristigui,  youngest  dau.  of  the  Count  of 
Mirasol,  and  had  three  sons;  d.  v.p.  at  Madrid,  1876,  Mar.  31  (Bulloch's 
Gordons  of  Wardhouse  and  Beldorney,  55).     Brother  of  Joseph  Maria,  1080« 

288a.  Cedric  Foskett.  1910,  Oct.  5,  2nd  Lt.,  N.  Staff.  Reg.  {A.L., 
191 1).     B.  1890,  Aug.  7. 

289.  Charles,  1st  Earl  of  Aboyne.  1676,  May  29,  Capt,  Mil.  Troop 
of  Horse,  in  Shire  of  Kincardine  and  Marischal's  part  of  the  Shire  of  Aberdeen, 
in  place  of  Viscount  Arbuthnot  {Scotland  Warrant  Book,  in.  P.R.O.). 

Fourth  son  of  George,  and  Marquis  of  Huntly.  1660,  Sep.  10,  created 
Earl  of  Aboyne:  keen  supporter  of  Charles  II.;  d.  1681,  Mar.;  brother  of 
Lewis,  3rd  Marquis  of  Huntly,  1089  (Bulloch's  Earls  of  Aboyne,  6-14). 

290-  Charles.  1684,  Ens.,  Edinburgh  Town  Guard;  quarrelled  with 
Sir  Adam  Blair,  Yr.  of  Carberry  (Fountainhall's  Hist.  Notes ;  Louisa 
Graeme's  Or  and  Sable,  189).  1685,  Ens.  in  Capt.  Graeme's  Company 
{Mackenzie  Decreets,  vol.  88). 

Son  of  John,  VIII.  of  Braco  (in  the  Garioch),  a  cadet  of  the  Haddo 
Gordons;  ;;;.  1686,  Mar.  21,  Dame  Margaret  Kennedy,  alive  1699,  Mar.  30; 
last  of  his  line  {Balbithan  MS.  55  ;  Huntly  Express,  1909,  Apr.  9). 

291-  Charles.       1693,    Aug.    i.   Ens.,    Col.  Mackay's    Ft.,  com.   dated 


Eppeyen.       1695,    ^^S-    20,   wounded   at   assault   of  Terra    Nova,   Namur 
(Dalton's  A.L.,  in.  342,  395). 

292-  Charles.  1696,  Capt.,  Col.  Lauder's  Ft.,  co-respondent  in  a 
divorce  suit  of  John  Grant,  of  Ballindalloch,  against  Anna  Leslie  (printed  in 
the  Banffshire  Herald,  1910,  Oct.  i). 

Son  of  Patrick,  of  Laichie,  1129  ;  '"•  Rachel  Gordon,  heiress  of  Aber- 
geldie  {House  of  Gordon,  i.  (94);  Bulloch's  Gordons  in  Minmore,  10,  11). 

293-  Charles.  1697,  Jun.  24,  Adj.,  ist  Batn.  Scots,  Ft.  Gds.,  dated  at 
Cockleberg.  1702,  Aug.  25,  com.  renewed  at  Windsor.  1702-6,  ist  Adj. 
(Dalton's  A.L.,  iv.  174,  v.  219). 

294-  Charles.  1702,  Sep.,  Ens.,  "went  to  Portugal  with  the  first  forces 
went  out  of  Ireland,  a  sister  son  of  Generall  M'Key's  ".  1703,  Jun.,  member 
of  a  club  in  Dublin  formed  by  Lewis  Gordon  of  Aikenhead  (Bulloch's  Strange 
Adventures  of  Lewis  Gordon,  27). 

295-  Charles.  1708,  Sep.  3,  Ens.,  ist  Ft.  1710,  Lt. ;  serving  in  1728- 
30  (Dalton's^.L.,  v.  63,  323;  MS.  A.L.,  1709,  1715,  p.  34,  1730,  p.  53, 

Youngest  son  of  George  (?),  of  Muirack;  d.  1735  ;  will  dated  1734,  Sep. 
26;  proved  1735,  Dec.  31  {Edin.  Test.  Prerog.  Wills,  Dublin);  left  Muirack 
to  his  nephews  George  James  and  Alexander  Henry,  sons  of  his  brother 
Alexander,  134- 

296.  Charles.  1 7 1 5 ,  Capt.  (probably  only  mercantile  marine),  in  Arnhall, 
Fettercairn ;  went  to  Holland.  1735,  Nov.  i,  made  his  will  (J.  M.  Bulloch  in 
The  Rabbling  of  Deer,  Book  of  Buclian,  k^'j,  206).  Brother  of  Anne,  whose 
son  John  Stewart  m.  Jean,  dau.  of  Robert,  1186- 

297-  Charles.  1720,  Ens.,  Cadogan's  (4th)  Ft.  {MS.  A.L.,  1736,  p.  7, 
P.R.O.).  1737,  Jan.  21,  Lt.,  ist  Ft.  Gds.  {A.L.,  1740,  Roy.  Unit.  Serv.  Inst. ; 
MS.  A.L.,  1742-3,  pp.  27,  143;  W.O.  Notifications,  P.R.O.).  1743,  Apr.  22, 
Capt.,  Lord  Harry  Beauclerk's  (48th)  Ft.  {S.M.,  v.  199,  343).  1744-  Maj., 
Cotterell's  (49th)  Marines.  1745,  May  i,  Lt.  Col.  and  Capt.,  6th  Marines 
1749-50,  h.p.,  8/6  per  diem  {MS.  A.L.,  1742-3,  pp.  27,  143,  P.R.O. ;  Quarters 
of  the  Army  in  Ireland,  1744-52  ;  Succession  of  Colonels,  1744-5?  -^"^  of  Re- 
duced Offs.  H.  M.  Land  Forces  6^  Marines,  1749-50).  1755,  Mar.  25,  Lt.  Col., 
Marines  at  Chatham,  then  being  raised  {MS.A.L.,  1752,  pt.  2,  p.  236,  P.R.O.). 
1758,  Apr.  13,  d.  at  Chatham  {S.M.,  vol.  28,  p.  197).  His  widow,  Esther, 
granted  pension  of  £40  from  1758-67,  when  she  presumably  d.  or  vi.  {W.O., 
Wid.  Pensions,  Appln.  Papers  {Marines),  P.R.O.). 

298.  Charles.  1726,  Dec.  25,  Cornet,  Earl  of  Stair's  (6th)  Dgns. ; 
serving  in  1730  {MS.  A.L.,  1730,  p.  22;    IV.O.  Notifications,  P.R.O.). 


299.  Charles.  1735,  May,  9,  Surg.  Mate,  R.N. ,"  Kent ".  1736,  Apr. 
14,  "Torbay"  (Aditi.  Ofs.  Appt.  by  N.  Board,  P.R.O.). 

300-  Lord  Charles.  1741,  Apr.  25,  Cornet,  Wade's  Horse.  1745,  Apr. 
25  or  Jun.  8,  Capt.,  Loudon's  Ft.  {W.O.  Notifications,  MS.  A.L.,  1742-3, 
p.  206,  P.R.O.),  to  which  he  was  unable  to  complete  his  company,  owing 
to  "a  very  strict  punctiliousness  of  honour  "  as  "  he  wou'd  follow  no  recruit- 
ing arts :  he  wou'd  take  none  but  that  were  in  a  manner  volunteers  and  quite 
willing  to  'list"  (Sir  John  Gordon  of  Invergordon's  Correspondence).  1746, 
Mar.  25,  he  and  some  fellow  officers  captured  and  wounded  156  officers,  soldiers 
and  sailors  from  the  rebel  ship  "  Hazard  "  which  had  been  chased  into  Tongue 
Bay,  by  H.M.S.  "Sheerness"  with  £12,000  in  five  chests  {G.M.,  xvi.  207), 
an  exploit  with  which  Gen.  John  Reid  credited  himself  in  1794  (Lady 
Tullibardine's  Mil.  Hist.  0/  Perthshire,  i.  388).  1747-8,  h.p..  Lord  Loudon's 
Reg.  being  disbanded. 

Third  son  of  Alexander,  2nd  Duke  of  Gordon  ;  b.  172 1  ;  d.  1780,  Apr.  26, 
at  Bainfield,  near  Edinburgh  ;  will  proved  1790,  Sep.  17  {Banffshire  Advertiser, 
191 1,  Mar.  16).     Brother  of  Lord  Adam,  92,  and  Lord  Lewis,  1090- 

301.  Charles.  1757,  Oct.  7,  Ens.,  31st  Ft.  1758,  70th  Ft.  {A.L.,  1758; 
W.O.  Notifications;   W.O.,  A.L.,  1758,  MS.  note,  P.R.O.). 

302.  Charles.  1759,  Sep.  4,  Lt.,  Earl  of  Sutherland's  Highlrs.  {A.L., 
1760-3).  1779,  Feb.  8,  or  Jul.  24,  Capt.,  Sutherland  F'encibles  {L.G.,  A.L., 
1779-82;  W.O.  Notifications,  P.R.O.). 

Probably  "Capt.  Charles,  of  Pulrossie,"  Parliamentary  Voter,  1788  (Sir 
C.  E.  Adam's  Political  State  of  Scotland,  p.  341),  together  with  his  three 
sons  John,  Yr.  of  Pulrossie,  920.  George,  508.  and  William,  1405  (Bulloch's 
Gordons  of  Embo,  87-91.) 

303-  Charles.  1759,  Oct.  13,  Lt.,  89th  Ft.  (raised  by  Alexander,  4th 
Duke  of  Gordon,  Oct.  1759,  disbanded  1765).  1762,  Mar.  3,  Capt.  Lt. 
1764,  Oct.  23,  fought  at  Buxar,  Gen.  Hector  Munro  particularly  recom- 
mending Charles  Gordon,  89th  Ft.,  "my  A.D.C.,  for  his  brave  and  spirited 
behaviour  ;  this  officer  had  his  horse  shot  under  him  in  the  action  "  (Philip- 
part's  E.  India  Mil.  Col.,  11.  87).  1765,  h.p.  1767,  Apr.  13  or  28,  Capt., 
nth  Ft.  {L.G.).  1776,  May  11,  Maj.,  31st  Ft.  1778,  Oct.  24,  Lt.  Col.  77th 
Ft.  or  Atholl  Highlanders  {ibid.).  1783,  Feb.  28,  Bt.  Col.;  the  regiment  re- 
fused to  sail  to  India,  and  the  incident  created  a  great  scandal,  which  was 
discussed  in  Parliament  (Stewart's  Highlanders,  11.  167 ;  Lady  Tullibardine's 
Mil.  Hist,  of  Perthsh.,  i.  70-8,  413;  G.M.,  vol.  53,  p.  89;  Maidment's 
Scotish  Ballads,  1859,  pp.  236-244).  1783,  Mar.  11,  Lt.  Col.,  6ist  Ft. 
{L.G.,  p.  255  ;  S.M.,  vol.  45,  p.  167  ;  A.L.,  1760-9). 


Second  son  of  William,  I.  of  Sheelagreen,  cadet  of  Cairnburrow ;  bap. 
i74i,Jul.  23;  1788,  Oct.  20,  sold  Sheelagreen;  d.  unm.  1789.  Hrother  of 
John,  898 ;  uncle  of  Charles,  309.  Portrait  of  Gordon  and  his  officers  done 
in  silhouette,  now  in  possession  of  2nd  Middlesex  Reg.  and  reproduced  in  the 
Graphic,  1910,  Aug.  20. 

304.  Charles.  1 761,  Jul.  18,  Lt.  Fireworker,  Art.,  H.E.I.C.S.  (Bombay) ; 
d.  at  Tellicherry  (Col.  F.  VV.  M.  Spring's  List  of  Bombay  Art.  Offs.,  69). 

305-  Hon.  Charles.  1 766,  Jul.  26,  Ens.,  53rd  Ft. ;  Sep.  29,  leave  of 
absence  for  six  months.  1769,  Aug.  2,Capt.,  66th  Ft.  {A.L.,  1767-72;  W.O., 
Notifications,  Leave  of  Absence,  P.R.O.). 

Fourth  son  of  William,  2nd  Earl  of  Aberdeen,  and  his  third  wife,  Anne, 
dau.  of  Alexander,  2nd  Duke  of  Gordon  ;  b.  1745  ;  d.unni.  at  Aberdeen,  1771, 
Dec.  13  {S.M.,  vol.  33,  p.  671).  Brother  of  Hon.  Cosmo,  384,  and  Hon. 
William,  1397. 

306.  Sir  Charles.  1775,  Dec.  2,  or  1776,  May  14,  Lt.,  ist  Batn.  71st 
Ft.,  having  assisted  in  raising  men  for  the  reg.  (previously  Ens.,  Dutch 
Service);  served  in  America.  1778,  Apr.  7,  Capt.,  26th  Ft.  1782,  Apr.  3, 
Maj.,  83rd  Ft.  {S.M.,  vol.  38,  p.  342,  vol.  40,  p.  223,  vol.  44,  p.  335).  1783, 
Apr.  17,  Bt.  Lt.  Col.;  h.p.  1787,  Sep.,  accompanied  the  Duke  of  Bruns- 
wick to  Holland,  greatly  assisting  in  the  capture  of  Amstelveen,  which  won 
him  the  Prussian  Order  of  Military  Merit  then  carrying  with  it  knightly  rank 
in  England  {G.M.,  vol.  55,  p.  1066).  1787,  Dec.  25,  Lt.  Col.,  41st  Ft. 
1790,  returned  to  England  ;  Nov.  15,  Col.  in  America  only.  1791-2,  again 
served  under  the  Duke  of  Brunswick.  His  ambition  to  learn  his  profession 
thoroughly  by  service  on  the  continent  is  expressed  by  him  in  a  series  of 
interesting  letters  to  Sir  Robert  Keith,  Brit.  Ambassador  at  Vienna,  Lord 
Cornwallis,  Foreign  Minister,  and  Pitt,  1783-93,  preserved  in  British 
Museum  {Add.  MSS.  28,063;  28,065;  35.528;  35.529;  35.536;  35.539; 
35.54°  ;  35.543  ;  Chatham  Papers,  Bundle  139,  P.R.O. :  summarised  by  J. 
M.  Bulloch  in  Aberdeen  Free  Press,  1904,  Sep.  15  ;  -and  Weekly  journal, 
1 91 1,  Mar.  II,  Apr.  7).  1793,  embarked  with  Grenadiers  of  the  41st  Ft.  for  the 
W.  Indies  and,  pending  arrival  of  the  Duke  of  Kent  from  Canada,  placed  in 
command  of  a  brigade,  particularly  distinguished  himself  at  Cas  de  Navire, 
and  capture  of  Martinique,  and  St.  Lucia  ;  appt.  Govr.  of  that  Island,  with 
rank  of  Brig.  Gen.  ;  tried  by  Court  Martial  for  levying  illegal  exactions  from 
inhabitants  of  some  of  the  French  W.  Indian  captured  islands.  On  the 
assembly  of  the  Court  it  was  found  that  owing  to  several  members  having 
died,  their  number  had  sunk  below  the  legal  minimum.  A  second  Court 
was  unable  to  proceed  for  a  similar  reason.     A  third  Court,  sentenced  Gordon 


to  be  cashiered,  but  this  sentence  was  not  confirmed  by  Comr.  in  Chief  in 
W.  Indies,  nor  by  authorities  at  home,  and  although  he  was  blamed  for  being 
indiscreet,  was  allowed  to  retire  by  sale  of  his  commission  more  than  a  year 
after  the  holding  of  the  Court  Martial.  "  There  is  little  doubt  that  he  should 
never  have  been  tried  ;  on  his  retirement  he  was  continually  employed  on 
missions  of  secrecy  by  the  British  Government,  for  he  was  a  no  less  able 
diplomat  than  he  was  a  brilliant  soldier"  (Lomax's  415/  Ft.,  pp.  367-8,  por- 
trait facing  p.  28;  A.L.^  1777-95)' 

Third  son  of  Charles,  XII.  of  Abergeldie  ;  d.  uum.  in  London,  1835, 
Mar.  26  {D.N.B.  ;  House  of  Gordon,  i.  (98)-(ioo)).  Brother  of  Alexander 
Sinclair,  235,  Peter,  1150.  and  William,  1410- 

307-  Charles  (sometimes  called  Charles  Edward).  1778,  Apr.  14,  or 
Sep.  26,  Lt.,  N.  Fencibles  (suggested  to  the  Duke  of  Gordon  by  James 
Wemyss  of  Wemyss) ;  enlisted  1 1  men  for  the  reg.,  being  attacked  when 
recruiting  at  St.  Sair's  Fair,  Aberdeensh.,  Jul.  8 ;  assisted  Capt.  Finlason  as 
Paymaster;  Sep.,  comdg.  the  left  wing  of  "Duke  of  Gordon's  Coy.  at  Fort 
George  "  (Gordon  Castle  Papers).  1782,  May  29,  Capt. ;  Jun.  25,  Capt.,  96th  Ft. 
{A.L„  1778-82).  1793,  Jun.  22,  Capt.  Lt.  and  Paymaster,  N.  Fencibles  (L.G., 
518).  1794,  Feb.  17  or  Aug.  26,  Capt.  {L.G.,  864).  1798,  Mar.  15,  Paymaster, 
2nd  Batn.,  i8t  Ft.  {L.G.,  237).  1803,  Jul.  23,  re-appt.  {L.G.,  922;  W.O. 
Notifications,  P.R.O.).  1809,  describes  himself  "  formerly  of  N.  p-encibles, 
aged  60,  suffering  from  general  debility  and  failing  sight"  {W.O.,  Offs. 
Services,  P.R.O.).  1828,  gives  "  his  age  at  entry  in  1798,  as  48,  stationed  at 
Cork,  Marlborough,  and  Gloucester,  always  Paymaster;  placed  on  h.p. 
1812,  Dec.  25,  owing  to  bad  health,  with  a  Medical  Board  Certificate  from  the 
Gloucester  district,  unfit  for  service,  79  years  of  age,  resident  at  Gordonhall, 
Aberdeenshire"  (ibid.  ;  A.L.,  1 794-1833). 

Second  son  of  John,  of  Beldorney  and  Wardhouse ;  b.  1750,  Feb.  14; 
1769,  succeeded  his  brother  Ale.\ander  Maria  (who  was  shot  at  Brest  as  a 
spy)  as  laird  of  Wardhouse  and  Beldorney  ;  "'.(i)  1773,  Apr.  22,  at  Slains  Castle, 
Charlotte,  only  dau.  of  Hon.  Charles  Boyd,  son  of  4th  Earl  of  Kilmarnock, 
brother  of  15th  Earl  of  Erroll ;  m.  (2)  1781,  Dec.  5,  at  Aberdeen,  Catherine 
dau.  of  Maj.  James  Mercer  of  Auchnacant,  successfully  raising  a  divorce  action 
against  her  and  Lt.  Col.  John  Woodford,  brother-in-law  of  the  4th  Duke  of 
Gordon,  1797,  Jan.  5-6  (Edin.  Com.  Consistorial  Processes,  xxiii.  663  and 
printed  in  Huntly  Express,  1911,  Mar.  31).  He  had,  with  nine  other 
children,  Charles  Edward,  352.  and  Sir  James  Alexander,  783-  Gordon  d. 
1832,  Dec.  23,  at  Gordonhall  (Bulloch's  Gordons  of  Wardhouse  and  Bel- 
dorney, 31-6.) 


308-  Charles.  1779,  Jul.  29,  Ens.,  2nd  Ft.  1782,  Jan.  7,  or  Feb.  23, 
Lt.,  Capt.  Francis  Carleton's  Independent  Coy.  {L.G.,  No.  12272).  1784,  Feb. 
2,  res.  {A.L.,  1782;  Col.  Davis's  2nd  Ft.,  vi.  105). 

309-  Charles.  1781,  May  26,  Ens.,  77th  Ft.  (Atholl  Highlrs.).  1783, 
Jan.  22  or  28,  Lt. ;  1783,  h.p.  {L.G.,  No.  12,410;  A.L.,  1782-98;  W.O. 
Notifications,  P.R.O.).  1798,  name  erased  in  MS.  {W.O.,A.L.,  P.R.O.).  The 
Duke  of  Atholl  calls  him  (Lady  Tullibardine's  Mil.  Hist,  of  Perthshire,  i66o- 
1902,  I.  78)  a  nephew  of  Charles,  303.  but  the  relationship  is  not  clear. 

310-  Charles.  1793,  Feb.  8,  or  Oct.  5,  Ens.,  76th  Ft.  {L.G.,  877). 
1794,  Dec.  10,  or  1795,  Sep.  8,  Lt.  {L.G.,  924),  1804,  Apr.  19,  d.  on  the 
"  Harriett,"  Indiaman,  on  his  passage  to  England  from  Bengal  {A.L.,  1794- 
1804;  G.M.,  vol.  74,  p.  596). 

Son  of  Rev.  Lewis,  Drainie,  Edintore  {a.mi\y  {House  oj  Gordon,  11.  (404)). 
Brother  of  John,  935,  Lewis,  1094,  and  Robert,  1224- 

311-  Charles.  1795,  ^^^-  ^4>  Lt.,  Aberdeen  Vols.  {L.G.,  147);  Jun. 
21  or  22,  given  charge  of  the  new  Colours  presented  by  Alexander  Allardyce, 
M.P.,  on  the  Links,  Aberdeen  (Abd.  jfour.).  1797,  May  11,  or  16,  Capt. 
{L.G.,  434;   W.O.  Notifications,  P.R.O. ;  Smc\'s  Aberdeen  Vols.,  47). 

312.  Charles.     1796,  Jan.  9,  Ens.,  N.  Fencibles  {L.G.,  39). 

313,  Charles.  1796,  Jun.  26,  Mid.,  R.N.,  "Caesar,"  Channel;  Nov.  28, 
discharged  ;  Nov.  29,  "  Impetueux,"  Channel.  1797,  Apr.  20,  discharged  ;  Apr. 
21,  "  Virginie,"  Baltic  and  E.  Indies.  1798,  Sep.  18,  discharged;  Sep.  20, 
"  Suffolk,"  E.  Indies.  1799,  Jun.  12,  Lt.  (Act.),  "  La  Forte,"  E.  Indies  and 
Red  Sea.  1801,  Jun.,  shipwrecked  in  Jedda  Harbour.  1802,  Mar.  3,  passed 
as  Lt.,  aged  21  (Adm.,  Lts.  Passing  Certif.,  P.R.O.).  1802,  Mar.  11,  Lt., 
"Diamond,"  Channel;  Nov.  n,  "Venerable,"  Portsmouth  Harbour,  1803, 
May  30,  "Dreadnought,"  Channel;  Jul. — 1806,  May,  Signal  Lt.,  "Villede 
Paris,"  Flagship  of  Hon.  William  Cornwallis,  Channel.  1806,  May, 
Comdr.,  "St.  Lucia"  sloop,  Antigua.  1807,  May,  captured;  May,  Comdr., 
"L'Eclair,"  Chatham;  Dec.  21,  Post  Capt.  1808,  Jan.  i,  h.p.;  Jul.  30, 
"Caroline"  frigate,  one  of  a  squadron  employed  at  the  destruction  of  more 
than  eighty  piratical  vessels  at  Ras-al-Khyma  and  other  ports  in  the  Persian 
Gulf,  rendering  most  effectual  assistance  to  his  Senior  Off.,  Capt.  Wain- 
wright.  1810,  Feb.,  discharged;  Apr.,  "Ceylon  "  frigate  (40  guns) ;  Sep.  18, 
taken  off  the  Isle  of  France  after  a  violent  intermittent  three  hours'  night 
action  by  the  French  ships,  "  Venus,"  44  guns,  380  men,  and  "  Victor,"  16 
guns;  rescued  the  same  day  by  the  "  Boadicea  "  and  "Otter"  brig.  The 
"  Ceylon,"  on  quitting  Madras,  was  47  men  short  of  complement,  but  she 
had  there  embarked  100  soldiers,  part  of  whom  were  to  serve  as  marines,  so 



that,  including  Maj.  Gen.  Abercromby  and  his  staflf,  she  had  about  295  per- 
sons on  board  at  the  beginning  of  the  action.  Her  loss  was  10  killed,  5 
dangerously,  8  (including  Capt.  Gordon)  severely  wounded,  and  18  slightly 
wounded.  After  the  P'rench  "Venus"  frigate  abandoned  the  "Ceylon,"  on 
the  approach  of  the  "  Boadicea  "  in  the  afternoon  of  the  same  day,  Capt. 
Gordon  returned  on  board  his  own  vessel  from  the  "  Venus  "  and  hoisted  the 
English  colours.  Reporting  the  capture  of  his  ship,  Gordon  wrote,  Sep.  22, 
from  St.  Paul's,  Island  of  Bourbon,  to  R.  Adm.  Drury : — 

I  have  to  inform  your  Excellency,  that  agreeably  to  your  orders,  I  proceeded  towards  the 
Island  of  Bourbon,  and  on  17th  inst.,  being  in  expectation  of  falling  in  with  the  blockading 
squadron  off  Port  Louis,  I  reconnoitred  that  harbour  and  estimated  the  enemy's  force  at 
seven  frigates  and  one  large  corvette.  Not  finding  the  squadron,  I  bore  up  at  noon  for  Bourbon. 
At  one  o'clock,  two  of  the  enemy's  ships  were  observed  coming  out  of  port,  and  soon  dis- 
covered to  be  in  chase  of  H.M.  Ship;  the  headmost  gained  fast,  and  the  sternmost  slowly.  I 
continued  under  the  same  sail,  endeavouring  to  draw  them  as  far  as  possible,  which  also  tended 
to  extend  the  distance  of  the  chasing  ships.  At  15  minutes  past  twelve  midnight,  on  the 
enemy's  coming  alongside,  I  found  her  to  be  a  frigate  of  the  largest  class.  Alter  a  severe  con- 
flict of  I  hour  10  min.,  she  hauled  off  and  dropped  astern,  which  I  concluded  was  to  wait  her 
consort's  coming  up.  Finding  the  great  superiority  ot  force  I  encountered  (having  drawn  my 
conclusion  of  the  enemy's  force  before  dark),  I  lost  not  a  minute  in  repairing  my  rigging,  which 
was  much  cut,  and  made  sail  in  hopes  of  reaching  the  island.  At  2,  descried  the  enemy's 
second  ship — at  2.15  the  headmost  coming  alongside.  I  shortened  sails  to  the  top-sails  and 
renewed  the  action  ;  at  4  I  had  the  satisfaction  to  see  her  mizen-mast  and  three  top-masts  go 
by  the  board,  a  few  minutes  afterwards  the  "  Ceylon's  "  fore  and  main-top-mast  fell.  At  this 
time,  H.M.  Ship  being  unmanageable,  had  suffered  severely,  the  rigging  and  sails  being  cut 
to  pieces,  which  entirely  precluded  all  further  manceuvre.  The  action  was  maintained  and 
continued  with  great  spirit.  At  5  a.m.  the  enemy's  fore  and  main-masts  standing  with  the 
assistance  of  his  fore-sail  enabled  him  to  wear  close  under  our  stern,  and  take  a  raking  position 
on  our  lee-quarter.  H.M.  Ship  lying  an  unmanageable  wreck,  I  directed  the  mizen-top-sail  to 
be  cut  away  and  endeavoured  to  set  a  fore-stay-sail,  in  hopes  of  getting  the  ship  before  the 
wind,  but  without  effect.  The  second  ship  having  opened  her  fire,  with  the  great  advantage 
the  enemy  had  by  having  both  his  ships  under  command,  enabled  him  to  take  and  keep  his 
raking  position,  and  pour  in  a  heavy  and  destructive  fire,  while  H.M.  Ship  could  only  bring  a 
few  guns  to  bear.  In  the  shattered  and  disabled  state  of  H.M.  Ship,  a  retreat  was  impossible. 
The  superiority  of  the  enemy's  heavy  and  destructive  fire  left  me  no  hopes  of  success.  Reduced 
to  this  distressful  situation,  feeling  the  firmest  conviction  that  every  energy  and  exertion  was 
called  forth,  under  the  influence  of  the  strongest  impressions  I  had  discharged  my  duty,  and 
upheld  the  honour  of  H.M.  arms,  feehng  it  a  duty  I  owed  to  the  officers  and  crew,  who  had 
nobly  displayed  that  bravery  which  is  so  truly  their  characteristic,  when  I  had  lost  all  hopes  of 
saving  H.M.  Ship,  to  prevent  a  useless  effusion  of  blood,  I  was  under  the  painful  necessity  of 
directing  a  light  to  be  shown  to  the  second  ship,  as  a  signal  that  we  had  struck.  I  think  it  a 
duty  I  owe  to  Capt.  Ross,  6gth  Reg.,  to  thus  publicly  acknowledge  the  able  support  I  received 
from  him  and  his  party  of  men,  who  were  acting  as  Marines  for  the  time  being  {G.M  ,  vol.  81, 
p.  171,  vol.  98,  pt.  I,  p.  487). 


1810,  Sep.,  discharged,  tried  by  Court  Martial,  honourably  acquitted  of 
all  blame,  with  his  offs.  and  crew  ;  Dec.  10,  h.p.  185 1,  ret.  1853,  Mar.  5, 
V.  Adm.,  res.  h.p.  list.  1858,  Jan.  20,  Adm.  {Adin.  Offs.  Services,  1817  : 
H.P.  Lists,  P.R.O.  :  N.L.,  1802-61:  John  Marshall's /^.N.  Biog.,  Supp.,  i. 
283-5  ;  O'Byrne's  Nav.  Biog.  Die. ;  Boase's  Mod.  Eng.  Biog. ;  Laird  Clowes' 
Navy,  VI.  545). 

Younger  son  of  Francis  Grant,  465;  h.  1781  ;  entered  R.  Nav.  Acad., 
1792,  Dec.  19  ;  m.  1818,  Nov.  20,  at  the  Brit.  Embassy,  Brussels,  Ann, 
elder  dau.  of  Lt.  Gen.  nth  Lord  Blayney  {S.M.,  vol.  3,  N.S.,  p.  587),  and 
had  Jane  (only  child),  who  m.  (i)  1840,  Feb.  5,  at  Tidenham,  Glos.,  Rev. 
James  Henry  Scudamore  Burr  (1816-52)  son  of  Gen,  Daniel  Burr  of  Alder- 
maston  (Burke's  Landed  Gentry,  1886,  i.  259)  and  had  two  two  sons  and  a 
dau. ;  (2)  1853,  Jan.  7,  Rev.  Francis  Lewis,  of  St.  Pierre,  Monmouth  ;  and  (3) 
Capt.  Roland  {ibid.).  1840,  Jul.  4,  C.B.  Gordon  d.  i860,  Oct.  2,  at  i,  Duke 
Street,  Bath  {G.M.,  N.S.,  vol.  9,  p.  564).  Lady  Lytton  calls  him  "  that  kind 
friend  of  my  childhood  "  (Louisa  Devey's  Life  of  Lady  Lytton,  365). 

314-  Charles.  1797,  Mar.  25,  "Clerk  to  be  Chaplain,"  2nd  Dgns. 
(Scots  Greys),  "vice  Owen,  who  retires"  {L.G.,  272;  W.O.  Notifications, 
P.R.O. ;  A.L.,  1797,  MS.  note;  W.O.  A.L.,  1797,  MS.  note,  P.R.O.). 

315.  Charles.  1797,  May  11  or  16,  Capt.,  Mearns  Vols.  (L.G.,  433; 
W.O.  Notifications,  P.R.O.).     " 

316-  Charles.  1798,  Feb.,  i,  Cornet,  23rd  Lt.  Dgns.  {L.G.,  689); 
June  I,  Lt.  i8o2,  Aug.  14,  Capt.,  6oth  Ft.  1804,  ret.  {ibid.,  841 ;  A.L.,  1799- 
1801  ;  W.O.  A.L.,  1804,  MS.  note,  P.R.O.). 

317.  Charles.     1799,  Mar.  9,  ist  Lt,  Wear  Gifford  Vols.  {L.G.,  218). 

318.  Charles.  1800,  Cadet,  H.E.LC.S.  (Madras).  1801,  Jul.  2,  Lt., 
nth  N.L     1804,  May,  25,  d.  at  Elechpore,  Madras  (£./.  Reg.). 

Sixth  son  of  James,  of  Croughly;  b.  1782,  Sep.  25,  bap.  Sep.  27,  at 
Kirkmichael,  Banffsh.  ;  nominated  for  H.E.LC.S.,  by  David  Scott  (7.0.  Rec.  ; 
Croughly  Book,  70).  Brother  of  George,  515,  James,  755,  John,  917,  Robert, 
1215,  and  William  Alexander,  1474- 

319-20.     Charles.     1803,  Jul.  18,  Lt.,  Aberdeensh.  Mil.  {L.G.,  105 1). 

321.  Charles.  1803,  Nov.  24,  Capt.,  Aberdeen  Vols.,  2nd  Reg.  {L.G., 
1623  ;  List  of  Offs.  Mil.  &  Vols.,  1807,  p.  3,  P.R.O.). 

322.  Charles.  1803,  Nov.  29,  Ens.,  Roxburghsh.  Vols.,  2nd  Batn. 
{L.G.,  1650).     1804,  Mar.  24,  Qr.  Mr.  {ibid.,  343). 

323.  Hon.  Sir  Charles.  1803,  Oct.  6,  Troop  of  Vol.  Cav.  (comd., 
if  not  raised,  by  his  uncle,  Hon.  William,  1397)  {L.G.,  1353);  Dec.  31, 
Ens.  and  Lt.,  3rd  Ft.  Gds.     1808,  Aug.  6,  Capt.,  83rd  Ft.;  Aug.  11,  Lt  and 


Capt.,  3rd  Ft.  Gds.  {ibid.,  1062).  1809-10,  served  in  Spain  and  Portugal  as 
A.D.C.,  to  Duke  of  Wellington:  "brought  intelligence  from  Soult's  head- 
quarters that  peace  had  been  concluded  between  the  F"rench  and  Austrians, 
being  present  when  this  was  announced  to  Soult ;  Eng.  Papers  to  Oct.  2,  1809, 
affirm  the  contrary,  Soult's  news  are  not  generally  credited  "  (Extract  from 
Maj.  Gen.  Sir  Alexander  Dickson's  Diary,  Dickson  MSS.  Series  C,  105, 1809, 
Oct.  27).  Two  years  later,  Gordon,  who  was  in  French  headquarters,  Sep.  26, 
offered  to  lay  a  wager  that  the  Mouitenr  would  mention  that  some  guns  had 
been  taken,  but  would  omit  the  sequel  to  the  story ; — "  Lies  published  in  the 
Moniteur  about  the  expedition  to  relieve  Ciudad  Rodrigo  :  Marmonttook  four 
guns,  Sep,  25,  181 1  (El  Bodon) ;  but  forgets  to  say  that  we  re-took  the  only 
two  which  he  had  taken  for  a  moment"  (Wellington's  Despatches,  w.  44^). 
1812,  Apr.  9,  Capt.,  3rd  Ft. ;  May  27  or  29,  K.C.B.  1813,  Jun.  9,  Maj.,  2nd 
Greek  Lt.  Inf.  18 14,  h.p.  1815,  Nov.  16,  D.Q.M.G.  to  troops  at  St.  Helena, 
Bt.  Lt.  Col.  {L.G.,  2350).  1820,  Sep.  14,  Maj.,  8ist  Ft.  {ibid.,  1798).  1821, 
Aug.  9,  93rd  Ft.  1822,  Dec.  26,  Lt.  Col.  1826,  Mar.  23,  h.p.  1828,  Nov. 
25,  Lt.  Col.,  42nd  Highlrs.  {A.L.,  1804-3^;  Philippart's  Mil.  Col.,  v.  122;  R. 
H.  Burgoyne's  93^^/  Ft.,  383). 

Fourth  son  of  George  Lord  Haddo,  510,  and  grandson  of  3rd  Earl  of 
Aberdeen:  b.  1790  Jul.  5;  d.  1835,  Sep.  30,  at  Geneva  (G. A/.,  vol.  iv.  p. 
667,  Scots  Peerage,  i.  93). 

324.  Charles.  1894,  Cadet,  H.E.LC.S.  (Bengal) ;  probably  Ens.  Charles, 
Aberdeensh.  Mil.,  appt.  before  1805,  Apr.  i,  to  H.E.LC.S.  {L.G.,  797).  1805, 
Sep.  21,  Lt.,  3rd  N.L     {E.I.  Reg.,  1805-8;  S.M.,  vol.  69,  p.  638). 

Son  of  Charles,  of  Blelack  (1761-1806)  and  Jean  Turner  (1762-1823); 
b.  1786,  bap.,  Mar.  19,  Logie  Coldstone ;  nominated  for  H.E.LC.S.  by  Sir 
William  Bensley  on  recommendation  of  Lord  Melville;  d.  1807,  Nov.  14,  at 
Berhampore  {I.O.  Rec. :  Abd.  Jour.). 

325*     Charles.     1808,  Jun.  14,  Ens.,  Aberdeensh.  Mil.  {L.G.,  1109). 

326.  Charles.  1808,  Sep.  24,  Lt.,  East  Chudleigh  (2nd)  Devonsh. 
Mil.  {L.G.,  1809,  p.  1100).     1809,  Aug.  31,  Capt.  {ibid.,  1810,  p.  407). 

327.  Charles.  1809,  Apr.  19,  Qr.  Mr.  and  Batn.  Clerk,  ist  (Highland) 
Edinburgh  Mil.  {L.G.,  624). 

328.  Charles.  1809,  Jun.  22,  Ens.,  93rd  Ft.  1812,  Oct.  15,  Lt.  1810, 
Jan.  15 — 1814,  Aug.  5,  served  at  Cape  of  Good  Hope.  1814,  Sep.  18 — 1815, 
May  23,  in  Louisiana,  taking  part  in  three  different  attacks  upon  American 
lines  before  New  Orleans,  Dec.  28,  Jan.  i,  and  Jan.  8,  when  severely  wounded 
in  left  cheek;  received  a  year's  pay  as  gratuity.  1828,  Feb.  28,  Capt.  1841, 
ret.  f.p.     1854,  Nov.  28,  Maj.;  "considered  himself  fit  to  serve  and  ready  in 


charge  of  subdivision  of  the  Pensioners  Force  of  the  Country,  for  which 
his  lormer  services  render  him  quite  competent  and  with  the  Bt.  rank 
of  Lt.  Col.  to  which  he  was  entitled  on  restoration  to  active  duty"  {W.O., 
Offs.  Services,  1829,  1854,  P.R.O.  ;  A.L.,  1810-67;  Hart's  A.L.,  1840- 

Son  of  William,  of  Clerkhill,  1405;  b.  1791,  Aug.  20,  at  Clerkhill, 
Farr,  Sutherlandsh. ;  living  at  Claremont  Crescent,  Edinburgh,  1854-66;  d. 
suddenly,  1866,   Aug.   26,  at    Harrogate  {G.M.,  vol.  2,  N.S.,  p.  557). 

329.  Charles.  1810,  Jun.  19,  Vol.,  ist  Class,  R.N.,  "  Hussar,"  Baltic  and 
E.  Indies.  181 1,  Sep.,  served  at  reduction  of  Java.  181 2,  Aug.  18,  "  Modeste," 
E.  Indies;  Aug.  20,  Mid.,  passage  home.  1813,  Mar.  12,  Supy.,  "Thisbe," 
Thames;  Apr.  12,  "  Bellerophon,"  Newfoundland;  Dec.  24,  "Royal  Sove- 
reign" yacht,  Thames.  1814,  Mar.  16,  "  Erebus,"  rocket  ship,  Chesapeake 
and  N.  American  Coast;  Aug.  17-Sept.  6,  actively  employed  in  brilliant  ex- 
pedition by  Sir  James  Alexander  Gordon  against  Alexandria  on  the 
Potomac  (three  men  killed  and  fourteen  wounded).  1815,  May  16  "  Larne," 
Channel;  Jul.,  Master's  Mate;  Aug.  29,  "Challenger,"  E.  Indies.  1816, 
May  31,  "Zebra,"  E.  Indies.  1817,  Feb.  5,  passed  as  Lt. ;  Apr.  15,  Mid., 
"Ganymede,"  Mediterranean.  1818,  Jul,  16,  Lt.  (act.)  "  Albion,"  Mediter- 
ranean ;  Aug.  20,  Lt.,  "Tagus,"  Malta.  1819,  Jan.  12,  "Active,"  Halifax 
and  Mediterranean.  1822,  Mar.  29,  "  Ariadne,"  Cape  of  Good  Hope. 
1826,  Jan.  6,  Comdr.  1827,  Apr.  17,  "Cadmus,"  S.  America.  1828,  Apr. 
17,  Post  Capt.,  returned  home.  1855,  Jan.  22,  R.  Adm.,  h.p.  1865,  Apr.  24, 
Adm.,  ret.  {Adm.  Indexes,  Midshipmen,  Lis.  Passing  Certif.,  P.R.O. ;  N.L., 
1814-76;  John  Marshall's  R.N.  Biog.,  11.  pt.  2,  p.  29;  O'Byrne's  A^.  Biog. 
Die. ;  Boase's  Mod.  Eng.  Biog.). 

Son  of  5th  Duke  of  Gordon  {S.N.  S'  Q.,  2nd  ser.,  iv.  58,  80) ;  and  half- 
brother  of  Alexander,  209;  b.  1798;  m.  1830,  Mar.  10,  at  Gibston,  Elizabeth 
(1812-43),  second  dau.  of  Andrew  Macpherson  of  Gibston,  her  sister  marry- 
ing General  John  Gordon,  962-  "  Capt.  Charles  Gordon,  Huntly  "  and 
"Mrs.  Captain  Charles  Gordon"  were  the  names  of  tunes  composed  by 
William  Marshall.  They  had  Elizabeth,  named  after  the  last  Duchess  of 
Gordon,  d.  1910,  Mar.  8,  at  Old  Quebec  St.,  London  {Times);  Margaret, 
alive  in  Aberdeen  1910;  Susan,  alive  in  Crieff,  1910.  Admiral  Gordon  d. 
1876,  May  18,  at  Huntly,  aged  78.  He  was  a  tar  of  the  old  school  and 
known  to  everyone.  He  occupied  a  front  seat  in  the  parish  church  and 
during  sermon  could  often  be  seen  taking  a  small  round  looking-glass  from 
his  pocket,  and  examining  the  state  of  his  tongue.  No  old  tar  passed  through 
the  town  without  calling  on  the  Admiral,  and  tasting  his  Jamaica  rum,  the 


remark  made  by  Jack  generally  being,  "That's  rare  stingo,  sir;  by  God  it 
bites"  {Huntly  Express,  1876,  May  20;   1909,  Jan.  22). 

330-  Charles.  1809,  May  29,  Surgeon,  "  Northampton  "  (extra  ship), 
H.E.I.C.S.     1810,  Sep.  21,  journal  returned  (7.0.  Rec). 

331.     Charles.     181 2,  May  19,  Lt.,  3rd  Roy.  E.I.  Vols.  {L.G.,  930). 

332-     Charles.     1814,  Chaplain,  Mil,,  h.p.  {A.L.,  1814). 

333.  Charles.     1814,    Mar.    9,    Ens.,  93rd    F^t.      1816,    Feb.   25,   h.p. 

1832,  Mar.  6,  h.p.  cancelled  upon  receiving  commuted  allowance  {L.G.,  498  ; 
A.L.,  1815-33). 

Second  son  of  Thomas,  in  Achnamoine,  Kildonan,  Ross-sh.  Sage  {Motto- 
rabilia  Dotnestica,  133-4)  states  that,  while  on  military  duty  at  Portsmouth, 
Gordon  tn.  Miss  Russell ;  after  his  father's  death  they  went  to  reside  on  the 
farm  at  Achnamoine  ;  on  their  way  they  spent  two  days  at  Kildonan  Manse  : — 

Mrs.  Gordon,  who  knew  nothing  of  the  accommodations  and  privations  of  the  country, 
on  the  morning  previous  to  their  departure  from  Sage's  father's  house,  asked  Mrs.  Sage  wha^ 
sort  of  a  domicile  might  be  found  there,  and  whether  it  was  like  the  Manse.  Mrs.  Sage, 
pointing  very  emphatically  to  a  long  straggling  turf  house  which  might  be  seen  from  the 
windows  of  an  upper  room,  said  "  It  is  like  that,  but  scarcely  so  good  ".  The  poor  Anglo 
Saxon  burst  into  tears  and  exclaimed  "Mercy  on  me,"  but  checking  herself  added,  "Well, 
domestic  happiness  is  as  sweet  even  in  a  cot  as  in  a  palace  " ;  and  she  lived  with  her  husband 
many  years  in  the  new  turf  house  at  Achnamoine  very  happily,  for  Charles  Gordon  built  a 
better  house,  when  he  took  possession  of  the  farm,  and  lived  there  until  the  expiry  of  his  lease. 
Afterwards  he  resided  for  a  time  at  Avoch,  Ross-shire,  and  later  with  his  wife's  relatives  at 

Sage  (p.  282)  says  that  Gordon  had  some  feud  or  other  on  his  hands  every 
day  of  the  year,  but  that  his  wife  was  universally  esteemed;  and  that  he 
had  a  son  Ensign  Hugh  [unidentified].  Brother  of  Hugh,  667i  on  behalf  of 
whose  widow  and  children  he  wrote  to  the  Sec.  at  War,  1832,  Nov.  24,  and 

1833,  Feb.  15,  from  Fareham,  Hants  {W.O.,  Letters  Compass.  Fund, 
P.R.O.     Bulloch's  Gordons  in  Sutherland,  92). 

334.  Charles.  1821,  Jun.  16,  Lt.,  S.  Devon  Mil.  (List  of  Offs.  Mil., 
Yeo.  Cav.,  d-  Vol.  Inf.,  1825,  p.  18,  P.R.O.). 

335.  Charles.  1825,  Cadet,  H.E.I.C.S.  (Madras).  1826,  Jan.  8,  Ens., 
13th  N.I.  ;  Nov.  17,  arrived  at  Madras.  1828,  Mar.  31,  leave  to  Masulipatam 
on  s.c,  for  three  months ;  extended  to  Jul.  25,  to  enable  him  to  rejoin  his  reg. 
1830,  Nov.  25,  leave  on  s.c.,  Feb.  24,  allowed  to  return  to  Europe  on  s.c. 
1832,  Mar.  8,  Lt.  1835,  Jan.  17,  arrived  back  at  Madras;  Jan.  22,  Qr.  Mr. 
and  Inter,  of  his  Corps;  Jan,  28,  left  for  Vellore.  1837,  Apr.  20  and  May  8, 
Inter,  to  a  general  Court  Martial  at  Moulmein.  1838,  Feb.  5,  D.A.Q.M.G., 
S.  Mahratta  Country.      1839,  Feb.  13,  directed  to  accompany  the  Comdr.  in 



Chief  on  a  tour  of  inspection  and  review  through  Centre,  Mysore  and  Southern 
Divisions  of  Army.  1840,  D.A.Q.M.G.,  Doab  Field  Force.  1841,  Jan.  8, 
Capt. ;  Jan.  22,  D.A.Q.M.G.,  Centre  Div.  1844,  Mar.  5—1854,  Q.  Mr.  G., 
Hyderabad  Subsidiary  Force,  serving  H.H.  the  Subadar  of  the  Dcccan.  185 1, 
Nov.  II,  Bt.  Maj.  1853,  Jan.  15,  granted  furlough  to  Europe.  1854,  Nov.  16, 
Maj.,  48th  N.I.     1855,  Feb.  14,  ret.  as  Lt.  Col.  {E.I.  Reg.,  1826-56 ;  I.O.  Rec). 

Son  of  George,  of  Glentromie,  512 1  h.  1808,  Apr.  28,  at  Leitcheston 
House,  Rathven,  Banffsh. ;  educated  privately  and  Mil.  Acad.,  Edinburgh  ; 
nominated  for  H.E.I.C.S.,  by  Mr.  Marjoribanks  on  recommendation  of  Lady 
Saltoun  in  1825,  his  father  then  residing  at  Invertromie,  Inverness-sh. ;  m. 
(i)  1834,  Jessie  McNab  {b.  1813,  d.  1843,  Sep.  27)  and  had  Eliza,  b.  1835, 
Sep.  II,  bap.  Oct.  4  ;  d.  1836,  Jun.  11,  at  Moulmein  ;  and  Jane  Frances,  b. 
1840,  Oct.  26,  bap.  Nov.  25,  at  Bangalore,  m.  1858,  Jun.  3,  at  Glasgow, 
George  M.  Sandilands,  Penang  {G.M.,  2nd  N.S.,  vol.  5,  p.  83).  Gordon  w. 
(2)  187 1,  Oct.  26,  George  {sic)  Hogarth  {b.  1829,  Dec.  31),  dau.  of  George 
Forbes  of  Springhill,  Aberdeensh.  Gordon  d.  1875,  May  26.  Mrs.  Gordon 
d.  1909,  Apr,  15,  at  Millbrook  House,  Jersey  {Morning  Post). 

336.  Charles.  1827,  Jul.  14.  Capt.,  East  Devon  Legion  Yeo.  Cav. 
{L.G.,  2012). 

337-  Charles.  1828,  Feb.  21,  Asst.  Surg.,  nth  Ft. ;  Mar.  j;,  86th  Ft. 
{L.G.,  486,  680).     1829,  Jul.  30,  92nd  Ft.  {ibid.,  1596;  A.L.,  1829-32). 

Son  of  George,  508;  d.  1831,  Jun.  30,  aged  24  (Stone  in  churchyard  of 
St.  Nicholas,  Aberdeen). 

338-  Charles.  1835,  Cadet,  H.E.LC.S.  (Bengal).  1836,  Mar.  5,  arrived 
at  P'ort  William,  Mar.  16,  appt.  to  do  duty  with  50th  N.L  at  Dacca;  Jun.  21, 
6th  N.L;  Jun.  28,  Ens.,  74th  N.L  1837,  Jul.  8,  Lt.  1840,  Mar.  7,  furlough 
to  Europe  on  s.c.  till  1842,  Oct.  7.  1843,  Nov.  22,  Adj.  (act.)  Cavalry,  Bundel- 
cund  Legion.  1844,  Mar.  29,  Adj.,  Inf.,  Bundelcund  Legion;  Jun.  7,  placed 
at  own  request  at  disposal  of  Comdr.-in-Chief.  1846,  Jan.  29,  Adj.,  7th  Depot 
Batn.  ;  Mar.  2,  cancelled,  but  Apr.  5 — Nov.  i,  permitted  to  do  duty  with  50th 
N.I.,  at  Allygurh.  1847,  Dec.  15.  Capt.  1854,  Jan.,  furlough  to  Europe.  1856, 
Feb.  20,  placed  at  disposal  of  H.M.  Govt.,  under  Brig.-Gen.  Lord  William 
Paulet,  in  the  Bosphorus.  1857,  Jan.  3,  arrived  back  at  Fort  William  ;  May 
II,  k.  by  the  mutineers  at  Delhi  {E.I.  Reg.,  1836-58,  I.O.  Rec.  {G.M.,  vol. 
3,  2nd  N.S.,  p.  224).  Maj.  H.  E.  S.  Abbott,  comdg.  74th  N.L,  wrote  May  13 
that  Ens.  Elton  and  the  rest  of  the  officers  of  the  74th  N.L  were  on  the  point 
of  joining  to  march  out  with  the  detachment,  when  he  heard  a  shot,  and  on 
looking  round,  saw  Capt.  Gordon  fall  dead  {State  Papers,  Mil.  Dept.,  India, 
I.  266).     Mr.  G.  W.  Forrest  {Indian  Mutiny,  1.  48)  states  :^ 


Maj.  Abbott  had  given  the  order  to  march,  and  had  scarcely  got  a  hundred  paces  beyond 
the  Cashmere  Gate,  at  the  main  guard,  Delhi,  when  he  heard  a  brisk  firing.  He  inquired  what 
it  meant,  and  some  of  the  men  replied,  "The  38th  men  are  shooting  the  European  officers  ". 
He  then  ordered  the  men  with  him,  about  100,  to  return  to  their  assistance — they  replied: 
"  Sir,  it  is  useless,  they  are  all  killed  by  this  time  and  we  shall  not  save  any  one,  we  will  not 
allow  you  to  go  back  and  be  murdered".  The  men  of  the  74th  were  correct  in  their  surmise; 
all  the  officers  of  the  regiment  had  not  passed  the  gate,  when  some  men  of  the  38th  seized  and 
shut  it,  and  then  began  firing  at  the  officers  near  them  and  at  a  group  of  ladies,  who  had 
escaped  from  their  burhing  houses.  .  .  .  Capt.  Gordon,  74th,  threw  up  his  arms,  fell  from  his 
saddle,  and  died  without  a  groan. 

Son  of  William,  of  Halmyre  (descended  from  the  Gordonstoun  Gordons) 
and  Mary  Dunn;  b.  1816,  Mar.  i,  at  Edinburgh;  educated  at  Edin.  Acad.; 
nominated  for  H.E.I.C.S.  by  Rt.  Hon.  R.  C.  Ferguson  on  recommendation 
of  his  widowed  mother  in  1829,  then  living  at  35  Drummond  Place;  m. 
1842,  Apr.  28,  at  Harrow-on-the-Hill,  Charlotte  {b.  1815,  Dec.  7),  dau.  of 
Laurance  Stoddart  {G.M.,  vol.  17,  N.S.  p.  662)  and  had  William,  1468-  Mrs. 
Gordon  d.  1908,  Nov.  17,  at  Wethersfield  Place,  Essex,  in  her  93rd  year 
(Times).     Brother  of  Archibald,  263.  and  George,  551- 

339-  Charles.  1841,  Dec.  14,  Ens.,  92nd  Ft.  1843,  Mar.  17,  Lt.  1847, 
Jun.  22,  Capt.     1849,  r^t-  '^y  sale  of  com.  (Hart's  A.L.,  1842-50). 

Sixth  son  of  John,  of  Cairnbulg,  971 ;  ^-  1823,  Oct.  20;  ni.  1849,  Apr. 
26,  at  Raemoir  House,  by  Bishop  William  Skinner,  Christian,  only  dau.  of 
William  Innes  of  Raemoir  (St.  Andrew's  Reg.,  Abd.).  Gordon  d.  1853, 
May  17,  at  Pitlurg  {G.M.,  vol.  40,  N.S.,  p.  99).  His  wife  d.  s.p.  1891,  Jul. 
30,  aged  91. 

340-  Charles,  i860,  Apr.  9,  Ens.,  13th  Sussex  Rif.  Vols.  {L.G.,  pt.  2, 
p.  1478). 

341-  Charles,  nth  Marquis  of  Huntly.  1869,  Oct.  28,  Maj.,  ist 
Administrative  Batn.  Aberdeen  Rif.  Vols.  (L.G.,  pt.  7,  p.  61 16).  1872,  Apr. 
9,  Lt.  Col.  [ibid.,  pt.  2,  p.  2149).  1876,  Feb.  23,  res.  his  com.;  Hon.  Col., 
ist  Administrative  Batn.,  Kincardinesh.  Rif.  Vols,  {ibid.,  pt.  i,  pp.  815  6). 
1881,  Capt.,  H.M.  Hon.  Corps,  Gentlemen-at-Arms. 

Eldest  son  of  Charles,  loth  Marquis  by  his  second  wife  Mary  Antoinette, 
dau.  of  Rev.  William  Peter  Pegus  ;  b.  at  Orton  Longueville,  1847,  Mar.  5; 
succeeded  1868  ;  m.  1869,  Jul.  14,  Amy,  dau.  of  Sir  William  Cunlifie  Brooks. 
Brother  of  Lord  Douglas  William  Cope,  414,  Lord  Granville  Armyne,  607. 
and  Lord  Lewis,  1098- 

342-3-  Charles  Aberdeen.  1885,  Dec.  5,  Lt.  Supy.,  9th  Middlesex 
Rif.  Vols.  {L.G.,  pt.  6,  p.  5872).  1887,  Jan.  19,  res.  com.  [ibid.,  pt.  i,  p. 
277)  ;  Jun.  4,  Lt.,  3rd  Batn.  Northumberland  Fus.  Mil.  (Newcastle)  {A.L., 
1888— Apr.  90). 


Second  son  of  Frederick  (1835-1904),  the  founder  of  the  well-known 
Gordon  Hotels  in  London  and  elsewhere,  who  was  a  native  of  Ross, 
Hereford,  though  he  claimed  distant  kinship  with  the  Aboyne  Gordons  ;  m. 

a  German,  Johanna  Elizabeth  Sophie ;  d.   1902,  Mar.  4,  at  ZoUhaus, 

Hesse,  where  he  was  connected  with  the  "Johannis"  Springs,  largely  owned 
along  with  "  Apollinaris,"  by  his  father.  Brother  of  Frederick  Harry  Blake 
(Eric),  463,  and  Vivian,  1361. 

344.  5ir  Charles  Alexander.  1841,  Jun.  8,  Asst.  Surg.,  3rd  Ft.  1843, 
Dec.  29,  present  with  i6th  Lancers  at  battle  of  Maharajpore  (Bronze  Star),  of 
which  he  was  one  of  the  last  survivors.  1846,  Jul.  10,  Surg.  Med.  Dept.,  in 
charge  of  a  force  in  an  expedition  at  Cape  Coast  Castle ;  thanked  in  de- 
spatches. 1857-8,  served  in  Indian  campaign  ;  in  medical  charge  of  Frank's 
force  in  its  advance  to  Lucknow,  including  actions  of  Chanda,  Umeerpore, 
and  Badshagungee ;  present  with  loth  Ft.  at  siege  and  capture  of  Lucknow  ; 
had  medical  charge  of  Lugard's  force,  including  relief  of  Azimghur,  capture  of 
Jugdespore  and  action  of  Chitowrah  (C.B.,  Medal  with  clasp,  twice  mentioned 
in  despatches),  i860.  May  11,  Dep.  Surg.  Gen.  1860-1,  had  medical  charge 
of  force  under  Sir  Charles  Staveley  left  in  occupation  of  Tientsin,  China. 
1870,  Sep.  2,  sent  by  War  Dept.  as  Med.  Comr.  to  French  army,  continued 
in  Paris  throughout  siege  and  bombardment  by  German  army ;  elected 
Member  of  Council,  Soc.  de  Secours  aux  Blesses,  Hon.  Member  of  Ambu- 
lances de  la  Presse,  and  of  the  Ambulance  Evangelique ;  on  the  occasion  of 
three  of  the  great  sorties  and  battles  around  the  walls,  attached  himself  to 
the  American  Ambulance,  and  gave  professional  assistance  to  wounded  in 
the  field  at,  Oct.  21,  Malmaison,  Nov.  30,  Champigny,  Dec.  21,  Drancy  and 
Bourget.  187 1,  Jan.  19,  present  at  the  fourth  great  battle  of  Montretout, 
in  order  to  observe  the  manner  of  working  the  Ambulance  system  ;  for  his 
services,  the  Provisional  Govt,  created  him  an  Off.,  Legion  of  Honour.  1876, 
Mar.  22,  Hon.  Phys.  to  Queen  Victoria.  1880,  May  26,  ret. ;  Apr.  i,  granted 
reward  for  distinguished  and  meritorious  services  (Hart's  A.L.,  1842-1900; 
A.L.,  1842 — ^Jan.  1900). 

Son  of  William  Alexander,  1474;  b.  182 1  ;  M.D.  St.  Andrews,  and 
L.R.C.S.  Edin.,  1840,  C.B.,  1859,  Q.H.P.,  1876,  K.C.B.,  1897.  Gordon  was 
a  voluminous  writer,  26  books  and  pamphlets  standing  to  his  credit  between 
1847  and  1898,  dealing  with  India  (5),  Burmah,  China  (3),  Franco-Prussian 
war  (2),  Gold  Coast,  Madeira,  cholera,  army  hygiene,  hospitals,  sanitation, 
Pasteurism,  and  vivisection.  In  1898  he  published  his  autobiography.  Re- 
collections of  Thirty -nine  Years  in  the  Army,  with  a  portrait  of  himself  by 
Bassano  (London,    8vo,  viii.  320).     Gordon  m.  1850,  Mar.   14,  Annie,  dau. 



of  John  Mackintosh  of  Torrich,  Cawdor  parish,  and  had  Henry  King,  650; 
Ashton  Bostock,  b.  1852,  Sep.  5,  bap.  Oct  6,  at  Wuzeerabad,  ;;;.  1881,  Feb. 
22,  Brig.  Surg.  Lt.  Col.  John  Mackenzie  and  has  issue  ;  Charles  Alexander, 
b.  1854,  Mar,  30,  bap.  Apr.  24,  at  Lahore,  lost  at  sea  1873  5  George  Dawson, 
b.  1855,  Oct.  7,  bap.  Oct.  24,  at  Simla,  d.  1855,  Dec.  i  ;  Frederick  Francis, 
b.  1857,  Mar.  14,  in  Coutts's  Bank,  London;  d.  s.p.  1907,  Nov.  20,  Gordon 
d.  1899,  Sep.  ^o{Times,  Oct.  2) ;  his  widow  d.  1910,  Feb.  8  aged  84. 

345-  Charles  Alexander  Bos  well.  1843,  Apr.  21,  Ens.,  37th  Ft. ;  Jun. 
13,  Lt.,  98th  Ft.  1845,  Jun.  14,  Lt.,  60th  Vt.  Served  as  Vol.,  at  first  attack 
upon  Mooltan,  and  1848-9  through  Punjaub  campaign  with  ist  Batn.  6oth, 
including  Siege  of  Mooltan,  battle  of  Goojerat,  pursuit  of  Sikh  army  until  its 
final  surrender  at  Rawal  Pindi,  occupation  of  Peshawur,  and  attack  and  expul- 
sion of  Ameer  Dost  Mahomed  beyond  Khyber  Pass  (Medal,  two  clasps). 
1854,  Jun.  6,  Capt.,  60th  Ft.,  2nd  Batn.  1855,  Jun. — 1857,  Jun.,  A.A.G., 
Turkish  Campaign  (4th  class,  Medjidie).  1856,  Jun.  6,  Bt.  Maj.  i860,  Sep. 
18,  Maj.  1868,  Jan.  i,  Bt.  Lt.  Col.  1871,  Aug.  9,  Lt.  Col.,  60th  Ft.  1876, 
Jan.  13,  Bt.  Col.  1877,  Dec.  19,  h.p.  1878,  Jan.  i  — 1879,  Dec.  31,  A.A.  & 
Q.M.G.,  S.  District.  1880,  Jan.  i— 1882,  Apr.  i,  D.A.  and  Q.M.G.,  Malta. 
1882,  Apr.  I,  ret.,  Hon.  rank  Maj.  Gen.  1883,  Apr.  i,  reward  for  distinguished 
and  meritorious  services  (Hart's  A.L.,  1844-96;  A.L.,  1844 — Jul.  '95). 

'  Youngest  son  of  Alexander,  of  Ellon,  197 ;  b.  1823,  Mar.  29,  at  Teddington, 
Middlesex;  mat.  Exeter  Coll.  Oxon.,  1841,  May  6;  m.  1867,  Mar.  2,  at  St. 
Nicholas  Ch.,  Brighton,  Everetta  Rosa  {b.  1840),  dau.  of  Edward  Johnston  of 
Silwood  Lodge,  Berks,  the  witness  being  William  Gordon  {W.O.,  Offs.  Mrges., 
P.R.O.).  Gordon  d.  1895,  Jun.  12,  at  Northmoor  Cottage,  Bournemouth 
{Times,  Jun.  17). 

346-  Charles  Algernon.  1904,  Mar.  12,  2nd  Lt.,  Duke  of  Edinburgh's 
(Wilts)  Mil.  3rd  Batn.  {A.L.,  1904-6). 

Son  of  George  Henry,  579- 

347-  Charles  Austin.  1899,  joined  Imp.  Lt.  Horse  on  its  formation  at 
outbreak  of  S.  African  War;  present  at  engagements  at  Elandslaagte,  Intombi 
Spruit  and  taking  of  gun  by  night  with  Maj.  Karri-Davis,  etc. ;  in  hospital 
at  neutral  camp  with  enteric  when  siege  of  Ladysmith  was  raised  but  rejoined 
on  recovery,  and  accompanied  reg.  to  Mafeking,  receiving  a  com.  for  his  dis- 
tinguished conduct.  1900,  Dec.  17,  accidentally  injured  at  Johannesburg,  and 
had  to  have  his  left  leg  amputated. 

Son  of  Charles,  M.D.  (King's  Coll.,  Abd.,  1850),  Pietermaritzburg  (</.  1904, 

Oct.  31),  son  of  James,  Ballater  {House  of  Gordon,  i.  (106)) ;  educated,  Oxford. 

348.     Charles  Cecil.     1890,  Mar.  17,  Lt.,  W.  Suffolk  (Cambridge)  Mil., 



3rd  Batn.  1893,  Apr.  26,  2nd  Lt.,  R.  Scots.  1895,  Sep.  9,  Lt.  {A.L.,  1890 
—Jul.  '99). 

Son  of  James  Henry,  802;  b.  1871,  Sep.  29,  bap.  Oct.  22,  at  Quilon, 
Madras,  d.  1899,  Mar.  31,  at  Poona. 

349.  Charles  Cecil.  1905,  Dec.  23,  2nd  Lt.,  Duke  of  Edinburgh's  Own 
R.G.A.  (Mil.).     1908,  May  23,  2nd  Lt.,  R.A.  {A.L.,  1906-10). 

Son  of  Charles,  formerly  of  Aberdeen,  now  insurance  manager  at  the 
Cape,  and  Elizabeth  Grant,  granddau.  of  John  Gordon,  the  Glack,  Glenlivet ; 
grandson  of  Alexander  (1818-74),  quill-maker,  Aberdeen,  who  m.  Isabella 
Russell  (1819-84) ;  b.  1885,  Nov.  28;  family  described  by  J.  M.  Bulloch  in 
Fraserburgh  Herald,  1910,  Mar.  i. 

350-  Charles  David.  1811,  Apr.  8,  Capt.,  Surrey  Mil.,  2nd*Reg.  (L.G., 

Eldest  son  of  David,  XIV.  of  Abergeldie;  b.  1790,  Oct.  30;  m.  1S19, 
Apr.  22,  Marian  {d.  at  Malvern,  1869,  Jan.  i),  eldest  dau.  of  Robert  Phillips  of 
Longworth,  Hereford  and  left  four  daus. ;  d.  v.p.  at  Denmark  Hill,  1826,  Nov. 
24  {House  of  Gordon,  i.  (104)).  Brother  of  Robert,  1239  ;  uncle  of  Charles 
Vincent,  377,  Cosmo,  388,  Dundas  William,  420,  Hugh  Mackay,  673,  and 
James  Henry,  802- 

351.  Charles  Douglas.  1862,  Feb.  4,  Cadet,  R.A.  1864,  Sep.  20, 
Lt.  {List  of  Offs.  R.A.,  83  ;  Hart's  A.L.,   1863-7). 

Youngest  son  of  Charles  Alexander,  Lahore,  Punjab;  d.  1866,  Jun.  15, 
at  3,  Addison  Gardens,  Kensington,  aged  22  {G.M.,  vol.  2,  N.S.,  p.  270). 

352-  Charles  Edward.  1801,  Sep.  30,  Cadet,  R.A.  1803,  Sep.  8,  2nd 
Lt. ;  Dec.  6,  ist  Lt.  1812,  Mar.  17,  2nd  Capt.  Served  in  Peninsula  and 
France  from  1813,  May  to  end  of  war,  including  defence  of  Cadiz,  siege  of 
San  Sebastian,  passage  of  the  Bidassoa  and  Nivelle,  actions  in  front  of 
Bayonne,  Dec.  10-13,  battle  of  Orthes,  occupation  of  Bordeaux,  subsequent 
affairs  on  the  Dordogne,  and  investment  of  the  fortress  of  Blaye  (Medal,  four 
clasps).  1826,  Aug.  4,  Capt.  1830,  Jul.  22,  Bt.  Maj.  1839,  Nov.  24,  Lt. 
Col.     1851,  Sep.  25,  Col.  {A.L.,  1802-55  ;  Hart's  A.L.,  1840-55). 

Fifth  son  of  Charles,  of  Ward  house,  307;  b.  1786;  m.  1815,  Apr.  i, 
Harriet  Elizabeth  {d.  1875,  ^P^^-  6),  eldest  dau.  of  Rev.  G.  Parke  {G.M.,  vol. 
85,  pt.  I,  p.  466)  ;  and  had  three  sons,  one  being  Charles  Edward  Parke, 
353-4,  and  a  dau.  Gordon  d.  1854,  Mar.  16,  in  a  railway  carriage  between 
Stafford  and  Crewe  (G.M.,  vol.  41,  N.S.,  532-3  ;  Bulloch's  Gordons  of  Ward- 
house  and  Beldorney,  41-3).  Appears  as  Charles  in  A.L.,  1804-15,  Charles 
E.,  A.L.,  1816. 

353-4.     Charles  Edward  Parke.     1833,  Dec.  13,  Ens.,  75th  Ft.  (L.G., 


2288).  1834-5,  served  in  campaigns  against  the  Kaffirs  in  S.  Africa  (Medal). 
1837,  Feb.  17,  Lt.  1837-8,  served  as  Asst.  Eng.  on  E.  frontier  of  Cape  Colony, 
employed  under  Col.  Lewis,  comdg.  R.E.,  to  execute  a  confidential  trigono- 
metrical and  statistical  survey.  1845,  Apr.  25,  Capt.  1857,  Aug.  29,  Bt.  Maj. 
1857-8,  served  in  Indian  campaign,  comdg.  75th  during  capture  of  Delhi,  from 
Sep.  15  ;  wounded  Sep.  18,  leading  the  assault  on  the  Hubshu-ka-Phatuk  ; 
planned  and  carried  out  forward  movement  of  the  right  attack  within  the  City, 
surprising  and  capturing  the  Burn  bastian  at  its  gorge  on  evening  of  Sep.  19, 
retaining  it  under  a  constant  fire  until  next  morning,  when  enemy  evacuated 
Delhi ;  proceeded  with  Greathead's  column,  comd.  reg.  in  actions  of  Bolund- 
shupur,  Aligurh,  Oct.  5,  Akbarabad,  Agra,  Oct  10,  and  Kanaj,  advance  into 
Oude,  and  minor  affairs,  ending  in  relief  of  Lucknow  ;  subsequently  with 
Oude  field  force  in  front  of  City,  until  Feb.  14;  specially  mentioned  in 
Outram's  despatch  for  "judgment  and  coolness  in  defending  left  advanced 
outpost  of  camp  during  a  night  attack  made  by  a  very  large  force  of  the 
enemy,  Jan,  16,  which  he  repulsed  with  severe  loss"  (Medal,  two  clasps,  Bt. 
Lt.  Col.,  Jan.  19).  1861,  Mar.  9,  Maj.  1864,  Dec,  9,  Lt.  Col.  1865,  Aug. 
3,  Col.  1870,  Mar.  18,  Maj.  Gen.  1872,  Apr.  27,  reward  for  distinguished 
and  meritorious  services.  1881,  Jul.  i,  hon.  rank  Lt.  Gen.,  ret.  list.  1895, 
Jun.  30,  Col.,  Gordon  Highlrs.  {A.L.,  1834 — Oct.  '97;  Hart's  A.L.,  1840-98. 

Eldest  son  of  Charles  Edward,  352;  b.  1816,  Jan.  8;  m.  (i)  1845,  J""- 
12,  at  St.  Mary  de  Node,  Gloucester,  Louisa  Cleghorn  (1821-46),  dau.  of 
Edward  Day,  Tredenick,  Cornwall  {G.M.,  N.S.,  vol.  24,  p.  300);  w.  (2)  1849, 
Jan.  25,  Frances  Maria  Dixon  {b.  1816),  and  had  with  seven  other  children 
Charles  Edward  Tudor,  355,  and  Stuart  Dixon,  1305-  Gordon  d.  1897,  Jun. 
27,  at  Penge  (Bulloch's  Gordons  of  Wardliousc,  43-7). 

355-  Charles  Edward  Tudor.  1867,  Jan.  22,  Cornet,  ist  Dg.  Gds. 
1869,  Lt.,  ret.  by  sale  of  com.  (Hart's  A.L.,  1868-70). 

Son  of  Charles  Edward  Parke,  354 ;  ^«  1846,  Aug. ;  entered  Wellington, 
1861  {Wdlingtott  Col.  Reg.,  16). 

356'  Charles  F.  Surg.,  R.N.  (.'),  at  one  time,  Roy.  Hosp.,  Haslar;  d. 
1817,  Apr.  16,  at  Buckland,  near  Gosport,  aged  105  (G.M.,  vol.  87,  pt.  i,  p.  573). 

357.  Charles  Forbes.  1834,  Cadet,  H.E.LC.S.  (Madras).  1835,  Jul.  2, 
arrived  at  Madras;  Jul.  8,  appt.  to  do  duty  with  12th  N.L  ;  Jul.  13,  transferred 
for  duty  to  13th  N.L  ;  Aug.  7,  posted  to  7th  N.L,  Aug.  12,  removed  at  own 
request  to  19th  N.L  1836,  Nov.  15,  granted  three  months  leave  on  s.c.  ; 
extended  to  1837,  Apr.  i ;  Mar.  22,  permitted  to  return  to  Europe  on  s.c. ; 
sailed  per  "  Loftus  "  Mar.  26,  d.  Sep.  21,  on  the  voyage  {E.I.  Reg.,  1835-8  ; 
G.M.,  vol.  8,  N.S.,  p.  660). 


Third  son  of  George,  515 ;  ^-1813,  Jun.  26,  hap.  1815,  Jul.  16,  at  Gt.  Mar- 
low,  Bucks;  educated  at  Dr.  NichoU's,  Ealing;  nominated  for  H.E.I.C.S.,  by 
J.  D.  Alexander,  on  recommendation  of  Sir  Charles  Forbes,  bart ,  in  1834,  his 
mother  then  living  at  31  Upper  Gower  Street,  London  (7.0.  Rec.  /  Croughly 
Book,  73). 

358-  Charles  Forbes.  1901,  May  17,  Lt.,  Cork  Garr.  Art.  (Mil). 
Served  in  Kano  Sokoto  campaign  (Medal,  with  clasp).  1901,  May  15 — 1906, 
May,  30,  Asst.  Resdt.,  N.  Nigeria.  1903,  Jan.  31,  Capt.,  serving  with  ist 
Batn.  N.  Nigerian  Reg.,  W.  African  frontier  force  {A.L.,  1901 — Oct.  '08). 

Second  son  of  Rowland  Hill,  1281;  h.  1877,  Jul.  18,  at  Alford  {Croughly 
Book,  96). 

359-61.  Charles  Francis.  1797,  Aug.  16,  Ens.,  85th  Ft.  (Bucks  Vols.). 
1798,  h.p.,  Sir  Vere  Hunt's  Recruiting  Corps.  1807,  name  erased  in  MS. 
{W.O.A.L.,  1797-1807). 

362-  Charles  Francis.  1799,  Cadet,  H.E.I. C.S.  (Bombay).  1800,  May 
26,  Lt.,  ist.  N.L,  at  Poonah  {E.I.  Reg.,  1800-3;  Rec.  2nd  Bombay  N.I. ,  106). 
B.  1 781,  Nov.  28,  at  Hartford,  Devonsh.  ;  nominated  for  H.E.LC.S.,  by  S. 
Lushington  on  recommendation  of  Mr.  Sullivan  ;  d.  1802,  Apr.  26,  on  the 
coast  of  Arabia  (7.0.  Rec.). 

363.  Charles  George  ("Chinese").  1852,  Jun.  23,  2nd  Lt.,  R.E. 
1854,  Feb.  17,  Lt.  1855,  Jan.  i,  reached  Balaklava  ;  Jun.  6,  wounded  ;  Jun. 
18,  present  at  attack  of  the  Redan,  helped  to  demolish  Sebastopol  docks; 
British  war  Medal  and  clasp,  Turkish  war  Medal  and  French  Legion  of 
Honour.  1856,  May — 1857,  Oct.,  assist.  Commissioner  for  delimiting  new 
frontier  in  Bessarabia  and  then  in  Armenia.  1858,  Jun. -Nov.,  a  Commissioner 
to  the  Armenian  frontier  to  superintend  erection  of  boundary  posts  of  the 
line  previously  surveyed  (Boulger's  General  Gordon's  Letters  from  the  Crimea, 
the  Danube  and  Armenia,  1854-58).  1859,  Apr.  i,  Capt.,  and  second  Ad- 
jutant of  the  R.E.  at  Chatham  for  over  a  year,  i860,  Sep.,  joined  Anglo- 
French  army  in  China,  being  present  at  capture  of  Pekin  in  Oct. ;  British 
war  Medal  with  clasp ;  subsequently  made  several  expeditions  into  interior, 
exploring  part  of  the  great  wall.  1862,  Apr.,  began  fighting  the  Taipings ; 
Dec.  30,  Capt.  1863,  Mar.  24—1864,  Jun.  i,  Brevet  Major,  British  army, 
and  served  in  Chinese  army  entering  as  a  mandarin  and  Lieut.  Col. ;  com- 
manding the  "  Ever  Victorious  Army  "  of  some  4000  Chinese,  ofiicered  by 
150  Europeans,  he  stamped  out  the  Taiping  rebellion,  after  33  engagements 
and  capture  of  seven  towns,  being  wounded  only  once,  at  Kintang ;  re- 
ceived the  Yellow  Jacket  and  Peacock's  F'eather  of  a  mandarin  of  the  first 
class  and  the  title   of  Ti-Tu,  the  highest  military  rank  in  China    (General 


Gordon's  Private  Diary  of  the  Taiping  Rebellion,  edited  by  A.  E.  Hake, 
1890  ;  Private  Diary  of  his  Exploits  in  China,  amplified  by  S.  Mossman, 
1885).  1864,  Feb.  16,  Bt.  Lt.  Col.  ;  Dec.  9,  C.B.  1865,  commanded  R.E. 
at  Gravesend  and  for  next  six  years  carried  on  ordinary  duties  of  the  corps, 
and  his  philanthropic  work,  especially  among  boys.  187 1,  Oct.,  British 
member  of  the  International  Commission  at  Galatz  for  improving  the  Sulina 
mouth  of  the  Danube  for  navigation.  1872,  Feb.  16,  Bt.  Col.  1B73,  Sep., 
invited  to  become  Governor  of  the  equatorial  province  of  Central  Africa,  under 
the  Khedive,  arriving  at  Gondokoro,  the  seat  of  his  government,  1874, 
Apr.  16.  1876,  Dec,  resigned.  1877,  Feb.,  appointed  Governor-General  of 
Egypt;  Oct.  i,  Lt.  Col.,  British  army;  practically  suppressed  slave  trade 
during  next  two  years,  resigning  1879,  ^^c.  8  {Colonel  Gordon  in  Central 
Africa,  1874-79,  edited  by  George  Birkbeck  Hill).  1880,  May  28— Jun.  2, 
private  secretary  to  Lord  Ripon  in  India;  Jul.  2 — Sep.,  in  China  advising 
the  Chinese  Govt,  about  Russia.  1881,  Jul. — 1882,  Apr.,  commanded  R.E.  in 
Mauritius,  becoming  Major-Gen.,  1882,  Mar.  25.  1882,  Aug.-Sep.,  mission 
to  Basuto  chiefs.  1883,  visited  Palestine.  1884,  Jan.  18,  Govr.  Gen.  of  the 
Soudan;  arrived  at  Khartoum,  Feb.  18;  k.  there,  1885,  Jan.  26  (Lord 
Cromer's  Modern  Egypt ;  W.  S.  Blunt's  Gordon  at  Khartoum). 

Fourth  son  of  Henry  William,  652;  b-  1833,  Jan.  20,  at  No,  29,  Woolwich 
Common,  the  house  being  marked  by  a  tablet.  An  enormous  literature  has 
arisen  round  Gordon,  filling  several  pages  of  B.M.  Catalogue ;  complete 
biographies  by  Sir  William  Butler,  Archibald  Forbes,  A.  E.  Hake  and 
Demetrius  Boulger.  There  are  many  portraits  and  statues  of  Gordon,  notably 
one  by  Onslow  F'ord,  R.A.,  at  Chatham  and  Khartoum;  one  in  Trafalgar 
Square  ;  and  one  in  front  of  Gordon's  College,  Aberdeen. 

364-  Charles  Qerald.  1890,  Apr.  9,  Lt.,  King's  Liverpool  Reg.,  3rd 
and  4th  Batns.  1895,  Sep.  18,  Supy.  Capt.  1897,  Feb.  17,  Capt.  1900, 
Oct. — 1901,  Capt.,  Steinacker's  Horse,  S.  Africa.  Served  with  Imp.  Lt.  Inf. 
at  relief  of  Ladysmith,  including  action  at  Spion  Kop,  and  operations  on 
Tugela  Heights;  operations  in  Transvaal  (Queen's  Medal,  three  clasps). 
1902,  Mar.  5,  Capt.,  E.  Surrey  Reg.  {A.L.,  1890-1906). 

Son  of  Charles  Vincent,  377;  b.  1868,  Oct.  15,  bap.  Nov.  26,  at  Poona  ; 
d.  1905,  Nov.  II. 

365.  Charles  Hadfield.  1869,  Jan.  13,  Lt.,  R.E.  j88i,  Jun.  30,  Capt. 
1882,  served  in  Egyptian  war  (Medal  and  Khedive's  Star).  1887,  Oct.  11, 
Maj.  {A.L.,  1870 — ^Jul.  1891,  Hart's  i4.L.,  1870-92). 

Son  of  Robert,  1242 ;  b.  1849,  May  6,  bap.  Jul.  10,  at  Madras  ;  ;;;.  1886, 
Georgina,  dau.  of  Thomas  Gilzean  Rose-Innes,  of  Netherdale  ;  d.  1891,  May 


3,  at  Grahamstown,  S.  Africa  {Abd.  Wkly.  jfour.,  1904,  Nov.  16).  His 
widow,  who  m.  secondly  Major  F.  Moore,  translated  Souvenirs  of  Xante 
Claire  (Mile.  Aubert)  from  the  French  (David  Douglas,  Edinburgh,  1896,  pp. 
231),  reissued  as  Xante  Claire,  her  Life  and  her  Wisdom  (Foulis,  1908). 

366.  Charles  Henry.  1835,  Nov.  24,  Ens.,  93rd  Ft.  (Sutherland 
Highlrs.).  1838,  Jul.  38,  Lt. ;  served  in  Canadian  rebellion,  including  march 
into  district  of  Beauharnais,  and  capture  of  the  mill  at  Prescott,  with  force 
under  Col.  Hon.  H.  Dundas,  83rd  Reg.  1842,  May  13,  Capt.  1854,  Jun.  20, 
Bt.  Maj. ;  Oct.  10,  Maj.  1854-5,  served  in  Crimea  campaign,  including  battles 
of  Alma,  and  Balaclava,  expedition  to  Sea  of  Azoff,  capture  of  Kertch,  and 
Yenikali,  and  seize  of  Sebastopol  (Crimean  medal,  three  clasps,  Bt.  Lt.  Col., 
1856,  Jun.  6,  Turkish  Medal,  and  5th  class  of  the  Medjidie).  1857,  Sep. — 
1858,  Apr.,  served  in  Indian  campaign,  including  relief  of  Lucknow,  Nov. 
13-24,  comd.  53rd  Reg.  (C.B.) ;  Sir  Colin  Campbell  in  his  official  despatch 
stated  that  the  storming  of  the  Secunderbagh  was  "done  in  the  most  brilliant 
manner,  by  the  remainder  of  the  Highlanders,  and  the  53rd  and  the  4th  Punjab 
Inf.  A  keen  and  gallant  race  took  place  between  the  Sikhs  and^Highlanders 
as  Gokul  Singh  of  the  Sikhs  waving  his  tulwar  over  his  head,  dashed  in  front 
of  his  men,  and  Paul,  of  the  4th  Punjab  Inf.  with  voice  and  action  urged  on 
his  wild  followers,  closely  followed  by  the  53rd  led  by  Gordon  "  (G.  W. 
Forrest's  Ind.  Mutiny,  11.  148-53).  Brig.  Gen.  Lugard  recommended  his 
services  for  "  honourable  mention ;  a  most  excellent  and  gallant  officer " 
{State  Papers,  Mil.  Dept.  India,  11.  557).  Comd.  left  wing  93rd,  at  the 
storming  of  the  Begum's  Palace ;  specially  mentioned  in  despatches  as 
comdg.  a  part  of  93rd  in  dislodging  the  enemy  from  their  last  position  in 
Lucknow  (Ind.  Medal,  two  clasps).  1862,  Mar.  17,  Bt.  Col.  1869,  Mar.  17, 
Lt.  Col. ;  Mar.  25,  Reward  for  distinguished  and  meritorious  services;  Apr,  i, 
Maj.  Gen.  (hon.  rank) ;  ret.  f.p.  from  Dep.  Batn.  which  he  comd.  for  several 
years  {A.L.,  1836 — ^Jul.  1895;  Hart's  ^.L.,  1840-96;  R.  H.  Burgoyne's  93^^, 
384 ;   W.O.  Offs.  Services,  1854,  P.R.O.). 

Eldest  son  of  Alexander  of  Great  Myless,  Essex  (d.  1839),  the  second 
son  of  Charles  (d.  1814),  of  Braid  and  Cluny  ;  b.  1816,  Oct.  7,  at  Edinburgh  ; 
took  part  unsuccessfully  in  several  law  actions  against  succession  of  the  son 
of  his  uncle  John,  947,  to  the  Cluny  estates;  ni.  1865,  Aug.  10,  at  SL  Paul's, 
Knightsbridge,  Georgiana  (b.  1844),  eldest  dau.  of  Sir  Edmund  H.  K.  Lacon, 
3rd  bart.  :  she  has  adopted  the  name  of  Lacon-Gordon.  Gordon  d.  s.p.  1895, 
May  24,  in  London  (Bulloch's  privately  printed  Gordons  of  Cluny). 

367-  Charles  Henry  Granville.  1899,  Mar.  8,  2nd  Lt.,  Gordon  Highlrs. 
3rd  Batn.  {A.L  ,  1899). 


Eldersonof  Lord  Granville  Armyne,  607;  ^-  1880,  June  19;  </.  1899,  Jul.  16 
from  a  fall  from  a  house  in  King  Street,  Aberdeen,  bur.  Jul.  20,  at  Orton, 
Peterborough  {Times,  Jul.  21). 

368-  Charles  John.  1805,  Apr.  6,  Cornet,  loth  Lt.  Dgs.  {L.G.,  433). 
1806,  Jan.  7,  Lt.  (ibid.,  17).     1809,  Jul.  i,  Capt.  (ibid.,  969). 

Son  of  John,  Bristol,  who  was  second  son  of  Robert  (1724-84),  of 
Auchendolly  b.  1787  ;  k.  181 1,  Apr.  10,  at  Toulouse  (Burke's  Landed  Gentry, 
7th  edit.,  I.  755  ;  G.M.,  vol.  84,  pt.  i,  pp.  516,  605).    Brother  of  Robert,  1235- 

369.  Charles  Louis.  1881,  Sep.  8,  Lt.,  R.  Mar.  1890,  Mar,  23— Aug. 
10,  Asst.  L  of  Marines;  Aug.  10,  Capt.  1896,  Sep.  21 — 1901,  Sep.  20,  Adj., 
4th  Vol.  Batn.,  Cameronians,  Scottish  Rif.  1899,  Sep.  17,  Maj.  1906,  Sep. 
17,  Bt.  Lt.  Col.;  Nov.  i,  Lt.  Col.    1909,  Oct.  10,  Bt.  Col.  (A.L,,  1881-1910). 

Son  of  William,  nephew  of  Charles  Barclay  Plenderleath  Gordon  and 
connected  with  Gabriel,  466;  b.  1863,  Sep.  8;  m.  Constance  Marion,  only 
dau.  of  late  Hu^h  Dawson,  Hastings,  and  has  Madge  Dorothy  and  Mignon 
Louise  Constance. 

370.  Charles  Napier.  1827,  Feb.  6,  Vol.,  ist  Class,  R.N.  ;  Mar.  28, 
"Briton".  1830,  Apr.  27,  paid  off;  May  i,  "  St.  Vincent,"  not  after  Jun. 
21  ;  presumably  left  the  service  at  request  of  parents  (A  dm.  Indexes, 

Fourth  son  of  George,  542,  by  his  second  wife  Henrietta  Hope  {d.  1867), 
eldest  dau.  of  Hon.  Charles  Napier  of  Merchiston  Hall,  R.N.  ;  b.  at  Esslemont, 
181 1,  Nov.  28;  succeeded  his  brother  Robert,  1233.  as  laird  of  Hallhead  and 
Esslemont,  1828;  d.  at  Esslemont,  1864,  Jun.  16;  succeeded  by  his  sister 
Anne  ;  she  m.  Henry  Perkins  Wolrige,  who  took  the  name  of  Gordon,  1613- 

371-  Rev.  Charles  Robert  Hackertson  Davidson.  1861,  Jan.  18, 
Hon.  Chaplain,  5th  Banffsh.  (Cullen)  Art.  Vols.  L.G,,  pt.  i,  p.  279).  1862, 
Nov.  7,  res.  {ibid.,  1863,  pt.  2,  p.  1516). 

Son  of  George,  farmer,  Glass;  b.  1835;  M.A.  King's  Coll.,  Aberdeen, 
1855  ;  Schoolmaster,  Cullen  1857-67  ;  Min.,  Seafield  Chapel,  near  Portknockie, 
1867-73,  St.  Andrew's  Lhanbyrd,  1873-97 ;  d.  unm.  1909,  Jan.  20,  in  Gray's 
Hosp.,  Elgin,  after  a  brief  illness,  aged  74. 

372.  Charles  Rumbold.  1805,  Feb,  8,  Vol.,  ist  Class,  R.N.,  *'  Zealand," 
aged  14  ;  May  18,  Mid.,  "Calypso,"  Channel,  Jul.  18,  present  during  a  very 
gallant  attack  in  which  "  Calypso  "  distinguished  herself,  made  upon  a  divi- 
sion of  the  enemy's  flotilla  under  the  powerful  batteries  on  Cape  Gris  Nez. 
1807,  Jan.  10,  "  Malabar,"  N.  Sea;  Apr.  21,  Ab.,  "  Zealand  ";  May  23,  Mid. ; 
Jul.  19,  "  Aimable,"  Heligoland,  N.  Sea;  Oct.  7,  Mid.  1809,  Feb.  3,  served 
at  the  capture  after  a  short  running  fight  of  "  L'lris,"  French  national  ship, 


the  fire  of  which  materially  damaged  the  «*  Aimable ''  in  masts,  spars,  sails 
and  rigging,  two  men  wounded,  French  had  two  killed  and  eight  wounded. 
i8i  I,  Jan.  28,  Mid.,  "Crescent";  Feb.  14,  Ab.,  "Edinburgh  "  ;  Apr.  4,  Mid. ; 
May  5,  Ab.,  "  Hannibal,"  Baltic  ;  Jun  2,  Master's  Mate;  Aug.  21,  "  Christian 
VII.,"  N.  Sea  and  Portsmouth  Harbour.  1812,  May  3,  Mid.,  "  Bulwark,** 
Basque  Roads;  Sep.,  Supy.  Lt.,  "  Domingo,*'  N.  America.  1813,  passed  as 
Lt. ;  May  15,  ''Columbia,"  N.  America  and  W.  Indies;  Dec.  12,  promoted 
to  Lt.'s  rank.  1815,  Apr.  22,  discharged;  Apr.  23,  h.p.  1824,  Dec.  22, 
"  Ramillies,"  Deal.  1825,  Mar.  5,  "  Hyperion,"  Newhaven.  1826,  Mar.  15, 
"  Ramillies,"  Downs.  1829,  h.p.  (Adm.  Indexes,  Midshipmen  ;  Offs.  Ser- 
vices ;   Half-pay   Lists,    P.R.O. ;    N.L.,    1814-48 ;   O.  Byrne's  Nav.  Biog.). 

Native  of  Wilts ;  b.  1791 ;  d.  1848,  Apr.  23. 

373.  Charles  St.  Clair.  1880,  Apr.  24,  2nd  Lt.,  Roy.  Montgomery 
Inf.  Mil.  {L.G.,  pt.  3,  p.  2660) ;  Jun.  9,  res.  his  com.  {ibid.,  pt.  4,  p.  3373). 

374-  Charles  Steward.  1868,  Jun.  27,  Ens.,  14th  Prince  of  Wales's 
Own  W.  Yorksh.  Reg.  1871,  Oct.  28,  Lt.  1876,  May  17—1880,  Jan.  23, 
Adj.  1880,  Jan.  24,  Capt. ;  served  in  Afghan  war,  action  of  Mazina,  and 
Kama  expedition.  1881,  Apr.  i — 1886,  Mar.  31,  Adj.,  W.  Riding  Yorksh. 
Rif.  Vols.  1883,  Mar.  20,  Maj.  1892,  Mar.  7,  Lt.  Col.,  h.p.  1896, 'Mar.  7, 
Bt.  Col.  1900,  Mar.  15,  Col.  comdg.  Regl.  Dist.  (temp.)  res.  of  offs.  1901, 
Jun.  15,  Col.,  ret.  pay  {A.L.,  1869-1910). 

Son  of  Charles  William,  of  Wincombe  Park,  379;  b.  1849,  Sep.  8,  at 
Oakleaze  Park,  Glos. ;  m.  1874,  Oct.  8,  at  Llandrillo  yu  Rhos,  near  Con- 
way, N.  Wales,  Elizabeth  Emma  Maysmor- Williams  (6,  185 1,  Jun.  26) 
{W.O.,  Of s.  Urges.,  P.R.O.). 

375.  Charles  Stuart,  ist  Vol.  Batn.  Gordon  Highlrs. ;  1900,  served 
on  the  Staff  of  the  (regular)  Gordons  at  Aberdeen  during  S.  African  War. 
1900,  Oct.  10,  Maj.,  hon.  Lt.  Col.,  -ist.  V.B.G.H.  1906,  Sep.,  Brig.  Maj., 
Vol.  Inf.  Brigade  of  seven  batns.  {A.L.,  1900 — ^Jan.  1908).  i9ii,July  18, 
presented  to  the  King  at  the  Coronation  Levee  at  Holyrood. 

Son  of  George,  Secretary  Aberdeen  Gas  Co. ;  originally  a  banker ;  m. 
1892,  Jun.  22,  Margaret  Elizabeth  Sangster  (Peggy)  Chalmers  at  St.  Andrew's 
Ch.,  Aberdeen  (dec.)  and  has  a  dau. 

376.  Charles  Thomas.  1880,  Apr.  10,  2nd  Lt.,  3rd  Batn.  Gordon 
Highlrs.  {L.G.,  pt,  3,  p.  2441).  1881,  Apr.  9,  Lt.  {ibid.,  pt.  2,  p.  1736). 
1887,  Apr.  27,  Capt.  1900,  May  16,  Hon.  Maj.  1908,  Mar.  17,  res.  his 
com.  {A.L.,  1 880 — ^Jul.  1908). 

Son  of  James  Wilkinson  {d.  1886)  and  grandson  of  Thomas,  1338 ;  b. 
1859  ;  laird  of  Cairness,  Memb.  of  Faculty  of  Advocates,  1885  ;  m.  1887,  Flora 


Emmeline  Mary,  only  dau.  of  Lt.  Col.  F.   H.  Hanmer,  B.S.C.,  and  has  two 
sons  and  two  daus.  (House  of  Gordon,  ii.  (261)). 

377.  Charles  Vincent.  1846,  Feb.  24,  Cadet,  H.E.I.C.S.  (Madras)  ; 
Jun.  15,  Ens.,  28th  N.I.  1848,  Jun.  20,  Lt.  1849-50,  on  furlough.  1857-8, 
present  with  his  reg.  on  field  service  from  outbreak  of  disturbances.  1858, 
Jan.  I,  Asst  Comr.,  Saugar.  1861,  Feb.  18,  Capt.,  S.C. ;  May  i,  Asst. 
Comr.,  Hoosungabad.  1862,  Jan.  7,  Maj.,  S.C,  Asst.  Comr.,  Central  Pro- 
vinces. 1863,  Nov.  1,  Capt.  (regl.)  serving  with  34th  N.I.  1866,  Feb.  24, 
Maj.  (regl.)  1872,  Feb.  24,  Lt.  Col.,  S.C.  1875,  Apr.  21,  ret.  in  England; 
Jun.  23,  Col.,  hon.  rank  (£./.  Reg.  &  I.L.,  1846-97  ;  Hart's  A.L.,  1846-98). 

Third  son  of  Adam  (1801-39)  and  grandson  of  David,  XIV.  of  Abergeldie  ; 
b.  1829,  Dec,  2,  bap.  1830,  Jan.  9,  at  Charlton,  Kent;  educated  at  New 
Proprietary  Sch.,  Blackheath ;  nominated  for  H.E.I.C.S.  by  C.  Miles  on 
recommendation  of  James  Cook;  m.  (i)  1854,  Jun.  15,  at  Poona,  Emma 
Morgan  (b.  1830,  Aug.  9,  d.  1859,  Jan.  9),  dau.  of  Charles  Godwin;  ;;/.  (2) 
1866,  Feb.  13,  Francis  Edith  (6.  1844,  Jan.  5)  eldest  dau.  of  George  Olliver, 
of  Kingston,  Sussex,  and  had  Charles  Gerald,  364.  Cosmo  Huntly,  390. 
Geoffrey  Seton,  468.  and  Robert  Francis,  b.  1856,  Aug.  24,  bap.  Oct.  i, 
at  Jaulnah,  d.  1861,  May  30;  Florence,  b.  1870,  Jul.  25,  bap.  Aug.  39  at 
Tongkoo,  Brit.  Burma;  Helen  Blanche,  b.  1872,  May  13;  Constance 
Evelyn,  b.  1877,  Apr.  18,  m.  1903,  Apr.  23,  Arthur  Knox,  2nd  son  of  Henry 
G.  Knox,  of  Sonning,  Berks ;  and  John  Edmond,  b.  1887,  Jun.  9.  Gordon  d. 
1897,  Jun.  6,  at  Kingston,  Sussex,  where  his  widow  still  lives  (/.O.  Rec. ; 
House  of  Gordon,  i.  (104);  Morning  Post,  1903,  Apr.  28).  Brother  of  Cosmo, 
388,  Dundas  William,  420,  Hugh  Mackay,  1673,  and  James  Henry,  802- 

378.  Charles  William.  1835,  Cadet,  H.E.I.C.S.  (Madras).  1836,  Sep. 
18,  Ens.;  Sep.  20,  arrived  at  Madras;  Sep.  24,  appt.  to  do  duty  with  6th 
Lt.  Cav.  Nov.  24,  posted  to  7th  Lt.  Cav. ;  Dec.  6,  directed  to  continue 
serving  with  6th  Lt.  Cav.  1837,  Jan.  16,  ordered  to  join  his  reg.  at  Jaulnah. 
1838,  May  26 — 1839,  Feb.  28,  granted  leave  to  Western  Coast  on  s.c.  1840, 
served  with  Kurnool  Field  force,  and  shared  in  Prize  money ;  Jun.  30,  Inter, 
and  Qr.  Mr.  1841,  F'eb,  19 — 1844,  Dec.  13,  furlough  to  Europe  on  s.c.  1846, 
Nov.  10,  leave  to  visit  Madras  and  Eastern  Coast  on  s.c.  1847,  Apr.  9,  per- 
mitted to  return  to  Europe;  Nov.  i,  ret.  {E.I.  Reg.,  1835-48). 

Third  son  of  Charles  of  Fyvie  {d.  185 1)  and  Elizabeth  (1775-1853), 
widow  of  —  Clutton ;  b.  1817,  Mar.  19,  bap.  Apr.  5,  at  Compton,  Hampshire  ; 
nominated  for  H.E.I.C.S.  by  Hon.  H.  Lindsay  on  recommendation  of  his 
father  in  1835,  then  living  at  St.  Cross,  Winchester;  contested  Berwick-on- 
Tweed,  1857;  M.P.  for  Berwick-on-Tweed,  1859-63.      Gordon  t/.   1863,  Jun. 


15,  in  Pall  Mall  (Boase's  Mod.  Eng.  Biog.).  Brother  of  Alexander  Henry, 
228,  William  Cosine,  1484  and  great  nephew  of  Hon.  William,  1397- 

379-  Charles  William.  1862,  Oct.  4,  Lt.,  9th  Dorsetsh.  (Shaftesbury) 
Rif.  Vols.  {L.G.,  pt.  5,  p.  4826). 

Son  of  George  of  Oakleaze,  Glos. ;  b.  18 19,  Aug.  28  ;  educated  at  Eton 
and  Oxford  ;  ni.  (i)  1845,  Nov.  6,  Augusta  Caroline  {d.  1866),  elder  dau. 
of  Col.  R.  A.  T.  Steward,  Nottinghan  House,  Dorset;  nt.  (2)  1868,  May  14, 
Alice,  youngest  dau.  of  Rev.  Charles  Henry  Grove,  of  Sedgehill,  Wilts,  and 
had  twelve  children  by  first  and  seven  by  second  wife ;  of  these  are  Alfred 
William,  242,  Charles  Steward,  374,  Evelyn  Boscawen,  436,  Frederick,  461, 
George  Henry,  579,  and  Percy  Hugh,  1145-     Gordon  d.  1897. 

379a.  Rev.  Charles  William.  1910,  Feb.  i,  Chaplain,  with  Capt.'s 
rank,  79th  Cameron  Highlanders  of  Canada,  when  reg.  was  organised. 

Fourth  son  of  Rev.  Donald,  known  as  Daniel,  native  of  Blair  Atholl, 
and  Mary,  dau.  of  Rev.  James  Robertson,  Stuartfield ;  b.  i860  at  Glengarry, 
Canada.  1883,  B.A.,  Toronto  Univ.  1893,  minister  West  End  Church, 
Winnipeg ;  has  written  several  novels  under  the  name  of  "  Ralph  Connor  "  ; 
m.  Helen,  dau.  of  Rev.  John  Mark  King,  principal  of  Manitoba  College. 
Brother  of  James  Robertson,  816- 

380.  Charles  William  (Duff).  1877,  Jan.  25,  Lt,  R.A,  1885,  Sep.  9, 
Capt.  1886,  Jul.  15—1888,  Aug.  22,  Adj.,  2nd  West  Kent  Art.  Vols.  {L.G., 
1886,  pt.  4,  p.  3566,  1888,  pt.  4,  p.  4515).  1889,  Feb.  16,  ret.  with  gratuity 
of  £1200  (Hart's  A.L.,  1878-90,  A.L.,  1878— Apr.  1889). 

Son  of  William  Nassau,  linen  merchant,  Mullingar,  Co.  Westmeath  :  b. 
there  1857,  Dec.  21;  on  leaving  R.A.,  went  mining  to  Montana;  tn.  Maud 
Margaret  Howard,  dau.  of  Capt.  J.  W.  J.  Gifford,  i8th  Hussars;  she  m.  (2) 
1901,  June  22,  Surg.  Gen.  Sir  Thomas  Joseph  Gallwey,  K.C.M.G. ;  d.  1893, 
Oct.  14,  in  New  York;  appears  in  A.L.  without  the  "Duff,"  which  he 
adopted  as  the  result  of  a  nickname. 

381.  Charles  William  Eric.  1896,  Jan.  4,  2nd  Lt.,  R.  Perth  Mil. 
{L.G.,  pt.  I,  p.  5).  1898,  Apr.  2,  Lt.  1899,  Oct.  18,  2nd  Lt.,  42nd  Highlrs. 
1899-1902,  served  in  S.  African  war;  advance  on  Kimberley  ;  operations  in 
Orange  Free  State,  Feb. — May,  1900,  including  those  at  Paardeberg ;  in 
Orange  River  Colony,  1900,  Nov. — 1901,  Sep. ;  on  Zululand  Frontier  of  Natal, 
1901,  Oct.;  in  Transvaal  1901,  Nov.— 1902,  May  (King's  Medal,  two  clasps). 
1901,  Feb.  16,  Lt.     1906,  May  24,  Capt.     1909,  Oct.  i,  Adj.  {A.L.,  1896-1910). 

Son  of  William,  1468;  b.  1878,  Apr.  25. 

382.  Charleton  William.  1896,  Sep.  5,  2nd  Lt.,  W.  York  Reg. 
1899,  Jan.  23,  Lt.     1900,  served  in  China  (Medal).     1900,  Nov.  24 — 1902, 


Apr.  8,  C.R.I.  1902,  Apr.  9,  Capt.,  North'd.  Fus.  1905,  Jan.  17 — 1909,  Jan. 
16,  specially  employed  in  S.  Africa.  1909,  Aug.  28,  Adj.,  Spec.  Reserve 
{A.L.,  1896-1910);  b.  1876,  Aug.  21 ;  qual.  Chinese  Reg.  Test  Exam. 

383-  CoHn  Lindsay.  1901,  Nov.  2,  Lt,  3rd  R.  Scots.  1905,  May  6, 
2nd  Lt.,  Coldstream  Gds.     1907,  Mar.  23,  Lt.  {A.L.,  1902-10). 

Son  of  William  of  Threave,  1469;  b.  1883,  Apr.  12;  educated  at  Eton. 

384>  Hon.  Cosmo.  1756,  Jan.  15,  Ens.,  3rd  Ft.  Gds.  1759,  Nov.  7, 
Lt.  and  Capt,  1 769,  Jun.  8,  granted  six  months  leave  of  absence.  1770,  Aug.  3, 
three  months  on  private  affairs.  1773,  May  18,  Capt.  Lt.  and  Lt.  Col.  1777, 
Feb.  4,  Capt.  1780,  Mar.  10-14,  O"^  of  the  Commissioners  at  Amboy,  for  the 
exchange  of  prisoners  {Roy.  Inst.  Papers,  Hist.  MSS.  Com.,  11.  102).  Jun. 
23,  Comd.  ist  Batn.  Brigade  of  Gds.,  at  Springfield,  U.S.A. ;  slightly 
wounded.  1782,  Aug.,  tried  by  Court  Martial  at  New  York,  on  the  accusation 
of  Lt.  Col.  Thomas,  ist  Gds.,  that  he  had  not  done  his  duty  at  Springfield  ; 
honourably  acquitted  ;  Thomas  had  been  previously  tried  at  New  York  for 
secretly  aspersing  Gordon's  character  on  that  occasion.  1782,  Jun.  20,2nd 
Maj. ;  Nov.  17,  Bt.  Col.  1783,  Sep.  4,  mortally  wounded  Thomas  in  a  duel  in 
Hyde  Park.  1784,  Sep.  17,  tried  at  the  Old  Bailey  on  a  charge  of  wilful 
murder,  and  acquitted  (Mackinnon's  Coldstream  Gds.,  11.  10;  A.L.,  1757-84; 
Bulloch's  Gay  Gordons,  159-64  and  Aberdeen  Free  Press,  1899,  Feb.  27). 

Fourth  son  of  2nd  Earl  of  Aberdeen  ;  b.  1737;  d.  unm.  1813,  Feb.  27, 
at  Bath.  Probably  "  The  Maccaroni  Magistrate,"  reproduced  in  The  Sphere, 
1908,  Nov.  28.     Brother  of  Hon.  Charles,  305,  and  Hon.  William,  1397. 

385-  Cosmo.  1756,  Jan.  21,  Qr.  Mr.,  55th  Ft.,  previously  Serg. 
1757,  Mar.  9,  Ens.;  d.  before  Aug.  6  (Col.  W.  Rogerson's  ^yd  Ft.  ;  A.L., 
1756;  MS.  A.L.,  1752,  pt.  2,  p.  15,  P.R.O.).  His  widow  Mary  received 
pension  1757-63,  when  she  presumably  d.  or  m.  {fV.O.,  Wid.  Pensions, 
P.R.O.).     The  53rd  Ft.  numbered  55th  from   1755-7. 

386-  Cosmo.  1757,  Jul.  24,  Lt.,  78th  Vx.  (Eraser's  Highlrs.),  previously 
Cadet  3rd  Ft.  Gds. ;  embarked  at  Greenock,  for  Halifax.  1760,  Apr.  28,  k.  at 
Quebec  {A.L.,  1758-60;  S.A/.,  vol.  22,  p.  325;  J.  P.  Maclean's  Highlrs.  in 
America,  255,  277). 

387-  Cosmo.  1792,  Dec.  6,  Ens.,  71st  Ft.  (L.G.,  876).  1793,  Aug.  10- 
22,  served  at  siege  of  Pondicherry.  1794,  Oct.,  28,  Lt.,  Scots  Brigade.  1801, 
Oct.  23,  Capt.  "  Served  three  years  and  six  months  against  the  Mahrattas, 
under  Sir  Authur  Wellesley,  at  the  battle  of  Argaum  [1803,  Nov.  28],  sieges 
of  Asseerghur,  Gawilghur  [Dec.  4]  and  various  other  hill  forts".  1807,  Feb. 
12,  Maj.,  94th  Ft.  1809,  Jul.  20,  Lt.  Col.,  63rd  Ft.,  comd.  2nd  Batn.  in  Island  of 
Walcheren,  at  Flushing,  under  Gen.  Earl  of  Chatham.     1809-10,  states  "  that 


during  his  services  had  been  only  three  months  absent  on  sick  certificate  and 
that  his  general  state  ot  health  was  much  impaired  "  {W.O.,  Offs.  Serv.,  P.R.O.). 
1810,  Nov.  8,  Lt.  Col.  h.p.,  i6th  Garr.  Batn.  1819,  Aug.  12,  Bt.  Col.  1830, 
Jul.  22,  Maj.  Gen.  1841,  Nov.  23,  Lt.  Gen.  1854,  Jun.  20,  Gen.  {A.L.,  1793 
— 1868;  HsiTt's  A.L.,  1840-68;  Maj.  James  Slack's  63rrf  Reg.,  24i-2\  W.O., 
Offs.  Services,  1828,  P.R.O.). 

Youngest  son  of  Lord  Rockville  and  grandson  of  2nd  Earl  of  Aberdeen ; 
b.  1778;  m.  1808,  Feb.  4,  at  Southampton,  Caroline  Bird,  widow  of  John 
Roberts  and  had  a  dau,  [step  dau.  ?],  Caroline  Jane  Roberts,  b.  Mar.  15, 
1806,  and  Cosmo,  b.  181 2,  Oct.  20,  d.  1876,  Jan.  Gordon  d.  1867,  Mar.  7,  at 
his  residence  in  Hampshire,  in  his  90th  year,  "one  of  the  oldest  officers  in 
the  Army,  being  senior  to  Gen.  Richard  Pigott,  Field  Marshal  Sir  Edward 
Blakeney  and  Gen.  Sir  Alexander  Woodford  ;  received  pension  for  distinguished 
and  meritorious  services  "  {Times,  Mar.  13).  Brother  of  Alexander,  184.  and 
nephew  of  Hon.  William,  1397. 

388.  Cosmo.  1856,  Jan.  4,  Ens.,  H.E.LC.S.,  46th  N.L  (Madras).  1857, 
Feb.  5,  Lt.  1861,  Jun.  27,  on  Staff  employ.  1863,  Sep.  28,  Proby.  Asst.  Supt. 
(act.),  Mofussil  Police,  ist  Class,  Vizagapatam.  1867,  Proby.  Supt.  of  Police, 
Nellore.  1868,  Jan.  4,  Capt.,  S.C.  1872,  Supt.  of  Police,  N.  Arcot.  1876, 
Jan.  4,  Maj.,  S.C.  1877,  Supt.  of  Police,  2nd  Grade,  Trichinopoly.  1878,  Jun. 
6,  ret.  h.p.  {E.I.  Reg.,  &  I.L.,  1856-79  ;  Hart's  A.L.,  1856-79). 

Sixth  son  of  Adam  and  grandson  of  David,  XIV.  of  Abergeldie ;  b. 
1837,  bap.  Dec.  9,  at  Charlton,  Kent  ;  entered  St.  Paul's  Sch.,  1846,  Jul.  11 ; 
engaged  as  clerk,  P.  &  O.  Co. ;  nominated  for  H.E.LC.S.  by  John  Shepherd  on 
recommendation  of  his  uncle,  Robert,  of  Abergeldie,  1239;  d.unm.  i878,Jul.  19, 
at  Eltham,  Kent  {I.O.  Rec. ;  House  of  Gordon,  i.  (105)).  Brother  of  Charles 
Vincent,  377,  Dundas  William,  420,  Hugh  Mackay,  673,  and  James  Henry,  802. 

389-  Cosmo  George.  1867,  Jun.  22,  2nd  Lt.,  R.  Mar.  Lt.  Inf. ;  Aug.  3, 
Lt.  1881,  Jul.  I,  Capt.  1884-5,  served  in  Soudan  expedition,  taking  part  in 
defence  of  Suakim,  actions  of  Haskeen  and  Tofrek,  attack  on  convoy  Mar. 
24,  and  burning  of  Tamai  (Medal,  two  clasps.  Bronze  Star).  1885-6, 
occupied  Port  Hamilton,  China  Seas,  in  command  of  a  detachment.  1888, 
Jun.  22,  Bt.  Maj.  1889,  Feb.  8,  Maj.  1895,  Jun.  22,  Bt.  Lt.  Col. ;  Nov.  20, 
Lt.  Col.  1899,  Nov.  20,  Bt.  Col.  1901,  Nov.  20.  h.p.;  Dec.  12,  Col.,  2nd 
Comdt.  1903,  Apr.  11,  Col.  Comdt.  1906,  Apr.  10,  ret.,  Maj.  Gen.  {A.L., 

Second  son  of  John,  962 ;  b.  1848,  Jul.  5  ;  m.  1887,  Agnes,  dau.  of  Robe 
Simpson   of  Cobairdy,  and    has  two   sons   and   two   daughters   {House    of 
Gordon,  11.  (326)) ;  resides  at  Culdrain,  Aberdeenshire. 


390.  Cosmo  Huntly.  1874,  Feb.  28,  Sub.  Lt.  aftwds.  Lt.,  3rd  Ft.,  E, 
Kent  Reg.  1879,  served  in  Zulu  war,  action  of  Inyezane  and  occupation  of 
Eltshowe  (Medal  and  clasp).  1880,  May  8 — 1881,  Apr.  20,  A.D.C.  to  Govr. 
and  Comdr.-in-chief,  Straits  Settlements.  1882,  Mar.  19,  Capt.  1888,  passed 
final  exam.,  Staff  Coll.  1891,  Jan.  21,  Maj.  1895,  Aug.  2 — 1898,  Aug.  i, 
Dist.  Insp.  of  Musk.,  W.  Dist.  1902,  May  28,  Lt.  Col.,  D.A.A.G.,  Bar- 
badoes.     1905,  Jun.  17,  h.p..  Res.  of  Offs. ;  Oct.  6,  ret.  pay  {A.L.,  1874 — 1910). 

Son  of  Charles  Vincent,  377;  ^-  1855,  Jun.  13,  bap.  Jul.  4,  at  Jaulnah  ; 
m.  1892,  Oct.  19,  Ida  Mary,  dau.  of  Capt.  O.  W.  Ford,  Bengal  Army  {House 
of  Gordon,  i.  (105)). 

391.  Cosmo  John  Frederick  Maitland.  1862,  Oct.  30,  S.  Lt.  R.N. 
1864,  Nov.  4,  Lt.     1880,  Apr.  22,  Comdr.,  ret.  list  {N.L.,  1862-84). 

Eldest  son  of  Alexander  of  Ellon;  b.  1843,  Oct.  30;  d.  1884,  May  24. 

392-  Cyril  Graham.  1903,  Feb.  28,  2nd  Lt.,  Duke  of  Connaught's 
Hants  and  Isle  of  Wight  R.G.A.  (Mil.),  1904,  Nov.  19,  Lt.  1906,  Jun.  21, 
Capt.  (A.L.,  1903-07). 

393-  D.     1796,  Jan.  23,  Ens.,  Breadalbane  Fencibles  {L.G.,  90.) 

394.  D.  1876,  Mar.  i,  Capt.,  Gt.  Indian  Peninsula  Ry.  Rif.  Vols. 
1878,  on  leave  in  Europe  {Bengal  A.L.,  1876-8). 

395.  D.  T.  1861,  Jun.  I,  Cornet,  Rajshahye  Vol.  Cav.  {Bengal  A.L., 
1862  3).     Possibly  David  Tyrie,  of  Orchard  Leigh,  Paignton,  Devonsh. ;  m. 

Eliza  Christina ;  d.  1896;  had  two  sisters,  Isabella  Margaret  Mackay,  /;/. 

Revd.  Neil  MacLeod,  PVee  Ch.  Min.,  Newport,  co.  Fife  (in  1887),  and  Sara 
Rose  {I.O.  Rec).     Brother  of  George,  554,  and  John,  999. 

396-  Daniel.  1796,  Jan.  18,  or  Mar.  15,  Lt.,  60th  Ft.,  3rd  Batn.,  aged 
27  {L.G.,  259) ;  com.  given  for  nine  years' service  as  Ens.  in  Scots  Brigade  in 
Holland,  and  bringing  with  him  from  that  corps  the  required  number  of  men 
to  the  60th.  1798,  Oct.  18,  h.p.  on  account  of  ill-health  ;  Oct.  22,  wrote  from 
Tomintoul  to  the  Duke  of  Gordon  :  "  I  have  several  days  ago  transmitted  to 
H.R.H.  Comdr. -in-Chief,  a  certificate  of  my  inability  to  serve  in  the  W. 
Indies,  agreeable  to  his  wishes" ;  the  Duke  gave  him  a  Captain's  com.  in  the 
N.  Fencibles,  Dec.  i,  "  being  anxious  to  fill  up  the  vacant  commissions  in  his 
regiment  with  officers  of  experience"  (Gordon  Castle  Papers;  L.G.y  1152). 
1799,  May  1,  Capt.  Lt.,  Aberdeensh.  Mil.  1803,  May  2,  Capt.,  on  recom- 
mendation of  the  Duke  {L.G.,  680).  1804,  F'eb.  27,  Adj.,  Recruiting  Staff", 
N.B.,  on  recommendation  of  Gen.  Thomas  Scott,  Insp.  Gen.  of  Recruits. 
1805,  Feb.  9,  or  Mar.,  Lt.,  55th  Ft.  from  h.p.  {L.G.,  176);  May  30,  Capt., 
34th  Ft.,  2nd  Batn.  1807,  Apr.  25,  Capt.,  7th  R.V.  Batn.  1810,  Jan.  27, 
1st  R.V.  Batn. ;  Sep.   28,  7th  R.V.  Batn.  {ibid.,   116,   1510).     1816,  ret.  f.p. 


1819,'Nov.  I,  Capt,  7th  R.V.  Batn.  1821,  ret.  f.p.  {L.G.,  2313;  A.L.,  1796- 
1832 ;   W.O.,  Ofs.  Services,  1828,  P.R.O.). 

B.  1769;  m.  1798,  Dec.  11,  in  Ruthven,  Kirkmichael,  Banffsh.  (his  wife 
d.  1813,  Jun,  3),  and  had  Grace,  b.  1802,  Aug.  9,  m.  1829,  Apr.  21,  at  Aber- 
deen, Robert  Davidson,  Surg.,  H.E.I.C.S. ;  Catherine,  b.  1805,  Apr.  4;  and 
Ann  Maria,  b.  1808,  Feb.  9  (both  alive  in  1828).  Gordon  was  living  in  Dee 
Street,  Aberdeen  by,  if  not  before,  1823;  d.  there  1831,  Feb.  23,  bur.  in  the 
Snow  Churchyard,  Old  Aberdeen,  in  Mr.  McNab's  grave,  and  was  therefore 
presumably  a  Roman  Catholic. 

397-  David.  1 7 12,  entered  the  army  [services  untraceable,  1712-40] 
(Capt.  William  Augustus  Gordon's  letter  to  Pitt,  Chatham  Papers,  P.R.O.). 
1741,  Jan.  15,  Adj.,  47th  (Col.  Lascelles')  Ft.;  Jan.  21,  Ens.  1744,  Jan.  21, 
Lt.  {MS.  A.L.,  1745,  P.R.O.).  1745,  Sep.  21,  captured  at  Preston  Pans, 
afterwards  rescued  by  Angus  Mil.  [Whitefoord  Papers,  66).  1745,  Nov.  29, 
Capt.  Lt.  1746,  appeared  with  other  witnesses  at  proceedings,  taken  publicly 
in  the  Great  Room  at  the  Horse  Guards,  "  of  the  Board  of  General  Offs.  Appt. 
to  examine  into  the  conduct  of  Sir  John  Cope,  Col.  Peregrine  Lascelles  and 
Brig.  Gen.  Thomas  Fowke,  from  the  time  of  the  breaking  out  of  the  Rebellion 
in  1745  till  the  action  at  Prestonpans.  Gordon  stated  that  about  day  break  of 
Sep.  21,  he  received  orders  from  Maj.  Severn  to  make  the  line  of  Foot  stand 
to  their  arms,  which  the  whole  of  them  accordingly  did.  Lt.  Col.  Whitefoord's 
narrative  was  read  and  the  witnesses  stated  that  as  far  as  came  to  their 
respective  knowledge  the  narrative  was  true,  and  believed  the  other  part  of  it 
also  to  be  true  having  nothing  to  say  in  contradiction  to  it"  {Report  of  Pro- 
ceedings on  the  conduct  of  Sir  John  Cope,  51,  68).  1749,  serving  in  Ireland 
{Quarters  of  the  Army  in  Ireland).  1752,  stationed  at  Halifax,  N.S.,  Jun. 
17,  Capt.  ;  d.  from  an  accident;  bur.  Sep.  22,  in  St  Paul's  Cemetery  {MS. 
A.L.,  1752,  P.R.O.). 

David  Gordon  is  extremely  interesting  as  the  first  known  ancestor  of 
"  Chinese  "  Gordon.  His  origin  has  bafHed  every  inquiry,  so  far,  though  his 
descendants  vaguely  state  that  he  belonged  to  the  Gordons  of  Park,  Banff- 
shire, and  his  grandson  Henry  William,  653,  suggests  a  military  origin  by 
writing,  1834,  Nov.   13 — "  My  eldest  son  at  Sandhurst  is  the  fifth  generation 

of  my  family  who  have  served  in  the  regular  army  ".     Gordon  m.  Sarah , 

who  got  a  pension  of  £26  and  was  bur.  in  Marylebone  Churchyard.  They 
had  William  Augustus,  1478  {W.O.,  Wid.  Pensions,  P.R.O. ;  J.  M.  Bulloch  in 
Genealogical  Mag.,  1898,  Oct.  and  S.N.  &  Q.,  1903  Jan.). 

398.  David.  1767,  Jun.  17,  Ens.,  67th  Ft.  {A.L.,  1768).  Subse- 
quently volunteered  into  Russian  Service. 


399-  David.  1775.  Jun.  29,  or  Jul.  n,  Qr.  Mr.,  59th  Ft.,  previously 
Serg.  Maj.  {L.G.).  1778,  Jan.  22,  or  Jun.  13,  Lt.,  79th  Ft.  {ibid.,  A.L.,  1777- 
81;  W.O.  Notifications,  P.R.O.).  1781,  Dec.  6,  d.  in  Jamaica,  aged  37 
(Feurtado's  Jamaica  People).  His  widow  Rebecca  received  pension  of 
;^2o,  1782-1811  (record  of  payments  ends);  one  of  her  two  children  was 
James,  h.  1781,  Jan.  17,  hap.  Mar.  12  {Reg.,  St.  Mary's,  Kingston,  Jamaica  ; 
W.O.  Appltn.  Papers  Compass.  Fund,  Wid.  Pensions,  P.R.O.). 

400-  David.  1775,  Oct.  I,  Ens.,  60th  Ft.,  2nd  Batn.  1777,  Mar.  17, 
Lt.  1784,  Sep.  I,  granted  six  months  leave  of  absence  through  ill  health. 
1787,  Sep.  30,  or  Oct.  20,  Lt.  {L.G.,  486).  1793,  O^*-  9»  O'"  i794»  J^"-  ^8, 
Capt. ;  Aug.  27  or  Sep.  6,  Capt.,  99th  Ft.  {ibid.,  53,896),  1795,  ^34*^  ^^' 
{ibid.,  679).  1796,  Feb.  13,  York  Fus. ;  Sep.  10,  48th  Ft. ;  Sep.  27,  Capt., 
Bt.  Maj.  {ibid.,  163,  856).  1800,  Jan.  i,  Bt.  Col.  1801,  Apr.  4,  Capt.  Inde- 
pendent Coy.  of  Invalids,  Alderney  {ibid.,  360).  1803,  ret.  f.p.  {A.L.,  1776- 
1832  ;  Philippart's  Roy.  Mil.  Cal.,  iv.  315). 

Living  in  Cromarty,  1823-8;  1828,  Dec.  10,  described  himself  "  a  very 
great  invalid  from  the  effects  of  a  severe  shock  of  palsy,  and  turned  eighty 
years  of  age"  {W.O.,  Offs.  Services,  1828,  P.R.O.) ;  d.  1831. 

401.  David.  1798,  Oct.  16,  Capt.,  Florida,  Co.  Down,  Vol.  Inf.  {List  of 
Offs.  Mil.,  Yeo.  Cav.,  and  Vol.  Inf.,  1825,  p.  282,  P.R.O.). 

Probably  David  of  Florida,  son  of  Robert  (1722-96)  which  David  {b. 
1759,  Jun.  i)  had  a  brother  John  Crawford,  1022i  and  m.  1789,  Sep.  11,  Mary, 
youngest  dau.  of  James  Crawford  of  Crawfordsburn  and  sister  of  Anne, 
Countess  of  Caledon ;  and  had  Robert,  probably  1241 ;  d.  1837,  Mar.  2 
(Gordons  of  Florida,  Burke's  Landed  Gentry,  7th  ed.,  i.  753). 

402-  David.  1800,  Aug.  4,  Ens.,  60th  Ft.  1803,  May  30,  Lt.  1810, 
Dec.  10,  or  181 1,  Apr.  2,  Capt.,  5th  W.I.  Reg.  1817,  Jul.  7,  f.p.,  at  the 
reduction.  18 18,  Nov.  25,  h.p.  1847-59,  Barrack  Master,  f.p.,  Spanish 
Town,  Jamaica  {A.L.,  1801-60;  Hart's  A.L.,  1840-60). 

Son  of  Gabriel,  466 ;  b.  1785  or  1787;  m.  1812,  Jun.  11,  in  Jamaica,  and 
had  Sarah  Ann,  b.  1813,  Aug.  2,  m.  Charles  Gordon  and  had  William 
Cleather,  1483,  Gabriel  H.  J.,  b.  1816,  Feb.  i;  David,  b.  1817,  Dec.  7; 
Charles  C,  b.  1820,  Mar.  11;  George  P.,  6.  1823,  Sep.  7;  Robert  Edward 
William,  1265,  Christie  C,  b.  1828,  Apr.  33,  a  dau.  (all  alive  in  1847) ;  and 
Barclay  Macpherson,  b.  1834,  d.  1880,  in  Chicago,  who  was  the  father  of 
William  David,  inventor  of  the  Gordon  drill  for  mining  {W.O.,  Offs.  Services, 
1828,  1847,  1851,  P.R.O.).     Gordon  d.  1859. 

403.  David.  1809,  Mar.  2,  Asst.  Surg.,  20th  Ft.,  previously  Hosp. 
Mate  {L.G.,  270).     1815,  h.p.,  ist  Garr.  Batn. ;   applied  for  permission  to 


live  in  N.  America  for  twelve  months  {AX.,  1810-25;  W^-0.,  Applns.  for 
Living  Abroad,  P.R.O.).     He  </.  1824. 

404.  David.  1809,  Aug.  8,  Capt.,  Dumfriessh.  Mil.  {List  of  Offs.  Mil-* 
1817,  P.R.O.). 

Third  son  of  Sir  Alexander,  of  Culvennan,  199;  m.  1797,  Agnes  (1776- 
1839)  dau.  of  William  Hyslop,  of  Lochend,  and  had  William,  1454;  James 
(1818-90),  who  patented  a  system  of  automatic  railway  signalling;  Alexander 
(1802-68)  who  started  the  first  motor  magazine,  wrote  a  notable  book  on 
"  Elemental  Locomotion  "  and  designed  lighthouses  all  over  the  world. 
David  Gordon,  who  invented  portable  gas,  d.  1829,  Nov.  i,  in  London,  bur. 
in  the  vaults  of  St.  James's  Church  Clerkenwell ;  biographed  at  length  by 
J.  M.  Bulloch  in  Dumfries  Courier,  1906,  Sep.  22 — Oct.  12. 

405-  David.  1827,  Mar.  8,  Cornet,  4th  Lt.  Dgns.  1827,  Jul. — 1830. 
Jan.  I,  served  in  E.  Indies;  Dec.  31,  Lt.  1834,  Oct.  i,  Adj.  1836,  Sep.  [.?], 
res.  Adjtcy.  1838,  ret.  {A.L.,  1827-39;  W.O.,  Offs.  Services,  1829,  P.R.O.). 
B.  1809,  at  Edinburgh. 

406-  David  Alexander.  1854,  Oct.  18,  Ens.,  Kirkcudbright  quota  of 
Galloway  Rif.  Mil.  {L.G.,  pt.  4,  pp.  3410,  4184).  Col.  Hamilton  wrote  to  him 
offering  (unofficially)  a  com.,  "  I  would  fain  hope  that  a  little  quasi-soldiering 
with  the  change  of  life,  air  and  scene,  which  it  would  bring  along  with  it,  will 
be  sufficient  inducement  to  tempt  you  to  throw  in  your  lot  with  the  remnant 
of  the  old  Galloway's"  (Information  from  his  dau.  Mrs.  Walker).  1855,  Mar. 
21,  Ens.,  Rif  Brig, ;  Aug.  31,  Lt. ;  served  in  the  Crimea  and  India.  1858-60, 
Adj.  Received  1863,  Mar.  17,  £11  is.  and  1865,  Oct.  5,  £^  i6s.  two  issues 
of  prize  money  for  capture  of  Lucknow  (Hart's  A.L.,  1856-60). 

Eldest  son  of  William,  1454;  b.  1828,  Feb.  29  ;  m.  1855,  Jan.  i,  at  Epis. 
Chapel,  Dumfries,  Jane  Lawrie  {b.  1833),  only  dau.  of  Allan  Bell,  of  Hillow- 
town,  near  Castle  Douglas  {W.O.,  Offs.  Urges.,  P.R.O.),  and  had  with  other 
children,  Lochinvar  Alexander  Charles,  1102.  Gordon  d.  1882,  Aug.  28,  at 
Southampton,  bur.  at  Crossmichael  Church,  Kirkcudbright. 

407  David  Macdowall.  1832,  Aug.  15,  Vol.,  ist  Class,  R.N.,  '«  Dis- 
patch". 1835,  Oct.  15,  Mid.,"  Sulphur";  Nov.  13,  "Starling".  1838,  May 
5,  discharged.  1839,  Feb.  6,  passed  as  Lt. ;  Oct.  25,  Mate,  "Excellent". 
1840,  Mar.  II,  "Thunderer",  1842,  May  18,  "  Excellent"  ;  Jun.  2,  paid  off; 
Jun.  3,  Mate,  "Excellent"  ;  Aug.  i,  "Agincourt".  1845,  Mar.  24,  Lt., 
"Agincourt".  1846,  Feb.  27,  Comdr.  (act.)  "Young  Hebe"  tender,  E. 
Indies;  Aug.  8,  "  Royalist "  brig.  1848,  l^ow.  20,  inv&.\\6.tdi  {Adm.  Indexes, 
Midshipmen ;  Lts.  Passing  Certif.,  P.R.O. ;  N.L.,  1839-50;  O'Byrne's  A^av. 
Biog. ;  I.O.  Rec.)     He  prepared  several  Admiralty  charts  and  maps,  including 



one  of  Royalist  Haven,  South  Natunas,  in  the  China  Sea,  1842  ;  four  of  north 
coast  of  Borneo,  which  he  surveyed  in  1852,  and  oneof  Tam  Sui  Harbour,  1855. 
Second   son  of  Thomas   Duff,   of  Park,  1590;   ^1  1818,    Sep.   30,   at 
Park;  d.  s.p.  1841,  Dec.  i,  at  Singapore. 

408-  David  Russell.     1902,  Jun.  4,  Gunner,  R.N.  {N.L.,  1902-10). 
Son   of  Rev.  John    Henry,  Darlington   (</.    1878,  Mar.  10),  a  popular 

Secularist  lecturer  and  pamphleteer,  who  publicly  renounced  that  creed  in  the 
Leeds  Music  Hall  1862,  Aug.  5.  John  Henry's  father  John  was  a  Londoner, 
who  became  a  schoolmaster  at  Ambleside  and  then  at  Mary  Port,  and  ;;/. 
Harriott  Russell,  aunt  of  Sir  Edward  Russell  of  the  Liverpool  Post. 

409-  Donald.  1799,  Aug.  19,  Capt.  Lt.,  Aberdeensh.  Mil.,  previously 
Capt.,  N.  Fencibles  {Abd.  your.),  presumably  Daniel,  396- 

410'  Donald.  1907,  Mar.  19,  2nd  Lt.,  Mussoorie  Rif  Vols.  {I.A.L., 

411-  Dous^las  Qeorg-e  Hamilton.  1872,  Jul.  31,  Cornet,  Middlesex 
Yeo.  Cav.  {L.G.,  pt.  3,  p.  3392).  1873,  Feb.  5,  Lt. ;  Jul.  16,  res.  com.  {ibid., 
pt.  I,  p.  468,  pt.  4,  p.  3337).  1876,  F^eb.  2,  S.  Lt.,  ist  London  Eng.  Vols. 
{ibid.,  pt.  I,  p.  412).  1880,  Apr.  24,  res.  com.  {ibid.,  pt.  3,  p.  2661).  1890, 
Jan.  I,  2nd  Lt.,  S.  Middlesex  Rif  Vols,  {ibid.,  pt.  1,  p.  10).  1891,  Jan.  17, 
Lt.  {ibid.,  pt.  I,  p.  294).  1894,  Mar.  19,  Capt. ;  Nov.  21,  res.  com.  {ibid.,  pt. 
2,  p.  1454,  pt.  6,  p.  6511). 

Eldest  son  of  Rev,  Douglas,  3rd  son  of  George,  4th  Earl  of  Aberdeen, 
541 ;  w.  1877,  Jun.  7,  P2dith,  2nd  dau.  of  Rev.  W.  T.  Bullock,  of  Faulkbourn 
Hall,  Essex,  and  has  Douglas  Walter,  413.  Hugh  Hamilton,  670,  and  two 
daus.  Wrote  Neglected  Frescoes  in  Northern  Italy  (Sette  of  Odd  Volumes, 
1890,  pp.  32),  and  his  autobiography,  anon.,  as  Fifty  Years  of  Failure  ; 
Confessions  of  an  Optimist  {igo^)\  Secy.,  Artists'  General  Benevolent  Inst. 
Brother  of  George  William  Hamilton,  603- 

412-  Douglas  Martin  St.  Leger.  1887,  Aug.  26,  Conductor,  Madras 
Commisst.  Dept. ;  spec,  promotion  for  services  in  Burmese  expedition 
previously  Commiss.  Serg.     1890,  Jan.,  remanded  {I.A.L.,  1887-90). 

Son  of  Capt.  G.  Gordon,  Leamington  Road  Villas,  London,  1870;  m. 
1882,  Jul.  12,  at  Bangalore  Cathedral,  Grace  Mary  {b.  i860),  dau.  of  Henry 
Kennedy,  and  had  Marie  Melville  Bruce  St.  Leger,  b.  1883,  May  i,  bap.  Jun. 
2,  at  Bangalore,  Henry  Perceval  St.  Leger.  b.  1885,  Nov.  24,  bap.  Dec.  3,  at 
Trimulgherry,  and  Joseph  Douglas  St.  Leger,  b.  1894,  Oct.  19,  bap.  Nov.  4, 
d.  1895,  Jun.  13.  Gordon  who  d.  1894,  Dec.  4  {I.O.  Rec),  had  a  brother 
Arthur  St.  Leger ;  possibly  son  of  George  St.  Leger,  596- 

413.     Douglas  Walter  Hamilton.      1892,  Jan.  15,  Cadet,  R.N.     1894, 


Jan.  15,  Mid,      1897,  Jul.  15,  S.  Lt.      1899,  Jan.  15,  ist  >and  Gunnery  Lt., 
"  Sutlej  "  (N.L.,  1897-1910).     1911,  June  22,  Comdr. 

Son  of  Douglas  George  Hamilton,  411  ;  b.  1878,  Mar.  18,  //;.  1903,  June 
20,  Emilie,  dau.  of  Leonard  Maton,  15  Cornwall  Gardens,  London,  S.W. 

414-  Lord  Douglas  William  Cope.  1868,  Sep.  2,  Cornet,  Coldstream 
Gds.  1871,  Oct.  28,  Lt.  1880,  res.  com.  {A.L.,  1869— Dec.  1880;  Hart's 
A.L.,  1869-81). 

Fourth  son  of  Charles,  loth  Marquis  of  Huntly;  b.  1851,  Oct.  11. 
Liberal  M.P.  for  West  Aberdeenshire,  1876  and  Huntingdon,  i88o  ;  d.  unm. 
of  aneurism  in  Piccadilly,  1888,  Aug.  4;  bur.  at  Peterborough.  Brother  of 
Charles,  nth  Marquis,  341,  Lord  Granville  Armyne,  607,  and  Lord  Lewis 
1098  (Bulloch's  Earls  of  Aboyne,  43). 

415-  Dudley  Basil.  1892,  Aug.  13,  2nd  Lt.,  3rd  Middlesex  Art.  Vols.; 
Dec.  24,  Lt.  {L.G.,  pt.  4,  p.  4596,  pt.  6,  p.  7552).  1894,  May  12,  res.  com. 
(ibid.,  pt.  3,  p.  2786). 

416-  Hon.  Dudley  Gladstone  Hamilton.  1902,  Jul.  10,  Capt.,  2nd 
Vol.  Batn.  Gordon  Highlrs.  {A.L.,  1902-7). 

Second  son  of  John,  7th  Earl  of  Aberdeen,  1019;  b.  1883,  May  6,  at 
37  Grosvenor  Square;  m.  1907,  Apr.  25,  Cecile  Elizabeth,  dau.  of  George 
James  Drummond  of  Swaylands  House,  Penshurst,  Kent  (Earl  of  Perth's 
family)  and  has  issue.     Trained  in  Aberdeen  as  a  mechanical  engineer. 

417-  Duncan.  1807,  Jul.  3,  Ens.,  59th  Ft.,  2nd  Batn.  1808,  Apr.  9, 
Lt.  1810,  Dec,  served  at  capture  of  Isle  of  France,  under  Gen.  Sir  John 
Abercrombie.  181 1,  Aug.  26,  served  at  assault  of  Fort  Cornelis  and  capture 
of  Java  under  Gen.  Auchmuchty,  slightly  wounded  (Medal  and  clasp)  {G.M., 
vol.  81,  pt.  2,  p.  571).  1815,  Apr.  20,  Bt.  Capt.  1816-8,  serving  in  India, 
with  I  St  Batn.  181 8,  Mar.  5,  exchanged  from  2nd  to  ist  Batn.  1825-6, 
served  at  siege  and  capture  of  Bhurtpore,  under  Lord  Combermere  (India 
Medal  and  clasp).  1834,  Jul.  2,  Maj.  {G.M.,  vol.  2,  N.S,,  p.  207);  Jul.  4, 
ret.  p.1846,  ret.  by  sale  of  com.  {A.L.,  1808-47;  Hart's  ^.L.,  1840-68;  W.O., 
Offs.  Services,  1829,  P.R.O.). 

B.  1786  at  Urquhart,  Inverness-sh. ;  m.  1832,  Jan.  30,  at  Glasgow, 
Margaret  Dewar  [b.  1810),  possibly  sister  of  Rev.  Daniel  Dewar,  D.D.,  Min., 
Iron  Church,  Glasgow,  afterwards  Principal,  Marischal  Coll.,  Abd.,  who  per- 
formed ceremony  {W.O.,  Offs.  Mrges.,  P.R.O.). 

418-  Duncan  Forbes.  1867,  May  8,  Ens.,  92nd  (Gordon  Highlrs.). 
1869,  Dec.  15,  Lt.  1879,  Dec.  15,  Capt.  1878-9,  served  in  Afghan  war,  action 
of  Charasiah  and  subsequent  pursuit ;  final  occupation  of  Kabul ;  affairs  round 
Kabul  and  Sherpur,  assault  and  capture  of  heights  of  Takht-i-Shai  and  Asmai, 


severely  wounded  (Medal,  two  clasps,  Bt.  of  Maj.)  (Despatches,  L.G.,  1880, 
May  4  and  18).  1881,  Jun.  15,  Adj.,  1st  Kincardinsh.  and  Aberdeensh.  Vols. 
1885,  May  13,  Maj.     1889,  Oct.  26,  ret.  {A.L.,  1888-1910). 

Second  son  of  Alexander,  of  Newton;  b.  1849,  May  30;  ;».  1880,  Nov, 
16,  Elizabeth  Alexandrina,  dau.  of  R.  Adm.  John  Leith  of  Blackford,  and  has 
Alastair,  114,  Lewis,  1099,  and  a  dau.  Esme,  m.  1908,  Sep.  3,  Col.  Hugh  E. 
Everard.  1893,  Jan.  27,  Chief  of  the  Aberdeensh.  Constabulary;  D.L.,  Co 
Aberdeen,  1899,  Oct.  25  ;  4th  Class  M.V.O.,  1906,  Oct.  8,  on  the  occasion 
of  the  Quatercentenary  Celebrations,  Aberdeen  University  {House  of  Gordon, 
II.  (489-90))- 

419-  Duncan  Robert  Wolseley.  1899,  ^^X  "»  2nd  Lt.,  5th  Batn. 
Rif.  Brig.  Mil.  1900,  Apr.  18,  2nd  Lt.,  York  and  Lane.  Reg.  1901,  Oct.  23, 
Lt.  1902,  Apr.  19,  Ind.  Army,  2nd  Batn.,  loth  Gurkha  Rif.  {A.L.,  1899- 
1909,  I.A.L.). 

Eldest  surviving  son  of  Alexander  Hermann  Adam,  230  I  ^-  1880,  Jun. 
II  ;  rf.  1909,  Jan.  i,  at  Quetta,  of  enteric  {Morning  Post,  Jan.  5). 

420.  Dundas  William.  1852,  Dec.  9,  2nd  Lt.,  H.E.LC.S.  (Bengal)  Art. 
1857,  Sep.  8,  Lt.  1858,  Jan.  8,  k.  in  the  battery  at  Alum  Bagh,  Lucknow, 
while  observing  effect  of  his  own  fire  on  the  enemy  {E.I.  Reg.,  1853-8). 
Maj.  Maclntyre  says  that  "  Gordon  commanded  the  detachments  of  Artillery 
at  Alum  Bagh  until  the  arrival  of  Capt.  Moir,  was  most  conspicuous  in  the 
performance  of  his  duties,  and  deserves  much  credit"  (G.  B.  Malleson's 
Ind.  Mutiny,  11.  346) ;  Maj.  Eyre  writing  1858,  Jan.  8,  says  that  Gordon, 
who  had  assisted  him  most  zealously  in  working  the  heavy  guns  in  the  actions 
of  Mungulwar  and  Alumbagh,  "  was  left  behind  at  the  latter  place  in  command 
of  a  portion  of  the  heavy  battery,  and  was  able  to  render  material  assistance 
in  the  defence  of  that  important  position.  The  last  sentence  had  scarcely 
been  penned  when  I  was  startled  by  the  announcement  that  poor  Lt.  D.  had 
just  been  killed  in  the  Alumbagh  by  a  round  shot.  I  deeply  regret  the  loss 
of  this  most  aimable  and  excellent  young  officer "  (G.  W.  Forrest's  Ind. 
Mutiny,  11.  24,  433,  439). 

Fifth  son  of  Adam,  and  grandson  of  David,  XI V.  of  Abergeldie  ;  b.  1833, 
Mar.  24,  bap.  May  11,  at  Charlton,  Kent;  educated  at  Blackheath  Pro- 
prietary Sch.,  and  Addiscombe;  nominated  for  H.E.LC.S.  by  Capt.  John 
Shepherd  on  recommendation  of  his  uncle,  Robert,  1239  {I-O.  Rec. ;  House 
of  Gordon,  1.  (105)).     Nephew  of  Charles  David,  350- 

421-  Edward.  1803,  Apr.  8,  Ens.,  65th  Ft.  1804,  Jun.  9,  Lt.  1812, 
ret.  {A.L.,  1804-13;  Raikes'  Roll  of  Offs.  ist  Batn.  York  and  Lane.  Reg., 


422.  Edward.  1807,  Jun.  18,  Vol.,  R.N.  ist  Class,  "Cleopatra," 
Halifax.  1809,  Nov.  11 — 18 10,  Sep.  27,  Mid.,  West  Indies,  capture  of 
Martinique.  1810,  Sep.  28 — 181 1,  Jun,  20,  Mid.,  "  Guerriere,"  American 
coast.  1811,  Jun.  21 — 1813,  Feb.  24,  Master's  Mate,  "Cleopatra,"  N.  Sea 
and  Gibraltar.  1813,  Feb.  25 — ^Jun.  28,  Mid.  and  Master's  Mate,  "  San 
Domingo,''  American  coast ;  Jun.  30,  Lt.  (act.)  "  Barrosa,"  American  coast 
and  W.  Indies.  1814,  Feb.  10,  Lt.  ;  Jul.  i,  h.p.  1818,  Jul.  15,  Lt.,  "  On- 
tario," Jamaica.  1 82 1,  Feb.  3,  "Jaseur,"  Plymouth  and  Halifax.  1823,  Jul. 
I,    "  Sybille,"   Jamaica  and    Mediterranean.     1826,  Jun.    3,  Comdr.    (rank). 

1827,  Jun.  27,  "Acorn"  sloop;  lost   with  all  hands  off  coast  of  Bermuda, 

1828,  Apr.   14  (Adm.  Offs.  Services,  P.R.O. ;  Laird  Clowes'  Navy,  vi.  505  ; 
W.  O.  S.  Gilly's  Shipwrecks,  1 793-1850,  p.  313). 

Second  son  of  Alexander,  172".  b.  1794,  Oct.  29,  bap.  Dec.  14,  Charlotte- 
town,  P.E.I.  ;  entered  Navy  the  day  before  his  mother  and  step-father  Dr. 
Guthrie  left  Halifax  for  Ireland  (Ray  C.  Archibald's  Carlyle's  First  Love,  24, 
41,  42,  54,  122). 

423-  Edward.  1812,  Maj.,  comd.  an  Inf.  Reg.,  Nizam's  Army, 
stationed  in  French  lines  near  the  Residency  at  Hyderabad ;  Nov.,  the 
Mohammedan  Sepoys  of  the  reg,  mutinied,  tied  him  to  the  muzzle  of  a  gun 
and  threatened  to  blow  him  away,  unless  their  Raj.  and  a  full  pardon  was 
given  them  ;  eventually  released  by  a  faithful  Indian  servant ;  ret.  in  con- 
sequence ;  the  faithful  of  his  reg.  were  drafted  into  Russell's  Brigade,  ist 
Batn.,  when  raised  in  18 13  (Capt.  Burton's  Hyderabad  Contingent). 

Younger  son  of  William,  1399;  b.  1784,  in  India,  presumably  at  Pondi- 
cherry  ;  educated  in  England;  witnessed  marriage,  at  Hyderabad,  1807,  of 
his  brother  Joseph,  1072  ;  arrived  in  Madras  from  Hyderabad,  1813,  Feb.  6, 
settled  there  as  merchant  and  Govt.  Agent;  ni.  (r)  1817,  Apr.  11,  at  Tran- 
quebar,  by  special  license  issued  under  Roy.  Seal  of  the  King  of  Denmark, 
Mrs.  Joseph  Gordon  (Asiatic  jfour.  1817,  vol.  4,  p.  532  ;  Madras  Govt.  Gaz., 
1817,  Apr.  24),  who  d.  1818,  Oct.  11,  in  her  34th  year  {ibid.,  1818,  Oct.  29) ; 
m.  (2)  1822,  Jan.  i,  at  St.  George's  Church,  Sarah  Bagshaw  {b.  1798,  d.  and  bur. 
1828,  Apr.  25,  at  St.  Mary's  Ch.)  ;  had  Louisa  Fanny,  b.  1822,  Oct.  29,  bap. 
1823,  Jan.  I,  at  St.  George's  Ch.,  m.  1858,  Aug.  24,  at  Brighton,  Henry 
Holroyd,  Barr.  Middle  Temple  (1820-96)  and  Emily  Eliza,  b.  1826,  Sep.  6, 
bap.  1827,  Jan.  ii,  at  St.  George's  Ch.,  m.  1848,  Apr.  27,  at  Littleham,  Ex- 
mouth,  Rev.  Frederick  Wickham,  M.A.,  2nd  Master,  Winchester  Coll.  (1807- 
62) ;  m.  (3)  1831,  May  30,  at  Pondicherry,  Anne  Matilda  Seguin,  and  had 
Sarah  Mary  Ann,  bur.  1833,  Apr.  2,  at  St.  Mary's  Ch.,  aged  three  mths. 
fifteen  days.     Gordon  d.  1833,  May  19,  at  Calcutta,  in  his  49th  year  {Madras 


Male  Asylum  Herald,  Jun.  6),  which  says  that  "  while  warm  affection  dwells 
amongst  relatives,  sincere  and  unfeigned  regard  and  good  will  amongst 
friends  ;  and  while  the  generous  heart  prompts  to  bestow  where  the  lavish 
hand  responds  to  its  dictates,  so  as  long  as  these  qualities  find  a  value  in  the 
eyes  of  mankind,  will  the  memory  of  this  estimable  man  be  cherished".  By 
will,  proved  at  Madras  and  administration  granted  1833,  Aug.  16,  he  appointed 
his  wife  residuary  legatee  and  executrix  with  James  Ochterlony,  S.  Binney 
and  James  Scott.  He  left  certain  property  to  Mrs.  Gee  (presumably  his  sister) 
and  referred  to  his  children  in  Europe  {I.O.  Rec. ;  G.M.,  vol.  29,  N.S.,  p.  656, 
vol.  5,  2nd  N.S,,  p.  413).  Gordon's  grandson  is  the  Rev.  Gordon  Wickham, 
St.  Mary's  House,  Bradford  Abbas,  Sherborne,  Dorset. 

424-  Edward.  1819,  Aug.  12,  Ens.,  22nd.  Ft.  {L.G.,  1513).  1825, 
Apr.  7,  Lt.  {ibid.,  643;  A.L.,  1820-28). 

Fifth  son  of  Hon.  Adam,  97;  b.  1799,  Mar.  12  ;  d.  unm.  1827,  Dec.  14, 
at  Jamaica. 

425-  Edward.  1872,  Mar.  12,  Ens.,  Kirkcudbright  Rif.  Vols.  {L.G., 
pt.  2,  p.  1457).  1875,  Oct.  9,  Capt.  {ibid.,  pt.  4,  p.  4773).  1879,  Jun.  11, 
res.  com.  {ibid.,  pt.  4,  p.  3832). 

Younger  son  of  William  (1818-99),  of  Threave,  Kirkcudbright;  brother 
of  William,  1469. 

426-  Edward.  1893,  Aug.  36,  Chief  Eng.,  R.N.  Reserve.  1909,  ret. 
{N.L.,  1893-1909). 

427-  Edward  Charles  Acheson.  1845,  Dec.  18,  2nd  Lt.,  R.E.  1846, 
Apr.  I,  Lt.  1854,  Dec.  22,  Capt.;  served  in  Crimea  campaign  from  Apr. 
to  its  close  ;  May  22,  comd.  with  another  Lt.  a  detachment  which  landed  at 
Varna  from  the  "  Caradoc,"  to  erect  jetties  for  landing  troops  and  ordnance 
(Turkish  Medal,  Order  of  the  Medjidie) ;  Commissioner  for  settlement  of 
claims  against  Turkish  Govt,  for  Crimean  War.  1855,  Nov.  2,  Bt.  Maj.  1862, 
Sep.  4,  protocol  signed  at  Kanlidja,  appt.  British  Member  of  Mixed  Mil.  Com. 
charged  with  demarcation  of  the  Rayon  of  fortress  of  Belgrade.  1862,  Nov.  2 — 
1863,  Jun.  12,  served  Turkish  Govt,  as  Insp.  of  prisons  and  subsequently 
for  eight  years  member  of  their  Board  of  Public  Works.  1865,  in  charge  of 
Brit.  Mil.  Cemeteries  and  Govt.  Buildings  on  the  Bosphorus.  1866,  Mar. 
31,  Bt.  Lt.  Col.  1868,  Nov.  10,  Lt.  Col.  1871,  Apr.  i — 1872,  Mar.  31, 
Act.  Asst.  Dir.  of  Works.  1872,  Apr.  i — 1876,  Mar.  28,  Asst.  Dir.  1873, 
Nov.  10,  Bt.  Col.  1880,  Mar.  3,  Member  of  Council,  Bermudas;  Jun.  i — 
Sep.  14,  Govr.  (act).  1881,  Jul.  i.  Col.;  Aug.-Nov.  Govr.  (act.).  1882, 
Mar.-Jul.,  Administrator;  Jun.  24,  President,  R.E.  Committee;  Aug.  15, 
Comdt,  Sch.  Mil.  Engi,  Chatham.     1885,  Nov.  i,  ret.,  hon.  rank  Maj.  Gen. 


{A.L.,  1846-1909;  Hart's  A.L.,  1846-1909;  Connolly's  Sappers  and  Miners, 
II.  182,  495). 

Third  son  of  Arthur  Helsham,  272  ;  ^.  1827,  May  21 ;  vi.  1855,  May  25, 
at  Constantinople,  Augusta,  only  dau.  of  Col.  Bolton,  R.E.  {G.M.,  vol.  44, 
N.S.,  p.  191);  had  Arthur  William  Bolton,  274,  and  Lawrance  Christian, 
1083-     Gordon  d.  1909,  Aug.  30,  at  St.  Margaret's,  Titchfield,  Hants  (Times). 

428.  Edward  Hyde  Hamilton.  1882,  May  10,  Lt.,  Gordon  Highlrs. 
1884,  served  in  Soudan,  present  at  El  Teb  and  Tamai  (Medal  and  clasp, 
Khedive's  Star) ;  Nile  expedition  with  Gen.  Earle  in  River  column  (clasp). 
1890,  Nov.  18 — Dec.  14,  A.D.C.  (act.)  to  Brig.  Gen.  Massey,  Ceylon;  Dec. 
15 — 1893,  Mar.  28,  A.D.C.  Brig.  Gen.,  Ceylon.  1892,  Apr.  8,  Capt.,  ret. 
Reserve  of  Offs.  1894,  Apr.  9,  Adj.,  15th  Middlesex  Rif.  Vols.  1896,  res. 
{A.L.,  1883-1910). 

Son  of  George  Hamilton,  575;  i>-  1861,  Nov.  8  ;  educated  at  Wellington 
Coll.  (Reg.  88);  in.  (i)  1888,  Jan.  4,  at  Taney  Ch.,  Co.  Dublin,  Cecilia 
Maude,  dau.  of  Robert  Manders,  of  Landscape,  Dublin,  and  has  a  dau.  Stella 
Maud,  b.  1893  ;  m.  (2)  1897,  Oct.  14,  Hilda  Winifred  D'Arcy,  dau.  of  John 
Timothy  D'Arcy  Hutton,  of  Aldburgh  Hall,  Masham,  York,  and  has  a  dau. 
Harriet  Hermione,  b.  1899  (Fox  Davies'  Armorial  Families,  4th  ed.,  p.  664; 
Burke's  Landed  Gentry). 

429-  Edward  Ian  Drumearn.  1897,  Feb.  20,  2nd  Lt.,  R.  Scots  Fus. 
1899,  May  II,  Lt. ;  served  in  S.  African  war,  1899- 1902  ;  relief  of  Lady  smith, 
including  operations  1900,  Jan.  17 — 24;  operations  Feb.  5 — 7,  and  action  at 
Vaal  Krantz  ;  operations  Feb.  14 — 27  on  Tugela  Heights,  action  at  Pieter's 
Hill;  relief  of  Mafeking ;  operations  in  Transvaal,  May — ^Jun.  ;  in  Transvaal, 
W.  of  Pretoria,  Jul. — Nov.,  including  actions  at  Fredrichstad,  Oct.  17 — 25; 
served  with  Mtd.  Inf.,  operations  in  Transvaal,  Nov.  30 — 1901,  Dec. ;  1901, 
Sep.  25,  Capt.;  operations  in  Orange  River  Colony,  1902,  Jan. — Mar.;  in 
Transvaal,  Mar. — May  (Queen's  Medal,  five  clasps,  King's  Medal,  two  clasps) 
{A.L.,  1897-iqio). 

Elder  son  of  Sir  John  James  Hood,  1047;  ^-  1877,  Jul.  9. 

430.  Edward  Robertson.  1884,  Feb.  23,  Lt.,  3rd  Batn.  R.  Warwicksh. 
Reg.  (Mil.).  1885,  Nov.  25,  Lt.,  2nd  Dgn.  Gds.  1895,  Sep.  18,  Capt.  1896, 
Dec.  16,  Capt,  9th  Lcrs.  1901,  Mar.  15,  Maj.  1899 — 1902,  served  in  S. 
African  war ;  advance  on  Kimberley,  including  actions  at  Belmont,  Enslin 
Modder  River  and  Magersfontein  ;  relief  of  Kimberley,  wounded  ;  operations 
in  Transvaal,  May — ^Jun.,  1900,  including  actions  near  Johannesburg, 
Pretoria  and  Diamond  Hill,  operations  in  Transvaal,  West  of  Pretoria  and 
Orange  River  Colony,  Jul. — Nov.,  including  action  at  Caledon  River;  opera- 


tions  in  Orange  River  Colony,  Nov.  30 — 1901,  Jun.,  and  in  Cape  Colony, 
Jun. — 1902,  Mar.  (Despatches,  L.G.,  1901,  Sep.  10,  Queen's  Medal,  six  clasps, 
King's  Medal,  two  clasps).  1904,  Mar.  15,  Maj.  1906,  Nov.  3  ret.  {A.L.,  1884- 

Son  of  Thomas  Edward,  1363;  ^f-  1864,  Feb.  24. 

431-  Edward  Smith.  1856,  Aug.  21,  Cadet,  R.A.  1857,  Oct.  i,  Lt. 
1870,  Jan.  10,  Capt.  1877,  Nov.  24,  Maj.  1877,  Oct.  i — 1882,  Sep.  30, 
Asst.  Supt.,  R.  Carr.  Factory.  1884,  Nov.  24,  Lt.  Col.,  h.p.  1885,  Oct.  i, 
Lt.  Col.     1889,  Oct.  I,  Bt.  Col.     1890,  Oct  I,  ret.  {A.L.,  1857-1910). 

Elder  son  of  James  Edward,  791;  b.  1838,  Dec.  14;  vi.  1869,  Oct.  14, 
at  Beddington,  Surrey,  Alice  Knyvett  {b.  1848)  {W.O.,  Offs.  Mrges.,  P.R.O.), 
and  has  Alec  Knyvett,  Supt.,  Manchester  Fever  Hosp.  Gordon  has  been 
twice  arrested  in  France  on  the  unfounded  charge  of  espionage — in  May  1900, 
at  the  Chateau  de  Favreaux  near  Morlaix,  33  miles  from  Brest ;  released  when 
facts  were  known  ;  on  May  21,  1904,  at  Belle  Isle-en-Mer,  coast  of  Brittany, 
taken  to  Lorient,  released  Jun.  7,  having  spent  over  a  fortnight  in  prison  ; 
now  living  at  Howley  Place,  Paddington  (J.  M.  Bulloch  in  Huntly  Express, 
1906,  Aug.  31  and  Sep.  7). 

432«  Edward  Strathearn,  1st  (and  last)  Baron  Oordon  of  Orumearn. 
1859,  Aug.  31,  Capt.,  I  St  Edinburgh  City  Rif.  Vols.  {List  of  Vol.  Offs.,  i860, 
p.  32).  1864,  May  10,  Maj.  {L.G.,  pt.  5,  p.  2822).  1867,  Nov.  29,  Lt. 
Col.  {ibid.,  Nov.  p.  6765).  1873,  Mar.  26,  res.  com.;  May  17,  hon.  Col. 
{ibid.,  pt.  2,  p.   1658,  pt.  3,  p.  2448;  Lt.  H.   E.  Harris's  List  of  Vol.  Offs., 


Eldest  son  of  John,  960;  b.  1814,  Apr.  10,  at  Inverness;  1835,  Memb.  of 
Faculty  of  Advocates  ;  1876,  Lord  of  Appeal  with  life  peerage  ;  ni.  1845,  Agnes 
Joanna  {d.  1895,  Oct.  11)  only  child  of  John  Maclnnes,  of  Auchinreoch,  and 
had  Hon.  and  Rev.  Arthur,  270i  and  Hon.  Frederick,  462 ;  D.L.,  Edinburgh 
City  and  Council,  1872,  Sep.  17  {L.G.,  pt.  5,  pp.  5454,  5874);  d.  1879,  Aug. 
in  21,  at  Brussels;  bur.  in  the  Dean  Cemetery,  Edinburgh  (Bulloch's  Gordons 
in  Griamachary,  14-17;  and  D.N.B.). 

433-  Edward  William.  185 1,  Jan.  10,  Asst.  Paymaster,  R.N.  i860, 
Jun.  14,  Paymaster.  1868,  ret.  (AT.L.,  1851-84).  B.  1828,  May  18;  entered 
Cheltenham  Coll.,  1842,  Aug.  {Reg^  71);  d.  1884,  Sep.  19. 

434-  Edwin  Booth.  1900,  Oct.,  Sub.  Conductor,  Commis.  and  Trans- 
port Depart.  (Bengal) ;  Store  Keeper,  Army  Clothing  Factory.  1901,  Feb.  15, 
pensioned  in  India  {I.A.L.,  1900-Jan.  1906). 

435.  Eric  Redmond  Sutton.  1903,  Sep.  30,  Cadet  R.N.  1908,  May 
15,  Mid.  {N.L.,  1903-Oct.  1910) ;  withdrawn  191 1,  Aug.  2. 


Second  son  of  James  Redmond  Patrick,  814;  f>.  1890,  Oct.  31  {Croughly 

Book,  86). 

436.  Evelyn  Boscawen.  1899,  Jul.  19,  2nd  Lt.,  ist  Wilts.  Rif.  Vols. 
{L.G.,  pt.  4,  p.  4449).  1900,  May  5,  2nd  Lt.,  North'd  Fus.  1901,  Jun.  18, 
Lt.  1900-2,  served  in  S.  African  war;  operations  in  Transvaal,  W.  of  Pre- 
toria, Aug. — Nov.  29,  in  Transvaal,  Nov.  30 — 1902,  May  31  (Queen's  Medal, 
three  clasps,  King's  Medal,  two  clasps).  1907,  Aug.  22,  Capt.  1908,  May 
20,  Capt.,  S.  Lane.  Reg.  (A.L.,  1900-Oct.  1910). 

Son  of  Charles  William,  379;  b.  1877,  Oct.  6;  m.  1908,  Oct.  21,  at 
Peshawar,  Martha  Florence,  dau.  of  Dr.  Wheldon,  of  Mauritius  [Morning 

437-  Francis.  1672,  Dec.  28,  Ens.,  Earl  of  Arran's  Gds.,  in  Ireland 
(Dalton's  .<4.L.,  i.  131). 

437a.  Francis.  1686,  Lt.,  Duke  of  Ormonde's  Reg.  (Ormonde  MSS. 
Hist.  MSS.  Com.,  11.  450). 

438-  Francis.  1712,  Lt.,  Maj.  Gen.  Buchan's  Reg.,  wrote  An  Essay 
upon  Predestination  and  Grace  (Edinburgh,  4to,  pp.  viii,  113).  Col.  Thomas 
Buchan  was  in  command  21st  Ft.,  1686,  Jul. — 1689,  Mar. ;  Col.  John  Buchan 
held  command  of  a  reg.  of  Inf.  during  a  part  of  King  William's  reign. 

439.  Francis.  1755,  May  3,  Surg.  Mate,  R.N.,  "Otter"  Sloop, 
previously   ist  Ma.te,  "  Kingston"  {A dtn.  Ofs.  appt.  by  N.  Board,  P.R.O.). 

440-  Francis.  1758,  Ens.,  60th  Ft. ;  Jul  6-8,  served  at  the  attack  on 
entrenchments  at  Ticonderoga,  wounded.  1759,  Aug.  29,  Lt.  1762,  May — 
Aug.,  serving  in  Canada  ;  wrote  several  letters  to  Col.  Henry  Bouquet  {Add. 
MSS.,  21648,  B.M.),  dealing  mainly  with  regtl.  affairs.  1763,  Jun.,  in  com- 
mand of  Fort  Venango ;  a  body  of  Seneca  Indians  "  gained  entrance  under 
pretence  of  friendship,  then  closed  the  gates,  fell  upon  the  garrison,  but- 
chered all  except  Lt.  Gordon,  whom  they  forced  to  write  from  their  dictation 
statement  of  the  grievances  which  had  driven  them  to  arms,  and  then  tortured 
over  a  slow  fire  for  several  successive  nights,  till  he  expired.  This  done  they 
burned  the  place  to  the  ground  (Parkman's  Conspiracy  of  Pontiac,  11.  152, 
171;  Amherst's  Despatches,  1763,  Jun.  27,  P.R.O.,  A.L.,  1759-63).  The 
Earlston  MS.,  states  he  was  taken  prisoner  with  some  officers  "  but  made  his 
escape,  tho'  some  weeks  after  he  was  taken  a  second  time  at  Venango,  and 
murdered  in  his  36th  year". 

Fourth  son  of  Sir  Thomas,  of  Earlston,  3rd  bart.,  1316- 

441-  Francis.  1760,  Jan.  28,  ist  Lt.,  88th  Ft.  (Campbell's  Highlanders). 
1761,  Jun.  16,  captured  at  Fellinghausen  {S.M.,  vol.  23,  p.  375).  1763,  h.p. 
{A.L.,  1760-99). 



Son  of  John,  of  Craig,  and  Anne,  dau.  of  Patrick  Reid,  of  Haughton.  He 
had  John,  sheriff  clerk  depute,  Abd.,  who  d.  tium.  1793,  Aug.  4;  Anne,  m. 
1796,  Alex.  Shirrefs,  advocate,  Abd.,  and  became  the  mother  of  James  Gordon 
Francis  Shirrefs-Gordon,  who  succeeded  to  Craig;  Helen,///.,  1799,  James 
Munro,  cabinet  maker,  Abd.,  and  d.  at  Pictou,  Nova  Scotia,  1840,  Sep. 
Gordon  d.  1788,  Oct.  7,  at  Mill  of  Lumphart,  Daviot  {S.M.,  vol,  50,  p. 
569  ;  Abd.  jfour.).     Brother  of  George,  500- 

442.  Francis  (of  Tillyangua).  1776,  Oct.  i,  Lt.  {Roll  of  Barons  and 
Freeholders  in  Co,  Aberdeen). 

443.  Francis.  1784,  Oct.  6,  Ens.,  68th  Ft.  1785,  Mar.  3,  to  h.p.  of 
i6th  Ft.,  by  exchange  at  own  request,  on  account  of  ill-health  {A.L.,  1785- 
1856;  Hart's  A.L.,  1840-58;  W.O.,  Offs.  Services,  1828,  1847,  P.R.O.). 

Son  of  John,  of  Craig,  and  Anne,  dau.  of  James  Gordon,  of  Banchory  ;  b. 
1772,  June  23;  student,  Marischal  Coll.,  1787-89.  1796,  Mar.  7,  Memb.  Soc. 
of  Advocates,  Abd.  1852,  Apr.  14,  sue.  to  Craig,  also  owned  Kincardine 
O'Neil ;  tn.  (1)  1807,  Eliz.,  dau.  of  James  Gordon  of  Rosieburn  ;  (2)  1826, 
Isabella,  dau.  of  Gen.  John  Gordon-Cuming-Skene  of  Pitlurg,  and  had  two 
sons  and  three  daus.,  the  eldest  of  whom,  Elizabeth,  Mrs.  Charles  Kinnaird 
Johnstone,  succeeded  him,  and  assumed  the  additional  name  of  Gordon. 
Gordon  d.  1857,  Jan.  27,  at  Aberdeen  {Abd.  jfour. ;  VVimberley's  Gordons 
of  Craig,  40-3).     Nephew  of  Francis,  441.  and  George,  500. 

444-  Francis.     1795 — 1800,  Master,  R.N.  (Steele's  iV.L.). 

445-  Francis.  1803,  Nov.  24,  Lt.,  2nd  Aberdeen  Vols.  {L.G.,  1623, 
List  ofOffs.  Mil.  and  Vols.,  1807,  p.  3,  P.RO.). 

446-  Francis.  1806,  Master's  Mate  and  later  Master  (act.)  R.N., 
previously  in  merchant  service.  1814,  Jan.  5,  passed  as  Lt.,  aged  27.  1820, 
Feb.  12,  Master,  "Tees"  {Adm.,  Lt.s  Passing  Certif. ;  N.L.,  1814-20). 

Son  of  Cornelius,  and  Mary ;  b.  at  Llanrhidian,  Glamorgan,  1786, 

Mar.  26;  m.  1809,  May  4,  at  Clifton,  Glos.,  Mary  Moisson  {b.  1792)  and 
had  Bentinck  Doyle,  b.  1817,  Dec.  20  and  Mary  Elizabeth,  b,  1819,  Dec.  7. 
Gordon  was  drowned  Oct.  28,  1820,  while  serving  in  a  small  tender  detached 
from  the  "  Tees  "  for  preventing  the  importation  of  slaves  into  the  Mauritius. 
Mrs.  Gordon,  then  living  in  Jersey,  received  pension,  and  two  children  placed 
on  Compassionate  List  at  £5  each  {Adtn.  Wid.  Pensions,  Compass.  List, 
1820-6,  p.  47,  P.R.O.). 

447.  Francis.  1810,  Cadet,  H.E.LC.S..  (Madras).  181 1,  Jan.  5,  Ens. 
2oth  N.L     1814,  Jul.  12,  d.  at  Jaulnah  (£./.  Reg.,  181 1-5). 

Third  son  of  Hon.  Adam,  97;  bap.  1793,  Sep.  20,  at  Epis.  Ch.,  Dum- 
fries ;  educated  at  Mr.  Davidson's  Academy,  Castle  Douglas ;  nominated  for 


H.E.I.C.S.,  by  Mr.  Millett  on  recommendation  of  his  uncles  John,  Viscount 
Kenmure  and  Mr.  Davies,  Surgeon,  H.E.I.C.S.,  Bengal  (7.0.  Rec).  The 
Scots  Peerage  (v.  132)  calls  him  Francis  Mackenzie  Gordon. 

448-  Francis.  1809,  Oct.  7,  Dep.  Purveyor  (act.).  Army  Med.  Depart. 
5s.  7d.  a  day.  1814,  Dec,  31,  d.  at  Messina.  His  widow  (w.  1803,  Nov. 
3,  at  St.  Andrew's  Holborn)  received  pension  of  £30;  d.  1840,  Dec.  11,  at 
Peckham  Rye,  of  consumption  {W.O.  Certif.,  P.R.O.). 

449-  Francis  Alexander.  1863,  Jul.  22,  Ens.,  60th  Ft.  (King's  Roy. 
Rif.).     1866,  Dec.  II,  Lt.  (Hart's  A.L.,  1864-9). 

Second  son  of  Charles  and  Catherine  Newton;  b.  1844;  d.  1868,  Apr. 
8,  of  cholera,  at  Calcutta,  htir.  in  Military  Burial  Ground.  Brother  of  Alfred 
Ernest,  240,  and  William  Henry,  1500;  nephew  of  John  Rolfe,  1060- 

460-  Lord  Francis  Arthur.  183 1,  Aug.  2,  Cornet,  ist  L.  Gds.  1834, 
Jun.  18,  Lt.  1837,  Dec.  i,  Capt.  185 1,  Nov.  it,  Maj.  1854, Jun.  20,  Maj. 
and  Lt.  Col.,  ret.  on  account  of  ill-health  (Hart's  A.L.,  1840-58). 

Sixth  son  of  George,  9th  Marquis  of  Huntly,  618;  b.  1808,  Jan.  20;  ni, 
1835,  Apr.  17,  at  Bath,  Isabella,  only  child  of  Lt.  Gen.  Sir  William  Kerr 
Grant,  K.C.B.,  and  had  Hon.  Francis  Frederick  and  Hon.  George  Grant,  570; 
d.  1857,  Jun.  26,  at  Paris  on  his  return  home  from  the  South  of  France 
(G.M.,  N.S.,  vol.  3,  p.  230).  A  handsome  marble  monument  was  erected  to 
his  memory  in  Mil.  Chapel,  Windsor,  by  his  brother  offs.  (Times,  1859,  Oct. 
20).  His  widow  d.  1892,  Jan.  9.  Grandfather  of  Francis  Lewis  Rawson,  457 
(Bulloch's  Earls  of  Ahoy ne,  39-40). 

451-  Francis  Artliur.  1894,  Jul.  i,  Proby.  Asst.  Eng.,  R.N.  1895, 
Jul.  I,  Asst.  Eng.     1900,  Jul.  I,  Eng.  Lt.  {N.L.,  1894-1910). 

Son  of  Thomas,  Vice-Consul  for  Malaga,  at  Glasgow,  and  great-grandson 
of  Rev.  Hugh  (1749-1808),  minister  of  Anwoth,  Kirkcudbright;  w.  and  had 
a  son,  b.  at  Infield  Lodge,  Barrow-in-Furness,  1910,  June  3  (Times),  Gordon 
being  stationed  there  as  Inspector  of  warships  under  construction  at  Vickers- 

452.  Francis  David.  1843,  Cadet,  H.E.I.C.S.  (Madras);  Dec.  23, 
arrived  at  Madras.  1844,  Jan.  4,  appt.  to  do  duty  with  24th  N.I.;  Jan.  8, 
with  European  Reg.;  May  3,  posted  Ens.,  loth  N.I.  1845,  May  18,  Lt.  ; 
Dec.  31,  passed  in  Hindustani.  1846,  Aug.  31,  qualified  as  Adj.  1847,  May 
31,  qualified  as  Inter.;  Jul.  16,  granted  Moonshee  allowance  and  appt.  Qr. 
Mr.  (act.)  and  Inter.,  38th  N.I.  1849,  Sep.  19,  Qr.  Mr.  and  Inter.,  7th 
N.I.  1851,  Feb.  26,  Q.M.G.  and  Inter.,  24th  N.I. ;  May,  placed  at  disposal 
of  Govt,  for  Civil  Employ.  1854,  May  20,  Dep.  Supt.  at  Jhansi.  1856,  Nov. 
23,  Capt.     1857,  Jun.  5,  k.  by  mutineers  at  Jhansi ;  monument  erected  in  the 


Memorial  Gardens  in  1867  by  British  Govt,  in  memory  of  the  66  persons 
murdered  there,  names  recorded  {E.I.  Reg.,  1845-58;  Madras  Monumental 

Eldest  son  of  Michael  Francis,  XV.  of  Abergeldie  ;  b.  182 1,  Jul.  24,  at 
Lewisham,  Kent ;  educated  at  Edinburgh  University  and  by  private  tuition  ; 
nominated  for  H.E.I.C.S.,  by  William  Wigram  on  recommendation  of  his 
uncle,  Robert,  1239  (I.O.  Rec. ;  House  of  Gordon,  i.  (108)). 

453-4-  Francis  Drummond.  1849,  Dec.  20,  Cadet,  H.E.I.C.S. 
(Madras).  1850,  Sep.  18,  Hns.,  26th  N.I.  185 1,  Mar.  31,  passed  in  Hin- 
dustani. 1853,  Mar.  17,  Dep.  Comr.  2nd  class,  Saugor  Div,  1854,  Nov. 
16,  Lt.  1861-3,  on  furlough.  1863,  Sep.  29,  Capt.  1864,  May  i,  d.  at 
Kurnool,  bur.  May  2,  in  Budavarapet  Cemetery ;  tombstone  erected  by  offs. 
of  the  reg.  {E.I.  Reg.  and  I.A.L.,  1850-64;  Jervise's  Epitaphs). 

Son  of  Rev.  John,  Minister  of  Speymouth,  and  Elizabeth  Maclean ;  b. 
there  1832,  Oct.  11  ;  educated  at  Elgin ;  nominated  in  1849  for  H.E.I.C.S.,  by 
Henry  Shank  on  recommendation  of  his  widowed  mother  {I.O.  Rec).  Persons 
interested  in  his  estate  requested  1868,  May  30,  to  communicate  with  official 
agent  to  Administrator  Gen.  of  India,  India  Office  {Times).  Brother  of 
William,  1464. 

455-  Francis  Grant.  1747,  entered  R.N.  as  Captain's  servant, 
"  Squirrel,"  served  as  Ab.  and  Mid. ;  afterwards  Ab.,  "  Kent  " ;  Mid.,  Ab. 
and  Lt.  "  Mermaid  ".  1753,  Aug.  i,  passed  as  Lt.,  aged  22  {Adtn.  N.  Board, 
Lts.  Passing  Certif.,  P.R.O.).  1755,  Lt.,  "  Bedford  ".  1762,  Sep.  24,  Comdr., 
"Merlin"  sloop.  1765,  Jul.  11,  Capt.,  "Greyhound".  1769,  Jan.,  h.p. 
1774,  May  8,  granted  twelve  months  leave  on  private  affairs  to  Antigua  and 
the  Leeward  Islands.  1775,  Jan.  21,  "Argo";  Oct.,  serving  at  Leeward 

Discovering  that  a  most  pernicious  trade  was  carried  on  at  Martinique  in  arms  and  gun- 
powder, he  searched  vessels,  and  applied  to  the  Count  de  Noziere,  French  Governor  Gen.  there, 
for  permission  to  seize  a  sloop  loaded  with  gunpowder,  who  refused  it,  and  said  he  would  sell  the 
Americans  powder,  arms  or  anything  else  they  wanted  under  the  nose  of  any  English  man- 
of-war.  Hedesired  H.M.S.  "  Argo  "  to  leave  the  port  immediately,  and  said  if  any  English  man- 
of-war  dared  to  board  any  ship  in  that  (ort,  whether  English  or  not,  he  would  order  the  forts 
to  fire  at  once  and  sink  them  if  possible.  Adm.  James  Young  in  reporting  this  to  the  Lords 
of  Admiralty,  Oct.  23,  from  Antigua,  forwarding  Count  de  Noziere's  letter  complaining  of 
Gordon's  conduct  at  Martinique,  stated  "  Although  not  directly  approving  of  Capt.  Gordon 
searching  vessels  there,  still,  on  his  receiving  such  information  as  he  did,  zeal  for  his  master's 
service  might  hurry  a  good  officer  to  do  what  on  cooler  thoughts  he  would  not  do  "  (Home 
Office  Papers,  1775,  p.  497,  P.R.O.). 

1776,  Feb  2,  "arrived  from  abroad";    Feb.  3,  h.p.      1793,   Feb.  i,   "em- 

GORDONS  UNDER  ARMS.        '..*  I   '5  ^  '>'    lOI 

ployed  again,  ord,er  in  Council"  (Adiii.  Half  Pay  LisW^, t;^6>j-tt-J4<i'.  \ii)^j 
P.R.O.).  Charnock  {Nav.  Biog.,  ii.  576-7)  states  in  consequence  of  his  having 
held  no  commission  during  so  many  years  he  was  not  advanced  when  he 
became  in  point  of  seniority  entitled  to  a  flag  to  be  a  Rear  Admiral  on  the 
superannuated  list,  but  put  on  that  of  retired  Captains. 

Son  of  William  Grant,  and  Barbara,  youngest  dau.  of  George  Gordon,  of 
Knockespock  ;  b.  1730;  took  the  name  of  Gordon  in  1768;  1770,  living  at 
Harrow,  Middlesex;  Sep.  18,  m.  at  Petersham,  Surrey,  Mary,  dau.  of  Sir 
Willoughby  Aston,  Bart.,  and  had  Charles,  313,  Henry,  629,  and  Sir  James 
VVilloughby,  819-      Gordon  (i.  1803,  Sep.   11  (Adtn.   Wid.  Pensions,  P.R.O.). 

456-  Francis  Henry  Hamilton.  1881,  Feb.  23,  2nd  Lt.,  Kent  Art. 
Mil.  {L.G.,  pt.  I.  p.  797  ;  Hart's  A.L.,  1882). 

Second  son  of  Sir  Alexander  Hamilton,  225;  b.  1861,  Mar.  19;  d.  1885, 
May  II. 

457.  Francis  Levk'is  Rawson.  1896,  May  2,  2nd  Lt.,  Aberdeensh. 
Mil.  {L.G.,  pt.  3,  p.  2798).  1898,  Feb.  16,  Lt.  igoo,  Mar.  14,  and  Lt., 
Gordon  Highlrs.,  2nd  Batn. ;  served  in  S.  African  war.  1901,  Jul.  5,  Lt. 
1902,  Oct.  29,  res.  (Hart's  ^.L.,  1896-1903;  A.L.,  1896 — ^Jan.  1903). 

Son  of  Francis  Frederick,  and  grandson  of  Lord  Francis  Arthur,  450 ;  b. 
1878,  Mar.  28. 

468-  Francis  William  Lockhart.  1840,  Cadet,  H.E.LC.S.  (Madras); 
Jul.  23,  Ens.,  36th  N.L ;  Sep.  8,  granted  furlough  to  Europe  on  s.c.  1842, 
Jul,  16,  Lt.  1842-3,  on  furlough  ;  Apr.  6,  res.  in  England  {E.I.  Reg.,  1840-3), 
on  his  marriage  (with  Sarah,  dau.  of Maskelyne  of  Oaksey  Park,  Wilts). 

Son  of  John,  921;  b.  1819,  Aug.  12,  bap.  at  St.  Cuthbert's,  Edinburgh  ; 
educated  at  Edinburgh  High  Sch.  and  Academy;  nominated  for  H.E.I.C.S., 
by  John  Thornhill,  on  recommendation  of  Sir  T.  Baring,  Bart. ;  had  Francis 
William  Lockhart,  b.  1844,  Mar.  10,  Cheltenham  Coll.,  1859,  Mar;  entered 
Oriental  Bank,  d.  at  sea,  1879,  on  S.S.  "  Eldorado  "  off  Cape  St.  Vincent  on  his 
way  home  from  Ceylon,  and  William  Henry  Lockhart,  b.  1845,  Mar.  30, 
Cheltenham  Coll.,  1859,  Mar.,  student.  Inner  Temple,  1867,  Jan.  29,  B.A., 
Trin.  Coll.  Cam.,  1868,  called  to  Inner  Temple,  1869,  Nov.  17,  now  in  Tor- 
onto, m.  1872,  Jul.  25,  Emily  Gordon,  dau.  of  Col.  John  Thomas  Smith, 
Toronto  (7.0.  Rec. ;  Cheltenham  Coll.  Reg.,  loi ;  Foster's  Men  at  the  Bar), 
and  has  four  sons  and  three  daus.  Miss  C.  Lockhart  Gordon  (dau.  of  458)  has 
written  many  religious  stories  for  Jarrold,  and  the  Religious  Tract  Society. 

459.  Frank  Henry,  i860,  Jun.  8,  Cadet,  H.E.LC.S.  (Bombay).  1861, 
Ens.,  7th  N.I.  1862,  Jul.  30,  Lt.  1866-7,  stationed  at  Kathiwar.  1868, 
serving  with  Kattywar  Local  Batn.     1870,  Dec.  7,  Capt.     1872,  on  furlough. 


.1^74^5,  Wnfttrlioug-h.     1876,  Wing  Off.,  14th  N.I.  {I.A.L. ;  Hart's  A.L.,  1862- 

Son  of  James,  768;  ^-  1843,  ^^P*  24>  **  Neemuch,  hap.  1844,  Jul.  4,  at 
Mussoorie;  educated  at  Rev.  H.  D.  Harper's,  Sherborne,  Dorset,  and  Addis- 
combe;  nominated  for  H.E.I.C.S.,  by  Sir  Erskine  Perry  on  recommendation 
of  A.  W.  Kinglake  (historian  of  Crimean  War  and  the  brother-in-law  of  his 
aunt  Louisa  Gordon)  in  1859,  his  father  then  living  at  Colleton  Crescent, 
Exeter;  d.  1880,  Jun.  6,  at  Aden,  bur.  Jun.  7  in  Camp  Cemetery  (7.0.  Rec). 

460-  Frederick.  1798,  Apr.  17,  Cadet,  R.A.  1799,  Oct.  9,  2nd  Lt. 
1801,  Sep.  3,  I8t.  Lt.  1806,  Sep.  15,  2nd  Capt.  Possibly  the  Capt.  Gordon, 
R.A.,  who  distinguished  himself  in  an  engagement  between  English  gunboats 
and  enemy's  squadrons  in  the  neighbourhood  of  Isle  au  Croix,  1813,  Jan.  3, 
which  terminated  in  the  capture  of  two  American  vessels,  the  "  Eagle  "  and 
the  "Growler";  the  gunboats  were  ably  supported  by  detachments  from 
garrison  of  the  island  (Sir  G.  Prevost's  Despatches  from  Kingstown,  Upper 
Canada ;  G.M.,  vol,  83,  pt.  2,  p.  474).  The  other  captains  in  the  R.A.  at 
this  time — Capt.  Charles,  352,  then  serving  at  St.  Sebastian,  and  Capt. 
Henry  William,  662 — do  not  claim  this  achievement  in  their  war  services. 
1814,  Dec.  20,  Capt.  1819,  Aug.  12,  Bt.  Maj.,  h.p.  1826,  Aug.  5,  Maj., 
h.p.  unat. ;  Nov.  6,  ret.  by  sale  of  com.  {List  of  Offs.,  R.A.,  29;  A.L., 

Eldest  son  of  Abraham  Cyrus,  75".  f>.  1783,  Sep.  13;  vi.  1802,  Jun.  30, 
at  Everton,  Notts,  Elizabeth,  second  dau.  of  James  Murdoch,  of  Madeira 
(S.M.,  vol.  64,  p.  615),  and  had  with  other  children  Abraham  Cyrus,  76, 
James  Thomas,  818,  Frederick  d.  186 1,  Dec.  14,  at  Barnstaple,  aged  37 
{G.M.,  vol.  12,  N.S.,  p.  238);  Elizabeth  (youngest  dau.),  m  1849,  Mar.  22,  at 
Newport,  Barnstaple,  Francis,  son  of  Samuel  Lawford,  of  Blackheath  {ibid., 
vol.  31,  N.S.,  p.  535).  Mrs.  Gordon  d.  1867,  Jan.  12,  at  Newport,  aged 
82  {ibid.,  vol.  3,  N.S.,  p.  264).  Gordon  d.  1876,  Nov.  17,  aged  93;  bur.  in 
Barnstaple  Churchyard  also  wife  and  son  Frederick.  Gordon's  niece, 
Harriet  Maria  Gordon,  tn.  1865,  Jul.  11,  at  Newton  Abbott,  Francis  Douglas, 
son  of  Dr.  Harris,  of  Hawkhurst,  Kent  {ibid.,  vol.  19,  N.S.,  p.  237). 

461-  Frederick.  1878,  Jun.  5,  and  Lt,  9th  Dorsetsh.  Rif.  Vols.  {L.G., 
pt.  4,  p.  3421 ;  A.L.,  1880). 

Son  of  Charles  William,  of  Wincombe  Park,  379;  b.  1847,  Dec.  30,  at 
Nottington  House,  Dorset ;  educated  1861-4  at  Marlborough  ;  d.  1880. 

462-  Hon.  Frederick.  i88t,  Jan.  22,  2nd  Lt.,  91st  Ft. ;  Feb.  12,  49th 
Ft.;  Jul.  I,  Lt. ;  Sep.  14,  Gordon  Highlrs.  1883,  Jan.  31 — 1888,  Jan.  30, 
Adj.,  ist  Batn.     1889,  Jul.  7 — Aug.  17,  with  Egyptian  army  (Medal,  four  clasps, 


bronze  star).  1890,  Nov.  i,  Capt.  1893,  passed  Staff.  Coll.  1896,  Aug.  12 
—1899,  Oct.  8,  Brig.  Maj.,  Malta;  Oct.  22,  Maj. ;  Oct.  9— Nov.  6,  D.A.A.G. 
(Intell.)  S.  Africa;  Nov.  7 — 1902,  Sep.   11,  D.A.A.G.,  S.  Africa.     1900,  Nov. 

29,  D.S.O.  1902,  Aug.  22,  Bt.  Lt.  Col.  (Queen's  Medal,  six  clasps,  King's 
Medal,  two  clasps) ;  Oct.  15 — 1903,  Jan.  31,  spec,  empld.  H.Q.  of  army  ;  Feb. 
5 — 1904,  Feb.  5,  D.A.Q.M.G.,  rst  Div.,  ist  Army  corps.  1908,  Jan.  19,  Lt. 
Col. ;  Apr.  30,  Bt.  Col.  191 1,  Aug.  10,  Gen.  Staff  Off.,  ist  grade,  2nd  Div, ; 
Aug.  30,  Col.  {A.L.,  1880-1911). 

Fourth  son  of  Edward  Strathearn,  Baron  Gordon  of  Drumearn,  432 ;  b. 
1861,  Oct.  9;  m.  1897,  Nov.  II,  at  Harrow  Parish  Ch.,  Mabel  Rose,  dau.  of 
James  Douglas  Robinson,  M.C.S.,  and  has  a  son  and  two  daus.  (Bulloch's 
Gordons  in  Griamachary,  17-18). 

463.  Frederick  Harry  Blake.  1883,  Apr.  7,  Lt.  Supy.,  9th  (Harrow) 
Middlesex  Rif.  Vols.  {L.G.,  pt.  2,  p.   1846).     1895,  Jun.  5,  res.  {ibid.,  pt.  3). 

Eldest  son  of  Frederick,  founder  of  the  Gordon  Hotels,  by  his  first  wife, 
and  grandnephew  of  Thomas  Blake,  M.P.  for  Leominster  and  the  Forest  of 
Dean  ;  b.  1864.  1887,  Aug.,  admitted  a  solicitor  ;  partner  of  Edell  &  Gordon, 
solicitors,  till  1909,  Dec.  31,  and  since  then  on  his  own  account  at  15  Devon- 
shire Square,  E.G.,  and  i  Southampton  Row,  W.C.  ;  m.  1890,  Mary,  only 
dau.  of  Major  Gen.  Barton,  Wilbury  Road,  Brighton.    Brother  of  Vivian,  1361- 

464-  Frederick  Philip  Augustus.  1866,  Jun.  8,  Ens.,  Madras  Vol. 
Gds.     1873,  Feb.  18,  Lt.  {Madras  A.L.,  1866-73). 

Eldest  son  of  Philip  Brodie,  H61 ;  b.  1849,  Mar.  25,  bap.  Jul.  2,  at 
Royapooram ;  m.  Margaret  Evelyn  Evans,  and  has  Kathleen  Brodie,  b. 
1890,  Sep.  8,  bap.  Nov.  i,  and  Phyllis  Brodie,  b.  1892,  Feb.  21,  bap.  Mar.  3, 
at  Hyderabad,  where  Gordon  then  held  appt.  as  Supt.  of  Jails,  in  the  Nizam's 
Service  {I.O.  Rec). 

465-  Q-     1858,  Jun.  4,  Comdr.,  Naval  Brigade,  Pubnah,  Bengal ;  Dec. 

30,  discharged  {I.O.  Rcc). 

466-  Gabriel.  1781,  Jan.  6,  Ens.,  60th  Ft.  1784,  Nov.  26,  Lt.  1794, 
Jul.  10,  Capt.  Lt.,  served  at  capture  of  Martinique  and  Guadeloupe  (Gold 
Medal,  one  clasp).  1795,  Oct.  21,  Capt.  1800,  May  16,  Maj.  1802,  Mar.  9, 
Lt.  Col.  After  20  years  service  with  his  reg.  in  W,  Indies  and  Canada,  got 
leave  of  absence  from  Gen.  Sir  G.  Nugent  in  Jamaica,  to  come  to  England. 
1803,  went  back  to  Jamaica ;  soon  after  appt.  to  command  and  superintend 
British  settlement,  Bay  of  Honduras,  becoming  Deputy  Paymaster  General, 
"  my  services  were  highly  appreciated  by  Sir  G.  Nugent,  who  recommended 
them  to  the  consideration  of  H.R.H,  the  Duke  of  York".  1808-9,  Lt.  Col., 
4th  Ft,  h.p.     1811,  Jun.  4,^  Col.      1814,  Jun.  4,  Maj.  Gen.      1830,  Jul.  22,  Lt. 


Gen.  1837,  Apr.,  Col.,  91st  Ft.     1846,  Nov.  9,  Gen.  {A.L.,  1781-1856;  Philip- 
part's  Mil.  CaL,  III.  388  ;   W.O.,  Offs.  Services,  1809,  P.R.O.). 

Son  of  William,  author  of  the  Universal  Accountayit  (said,  most  doubt- 
fully, to  have  been  a  son  of  Cosmo,  3rd  Duke  of  Gordon  and  a  P'rench  lady, 
whom  he  m.  at  Tours,  but  never  recognised) ;  b.  1763  ;  m.  in  Canada,  Nancy 
(or  Ann)  Beatman  Finlay  {d.  1808,  May  13,  aged  29),  and  had  two  daus., 
the  elder  Catherine  Ann  (1800-82),  vt.  Capt.  Edward  John  Cleather  (1797- 
1875)  who  had  with  other  children.  Col.  William  Barclay  Gordon  Cleather, 
47th  Lane.  Reg.,  and  Alice  Jane,  Mrs.  Rosser  Samuel  Dean,  who  possesses, 
at  29  Craven  Hill  Gardens,  London,  a  full  length  portrait  of  Gen.  Gordon,  at 
the  age  of  76,  by  Sir  John  Watson  Gordon ;  there  is  also  a  miniature  in  the 
possession  of  Col.  C.  L.  Gordon.  Gordon,  who  was  6  ft.  5^  in.,  and  always 
spoke  with  a  Scots  accent,  lost  his  sight  at  the  age  of  77,  d.  aged  92,  1855, 
Aug.  7,  from  a  fall,  at  Higher  Ardwick  Lodge,  Manchester,  where  he  lived 
with  his  dau.  Mrs.  Cleather  (J.  M,  Bulloch  in  S.N.  &  Q.,  1905,  Apr.,  and 
in  Banffshire  Advertiser,  191 1,  Jun.  15).     Father  of  David,  402- 

467-  Qeoffrey.     1910,  Jan.  i,  2nd  Lt.,  Punjab  Lt  Horse  {I.A.L.,  1910). 

468-  Qeoffrey  Seton.  1899,  Aug.  12,  2nd  Lt.,  E.  Yorks.  Reg.  1900, 
May  26,  Lt.  1905,  Jan.  10,  Ind.  army.  1908,  Aug.  12,  Capt,  Squadron  Off. 
{A.L.,  and  I.A.L.,  1899-1910). 

Fourth  son  of  Charles  Vincent,  377  ;  b.  1880,  May  2  {House  0/  Gordon, 
I.  (105)). 

469-  Qeor^^e,  2nd  Earl  of  Huntly.  1475,  captured  Dingwall  Castle 
from  the  Earl  of  Ross  {Records  of  Aboyne,  401).  1488,  Jun.  11,  one  of  the 
three  leaders  of  the  first  division  of  the  royal  army  at  Sauchieburn  {ibid.,  406). 
1501,  Jun.  8,  d.  at  Stirling. 

Son  of  Alexander,  ist  Ead,  115;  had  Sir  Adam,  82>  and  Alexander, 
3rd  Earl,  116,  and  Sir  James,  687- 

470-  Qeorge,  4th  Earl  of  Huntly.  1533,  accompanied  King  James  to 
Jedburgh  to  resist  the  English.  1534,  received  a  com.  of  fire  and  sword 
against  the  Clan  Chattan.  1542,  Aug.  20,  completely  defeated  an  English 
force  of  3000  men  under  Sir  Robert  Bower  at  Haddonrig;  Nov.  frustrated  a 
raid  by  the  Earl  of  Hertford,  but  failing  to  follow  it  up  across  the  border,  was 
replaced  in  command  of  the  Scots  army  by  Lord  Moray.  1544-6,  laid  waste 
the  lands  of  the  Camerons.  1547,  Sep.  10,  taken  prisoner  at  Pinkie,  when 
he  fought  on  foot  in  gilt  and  enamelled  armour.  1555,  conducted  an  ex- 
pedition to  the  country  of  Clanronald,  but  had  to  retire  with  ill  success. 
1562,  Oct.  28,  defeated  by  the  royal  army  at  Corrichie,  when  he  was  captured 
with  his  sons  Sir  John,  827i  £ind  Sir  Adam,  84 ;  ^-  of  apoplexy  on  the  field. 

u±ii\iiKAL    UABKiliL.    GORDON 
Painted  by  Sir  John  Watson-Gordon,  R.A^ 


Son  of  John  Lord  Gordon,  and  grandson  of  Alexander,  3rd  Earl,  116 
{Records  of  A  boy ne,  429-68);  ;«.  Lady  Eliz.  Keith,  and  had  Sir  Adam  of 
Auchindoun,  84 ;  George,  5th  Earl,  473 ;  John,  827,  and  Sir  Patrick,  1127- 

471-  George.     1547,  Sep.  10,  k.  at  the  battle  of  Pinkie  {Dalbithan  MS.). 
Eldest  son  of  James,  of  Cairnburrow.     His  eldest  son  John  and  eight 

of  the  latter's  sons  all  fought  at  the  battle  of  Glenlivet  (ibid.). 

472-  George.  1562,  Oct.  28,  captured  at  Corrichie  ;  Nov.  2,  executed 
at  Aberdeen.  Laird  of  Coclarachie,  Drumblade,  Aberdeenshire  {House  of 
Gordon,  i.  (123)). 

473-  George,  5th  Earl  of  Huntly.  1570,  Jul.,  as  one  of  the  Queen's 
party  he  occupied  Aberdeen.  1571,  Sep.  3,  one  of  the  leaders  in  the  attack 
on  Stirling.  1572,  Jun.  led  some  forces  against  the  Tower  of  Merchiston  and 
had  his  horse  shot  under  him.  1576,  Oct.  20,  d.  at  Strathbogie  {Records  of 
Aboyne,  470-98). 

Second  son  of  4th  Earl,  470  ;  had  George,  ist  Marquis  of  Huntly,  474- 

474-  George,  ist  Marquis  of  Huntly.  1592,  Feb.  7,  attacked  the  Earl 
of  Moray  at  Donibristle ;  later  in  the  year,  fought  the  Mackintoshes  and  the 
Camerons.  1593,  Sep.,  defeated  the  Mackintoshes  in  the  Cabrach.  1594, 
Apr.  30,  again  raided  the  Mackintoshes ;  Oct.  3,  fought  at  the  battle  of  Glen- 

Eldest  son  of  George,  5th  Earl,  473j  and  father  of  George,  2nd  Marquis. 

475-6.  Hon.  George.  1639,  led  a  "resolute"  company  of  Sutherland 
men  "  wel  armed"  to  the  Covenanters  in  Moray.  1640,  w^ent  with  some 
Sutherland  men  to  the  Scots'  army  at  Newark.  1642,  raised  "eight  sure 
able  men"  in  Sutherland  and  Strathnaver ;  May,  marched  them  to  Ireland  to 
join  Gen.  Leslie's  reg.  of  which  he  was  ist  Capt.,  to  assist  in  quelling  the 
rebellion;  had  previously  purchased  a  com.  in  the  Hon.  James  Campbell, 
Earl  of  Irvine's  reg.,  but  procured  a  remission  till  1643,  Mar.,  when  he  joined 
reg.  in  France.  1649,  Govr.  ofColeraine  {Earls  of  Sutherland,  493,502,509- 
II,  550).  1660,  Jul.  6,  the  King  wrote  to  the  Lord  Lt.  of  Ireland,  "Col. 
George  Gordon  has  suffered  much  in  our  cause ;  if  you  should  have  any  lands 
or  moneys  undisposed  of  in  Ireland,  we  recommend  him  to  your  favour" 
{Cat.  of  State  Papers,  Irish  Series,  1660-2).  His  name  appears  in  the  Act  ot 
Settlement  MS.  Vols.  1663,  p.  108,  in  a  list  of  such  of  the  1649  o^s.  "as 
are  now  alive"  (O'Hart's  Landed  Irish  Gentry,  1887,  p.  389;  Inrolments, 
Exchequer  Offices,  Dublin,  Roll  II.). 

Posthumous  son  of  John,  13th  Earl  of  Sutherland;  b.  1616;  m.  1664, 
Lady  Rose  Macdonald,  dau.  of  ist  Earl  of  Antrim.  Brother  of  John,  14th 
Earl,  833. 



477-  Lord  Qeorge.  1646,  Jul.  2,  Col.,  k.  at  the  battle  of  Alford  {List 
of  Regis .  and  Chief  Offs.,  Scottish  Army,  quartered  near  Newcastle,  1644). 

Eldest  son  of  George,  2nd  Marquis  of  Huntly;  brother  of  Lewis,  3rd 
Marquis;  Charles,  ist  Earl  of  Aboyne,  289,  and  Lord  Henry,  of  the  Polish 

478-  Qeorge.  1647,  May  3,  Capt.,  made  a  burgess  of  Aberdeen 
{N.S.C.  Misc.,  II.  (394)). 

479-  Qeorge.  1662,  Oct.,  Maj.,  "in  Auchindoun,"  Curator  of  Patrick 
Murray  in  Anchmhm^  {Particular  Reg.  of  Sasines,  Banff,  i.  118-9). 

480-  Sir  Qeorge,  ist  Earl  of  Aberdeen,  Lord  High  Chancellor.  1682, 
Jun.  20,  Capt.,  of  one  of  two  Mil.  Troops  in  Shires  of  Banff  and  Erroll's  part 
of  Aberdeen  {Scotland  Warrant  Bk.,  vn.  238);  d.  at  Kellie,  1720,  Apr.  20 
{Scots  Peerage,  i.  88-90). 

481-  Qeorge,  ist  Duke  of  Gordon.  1681,  served  under  Turenne  at 
Strasburg.  1685,  May  22,  Lt.  and  Chief  Comdr.  of  Forces  in  Shires  of  Banfi", 
Elgin,  Inverness,  Ross,  Sutherland  and  Caithness;  Jun.  10,  in  Aberdeen 
{Scotland  IVarrant  Bks.,  ix.  132,  x.  8).  1686,  Feb.  24,  Constable  and  Govr., 
and  Capt.  of  a  Coy.  at  Edinburgh  Castle  {ibid.,  x.  8).  1689,  Mar. — ^Jun.  13, 
defended  the  place  (described  fully  by  Prof.  Sanford  Terry,  in  Scottish  Hist. 
Rev.  Jan.  1905). 

Son  of  Lewis,  3rd  Marquis  of  Huntly;  b.  about  1650;  tn.  1676,  Oct., 
Lady  Elizabeth  Howard,  2nd  dau.  of  Henry,  Duke  of  Norfolk,  and  had 
Alexander,  2nd  Duke,  who  fought  as  a  Jacobite;  d.  at  the  Citadel  of  Leith, 
1 7 16,  Dec.  7.  A  minute  account  of  him  by  J.  M.  Bulloch  appeared  in  the 
Huntly  Express,  1908,  May  29 — Nov.  27;  100  copies  privately  printed, 
pp.  138. 

482-  Qeorge.  1686,  Nov.  10,  Ens.,  ist  Ft.  1689,  May  21,  Lt. 
Served  in  Flanders  throughout  campaigns  of  William  HL  and  Marlborough 
(Dalton's  A.L.,  11.  86,  131,  v.  49,  222  ;  MS.  A.L.,  1702,  p.  138,  P.R.O.). 

483-  Qeorge.  1689,  Capt.,  Lord  Strathnaver's  Ft.,  reg.,  raised  in  Apr., 
served  under  Gen.  Mackay  in  Inverness-sh.  1690,  Nov.,  reg.  disbanded 
(Dalton's  A.L.,  in.  96). 

484-  Qeorge.  1689,  Capt.,  Laird  of  Grant's  Ft.,  Govr.  of  Balveny 
Castle  garrison,  which  consisted  of  two  companies  of  the  reg.,  fled  on  the 
approach  of  Highland  army  after  Killiecrankie  (Dalton's  A.L.,  111.  92).  1691, 
Nov.,  reg.  reduced. 

485-  Sir  Qeorge.  1689,  Dec.  18,  Capt.,  of  a  Troop  of  Horse,  formerly 
commanded  by  the  Laird  of  Blair  {Scotland  Warrant  Bks.,  vol.  14,  p.  244). 
Lady  Tullibardine  {Mil.  Hist,  of  Perthshire,  22)  states  that  he  commanded  the 


Earl  of  Annandale's  Horse,  the  Perthshire  Troop,  one  of  twelve  regiments 
raised  by  Lord  Leven,  1688-9,  ^"^  '^-  within  a  few  months,  and  was  succeeded 
by  Lt.  Robert  Pollock,  who  was  in  command  by  1690,  May.  But  his  name 
appears  in  a  Pay  List  of  1690,  May,  with  that  of  Lt.  Robert  Pollock,  and  in 
a  Muster  Roll,  of  Nov.  following  (Ross's  Scottish  Colours,  49,  74). 

Second  son  of  Sir  John,  of  Park,  Banffshire,  and  Helen  Sibbald  ;  laird  of 
Edinglassie  and  Carnousie ;  m.  (i)  Mary,  dau.  of  Sir  Alexander  Abercromby  of 
Birkenbog;  m,  (2)  Jean  Forbes,  and  had  John  and  George,  490  {Scotland 
Warrant  Bks.,  vol.  17,  p.  455).  Sir  George  d.  1690,  bur.  at  Ordiquhil,  his 
troop  being  present  at  the  funeral. 

486'  George.  1690,  Nov.,  Capt.,  of  Ballylany,  Antrim,  d.  by  this  date, 
leaving  widow,  Margaret  (Irish  Bills  of  Exchequer,  1690,  Nov.  22). 

Brother  of  Katherine,  wife  of  Allan  McCleane  of  Twornerobert,  and  of 
Mrs.  Alice  Kennedy. 

487-  George.  1691,  Nov.  15,  Capt.,  bur.  in  the  Mill  Tomb,  Grey  friars, 
Edinburgh  [Greyfriars  Reg.,  Scot.  Hist.  Soc). 

488-  George.  1693,  Ab.,  R.N.,  "Yarmouth,"  afterwards  Captain's 
Clerk  and  Mid. ;  Ab.  and  Mid.,  "  Hastings  "  ;  Mid.,  "  Dartmouth  "  ;  Ab.  and 
Mid.,  "Eagle".  1703,  Oct.  11,  passed  as  Lt.  (Adm.  N.  Board,  Lts.  Passing 
Certif.,  P.R.O.).  1709,  Apr.  9,  Capt.,  "LowestofTe"  frigate;  ordered  immedi- 
ately afterwards  to  N.  America.  1710,  served  under  Commodore  Martin  in 
the  expedition  against  Port  Royal  (Annapolis).  171 2,  Apr.,  wrote  to  the 
Admiralty  in  answer  to  a  petition  of  William  Penn,  as  to  a  prize  seized  by 
him  (Treastiry  Papers,  p.  381).  1714,  Sep.  22,  discharged;  Sep.  23,  h.p. 
1715,  "Advice,"  one  of  the  fleet  ordered  for  the  Baltic  under  Sir  John  Norris. 
171 7,  "Pearl".  1718,  Nov.,  "ordered  Lt.  Robert  Maynard,  and  Thomas 
Tucker,  Master's  Mate  '  Pearl,'  to  sail  with  two  sloops  in  pursuit  of  Thatch,  a 
pyrate  commonly  called  Blackbeard.  After  a  desperate  engagement  they  took 
him,  and  carried  his  head  into  Virginia,  where  his  sloop  and  cargo  was  sold 
for  above  £2500"  (Acts  of  Privy  Council,  England,  Colonial  Series,  in.  23-4). 
1 7 19,  Dec.  14,  discharged;  Dec.  15,  h.p.  1726,  May  5,  "Berwick".  1729, 
Jul.  I,  h.p.  1731,  Jul.  12,  d.;  his  widow  Elizabeth  received  pension  (Adm. 
Half  Pay  Lists,  Wid.  Pensions,  P.R.O. ;  Charnock's  A^^.  Biog.  ;  Laird 
Clowes'  Navy,  11.  526,  Treasury  Papers,  171 2). 

489-  George.  1699,  Cornet,  Brig.  Cunningham's  Dgns.,  previously 
"  in  their  Majestie's  Gds.  in  Scotland  ".  Cunningham's  Dgns.,  formed  in 
1691  of  six  independent  troops  of  horse,  raised  for  service  in  Scotland,  in 
1690,  for  the  suppression  of  the  Jacobite  war,  left  Scotland  for  Holland  1694, 
Feb.,  where,   1696,  Oct.    11,  Cunnmgham  was  succeeded  by  William   Lord 


Jedburgh ;  reg.  returned  to  Scotland,  1698,  Mar.  ;  there  is  nothing  to  show 
when  Gordon  left  the  reg.,  or  whether  he  served  under  Lord  Jedburgh. 

Son  of  John,  of  Artloch,  and  nephew  of  William,  I.  of  Farskane ;  d.  at 
Ghent.  1703,  Jan.,  will,  proved  by  his  brother,  John,  858,  mentions  3000 
merks  due  to  him  by  [his  kinsman]  John  Gordon  of  Rothiemay  [who  pre- 
deceased him]  by  a  bond  dated  1692,  Apr,  11  {Edin.  Test.,  vol.  81). 

490.  Qeorge.  1702,  Apr.  i,  Capt.  ;  it  would  appear  that  certain  lands 
in  the  barony  of  Carnousie,  Banffsh.,  he  then  held  of  the  Crown,  were  sur- 
rendered, and  by  Charter  of  this  date,  created  into  a  free  barony,  under  the 
title  the  barony  of  Carnousie,  and  granted  to  him  for  life,  with  remainder  in 
fee  to  his  eldest  son  {Scotland  Warrant  Bks.,  vol.  17,  p.  455)-  Out  in 
the  '15. 

Second  son  of  Sir  George  of  Edinglassie,  485  ;  "'• Forbes  of  Brux, 

and  had  Arthur,  younger  of  Carnousie,  Charles,  Roderick,  Alexander,  and  four 
daus.  {Balbithan  MS.,  p.  38). 

491-  Qeorj^e.  1702,  Aug,  25,  Ens.,  Brig.  Gen.  Maitland's  (25th)  Ft., 
com.  renewed  at  Windsor;  not  after  1706  (Dalton's  A.L.,  v.  222). 

492-  Qeorge.  1704,  Oct.  24,  2nd  Lt,  Col.  Edward  Fox's  Marines, 
1707,  May  30,  Brig.  Borr's  Marines.  1713,  ist  Lt.,  h.p.  reg.  disbanded. 
1 7 15,  Mar,  25,  Capt.  Lt.,  32nd  Ft.,  reg.  reformed.  1726,  Apr.  25,  granted 
three  months  leave  of  absence.  1731,  Sep.  15,  Capt.  1745-51.  ret. 
(Dalton's  A.L.,  v.  149,  151  ;  List  of  Half  Pay  Offs.  in  1714,  p.  44;  MS., 
A.L.,  1730,  p.  45,  1736,  p.  7,  17423.  P-  92.  »745.  P-  no,  P.R.O.  ;  Col. 
Swiney's  ^znd  Ft.). 

493-  George.  1709,  Dec.  20,  Ens.,  ist  (Sir  James  Wood's)  Ft.  17 10, 
Oct.  31,  Lt.  1732,  May  23,  Lt.  1738,  Dec.  15,  succeeded  by  Sir  John 
Abercrombie  (MS.  A.L.,  1736,  p.  31,  1745,  p.  48,  P.R.O,).  1737,  May  16, 
made  an  honorary  burgess  of  Old  Aberdeen  (Munro's  Old  Aberdeen,  \.  284). 

494-  George.  1 717,  Mar.  13,  Ens.,  Purcell's  Ft.  i73i,Jun.  17,  Lt., 
26th  (Anstruther's)  Ft,  {MS.  A.L.,  171 7-8,  1736,  p.  40,  P.R.O,);  death  re- 
corded, but  no  date,  in  MS.  note. 

495-  George,  1736  Aug,  3,  Ens,,  ist  Ft.  1741,  Jan.  24,  1st  Lt,  45th 
(Houghton's)  Ft,  1744,  Aug.  (or  earlier),  Lt,  Lord  Stair's  (6th)  Dgns. 
Probably  the  Lt.  Gordon,  "  Rothe's "  [sic]  Dgns.,  k.  1747,  Jul.  2,  at  the 
battle  near  Kesselt,  now  known  as  battle  of  Laeffelt  or  Val  near  Maastricht, 
in  which  the  French  (125,000),  under  Marshal  Saxe  defeated  the  Allies 
(90,000),  under  the  Duke  of  Cumberland  {G.M.,  1747,  p.  259),  Lord  Stair, 
Col.  6th  Dgns.,  1743,  Apr.  25 — 1745.  May  29,  was  succeeded  by  John,  Earl 
of  Rothes. 


496-  George.  1738,  May  12,  Surg.  (2nd)  Mate  K.I\.,  "Berwick". 
1740,  May  12,  I  St  Mate;  Sep.  10,  ist  Mate,  "Salisbury".  1744,  Jul.  25, 
Surg.,  "Wolf"  sloop.  1745,  Mar.  22,  "Princess  Louisa";  May  15, 
"  Pearle  ".  1746,  Mar.  25,  "  Advice  ".  1760,  Jan.  i,  h.p. ;  May  17  "  Duke  " 
(not  qualified)  (Adni.  Offs.  appt.  by  N.  Board,  Half  Pay  Lists,  P.R.O.). 

497-  George.  1739,  Jan.  26,2nd  Lt.,  Col.  Lowther's  Marines  (3/S. 
A.L.,  1745,  p.  187,  P.R.O.). 

498.  George.  1739,  Nov.  22,  Adj.,  Col.  Moreton's  Marines.  1740, 
Jan.  26,  2nd  Lt.  1 741,  Apr.  25,  ist  Lt.,  Col.  Cotterell's  Marines.  1747, 
May  25,  ist  Lt.,  Capt.  John  Fletcher's  Independent  Coy.,  Col.  Powlett's  6th 
Marines.  1748,  Aug.  16,  Capt.  Lt.  Took  part  in  the  expedition  to  the  E. 
Indies  under  Adm.  Boscawen,  who  promoted  him  Capt.,  1749,  Jun.  30, 
of  one  of  twelve  Independent  Coys.,  known  as  "Gordon's  Independent  Com- 
pany" ;  h.p.,  at  the  reduction  {MS.  A.L.,  1742,  pp.  144,  152,  215,  1745,  p. 
190,  P.R.O.). 

499-  George.  1747,  Nov.  ;  Capt.,  merchant  and  planter  in  Maryland, 
(i.  before  this  date,  when  his  sister  Mrs.  Janet  G.  was  living  in  Edinburgh, 
previously  lived  for  many  years  in  Aberdeen. 

Son  of  Rev.  Charles,  Minister  of  Ashkirk,  Roxburghsh.,  who  was  the 
brother  of  Alexander  and  of  John,  Provosts  of  Aberdeen  {Aberdeen  Propinquity 
Reg.;  Book  of  Btichan,  197).     He  may  have  been  in  the  mercantile  marine. 

600-  George.  R.N.,  d.  1758,  in  E.  Indies  (Wimberley's  Gordons  of 
Craig,  37). 

Younger  son  of  John,  of  Craig,  and  Anne,  dau.  of  Patrick  Reid,  of  Haugh- 
ton  {Harperfield  Tables ;  Wimberley's  Gordons  of  Craig,  37).  Brother 
of  Francis,  441- 

501-  George.  1759,  Ab.,  R.N.,  "  Portmahon,  later  Mid.,  and  Master's 
Mate;  afterwards  Mid.,  "Hunter"  cutter.  1765,  Nov.  13,  passed  as  Lt., 
aged  25  {Adm.  N.  Board,  Lts.  Passing  Certif.,  P.R.O.). 

502-  Lord  George.  1759,  Oct.  13,  Ens.,  89th  Ft.,  aged  8  {A.L.,  1760- 
3).  Entered  R.N.,  served  as  Mid.,  American  Station.  177-',  Jun.  15,  4th 
Lt.  "Modeste";  Oct.  16,  paid  off;  Oct.  17,  h.p.  1776,  Nov.  27,  "  Bedford  "  ; 
"  never  appeared  "  {Adm.  Muster  Bk. ;  Half  Pay  Lists,  P.R.O.). 

Third  soa  of  Cosmo,  3rd  Duke  of  Gordon,  bap.  1752,  Jan.  27;  became 
notorious  as  the  Anti-Catholic  Rioter;  d.  unm.  in  Newgate,  1793,  ^ov. 
I.     Brother  of  Duke  Alexander,  164)  and  Lord  William,  1401- 

503-  George.  1760,  Apr.  15,  Qr.  Mr.,  78th  Ft.  1763,  erased  in  MS. 
in  P.R.O. ;   W.O.  A.L.  {A.L.,  1761-3). 

504.     George.     1769,  Mar.  2,  Ens.,  H.E.I.C.S.  (Bombay),  N.I.     1770, 


Aug.  21,  Lt.  1773-1777,  Jul-,  Asst.  (jr.  Mr.,  Sepoy  Inf.,  ist  Batn. ;  Jul.  11, 
Capt.  1778,  at  Tannah  ;  d.  early  in  1779  {MS.  Lists  of  Off s.,  Bombay).  By 
will  of  1778,  Nov.  II,  proved  at  Bombay,  1779,  Feb.  8,  he  appointed  Stephen 
Iveson  of  Bombay,  Daniel  Seton  of  Surat  and  his  wife  Mary,  executors,  gave 
his  estate  equally  to  his  son  George,  possibly  622,  and  his  other  child,  except 
his  house  in  Bombay,  previously  settled  upon  his  wile,  on  which  there  was  a 
charge  of  Rs,  1000  to  former  owner  (/.O.  Rec  ). 

Brother  of  Patrick,  of  Aberlour.  A  George  Gordon  m.  1775,  May  25,  at 
Bombay,  Mary  Cavier. 

605.  George.  1770,  Jan.  12,  Ens.,  65th  Ft.  1775,  Aug.  2,  Lt.  1776, 
Oct.  12 — 1779,  Qr.  Mr.  1778,  Dec.  16,  Capt.  Lt. ;  Dec.  25,  Capt.  1785, 
Oct.  I,  Capt.  98th  Ft.  {L.G.,  446).  1786,  h.p.  1795,  Jul.  4,  2nd  W.L  Reg.; 
Aug.  I,  Bt.  Maj.  {ibid.,  691,  791  ;  A.L.,  1770-97  ;  Maj.  Raikes  Roll  of  Offs. 
6sth  Ft.,  72;   W.O.  Notifications,  P.R.O.). 

Eldest  son  of  Alexander,  merchant,  Boston,  Mass.,  and  Jean  Mackay  {d. 
1789,  Jun.  29  in  Edinburgh);  bap.  1755,  Aug.  6,  at  Boston;  w.  Anne,  and 
had  George  St.  Leger,  595,  and  Mary,  w.  William  Matchett-Gordon,  1606 ; 
(5. A/.,  vol.  14,  p.  255;  G.iV.,  vol.  94,  pt.  2,  p.  80).  Gordon  d.  in  the  \V. 
Indies,  1796,  Sep.  23.  His  widow  who  received  pension  of  ;f26  and  her  dau. 
£20,  d.  1823,  Nov.  23,  at  Bath  {W.O.,  Applns.  Compass.  Fund,  Wid.  Pensions, 
Compass.  Reg.,  181 3,  P.R.O.^.  Brother  of  Alexander,  175,  and  Hugh  Mackay, 
672;  had  one  sister,  Annabella  {House  of  Gordon,  i.  (115);  Bulloch's  Name 
of  Gordon,  15). 

506.  George.  1770,  Capt.,  H.E.LC.S.  (Bengal),  d.  intest. ;  Jul.  24, 
effects  sold  by  public  outcry;  Sep.  11,  inventory  and  account  registered 
(7.0.  Rec). 

506a.  George.  1777,  Nov.  i,  Surg.,  Chatham  Division  of  Marines, 
f.p.,  d.  His  widow,  Jane,  received  pension  of  £\6  from  Nov.  2,  until  1790-1, 

when  she  presumably  d.  or  m.  {W.O.,  Wid.  Pensions,  P.R.O.). 

607.  George.  1778,  Jan.  15,  Ens.,  78th  (afterwards  72nd)  Ft.  1780, 
Sep.  15,  Lt.  1787,  May  17,  tried  at  Inverness  Circuit  Court  for  having  shot 
and  wounded  Kenneth  McLeod,  town-officer,  Dornoch  ;  shown  to  be  insane, 
he  was  handed  over  to  his  relatives  {Abd.  Jour.) ;  this  applies  equally  to 
608.  1788,  Apr.,  served  on  the  Coromandel  Coast  {A.L.,  1779-91  ;  List  of 
H.M.  and  H.E.LC.S.  United  Offs.).     1792,  d.  (M.S.  note,  W.O.A.L.,  P.R.O.). 

608.  George.  1778,  Jan.  26,  Lt,  78th  (alterwards  72nd)  Ft.  {L.G., 
Jun.  6).  1788,  Apr.,  serving  on  the  Coromandel  Coast  {List  of  H.M.  & 
H.E.LC.S.  United  Offs.).      1790,  exchanged  to  h.p.,   looth  F^t,  (1779-1822). 

Third  son  of  Charles,  of  Pulrossie,  302 ;  lived  at  the  farm  of  Skelpig  and 


at  Spenidle,  Sutherland  ;  d.  1821,  Feb.  14,  at  Aberdeen,  aged  56,  hur.  in  St. 
Nicholas  Churchyard  {Tombstone).  His  widow,  Mrs.  Fanny  Gordon,  informed 
by  W.O.  letter.  May  10,  addressed  to  Mr.  Smith,  Advocate,  Aberdeen,  and 
in  a  second  to  herself,  Aug.  2,  that  she  was  not  entitled  to  a  pension,  owing 
to  Gordon's  exchange  to  h.p.,  receiving  the  difference  (IF.O.,  Letters,  Compass. 
Fund,  P.R.O.).  His  son,  Charles,  337,  served  his  heir,  1826,  Dec.  16;  his 
dau.  Isabella,  1835,  Oct.  i. 

509-  George.  1778,  Jun.  6,  Lt.,  73rd  Ft.  (Lord  Macleod's  Highland 
Reg.)(L.G.;  S.M.,  vol.  40,  p.  334).  1779,  Lt.,  69th  Ft.  {L.G.).  1781,  d. 
(A.L.,  1779-81  ;   W.O.,  Notifications,  P.R.O.). 

510-  George,  Lord  Haddo.  1778,  Sep.  26,  Capt.,  N.  Fencibles,  not 
after  1782,  Jan.  25  (L.G.). 

Eldest  son  of  George,  3rd  Earl  of  Aberdeen  ;  /;.  1764,  Jan.  28  ;  m. 
1782,  Jun.  18,  Charlotte  (d.  1793,  Oct.  8),  yst.  dau.  of  William  Baird  of 
Newbyth,  and  had  six  sons,  George  4th  Earl,  541,  Hon.  Sir  Alexander,  196, 
Hon.  Sir  Charles,  323,  Hon.  John,  961,  and  Hon.  William,  1797,  Rt.  Hon. 
Sir  Robert,  and  a  dau.     Lord  Haddo  d.  v.p.  1791,  Oct.  2. 

511.  George.  1779,  Jan.  12,  Lt,  H.E.LC.S.  (Bombay),  served  under 
Lt.  Col.  Cockburn,  first  Mahratta  war;  in  list  of  wounded,  Baragaum  Camp 
(G.  W.  Forrest's  Selections  from  State  Papers,  i,  362). 

512-  George.  1779,  Jun.  10,  Ens.,  N.  Fencibles  (L.G.).  1780,  May 
27,  Cornet,  ist  Dgns.  (ibid.).  1787,  May  19,  granted  six  months  leave  of 
absence  on  private  affairs.  1789,  Nov.  21,  Lt.,  nth  Lt.  Dgns.  {L.G.,  725). 
1793,  Feb.  12,  Capt.  Lt.  and  Capt.  {ibid.,  119);  Feb.  23,  writes  from  the 
Duke  of  Gordon's  house  in  St.  James's  Sq.,  "  I  am  appointed  A.D.C.  to  Gen. 
Grant.  There  is  a  report  our  regiment  is  to  go  abroad  soon,  and  I  sincerely 
wish  it  may  be  true,"  .  .  .  wishes  to  be  remembered  "to  all  friends  in 
Fochabers"  (Gordon  Castle  Papers).  1795,  Apr.  4,  Maj.  (L.G.,  294).  1798, 
Mar.  20 — 1804-5,  Lt.  Col.,  29th  Lt.  Dgns.  (ibid.,  237),  served  in  India  from 
1799  or  earlier  to  1802,  when  he  sailed  from  Calcutta  for  Europe  with  his 
wife,  son  and  dau.  {A.L.,  1 780-1804). 

Son  of  the  4th  Duke  of  Gordon;  w.  before  1799,  Jane  Ross,  and  had 
Frederick  John,  bap.  1799,  Apr.  4,  at  St.  Mary's  Ch.,  Madras,  George 
Alexander,  562,  Charles,  335,  James,  764,  Robert,  1242,  William,  1453,  and 
certainly  three  daus. — Georgina,  d.  1820,  Feb.  16,  at  Leitcheston  ;  Jane 
Charlotte,  b.  1801,  Sep.  27,  bap.  1802,  Jan.  8,  at  Calcutta,  t)i.  1834,  Alexander 
Hutchinson,  W.S.  (son.  of  Capt.  John  Hutchinson,  Comdr.  Irish  Revenue 
cutter  "  Nepean  "),  d.  before  1851  ;  and  Frances,  alive  and  unm.  in  1851. 
Gordon  resided  for  many  years  at  Leitcheston,  certainly  from  or  before  1807, 


until  about  1823,  when  he  went  to  live  at  Glentromie,  or  Invertromie  Lodge, 
Badenoch,  Inverness-shire,  where  he  d.  "  Mrs.  Colonel  Gordon  "  is  the  name 
of  a  tune  by  William  Marshall,  1748-1833,  the  famous  composer,  after  his 
wife.  She  was  alive  in  1841  (J.  M.  Bulloch  in  S.N.  &  Q.,  1905,  Oct.  and 
The  Gay  Gordons,  p.  253  ;    Hist,  of  the  W.S.). 

513-  Qeorge.  1780,  May  (or  earlier),  ist  Lt.,  Donoughmore  Vols. 
[Newry  Chronicle,  May  8). 

Probably  second  son  of  Samuel,  III.  of  Sheepbridge,  near  Newry,  who 
got  part  of  Sheepbridge  conveyed  to  him,  1779,  Sep.  17,  by  an  uncle,  John, 
in  Virginia. 

514-  George.  1780,  Captain's  servant,  R.N.  "Duke,"  later  Ab.  and 
Mid.;  afterwards  Mid.,  '*  Barbadoes,"  and  "  Glorieux,"  Ab.,  and  Mid.,  "As- 
sistance," Master's  Mate,  "  Racehorse  ".  1787,  Nov.  21,  passed  as  Lt.,  aged 
21  {Adm.  N.  Board,  Lis.  Passing  Certif.,  P.R.O.).  1793,  Jun.,  Lt.  (act.) 
"Zebra";  Aug,  5,  Lt. ;  Nov.  24,  h.p.  1795,  May  4,  Lt.,  "Assistance"; 
Sep.  26,  "  Amphion  ".  1796,  Apr.  21,  h.p.  {Adm.  Muster  Bks.,  Half  Pay 
Lists,  P.R.O,), 

Son  of  Hon.  John,  880".  ^-  1769,  Apr,  9  ;  d.  unm.  1799,  Aug.  23. 

615-  George.  1 781,  Cadet,  H.E.I. C.S.  (Bombay).  1782,  Nov.  21,  2nd 
Lt.,  N.I.  1784,  serving  at  Tannah.  1785,  Jan. — 1787,  in  Bombay.  1788, 
Sep.  6,  Lt. ;  Dec,  Garrison  Qr.  Mr.  at  Tellicherry  {MS.  A.L.,  Bombay,  I.O.). 

Second  son  of  James  of  Croughly  ;  b.  1765-6;  ;;/.  1806,  Mar.  6,  Jane 
Emslie  {d.  1867)  and  had  four  sons,  three  being  Charles  Forbes,  357.  George 
James,  586,  and  John  Glenny,  1043  After  leaving  H.E.I.C.S.,  Gordon 
entered  the  firm  of  F'orbes  &  Co.,  Bombay;  d.  1824  {Croughly  Book,  73). 
Brother  of  Charles,  318  ".  James,  755  ;  Robert,  1215 ;  and  William  Ale.xander, 

616.  George.  1783,  Cadet,  H.E  I.C.S.  (Bengal).  1785,  May  2,  2nd 
Lt.,  N.I.  1786,  Sep.  20,  </.,  bur.  Sep.  21  at  Fort  William  (Dodwell  and 
Miles'  I.A.L.  ;  I.O.  Rec). 

517-  George.  1787,  Sep.  26,  Ens.,  42nd  Ft.  (L.G.,  448).  1788,  Jan. 
20,  cancelled  {W.O.,  Succession  Bk.,  42nd  Ft.,  P.R.O.). 

518.  George,  9th  Marquis  of  Huntly.  1777,  Sep.  2,  Ens.,  ist  Ft. 
Gds.  ;  Dec.  26,  Capt.,  8 ist  Ft.  1780,  A.D.C.,  to  the  Earl  of  Carlisle,  Ld.  Lt. 
of  Ireland.  1782,  Aug.  20,  2nd  Ft.  1783,  Mar.  12,  Maj.  Comdt.,  Independ- 
ent Coy.  of  Ft.  1784,  reduced.  1789,  Apr.  9,  Lt.  Col.,  35th  P't.  {L.G.,  270) ; 
Jun.  15,  exchanged  with  Lt.  Col.  Lennox  (after^va^ds  Duke  of  Richmond), 
Coldstream  Gds.  1792,  ret.  {A.L.,  1777-93).  ^98.  May  23,  Col.,  Aber- 
deensh.   Mil.  {L.G.,  333;   AJ^.,  Mil.  and  Yea.  Cav.,  1825,  p.  81  ;    Innes's 


Aherdeensh.  Mil.,  p.  12,  17).     1830,  Jul.  20,  A.D.C.,  Militia  Service  {L.G., 


Elder  son  of  4th  Earl  of  Aboyne  ;  h.  1761,  Jun.  28,  at  Edinburgh  ;  styled 
Lord  Strathavon  until  he  succeeded  as  Earl  of  Aboyne,  1794;  succeeded  to 
the  Marquisate  of  Huntly,  1836,  May  28,  on  the  death  of  his  kinsman, 
George,  5th  Duke  of  Gordon,  519  ;  w.  1791,  Apr.  4,  at  Stepney  Ch.,  Catherine 
Anne,  second  dau.  and  co-heir  of  Sir  Charles  Cope  (1743-81),  bart.,  of  Brewerne 
and  Orton  Longueville,  Huntingdonsh.,  and  had  with  other  children  Lord 
Cecil  James,  1568,  Lord  Francis  Arthur,  450,  Lord  Henry,  634,  Lord  John 
Frederick,  1032-  Lady  Aboyne  d.  1832,  Nov.  16,  at  Oak  Bank,  near  Seven- 
oaks,  Kent;  the  Marquis  d.  1853,  Jun.  17,  at  24  Chapel  Street,  Grosvenor 
Place,  London  (Bulloch's  Earls  of  Aboyne,  27-32). 

519-  Georgia,  5th  Duke.  1790,  Sep.  4,  Ens.,  35th  Ft.  {L.G.,  549); 
Oct.  13,  got  a  Letter  of  Service  to  raise  an  Independent  Company  for  the 
Black  Watch,  which  he  did  at  a  cost  of  £1054;  the  company  marched  from 
Aberdeen  in  Dec.  (fully  described  by  J.  M.  Bulloch  in  Banffshire  Herald,  1908, 
Jul.  II,  18).  1791,  Jan.  28,  Capt.,  42nd  Ft.  (L.G.,  64).  1794,  Feb.  10,  Lt. 
Col.,  looth  afterwards  92nd  Ft.  (Gordon  Highlrs.),  raised  on  his  behalf  by  his 
father  and  mother  (Cannon's  Ninety  Second  Reg.  ;  Greenhill  Gardyne's  Life 
of  a  Regiment).  1796,  May  3,  Col.  92nd  Ft.  1799,  Oct.,  severely  wounded 
in  the  shoulder  at  Bergen-op-Zoom  ;  Mrs.  Grant  of  Laggan  wrote  her 
famous  song  "  Hieland  laddie  "  song  in  reference  to  his  going  on  this  luckless 
expedition.  1806,  Col.,  42nd  Ft.  1820,  ist  Ft.  1834,  Dec.  12,  3rd  Ft. 
Gds.  {A.L.,  1791-1836). 

Elder  son  of  Alexander,  4th  Duke,  164,  and  his  wife  Jane  Maxwell ;  m. 
1813,  Dec.  II,  Elizabeth  (rf.  1864,  Jan.  31),  dau.  of  Alexander  Brodie,  of  Arnhall, 
and  d.  s.  p.  1836,  May  28,  when  the  dukedom  became  extinct.  Portrait,  as 
Black  Watch  Officer,  by  Kaye  1791,  and  Andrew  Robertson  1806;  statue  in 
granite  in  Aberdeen  ;  accounts  of  his  career  by  J.  M.  Bulloch  in  The  Book  of 
Mason  Craft,  1896;  Bon-Accord,  1901,  Dec.  19;  Aberdeen  Free  Press,  1904, 
Aug.  13. 

520-  George.  1792,  Conductor,  H.E.LC.S.  (Bengal)  Ordnance  Dept., 
at  Chunar  Churr  [Bengal  Cal.,  E.I.  Reg.,  57). 

521.  George.  1792,  Oct.  27,  Capt.,  Loyal  Inverness  Fenc.  Inf.;  not 
after  1797  {L.G.,  1105  ;  List  of  Offs.,  Mil.,  Fenc.  Cav.  &  Inf.,  Irish  Estab- 
lishment). The  Regiment  was  actively  employed  during  rebellion  in  Ireland, 
after  which  in  compliment  to  their  good  behaviour,  it  was  renamed  the  "  Duke 
of  York's  Roy.  Inverness-sh.  Highlrs."  (Ross's  Scottish  Colours,  p.  123). 

522.  George.     1793,  Cadet,  H.E.LC.S.  (Bombay).      1795,  ^^^'  2,  Lt., 



6th  N.I.  1796,  Jan.  7,  Bt,  Capt.,  local  rank  E.  Indies.  1796,  Feb.  3,  dis- 
missed the  service  by  sentence  of  Court  Martial  (MS.  A.L.;  Oriental  Reg 
1800,  p.  210). 

B.  about  1778,  May,  at  Bombay;  living  at  Chertsey,  Surrey,  1794,  Feb. 
when  nominated  for  H.E.I.C.S. ;  d.  1799,  May  15,  on  his  passage  to  England 
{I.O.  Rec).  Possibly  son  of  George,  504 ".  a  Grace  Gordon  bur.  1790,  Jul. 
28,  at  Chertsey  {Burial  Reg.). 

523-  Qeorge.  1794,  Qr.  Mr.  Serg.,  92nd  Ft.,  aged  25.  1799,  serving 
in  Holland,  severely  wounded.  1802,  Corporal,  Roy.  Invalids,  in  Guernsey. 
1804,  78th  Ft.  1805,  Jun.  13,  Ens.,  4th  W.I.  Reg.  1806,  Mar.  5,  Lt.,  8th 
W.I.  Reg.  1813,  Mar.  31,  Capt.  1827,  Apr.  18,  h.p.,  on  reduction.  1828, 
described  himself  "  unfit  to  serve  except  in  garrison  owing  to  wounds  re- 
ceived in  the  service  "  (ly.O.,  O^s.  Services,  1828,  P.R.O. ;  A.L.,  1806-32). 
Native  of  the  Cabrach  ;  ;«.  1801,  Nov.  26,  at  St.  Peter  Port,  Guernsey, 
Isabella,  dau.  of  Ens.  John  Brown,  Invalids,  and  had  a  dau.  b.  1821,  Feb.  8, 
bap.  at  Milltoun  of  Cabrach  ;  1817-28,  living  in  Cabrach.  A  George  Gordon, 
b.  1818,  May  12,  in  Milltoun  of  Cabrach  was  presumably  his  son  as  the 
mother's  name  was  Elizabeth  Brown.  Gordon,  who  resided  latterly  at  East 
North  St.,  Aberdeen,  d.  1831,  Jan.  18,  aged  49  [?],  bur.  Jan.  22  {St.  Andrew's 
Epis.  Chapel  Reg.  ;  Old  Machar  Reg.).  His  widow  rf.  Jun.  20,  following,  bur. 
Jun  23  {ibid.) ;  pension  (£"12)  which  she  would  have  received,  granted  to  her 
dau.  Amelia  through  her  guardian,  John  Cadwallader ;  she  d.  1833,  Nov. 
{W.O.  Certificates,  Wid.  Warrants  and  Journal,  Compass.  Fund  Letters). 
524.  George.  1795,  O^*-  27,  Lt.,  N.  Lowland  F'enc.  Inf.  {L.G.,  1104). 
1796,  Dec.  I,  Capt.  {List  of  Offs.  Mil.  Fenc.  Cav.  and  Inf.,  Irish  Establish- 
ment, 1797-1800).  1804,  Aug.  17,  Adj.,  Caithness  Vols.,  ist  (Western) 
Batn.  {L.G.,  1547). 

Seventh  son  of  Robert,  of  Achness ;  b.  1776,  Feb.  10  ;  m.  Isabella  {d.  187 1, 

Dec.  5,  at  Highlands,  Downpatrick,  aged  84),  dau.  of Halliday,  of  Down- 

patrick,  and  had  sixteen  children  (all  unm.) ;  settled  at  Downpatrick ;  became 
agent  to  Col.  Matthew  Forde,  of  Seaforde  {d.  1837,  Aug.  5)  "  who  entertained 
the  highest  regard  and  respect  for  him  " ;  one  son,  Matthew  P'orde  {d. 
1854,  Oct.  31,  aged  22),  recommended  1841,  Jun.  23,  by  Lady  Harriet  Forde, 
as  a  cadet,  Roy.  MiL  Academy  ;  J. P.,  Co.  Down  ;  1829,  1836,  1837,  Secy,  to 
the  Grand  Jury,  distributor  of  stamps  for  the  county  ;  upon  the  accession  of 
Queen  Victoria  and  a  Liberal  Govt.,  1837,  removed  with  others  from  the 
magistracy  ;  d.  1837,  Aug.,  shortly  after  Col.  F'orde,  his  son  Robert  succeeding 
to  the  agency  of  the  Forde  property,  and  as  Secy,  to  the  Grand  Jury ;  owned 
Highlands,    Downpatrick,  where  he   d.  unm.^    1899,   Apr.    27,   leaving  this 


property  to  Jean  Gordon  MacGillivray,  grand-dau.  of  Capt.  Gordon's  sister 
Jean,  who  m.  Rev.  Duncan  MacGillivray,  min.  of  Lairg  (Information  from  Miss 
MacGillivray;  J.  M.  Bulloch  in  Ross-shire  journal,  1909,  Jun.  4).  Brother 
of  Alexander,  185,  John  P.,  1055,  Robert^  of  Invercarron,  1207,  and  William, 
4108,  and  half-brother  of  Rupert  Daniel,  1282-     Possibly,  532- 

525-  George.  1797,  Feb.  21,  2nd  Lt.,  Fraserburgh  Vols.  {L.G.,  172). 
1801,  Oct.  20,  ist  Lt.  (ibid.,  1266). 

526«  George.  1797,  Jun.  6,  ist  Lt.,  Strathnaver  Vols.  (L.G.,  513). 
1798,  res.  (ibid.,  11 53). 

627.  George.  1799,  Lt.,  Aberdeensh.  Mil.,  formerly  H.E.LC.S.,  recom- 
mended for  a  Captaincy  in  Gordon  Fencibles  (Gordon  Castle  Papers) ;  Aug. 
19,  Capt.  Aberdeensh.  Mil.  (Abd.  jfour.). 

527a.  George.  1801,  Aug.  13,  Ens.,  45th  P't.  1802,  Dec.  17,  super- 
seded (W.O.  A.L.,  1801-2,  P.R.O.). 

528-  George.  1803,  Jun.  27,  ist.  Maj.,  Aberdeensh.  Mil.  {L.G.,  808). 
1807,  May  6,  res.  (ibid.,  713 ;  List  of  Offs.  Mil.  and  Vols.,  1807,  p.  t). 

529.  George.  1803,  Jul.  i,  entered  R.N.  as  Vol.,  ist  Class,  "  Northum- 
berland," W.  Indies,  afterwards  Mid.  1805,  Aug.-Sep.,  Mid.,  "  Circe " ; 
Sep. -Nov.,  "  Hyasna,"  passage  from  W.  Indies;  Nov.  27,  Supy.,  "Salvador 
del  Mundo,"  Plymouth.  1806,  Jan.,  Mid.  and  Master's  Mate,  "St.  George," 
Channel.  1809,  May-Aug.,  Supy.  Mate,  "  Raccoon,"  passage  to  W.  Indies ; 
Aug.-Sep.  12,  Master's  Mate,  "Pompee";  Sep.  13,  Lt.  (act.)  "  Demerary  ". 
1810,  Aug.,  "  Pelorus  "  ;  Nov.  26,  Lt.,  "Castor".  1812,  May  11,  "  Scipion," 
Mediterranean.  1813,  Feb.,  invalided ;  Jun.  4,  "  Salvador  del  Mundo," 
Plymouth.  1814,  Oct.  19,  "Impregnable";  Oct.  31,  Flag  Lt.  1815,  Jan. 
2,  Comdr,  for  rank;  Jan.  8,  discharged;  Jan,  9,  h.p.  (Adm.  Offs.  Services, 
P.R.O.).  John  Marshall  (Nav.  Biog.,  iv.  pt.  i,  p.  341 ;  Nav.  Chronicle,  vol. 
17,  p.  319)  says  he  "  served  as  Mid.  on  the  "  Blanche  "  frigate,  being  wrecked 
and  taken  prisoner  near  Ushant,  in  the  night  of  1807,  Mar.  4;  on  this  occa- 
sion about  45  seamen  and  marines  perished,  one-third  through  drunkenness  ". 

Son  of  James,  of  Littlefolla ;  m.  1815,  Dec.  22,  at  Edinburgh,  Anne 
Gordon,  Hanover  Street  (Abd.  Jour.,  1816,  Jan.  3;  S.M.,  vol.  78,  p.  80); 
and  had  Alexander,  d.  Greenhaugh,  1829,  Sep.  15  (Abd.  Jour);  farmed 
Greenhaugh,  Drumblade  ;  d.  1840  (N.L).  Brother  of  Adam,  107,  James 
Alexander,  784,  James  Edward,  791,  Peter,  1155,  and  Robert  1236  (Huntly 
Express,  1908,  Dec.  11,  18). 

530.  George.     1803,  Aug.  14,  Lt.,  Aberdeensh.  Vols.  (L.G.,  1106). 
530a.     George.     1803,    Oct.  22,    Capt.,  City    Guard,   d.  at    Edinburgh 

(G.M.,  vol.  73,  p.  990). 


531-  George.  1803,  Sep.  10,  ist  Lt.,  Fraserburgh  Vols.  {L.G.,  1177). 
1805,  Oct.  9,  presented  with  a  sword  inscribed  with  the  Company's  esteem, 
"  as  they  have  now  to  regret  the  loss  of  an  officer  of  great  merit,  he  having 
been  obliged  to  go  abroad  on  unavoidable  business"  {Abd.  jfoiir.,  1806,  Jan. 
22;  L.G.,  239). 

532.  Qeorge.  1803,  Nov.  6,  Capt.,  Downpatrick  Vol.  Inf.  (List,  of 
Offs.  Mil.  Yeo.  Cav.  and  Vol.  Inf.,  1825,  p.  281,  P.R.O.).     Possibly  524- 

533-  George.  1803,  Nov.  24,  Capt.,  Cruden  (Aberdeensh.)  Vols.  {L.G., 
1623  ;  List  of  Offs.  Mil.  and  Vols.,  1807,  p.  4,  P.R.O.). 

534-  Rev.  George.  1803,  Dec.  10,  Chaplain,  Fort  George,  Inverness, 
salary  £"105  5s.  {L.G.,  1726  ;  A.L.,  1804-11) ;  Dec.  24,  Chaplain,  ist  Aberdeen 
Vols.  {L.G.,  1800;  List  of  Offs.  Mil.  and  Vols.,  1807,  p.  2,  P.R.O.). 

Native  of  Strathbogie,  b.  1752;  M.A.,  King's  Coll.,  Aberdeen,  1770; 
minister  of  Mortlach,  1780-93;  D.D.,  1795;  second  charge,  Aberdeen,  1793- 
181 1  ;  m.  1786,  Sep.  12,  Margaret  Copland,  Aberdeen,  and  had  Alexander, 
202,  George,  540,  John,  969,  Isabella,  b.  1794,  Mar.  28,  William,  James, 
Mary,  Adam,  Margaret,  Helen  and  Robert  Abercrombie;  d.  181 1,  Dec.  5. 
Mrs.  Gordon  received  pension  and  the  daus.  and  two  youngest  sons  £"10  each 
on  recommendation  of  the  Marquis  of  Huntly  {W.O.  Wid.  Pensions,  Applns. 
Compass.    Fund,    P.R.O. ;    Scott's  Fasti,    iii.  468;    Huntly  Express,    1907, 

Jul.  5). 

535-  George.  1804,  Apr.  3,  Ens.,  ist  Aberdeen  Vols.  {L.G.,  393). 
1805,  Aug.  14,  Lt.  {List  of  Offs.  Mil.  and  Vols.,  1807,  p.  2). 

536-  George.  1804,  Apr.  28,  Ens.,  Aberdeensh.  Mil.  (L.G.,  522). 
1815,  Jan.  II,  Lt.  1831,  Nov.  20,  Capt.  {List  of  Offs.  Mil.,  1817,  p.  79; 
A.L.,  Mil.  and  Yeo.  Cav.,  1850,  p.  126,  P.R.O.).     J. P.  and  D.L. 

537-  George.  1805,  Dec.  24,  Qr,  Mr.,  69th  Ft.,  from  Serg.  Maj.,  pre- 
viously in  the  ranks  {L.G.,  1596).  1811,  Feb.  16,  Ens.;  Dec.  3,  Lt.  {ibid., 
293,  231 1).  1813,  Aug.  26,  Adj.  {ibid.,  1726).  1814,  Mar.  8,  k.  in  action  at 
the  attack  on  Bergen-op-Zoom  {A.L.,  1806-15  !  ^^^S-  d^^^^f^sed  Offs.,  P.R.O,). 

M.,  secondly,  181 2,  Aug.  29,  at  Prestonpans,  Jane,  dau.  of  RoLert 
Paterson  of  Gifford  (his  first  wife  d.  1810,  Jun.  gat  Lincoln  where  the  reg. 
was  quartered  {G.M.,  vol.  5,  p.  672))  and  had  Catherine  Jane,  bap.  1813,  Sep. 
26,  at  Woodbridge.  Mrs.  Gordon  received  a  year's  pay  (Adj.)  £"206  i6s.  8d. 
and  pension  of  £^40;  d.  1855,  Aug.  21,  at  Prestonpans;  the  dau.  received  a 
third  of  a  year's  pay  and  placed  on  Compassionate  List  in  181 5  at  £12 
{W.O.  Certificates,  Wid.  Compass,  and  Bounty  Warrants,  Abstract  Com- 
pass. List  Applns.  and  Remittance  Bk.,  P.R.O.). 

538.    George.     1807,  Cadet,  H.E.I.C.S.  (Bengal).     i8o8,  Sep.  »i,  Ens., 


2ist  N.I.     1814,   Dec.   16,  Lt.     1823,  Feb.  11,  d.  at  Chunar,  where  he  was 
serving  as  Fort  Maj.  {E.I.  Reg.,  1808-24). 

Son  of  WiUiam,  at  Spinningdale,  Creich,  Sutherlandsh.,  and  Janet 
Macintosh;  h.  there  1786,  May  19;  nominated  for  H.E.I.C.S.  by  F.  H. 
Inglis  on  recommendation  of  Sir  Hugh  Inghs,  bart.,  in  1807,  his  father  then 
dead.  By  will  dated  182 1,  Feb.  14,  at  Chunar,  left  estate  to  his  mother  or 
nearest  living  relative  {I.O.  Rec). 

539-  George.  1807,  Paymaster,  Tyrie  and  Strichen  (Aberdeensh.) 
Vols.  {List  of  Off s.  Mil.  and  Vols.,  1807,  p.  6). 

540-  George.  1808,  Feb.  16,  Asst.  Surg.,  H.E.I.C.S.  (Bombay).  18 10, 
serving  at  Broach,  and  the  Persian  Gulf;  Jul.  21,  2nd  N.I.,  2nd  Batn.  1817, 
Nov.  7,  ist  Nat.  Cav.  181 7-8,  served  with  6th  N.I.,  Deccan  war,  and  with 
Field  force  under  Lt.  Col.  Prother,  in  Southern  Concan,  sharing  in  Prize 
money  for  both  campaigns.  181 9,  Aug.  7,  Surg.,  ist  Nat.  Cav.  ;  granted 
furlough  to  Europe  on  s.c,  arriving  home  Dec.  31.  1822,  returned  to  duty. 
1823-8,  Marine  Dept.  and  Nat.  Gen.  Hosp.  1828,  Suptdg.  Surg.,  N.W. 
Div.,  Guzerat.  1830,  Nov.  13,  granted  furlough  to  Europe  on  s.c.  1832, 
May  4,  d.  at  Aberdeen  {E.I.  Reg.,  1808-32). 

Second  son  of  Rev.  George,  534;  b.  1786,  Aug.  i,  at  Mortlach  ;  hap. 
Aug.  7 ;  M.A.  Marischal  Coll.,  1805 ;  nominated  for  H.E.I.C.S.,  by  Richard 
Chichele  Plowden  on  the  recommendation  of  the  Duchess  of  Gordon.  By 
will,  made  in  Aberdeen,  proved  in  London  1832,  Oct.  18,  by  his  brother 
William,  Advocate,  and  in  Bombay,  1833,  J"^-  3i>  ^^  gave  £^300  each  to 
sisters  Isabella  McRobie,  Mary  and  Margaret,  and  residue  of  his  estate 
equally  to  his  brothers  Rev.  Maxwell  (min.  of  Foveran),  William,  Robert  and 
his  sisters  {I.O.  Rec. ;  S.N.  <S-  Q.,  i.  87;  pedigree  in  Huntly  Express,  1907, 

Jul.  5)- 

541-  George,  4th  Earl  of  Aberdeen.  1809,  Jan.  21,  Lt.  Col.  Comdt. 
3rd  Aberdeensh.  Mil.  {L.G.,  378);  res.  on  or  before  1811,  Mar.  i6{ibid.,  1812, 
p.  640). 

Son  of  George,  Lord  Haddo,  510;  b.  1784,  Jan.  28;  m.  (i)  1805,  Jul.  28, 
Catherine  Elizabeth  {d.  18 12,  Feb.  29),  eldest  surviving  dau.  of  John  James, 
ist  Marquis  of  Abercorn ;  m.  (2)  1815,  J"!'  ^>  Harriet,  dau.  of  Hon.  James 
Douglas,  relict  of  James,  Viscount  Hamilton,  and  had  with  other  children, 
Sir  Alexander  Hamilton,  225,  and  Sir  Arthur  Hamilton,  Lord  Stanmore  271 ; 
d.  i860,  Dec.  14.  Grandfather  of  Douglas  George  Hamilton,  411,  and  George 
William  Hamilton,  603. 

642.  George.  1809,  Jan.  21,  Lt,  Col.  3rd  Aberdeensh.  Mil.  {L.G.,  378). 
1811,  Mar.   16,  Lt.  Col.  Comdt.   vice  Earl  of  Aberdeen,   res.  {ibid.,   1812, 


p.  640)  ;  Jul.  15,  presented  with  a  large  silver  bowl  and  sword  of  honour  (now 
at  Esslemont)  by  the  reg.,  after  it  had  been  reviewed  at  Ellon,  by  Maj.  Gen. 
Durham,  who  referred  to  "  the  evident  attention  he  had  paid  to  the  drilling 
of  the  regiment "  (Abd.  jfour.,  Jul.  17). 

Eldest  son  of  Robert,  of  Hallhead  and  Lady  Henrietta  Gordon,  dau.  of 
2nd  Earl  of  Aberdeen ;  b.  1761,  May  19;  /«.  (i)  1790,  Jan.  17,  Anne  {d. 
1803)  dau.  of  William  Baird,  of  New  Byth  ;  m.  (3)  1807,  Feb.  22,  Henrietta 
Hope,  dau.  of  Hon.  Charles  Napier,  and  had  with  other  issue,  Charles 
Napier,  370;  George,  645;  Robert,  1233;  and  William,  1450-  Gordon  d. 
1823,  Sep.  27  (Temple's  Fermartyn,  516;  his  mother's  eccentric  marriage 
described  by  J.  M.  Bulloch  in  Huntly  Express^  1906,  Mar.  2).  Brother  of 
William,  1416. 

543-     George.     18(^9,  Jan.  ai,  Capt.,  3rd  Aberdeensh.  Mil.  {L.G.,  378). 

644-  Georjfe.  1809,  May  27,  Ens.,  92nd  Ft.,  previously  in  Ross-sh. 
Mil.  {L.G.,  739).  1813,  Feb.  25,  Lt.  (ibid.,  431) ;  Jul.  28,  or  Aug.  2,  severely 
wounded  at  the  battle  of  the  Pyrenees,  unfit  for  further  service.  1814,  Jul. 
26,  granted  pension  of  £70;  Dec.  24,  h.p.  (ibid.,  1815,  p.  1044);  f.p.  before 
181 7,  Mar.  24,  h.p.  by  reduction  {A.L.,  1809-32). 

Son  of  Rev.  John  (1750-1805),  minister  of  Alvie ;  6.  1788,  Oct.  6,  at 
Lynvously;  m.  1820,  Jul.  5,  at  Kingussie,  Grace,  dau.  of  William  Mitchell, 
farmer,  Gordonhall,  Kingussie,  and  had  John,  b.  1821,  Jun  29,  at  Inverdruie, 
bap.  Jul.  13,  at  Rothiemurchus ;  William  Mitchell,  b.  1823,  Apr.  16,  bap^ 
May  8,  at  Kerro  ;  and  Alexander,  b.  1827,  Sep.  4,  bap.  Oct.  8.  Gordon  was 
living  in  Inverness-sh.  and  Edinburgh,  1823-8;  d.  1830,  Jan.  22  at  P.din- 
burgh  of  fever  after  an  operation.  His  doctor  writing  after  his  death  stated 
he  had  "always  suiTered  severely  from  the  gunshot  wound  in  his  leg,  and  the 
pain  and  lameness  occasioned  by  it  rendered  him  unfit  ...  for  any  kind  of 
occupation  .  .  .  the  operation  was  recommended  as  the  only  probable  means 
of  saving  his  life".  Mrs.  Gordon,  who  was  living  at  Gordonhall,  1830,  Mar., 
granted  pension  of  £"40  from  Jan.  23  (warrant  dated  Jun.  16) ;  d.  on  or  before 
1833,  Jun.  10,  when  the  arrears  of  pension  due  at  her  death  were  paid  to  her 
brother-in-law,  Alexander,  201 ;  the  three  children  placed  on  Compassionate 
List  at  £10  each  (W.O.  Cerli/.,  Offs.  Services,  1828,  Wid.  Compass,  and 
Bounty  Warrants  and  journal,  Reg.  of  Compass.  Allowances,  P.R.O.). 
Alexander  MacPherson  {Glimpses  of  Church  and  Social  Life  in  the  High- 
lands, 330)  states  that  one  or  more  of  Gordon's  sons  was  in  the  army. 

545-  Qeorge.  1810,  Apr.  7,  Vol.,  R.N.,  'Rodney,"  aged  15.  1811, 
Mar.  31,  Mid.,  "Ville  de  Paris".  1812,  Oct.  15,  "Goshawk".  1 813,  Oct. 
4,  "Boyne".     1815,  Dec.  9,  d.  on   board   the  "Hecate,"  off  Batavia,   "a 


young  man  of  most  promising  ability  in  his  profession,  and  much  regretted  " 
{Abd.  your.,  i8i6,  Oct.  30;  Adm.  Indexes,  Midshipmen,  P.R.O.). 

Third  son  of  George,  of  Hallhead,  542 ;  b.  1796,  Jun.  6  at  Esslemont 
(Temple's  Fermartyn,  516)- 

546-  Qeorge.     1812,  Feb.  20,  Ens.,  42nd  Ft.    1814,  Jan.  16,  Lt.     1813- 

18 14,  served  in  Peninsula,  at  Nivelle,  Nive,  Dec.  9,  Orthez,  Feb.  27,  and 
Toulouse,  Apr.  10  (Medal,  four  clasps) ;  Oct.  h.p.,  at  the  reduction,  2nd  Batn. 

1815,  Jul.,  f.p.  {L.G.,  1483).  1817,  Mar.,  h.p.;  Jun.  5,  f.p.,  giving  the  differ- 
ence to  Lt.  Charles  McLaren  {ibid.,  1366).  1820,  h.p.  85th  Ft.,  receiving  the 
difference  from  Lt.  James  McDougall,  having  lost  sight  of  right  eye.  1847, 
residing  at  Blythswood  Sq.,  Glasgow,  "unfit  for  active  service  "  (W.O.  Offs. 
Services,  1828,  1847,  1854,  P.R.O.  ;  A.L.,  1813-61  ;  Hart's  yi.L.,  1840-62). 

B.  1791-4;  d.  unm.  1861.  Either  this  or  following  off.  was  the  son  of 
Rev.  Robert,  minister  of  Drumblade  (i  750-1820)  and  Jean  Farquhar  (1749- 
1829);  M.A.,  Marischal  Coll.,  Abd.,  1807. 

547-  Qeorge.  1813,  Aug.  5,  Ens.,  42nd  Ft.  1815,  Oct.  24,  h.p.  1826, 
name  omitted  in  h.p.  list  in  consequence  of  no  issue  of  pay  having  been 
made  to  him  for  seven  years  {A.L.,  1813-26),  1832,  Apr.  i,  h.p.  cancelled, 
receiving  commuted  allowance  for  com.  {L.G.,  1704). 

548-  Qeorge.  181 7,  Jan.  8,  Ens.,  Roy.  W.L  Rangers  ;  Aug.  28,  63rd 
Ft.  {L.G.,  206,  1974).  1819,  Jan.  14,  92nd  Ft.  (ibid.,  153) ;  Dec.  29,  Lt. 
{ibid.,  1820,  p.  44;  A.L.,  1817-26). 

M.  1824,  May  10,  at  St.  James's,  Jamaica,  Mrs.  Mary  Susanna  Lawrence, 
and  had  a  posthumous  son,  George  John  Fry,  b.  there,  1825,  Jun.  28,  bap. 
Sep.  7.  Gordon  d.  1825,  Jan.  30,  at  Kensington,  Jamaica ;  his  widow  re- 
ceived pension  of  ;^4o ;  her  son  placed  on  Compassionate  List  at  £10  in 
1833  ;  alive  in  1844  {W.O.  Certif.,  Wid.  journal,  Letters  and  Reg.  Compass, 
Fund,  P.R.O.). 

549.  Qeorge.  1821,  Cadet,  H.E.LC.S.  (Madras).  1822,  Apr.  27,  Ens., 
34th  N.L  (afterwards  re-numbered  48th  N.L)  ;  May  8,  arrived  at  Madras. 
1825,  Dec.  14,  Lt.  1830,  May  31 — ^Jul.  25,  granted  leave  to  Cuddalore ; 
Dec.  17,  furlough  to  Europe  on  s.c.  1832,  Nov.  4,  returned  to  Madras. 
1834,  Mar.  29,  Adj.  (act.) ;  served  with  the  Coorg  Field  force ;  shared  in 
Prize  money.  1835,  May,  serving  at  Palaveram,  ordered  by  Comdg.  Off. 
there  to  proceed  to  Bangalore  as  witness  at  a  General  Court  Martial ;  Jun.  23, 
directed  to  assume  charge  of  the  detail  48th  Reg.  at  Palaveram  ;  Aug., 
sailed  for  Singapore.  1836,  stationed  with  a  detachment  48th  N.L,  at 
Malacca  he  volunteered  for  service  in  H.M.S.  "Andromache"  on  an  expedition 
against  pirates  in  the  Straits ;  Oct.,  Capt.  Chads,  C.B,,  on  disembarking  the 


detachment,  favourably  noticed  its  services,  expressing  his  obligations  to 
Gordon  "for  the  soldier-like  manner  in  which  he  had  conducted  it;"  very 
favourably  mentioned  by  Govt,  to  Court  of  Directors.  1837,  Apr.  27,  Capt. 
and  Adj.  ;  Oct.  7,  Qr.  Mr.  and  Inter,  (act.) ;  Nov.  7,  Station  Staff  Off.  (act.) 
Malacca.  1838,  May  20,  former  appt.,  Aug.  28,  latter  appt.  confirmed;  Oct. 
9,  the  Comdg.  Off.,  48th  N.I.,  forwarded  names  of  Gordon  and  his  detach- 
ment with  a  view  to  securing  their  share  in  Prize  money  awarded  for  the 
capture  of  pirates.  1839,  Jan.  12,  granted  a  month's  leave.  1840-1,  stationed 
at  Cuddapah.  1844,  Jan.,  passed  in  Hindustani;  Feb.  19;  granted  Moon- 
shee  allowance;  Jul.  i,  Brig.  Maj.,  and  Station  Staff  Off.,  Mulligaum.  1845, 
Aug.  19,  A.U.C.,  to  Brig.  Gen.  Anderson.  1848,  furlough  to  Europe. 
1850,  Dec.  I,  returned  to  Madras.  185 1,  Nov.  11,  Bt.  Maj.  1855,  Jul.  10, 
Maj.     1856,  Jan.  30,  Lt.  Col.,  ret.  {E.I.  Reg.,  1823-56;  A.L.,  1880-5). 

Son  of  William,  1405;  f^op.  1804,  May  9,  at  Farr,  Sutherlandsh  ;  edu- 
cated at  Fraserburgh  ;  nominated  for  H.E.I.C.S.,  by  Jacob  Bosanquet  on  re- 
commendation of  William  Manning.     Gordon  d.  1886,  May  19  (7,0.  Rec). 

650.  George.  1823,  Conductor,  H.E.I.C.S.  (Bengal)  Ordnance  Dept. 
1825-9,  stationed  at  Kurnaul.  1830,  at  the  Arsenal  (Calcutta  ?).  1831, 
attached  to  the  Magazine  in  the  P'ort,  Allahabad  {E.I.  Reg.,  1825-32). 

M.  1823,  Oct.  14,  at  Meerut,  Elizabeth  Waggoner,  and  had  George  W. 
Alexander,  b.  1828,  Feb.  28,  bap.  Dec,  at  Kurnaul.  Gordon  ci.  1831,  May  2, 
at  Allahabad  {I.O.  Rec). 

551.  Qeorsre.  1825,  Cadet,  H.E.I.C.S.  (Bengal).  1826,  Mar.  15,  Ens., 
50th  N.I.  1829,  Mar.  12 — 1834,  Lt.  (supy.).  1831,  granted  furlough  to 
Europe  on  s.c.  1833,  Jul.  17,  applied  for  extension.  1834,  Oct.  24,  returned 
to  Fort  William.  1836,  Dec.  7,  appt.  to  command  Resident's  escort, 
Khatmandu,  Nepaul.  1840,  Mar.  14,  res. ;  May  13,  placed  at  the  disposal 
of  Comdr.  in  Chief  1842,  Dec,  furlough  to  Europe  on  s.c  for  two  years. 
1846,  Apr.,  passed  in  Hindustani ;  Oct.  14,  Adj.  (act.),  confirmed  Oct.  24, 
S.A.C.G.,  5th  Inf.  Brig.  1848,  Jan.,  serving  at  Lahore  ;  Oct.  24,  engaged  at 
battle  of  Goojerat ;  destroyed  enemy's  camp  equipment  and  loose  ammunition, 
mentioned  in  despatch,  1849,  Feb.  24,  by  Maj.  Gen.  Gilbert ;  Jan.  4,  Capt.  ; 
Mar.  17,  directed  to  join  his  corps,  on  the  arrival  of  Punjab  army  at  head- 
quarters;  Jun.,  Comdt.,  1st  Sikh  Local  Inf.  (act.);  Jul.  13,  2nd  Comdt. 
1850,  Nov.,  ist  Comdt.  (act.),  1854,  Mar.  8,  1st  Comdt.,  at  outposts  of 
Shabkadar,  Michnee,  and  Abazai ;  Jun.  20,  Bt.  Maj. ;  Aug.,  engaged  in  opera- 
tions against  the  Mohmands  ;  Col.  Collins  in  his  despatch,  Sep.  3,  wrote, 
"  to  Maj.  G.  Gordon  my  warmest  and  best  thanks  are  due  for  the  able  manner 
in  which  he  took  his  corps  into  action"  ;  Sep.  12,  Adj.  (act.).      1855,  Mar., 


again  employed  against  the  Mohmands ;  Nov.  lo,  reported  their  approach 
in  the  vicinity  of  Fort  Shabkadar ;  driven  back  by  a  detail  of  the  garrison. 
1856,  Mar.  10,  appt.  as  Adj.  (act.)  ist  Sikh  Local  Inf.  confirmed.  1858,  Jul. 
20,  Lt.  Col.  {E.I.  Reg.,  1826-60). 

Son  of  William,  of  Halmyre  {d.  1823)  and  Mary  Dunn  ;  b.  1810,  Mar.  13, 
at  Edinburgh  ;  educated  at  Edinburgh  Mil.  and  Nav.  Acad. ;  nominated  for 
H.E.I.C.S.,  by  R.  C.  Plowden  on  recommendation  of  George  Gumming  ;  tn. 
1845,  Jan.  9,  at  Kinblethmont,  Forfarsh.,  Mary  Elizabeth  {b.  1822,  Dec.  30, 
d.  1858,  Jan.  28,  at  Great  Malvern),  eldest  dau.  of  W.  F.  Lindsay  Carnegie,  of 
Spynie  and  Boysack  [G.M.,  vol.  23,  N.S.,  p.  312,  vol.  4,  2nd  N.S.,  p.  338), 
and  had  George  Keith,  588.  William  Lindsay  Carnegie,  1505,  and  Alexandrina 
Lily  Jane,  b.  185 1,  Dec.  18.  Gordon  d.  i860.  Mar.  7,  bur.  Mar.  8,  at  Fort 
William,  Calcutta  (7.0.  Rec).     Brother  of  Archibald,  263,  and  Charles,  338- 

552.  George.  1830,  Jun.  8,  Cornet,  2nd  Dgns.  {L.G.,  1125).  1835, 
Jul.  10,  Lt.  (ibid.,  1131  ;  A.L.,  1831-6). 

Son  of  Alexander,  of  Newton  ;  b.  1808,  Jan.  5  ;  d.  1835,  Dec.  2,  at  Madeira 
{G.M.,  V.  446  ;  House  of  Gordon,  11.  (488)). 

553.  George.  1846,  Oct.  26,  Asst.  Surg.,  R.N.  1856,  May  10,  Surg. 
1868,  ret.  {N.L.,  1846-80). 

Son  of  John,  H.M.  Customs,  Leith  (1800-80)  and  Elspet  Green  {d.  1880, 
May  12,  at  Heath  Cottage,  Aberlour,  aged  80),  dau.  of  William  Green,  farmer, 
Ruthrie.  Gordon  d.  1874,  Sep.  8,  at  Heath  Cottage,  Aberlour,  aged  50 
(stone  in  Aberlour  Churchyard).  Brother  of  Robert  Green,  d.  1876,  Aug.  8, 
at  Demerara,  aged  34 ;  of  six  sisters,  one  m.  Col.  Sir  William  Green,  K.C.B. 

554.  George.  1846,  Cadet,  H.E.LC.S.  (Bengal).  1847,  May,  directed 
to  do  duty  with  9th  N.L,  at  Benares  ;  Sep.  30,  posted  to  34th  N.L,  at  Agra. 
1848,  Sep.  29,  removed  at  own  request  to  14th  N.L,  at  Berhampore ;  Nov. 
30,  granted  leave  on  s.c.  to  Darjeeling.  1849,  Mar.  19,  d.  at  Dinapore,  bur. 
there  Mar.  20  {E.I.  Reg.,  1847-50). 

Son  of  Rev.  Charles  (1799-1873),  minister  of  Assynt,  Sutherlandsh.,  and 
Sarah  Rose,  dau.  of  David  Tyrie,  Newton,  Edinkillie  ;  b.  1827,  Jul.  3;  edu- 
cated King's  Coll.,  Aberdeen,  1841,  and  Merchiston  Castle  Acad.,  Edinburgh  ; 
nominated  for  H.E.LC.S.  by  John  Shepherd  on  recommendation  of  James 
Matheson;"  cousin  of  George  Gordon  {I.O.  Rec).  Brother  of  John,  999; 
possibly  of  D.  T.,  395- 

555-  George.  i86o,  Feb,  13,  Lt.,  Leicestersh.  (Belvoir)  Rif.  Vols.  2nd 
Coy.  {L.G.,  pt.  2,  p.  896).     1861,  Mar.  25,  res.  {ibid.,  pt.  2,  p.  1424). 

556-  George.  1877,  Capt.,  Prince  Alfred  Vol.  Guard;  in  command  of 
a  Coy.  in  Galeebra  war ;  Dec.  2,  served  in  engagement  when  the  Galeebras 



were  defeated  at  Um-tiut-sana.     Wounded  in  Basuto  campaign  ;  bullet  never 
extracted  ;  afterwards  Col.  Comdt.  of  the  reg. 

Son  of  James,  Forfar  (belonging  to  the  Gordons  in  Leightnie,  parish  of 
Lethnot),  and  brother  of  William,  solicitor,  Forfar;  b.  1840,  Mar.  10;  trained 
for  his  father's  business  ;  went  to  Port  Elizabeth  as  a  boy,  became  a  leading 
citizen;  d.  unm.  1899,  Oct.  15,  at  St.  Clements,  Forfar,  his  brother  William's 
residence  (Alan  Keid's  Burgh  of  Forfar,  365  ;  private  information). 

557-  Qeorge.  1882-3,  enlisted  in  5th  Ugn.  Gds.,  and  served  5  years, 
272  days  in  ranks ;  volunteered  with  Camel  Corps  which  went  to  the  relief  of 
General  Gordon  at  Khartoum  ;  did  so  well  at  Abu  Klea  that  Lord  Wolseley 
recommended  him  for  a  com. ;  Lt.,  3rd  Dgn.  Gds.,  1885,  Oct.  14 ;  Dec.  9,  5th 
Dgn.  Gds.     1886,  Oct.  2,  res.  on  account  of  expense  (Hart's  A.L.,  1885-7). 

Youngest  son  of  George  Tomline,  600 1  ^-  1859,  Jan.  15;  went  to 
Matabeleland  with  Sir  Frederick  Carrington,  h.  there,  accidentally,  while 
serving  as  adjutant  in  the  Umtali  Vols.,  1896,  Sep.  29. 

558-  George.  1898,  Sep.  15,  Lt.,  Chittagong  and  E.  Bengal  Rif 
Vols.;  served  with  Dacca  Mtd.  Coy.  {I.A.L.,  1898-1904). 

559-  Qeorge.  1902,  Aug.  2,  Lt.  R.A.M.C.,  Vols.,  now  Territorial 
Force,  4th  Lowland  Brig.,  R.F"  A.  (attd.)  Scottish  Dist.  Glasgow  Coys. 
1906,  Mar.  3,  Capt.  Coy.  Off.  {A.L.,  1903-10). 

Son  of  Paul,  draper,  Helmsdale;  M.B.,  CM.,  Glasgow  Univ.,  1889; 
portrait  in  the  Glasgow  Medical  Corps  Annual,  1906,  Dec.  (Bulloch's  Gordons 
in  SntUerUiud,  100). 

560-  Qeorge.  1906,  Jan.  24,  2nd  Lt.,  R.  Irish  Fus.  1907,  Jul.  n, 
Lt.  {A.L.,  1906 — Apr.  1909). 

561-  George  Alexander.  1791,  Dec.  17,  Ens.,  18th  Ft.  {L.G.,  689). 
1793,  Feb.  12,  74th  Ft.  {ibid.,  120).  1795,  Sep.  8,  Lt.,  73rd  P't.  {ibid.,  16). 
1802,  Apr.  6,  Capt.  Lt.  {ibid.,  345).  1803,  Jun.  7,  Capt.  {ibid.,  668,  1804,  p. 
794).  1809,  Jan.  21,  Maj.  {ibid.,  75).  1814,  Jun.  4,  Lt.  Col.  {ibid.,  1183). 
1817,  ret.  {A.L.,  1792-1818;  Capt.  George  Ebers'  Memoirs,  175).  Described 
"Alexander  George,"  L.G.,  1802-4  and  A.L.,  1803-4. 

562-  George  Alexander.  1820,  Apr.  6,  Ens.,  1st  Ft.  {L.G.,  832). 
1824,  Dec.  20,  Lt.,  6th  F't.  {ibid.,  2095).  1830,  Mar.  10,  Adj.  {ibid.,  2480). 
1840,  Feb.  28,  Capt.,  98th  Ft.  {A.L.,  1820-45;  ^O.,  Offs.  Services,  1829). 

Eldest  son  of  George,  512;  b.  1800,  Sep.  9,  at  Patna,  bap.  1802,  Jan.  8, 
at  Calcutta;  m.  1830,  Jul.  10,  at  Poonah,  Charlotte  Fanny,  dau.  of  Edward 
William  Bray;  d.  1844,  Sep.  10,  at  Chuck-Choo,  China  {G.M.,  vol.  33,  N.S., 
p.  566).  Mrs.  Gordon  received  pension  of  £"50,  from  Sep.  11,  under  warrant 
dated  1845,  May  31 ;  she  m.  (2)  1852,  Apr.  21,  at  Calcutta,  Piearce  Lowen, 


Master  Minister,  Calcutta,  son  of  William  Lowen  {IV.O.  Certif.,  Wid. 
Compass,  and  Bounty  Warrants,  P.R.O.).  Gordon  subscribed  in  India  to 
Edward  Lake's  jfonrnals  of  the  Sieges  of  the  Madras  Army,  in  18 17- 18- 19, 
pub.  in  London,  1825. 

563-  George  Alexander  Stuart.  1893,  Jan.  2,  2nd  Lt.,  R.A.  1895, 
Dec.  19,  Lt.,  LS.C.  1898,  Jun.  19,  Capt.  Sqad.  Off.  1902,  Jan.  2,  Maj. 
1907,  Apr.  12,  Staff,  Adj.,  Behar  Lt.  Horse  {A.L.,  1893-1910;  I.A.L.). 

Eldest  son  of  William,  1460  ;  b.  1872,  Nov.  6,  bap.  Dec.  26,  at  Simla  ; 
m.  1909,  Sep.  17,  at  Bhim-Tal,  Kurmoon,  United  Provinces,  Emily  Margaret 
(Madge),  only  dau.  of  Townley  Richard  Filgate,  of  Arthurstown,  Co.  Louth, 
and  Mozufferpore,  India  {Times,  1909,  Sep.  13). 

563a.  Hon.  George  Arthur  Maurice  Hamilton.  igoo-2,  Capt., 
Hampshire  Reg.,  3rd  Batn.  (Mil.).     1902-3,  Gordon  Highlrs,,  3rd  Batn.  (Mil.). 

Only  son  of  Sir  Arthur  Hamilton,  Lord  Stanmore,  271  ;  b.  187 1,  Jan.  3, 
in  Eccleston  Square,  London,  and  bap.  in  the  crypt  of  St.  Stephen's  Chapel, 
Westminster  ;  educated  at  Winchester  and  Trin.  Coll.,  Cambridge,  B.A.  1892  ; 
contested  West  Dorset  as  Liberal,  unsuccessfully,  1900. 

564-  George  Augustus.  1840,  Sep.  18,  Ens.,  93rd  Ft.  1843,  ret.  by 
sale  of  com.  (Hart's  A.L.,  1841-4). 

Possibly  son  of  Alexander,  of  Terregles,  Kirkcudbrightsh.  (son  of  Charles 
of  Cluny)  and  brother  of  Charles  Henry,  366,  and  John  Francis,  630- 

565-  George  C.  1888,  Mar.  8,  Lt.,  R.N.  Reserve  {N.L.,  1888— 
Apr.  '92). 

566.     George  D.     1847,  Mar.  24,  Clerk,  R.N.  (N.L.,  1847-52). 

567-  George  Dalrymple.  1837,  Dec.  21,  Asst.  Surg.,  H.E.I.C.S. 
(Madras).  1838,  Apr.  17,  arrived  in  India.  1840,  Mar.,  directed  to  relieve 
Surg.  Griffiths  at  Negapatam.  1841,  Jul.  8,  posted  to  33rd  N.I.  at  Moulmein. 
1843,  Dec,  Cantonment  Staff,  Palaveram,  detachment  6th  N.I.  1844,  Sep. 
30,  passed  in  Hindustani.  1845,  I^"^^-  5 — ^^S-  20,  furlough  to  Ceylon.  1846, 
Dec.  18,  sent  to  Europe  on  s.c.  1852,  Jan.  28,  arrived  at  Madras,  posted 
to  9th  N.I.  {E.I.  Reg.,  1838-53). 

Son  of  William  (i  768-1823,  of  Campbellton,  cadet  of  Bar),  and  Charlotte 
Douglas  Dalrymple;  b.  181 5,  Jul.  28,  in  Charlotte  Square,  Edinburgh; 
M.D.,  Edin.,  1837  ;  nominated  for  H.E.I.C.S.,  by  Hon.  Hugh  Lindsay  on  re- 
commendation of  his  grandmother,  Mrs.  Dalrymple,  in  1836,  his  widowed 
mother  then  living  at  Portobello.  Gordon  d.  1853,  Aug.  28,  at  Penang 
{G.M.,  vol.  40,  N.S.,  p.  649).  By  will  of  that  date  gave  £800  to  his  brother 
Thomas,  of  Ceylon,  £400,  to  each  of  his  sisters,  and  £200,  to  his  youngest 
brother,  Henry  Clarence  {I.O.  Rec). 


568-  George  Frederick.  1790,  Dec.  8,  Surg.  Mate,  R.N.,  "  Edgar ". 
1791,  Mar.  15,  "Royal  William";  Apr.  25,  "Formidable"  (Adm.  Offs. 
Appt.  by  N.  Board,  P.R.O.). 

669-  George  Frederick.  1803,  Dec.  8,  Capt.,  Rape  of  Chichester 
Vols.,  N.  Div.  {L.G.,  1715). 

570-  Hon.  George  Grant.  1852,  Feb.  13,  Ens.  and  Lt.,  Scots,  Fus. 
Gds.  1854,  Dec.  26,  Lt.  &  Capt.  1854-5,  served  throughout  Crimean  Cam- 
paign, including  battles  of  Alma,  Balaclava  and  Inkerman,  siege  and  fall  of 
Sebastopol,  and  sortie,  Oct.  26  ;  A.D.C.  to  Gen.  Simpson,  Aug.  22 — Nov.  12 
(Medal,  four  clasps,  5th  Class  of  the  Medjidie,  Turkish  Medal).  1857,  Aug. 
29—1858,  Apr.  22,  A.D.C,  G.O.C.S.,  W.  Dist.  ;  Apr.  30—1861,  Sep.  16, 
Adj.;  Aug.  21 — Dec.  18,  Brig.  Maj.,  Brig,  of  Gds.  ;  Dec.  19 — 1862,  Oct.  11, 
Brig.  Maj.,  Canada.  1863,  Feb.  13,  Capt.  and  Lt.  Col.  1866,  Jul.,  Equerry 
&  Controller,  Prince  and  Princess  Christian's  Household  ;  now  Extra  Equerry. 
1877,  Jun.  30,  h.p.  1881,  May  10,  Maj.,  Lothian  Reg.,  3rd  Batn.  (Edinburgh 
Mil.).  1882,  Jan.  7,  ret.  by  sale  of  com.  1889,  Feb.  2,  Lt.  Col. ;  Mar.  9,  Col. 
(Mil.)  ret.  1891,  Jul.  14,  C.B.  1899,  May  5,  C.V.O.  1900,  Mar.  7,  Hon. 
Col.,  3rd  Roy.  Scots. 

Eldest  son  of  Lord  Francis  Arthur,  450;  ^-  1836,  Jan.  29;  m.  1863,  Aug. 
8,  at  St.  Paul's,  Knightsbridge,  Constance  Augusta  Lennox  (6.  1842),  only 
dau.  of  Lawrence  Peel,  and  has  two  sons,  one  being  Lawrence  George  Frank, 
1084  (Bulloch's  Gordons  0/  Aboyne,  39-41). 

571-  George  Grant.  1854,  Cadet,  H.E.LC.S.  (Bengal) ;  Jun.  8,  2nd 
Lt,  Art.;  Oct.  14,  arrived  at  Fort  William.  1855,  Jan.  17,  posted  to  the 
Fort  Art.;  Jun.  7,  appt.  to  do  duty  with  a  Lt.  Fd.  Battery;  Dec.  10,  Horse 
Art.  1856,  Sep.  4,  passed  Hindustani  colloquial  exam.  1857,  Mar.  21, 
Foot  Art.  ;  Apr.  24,  leave'to  Europe  on  s.c.  for  18  months;  Nov.  14,  ist  Lt. 
1864,  Feb.  29,  2nd  Capt.     1865,  Jun.  10,  ret.  {E.I.  Reg.  and  I.A.L.,  1855-66). 

Fourth  son  of  James,  of  Croughly,  755;  b-  1835,  Apr.  6,  bap.  Apr.  21, 
at  Revack,  Abernethy  ;  educated  at  Cheltenham  and  Addiscombe  ;  nominated 
for  H.E.LC.S.  by  J.  Shepherd  on  recommendation  of  his  uncle  Col.  P.  Grant, 
C.B.  On  leaving  army  joined  his  brother  William  in  business  in  China  till 
1870;  farmed  Milton  of  Kilravock  and  Woodlands  Strathnairn,  1873,  *•"  his 
death,  1882,  Aug.  5;  m.  i860,  Oct.  9,  at  Naini  Tal,  Eliza  Tichbourne  (6. 
1840,  Jul.  22),  dau.  of  Hugh  Sibbald,  and  had  George  Grant,  572,  and  James 
Hugh  Sibbald  Grant,  805  {I-O.  Rec,  Croughly  Book,  74). 

572-  George  Grant.  1896,  Jan.  29,  2nd  Lt,  N.  Bengal  Mtd.  Rif. 
Vols.  1897,  Oct.  8,  Capt.  1901,  Dec.  6,  Maj.;  1907,  Mar.  19,  Lt.  Col. 
1908,  Dec.  I,  Comdt,  Hon.  A.D.C,  Lt  Govr.,  Bengal  {I.A.L.,  1896-1910), 


1911,  Jan.  1,  C.I.E.,  and  Additional  Member  of  the  Council  of  Lt.  Govr.  of 
Bengal  for  making  Laws  and  Regulations. 

Second  son  of  George  Grant,  571 ;  b.  at  Hankow,  1863,  Mar^2o;  a  tea 
planter  in  India  ;  ni.  1891,  Apr.  7,  at  Mandalay,  Mary  Martin,  dau.  of  John 
Ferguson  of  Kilquhanitz,  Kirkcudbright,  and  has  issue  (C roughly  Book,  p.  75). 

573-  George  H.  1893,  Aug.  26,  Sen.  Eng.,  R.N.  Reserve  {N.L.,  1893- 

574-  Qeorg-e  Hamilton.  1794,  Apr.  8,  Cornet,  6th  Dgns.  {L.G.,  304) ; 
Sep.  30,  Lt.,  looth  Ft.  {ibid.,  986).  1795,  Jan.  27,  Capt.  of  Foot  by  purchase, 
Independent  ofTs.  on  h.p.  {ibid.,  99).  1806,  Dec.  25,  Capt.,  i8th  Ft.  by 
exchange.  1807,  ^P^-j  embarked  for  Curacoa,  served  in  Peninsular  war. 
1808,  Apr.  25,  Bt.  Maj.  1810,  Mar.  13,  leave  of  absence  ;  Apr.  19,  landed  in 
England;  May  7,  wrote  from  Wells,  Somerset,  to  the  W.O.,  "very  well 
acquainted  with  the  German  language,  having  resided  several  years  at 
Munich  and  Berlin,  while  following  his  military  studies,  well  acquainted  with 
the  French  language,  and  acquired  some  knowledge  of  Spanish  during  his 
residence  in  Curacoa "  {W.O.  Offs.  Services,  1810,  P.R.O.).  1810,  Dec.  6, 
Capt.,  71st  Ft.,  by  exchange.  1814,  Jun.  4,  Bt.  Lt.  Col.  181 5,  Dec.  25, 
exchanged  to  h.p.,  71st  Ft.,  without  the  difference  {A.L.,  1795-1841  ;  Hart's 
A.L.,  1840-2  ;  Philippart's  Mil.  Cal.,  v.  39). 

Residing  in  London  1823-8;  d.  1841,  Aug.  28,  at  St.  John's  Wood,  aged 
52  ;  said  to  have  been  A.D.C.  to  the  Duke  of  Orleans  and  Equerry  to  the 
Duke  of  Gloucester,  but  makes  no  reference  to  these  appts.  in  statement  of 
services  {G.M.,  vol.  16,  N.S.,  p.  441 ;  Annual  Reg.).  These  two  references 
give  his  name  as  "George  Edmund  Hamilton  "  and  age  at  death  52  years; 
presumably  older,  otherwise  obtained  a  com.  at  the  age  of  5  years.  Gordon 
and  J.  H.  Bedford  Smith  of  the  Carabineers  translated  an  Essay  on  Military 
Drawing  from  the  German  (London,  181 2,  8vo,  pp.  55). 

575.  George  Hamilton.  1847,  May  2,  2nd  Lt.,  R.E.  1848,  Apr.  9, 
Lt.  1855,  Jun.  19,  Capt.  1871,  Feb.  28,  Bt.  Maj.  1872,  Jul.  5,  Maj.;  Aug. 
3,  Lt.  Col.  1877,  Aug.  3,  Bt.  Col.  1881,  Sep.  12,  Staff  Col.,  S.E.  Dist. 
1883,  Jul.  I,  Col.  1886,  Nov.  5,  Maj.  Gen.,  hon.  rank,  ret.  (Hart's  A.L., 

Son  of  Robert  Gumming  Hamilton,  1262  ;  b.   1828,  Nov.  5,  at  Malta  ; 

m.  (i) {d.  s.p.)  dau.  of —  Hormslow  ;  m.  (2)  i860,  Nov.  22,  at  Sandgate, 

Blanche  Emma  Beatrice,  youngest  dau.  of  John  Ashton  Case  {G.M.,  vol.  10, 
2nd  N.S.,  p.  95),  and  had  with  other  children,  Edward  Hyde  Hamilton, 
528,  and  William  Alexander,  1476-  Gordon  d.  1896,  Jul.  15,  at  Weston- 
Super-Mare.      His  younger  dau.  d.  1909,  Feb.  17,  at  Leuzerheides,  Switzer- 


land ;  his  elder  dau.  Mabel  Antoinette,  /;/.  1909,  Apr.  20,  at  Bredon, 
Worcestersh.,  Rev.  Charles  William  Bjennett,  Rector  of  Woolstone,  near 
Cheltenham,  son  of  Rev.  H.  Bennett,  of  Pirton,  Worcestersh.  Mrs.  Gordon 
lives  at  Bredon  Manor,  near  Tewkesbury  [Times). 

576-  George  Hamilton.  1895,  ^ov.  2,  2nd  Lt.,  R.A,  1898,  Nov.  2, 
Lt.     1901,  Nov.  9,  Capt.     igo8,  Jan.  8,  Adj.  {A.L.,  1896-1910). 

Second  son  of  James  Henry,  802  ;  ^-  1875,  Mar.  29  ;  ;«.  1908,  Mar.  3, 
at  the  Church  of  the  Annunciation,  Bryanston  Street,  London,  Mary  Louise, 
eldest  dau.  of  H.  Stanley-Parsons,  of  Holmleigh,  Lewes,  and  has  a  son  h. 
1909,  Jun.    II,  at  Castleview,   Ballincollig,  Co.  Cork  (Morning  Post,  Jun. 


577-  George  Henry.  1779,  Sep.  25,  Ens.,  9th  Ft.  (L.G.).  1780,  Apr. 
12,  Lt.,  97th  Ft.  ;  May  31,  9th  Ft.  (ibid.).  1782,  Oct.  19,  Capt.  (ibid.,  21); 
h.p.  1784,  Oct.  I,  Capt.,  1 2th  Djjns.  (ibid.,  623).  1786,  Feb.  28,  63rd  Ft. 
(ibid.,  85  ;  A.L.,  1780-9).     1789,  erased,  M.S.  note  (W.O.  A.L.,  P.R.O.). 

M.  before  1784,  Patience,  dau.  of  Rev.  Edward  Stedman,  minister  of 
Haddington  (she  was  served  his  heir  1790,  Oct.  7),  and  had  William  Bcckford, 
Bengal  C.S,,  b.  1784,  Dec.  25,  bap.  1785,  Jan.  23,  at  St.  Anne's,  Westminster. 
Gordon  d.  before  18 18,  Nov.  6  (G.M.,  vol.  88,  pt.  i,  p.  568  ;  account  of  family 
by  J.  M.  Bulloch  in  Nairnshire  Telegraph,  1910,  Aug.  9,  Sep.  27,   Nov.  i), 

578-  George  Henry.  1827,  Jul.  10,  Hosp.  Asst.  to  Forces  (L.G., 
1638)  ;  served  mostly  in  W.  Indies.  1829,  Sep.  14,  h.p.  1830,  Jun.  25, 
f.p.  ;  Jul.  29,  or  Sep.  28,  Staff  Asst.  Surg,  (ibid.,  1396,  2049) ;  Oct.  12,  Asst. 
Surg.,  i6th  Ft.  ;  Oct.  25,  embarked  for  Bengal  to  join  reg.  1833,  May, 
arrived  in  England  on  s.c.  ;  Dec.  6,  Staff  Asst.  Surg,  (ibid.,  2248;  A.L., 

Son  of  John,  ^)7 ;  bap.  1809,  Mar.,  at  Aberdeen;  Alumnus,  King's 
Coll.,  Abd.,  1823-6;  M.D.  Glasgow,  1833;  d.  1834,  Jun.  6,  at  Tilbury  Fort, 
Essex,  (G.M.,  vol.  2,  N.S.,  p.  443). 

579-  George  Henry.  1871,  Feb.  3,  Lt.,  Wilts  Mil.  (L.G.,  pt.  i,  p. 
1188).  1873,  Mar.  26,  Capt.  (ibid.,  pt.  3,  p.  1657).  1875,  Mar.  10,  res.  (ibid., 
pt.  2,  p.  1 71 7). 

Eldest  son  of  Charles  William,  of  Wincombe  Park,  379;  b.  1846;  m. 
1882,  Mary  Eleanor,  dau.  of  Francis  Stanier,  of  Biddulph,  Stafford  (Burke's 
Landed  Gentry,  1886,  ii.  1720)  and  has  with  other  children  Charles  Algernon, 
346,  and  Reginald  George  Stanier,  1171- 

680-  George  Herschel  Hamilton.  1902,  served  as  a  trooper  and  Lt., 
Scottish  Horse  Imp.  Yeo.  in  S.  African  war.  1903,  Mar.  30,  Capt.  (A.L., 
1902 — ^Jan.  1908). 


Son  of  Sir  Alexander  Hamilton,  225;  i.  1872;  at  Marlborough,  1886, 
Jan. — 1889,  Mids.  {ScJi.  Reg.,  420). 

581-  George  Huntly.  1820,  Cadet,  H.E.I. C.S.  (Bombay).  1822,  Feb. 
25,  Ens.,  ist  N.I.  {E.I.  Reg.,  1821-5). 

Son  of  John  Gordon-Cumminf^-Skene,  1536;  ^^-  1804,  Jun.  4,  bap.  Jul. 
24,  at  the  Episcopal  Ch.,  Cruden,  Slains  ;  educated  at  Harrow,  and  Addis- 
combe ;  nominated  for  H.E.I.C.S.  by  Hon.  George  Canning,  on  recommenda- 
tion of  the  Marquis  of  Huntly  ;  d.  1824,  Jun.  5,  at  sea  on  board  the  "  Cam- 
brian "  (7.0.  Rec). 

582.  George  Huntly.  1842,  Cadet,  H.E.I.C.S.  (Bengal);  Sep.  3, 
arrived  at  Fort  William,  appt.  to  do  duty  with  69th  N.I.;  Sep.  26,  Ens., 
39th  N.I.  1843,  Dec.  29,  served  at  the  battle  of  Punniar,  Gwalior  campaign 
(Bronze  Star).  1845,  Jun.  30,  passed  colloquial  exam,  in  Hindustani. 
1846,  Jan.  30,  Lt.  1847,  Apr.  26 — Nov.  15,  leave  to  Darjeeling  on  s.c.  1848, 
Nov.  22,  Adj.,  3rd  Inf.  recruiting  depot  at  Benares.  1850,  Feb.  14 — Nov.  15, 
leave  to  Simla  on  s.c.  1851,  Nov.  11,  Staff  Off.  to  a  treasure  escort  detach- 
ment. 1852,  Apr.  16,  Staff  Off.  to  a  similar  detachment  returning  to  Lahore. 
1853,  Nov.  10 — 1854,  Feb.  10,  leave  to  Murree  and  Jhelum  on  s.c.  1856, 
Apr.  15 — Nov.  30,  leave  to  Simla  on  s.c.  1857,  Jun.  11,  Bt.  Capt.  ;  Aug. 
I,  2nd  Comdt.  loth  Punjab  Inf.,  newly  raised.  1859,  Jun.  4,  Comdt.  1862 
Jun.  II,  Maj.  1866,  Jul.  3,  ret.  1868,  Jun.  11,  Bt.  Lt.  Col.  {E.I.  Reg., 
1843-69;  Capt.  T.  C.  Anderson's  War  Services  of  Offs.  Bengal  Army, 

Son  of  William  Alexander,  1474;  b.  1825,  Sep.  10,  bap.  Oct.  5,  at  Inver- 
lochy,  Ballindalloch  (Elgin  Reg.) ;  educated  at  Edinburgh  Academy ;  nomin- 
ated for  H.E.I.C.S.  by  Capt.  Clarke  on  recommendation  of  Gen.  Rt.  Hon. 
Lord  Keane ;  w.  1876,  Oct.  19,  Charlotte  Lydia  Hood,  Elgin  (b.  1847,  Mar. 
24).  Gordon  d.  1879,  Mar.  23,  at  Edinburgh.  Mrs.  Gordon  m.  (2)  1888, 
Jul.  26 ,  Hoskyns  I.O.  Rec). 

583-  George  Huntly.  1899,  Aug.  28,  Serg.  Maj.,  King's  Roy,  Rif.,  ist 
Batn.  (previous  service  in  ranks,  13  years,  359  days).  1903,  Sep.  19,  ret., 
pension  {A.L.,  1903 — ^Jul.  1907);  d.  1907,  Apr.  17. 

584-  George  Huntly  Blair.  1876,  Aug.  14,  Lt.  R.E.  1879,  Oct.— 
1880,  Oct.,  served  in  Afghan  war  with  Bengal  Sappers  and  Miners,  taking  part 
(Dec.  1879)  in  engagement;  in  charge  of  signalling  in  the  Khyber  line  when 
attached  by  Ghilzais  at  Jugdullak  Kotal  Fort,  and  afterwards  at  Kabul  and 
with  Gough's  Brigade  in  Kohistan  (Medal).  Afterwards  served  in  the  Mil. 
Works  Dep.  in  India  and  as  Asst.  Instructor  in  Field  Fortifications  at  School 
of  Mil.  Engineering,  Chatham,  1885-7.     1887,  May  4,  Adj.  ist  London  Eng. 


Vols.  {L.G.,  pt.  3,  p.  2523) ;  Aug.  14,  Capt.  1895,  May  6,  Maj,  (Hart's  ^.L., 
1877-98;  Col.  Sir  E.  T.  Thackeray's  Bengal  Eug.,  189). 

Third  son  of  James  John,  807;  ^-  1857,  Jul.  14,  at  Nairn;  educated  at 
Wellington  Coll.,  1869-74;  passed  2nd,  R.M.A.,  1874  {Wellitigtou  Coll.  Reg., 
p.  53),  qualified  as  Inter,  in  Turkish  ;  ;;/.  1882,  Sep.  2,  at  Murree,  Harriet 
Mary,  third  dau.  of  Sir  Bradford  Leslie,  K.C.I.E.,  and  had  Margaret  Emily 
Leslie,  b.  1883,  Jun.  5,  bap.  Jul.  9,  at  Murree,  and  Bradford  Leslie,  b.  1888. 
Gordon  d.  at  Harwich  of  a  chill,  1897,  Nov.  18.  He  compiled  The  Croughly 
Book,  1895  (pp.  103)  and  collected  a  large  amount  of  material  for  a  general 
history  of  the  Gordon  family. 

585-  Qeorge  James.  1807,  Jan.  31,  Asst.  Surg.,  H.E.LC.S.  (Bengal) ; 
and  appt.  to  do  duty  with  17th  N.L,  ist  Batn.  1809,  Mar.  2,  15th  N.L,  2nd 
Batn. ;  Jul.  27,  in  charge  of  a  detachment  of  the  Govr.  Gen.  Body  Gd.  pro- 
ceeding to  Madras.  181 1,  Civil  Stations,  Hidgellee  and  Tumlook  ;  Surg., 
Govr.  Gen.  Body  Gd. ;  served  at  capture  of  Java,  shared  in  prize  money. 
1815,  3rd  Comr.,  Court  of  Requests.  1818,  Salt  Agency,  24  Pergunnahs  and 
Roymungul.  1819,  Surg.  1820,  Apr.  15,  res.  (E.l.  Reg.,  1808-20;  Butler 
Shawe's  2nd  N.L. I.,  3). 

Son  of  John,  of  Carroll,  and  Isobel  Macleod  ;  m.  1849,  at  Edinburgh,  Jessie 
Campbell  (</.  1852).  Gordon  d.  s.p.  1853,  Feb.  26,  at  16  Elizabeth  Terrace, 
Westbourne  Park  Rd.,  London  ;  both  bur.  at  Kensal  Green  (G.A/.,  vol.  38, 
N.S.,  p.  435  ;  I.O.  Rec.  ;  Bulloch's  Gordons  of  Invergordon,  108).  Brother 
of  Gordon  Clunes,  605,  John,  933,  and  Willam,  1431. 

586.  George  James.  1830,  F'eb.  2,  Ens.,  79th  Ft.  1834,  Jul.  18,  Lt. 
1840,  Feb.  21,  Capt.  1841,  Jan.  29,  ret.  (Hart's  A.L.,  1840-3  ;  Henry  Stooks 
Smith's  79//*  Reg.,  20). 

Son  of  George,  515  ;  b.  1808  ;  found  d.  in  his  bed  in  Gower  St.,  London, 
1842,  Jan.  23  {Times,  Feb.  1  ;  Crouohly  Bk.,  78). 

587-  Qeorge  James.  1861,  Jul.  23,  Ens.,  24th  Vt.  1863,  Apr.  28,  Lt. 
1862,  Jan.  20 — 1865,  Oct.  5,  served  in  Mauritius  ;  Nov. — 1867,  May,  E. 
Indies  and  Burmah  ;  May — 1868,  Jan.,  in  England  ;  Jan. — 1869,  Jan., 
Burmah,  E.  Indies;  Jan.,  Instructor  of  Musketry  there.  1870,  Oct.  i,  Capt. 
1 2th  Ft.  1880,  Jul.  12,  Adj.,  ist  Suffolk  Rif.  Vols.  {L.G.,  pt.  5,  p.  4093). 
1881,  Dec.  17,  Bt.  Maj.  (Hart's  A.L.,  1862-85;  A.L.,  1862— Apr.  '85  ;  W.O. 
Offs.  Services,  1870,  P.R.O.). 

Son  of  William,  1456;  b.  1841,  Sep.  5,  at  Mirzapore ;  d.  1885,  Jan.  26, 
at  Rushmere,  near  Ipswich,  leaving  two  daus. 

588-  George  Keith.      1864,  Sep.  4,  Cadet,  R.N.      1866,  Jun.  17,  Mid. 


1870,  Dec.  18,  S.  Lt.       1874,  Jun.  15,  Lt.       1881,  May  7,  Comdr.,  ret.  {N.L., 

Son  of  George,  551;  educated  at  Glenalmond  1862-4;  tn.  1875,  ^^S-  3i> 
Josephine  Claypon,  dau.  of  Rev.  Charles  WiUiam  Hodson  and  has  one  child, 
Ethel  Mary  (Burke's  Family  Records,  327). 

589.     George  Lawrie.     i8i8.  Cadet,  H.E.I.C.S.  (Bengal).     1820,  Jan. 
I,  2nd  Lt.,  9th  N.I.,  doing  duty  with  European  Reg.      1822,  Dec.  28,  Lt., 
Pioneers,     1825,    Nov.    12 — 1835,   Adj.,   Gumbeer   Sing's  Levy,   afterwards 
2nd  Comdt.      1832,  employed  on  survey  duty  in  Assam,  with  detachment 
under   Capt.  Jenkins,  returned   to  Manipur ;    Dec.  31,  submitted    report   of 
route.     1833,  Apr.,  Capt.  Grant,  Comr.  in  Manipur,  stated  "his  concurrence 
in  Lt.  Gordon's  suggestions  as  to  the  proposed  line  of  boundary  between, 
Cachar  Upper  Assam    and  Manipur,    as    although  entirely  ignorant  of  the 
country  himself,  he  has  the  greatest  reliance  on  Lt.  Gordon's  judgment  and 
discrimination"  ;  Jun.    20,  Capt.  Jenkins  forwarded  to  Govt,  two  maps   by 
Lt.  Gordon,  of  portions  of  the  route  between  Manipur  and  Upper  Assam, 
"  very  valuable  additions  to  the  geographical  information  of  that  country," 
mentioned  that  he  had  received  the  first   portion  of  Gordon's  survey  of  a 
new  line  of  communication  between  Manipur  and  Assam,  and  described  him 
as  "  zealous,  fulfilling  his  promise  to  avail  himself  of  every  opportunity  of 
extending   his    knowledge    of  the   country   around   Manipur";  Jul.   25,    de- 
puted to  inquire  into  cause  of  some  disturbances   at  the  Ninghtee   River. 
1834,  Jul.   24,   Bt.  Capt.       1835,  Jan.   23,   the  Bengal  Govt,  sanctioned  an 
arrangement   agreed  to  by  all  parties  at  Manipur  that  "  Lt.  Gordon,  from 
whose  attention  the  best  results  are  anticipated,  should  undertake  the  general 
charge  of  the  education  of  the  young  Rajah  "  with  a  tutor  from  the  Hindu  ' 
College  to  instruct  him  in  English  ;  Feb.  1 1,  gave  up,  in  consequence,  his 
command  of  the  Manipur   Levy  ;    Feb.   25,    Political  Agent,  Manipur,  con- 
solidated salary  Rs.  1000  a  month  ;  Lord  William  Bentinck,  on  proposing 
this  appt.,  observed  : — "  Lt.  Gordon,  whose  ability,  intelligence,    and    local 
knowledge  has   more  than  once  been   brought  favourably  to    the  notice  of 
Govt.,  seems  to  be  well  qualified  for  this  situation  ".     1837,  Aug.,  presented 
25  copies  of  his  "English,  Bengali  and  Muneeporee  Dictionary"  to  Govt., 
who  Aug.    7,   "  expressed  themselves   much    gratified  at   .  .  .  his  zeal  and 
industry  "  ;  approved  in  Public  Despatch  to  India,  1840,  Mar.  25.     1838,  Jan. 
8,  Capt.       1841,  informed  "that  his  explanation  of  having  omitted  to  report 
an  occurrence,    which   had  endangered   the  tranquillity  of  Muneepore  was 
considered  far  from  satisfactory  "  ;  Oct.  12,  reprimanded  for  engaging  in  and 



"continuing  a  controversial  correspondence  with  Capt.  Guthrie,  .  .  .  not- 
withstanding .  .  .  the  injunctions  .  .  .  given  him  to  act  in  cordial  co-opera- 
tion". 1842,  Jan.,  his  explanations  accepted;  Nov.  16,  reprimanded  "for 
the  offensive  tone  in  which  he  continued  to  conduct  his  correspondence  with 
Capt.  Guthrie"  (E.I.  Reg.,  1819-45). 

Elder  son  of  Rev.  George,  D.D.,  minister  of  Sorn,  Ayr,  and  Anne,  dau. 
of  Rev.  George  Lawrie,  London  ;  b  there  1801,  Mar.  25,  bap.  Apr.  8  ;  educated 
at  Glasgow;  nominated  for  H.E.I.C.S.,  by  Campbell  Marjoribanks  on  recom- 
mendation of  his  mother  in  181 7,  who  then  lived  at  436  Duke  St.,  Glasgow, 
described  as  ward  of  Sir  John  Marjoribanks.  Gordon  d.  intest.,  1844,  Dec. 
30,  at  Manipur,  of  which  he  was  the  first  Political  Agent,  bur.  outside 
Residency  Cemetery  (Lj5/  of  Inscriptions  on  Tombs  or  Monuments  in  Ass^m  ; 
I.O.  Rec).     Brother  of  Archibald  Campbell,  265- 

590.  Qeorge  M.  1898,  Oct.  10,  Mid.,  R.N.  Reserve.  1904,  Oct.  14, 
S.  Lt.  (act.),     1909,  Oct.  21,  removed  {N.L.,  1898-1909). 

591-  George  Maclear.  1886,  Sep.  i,  Lt.,  Roy.  Mar.  (Hart's  A.L., 
1887-92).  1891,  June  29,  k.  instantaneously  by  the  bursting  of  a  6  in.  gun  on 
board  the  cruiser  "Cordelia"  (which  he  joined  in  1889,  between  Fiji  and 
Koumea),  and  bur.  at  sea.  Five  others  were  k.  and  seven  wounded  {Times, 
1891,  June  7,  8,  10). 

Son  of  Isadore  Sidgesmund,  native  of  Hamburg,  who  went  to  South 
Africa,  and  Isabel  Maclear,  niece  of  Sir  Thomas  Maclear  (1794-1879),  As- 
tronomer at  the  Cape  {Banffshire  Herald,  1909,  Oct.  30).  1881-3,  at  Charter- 
house (Reg.  112).     Brother  of  Alexander  Attwood,  221- 

592.  George  Maxwell.  1810,  Feb.  10 — Oct.  21,  Vol.,  R.N.,  "Gram- 
pus," aged  15;  Oct.  22 — 1812,  Apr.  21,  Mid.  1812,  Apr.  22 — Jul.  10,  Mid. 
and  Ord. ;  Jul.  ii — Aug.  24,  1813,  Mid.;  Aug.  25 — 1813,  Feb.  22,  Ab., 
"  Queen  ".  Feb.  23 — Mar.  2,  Mid.  ;  Mar.  3^-Apr.  9,  Ab.  "  Alexandria  "  ;  Apr. 
10 — 1814,  Jan.  7,  Mid.  1814,  Jan.  8 — 1815,  May  i.  Mid.  and  Master's  Mate, 
"Myrmidon".  1815,  May  2 — Jun.  2,  Master's  Mate,  "  Eridanus  "  ;  Jul.  i  — 
Sep.  30,  Master's  Mate  and  Mid.  1816,  Mar.  6,  passed  as  Lt.,  aged  20; 
Mar.  II,  "  Minden  "  {Adm.  Indexes  Midshipmen  ;  N.  Board  Lts.  Passing 
Certif.,  P.R.O.) 

Fifth  son  of  James,  of  Rosieburn  (1739-1815);  b.  1796,  Apr.  11;  d.  1816, 
Aug.  5,  on  H.M.S.  "  Minden  "  on  his  passage  to  Gibraltar  {Abd.  Jour.,  Sep. 
18  ;  Bulloch's  Gordons  of  Cairnfield  in  Banffshire  Field  Club  Transacs., 
1909-10).     Brother  of  Alexander,  192,  James  Innes,  806,  and  William,  1449- 

593-  Rev.  Qeorge  Maxwell.  1878,  Oct. — 1879,  Feb.,  Hon.  Chaplain, 
Gen.   Biddulph's  army  in  Afghanistan.      1880,  Jan.,   returned  to    Kandahar 


from  the  Punjab,  as  Acting  Chaplain  ;  Aug.  16,  a  sortie  was  ,made  from 
Kabul  Gate  by  troops  in  Kandahar,  against  village  of  Deh  Kojah,  where 
enemy  had  a  gun ;  Gordon  was  in  the  hospital  within  the  walls  receiving 
wounded  as  they  were  brought  in  off  the  field ;  later,  went  to  the  Kabul  Gate 
for  similar  duty,  where  he  heard  that  some  wounded  men  were  in  a  ziarat 
or  shrine,  200  or  300  yards  outside  the  gate.  He  got  a  dooly  and  bearers 
and  went  to  this  place  under  heavy  fire,  for  the  purpose  of  bringing  them  in, 
found  no  wounded  there,  but  heard  they  were  further  on.  An  officer  with 
him  said  it  was  quite  impossible  to  go  on,  as  the  fire  was  too  hot ;  but  Gordon 
went,  and  was  struck  by  a  bullet,  which  passed  through  his  wrist,  and  entered 
his  side,  at  7  a.m. ;  brought  back  in  the  dooly,  he  d.  at  3.30  that  afternoon. 

Younger  son  of  James  Edward,  791;  ^-  1839,  Aug.  lo;  educated  by 
Rev.  Henry  Moule,  Fordington,  Dorchester,  and  Trin.  Coll.,  Cambridge,  B.A. 
1862-66  ;  curate  at  Beddington  and  St.  Thomas's,  Portman  Square.  1866^ 
joined  C.M.S.  as  missionary  at  his  own  expense,  spending  the  rest  of  his  life 
in  India,  where  he  acquired  extraordinary  influence  over  the  natives,  especi- 
ally in  the  Punjab  and  Afghanistan.  1882,  Mar.  18,  foundation  stone  of  a 
chapel  dedicated  to  his  memory,  in  the  C.M.S.  College,  Lahore,  laid  by  Mrs. 
Elsmie.  His  biography,  George  Maxwell  Gordon,  M.A.,  F.R.G.S.,  The 
Pilgrim  Missionary  of  the  Punjab,  by  Rev.  Arthur  Lewis,  C.M.S.  (London, 
Seeley,  1889,  8vo,  pp.  397,  with  portrait)  ran  through  three  editions.  A 
brief  sketch  of  his  career  appears  in  The  Heroic  in  Missions,  by  Rev.  Augus- 
tus R.  Buckland,  1894  (pp.  83-99). 

594.  George  Richard.  1885,  Apr.  27,  Lt.,  Moulmein  Rif.  Vols.  {Ben- 
gal A. L.,  1885-7). 

B.  at  Moulmein;  m.  there  1881,  Apr.  26,  at  St.  Patrick's  Ch.,  Julia 
Hermann  (b.  1858),  and  has  Ivy  Julia,  b.  1882,  Feb.  2,  bap.  Feb.  12,  m.  1903, 
Nov.  26,  at  St.  Peter's  R.C.  Ch.,  Bassein,  Maj.  Timothy  {b.  1879),  son  of 
Robert  Gamier;  Iris  Gertrude,  b.  1883,  Apr.  20,  bap.  Apr.  29;  George 
Richard,  b.  1884,  Sep.  6,  bap  Sep.  18;  Winifred  Kathleen,  6.  1886,  Dec.  31, 
bap.  1887,  Jan.  12  (all  at  St.  Patrick's  Ch.),  m.  1906,  Nov.  5,  at  St.  Peter's 
R.C.  Ch.,  Bassein,  James  (b.  1881),  engineer,  son  of  William  Houston ; 
Frederick  Walter,  b.  1888,  Jul.  30,  bap.  Aug.  5,  d.  and  bnr.  1890,  Jul.  29,  at 
St.  Patrick's  Cemetery,  Moulmein  ;  Mabel  Eugenie,  b.  1889,  Nov.  26,  bap. 
Nov.  30 ;  Marie  Virginia,  b.  1891,  Nov.  25,  bap.  Dec.  2  (both  at  St.  Patrick's 
Ch.)  ;  Alexandra  Louise,  b.  1893,  Jul.  27,  bap.  Aug.  2,  at  Moulmein;  Irene 
Bertha,  b.  1895,  Jun.  12,  bap.  Jun.  17,  at  Bassein.  Gordon  became  a  school- 
master at  Moulmein,  1893,  previously,  from  1881,  a  clerk;  in  1895,  described 
as  millowner  at  Bassein  (7.0,  Rec). 


595.  George  St.  Leger.     1797,  Sep.  26,  Ens.,  2nd  W.I.  Reg.  {L.G 
924).     1800,  Ens.,  104th  Ft.     180T,  h.p.     1803,  Sep.  10,  Ens.,  39th  Ft.  {ibid. 
1173);  Nov.  29,  Lt.,  30th  Ft.  {ibid.,  1653).     1804,  Nov.   10,  Capt.,  8ist  Ft. 
Nov.  13,  S2nd  Ft.  {ibid.,  1366,  1379).     1808,  Aug.  13,  Maj.,  8th  W.I.  Reg 
{ibid.,   1091).     "Served  in  the  expedition  to  Zealand;  A.D.C.  to  Gen.   An 
struther,  at  Vimiera  and  commanded  with  great  credit  the  6th  (?)  Reg.  during 
the  campaign  in  Spain"  {A.L.,  1 798-1 810;  G.M.,  vol.  79,  pt.  2,  pp.  1235-6; 
S.M.,  vol.  72,  p.  77). 

Son  of  George,  505;  b.  1788,  Apr.  at  Doncaster ;  d.  at  Antigua,  1809, 
Oct.  28,  after  a  few  days'  illness.  Called  "John  St.  Leger"  in  A.L., 
1798-1804,  and  L.G.,  1797-1803. 

596.  George  St.  Leger.  1844,  Aug.  30,  Ens.,  56th  Ft.  1848,  Aug. 
18,  Lt.  1850,  ret.  by  sale  of  com.  (Hart's  A.L.,  1845-51).  Possibly  father  of 
Douglas  Martin  St.  Leger,  412. 

597.  George  Thomas.  1800,  Cadet,  H.E.I.C.S.  (Bombay).  1801,  May 
22,  Ens.,  5th  N.I.  1803,  May  23,  Lt.  1807,  Aug.  12 — 1815,  Adj.,  2nd  Batn. 
1818,  Apr.  3,  Capt.,  2nd.N.  Lt.  Cav.  1820,  F"eb.  1,  leave  to  England  for 
three  years  ;  but  returned  in  1822.  1824,  May  i,  Maj. ;  served  under  Lt.  Col, 
Prother  in  Southern  Concan  ;  shared  in  the  Deccan  prize  for  general  captures. 
1829,  Apr.  30,  temporary  command  of  Kattywar.  1831,  Feb.  16,  appt.  to 
command  troops  at  Deesa.  1832,  Mar.  29,  leave  to  the  Neilgherries  on  s.c, 
for  twelve  months;  Nov.  2,  Lt.  Col.  1833,  Mar.,  served  as  President  of  a 
Court  Martial  at  Bombay  ;  May  15,  returned  to  Deesa.  1834,  Jan.  4,  furlough 
to  Europe  for  three  years  for  benefit  of  his  health.  1836,  Dec.  4,  on  return  to 
Bombay,  transferred  to  3rd  Lt.  Cav.  1837,  Dec.  i,  ret.  {E.I.  Reg.,  1801-48  ; 
Services  of  ^rd  Bombay  Lt.  Cav.,  26). 

Younger  son  of  William  (who  was  the  youngest  son  of  Thomas,  II.  of 
Fodderletter,  Strathavon,  a  junior  cadet  of  Beldorney),  manufacturer  of  Cudbear 
dye  (so  named  after  his  brother  Cuthbert),  Leith,  and  Sarah  Chandler  ;  b. 
1784,  Dec.  4;  bap.  Dec.  28,  in  the  New  English  Chapel,  Edinburgh,  James 
Gordon,  Leith,  being  one  witness;  nominated  for  H.E.I.C.S.,  by  Rt.  Hon. 
Henry  Dundas  ;  ;/;.  1821,  Oct.  15,  at  Old  Aberdeen,  Margaret  Catherine, 
youngest  dau.  of  Principal  Roderick  Macleod,  King's  Coll.,  Aberdeen  {S.M., 
N.S.,  vol.  IX.  p.  495) ;  and  had  Isabella  Ann,  b.  1837,  Mar.  15,  bap.  Apr.  14,  at 
Deesa,  m.  1857,  Aug.  7  ;  Margaret  Sarah,  b.  1839,  Jul.  27  ;  Matilda  Christina, 
b.  1841,  Jul.  27,  m.  (i)  1865,  Dec.  19,  at  St.  James's  Ch.,  Dover,  Henry  Horace 
Powell  {d.  1890),  J. P.,  Cinque  Ports,  son  of  Henry  Percy  Cotton,  Quex  Park, 
Thanet  (becoming  the  mother  of  Major  Percy  Horace  Gordon  Powell 
Gordon,  the  explorer)  ;  m.  (a)  1902,  Mar.,  John  B.  Dunning  {G.M.,  vol.  i. 


N.S.,  p.  1 20,  Burke's  Family  Rec.)  ;  and  Georgina  Jessie,  h.  1843,  Mar.  27, 
m.  1866,  Sep.  13,  James  Nicol  McAdam,  78th  Highlrs.,  youngest  son  of 
James  McAdam,  ot  Tindon  End,  and  grandson  of  Sir  James  Nicol  McAdam 
{G.M.,  vol.  2,  N.S.,  p.  686).  Gordon  d.  1850,  Sep.  6,  at  Deebank(now  Riverston), 
Banchory,  bur.  at  Old  Machar  Cathedral  {ibid.,  vol.  34,  N.S.,  p.  454;  I.O. 
Rec.  ;  Fodderletter  family  described  by  J.  M.  Bulloch,  Huntly  Express,  1909, 
Aug.  27,  Sep.  3  ;  and  in  Wimberley's  Gordons  of  Bcldorncy,  33-36). 

598-  George  Thomas.  1815,  Sep.  13,  Vol.  ist  class,  R.N.,  "Dwarf," 
cutter,  aged  13,  his  father,  Lt.  Samuel,  of  the  "  Dwarf,"  granted  permission 
Sep.  9,  to  enter  his  name  on  the  cutter's  books.  1818,  Mar.  28,  Boy  ist 
class  "  Lee,"  Oct.  11,  "AthoH".  1820,  Dec.  20,  discharged.  1821,  Mar.  6, 
"Impregnable".  1822,  Mar.  6,  discharged;  May  10,  "Ariadne".  1825, 
passed  as  Lt.  1829,  May  6,  Lt.,  "  Revenge  ".  1830,  May  4,  "  Erebus  ". 
1832,  Oct.  5,  "  Rhadamanthus,"  steam  vessel.  1835,  ^^P-  9>  "  Phcenix  " 
steamer,  his  services  on  this  ship  on  coast  of  Spain,  first  Carlist  war,  1835- 
40,  procured  him  a  knighthood,  ist  class,  Order  of  San  Fernando  {G.M.,  vol. 
19,  N.S.,  p.  641).  1837,  Jan.  7,  additional  Lt.,  "William  and  Mary"  yacht; 
Jul.  I,  in  command  "Comet"  steamer;  while  holding  this  com.,  conveyed 
the  first  King  of  Hanover  to  Rotterdam.  1840,  Aug.  i,  Comdr.  1S43,  Apr. 
II,  "Cormorant"  steam  sloop.  Pacific.  1846,  Nov.  9,  Post  Capt.  1849, 
Sep.  7,  "Encounter".  1854,  flag  Capt.  to  Comdr.  in  Chief,  Baltic.  1855, 
"Osborne"  royal  yacht,  brought  King  Victor  Emmanuel  to  England,  and 
back  to  Boulogne.  1858-61,  commanded  steam  reserve,  Portsmouth.  1864, 
R.  Adm.  1871,  V.  Adm.  ret.  1877,  Aug.  i,  Adm.  {Adni.  Indexes,  Midship- 
men, P.R.O. ;  O'Byrne's  Nav.  Biog.  Die.  ;  Boase's  Mod.  Eng.  Biog.  ;  N.L., 
1829-1887).  Probably  the  Lt.  Gordon,  nominated  with  others  by  the  King 
of  Hanover,  1837,  Sep.,  Knight  of  the  Guelphic  Order  (G.M.,  vol.  8,  N.S.,  p. 


Second  son  of  Samuel,  1286;  b.  1807  (?) ;  m.  1865,  Jun.  i,  at  St. 
George's,  Hanover  Sq.,  London,  Ellen  Jane,  dau.  of  William  Parker,  of 
Clopton  Hall,  Suffolk,  widow  of  Capt.  Harry  Eyres,  R.N.,  C.B.  {G.M.,  vol. 
19,  2nd  N.S.,  p.  107)  ;  d.  1887,  Jul.  30,  at  Ingleden,  near  Tenterden,  Kent 
(Times,  Aug.  4,  Sep.  23  ;  Walford's  County  Families).  Mrs.  Gordon  was 
elected,  1904,  Jan.,  after  a  legal  dispute,  by  112  votes  to  56,  churchwarden  of 
the  ecclesiastical  parish  of  St.  Michael,  part  of  the  borough  of  Tenterden 
[Daily  Telegraph,  Jan.  15,  18).  She  d.  1910,  Jun.  15,  at  Ingleden,  bur.  at  St. 
Michael's  Ch. ;  left  estate  ;^27,986  gross,  net  personality  £22,148  (Times, 
Jun.,  Aug.  16). 

599.      George  Tindal.      1845,  Sep.  12,  Vol.  ist  class,  R.N.,  "Lark". 


1847,  Apr.  10,  "Queen";  May  24,  Mid.,  "Spartan".  1849,  Jun.  19,  "  Im- 
pregnable ";  Jul.  30,  "  Daedalus  ".  185 1,  Nov.  26,  Mate,  "  Plover  ".  1852, 
Aug.  20,  "Swift".  1854,  Nov.  9,  Lt.  1861,  left  the  Navy  {Adm.  Indexes, 
Midshipmen,  P.R.O. ;  N.L.,  1855-61). 

600-  George  Tomline.  185 1,  Feb.,  Lt.  Sherwood  F"oresters  (Not- 
tinghamsh.)  Mil.  {L.G.,  pt.  i,  pp.  417,  488).  1853,  May  i,  Lt.  {ibid.,  pt.  2, 
p.  1332).  1854,  Dec,  Capt.  (ibid.,  pt.  4,  p  3957).  1862,  joined  the  Con- 
federate army  (see  Foreign  list). 

Eldest  son  of  Rev.  John  (1794- 1843),  vicar  of  Edwinstowe,  and  his  wife, 
Sarah  Matthews,  actress;  grandson  of  Rev.  George  (1761-1845),  Dean  of 
Lincoln;  great-grandson  of  Rev.  John  (1725-93),  Archdeacon  of  Lincoln; 
b.  1823,  Aug.  8  ;  educated  at  Westminster  School  and  Jesus  College,  Cam- 
bridge, B.A.,  1848;  squire  of  Cuckney,  Notts;  in.  1847,  Harriet,  dau.  of  Rev. 
T.  Harrison,  of  Firby  Hall,  Yorks,  and  had  six  sons — three  being  George,  557» 
John  Charles  Frederick,  1020-1,  ^nd  Leonard,  1086,  ^nd  two  daus.  Ida,  /». 
Lieut.  Gen.  Sir  Charles  Whittingham  Douglas,  and  Beatrice,  in.  Lord  Alexander 
Kennedy.  Gordon  d.  1868,  Feb.  26,  at  the  Hotel  Dieu,  New  Orleans.  His 
widow  m.  1870,  Oct.  26,  Rear  Adm.  Henry  Anthony  TroUope  (1837-94),  a 
member  of  Lord  Kesteven's  family.  Gordon's  family  was  described  at  length 
by  J.  M.  Bulloch  in  the  Hutilly  Express,  1907,  Sep.  6 — Oct.  18.  Brother 
of  Rev.  Henry,  637,  and  John,  906. 

601.  George  W.  1892,  Jan.  27,  S.  Lt.,  R.N.  Reserve.  1899,  Jul.  22, 
Lt.     1904,  Apr.,  ret.  {N.L.,  1892- 1910). 

602-  Qeorg^e  Wilkinson  Ramsay.  1870,  Feb.  10,  Ens.,  nth  Ft. 
1871,  Nov.  I,  Lt.  (Hart's  A.L.,  1871-3). 

Ninth  son  of  Alexander,  204;  b.  1850,  Sep.  22,  at  Boulogne-sur-Mer ;  d. 
of  fever,  bur.  1872,  Feb.  29,  at  Gwalior  {House  of  Gordon,  11.  (486)). 

603-  Qeorjfe  William  Hamilton.  1874,  Oct.  10,  Sub.  Lt.  (supy.),  1st 
Wilts  Rif.  Vols.  {L.G.,  pt.  5,  p.  4654).  1878,  Oct.  10,  Lt.  {ibid.,  pt.  4,  p. 
2931).     1882,  Mar.  18,  res.  {ibid.,  pt.  2,  p.  1217). 

Second  son  of  the  Hon.  and  Rev.  Douglas,  and  grandson  of  George,  4th 
Earl  of  Aberdeen,  541 ;  6.  1854,  Jun.  15;  director  Public  Works,  O.R.  Colony ; 
d.  unnt.  1906,  Dec.  31.     Brother  of  Douglas  George  Hamilton,  411- 

604-  Gilbert.  1691,  Jan.  28,  Lt.,  Col.  Hill's  Ft.,  principal,  in  an 
obligation  for  £106  15s.,  to  William  Baxter,  merchant,  registered  there  1696, 
Jul.  16  {Reg.  of  Deeds). 

605-  Gordon  Clunes.  1825,  Mid.  (act.),  Indian  Navy,  "Lady  Mel- 
ville ".  1826,  Mar.  6,  Mid.  1828,  5th  Mate.  1830,  Dec.  i,  4th  Mate.  1823, 
3rd  Mate.     1840,  left  service  with  gratuity,  £784  (/.O.  Rec), 


Second  son  of  Joseph,  of  Carroll,  and  Ann  Clunes ;  b.  i8io,  May  29, 
Edinburgh  ;  became  a  W.S.,  1842  ;  d.  unm.  1843,  Nov.  25  {Gordons of  Inver- 
gordon,  in).     Brother  of  George  James,  585,  John,  933,  William,  1431. 

606.  Graham.  1885,  Feb.  28,  Lt.  (supy.)  7th  Middlesex  (London 
Scottish)  Rif.  Vols.  {L.G.,  pt.  i,  p.  862).  1890,  Mar.  22,  Capt.  {ibid.,  pt.  2, 
p.  1712).  1898,  Sep.  21,  Maj.,  hon.  rank  {ibid,,  pt.  5,  p.  5539).  1903,  Jan. 
26,  Maj.  {ibid.,  pt.  i,  p.  759);  Feb.  14,  res.,  hon.  rank  Lt.  Col.,  with  permis- 
sion to  wear  his  uniform  on  retirement  {tbitl.,  pt.  2,  p.  1137). 

1883,  Nov.  I,  solicitor,  37  Golden  Square,  London  {Law  List);  practis- 
ing there  in  191 1. 

607-  Lord  Qranville  Armyne.  1877,  Jun.  25,  Sub.  Lt.,  Longford 
Mil.  {L.G.,  pt.  5,  p.  3961).     1878,  Jul.  3,  res.  {ibid.,  pt.  5,  p.  3906). 

Sixth  son  of  Charles,  loth  Marquis  of  Huntly  ;  b.  1856,  Jun.  14;  wrote 
novels,  poetry,  travel  and  sport.  1884,  applied  for  a  patent,  which  was  not 
granted  (Specification,  143,737),  for  "  sights  for  firearms  and  ordnance  "  ;  tii.  (i) 
1878,  Sep.  4,  Charlotte  D'Olier  {d.  1900),  dau.  of  Henry  Roe,  distiller,  Dublin  ; 
in.  (2)  1902,  Aug.  5,  at  Dieppe,  Margaret,  dau.  of  W.  F.  Humble,  Chester, 
widow  of  F.  B.  Close,  and  divorced  wife  of  Christian  Frederick  Gordon  ;  had 
by  first  wife  Charles  Henry  Granville,  367,  and  Granville  Cecil  Douglas,  608- 
Lord  Granville  d.  1907,  Jun.  14,  on  board  S.S.  "  Prinz  Ludwig"  between  Suez 
and  Aden,  and  was  buried,  Jun.  21,  at  Colombo.  Brother  of  Charles,  nth 
Marquis,  341;  Lord  Douglas  William  Cope,  414,  and  Lord  Lewis,  1098 
(Bulloch's  Gordons  of  Aboyne,  44-7;  his  portrait  appears  in  his  Sporting 
Reminiscences,  p.  3). 

608  Granville  Cecil  Douglas.  1900,  May  2,  2nd  Lt.,  3rd  Gordon 
Highlrs.  1901,  Mar.  8,  Lt. ;  May  6,  seconded  for  service  in  S.  Africa  {L.G., 
pt.  3,  P-  3927);  Sep.  14,  2nd  Lt.,  Scots  Gds.,  ist  Batn.  ;  Dec,  joined  the  reg. 
at  Bloemfontein  ;  operations  in  the  Transvaal,  Jul. — Dec. ;  in  Orange  Riv. 
Col.,  1902,  Jan. — May  (Queen's  Medal,  five  clasps).  1904,  Feb.  i,  Lt. 
1908,  Mar.  8,  Asst.  Supt.  Gymnasia,  London  Dist.  {A.L.,  1900-1910). 

Second  but  only  surviving  son  of  Lord  Granville  Armyne,  607;  b.  1883, 
Apr.  28  ;  m.  1907,  Apr.  20,  at  the  Guards'  Chapel,  Wellington  Barracks, 
Violet,  only  dau.  of  Gerard  Streatfeild,  of  Fulbrook  House,  Elstead,  and  has 
Douglas  Charles  Lindsay,  b.  1908  ;  and  Adam  Granville,  b.  1909.  Heir  pre- 
sumptive to  the  Marquisate  of  Huntly. 

609  H.  1779,  Jan.  n,  Asst.  Surg.,^  H.E.LC.S.  (Madras),  previously 
Ens.  {List  of  Ancient  Records  in  Fort  St.  George,  13). 

610-  H.  H.  1 899- 1 902,  Capt.,  Cape  Mtd.  Rif,  served  in  S.  African  war 
{A.L.,  1900-2). 


611-  Hamilton  Charles.  1891,  Mar.  4,  2nd  Lt.,  4th  Dgn.  Gds. ;  Sep. 
9,  res.  {A.L.,  1891). 

Eldest  son  of  Hamilton  Winkup,  Bengal  C.S.  and  Ada  Isabella ; 

1870,  Feb.  25  ;  joined  Bengal  Police  ;  m.  Alice  Mabel {d.  1896,  Aug.  6, 

bur.  Aug.  7,  at  Noakhali  New  Cemetery)  and  had  Stuart  Hamilton,  b.  1897, 
Mar.  9;  Violet  Ada  Christine,  b.  1898,  Nov.  13;  and  Charles  Winkup,  b. 
1901,  May   II.     Brother  of  Alfred  Ernest,  241- 

612-  Hamilton  Douglas.  1839,  Jan.  18,  Ens.,  78th  Ft.  1842,  Apr.  8, 
Lt.     1850,  Apr.  26,  Capt.  (Hart's  A.L.,  1840-52). 

Second  son  of  Thomas  of  Harperfield,  1327  ;  ^-  1819,  Nov.  30,  at  Carfin, 
Lanark;  d.  1851  ;  Mrs.  Gordon's  jfohn  Gorduti  of  Pitlur^  (1886,  p.  xxiii), 
gives  the  date  as  1849. 

613-  Hamilton  Thomas.  1855,  Dec.  7,  2nd  Lt.,  H.E.LC.S.,  Bengal 
Eng.  1858,  Jan.  5,  placed  at  disposal  of  P.W.D. ;  Jan.  6,  Asst.  Eng.,  Dum 
Dum ;  Aug.  13,  Lt.  {E.I.  Reg.,  1856-60;  Capt.  T.  C.  Anderson's  Services  of 
Offs.,  Bengal  Aimy,  258). 

Son  of  Robert  Cumming  Hamilton,  1262  ;  ^.  1836,  May  15,  bap.  Jun.  15, 
at  East  Teignmouth,  Devonsh. ;  educated  at  Worcester  Grammar  Sch., 
Cheltenham  Coll.,  Addiscombe,  and  Chatham,  1856,  Feb.  i — 1857,  Aug.  27  ; 
nominated  in  1845,  ^o'"  H.E.LC.S.,  by  Hon.  Hugh  Lindsay  on  recommenda- 
tion of  his  father,  then  living  at  Greenhill  Place,  Worcester;  d.  1861,  Feb.  14, 
on  board  the  "  Dwarkanath  "  at  Diamond  Harbour,  off  Calpee,  Hooghly 
River  {I.O.  Rec). 

614-  Hans.  1798,  Jan.  i,  Asst.  Surg.,  H.E.LC.S.  (Madras).  1799, 
Dec.  on  the  "  Walthamstow "  Coast  and  China,  sailed  1800,  Feb.  15  {New 
Oriftital  Reg.,  1800).  1802,  Sep.  15,  13th  N.L,  ist  Batn.  1805,  Sep.  24, 
Surg.  1808-9,  ^t  Zillah  of  Manargoody.  1809,  Mar.  7,  4th  N.L,  ist  Batn. ; 
May  31,  13th  N.L  1812,  Dec.  12,  19th  N.L  1819,  Trichinopoly  Garrison. 
1820,  Garrison  and  Zillah  of  Trichinopoly  ;  d.  Jun.  19,  at  Tanjore.  (lomb- 
stone  at  St.  Peter's  Cemetery). 

By  will,  dated  1816,  Jul.  24,  at  Trevandrum,  Travancore,  proved  1820, 
Jul.  17,  at  Madras  by  Maj.  William  Ireland  Jones  and  Robert  Richardson, 
Surgeon,  executors  in  India, — the  English  executors  being  Joseph  Reid,  Old 
Broad  Street,  London,  and  Bt.  Maj.  Dennis  Kingdon,  18th  Ft.,  Holdsworthy, 
Devonsh. — he  made  bequests  in  favour  of  his  mother,  Catherine  Gordon, 
Wexford,  and  sisters  Elizabeth,  and  Amelia,  wife  of  Robert  Moore  Lane,  and 
others  {E.I.  Reg.,  1800-20;  I.O.  Rec). 

615-  Harry.  1742,  Eng.  Extraordinary,  R.E.  1745,  Dec.  14,  arrived 
at  Inverness  on  H.M.S.  "  Hound"  (Fraser's  Chiefs  of  Grant,  11.  194).     1747, 


Jul.,  serving  in  Flanders,  under  the  Duke  of  Cumberland,  5s.  a  day.  1754* 
Sub.  Eng.,  serving  in  Canada  under  Gen.  Braddock,  who  started  from 
Alexandria,  May  30,  to  cross  the  Alleghany  Mountains  to  attack  F'ort  Du 
Quesne  at  the  junction  of  the  Ohio  with  the  Monongahela  (Orme's  jfournal, 
pp.  227,  387);  Jul.  9,  surprised  by  the  French,  and  their  Indian  allies,  and 
cut  to  pieces,  "  Mr.  Engineer  Gordon  was  the  first  man  that  saw  the  enemy, 
being  in  front  of  the  Caysentels,  marking  and  picketting  the  road  for  them  ". 
Braddock  was  killed,  while  Gordon  and  five  others  were  wounded  (A.  G. 
Bradley's  Fight  with  France  for  N.  America,  96  ;  Sackville  Papers,  Hist, 
MSS.  Com.).  1756,  Feb.  12,  Lt.,  attached  as  Eng.  to  and  served  with  60th 
Ft.  (MS.  A.L.,  1752,  pt.  2,  p.  57,  P.R.O.) ;  Sep.  9,  Eng.  Extraordinary. 
1757,  May  14,  Capt.  Lt.  1758,  Jan.  4,  Bt.  Capt.  ;  served  under  Gen.  Wolfe. 
1759,  Aug.  16,  Capt.  1762,  in  command  of  one  of  the  ten  Coys,,  60th  Ft., 
Jan.,  served  at  siege  of  Martinique,  wrote  a  long  despatch  about  it  {Add. 
MSS.,  21,6-^8,  f.  176,  B.M.,  printed  in  extenso  in  Aberdeen  Free  Press,  1905, 
Aug.  8) ;  Jun.,  served  at  the  siege  of  Havannah  (Whitworth  Porter's  R.E.,  i. 
163,  171,  195);  Aug.  13,  served  at  Cuba,  wounded  {S.M.,  vol.  24,  p.  504). 
1766,  Jun.  18,  started  on  an  official  voyage  of  discovery  (1164  miles)  down 
the  Ohio  from  Fort  Pitt  to  the  mouth  of  the  river,  which  he  reached  Aug.  9  ; 
continued  his  journey,  Aug.  10,  on  the  Mississippi ;  Aug.  16,  arrived  at  Fort 
Masiasch,  where  a  fort  had  been  erected  by  the  French  to  check  the  Cherokee 
Indians  coming  down  the  river ;  Gordon  proposed  that  a  new  fort  should  be 
built  in  connection  with  the  Mississippi  and  Ohio  trade  (account  of  his  tour 
in  the  Dartmouth  Papers,  Hist.  MSS.  Com.;  part  of  the  journal  printed  as 
Appendix  4,  Thomas  Pownall's  Topographical  Description  of  N.  America, 
1776).  1768,  commanding  the  troops  in  Grenada.  1770,  in  Dominica. 
1772,  Jul.  23,  Bt.  Maj.  1776,  serving  in  Canada  (Hadden's  Journal,  p.  174). 
1777,  Aug.,  arrived  in  London,  was  presented  to  and  had  a  conference  with 
the  King  at  St.  James's  Palace  {Lond.  Chron.,  Aug.  6,  7,  9) ;  Aug.  29,  Bt. 
Lt.  Col.  1778,  "an  experienced  engineer,  directed  the  getting  ready  of  the 
King's  Batteries  for  32  pounders,  when  Paul  Jones  was  cruising  the  Irish 
Channel  in  the  'Ranger'  privateer  and  Liverpool  was  preparing  to  face 
him  "  (Gomer  Williams's  Liverpool  Privateers)  ;  Dec.  18,  Sub.  Director  of 
Eng.  and  Maj.  1780,  Nov.  20,  Col.  Comdt.  In  or  before  1787,  Comdr.  in 
Chief  of  Eng.,  in  the  Leeward  Islands  {A.L.,  1754-87). 

Younger  son  of  George,  of  Knockespock  (to  which  he  succeeded),  and  his 
second  wife,  Jean  Leith,  which  George  was  younger  son  of  Harry,  of  Auchlyne 
{House  of  Gordon,  11.  (368)) ;  m.  1755,  privately  by  the  Chaplain  of  a  British 
reg.  at  Philadelphia,  Hannah  Meredith  of  that  city,  and,  1763,  publicly  there. 



The  first  ceremony  gave  rise  to  a  very  painful  Chancery  suit,  1816-21 
(Swanston's  Cases,  i.  166,  11.  400-482).  He  had  Peter,  drowned,  s.p.,  in 
Grenada,  1787,  Aug.;  Adam,  102;  Henry  (Harry),  628;  James.  Gordon 
landed  at  Eastbourne,  1787,  Aug.  18,  and,  having  been  very  ill  on  the  voyage 
from  Grenada,  d.  there  Aug.  23,  although  the  monument  erected  at  Clatt  by 
his  dau.  Mrs.  Hannah  Fellowes-Gordon  states  that  he  d.  in  America.  An 
account  of  his  career  by  J.  M.  Bulloch  appeared  in  the  Huntly  Express,  1907, 
Mar.  29,  Apr.  5  ;  see  also  Wimberley's  Gordons  of  Knockcspock,  p.  88. 
Brother  of  Peter,  1149;  described,  *' Harry  "  in  R.E.,  and  in  60th  Ft.,  1759; 
"  Henry"  in  6oth  Ft.,  1759-65. 

616-  Harry.  1757,  Feb.  2,  2nd  Lt.,  39th  Ft.  1761,  Nov.  10,  ist 
Lt.    1764,    h.p.      1778,    Mar.   14,   Lt.    and  Capt.,   41st  Marines  {MS.  A.L., 

1752,  pt.  2,  p.  180,  P.R.O. ;  A.L.,  1758-79;  S.M.,  vol.  19,  p.  167,  vol.  32,  p. 

His  widow  Jane,  received  pension  of  ;f26  from  1779,  Nov.  23 — 1 790-1  ; 
shew.  (2)  William  Duncan,  in  Culdrain,  and  d.  1796,  Apr.  5;  will  proved 
Jul.  26  {W.O.  Wid.  Pensions,  P.R.O. ;  Moray  Test.). 

617-  Rev.  Harry  (Harie).  1757,  Chaplain,  Garrison  at  Fort  George, 
salary  158.  per  week  ;  May  28,  petitioned  the  General  Assembly  of  the  Church 
of  Scotland,  "setting  forth  the  smallness  of  his  stipend  (;^i6  8s.  ij(d.)  the 
teinds  being  exhausted  with  the  great  e.xpence  and  trouble  he  is  exposed  to 
by  the  building  of  Fort  George  and  craving  some  addition  to  his  living  from 
the  Royal  Bounty,"  "the  building  of  Fort  George  has  taken  up  more  than 
one-third  of  the  lands".  1760,  May  23,  the  Assembly  instructed  committee 
for  managing  Royal  Bounty  to  allow  Gordon  £25  for  that  year. 

Probably  son  of  Rev.  George,  minister  of  Alves;  licen.  by  Presb.  Fordyce, 

1753,  Nov.  23;  ord.  1757,  Apr.  5;  min.,  Ardersier  (Scott's  Fasti,  iii.  245); 
m.  1754,  Dec.  21,  Sarabella,  dau.  of  Rev.  Walter  Morrison,  Deskford ;  and 
had  Rev.  Abercromby,  72,  and  Pryse  Lockhart,  1164-  Gordon  d.  1764, 
Mar.  15.  Great-grandfather  of  Harry  Panmure,  623-  Possibly  brother  of 
James,  730- 

618-  Harry  or  Henry.  Maj.,  son  of  John,  in  Minmore  (d.  1776);  d. 
unm.     Brother  of  John,  907,  Lewis,  1093,  and  William,  1407. 

619-  Harry  or  Henry.  1807,  Aug.  14,  Ens.,  Aberdeensh.  Mil.  (L.G., 
1 143).     1808,  Jun.  4,  Lt.  {ibid.,  109). 

Son  of  John,  in  Laggan,  and  Janet  Proctor;  b.  1786;  M.A.  King's 
Coll.,  Aberdeen,  1805  ;  afterwards  of  the  Tobacco  warehouse,  H.M.  Customs, 
Liverpool  (Bulloch's  Gordons  of  Laggan,  p.  18).  Brother  of  James,  739,  and 
John,  932. 


620-  Harry  Francis  Adam.  1907,  Oct.  i,  2nd  Lt.,  W.  York  Mil. 
igoS,  Dec.  16,  York  and  Lane.  Reg.  {A.L.,  igo8-io). 

Only  surviving  son  of  Alexander  Hermann  Adam,  230;  b.  1887,  Apr.  8. 

621.  Harry  James  Grant.  1852,  Cadet,  H.E.I.C.S.,  Madras  Eng. 
1854,  Dec.  9,  2nd  Lt.  1858,  Apr.  27,  Lt.  Served  at  Mohumera,  Persian 
war ;  present  throughout  whole  of  Central  India  campaign  under  Sir  Hugh 
Rose,  who  mentioned  him  with  approval  (E.I.  Reg.,  1852-60;  Vibart's  Hist. 
Madras  Eng.,  i.  599,  11.  422-3). 

Elder  son  of  Henry,  635;  ^.  1835,  Oct.  13,  bap.  1836,  Feb.  23,  Fort  St. 
George,  Madras ;  educated  at  Clapham  Grammar  Sch.,  and  Addiscombe ; 
nominated  for  H.E.LC.S.  by  Maj.  James  Oliphant,  on  recommendation  of 
his  stepfather  Col.  Vivian  ;  his  guardian  being  William  Tucker  (I.O.  Rec). 
Gordon  was  drowned  i860,  Jul.  11,  in  Talien-Whan  Bay, 

which  he  had  crossed  with  Capt.  Lumsden,  to  inquire  for  letters  on  the  steamer 
"  Lightning  ".  They  put  off  in  a  boat,  belonging  to  the  "  Imperatrix,"  manned  by  the  3rd  officer 
and  two  sailors.  On  their  return,  the  wind  blew  strong,  and  at  about  5  p.m.,  when  about  half  way 
across  the  harbour,  a  sudden  gust  capsized  the  boat.  The  shore  was  about  four  miles  distant, 
there  was  a  strong  wind  and  a  very  heavy  sea.  Lumsden  volunteered  to  try  to  reach  the  shore, 
so  as  to  lighten  the  boat  and  get  assistance  for  the  sailors,  neither  of  whom  could  swim.  Gordon 
followed  him  with  the  same  object,  but  he  was  numbed  with  the  cold,  and  was  obliged  to  return 
to  the  boat.  According  to  the  testimony  of  one  of  the  crew,  Gordon's  strength  was  so  far  gone, 
that  he  was  barely  able  to  clutch  at  this  man's  legs,  as  they  hung  in  the  water.  His  strength 
soon  failed  altogether,  he  lost  his  hold  and  sank.  His  body  could  not  be  found,  although  every 
exertion  was  made  to  recover  it.  Capt.  Shaw  Stewart  in  his  report  remarked  that  "  Lt.  Gordon's 
services,  though  short,  had  been  most  brilliant  and  distinguished  and  a  very  promising  career 
lay  before  him  ;  our  corps  has  lost  in  him  a  much-beloved  brother  officer,  the  Madras  army  a 
distinguished  ornament,  and  the  state  a  most  zealous  and  able  servant "  (Addiscombe,  Its  Heroes 
and  Men  of  Note,  659 ;  Monument,  St.  Thomas's  Ch.,  Madras). 

622-  Harry  Lawrence.  1886,  Aug.  25,  Lt.,  Durham  Light  Inf.  1887, 
Oct.  16,  Bombay  (afterwards  Indian)  S.C.  (A.L.,  1886  93).  1892,  Dec.  19, 
k.  during  an  attack  on  dacoits  in  Kathiawar.  Capt.  O'Donnell,  writing  at 
midnight  to  Sir  Charles  Ollivant,  Political  Agent  in  Kathiawar,  stated  : — 

At  three  this  afternoon  the  Thanadar  informed  me  that  he  had  received  information  from 
a  spy  of  ours  .  .  .  that  he  had  seen  outlaws  near  a  tank  near  Wadharwa,  and  that  he  had  sent 
word  to  Lt.  Gordon.  I  also  sent  an  express  .  .  .  and  started  ...  as  soon  as  I  could  get  a 
party  of  eight  sowars,  thirteen  foot-police  and  seven  of  the  23rd  Bombay  Rifles  ready.  On 
turning  a  corner  round  a  hillock,  I  saw  a  party  of  men  .  .  .  who  told  me  that  the  outlaws 
were  on  ahead,  and  at  that  moment  a  dark  flag  was  raised  about  400  ft.  in  firont,  and  they  said 
that  the  outlaws  were  by  the  flag  .  .  .  and  meant  to  fight  to  the  last.  It  was  then  just  after 
sunset,  and  I  feared  that  the  outlaws  might  escape  in  the  dark,  as  they  have  so  often  done,  so 
shouting  "  charge  "  we  rode  on.  I  then  saw  that  a  party  of  Agency  Sowars  were  under  cover 
on  foot,  quite  near  the  outlaws,  about  60  to  100  paces  from  them.    They  saw  us  coming,  and 


the  impetus  of  our  advance  carried  them  forward  on  to  the  outlaws,  whom  they  shot  down  or 
sabred  at  once.  The  whole  party  was  accounted  for.  They  had  entrenched  themselves  in  an 
oblong  trench,  about  i6  ft.  by  8  ft.,  round  which  they  had  raised  a  low  parapet  over  which  they 
fired.  Ten  of  them  were  killed  in  the  entrenchment.  I  found  Lt.  Gordon  lying  about  4  it.  to 
the  eastward  of  the  entrenchment,  quite  dead,  thot  through  the  head  .  .  .  death  must  have 
been  instantaneous.  I  was  informed  that  Lt.  Gordon  .  .  .  with  his  party  of  20  sabres  .  .  . 
had  followed  them  up,  and  come  upon  them  near  Keradie  about  5  p.m.  .  .  .  dismounted  his 
party  and  exchanged  shots  .  .  .  that,  at  last,  had  charged  the  outlaws  .  .  .  less  than  fifteen 
minutes  before  my  arrival  at  the  head  of  his  troops  .  .  .  and  was  shot.  The  Jemadar  states 
that  Lt.  Gordon  spoke  to  him  after  being  shot,  but  from  the  nature  of  his  wound,  which 
shattered  his  left  temple,  I  hold  this  to  be  impossible.  I  am  sending  Lt.  Gordon's  body  to 
Morvi,  en  route  to  Rajkote  for  interment  in  charge  of  the  Jemadar,  who  has  asked  to  be 
allowed  his  last  tribute  of  respect  to  this  brave  young  officer  (Times,  1*^93,  Jan.  19). 

Son  of  Aubrey  John  Fullerton,  276;  ^-  1867,  Apr.  5. 

623.  Harry  Panmure.  1856,  May  2,  Cornet,  10th  Hussars.  1857, 
May  22,  Lt.     1858,  ret.  by  sale  of  com.  (Hart's  A.L.,  1856-8). 

Only  son  of  Harry  George  (1801-83),  part  founder  and  manager  of  the 
Oriental  Bank,  and  Mary  Ann,  dau.  of  George  Alexander,  Provost  of  Banflf, 
and  grandson  of  Rev.  Harry,  617  ;  '^-  1837,  Oct.  22,  at  Bombay;  educated  at 
Harrow,  1851-3,  O.xford  and  Bonn;  went  to  Shanghai;  commanded  the 
Mounted  Rangers  Vols,  during  Taiping  rebellion ;  joined  London  Stock 
Exchange  in  1865,  founding  the  firm  of  Panmure  Gordon,  Hill  and  Co.  and 
floating,  by  1882,  £80,000,000  worth  of  American  enterprises,  especially 
breweries,  and  an  enormous  sum  of  Eastern  loans  ;  in.  Carrie,  dau.  of  Thomas 
Beverley,  of  Beverley,  York;  d.  s.p.,  1902,  Sep.  1,  at  Nauheim  ;  will  sworn 
at  £86,714.  He  lived  in  a  princely  style,  and  his  eccentricities — coach- 
collecting,  tartan  upholstery,  and  the  like — were  the  subject  of  a  great  amount 
of  newspaper  gossip  at  the  time  of  his  death,  notably  in  the  Financial  News, 
and  Daily  Express,  London,  Sep.  3  ;  M.A.P.,  Sep.  13;  portrait  by  Herkomer 
reproduced  in  The  Sphere,  1902,  Sep.  13  ;  another  in  D.  J.  T.  Gray's  Dogs  of 
Scotland,  pt.  vi. ;  Farskane  Gordons  described  by  J.  M.  Bulloch,  Banffshire 
Herald,  191 1,  Jul,  22;  Aug.  19;  Sep.  2,  16,  23,  30;  Oct.  7,  21  ;  Nov.  4,  11, 
18,  25  ;  Dec.  i). 

624.  Harry  Vaughan.  1899,  Jul.  i,  Eng.  proby.  (act.)  R.N.  1900, 
Jul.  I,  Asst.  Eng.  1904,  Jun.  i,  Eng.  Lt.  (A\L.,  1899-1910).  His  wife  had  a 
son,  1909,  Dec.  16,  at  3  Beauchamp  Hill,  Leamington  {Times). 

625.  Henry  (surname  •'  Seton  ").     1452,  May  18,  k.  at  battle  of  Brechin. 
Brother  of  Alexander,   ist  Earl  of  Huntly,  115,  and  of  William,  1369 

{Scots  Peerage,  iv.  521). 

626-  Henry.  1644,  May  15,  William  Jessop  writes  from  Holborn  to 
Commissioners  of  the  Navy,  Tower  Street,  "  My  Lord  (Admiral)  commanded 


me  to  let  you  know  his  desire  that  Mr.  Henry  Gordon  might  be  entered  Master 
of  the  8th  "  Whelp  "  (State  Papers  Domestic,  Charles  I.  vol.  504,  No.  49.) 

627-  Henry  or  Marie.  1704,  Aug.  25,  2nd  Lt.,  21st  Ft.  (Scots  Fus.). 
1706,  petitioned  Marlborough  for  a  Coy.  in  the  new  levies  ;  Oct.  24,  Cornet, 
N.  British  Drgns.  (MS.  AL.,  1702,  p.  255,  1709,  p.  12,  P.R.O. ;  Dalton's 
A.L.,  II.  57,  V.  36,  82,  VI.  314;  Blenheim  Roll,  pt.  11.  59).  1711,  Feb.  15, 
addressed  a  memorial  to  the  King:  "he  has  been  in  H.M.  service  twelve 
years,  and  .  .  .  lost  a  leg  and  half  of  his  thigh  at  the  battle  of  Hochsttt 
[Blenheim],  notwithstanding  which  he  has  served  ever  since  five  campaigns 
in  Earl  of  Stair's  Regiment,  and  was  shot  through  the  other  leg  at  the  battle 
of  Mons  (1709),  and  humbly  praying  your  Majesty  would  be  graciously 
pleased  to  order  him  a  yearly  gratuity  as  others  under  the  like  misfortune 
have  ".  A  report  by  order  of  the  King  on  this  petition  states  "that  his  share 
of  the  Bounty  money  for  Hochstet,  only  amounted  to  £22  "  and  suggests 
that  "  in  regard  to  his  sufferings  in  the  service  may  be  deserving  ...  of  a 
proportionable  allowance,  and  to  such  other  preferments  as  Your  Majesty 
shall  think  fit  to  bestow  on  him,  or  to  recommend  him  for,  to  your  General 
under  whom  he  serves  when  an  opportunity  offers "  ( W.O.,  Reports  on 
Memorials,  P.R.O. ).  1715,  Mar.  12,  mentioned  in  will  of  his  cousin  John, 
864  (described  as  of  "Warrand's  Regiment"),  who  left  him  his  sword  and 
pistols  [Edinburgh  Test.);  Jun.  i,  Cornet,  Brig.  Gen.  Richard  Waring's 
Carabiniers,  com.  renewed  (Dalton's  George  the  First's  Army,  329). 

D.  1724,  will  signed  Jul.  18,  refers  to  sale  of  his  com.,  without  specifying 
reg.,  mentions  wife,  Elizabeth,  and  two  children,  and  appoints  Capt.  Alexander, 
143j  joint  executor  with  her  (Dublin  Wills).  Possibly  brother  of  Alexander, 
laird  of  Muraik,  134. 

628.  Henry  or  Harry.  1777,  Cadet,  H.E.I.C.S.  (Madras).  1778,  Jul. 
6,  Ens.,  Sepoy  Inf.,  9th  Batn.  1782,  Mar.  8,  Lt.  1788,  Apr.,  served  as  Qr. 
Mr.,  N.I.  Batns.,  2nd  Brigade,  on  the  Coromandel  Coast;  res.  on  account  of 
ill  health  same  year  (Dodwell  and  Miles's  I.A.L.;  Bengal  Cal.,  47,  53; 
List  of  H.M.  &  H.E.I.C.,  United  Offs.). 

Son  of  Harry,  615  5  b-  1761,  Oct.  4,  at  Philadelphia  ;  served  heir  to  his 
father,  1789,  Dec.  9,  on  the  death  of  his  elder  brother,  Peter,  who  d.  unni. 
and  intest.  James,  the  younger  brother,  induced  Harry  to  enter  into  an  agree- 
ment concerning  the  family  estates  under  which  James  received  a  certain 
annuity.  When  this  agreement  was  made  James  was  aware,  but  Harry  was 
not,  that  their  father  had  m.  their  mother  secretly  in  1757,  six  years  before 
the  public  ceremony.  Having  learned  this  in  1818,  Harry  instituted  pro- 
ceedings, with  the  object  of  establishing  his  legitimacy,  against  James,  who 


denied  it.  The  result  of  the  trial  was  a  declaration  "  that  Harry  Gordon  was 
according  to  English  law  legitimate,  and  heir-at-law  of  his  father ;  by  Scots 
law  he  was  legitimate  apart  from  the  hrst  ceremony  of  marriage ;  the  agree- 
ment was  declared  void  and  all  moneys  received  by  James  were  ordered  to  be 
refunded "  (Swanston's  Cases,  i.  i66,  ii.  400-82  ;  Times,  1818,  Mar.  18). 
Gordon  m.  Anne  dau.  of  George  Carnegie,  of  Pitarrow,  Kincardineshire ; 
(L  1836,  Nov.  II,  aged  75,  leaving  an  only  dau.,  Hannah,  who  m.  1857,  Jun. 
16,  William  Abdy  Fellowes,  1600-  She  succeeded  to  Knockespock  in  1876, 
on  the  death  of  her  kinsman  Sir  Henry  Percy  Gordon,  bart.,  and  took  the 
name  of  Fellowes-Gordon. 

629.  Henry.  1791,  May  18,  Mid.,  R.N.,  "Robust,"  Home  station; 
afterwards  Ah.  and  Mid.,  "  Edgar  "  ;  Mid.,  '*  Ganges  "  and  "  Casar,"  Channel 
Fleet;  passenger,  "Sampson"  to  W.  Indies;  Mid.  and  Master's  Mate, 
"  Beaulieu  "  ;  Lt.  (act.)  "  Malabar,"  W.  Indies  and  Demerara.  1796,  Apr.  15, 
"Matilda".  1798,  Jul.  13,  Lt.  1799,  Nov.  13,  discharged ;  Nov.  14,  h.p. ; 
Nov.  21,  Lt.,  "  Repulse,"  Channel  Fleet.  1800,  Mar.  10,  shipwrecked  on  a 
sunken  rock  near  Ushant,  taken  prisoner,  regaining  his  liberty  in  a  few 
months;  Jun.  28,  discharged;  Jun.  29,  h.p.;  Aug.  23,  "  Princess  of  Orange," 
N.  Sea.  1803,  Apr.  29,  Comdr.,  discharged,  h.p,  ;  Oct.  19,  Comdr.,  "  Wol- 
verine "  sloop,  Portsmouth.     1804,  Mar.  24,  the  "Wolverine," 

on  her  way  to  Newfoundland,  in  charge  of  a  convoy,  sighted  two  strangers.  As  they 
showed  an  intention  to  attack  the  rear  ol  the  convoy,  the  "  Wolverine  "  stood  to  intercept  them, 
signalling  the  convoy  to  escape  as  best  it  could.  At  4  p.m.,  the  larger  of  the  two  enemies, 
the  "  Blonde,"  30  guns,  i8o  men,  a  French  privateer,  was  within  range.  .  .  .  The  "  Wolverine  " 
(H  guns,  76  men)  carried  her  ports  very  low;  her  battery  consisted  of  two  18  pr.  long  guns, 
and  six  24  pr.  carronades  on  the  main  deck,  all  of  which  could  be  iuught  on  the  same  side, 
.  .  .  four  12  pr.  carronades  on  the  quarter  deck  and  one  on  the  forecastle.  .  .  .  One  of  her 
two  18  prs.,  the  best  guns  she  carried,  jammed,  and  could  not  be  moved  to  the  engaged  broad- 
side. Her  ports  being  so  near  the  water  line,  she  was  compelled  to  engage  to  leeward  in  order 
to  be  able  to  fight  her  heavy  guns.  Her  enemy  was  higher  out  of  the  water  and  carried  long 
8  prs.  on  the  main  deck.  .  .  .  The  two  ships  fought  at  a  distance  of  50  yards  for  50  minutes, 
before  the  "  Wolverine"  lowered  her  colours.  Her  sails  and  rigging  were  cut  10  pieces,  her 
hull  riddled  between  wind  and  water,  and  of  her  small  crew  five  were  killed  and  10  wounded 
.  .  .  the  "  Wolverine  "  sank  soon  after  the  prisoners  had  been  removed.  Of  the  convoy,  six 
ships  escaped,  and  only  two  were  taken. 

1805,  Apr.  8,  Gordon  was  posted  for  his  gallant  defence;  remained  a 
prisoner  many  years  in  France ;  "  the  manner  in  which  he  returned  .  .  .  has 
been  variously  stated  "  (Laird  Clowes's  Navy,  v.  341-2  ;  John  Marshall's 
Roy.  Nav.  Biog.  11.  936).  181 1,  Nov.,  tried  by  Court  Martial,  at  Sheerness  ; 
honourably  acquitted  {Times,  Nov.  25) ;  Nov.  23,  h.p.      1837,  R.  Adm.,  ret. 


1840,  Aug.  17,  transferred  to  Active  List  of  Flag  Offs.,  R.  Adm.  {G.M.,  vol. 
14,  N.S.,  p.  309).  1847,  Dec.  27,  V.  Adm.  res.  h.p.  {ibid.,  vol.  29,  N.S.,  p. 
188).  1854,  Jan.  21,  Adm.  {ibid.,  vol.  41,  N.S.,  p.  306;  N.L.,  1800-55; 
O'Byrne's  Nav.  Biog.  Die. ;  Hardwicke's  Annual  Biog.,  1856,  p.  190  ;  Boase's 
Mod.  Eng.  Biog.). 

Second  son  of  Francis  Grant,  455;  '"•  1826,  Dec.  18,  at  Walcot  Ch., 
Bath,  Charlotte,  dau.  of  Sir  John  Wrottesley  8th  hart.,  and  widow  of  Rev, 
John  Hellyer  {d.  1823);  twice  Mayor  of  Bath;  d.  1855,  Sep.  14,  at  Nelson 
Place,  Bath  {G.M.,  vol.  96,  pt.  2,  p.  639  ;  Henry  Stooks  Smith's  Nav.  Obit., 

i8s5>  P-  3)- 

630-  Henry.  1795,  Oct.  i,  Ens.,  67th  Ft.,  previously  Vol.,  iiith  Ft. 
{L.G.,  1129;  Freeman's  yonrnal,  1795,  Oct.  27).  1796,  Mar.  i,  Lt.  {L.G., 
219;  A.L.,  1795-6). 

Younger  son  of  Edward,  Bromley  {d.  1803),  and  Jane,  dau.  of  Henry 
Barr,  of  Stapleford  Abbot's,  Essex;  d.  1796,  Jun.  11,  at  St.  Domingo,  of 
yellow  fever  {G.M.,  vol.  66,  pt.  2,  p.  702  ;  House  of  Gordon,  11.  (218)). 

631.  Henry.  1796,  Oct.  24,  Ens.,  W.  Middlesex  Mil.  {L.G.,  23).  1797, 
Feb.  24,  Lt.  {ibid.,  633). 

632.  Henry.  181 1,  Dec.  n.  Vol.,  H.E.LC.S.,  Bombay  Marine.  1813, 
Oct.  13,  Mid.,  "Vestal"  {I.O.  Rec). 

633-  Henry.  18 18,  Aug.  7,  Capt.,  d.  in  Upper  George  Street,  Edge- 
ware  Road,  in  his  50th  year. 

"Brother  of  the  late  Maj.  James  Gordon,  of  Northwood,  Isle  of  Wight" 
{G.M.,  vol.  8-8,  pt.  2,  p.  376  ;  Abd.  Jour.,  Aug.  19). 

63i  Lord  Henry.  182 1,  Cadet,  H.E.LC.S.  (Bengal).  1822,  Mar.  ro. 
Ens.,  23rd  N.L  1824,  May  i,  Lt.  1826-7,  A.D.C.  to  Govr.  Gen.  1828-37, 
Dep.  Paymr.,  Meerut.  1839,  Oct.  8,  Lt.,  2nd  Eur.  Reg.  1840,  Jul.  22,  tried 
by  Court  Martial,  in  connection  with  some  losses  in  his  office  at  Meerut ; 
honourably  acquitted.  1842,  Nov.  12,  Capt.,  5th  N.L  1843-4,  on  furlough. 
1846,  serving  with  loth  Irregular  Cav. ;  May  i,  ret.  {E.I.  Reg.,  1822-47). 
1855,  Feb.  27,  Capt.,  Aberdeensh.  Mil.,  local  rank  of  Maj.  1857,  Nov.  12  ret. 
(Innes's  Aberdeensh.  Mil.). 

Fourth  son  of  George,  9th  Marquis  of  Huntly,  518;  b.  1802,  Aug.  31  ; 
m.  1827,  Mar.  6,  Louisa  Payne  {d.  1867,  May  17),  and  had  Sarah  Elizabeth 
Catherine  bap.  1828,  Mar.  26,  at  Meerut;  Louisa  Frances  Charlotte  b.  1829, 
Dec.  17,  bap.  1830,  Mar.  6,  at  Meerut;  Henrietta  Mary,  d.  young;  Theresa 
Burton,  b.  1834,  Feb.  14,  bap.  Mar.  31,  at  Meerut,  d.  and  bur.  1836,  Oct.  ir, 
at  Shussoorie;  Julia  Cecil,  b.  1836,  Sep.  5,  bap.  Oct.  17,  at  Mussoorie; 
Augustus  Henry,  b.  1839,  Sep.  i,  bap.  Oct.  8,  at  Mussoorie,  d.  1869,  Aug. ; 


William  Sackville,  b.  1842,  Jul.  14,  at  Landour,  bap.  1843,  Feb.  i,  at  Calcutta, 
d.  1878,  Sep.  27  ;  Wilhelmina  Gertrude  Maria  and  Millicent  Theresa,  twins, 
h.  1844,  Aug.  25;  Augusta,  b.  1849,  Mar.  26;  and  Leslie  Charles,  b.  1852, 
May  14,  possibly  1088-  Lord  Henry  d.  1865,  Aug.  28  (7.0.  Rec.  ;  Bulloch's 
Earls  of  Aboync,  36-7). 

635.  Henry.  1824,  Cadet,  H.E.LC.S.  (Madras) ;  Jun.  7,  arrived  at 
Madras.  1825,  May  6,  Ens.,  7th  N.L,  afterwards  transferred  to  i8th  N.L  ; 
Dec.  16,  received  orders  to  join  army  in  Burman  war.  1826,  Mar,  29,  per- 
mitted to  return  from  Rangoon  to  Madras  for  four  months  on  s.c.  1828, 
Jun.  20,  Lt.  1830,  Sep.  4,  granted  furlough  to  Europe  on  s.c.  1833,  Aug. 
25,  returned;  Oct,  12,  appt.  Member,  Invalid  Committee,  F"ort  St.  George ; 
Dec.  19,  relieved,  in  order  to  rejoin  his  reg.  1834,  Jan.  4,  D.A.Q.M.G.  (act.). 
Centre  Division  of  army.  1836,  Jan.  23,  Adj.  (act);  Oct.  7,  D.A.Q.M.G. 
(act.).  1837,  passed  in  Hindustani;  Dec,  8,  Adj.  1838,  Jul.  21-5,  Member 
of  a  Committee,  P'ort  St.  George.  1839,  Jan.  25,  Post  Master,  Belgaum, 
during  stay  of  the  reg.  there.  1840,  Nov.  21,  D.A.Q.M.G.,  S,  Division, 
Bombay  army.  1841,  Jun.  i,  res.  Adjtcy. ;  Sep.  16,  appt.  to  command  a 
field  detachment.  1842,  Jan.  10,  left  Belgaum  ;  Mar.  3,  Capt. ;  granted  three 
months  leave  to  sea-coast  and  sea  on  s.c.  1843,  Nov.  6 — 1845,  Jan.  15,  leave 
to  Neilgherries  on  s.c.  ;  d.  Jun.  22,  at  Setabuldee  {E.I.  Reg.,  1825-46). 

Son  of  John,  and  Sarah (both  dead  by  1824) ;  b.   1806,  Jun.  10,  bap. 

Jul.  31,  St.  Pancras,  Middlesex;  nominated  for  H.E.LC.S.,  by  William 
Astell,  on  recommendation  of  Sir  James  Allan  Park,  bart. ;  m,  1832,  Emma 
Charlotte  {b.  1814),  2nd  dau.  of  James  Walsh,  H,M,  Customs,  Dep,  Lt., 
Tower  Hamlets  and  Chairman  of  the  Tower  Sessions  {G.M.,  vol.  25,  N.S., 
p.  308),  and  had  Aubrey  John  Fullerton,  276,  and  Harry  James  Grant,  621- 
Mrs.  Gordon  m.  (2)  1846,  Jan.  13,  at  Paddington,  Lt,  Col.  Vivian,  rst  Madras 
Fus.  ;  living  at  Boulogne  in  1854  {G.M.,  vol.  25,  N.S.,  p.  308,  I.O.  Rec). 

636-  Henry,  1825,  Jul.  12,  held  a  com.  N.W,  Jersey  Mil.  1826, 
Cadet,  H.E.LC.S.  (Madras).  1827,  Jan,  7,  Ens,,  38th  N.L  1831,  Apr.  5,  Lt. 
1834,  serving  at  Kamptee;  Dec.  21,  six  months  leave  to  Presidency.  1835, 
Mar,  20,  cancelled,  and  appt.  Member  of  a  Committee  for  examination  of 
army  clothing ;  May  28,  Member  of  a  Court  Martial,  Fort  St.  George, 
granted  leave  until  Sep.  ;  Oct.,  rejoined  at  Nagpore.  1840,  May,  qualified  in 
Hindustani,  granted  Moonshee  allowance ;  Aug.,  Qr.  Mr.  and  Inter., 
stationed  at  Bangalore.  1841,  Sep.  3,  Adj.  1842,  Jan.  7,  Capt. ;  Nov.  26, 
Public  Staff.  Off.,  French  Rocks.  1843,  Oct.  granted  leave  to  Presidency. 
1844,  Jan.  9,  furlough  to  Europe.  1845,  J^"-  24,  Bt.  Maj.  ;  Dec.  2,  returned 
to  Madras  {E.I.  Reg.,  1827.55), 


Third  son  of  Robert,  1205;  b.  1807,  Jul.  23,  at  Botley,  Southampton, 
bap.  Sep.  8;  nominated  for  H.E.I.C.S.,  by  R.  Campbell  on  recommendation 
of  Lt.  Gen.  Sir  Herbert  Taylor,  K.C.B.  ;  d.  num.  1854,  Aug.  11,  at  Chester 
Terrace,  Eaton  Square,  London,  "an  extremely  zealous,  good  officer,  and 
very  generally  respected  by  the  natives"  (7.0.  Rec.  ;  G.Mi,  vol.  42,  N.S.,  p. 

637-  Rev.  Henry.  1854,  Aug.  9,  Chaplain,  R.N.,  "Meander,"  Devon- 
port  {G.M.,  vol.  42,  N.S.,  p.  292).  1855,  Jun.  14, "  Eurydice,"  N.  America 
and  W.  Indies  {N.L.,  1854-8). 

Third  son  of  Rev.  John  (1794-1843),  Edwin stowe  ;  grandson  of  Rev. 
George  (i  761-1845),  Dean  of  Lincoln  ;  and  great  grandson  of  Rev.  John  (1725- 
93),  Archdeacon  of  Lincoln  ;  b.  1829  ;  educated  at  Shrewsbury,  1841-7  {Reg., 
91),  Balliol  Col.,  Oxon.,  1846-50,  St.  Mary's  Hall,  B.A.,  1851 ;  d.  1856,  Oct. 
27,  at  East  Retford,  aged  27  (Foster's  Oxford  Graduates  ;  G.M.,  vol.  i,  N.S., 
p.  779).     Brother  of  George  Tomline,  600,  and  John,  996- 

638-  Henry.  i860,  Feb.  25,  Ens.,  Dumfriessh.  Rif.  Vols.  {L.G.,  pt.  2, 
p.  997).     1863,  Jan.,  res.  (ibid.,  pt.  i,  p.  331). 

639-  Henry.  1867,  Oct.  12,  Ens.,  Gordon  Highlrs.  1870,  Jan.  29, 
exchanged  into  Rif.  Brig.  187 1,  Aug.  9,  ret.  (Hart's  A.L.,  1868-71  :  W.O. 
A.L.,  1870-1,  P.R.O.). 

Third  son  of  James,  II.  of  Manar;  b.  1848;  ?».  1874,  Ellen,  youngest  dau. 
of  the  Hon.  Vice-Chancellor,  Sir  Charles  Hall,  knt.  of  Farnham  Chase, 
Bucks,  and  has  a  dau.  (House  of  Gordon,  11.  (315)).     Brother  of  Hugh,  669- 

640-  Henry.  1875,  Aug.  4,  Asst.  Surg.,  afterwards  Surg,  (act.)  7th 
Fifesh.  Rif.  Vols.  {L.G.,  pt.  3,  p.  3867).  1886,  Oct.  23,  res.  {ibid.,  pt.  5,  p, 
5106).     M.B.,  Edin.,  i868;  M.D.,  1885. 

641-  Henry  A.     1902,  Jun.  23,  Lt.,  Leicestersh.  Mil.  {A.L.,  1902 — Oct. 


642-  Henry  Charles.  1883,  Aug.  4,  Surg.  A.M.D. ;  aftervvards  Surg. 
Capt.,  A. M.S.  Stationed  at  Sierra  Leone,  when  news  was  received  of  British 
defeat  at  Tamli  and  the  killing  of  Capt.  Robinson ;  went  up  the  river  with 
avenging  party  of  West  Indian  troops,  who  captured  the  place  and  took 
numbers  of  the  enemy.  1891,  May  24,  embarked  at  Sierra  Leone  on  the 
steamer  "  Oil  Rivers  "  on  his  passage  to  England.  Gordon  suffered  acutely 
from  heart-disease;  d.  May  30,  bur.  at  sea  (Hart's  A.L.,  1884-92;  Times, 
1891,  Jun.  13). 

Eldest  son  of  John,  1004;  b.  1857,  May  27,  at  Banchory-Ternan  ; 
M.B.,  Abd.,  1880;  M.D.,  1889;  B.Sc.  (Public  Health),  Edin.,  1891  (Col.  John- 
ston's Aberdeen  Graduates,  200). 


643-  Henry  Cranmer.  1806,  Dec.  26,  Vol.,  ist  Class,  R.N.,  "  Meleager,' 
aged  13,  Greenland,  N.  Sea,  Jamaica.  1808,  Apr,  i,  Mid.;  Jul.  30,  wrecked 
on  Barebush  Key,  near  Port  Royal;  Aug,  i.  Mid.,  "Polyphemus",  1809, 
Jul,,  witnessed  surrender  of  St.  Domingo  to  the  British  and  Spanish  forces. 
181 1,  Mar.  26,  "  Hyperion,"  Newfoundland,  181 2,  cruising  the  whole  summer 
in  Davis  Strait,  for  protection  of  whale  fishery  ;  escorted  convoy  from  New- 
foundland to  Barbadoes,  afterwards  frozen  up  in  St.  John's  Harbour.  1814, 
Jan.,  Master's  Mate,  "  Hyperion,"  Channel ;  Feb.  2,  passed  as  Lt.,  aged  19 
{Acini.,  Indexes,  Midshiptucn,  N.  Board  Lis.  Passing  Certif.,  P.R.O.),  1815, 
Jan.,  Mid.,  "  Cornwallis,"  E.  Indies;  Jul.  i,  Lt.  (act.)  "  Wellesley  " ;  Aug.  22, 
discharged;  Aug.  23,  h.p.  (Adni.  Half  Pay  Lists;  Offs  Services,  P.R.O. ; 
N.L.,  1815-49;  O'Byrne's  Nov.  Biog.  Die,  408).  Laird  Clowes  {Navy,\, 
155)  is  responsible  for  the  statement  that  Gordon  was  tried  by  Court  Martial 
for  the  loss  of  the  "St.  Lawrence,"  1815,  Feb.  26. 

Son  of  Joseph  and  Lucy ;  b.  1794,  Jan.  13,  bap.  Jul.  12  at  Codicote, 

Herts ;  m.  1823,  Nov,  7,  at  St.  John's  Cathedral,  Calcutta,  Christina  Lucas  ; 
d.  and  bur.   1842,  Jun.  6,   Circular   Road   Bur.   Ground,  Calcutta,   aged  43. 
Gordon  d.  1842,  Feb.  25,  at  Chandernagore,  aged  47  {G.M.,  vol.   17,  N.S., 
p.  677  ;  I.O.  Rec.).     See  Joseph  Cranmer,  1078- 

644-  Henry  Erskine.  1874,  Sep.  30,  Lt.,  Lanarlcsh.  Yeo.  Cav.  {L.G., 
Pt.  5.  P-  4536;  1877,  pt.  7,  p.  6439).  1882,  Sep.  2,  Capt.  {ibid.,  pt  5,  p. 
4071).  1890,  May  24,  hon.  rank,  Maj.  {ibid.,  pt.  3,  p.  2969).  1897,  Jan.  13, 
Maj.,  hon.  rank  Lt.  Col.  {ibid.,  pt.  i,  p.  188).  1901,  Aug.  23,  2nd  Comdt. 
1903,  Jun.  27,  res.  {ibid.,  pt.  3,  p.  4016;  A.L.,  1874-1908,  Jan.). 

Second  son  of  John,  of  Aikenhead,  and  Lady  Christian  Isabel  Erskine 
{d.  1886),  dau.  of  13th  Earl  of  Buchan  ;  b.  1849,  Sep.  11  ;  Memb.  of  Faculty 
of  Advocates  1874,  Jul.  16;  succeeded  his  brother  in  Aikenhead,  1902;  D.L. 
Lanarksh.,  1898,  Sep.  6  {L.G.,  pt.  5,  p.  5385),  Renfrewsh.,  1904,  Jun.  6 
{ibid.,  pt.  3,  p.  3716);  m.  1895,  Bertha  A.,  second  dau.  of  Major  J.  Finlay  of 
Castle  Toward,  Argyllsh.,  and  has  five  daus.  (Lodge's  Peerage,  1909,  p.  371). 

645-  Henry  Qisborne.     1910,  Jul.  23,  2nd  Lt,  R.A.  {A.L.,  1910). 
Fifth  son  of  Alexander  Hamilton  Miller  Haven,  of  F'lorida  Manor,  Co. 

Down,  and  Ada  Austin,  dau.  of  Governor  Eyre  (the  object  of  so  much  criticism 
for  the  execution  of  G.  W.  Gordon,  "the  Jamaica  martyr") ;  6.  1889,  Aug. 
29  (Burke's  Landed  Gentry,  1886,  i.  753).  Brother  of  Alexander  Robert 
Gisborne,  234,  J^nd  John  de  la  Hay,  1023- 

646.  Henry  Herbert.  1863,  Jan.  16,  Ens.,  44th  Ft. ;  retired  by  the  sale 
of  his  commission  in  1867,  being  unable  to  bear  the  expense  of  going  abroad 
{A.L.,  which  calls  him  "  Henry  "  only). 


Son  of  John,  983;  h.  1842;  went  to  New  Zealand;  became  Lt.  Col., 
Christchurch  Vols.,  and  Mayor  in  1888;  m.  Mary  Arden  (Information  from 
his  sister,  Mrs.  Kilraith). 

647-  Henry  Hoile.  1871,  Sep.  13,  2nd  Lt.,  ist  Forfarsh.  Art.  Vols. 
{L.G.,  pt.  4,  p.  3997).  1873,  Jun.  I,  Lt.  {A.L.,  1880).  1887,  Jan.  8,  Capt. 
{L.G.,  pt.  I,  p.  Id).  1894,  May  5,  Maj.,  hon.  rank  {ibid.,  pt.  3,  p.  2617). 
1895,  Mar.  27,  res.  {ibid,,  pt.  2,  p.  1869). 

Eldest  son  of  John  (1826-78),  spinner,  Dundee;  became  a  merchant 
there ;  served  heir  to  his  father,  1878,  Nov.  5  ;  m.  1890,  Mary  Elizabeth 
Douglas  and  had  John  Henry,  b.  1891,  Andrew  Douglas,  b.  1893,  and 
Clement  James,  b.  1894  ;  Gordon  d.  1903  (Bulloch's  Gordons  in  Forfarshire, 
27).     Brother  of  John  Edmond,  1027- 

648-  Henry  Hudson.  1903,  Jul.  i,  Eng.  Sub.  Lt.,  R.N.  1906,  Apr.  i, 
Eng.  Lt.  {N.L.,  1903-10). 

649.  Henry  J.  1884,  Feb.  n,  Surg.,  R.N.  {N.L.,  1884— Mar.  1890); 
(7.  before  1890,  Apr. 

650.  Henry  King.  1883,  Aug.  17,  Capt.,  Rangoon  Rif.  Vols.  1893, 
Aug.  18,  Lt.  Col.,  Moulmein  Rif.  Vols.  1895,  F^b.  8,  Supy.  list.  1897,  Feb.  9, 
unatt.  list.  1898,  Jan.  28,  Comdt.,  Hyderabad  Rif.  Vols.  {I.A.L.,  1883-99). 
Lt.  Col.,  National  Reserve,  on  which  he  wrote  to  the  Spectator,  1912,  Feb.  24. 

Eldest  son  of  Sir  Charles  Alexander,  344  ;  b.  185 1,  Apr.  12  ;  educated  at 
the  Edinburgh  Academy  and  at  Rugby ;  four  3'ears  in  a  bank  at  home  ;  28 
years  in  the  Bank  of  Bengal  in  India  and  Burma ;  wrote  A  Handbook  to 
Colloquial  -Burmese,  1886,  and  From  the  City  of  Palaces  to  Ultima  Thule, 
1887  ;  interested  in  Esperanto  {Outlook,  1905,  Aug.  26) ;  m.  1893,  Feb.  4, 
Beatrice  Giselle  Louise,  elder  dau.  of  Edward  Chichester  Incledon-Webber 
of  Buckland  House  and  St.  Brannock's,  Braunton,  Devon,  and  Georgina 
Chisholm  Beare  {Landed  Gentry,  1886,  11.  1949),  and  has  Janet  Ivy  Giselle, 
h.  1896,  Oct.  2i  at  St.  Brannock's;  Florence  Ruby  Beatrice,  b.  1898,  Jul.  22, 
at  Hyderabad ;  and  Charles  Alistair  Richmond,  b.  1907,  Apr.  5,  at  Crosspark, 
Barnstaple,  N.  Devon  ;  resides  at  "  Cromdale  "  Folkestone. 

651-  Henry  Pottinger.  1874,  Jan.  14,  Capt.,  Roy.  N.  Down  Mil., 
previously  Lt.  {L.G.,  pt.   i,  p.   137). 

Elder  son  of  Alexander  Thomas  (1811-71),  grandson  of  Alexander  (1762- 
1829),  of  Castle  Place,  Belfast,  and  great-grandson  of  Robert  (1722-93),  of 
Florida  Manor,  co.  Down;  b.  1846;  d.  nnm.  1879.  Nephew  of  James  Gis- 
borne,  797,  and  Robert  Francis,  1266  {Huntly  Express,  1909,  Sep.  9). 

652.  Henry  William.  1803,  Aug.  17,  Ens.,  R.A.;  Sep.  12,  Lt.  1805, 
Dec,  served  in  expedition  to  Naples,  took  part  in  occupation  of  Sicily.  1806, 
Jun.  I,  Adj. ;  Jul.  4,  present  at  battle  of  Maida,  and  attack  and  surrender  of 


Rock  of  Scylla  (Medal  and  clasp).  1810,  Aug.  3,  2nd  Capt.  1825,  Jul.  29, 
Capt,  1830,  Jul.  22,  Maj.  1837,  Jan.  10,  Lt.  Col.  1848,  Nov.  i,  Col.  1854, 
Nov.  28,  Maj,  Gen.     1863,  May  19,  Lt.  Gen.  {A.L.,  1804-66). 

Youngest  son  of  William  Augustus,  1478;  ^^-  1786;  ni.  1817,  May  31^ 
Elizabeth  Goodson,  dau.  of  Samuel  Enderby  of  Croom's  Hill,  Blackheath  ; 
had  five  sons,  three  being,  Charles  George,  363,  Sir  Henry  William,  653,  and 
Samuel  Enderby,  1293,  and  si.x  daus.  Gordon,  who  d.  1865,  Sep.  19,  at 
Southampton  is  described  by  A.  Egmont  Hake  thus  {Story  of  Chinese  Gordon, 
7th  ed.,  I.  6)  :— 

A  man  of  much  individuality.  He  was  a  good  and  complete  soldier,  with  a  cultivated 
knowledge  of  his  profession.  He  will  be  long  remembered  by  those  who  served  under  him 
.  .  .  for  his  firm  yet  genial  character,  and  his  very  striking  figure.  He  was  of  a  peculiar  tv-pe  .  .  . 
[with]  his  lively  and  expressive  face,  great  round  head — bald,  and  surrounded  by  short  curly 
hair,  black  in  his  best  days,  his  robust  playfulness  of  manner,  and  the  twinkle  of  fun  in  his 
clear  blue  eyes.  In  his  company  it  was  not  possible  to  be  dull;  he  had  a  look  which  diffused 
cheerfulness  and  an  inexhaustible  fund  of  humour.  On  occasions,  he  could  be  stern,  for  the 
essence  of  his  character  was  a  decision  which  turned  to  severity  when  others  deviated  from 
their  duty,  or  did  it  amiss.  He  lived  by  the  "  code  oi  honour":  it  was  the  motive  of  all  his 
actions,  and  he  expected  those  with  whom  he  dealt  to  be  guided  by  its  precepts.  ...  So  deeply 
did  General  Gordon  revere  the  ideal  of  the  British  OfHcer,  and  his  calling,  which  he  considered 
the  highest  and  best,  that  Charles  Gordon's  acceptance  of  a  foreign  command  .  .  .  gave  him 
no  pleasure ;  he  was  proud  of  his  son,  but  he  did  not  like  to  think  that  he  was  serving  among 
foreigners,  and  not,  as  a  Gordon  should,  with  the  men  of  his  own  race  and  faith.  He  was 
greatly  beloved ;  for  he  was  kind-hearted,  generous,  genial  in  his  nature,  always  just  in  his 
practice  and  in  his  aims  .  .  .  less  fitted  to  obey  than  to  command.  More  than  oiKe,  well  as 
he  knew  the  value  of  discipline,  it  was  his  to  resist  his  superiors,  and  to  protest  against  dictates 
which  he  would  hold  to  be  superfluous  and  unjust.  No  portrait  [he  was  sketched  as  a  cadet 
by  Dr.  Walcott]  does  him  justice,  or  in  the  least  recalls  a  face  .  .  .  noble  and  commanding. 

653  Sir  Henry  William.  1835,  Aug.  28,  Ens.,  8th  Ft. ;  Dec.  29,  59th 
Ft.  (L.G.,  1644,  2592).  1840,  Aug.  14,  Lt.  1845,  Jul.  II,  Capt.,  86th  Ft.; 
served  on  the  Staff  in  E.  and  W.  Indies  and  China.  1847-8,  Asst.  poor  law 
Comr.,  Ireland,  and  relief  Inspector  during  famine.  1855,  ret.,  h.p. ;  Aug., 
appt.  to  superintend  surplus  clothing  and  stores  in  the  Crimea,  and  Ordnance 
Store  Keeper;  on  peace  being  proclaimed,  ordered  to  superintend  embarkation 
of  the  material  and  stores  of  the  several  depts.  of  army,  except  Commiss. 
Dept.,  including  Medical,  Land  Transport  and  Army  Works  Corps  as  well  as 
Railway.  1857,  Jan.  22,  C.B.  1870,  Jan.  i.  Controller.  1877,  Aug.  6, 
K.C.B.     1878,  May  i.  Commiss.  Gen. ;  Jul.  9,  ret.,  h.p.  (Hart's  A.L.,  1840-87). 

Son  of  Henry  William,  652  ;  6.  1818  ;  m.  1851,  Jun.  20,  at  Ahmedabad, 
Henrietta  Rose  (6.  1826;  d.  1907,  May  5,  at  Hove),  4th  dau.  of  Lt.  Gen. 
William  Staveley,  C.B.,  Comdr.  in  Chief,  Madras,  and  widow  of  Capt.  Charles 
Granet ;  and  had  Henry  William,  654,  Louis  Augustus,  1106,  and  William 


Staveley,  1514.     Sir  Henry  d.  suddenly,  1887,  Oct.  22,  at  Hayward's  Heath, 

after  a  few  hours'  illness  (Times). 

654.  Henry  William.  1870,  Mid.,  R.N. ;  Sep.  7,  lost  in  H.M.S. 
"  Captain  "  (N.L.). 

Son  of  Sir  Henry  William,  653- 

665.  Henry  William.  1890,  Feb.  14,  2nd  Lt.,  R.E.  1893,  Feb.  14, 
Lt.  1 90 1,  Feb.  14,  Capt.  1900-2,  served  in  S.  African  war  (Queen's  Medal, 
two  clasps,  King's  Medal,  two  clasps).  1903,  employed  under  Transvaal 
Govt,  on  survey  duty;  Mar.  2 — 1906,  Mar.  i.  Adj.,  Vols.  1907,  Jan.  22,  Gen. 
Staff  Off.,  3rd  Grade,  H.Q.  of  army  {A.L.,  1890-1910). 

Son  of  Samuel  Enderby,  1293;  b.  1871,  Feb.  5;  entered  Cheltenham 
Coll.,  1884,  Sep. ;  Woolwich,  1887. 

656.  Henry  Wilson.  1854,  May  6,  Ens.,  63rd  N.I.  (Bengal).  1856, 
Nov.  23,  Lt.  1855-6,  served  in  Sonthal  rebellion.  i860,  Jan.  14,  Adj.,  8th, 
afterwards  renumbered  20th  N.I. ;  served  in  China  war,  action  of  Sinho,  cap- 
ture of  Taku  forts,  and  occupation  of  Pekin.  1863,  Umbeyla  campaign. 
1866,  May  6,  Capt.,  I.»S.C.  1868,  Hazara  campaign.  1874,  May  6,  Maj. 
1877-8,  Towaki  expedition.  1878-80,  Afghan  war,  capture  of  Ali  Musgid, 
advance  to  Gundamuk,  operations  in  Kuram,  and  Zaimukht  expedition 
(Despatches,  L.G.,  1879,  J^"-  28,  Nov.  7).  1880,  May  6,  Lt.  Col.  1881, 
Mahsood  Waziri  expedition  (Despatches).  1884,  May  6,  Bt.  Col.  1894, 
May  21,  ret.  {A.L.,  1855-1910). 

Fourth  son  of  Alexander,  204 ;  b.  1837,  May  21,  bap.  Jul.  i,  at  British 
Protestant  Chapel,  Boulogne-sur-Mer ;  educated  at  Rev.  E.  Day's,  Brixton 
Hill;  nominated  for  H.E.I.C.S.,  by  William  Dent  (7.0.  Rec. ;  House  of 
Gordon,  11.  (484-5)). 

657-  Herbert.  1889,  Sep.  21,  2nd  Lt.,  Leics.  Reg.  1891,  Apr.  i,  Lt. 
1898,  Jan.  Capt.  1900,  Nov.  12 — 1910,  Nov.  n,  employed  with  Egyptian 
army;  1900-2,  served  in  Soudan,  re-occupation  of  Bahr-el-Ghazal  Province 
(Egyptian  Medal,  clasp).  1905,  Soudan,  operations  against  Nyam  Nyam 
Tribes,  Bahr-el-Ghazal  Province.  1905,  May  3 — 1908,  Dec.  27,  A.A.G., 
Egyptian  army.  1906,  Aug.  8,  granted  permission  to  accept  and  wear  Im- 
perial Ottoman  Order  of  the  Osmanieh,  4th  class,  conferred  by  Sultan  of 
Turkey,  in  recognition  of  valuable  services  (L.G.  ;  A.L.,  1889-1910). 

Eighth  son  of  George  (1815-87),  Donavourd,  Perthshire,  and  his  second 
wife  Francis  Elizabeth  Gumprecht;  b.  1869,  Jun.  30.  Brother  of  Rev. 
Julius,  1081.  First  cousin  of  William,  1469  (Bulloch's  Gordons  in  Forfar- 
shire,   30). 

658-  Herbert  Spencer  Compton.      1872,  Mar.  21,  Ens.,  Aberdeensh. 


Mil.     1873,  Mar.  29,  Sub.  Lt.,  Argyll  and  Sutherland  Highlrs.       1882,  Oct. 
21,  Capt.     1890,  Jul.  23,  Maj.     1893,  Aug.  2,  ret.  A.L.,  1872-1910). 

Son  of  John  Henry,  1040  or  1041;  b.  1851,  May  4;  entered  Harrow 
Sch.,  1865,  Sep.  (Reg.);  m.  (i)  1881,  Florence,  dau.  of  Col.  Bolton,  31st 
Ft. ;  (2)  1896,  Jan.  20,  Nathalie  Marguerite,  dau.  of  Gen.  Nathaniel  Steven- 
son, second  son  of  Nathaniel  Stevenson  of  Braidwood,  Lanarksh.,  and  has 
John  Lesmoir,  1049;  Charles  Skirron  Gilbert,  b.  1897,  and  Violet  Joan,  b. 
1905,  Mar.  2.  Gordon,  who  lives  at  Westhorpe,  Little  Marlow,  Bucks, 
claimed,  1887,  Aug.  7,  the  Lesmoir  baronetcy  {House  of  Gordon,  11.  (216)). 

659-  Hesse  Maxwell  Auj^ustus.  1821,  May  3,  Ens.,  85th  Ft. 
{W.O.  A.L.,  1821,  P.K.O. ;  Henry  Stocks  Smith's  85//;  Reg.,  28-9). 

Son  of  William  Hesse,  Madras  C.S.  and  Marianne  Jean  Johnstone  (;;/. 
1798,  Dec.  2,  at  St.  Mary's,  Fort  St.  George,  Col.  Arthur  Wellesley  being  a 
witness) ;  grandson  of  John;  Gerrard  Street,  London,  who  is  supposed  to  have 
been  the  brother  of  Rev.  William,  Blickling  {Nairnshire  Telegraph,  1910, 
Nov.  i);  b.  1804,  Aug.  19,  on  board  H.E.LC.  ship  "Windham  "  on  passage 
from  Madras  to  England  ;  educated  at  Mr.  Wallington's,  Ealing  Common ; 
nominated  for  Addiscombe  in  1818,  by  Mr.  Grant,  his  widowed  mother  then 
living  at  7  Portman  Street,  London,  and  in  182 1,  for  Madras  Cavalry  by 
John  B.  Taylor,  his  mother  then  living  at  74  Upper  Berkeley  Street ;  pre- 
sumably res.  nomination  ;  d.  182 1,  Nov.  10,  at  Malta  {G.M.,  vol.  92,  pt.  i,  p. 
91  ;  I.O.  Rcc).     His  brother  was  William  Colin  (i 799-1820),  Madras  C.S. 

660-  Hodgrson  Campbell.  1869,  Jun.  5,  Ens.,  ist  Aberdeensh.  Kif. 
Vols.  Gordon  Highlrs.,  ist  Vol.  Batn.  (L.G.,  pt.  4,  p.  3461  ;  pt.  5,  p.  3960). 
1870,  May  13,  Lt.  ibid.,  pt.  4,  p.  2655).  187 1,  Jun.  7,  Capt.  {ibid.,  pt.  3,  p. 
2795).     1884,  Jan.  7,  Maj.  1889,  Jun.  22,  Lt.  Col.     1894,  ret.  {A.L.,  1880-94). 

Third  son  of  William  (1807-84),  stock  broker,  Aberdeen  and  Margaret 
Campbell  Miller  (1810-90);  b.  1848;  stock  broker  in  Aberdeen;  d.  unm., 
1897,  Dec.  14.     Brother  of  James  Miller,  811  {Huntly  Express,  1909,  Feb.  12). 

661-  Sir  Home  Seton.  1863,  Jan.  21,  Ens.,  44th  Ft.  1864,  Dec.  20, 
Lt ;  served  in  India.  1867-9  ret.  by  sale  of  com.  (Hart's  A.L.,  1862-70). 
1869,  Jul.  7,  Lt.,  Glamorgan  Light  Inf.  Mil.  {L.G.,  pt.  5,  p.  3958).  1870,  Jun. 
21,  Capt.  {ibid.,  pt.  4,  p.  3184).     1873,  Jul.  30,  res.  {ibid.,  pt.  4,  p.  3545)- 

Only  son  of  Sir  William,  loth  Bart,  of  Embo;  b.  1845,  Mar.  21,  at  Dover; 
educated  at  Ealmg  and  Sandhurst;  succ.  1876;  tn.  1870,  Nov.  25,  Mabel 
Montagu,  only  child  of  Montagu  David  Scott,  M.P.,  of  Hove,  and  had  an  only 
child,  now  Sir  Home  Seton,  an  authority  on  cricket  (Bulloch's  Gordons  in 
Sutherland,  67);  d.  1906,  Dec.  11,  at  8  Granville  Place,  Portman  Square, 
London.     Grandson  of  Sir  Orford,  1122- 


662-  Hope.  1 716,  Lt.,  R.N.,  d.  aged  20  "of  a  pluracy  just  as  he  was 
going  to  see  his  brother  Robert  "  {Earhton  MS.). 

Fifth  son  of  Sir  Alexander  124a ;  named  Hope,  after  his  grandmother, 
Mary  Hope,  dau.  of  Lord  Craighall.     Grandson  of  William,  1371- 

662a.  Hugh.  1745,  Second  Cap.,  Earl  of  Sutherland's  Mil.  {Add. 
MSS.,  34,736). 

Son  of  John,  of  Carroll ;  father  of  Hugh,  663>  and  Lewis,  1091. 

663.  Hugh.  1757,  Jan.  31,  Lt.,  62nd,  renumbered  77th  Ft.  (Mont- 
gomery's Highlrs.).  1762,  A',  at  Martinique,  during  attack  Jan,  24-7  {A.L., 
1758-62;  J.  P.  Maclean's  Highlanders  in  America,  254;  S.M.,  vol.  24,  p. 
156;  Abd.  Jour.,  Apr.  5). 

Son  of  Hugh,  of  Carroll,  662a,  and  Lucie,  dau.  of  Ludovick  Dunbar,  o^ 
Grange  (Bulloch's  Gordons  of  Invergordon,  103). 

664-  Hugh.  1766,  Mid.,  R.N.,  will,  Sep.  10  {Edinburgh  Test.);  his 
sister  Ann  served  his  heir,  1766,  Jul.  4. 

Only  son  of  Francis,  of  Mill  of  Kincardine  {d.  1747,  Oct. ;  Qr.  Mr.  to  the 
Rebels  in  the  "45,"  and  nephew  of  John,  of  Glencat)  and  Barbara  Rose. 

665-  Hugh.  1796-7,  sailed  from  Gravesend  to  Dominica  via  Barba- 
does  and  got  a  com.  in  the  St.  George's  Lt.  Inf.,  Roseau,  Dominica ;  took 
part  in  a  fight  with  a  French  privateer,  which  carried  off  a  large  sloop  (owned 
by  a  Capt.  of  the  reg.)  laden  with  sugar.  1803,  in  garrison  during  the  in- 
surrection at  Guadaloupe.  1804,  sent  to  Prince  Rupert's  garrison.  1805, 
Feb.-Jun.,  took  part  in  defence  of  Dominica  against  the  French;  "having 
been  exempted  from  military  duty,  I  offered  my  services  as  a  supernumerary 
A.D.C.,  and  was  despatched  with  orders  for  the  light  infantry  of  the  St 
George's  regiment  to  take  part  at  the  river  side  and  defend  the  fort  until 
further  orders  "  ;  returned  to  England  same  year  {Sketches  and  Recollections  of 
the  West  Indies  by  a  Resident  [Hugh  Gordon  ?],  Smith  Elder,  1828  ;  8vo,  pp. 

xii,  330;  PP-  34,  91,  99»  151.  159)- 

Presumably  Hugh  Gordon,  "late  of  Dominica,"  who  ;//.  1807,  Oct.  27, 
at  Macduff",  Catherine  {d.  18 10),  dau.  Rev.  Thomas  Wilson,  minister  of 
Gamrie,  and  had  Rev.  George  (1808-39),  minister  of  Knockando. 

666-7.  Hugh.  i8ii.  Mar.,  Lt.,  5th  N.B.  (Ross)  Mil.  {E.G.,  574),  and 
as  such  was  made  a  hon.  burgess  of  Peebles,  where  the  reg.  was  stationed, 
181 1,  Dec.  26.  1813,  Aug.  26,  Ens.,  ist  Ft.  1814,  April  26,  left  Mussel- 
burgh to  join  the  4th  Batn.  at  Portsmouth ;  May  9,  sailed  for  Quebec  on  the 
"  Leopard  "  which  was  totally  lost  (value  £"100,000)  Jun.  28,  on  a  reef  on  the 
north-east  side  of  the  desert  island  of  Anticosti,  every  one  (875  souls)  how- 
ever getting  ashore  in  rafts  ;  Jul.  10,  rescued,  when  only  three  days'  provisions 
remained,  by  H.M.S.  "Crocodile''  and  taken  to  Quebec,  Jul.  17;  Aug.  12- 


Nov.  2,  down  with  brain  fever  and  dysentry;  Nov.  30,  Lt.  1815,  June  6, 
sailed  on  the  "  Prince  Kutosoph,"  reaching  Spithead  Jul.  15  ;  Jul.  21,  sailed 
on  H.M.S.  "Signet"  for  Ostend ;  Jul.  25,  marched  from  Ostend  to  Clichy 
camp,  Paris  (reached  Aug.  25)  via  Bruges,  Ghent,  Sottegem,  Lessines,  Mons, 
Bavay,  Le  Quesnoy,  Le  Cateau  Cambresis,  Boney  [Bohain  ?],  Peronne, 
Roye,  Gournay,  Pont  Ste.  Maxence,  Louvres,  and  St.  Denis;  Dec.  10, 
marched  to  Calais  (reached  1816,  Jan.  15)  via  Meulan,  Pontoise,  Beaumont, 
Nouville,  Beauvais,  Marseille,  Gordechenoy,  Poet,  Beuro,  Agience,  Abbeville, 
Vroa,  Montreuil,  Samier,  Conduit,  Idumeal,  and  Boulogne.  1816,  Jan.  15, 
superintended  embarkation  of  artillery,  horses,  stores,  etc.,  and  reached  Rams- 
gate  Jan.  18,  after  a  "distressing  voyage,"  during  which  16  "  fine  artillery 
horses  "  died  ;  Jan.  19  marched  to  Dover,  where  the  Batn.  was  disbanded,  Feb. 
I,  when  Gordon  set  out  for  London  which  he  left  Feb.  8,  in  the  smack 
•*  Forth  "  for  Leith,  Feb.  15  (Gordon's  9000-word  journal,  in  possession  of  his 
grandson,  Hugh  Gordon,  110  Cannon  St.,  E.C.,  and  printed  in  the  Aberdeen 
Weekly  Free  Press,  1911,  Aug.  26-Sep.  30);  Mar.  25,  h.p.  {A.L.,  1814-29). 

Third  son  of  Thomas,  J. P.  {d.   181 5),  in  Achnamoine,    Kildonan  (was 

brother  of  Charles,  302)  and ,  dau.  of  Adam  Gordon,  tacksman  ol  Rhenevy  ; 

b.  1792,  Sep.  II ;  m.  (i)  his  cousin  Margaret  {d.  1818,  May  22)  dau.  of 

Gordon,  in  Inchberry  (?),  Tongue;  (2)  1822,  F'eb.  20,  at  F'arr,  Sutherland, 
Annabell  McKay,  Rhiroy,  Farr  {d.  1886,  Jul.  1),  and  had  with  other  children 
Elizabeth,  ;//.  Alexander  Gordon  (1808-92),  Helmsdale,  son  of  John,  farmer 
at  Caen,  Kildonan,  said  to  be  descended  from  a  branch  of  the  Gordons  of 
Carroll.  After  his  retirement,  Gordon  farmed  at  Bad'chlamhain  and  Strath- 
alladale ;  in  1822,  resided  at  Thurso  ;  d.  1828,  Sep.  24,  at  Galwall,  of  apoplexy, 
following  a  paralytic  aflFection  from  which  he  had  suffered  a  year  and  a  half. 
The  Duke  of  Gordon  forwarded  a  memorial  to  the  War  Office  on  behalf  of  a 
pension  and  compassionate  allowances  for  Mrs.  Gordon  and  her  children  ; 
they  were  not  eligible,  Gordon  having  ;//.  after  being  placed  on  h.p.  and  not 
having  previously  served  three  years  on  f.p.  (W.O.  Certif.  and  Letters  Com- 
pass. Futid,  P.R.O. ;  Sage's  Memorabilia  Domestica,  11.  210;  Bulloch's 
Gordons  in  Sutherland,  93).     Brother  of  Charles,  333- 

668-  Hugh.  1817,  Cadet,  H.E.LC.S.  (Bengal).  1819,  Jan.  i,  Lt.,  13th 
N.L  1823,  Adj.,  27th  N.L  2nd  Batn.  1825,  Dep.  Paymr.,  field  force, 
Chittagong.  1826,  Pay  dept.  ;  Dec.  30,  Capt.,  Asst.  to  Comr.,  Arracon 
{E.I.  Reg.,  1818-29). 

Younger  son  of  Thomas,  W.S.,  of  Whitburn  {d.  1845  ;  son  of  Rev. 
Thomas,  Speymouth,  who  was  the  grand  nephew  of  James,  IV.  of  Cairnfield) 
and  Letitia  M'Veagh  (rf.  1814);  6.   i8oo,  Dec.  19,  bap.  Dec.  29;   educated 


at  Mr.  McKay's  academy,  Edinburgh  ;  nominated  for  H.E.I.C.S.,  by  Mr. 
Lumsden,  on  recommendation  of  his  father ;  d.  1829,  Feb.  14,  at  Sandoway, 
in  Arracon  (Bulloch's  Gordons  of  Ca'nnfield,  23,  and  in  Huutly  Express,  19081 
Mar.  13,  20).     Uncle  to  Sir  James  Davidson,  789>  and  Peter  Lawrence,  1158. 

669.  Hugh.  1856,  Mar.  25,  Ens,,  90th  Ft.  1857-8,  served  in  Indian 
Mutiny;  "the  men  of  the  90th  Ft.,  led  by  Col.  Campbell,  after  a  brief  but 
desperate  struggle,  captured  some  guns  outside  Lucknovv,  up  to  which  En- 
signs Gordon  and  Chute  carried  the  colours  "  (A.  M.  Delavoye's  90^^  R^g-i 
140;  Hart's  ^.L.,  1857-9). 

Eldest  son  of  James,  II.  of  Manar;  d.  1858,  May  26,  of  sunstroke  at 
Lucknow,  aged  19  {G.M.,  v.  2nd  N.S.,  p.  312  ;  House  of  Gordon,  11.  (315)). 

670-  Hugh  Hamilton.  1898,  May  15,  Cadet,  R.N. ;  Aug.  15,  Mid. 
1902,  Apr.  15,  Sub.  Lt.     1904,  Jun.  30,  Lt.  {N.L.,  1898-19x0). 

Second  son  of  Douglas  George  Hamilton,  411 ;  b.  1883,  Jun.  14. 

671-  Hugh  Loftus.  1814,  Apr.  28,  Asst.  Commiss.  Gen.  {L.G.,  935); 
previously  one  of  the  Mil.  Offs.  who  volunteered  to  serve  in  1813,  in  line 
regiments.     1815,  h.p.  {A.L.,  1815-34). 

Second  son  of  Alexander,  188- 

672-  Hugh  Mackay.  1775-6,  served  as  a  Volunteer  in  America, 
attached  to  Sir  William  Howe's  head-quarters.  1776,  present  in  actions  Aug. 
22  and  27.  1777,  May  13,  Ens.,  71st  Ft.;  Sep.  11,  served  at  battle  of 
Brandywine.  1778,  Lt.,  i6th  Ft.  1779,  Jan.,  sailed  from  New  York  to  join 
his  reg.  in  Pensacola,  W.  Indies.  1780,  May,  sent  through  the  Indian 
country  to  the  Comdr.  in  Chief  to  solicit  a  reinforcement ;  Maj.  Gen,  Clark, 
comdg.  forces  in  W.  Florida,  wrote  to  Lord  George  Germaine  from  Pensacola, 
May  12,  that  Gordon  had  discharged  his  "duty  much  to  my  ease  and  satis- 
faction, with  clearness,  judgment  and  precision  "  (L.G.,  Oct.  13).  1781,  Jan., 
returned  to  Pensacola;  May,  taken  prisoner  while  acting  as  A.D.C,  to  Gen. 
Campbell;  Jul.  19,  Campbell  wrote  to  Capt.  John  Smelt  from  N.  York 
desiring  him  to  pay  amount  of  "  Lt.  Gordon's  loss  by  shipwreck  "  (Roy. 
Inst.  Piipers,  Hist.  MSS.  Com.,  11.  302) ;  on  being  exchanged  joined  Gen. 
Campbell  at  New  York.  1783,  present  at  the  evacuation;  accompanied 
Campbell  to  Halifax,  continued  as  his  A.D.C.  until  1787,  then  joined  his  reg. 
in  Ireland,  1788,  May  31,  Capt.  1792,  embarked  with  reg.  for  Halifax. 
1793,  May,  W.  Indies.  1794,  returned  to  England;  appt.  A.D.C.  to  Gen. 
Sir  W.  Pitt.  1795,  Jun.,  sailed  on  a  secret  expedition  ;  served  at  capture  of 
Cape  of  Good  Hope.  1796,  went  to  India  with  Gen.  Sir  Alured  Clarke; 
May  14,  Bt.  Maj.  (L.G.,  460) ;  served  with  the  army  during  all  its  operations. 
1798,  Jan.  23,  Q.M.G.,  to  Forces  in  E.  Indies  and  Bt.  Lt.  Col.  {ibid.,  63). 



1799,  Jun.  28,  Maj.,  Inspector  of  Mil.,  Jersey  (ibid.,  625).  1802,  ret.  h.p. 
1803,  A.A.G.,  to  Lt.  Gen.  Sir  James  Craig,  E.  Dist.  1805,  Mil  Sec,  to 
Comdr.  of  Forces  in  Ireland.  1808,  Apr.  25,  Bt.  Col.  18 11,  Jun.  4,  Maj. 
Gen.,  on  the  staff  at  Madeira,  which  he  evacuated  1814,  Oct.  2,  in  consequence 
of  the  peace;  May  2,  Col.,  York  Chasseurs.  1815,  Jun.  25,  appt.  to  the 
Command  S.W.  Dist.,  and  Lt.  Govr.  (act.)  Portsmouth..  1816,  Jan.  2,  Col., 
1 6th  Ft. ;  Mar.  25,  Lt.  Govr.,  Jersey.  1821,  Jul.  19,  Lt.  Gen.{A.L.,  1778- 
1824  ;  Philippart's  Roy.  Mil.  Cal.,  in.  163-4  ;  W.O.  Offs.  Services,  1809-10, 

Fourth  son  of  Alexander,  merchant,  Boston,  Mass.,  and  Jean  Mackay 
{d.  1789),  said  to  be  a  grand  dau.  of  Captain  Mackay  of  Scoury ;  b.  1760; 
bap.  1760,  Sep,  5,  at  Boston;  d.  unw.  1823,  Mar.  12,  in  Dean  Street,  May- 
fair  {G.M.,  vol.  93,  pt.  I,  p.  284);  bur.  in  a  vault  under  St.  James's  Ch., 
Piccadilly  (House  of  Gordon,  i.  (i  16)) ;  had  a  son  James  Wilson,  822-  Por- 
trait by  Opie,  mezzotint  by  Barney,  16  x  11^,  dedicated  to  Sir  Alured  Clarke. 
Brother  of  Alexander,  175,  and  George,  505- 

673.  Hugh  Mackay.  1864,  Feb.  23,  Ens.,  W.  Kent  Rif.  Vols.  {L.G., 
pt.  3,  p.  1258).  1866,  Jan.  24,  Lt.  {ibid.,  pt.  1,  p.  585).  1868,  Mar.  26,  Capt. 
{ibid.,  pt.  3,  p.  2043).  1873,  Mar.  15,  Capt.  Comdt.  {ibid.,  pt.  2,  p.  1508). 
1878,  Feb.  27,  Maj.,  ist  Administrative  Batn. ;  Apr.  i,  res.  Captn.'s  com.  {ibid., 
pt,  2,  p.  960,  pt.  3,  p.  2455).     1886,  May  8,  Col.     1887,  Jan.,  res.  {A.L.,  1880-7). 

Son  of  Adam  (1801-39),  grandson  of  David,  XIV.  of  Abergeldie,  and 
godson  of  Hugh  Mackay,  672;  b.  1826,  Sep.  24;  succeeded  as  XVII.  of 
Abergeldie,  1869;  ;//.  1859,  May  19,  Susan  Amelia,  elder  dau.  of  Charles 
Hewit  Sams,  Lee,  Kent ;  D.L.  Aberdeen,  1900,  Dec.  20  {L.G.,  pt.  6,  p.  8760); 
d.  s.p.  at  the  Courtyard,  Eltham,  1901,  Mar.  19.  Nephew  of  Charles  David, 
350,  and  Robert,  1239;  brother  of  Charles  Vincent,  377;  Cosmo,  388, 
Dundas  William,  420,  J^nd  James  Henry,  802  {House  of  Gordon,  i.  (107)) 

674-  Hugh  Pennycuick.  1886,  Aug.  25,  Lt.,  Argyll  and  Sutherland 
Highlrs,  1895,  Dec.  11,  res.  (Hart's  A.L.,  1887-96).  1901,  Aug.  10,  2nd 
Lt.,  Connaught  Rangers,  4th  Batn.  Served  as  Capt,  with  the  W.  Africa 
frontier  force  in  Nigeria,  and  1904,  Feb.,  engaged  in  command  of  100  rifles 
and  one  gun,  assisting  to  clear  country  between  Idumage,  Obubuku,  and 
Oboru  Uku,  where  much  opposition  was  experienced;  Feb.  15,  Uku  taken, 
the  rearguard  under  Gordon  and  Lt.  Mathers  eventually  getting  in  safely 
with  all  killed  and  wounded  {A.L.,  1901-4;  Times,  Mar.  14). 

Son  of  William  Fraser  Forbes,  1496;  b.  1866,  Jul.  16;  educated  at 
Anglesey  (1878-83)  and  Wellington  Coll.  {Reg.,  3);  d.  1904,  Jul.  8,  in  St, 
Thomas's  Hospital,  London,  from  the  effects  of  dysentry  {Times). 


675-  Huntly.  1855,  Apr.  15,  Ens.  and  Adj.,  50th  Ft.  1856-7,  res. 
{W.O.A.L.,  P.R.O.).     1857,  Nov.,  living  at  Dalcraig,  near  Gortlich,  Inverness. 

676-  Huntly.  1907,  Jan.  15,  2nd  Lt,  King's  Own  (R.  Lane.  Reg.)  3rd 
Batn.     1908,  Dec.  16,  2nd  Lt.,  Wore.  Reg.  {A.L.,  1909-10).     Son  of  Robert, 


677-  Huntly  Fleetwood.  1899,  J^"-  25,  2nd  Lt.  Unat.  1900,  Mar.  12, 
LS.C.  1901,  Apr.  25,  Ind.  army;  Jul.  14,  Squadron  Off.,  i8th  Tiwana  Lcrs. 
1904,  Feb.  12 — 1907,  Jul.  12,  A.D.C,  to  Maj.  Gen.  G.  L.  R.  Richardson. 
1908,  Jan.  25,  Capt.  {A.L.  and  I.A.L.,  1899-1910).  Portrait  in  The  Graphic, 
1911,  May  12. 

Son  of  John  Charles  Frederick,  1020;  b.  1880,  Mar.  21,  bap.  Apr.  26  at 
Sitapur,  Oudh ;  m.  1908,  Feb.  26,  at  Lismore  Cathedral,  Constance  Louise, 
3rd  dau.  of  Col.  H.  F.  Cotton,  late  Gordon  Highlrs.,  The  Hall,  Lismore,  and 
has  a  son  b.  1908,  Dec.  23,  at  Rawal  Pindi,  Punjab. 

678-  Huntly  George.  1841,  Dec.  31,  Asst.  Surg.,  95th  Ft.  1853, 
Apr.  22,  Surg.,  69th  Ft.  1861,  Dec.  31,  Surg.  Maj.  1867,  Mar.  9,  Dep. 
Insp.  Gen.  of  Hosp.  1876,  Apr.  28,  Insp.  Gen.,  afterwards  Surg.  Gen.  1880, 
Aug.  2,  ret.  (Hart's  A.L.,  1842-89). 

Son  of  John,  960;  b.  1820,  Aug.  2;  M.D.  Edin.  1841 ;  m.  (i)  1847,  Feb. 
24,  at  Colombo,  Julia  Stanley  Grantham  (6.  1825),  and  had  Charlotte 
Emily,  b.  1848,  d.  of  fever  and  bur.  1869,  Aug.  26,  at  Meerut;  m.  (2)  Eliza- 
beth Gregory,  and  had  Mary  Dorothea,  b.  1868,  Nov.  20,  bap.  Dec.  24  at 
Meerut,  bur.  there  1869,  Oct.  8,  and  John  Huntley,  1044  (W.O.^  Offs.  Urges., 
P.R.O.).     Gordon  d.  1888,  Nov.  8,  in  London. 

679.  Huntley  Pryse.  1885,  Jun.  9,  Capt.,  S.L  Ry.  Rif.  Vols.  (Madras 
A.L.,  1885). 

Only  son  of  George  Huntley  (i  796-1868),  Sir  Walter  Scott's  amanuensis, 
who  was  the  son  of  Pryse  Lockhart,  1164;  b.  1841,  Feb.  2 ;  educated  at  New 
College,  London  and  Trinity  College,  Dublin  ;  Madras  Civil  Service,  1860-87  ; 

m.   1862,  Oct.   16,  Hester  Elizabeth {b.  1840,  Jul.   2),  and  has  Kathleen 

Hester,  b.  1865,  Sep.  16,  bap.  Dec.  31,  at  Coimbatore ;  twin  sons  Huntley 
Pryse  and  George  Huntley,  b.  1866,  Sep.  5,  bap.  Sep.  16,  at  Ootacamund,  d. 
respectively  Sep.  16  and  Nov.  19,  same  year  (7.0.  Rec.) ;  resides  at  Romans, 
Southall,  near  London. 

680-  Ivan  Hugh.  1900,  Jan  17,  2nd  Lt,  Unatt.  1 901,  Apr.  14,  LS.C. 
1902,  Apr.  17,  Lt.  Ind.  Army  ;  May  29,  Double  Coy.  Off.  ;  took  part  in  opera- 
tions against  the  Darwesh  Khel  Waziris.  1909,  Mar.  2,  Capt.  {A.L.  and 
I.A.L.,  1900-10). 

Third  son  of  Donald  Clunes  {b.   1842),   I.C.S.,  and  great-grandson  of 


Joseph,  W.S.,  last  laird  of  Carroll;  b.  1880,  May  8 ;  m.  1907,  Jun.  22,  at 
Simla,  Hilda  Louisa  Elton,  dau.  of  Sidney  L.  T.  Widdrington  (Bulloch's 
Gordons  of  Invergordon,  113).     Brother  of  Macleod  James,  1109. 

681-  J-  1803,  Lt.,  his  plans  (130  yds.  to  the  inch)  of  the  new  settle- 
ment at  Balambangan,  North  of  Borneo,  and  for  the  defence  of  the  outer  harbour 
of  Penang  are  in  the  British  museum  {Add.  MSS.,  13909  d.e.  13910  b). 

682-3.     J.     1862,  Jan.  10,  Lt,  ist  Punjab  Rif.  Vols.  (BengaM.L.,  1862-6). 

684-  J.  D.  Jun.  10,  Lt.,  Allahabad  Light  Horse  Vols.  (Bengal  A.L., 

685-  J.  D.  R.  1808,  Feb.  II  or  23,  Ens.,  5th  Ft.  {W.O.,  A.L.,  1808, 
M.S.  note  P.R.O. ;  L.G.,  p.  166).  1808,  Feb.  11,  wrote  to  Viscount  Castlereagh 
from  3  Beaufort  Buildings,  Strand,  referred  to  three  previous  letters  sent  and 
unanswered,  concerning  plans  and  mformation  in  his  possession,  relative  to 
New  Spain,  and  added  that  he  was  at  a  loss  to  know,  to  what  he  was  to  attri- 
bute Castlereagh's  silence ;  refers  to  "  the  considerable  expense  of  living  in 
London  ,  .  .  in  suspense  how  to  act,"  and  states  "  when  I  last  waited  on  Gen. 
Stewart  (your  Lordship's  brother),  he  gave  me  hopes  that  I  would  be  put  under 
your  protection  and  .  .  .  receive  a  Commission  in  the  Army  after  I  had  com- 
municated the  information  .  .  .  and  directed  that  I  might  have  pecuniary 
assistance  .  .  .  now  I  find  my  application  on  that  subject  to  be  in  vain."  This 
letter  is  marked  on  the  back  "See  Gordon  and  let  him  have  £"100  for  his 
plans,  etc.,  and  when  at  the  Horse  Guards,  see  about  his  Ensigncy  ...  I 
have  some  doubt  about  Gordon  ;  he  is  not,  I  fear,  very  correct,  whether  fit  for 
gentlemen's  society  ".  Gordon  wrote  again  from  the  same  address  on  F^eb.  15, 
requesting  an  interview  or  an  answer ;  refers  to  part  of  his  plans  and  informa- 
tion already  delivered  at  Lord  Castlereagh's  house  and  to  further  important 
information  and  plans  which  he  had  severely  suffered  in  obtaining  : — 

If  considered  unworthy  your  attention,  you  ought  to  have  the  candour  to  inform  me,  as 
the  laws  of  common  civility  ought  to  be  kept  sacred  by  all  classes  of  men. 

In  his  next  letter,  which  is  dated  Mar.  8,  Gordon  writes: — 

I  feel  very  grateful  for  what  your  Lordship  has  done  for  me  respecting  my  commission, 
but  ...  it  is  entirely  out  of  my  power  to  join  my  Regt.,  and  furnish  myself  with  the  precise 
necessaries  an  officer  requires  without  assistance.  I  therefore  hope  .  .  .  that  you  will  grant  me 
the  little  assistance  I  need  .  .  .  and  having  once  joined  my  regt.,  ...  I  will  be  able  to  con- 
duct myself  with  all  the  economy  and  honourable  procedure  which  dignify  an  officer.  ;^I50  or 
;^2oo.will  enable  me  to  acquit  myself  with  my  creditors  in  town  and  join  my  regt.  with  a  re- 
spectable equipage  ...  I  am  now  preparing  my  plans  of  providing  for  and  sheltering  an  army 
in  New  Spain  and  likewise  the  observat'ons  I  made  during  my  stay  in  Cuba  the  whole  of  May 
and  part  of  June  last ;  to  which  subject  I  can  solemnly  affirm  that  there  is  not  a  Spaniard  nor 
d^ny  other  person  in  this  country  that  can  be  of  more  service  than  myself, 


To  this  Gordon  received  a  letter  dated  Downing  St.,  Mar.  lo :  "Upon 
your  stating  in  writing  that  you  are  prepared  to  join  your  Regt.,  Lord  Castle- 
reagh  will  make  an  advance  to  you  of  ;fi5o,  which  you  are,  however,  to  con- 
sider as  the  utmost  to  which  he  can  extend  his  assistance.  ...  In  the 
meantime  you  will  transmit,  when  finished,  the  papers  to  which  you  allude  in 
your  letter  ".     Gordon,  replying  on  Mar,  14,  says  : — 

I  have  to  acquaint  you  that,  as  it  is  the  desire  of  the  Marquess  of  Huntly  that  I  may  be 
exchanged  from  the  5th  Foot  into  his  regt.,  the  42nd,  and  that  he  will  be  in  town  on  Friday 
next,  when  he  will  recommend  me  to  H.R.H.,  the  Comm.  in  Chief  for  that  purpose,  I  shall 
therefore  need  the  above-mentioned  sum,  as  soon  as  it  may  be  convenient  to  you,  as  I  will 
immediately  join  the  2nd  Battn.  of  the  42nd  at  Fort  George,  unless  I  obtain  the  King's 
licence,  as  I  do  not  wish  to  lose  my  Commission  by  being  superseded,  as  it  is  now  near  a  month 
since  I  was  appointed. 

It  appears  that  Gordon  had  been  employing  Andrew  Tod,  47  Bedford  St., 
Covent  Garden,  to  do  the  work.     Tod  wrote  to  Gen.  Stewart  on  May  16  : — 

At  the  beginning  of  December  last  I  received  a  note  from  Mr.  Ridgway,  a  bookseller  in 
Piccadilly  .  .  .  informing  me  that  a  Mr.  Gordon,  in  Duke  St.,  St.  James's,  wanted  a  person  to 
make  some  plans  for  him  on  an  emergency.  I  next  day  waited  on  Mr.  Gordon  and  agreed  to 
do  what  he  required.  I  began  by  making  at  my  own  lodgings  a  plan  of  the  City  and  harbour 
of  New  Vera  Cruz,  from  a  very  imperfect  sketch  he  furnished  me  with.  He  next  requested  I 
would  at  his  lodgings  make  plans  of  the  Country  of  New  Spam  .  .  .  and  continued  in  his 
employment  until  the  latter  end  of  March  last,  making  plans  and  writing  a  description  of  the 
country,  which  I  left  at  my  Lord  Castlereagh's  in  St.  James's  Square.  .  .  .  Mr.  Gordon 
furnished  me  with  no  documents  ...  he  merely  expressed  tome  the  distance  of  one  town  from 
another.  .  .  .  The  roads  and  rivers  were  delineated  without  any  given  angles  or  other  data. 
The  figures  expressing  the  soundings  set  forth  on  the  plan  of  the  harbour,  were  put  down 
without  the  assistance  of  any  memorandum  of  actual  soundings  taken  on  the  spot.  ...  I 
understand  that  Mr.  Gordon  said  he  made  the  whole  of  the  plans  himself  and  that  1  only  put 
a  little  colour  upon  them,  and  also  that  I  only  wrote  the  description  verbatim,  as  he  expressed 
himself  to  me  ;  but  I  can  most  solemnly  assure  you  it  is  not  the  fact.  Mr.  Gordon  never  even 
put  a  pencil  upon  the  plans  ...  So  far  from  being  capable  of  making  plans,  he  is  totally 
unacquainted  with  mathematics  and  geometry,  nor  does  he  know  how  to  use  any  mathematical 
instrument,  and  as  to  the  description  of  the  country,  he  only  mentioned  the  heads  and  left  it  to 
me  to  clothe  it  in  what  language  I  thought  proper.  For  all  my  labours  he  only  paid  me  £22, 
and  gave  me  his  acceptance  at  a  month  for  ;^io  more,  which  bill  he  has  not  honoured,  al- 
though due  on  the  12th. 

Gordon  wrote  two  days  later  to  Lord  Castlereagh,  from  Anderton's 
Coffee  House,  soliciting  a  private  interview  without  which  "  I  cannot  have  it 
in  my  power  to  join  my  regt.  in  Ireland,  nor  depart  from  London  ".  Pre- 
sumably by  now  he  must  have  been  aware  of  Tod's  disclosures,  as  he  sent 
another  letter  dated  May  24,  expressing  his  desire  for  an  interview 


in  which  [he]  intended  to  lay  before  you  ...  his  lamenta'Ie  history,  in  order  that  you 
might  be  aware  that  you  are  slighting  and  treating  with  so  much  contempt  ...  an  innocent 
distressed  young  man  .  .  .  crushed,  persecuted  and  banished  from  his  native  land.  ...  1  am 
innocent,  and  beg  you  will  be  so  good  as  to  let  me  know,  if  I  am  to  experience  your  protection 
or  not ;  il  that  be  the  case  I  am  willing  to  resign  the  commission  .  .  .  and  return  ihe  £^50 
I  have  received  since  I  came  home  to  England  ;  if  you  ,  .  .  consider  me  of  any  service  to  my 
country,  I  am  very  willing  to  comply  with  your  wishes,  if  you  will  treat  me  with  humanity. 

Gen.  Stewart  wrote  to  Gordon,  May  26  :  "I  apprehend  the  remuneration 
you  have  already  received  more  than  compensated  for  any  information  you 
conveyed  to  Government,  and  I  have  not  at  present  any  further  occasion  for 
your  services";  Feb.   18,  res.  com.  (W.O.,  In  Letti ;  nt  War,  Misc. 

IV.O.  A.L.,  1808,  MS.  note,  P.R.O.). 

"The  unfortunate  son  of  a  very  distinguished  nobleman." 
686.  J.  L.  Border  Mtd.  Rif.  Vols.,  Natal,  Lt.,  1903,  Oct.  11  ;  Capt. 
1905,  Nov.  15;  served  in  S.  African  war;  1899,  operations  in  Natal,  actions 
at  Rietfontein  and  Lombard's  Kop ;  defence  of  Ladysmith,  sortie  Dec.  7,  and 
action  1900,  Jan.  6;  operations  in  Natal,  Mar. — Jun.,  action  at  Laing's  Nek. 
1901,  Sep. — Oct.,  operations  on  Zululand  frontier  of  Natal;  in  Transvaal, 
Orange  River  Colony  and  Cape  Colony  {A.L.,  1906). 

687-  Sir  James,  Admiral  of  the  Scots  fleet,  J 513,  Jul.  27,  James 
IV.  sent  his  navy  to  assist  Lewis  of  France.  Gordon  was  appointed  "  general! 
of  that  fleett,  by  reasone  of  the  confidence  which  the  King  had  in  his  fidelitie 
and  valour  "  {Earls  of  Sutherland,  86  ;  William  Gordon's  Illustrious  Family 
of  Gordon,  i.  107). 

Younger  son  of  George,  2nd  Earl  of  Huntly,  469;  Laird  of  Letterfourie. 
He  is  said  to  have  had  a  great-grandson,  Solomon  Gordon,  commissioner  for 
inspection  of  the  Swiss  Regiment  in  the  service  of  the  Dutch  States-General, 
who  was  the  father  of  Gertrude  Gordon  (6.  1669),  a  Dutch  poet  {Biographisch. 
Woordcubock  der  Nederlatiden,  vol.  7,  p.  293). 

688-  James.  1526,  July  25,  took  part  in  the  defeat  near  Melrose  of 
Sir  Walter  Scott  of  Branxholm  in  his  attempt  to  free  King  James  from  the 
power  of  the  Douglases  (Lord  Treasurer's  Accounts,  v.  385).  1547,  Sep.  10, 
k.  at  Pinkie  ;  "  deceissit  vndir  our  baner  in  the  feild  of  pynkecleuch  "  (Stichill 
Inventory,  3). 

Eldest  son  of  Sir  Robert,  of  Lochinvar,  captain  of  the  Castle  of  Douglas, 
1537-42  ;  ///.  1520,  Margaret,  only  dau.  of  Robert  Crichton  of  Kirkpatrick,  by 
whom  he  acquired  lands  in  Glencairn  {Scots  Peerage,  v.  106-10). 

689-  James.  1640,  Jul.  6,  the  War  Committee  ordained  him  to  "  goe 
upon  service  in  the  publict,  as  the  fourth  Captaine,"  and  "to  h.ive  the  sogers 
leviat  out  of  the  parochess  of  Carsfarne,  Dairy,  Balmaclellan,  Kelles,  Partowen, 


and  Balmaghie  and  furth  of  the  paroche  of  Tungland,  one,  and  of  these  that 
are  to  be  leviat  under  the  water  of  Urr,  fourtie,  quhilk  will  complete  thair 
numbers  "  (Minute  Book  of  the  War  Committee  of  the  Covenanters  in  the 
Stewartry  of  Kirkcudbright,  pp.  5,  118).  1654,  Jul,  18,  Col.,  prisoner  of  war 
on  bail,  suspected  of  having  helped  the  escape  of  Col.  Robert  Montgomery  ; 
detained  at  Hull  (State  Papers  Domestic,  Interregnum,  1654,  vol.  75,  p.  437, 
P.R.O.  and  Earlston  MS.). 

Fourth  son  of  John,  I.  of  Earlston  and  Mary  Chalmers  ;  d.  s.p.  1654,  at 
Hull  (Earlston  MS.). 

690-  James.  1643-4,  Jan.  Lt.  Col.,  Col.  William  Stuart's  Dgns., 
served  under  the  Earl  of  Manchester,  until  reduction.  1645,  Jun.  30,  peti- 
tioned that  his  accounts  should  be  audited  in  order  that  he  might  receive 
satisfaction  for  his  arrears,  as  other  Scottish  Offrs.  (Hist.  MSS.  Com.,  6th 
Report,  p.  66).  His  name  appears  in  a  List  of  Officers  claiming  to  the 
£60,000  granted  by  His  Majesty  for  the  Relief  of  His  Truly  Loyal  and 
Indigent  Party  (p.  78),  where  he  certified  as  "of  London  and  Westminster  ". 
This  list  was  printed  for  Henry  Brome,  at  the  Gun,  Ivy  Lane,  and  Ann  Seile, 
over  against  St,  Dunstan's  Ch.,  P'leet  Street,  1663,  "in  consideration  of  many 
worthy  persons  brought  into  great  distress  for  their  fidelity  ". 

691.  James.  1641-9,  Chaplain,  Lord  Montgomery's  Reg.,  served  in 
Ireland  during  Ulster  rebellion  (Irish  Exchequer  Bills,  1682-3,  Nov.  25,  p. 
83,  A. ;  Inrolments,  Exchequer  Office,  Dublin,  11.  17  ;  Inrolments  of  Adjudica- 
tions,— arrears  of  Commissioned  Offs.,  who  served  Charles  I.  or  Charles  II. 
in  the  Wars  of  Ireland  before  1649,  J""-  S»  i"  favour  of  the  1649  Offs., 
formerly  denominated  "the  49  Lots"  P.R.O. — O'Hart'sLaw^^^  Irish  Gentry, 
1889,  p.  389). 

Son  of  Alexander,  of  Salterhill,  Elgin  (dead  by  1649)  ;  minister  at  Comber, 
Co.  Down;  ;//.  Marie,  dau.  of  Rev.  James  Symson,  minister  of  Airth, 
and  widow  of  Rev.  Hugh  Binning,  minister  of  Govan  (d.  1653) ;  had  at  least 
one  dau.,  Eli;?abeth,  who  m.  Lt.  Packington  ;  supposed  to  be  the  ancestor  of 
the  Gordons  of  Sheepbridge ;  treated  at  length  by  J.  M.  Bulloch  in  Banffshire 
Herald,  1910,  Aug  20,  26 — Sep.  4,  17,  24;  and  by  Philip  Crossle  in  the 
Ballymena  Observer,  191 1,  Apr.  14,  21,  28. 

692-  James.  1649,  Off.  in  Ireland  (O'Hart's  Irish  Landed  Gentry, 
1887,  p.  389;  Inrolments,  Exchequer  Office,  Dublin,  11.  30,  55). 

693-  James.  1663,  or  earlier,  Maj.,  Gen.  L.  King's  Ft.;  his  name 
appears  in  a  List  of  Officers  claiming  to  the  £60,000  granted  by  His  Majesty 
for  the  Relief  of  His  Truly  Loyal  and  Indigent  Party  (H.  Brome,  p.  78, 
pub.  1663). 


694.     James.     1678,  Ens.,  Col.  Edward  Villiers'  Ft.  (Dalton's  A.L.,  1. 


695-  James.  1688,  Oct.  2,  Ens.,  Independent  Coy.  of  Ft.  (Dalton's 
A.L.,  II.  180). 

696-  James.  1689,  Capt.,  Viscount  of  Kenmure's  Ft.  (Dalton's  .<4.L., 
III.  94). 

Eldest  son  of  James  of  Craichlaw ;  his  name  appears  with  other  ofTs.  in  a 
contract  with  some  merchants  in  Edinburgh,  for  the  supplying  of  uniforms  to 
the  reg,,  dated  there  1689,  Jun.  24,  registered  1690,  Apr.  22  {Reg.  of  Deeds, 
Mackenzie  Office,  vol.  65) ;  w.  Janet  Dunbar  of  Baldone,  and  had  James, 
699;  will,  1691,  Feb.  4  {Edinburgh  Test.).     Brother  of  William,  1377- 

697-  James.  1690,  Maj.,  in  the  retinue  of  King  James  II.  in  Ireland 
(O'Hart's  Irish  Landed  Gentry,  1887,  p.  505). 

698-  James.  1693,  Aug.  20,  Ens.,  25th  (Earl  of  Leven's)  Ft.,  dated  at 
Lennick ;  not  in  1694  (Dalton's  A.L.,  111.  334). 

699.  James.  1696,  Cornet,  Wigtonsh.  Troop  of  Horse.  1709,  Feb. 
23,  2nd  Lt.,  23rd  Ft.,  Roy.  Welsh  Fus.  {MS.  A.L.,  1709,  p.  37,  P.R.O.). 
1709-11,  took  part  in  the  campaign  in  Flanders,  from  whence  he  wrote  home 
many  letters,  gives  date  of  com.  as  ist  Lt.,  17 11,  Jan.  13,  states  "that  his 
Captain's  Commission  cost  him  near  £40  "  and  describes  himself  as  •'  the  6th 
Subaltern  officer  and  the  only  Scotchman  in  the  regiment ".  Ddhon  {A.L., 
VI.  342)  states  he  was  serving  as  ist  Lt.,  171 5,  Jun.  i. 

Son  of  James,  696;  was  VIII.  and  last  laird  of  Craiglaw;  b.  1677  ;  d.s.p. 
1734,  Nov.  24;  succeeded  by  his  nephew  William  Wallace  of  Galrigge. 

700  James.  1704,  Aug.  25,  Ens.,  26th  Ft.  {MS.  A.L.,  1709,  p.  41, 
P.R.O.).     1715,  Dec.  13,  Lt.  {MS.  A.L.,  1717,  p.  251  ;  Dalton's  A.L.,  v.  89, 

v«-  345)- 

701-2.  James.  1705-6,  Feb.,  Lt.,  Mar's  Reg.  (Highland  Coy.)  "  in  place 
of  him  that's  dead  "  {Correspondence  of  the  Earls  of  Leven  and  Melville,  11. 
146);  transferred  to  Col.  William  Grant's  Coy.  1707,  Dec.  24,  reduced  to 
ensign's  pay,  with  another  Lt.,  "  being  resolved  to  run  an  equal  loss  in  said  re- 
duction for  bygones  and  in  time  coming,  until  the  seniority  of  our  commissions 
be  determined  friendly  and  legally  ;  therefore  authorise  John  Innes,  agent  for 
the  company,  to  divide  in  his  accompts  with  us  the  lieutenant's  and  ensign's 
pay  of  said  company,  by  equal  halves  betwixt  us,  as  well  subsistence  as 
arrears  from  Dec.  24,  1707,  onwards  until  either  of  us  report  to  him  the 
seniority  of  our  commissions"  (dated  17 12,  Feb.  20).  1714,  Dec.  7,  still  in 
Coy.  (Dalton's  .(4  .L.,  vi.  219;  Lady  TuUibardine's  Mil.  Hist,  of  Perthshire, 
1660-1902,  pp.  46,  47). 


Younger  son  of  Patrick,  I.  of  Badenscoth  ;  laird  of  Barnes  ;  m.  Margaret 
Moir  and  had  issue  {House  of  Gordon,  u.  (354)). 

703.  James.  1739,  Jan.  18,  Surg.  Mate,  R.N.,  "Russell"  {Adm.  Offs. 
appt.  by  N.  Board,  Surgeons  Qtialifications,  P.R.O.). 

704-  James.  1739,  entered  merchant  service,  afterwards  R.N.,  served 
as  Ab.  and  Mid.,  "  Duke  ".  1746,  Dec.  4,  passed  as  Lt.,  aged  25  {Adm.  N. 
Board,  Lts.  Passing  Certif.,  P.R.O.).  1758,  Apr.  10,  2nd  Lt.,  "London". 
1759,  Mar.  II,  paid  off..  Mar.  12,  h.p. — 1785  {Adm.  Half  Pay  Lists,  P.R.O.). 

Son  of  John,  of  Kinellar ;  b.  1720;  d.  1785,  Sep.  22,  at  Edinburgh  {ibid., 
S.M.,  vol.  47,  p.  468 ;  House  of  Gordon,  11.  (253)). 

705-  James.  1740,  petitioned  the  Duke  of  Newcastle  "for  a  commis- 
sion in  any  of  His  Majesty's  regiments  where  there  is  greatest  appearance  of 
of  service  " ;  described  himself  as  "  Cadett,  N.B.  Fuziliers,"  previously  in 
Scots  Greys  for  seven  years  {Add.  MSS.,  B.M.,  33054,  f.  133). 

Son  of  James,  of  Tillyfour  (killed  in  the  rebellion  of  17 15),  who  was 
younger  son  of  James,  IL  of  Auchlyne  ;  succeeded  as  IH.  of  Auchlyne  {House 
of  Gordon,  11.  (371)). 

706-  James.  1745,  Sep.  8,  Lt.,  Sir  William  Pepperell's  Ft. ;  reg.  dis- 
banded before  1751  {MS.  ^.L.,  1742-3,  P.R.O.).  Pepperell  "distinguished 
himself  in  1745,  as  Comdr.  of  the  Colonial  force  which  captured  Louisburg  ". 

707-  James.  1747,  Captain's  servant,  R.N.,  "  Tryal  "  sloop,  "  Syren  " 
and  "Eagle";  Ab.  and  Mid.,  "Success".  1754,  Nov.  13,  passed  as  Lt., 
aged  22  {Adm.  N.  Board  Lts.  Passing  Certif,  P.R.O.).  1760  (or  earlier)  3rd 
Lt.,  "Lynn";  Jun.  12,  discharged;  Jun.  13,  h.p.;  Aug.  i,  ist  Lt.,  "Pem- 
broke". 1761,  Mar.  14,  discharged;  Mar.  15,  h.p.;  Nov.  18,  Comdr., 
"  Barbadoes  "  sloop,  Leeward  Islands.  1762,  Jan.  i,  h.p.  ;  Sep.  27,  "Grace" 
cutter;  Dec  8,  discharged;  Dec.  9,  h.p.  1763,  Nov.  27,  "Alarm"  cutter, 
in  which  he  gave  a  passage  (1764,  Aug.  10-29)  from  Kirkwall  to  Belfast  to 
Ann  Corbet,  who  was  bolting  from  her  husband,  James  Fea,  of  Clestrain, 
cousin  of  the  captor  of  Gow,  the  pirate  (Fea's  Real  Captain  Cleveland,  p.  217). 
1766,  Jul.  I,  h.p.  1776,  Apr.  15,  d.;  left  a  widow  Jane  {Adm.  Half  Pay 
Lists,  P.R.O.). 

708-  James.  1751,  Ab.,  R.N.,  "Salisbury";  later  "  Principa " ; 
Mid.,  "  Saphire  "  ;  Master's  Mate,  "  Berwick  "  ;  Mid.,  "  Cambridge  "  ;  Master's 
Mate,  "  Devonshire  '\  1757,  Dec.  14,  passed  as  Lt.,  aged  36  {Adm.  N. 
Board  Lts.  Passing  Certif.,  P.R.O.).  1762,  Jul.  24,  3rd  Lt.,  "  Temeraire  "  ; 
Aug.  17,  2nd  Lt.  1763,  Aug.  10,  paid  off;  Aug.  11,  h.p.  1764,  Mar.  10, 
granted  twelve  months  leave  to  Georgia  and  S.  Carolina  in  the  merchant 
service  ;  returned  by  Nov.  i.  1765,  Jan.  28,  similar  leave;  returned  by  Sep. ; 
Oct.  7,  similar  leave  to  Teneriffe  and  S.  Carolina.     1766,  Jul.  12,  returned  ; 



Sep.,  similar  leave.  1767,  Feb.,  returned;  Mar.,  similar  leave;  Sep., 
returned;  Oct.,  similar  leave.  1768,  Jun.,  returned;  July  28,  similar  leave  to 
Malaga  and  Port  au  Prince  ;  time  of  return  not  stated.  1769,  Apr.  4,  similar 
leave  to  S.  Carolina.  1770,  Mar.,  returned;  Sep.  29,  "Defence".  1771, 
May  29,  paid  off;  May  30,  h.p. ;  Aug.  8,  Comdr.,  "  Endeavour"  bark.  1773, 
Sep.  15,  paid  off;  Sep.  16,  h.p.  ;  Nov.  23,  Comdr.,  "  Endeavour,"  went  to  the 
Falklands.  1774,  Oct.  22,  paid  off;  Oct.  23,  h.p.  1776,  Apr.  20,  "  Boulogne  " 
hulk;  Dec.  24,  h.p.  1778,  Aug.  6,  "Lenox".  1779,  Apr.  9,  paid  off;  Apr. 
ID,  h.p.  {Adm.  Half  Pay  Lists,  P.R.O.).  1781,  Oct.  20,  d.  at  Greenwich 
(G.A/.,  vol.  51,  p.  492). 

709-  Rev.  James.  1757,  Jan.  12,  Chaplain,  21st  Ft.  1759,  Oct.  23, 
granted  three  months  absence  on  private  affairs.  1777,  Apr.  15,  appt.  ends 
{MS.  A.L.,  1752,  p.  228,  W.O.  Notifications,  P.R.O. ;  A.L.,  1754-77).  1778, 
Sep.  26 — 1783,  N.  Fencibles  {L.G. ;  A.L.,  1754-83).  1788,  Jul.  5,  Chaplain, 
Fort  George,  salary  £105  5s.  {L.G.,  318).  1797,  Apr.  12,  res.  {A.L.,  1789- 
97).  1800,  Jan.  19,  or  Mar.  8,  re-appt.  (G.A/,,  vol.  70,  p.  275)  at  request  of 
the  Duchess  of  Gordon  (Gordon  Castle  Papers).  1803,  Dec.  res.  {G.M.,  vol. 
73,  p.  1248;  A.L.,  1801-4). 

Son  of  George  (1698-1768),  of  Fifthpart  of  Dundurcus,  to  whom  he  was 
served  heir,  1780;  b.  1728  ;  student,  Marischal  Coll.,  174 1-5;  licen.  by  presb. 
Aberdeen,  1752,  Aug.  12  ;  pres.  parish  of  Bellie  by  Ale.xander,  Duke  of  Gordon, 
1769,  adm.  1770,  Mar.  14 ;  m.  Margaret  {d.  1792,  Apr.  14),  dau.  of  Rev  James 
Lumsden,  Towie,  and  had  Alexander,  189,  Jane,  and  Mary  Jane.  Gordon  d. 
1809,  Jan.  30,  in  his  82nd  year;  appears  in  A.L.,  1763-70,  as  "Joseph" 
(family  described  by  J.  M.  Bulloch,  Banffshire  Herald,  1907,  Aug.  31). 
Possibly  brother  of  John,  891- 

710-  James.  1758,  Aug.  23,  Master  at  Arms,  R.N.,  "Cambridge"; 
appt.  given  at  English  harbour,  Antigua,  employed  at  Barbadoes  and  Lee- 
ward Islands  [Adm.  Sec.  Reg.,  P.R.O.). 

711-  James.  1759,  Oct.  15,  Ens.,  89th  Ft.  1762,  Mar.  30,  Lt.  1763, 
h.p.;  Oct.  26,  Lt.,48th  Ft.(^.L.,  1761-1808;  W.O.,A.L.,  P.R.O.,  1763,  MS. 
note;  W.O.  Notifications,  P.R.O. ;  S.M.,  vol.  25,  p.  695).  1807,  name  erased 
in  MS.  from  h.p.  89th  Ft.  {W.O.  A.L.,  P.R.O.). 

712.  James.  1761,  Oct.  21,  Capt.,  iisth  Ft.  ^{W.O.  Notifications, 
P.R.O.).  1763,  h.p.  on  reduction.  1777,  Aug.  29,  Bt.  Maj. ;  Dec.  16  or 
1778,  Jul.  25,  Maj.,  8oth  Ft.  {ibid.;  L.G.).  Served  in  America,  taken 
prisoner.  1780,  member  of  Court  Martial  which  tried  Lt.  Col.  Thomas, 
accused  at  New  York  of  libelling  Col.  Cosmo  Gordon,  384-  1 782,  Feb.  5,  signed 
warrants  for  subsistence  of  British  and  German  prisoners  in  Pennsylvania 
{Roy.  Inst.  Papers,  Hist.  MSS.  Com.,  11.  395).     1782,  May  27  and  Jun,  3, 


wrote  from  Lancaster  to  Sir  Guy  Carleton  and  to  the  Chevalier  de  la 
Luzerne,  touching  Capt.  Asgill,  who  was  seized  by  the  Americans  as  a 
sacrifice  for  the  defeat  of  Huddy.  1783,  P'eb.  19,  Bt.  Lt.  Col.,  further  cor- 
respondence ;  Asgill  was  released  through  Gordon's  instrumentality,  his 
mother  wrote  a  letter  of  thanks  which  did  not  reach  New  York  until  after  his 
death  (A.L.,  1763-84;  Spencer  Papers,  Hist.  MSS.  Com.,  p.  20;  S.M.,  vol. 
45.  P-  670). 

Elder  son  of  James,  H.  of  Ellon  (d.  1749)  and  Elizabeth  Glen  ;  succ.  his 
father  1750;  sold  estate  to  Lord  Aberdeen,  1752,  in  which  year  he  petitioned 
for  a  writership  in  the  H.E.LC. ;  d.  unin.  1783,  at  Morris  House,  Kingbridge, 
near  New  York  {S.M.,  vol.  45,  p.  670  ;  J.  M.  Bulloch  in  Aberdeen  Free  Press, 
1903  ;  Htmtly  Express,  1906,  Dec.  7,  1908,  May  15).     Brother  of  Andrew,  246. 

713-  James.  1770,  Dec.  27  or  1771,  Jan.  10,  Ens.,  19th  Ft.  [W.O. 
Notifications,  P.R.O, ;  L.G. ;  A.L.,  1771).  Name  erased  in  A.L,  1771,  MS. 
alteration ;  entry  in  Notification  Bk.  marked  "  stop't.  by  Lord  Barrington's 
order":  "does  not  accept"  in  MS.  {W.O.  A.L.,  P.R.O. ,  1771). 

714-  James.  i77i,Jan.  25,  or  Apr.  i,  Ens.,  26th  ¥t.  {W.O.  Notifica- 
tions, P.R.O.;  L.G.).  Served  in  America;  taken  prisoner  before  1776, 
Mar.  19,  when  York  was  decided  upon  as  his  place  of  residence  {Pennsylvania 
in  the  War  of  the  Revolution,  1775-93,  ed.  W.  H.  Egle,  Harrisburg,  1890,  i. 
512).  1777,  Mar.  17,  Lt.  {A.L.,  1772-7).  Name  erased  in  MS.  in  W.O.  A.L., 
P.R.O.,  1777. 

715-  James.  1775,  Sep.  2,  Ens.,  60th  Ft.,  3rd  Batn.  {L.G.).  1778, 
May  21  or  30,  Lt.  {ibid.).  1779,  May  22,  Adj.  1781,  k.  {W.O.  A.L.  P.R.O.; 
MS.  note  A.L.,  1776-82;  Douglas  and  Aikman's  Almanack  and  Reg.  of 
Jamaica,  1783,  p.  86). 

716-  James.  Capt.,  k.  during  American  war  (Rogers'  Christie  Family)  : 
possibly  identical  with  715-     Brother  of  Gabriel,  466- 

717-  James.  1776,  Oct.  8,  Ens.,  55th  Ft.  {L.G.).  1779,  Jan.  20,  Lt., 
59th  Ft.  {A.L.,  1777-84,  W.O.  Notifications,  P.R.O.).  Exchanged  to  h.p., 
io8th  Ft.  {W.O.  A.L.,  P.R.O.,  1779  84,  MS.  note). 

718-  James.  1774,  Jan.  18,  Surg.  Mate,  R.N.,  "Alarm  ".  1778,  Aug. 
10,  Surg,  (act.)  "  Stirling  Castle  "  {Adm.  Offs.  appt.  by  N.  Board,  P.R.O.). 

719.  James.  1777,  Cadet,  H.E.LC.S.  (Bombay)  Art.  1781,  Mar.  17, 
Lt. -Fireworker ;  d.  and  bur.  there  Jun.  14  (Col.  F.  W.  M,  Spring's  Bombay 
Art.,  74). 

720-  James.     1778,  Apr.  14,  or  Sep.  26,  Lt.,  S.  Fencibles  {W.O.  Noti- 
fications, P.R.O. ;  L.Q.). 

721-  James.     1778,  Apr.  14,  or  Oct.  24,  Lt.,  N,  Fencibles  {W.O.  Noti- 


fications,  P.R.O.);  Jul.  21,  sent  for  recruits  to  Forfar  by  the  Duke  of  Gordon, 
to  whom  he  wrote  Jul.  24,  from  Benholm,  Kincardine  {N.  Fettc.  Letter  Bk. 
and  Papers,  Gordon  Castle).     Not  after  1782,  Mar.  23  {L.G.). 

722  James.  1778,  Oct.  4,  Ens.,  H.E.I.C.S.  (Bengal)  Art.;  Nov.  18, 
Lt.  1786,  Nov.  24,  Capt.  1795,  May  6,  Maj.  1800,  Jan.  i,  Bt.  Lt.  Col. 
1801,  member  of  a  Committee  to  consider  the  materiel  equipment.  1803, 
Feb.  27,  k.  by  the  explosion  of  a  gunpowder  magazine  at  the  Fort  of 
Bijaigarh,  near  Aligarh,  N.  W.  Provinces,  while  taking  account  of  the  stores 
after  surrender;  the  Comdr.  in  Chief  in  reporting  his  death,  said  "that  he 
felt  particularly  indebted  for  his  exertions,  directed  by  uncommon  zeal  and 
ability  "  ;  the  Govr.  Gen.  in  an  army  order  "  deeply  regrets  the  severe  loss 
which  the  public  service  had  sustained  by  the  death  of  Lt.  Col.  Gordon  " 
(Bengal  Cal.,  1788,  p.  34;  New  Oriental  Reg.,  1800,  pp.  18,  62;  E.I.  Reg., 
1803-4;  Philippart's  E.  India  Mil.  Cal.,  i.  312,  iii.  415;  F.  W.  Stubbs's 
Bengal  Art.,  i.  203  ;  Capt.  Buckle's  Bengal  Art.,  pp.  169,  246-7) ;  his  monu- 
ment at  Bijaigarh  is  now  in  ruins,  and  inscriptionless. 

Son  of  James  {d.  1763),  at  the  Laggan  of  Auchindoun,  and  Jean 
MacWilliam,  and  great-great  grandson  of  John,  V.  of  Beldorney  (Bulloch's 
Gordons  of  Laggan,  6,  38-43).  Brother  of  John  906,  and  William,  1415- 
First  cousin  of  Thomas,  1332- 

723.  James.  1780,  Cadet,  H.E.I.C.S.  (Bombay).  1782,  probably 
served  in  the  war  against  Hyder  Ali  and  his  French  allies.  Mar. — Jun.,  when 
they  were  defeated  by  Coote,  as  in  Nov.  is  stated  to  be  "a  prisoner  with 
Tippoo"  {List  of  Off 5.,  Bombay,  1783,  Dec);  Nov.  21,  Ens.,  8th  N.I.  1784- 
8,  serving  in  Bombay  {ibid.,  1784,  Nov.,  1785,  Jan.,  1786,  Dec.,  1787,  Jun., 
1788,  Dec).  1788,  Sep.  4,  Lt.  1798,  Nov.  6,  Capt.  1804,  Maj.  ;  Nov.  26, 
ret.  E.I.  Reg.,  1800-4). 

724-  James.  1780,  Jun.  29,  Ens.,  11th  Ft.  i78i,Jun.  2,  Lt.,  Inde- 
pendent Coy.  of  Ft.  {L.G.).  1782,  Mar.  2,  104th  Ft.  1783,  h.p.  1784,  May 
12,  or  Nov.  20,  78th  Ft.  {W.O.  Notifications,  P.R.O. ;  L.G.,  576;  A.L., 
1780-6).     1785  ret.  {W.O.  A.L.,  P.R.O.,  MS.  note). 

725-  Hon.  James.  1780,  Aug.  7,  Ens.,  looth  Ft.  1781,  Apr.  24,  or 
Jun.  26,  Lt.  {W.O.  Notifications,  P.R.O. ;  L.G.j  A.L.,  1780-5). 

Fifth  son  of  Hon.  John,  but  for  the  attainder  8th  Viscount  of  Kenmure ; 
d.  1784  in  E.  Indies  {Earlston  MS.).  Brother  of  Hon.  Adam,  97i  Hon.  John, 
897,  Hon.  Robert,  1203,  and  Hon.  William,  1402- 

726-  James.  1780,  Dec.  20,  Lt.,  d.  before  this  date,  on  which  the  will 
of  his  widow,  Jane  Mitchell,  indweller,  Canongate,  was  confirmed  {Edinburgh 


727.  James.  1782,  Cadet,  H.E.I.C.S.  (Madras).  1783,  May  15,  Ens. 
N.I.  1788,  Apr.,  serving  on  the  Coromandel  Coast  {List  0/  H.E.I.C.  and 
H.M.  Offs.). 

728.  James.  1782,  Jul.,  Capt.,  H.E.I.C.S.  (Bengal)  N.  Cav.,  Body 
Guard,  Burdwan.  1786,  Nov.  24,  Capt.  Comdt.,  ist  Coy.,  ist  Batn., 
Cawnpore  {Bengal  CaL,  1788,  p.  25,   1792,  p.  48). 

729-  James.  Lt.,  Col.  Odell's  Reg.,  raised  in  America,  afterwards  sent 
to  Jamaica,  serving  there  until  Odell's  death,  then  attached  to  the  Duke  of 
Cumberland's  Reg.  as  2nd  Batn.  1783,  Sep.,  disbanded  in  Jamaica.  1784, 
Apr.  19,  Gordon  addressed  a  memorial  to  the  Sec.  at  War,  from  a  street  in 
Westminster  Market,  London  ;  "  being  anxious  to  return  to  his  native  country, 
after  long  and  severe  service  in  this  and  other  corps,  and  settle  on  his  h.p., 
was  severely  mortified  to  find  on  his  arrival  in  London  he  could  not  procure 
any,  nor  raise  a  shilling  on  the  certainty  thereof,  having  no  officer  of  superior 
rank  in  London  or  friend  .  .  .  hoping  such  redress  as  .  .  .  his  services  and 
present  situation  deserve "  ;  Sir  George  Yonge  answered  that  he  "  never 
interferes  in  any  matters  whatsoever  respecting  the  provincial  forces  "  {W.O. 
Sec.  at  War,  In  Letters,  Misc.,  P.R.O.). 

730.  James.  1785,  Lt.  Col.,  H.E.I.C.S.  (Bengal)  Art.,  2nd  Batn.,  k. 
with  several  other  officers  at  Sainey,  near  Dum  Dum  {G.M.,  vol.  80,  pt.  2,  p. 
142).     Possibly  1. 

731-  James.  1785,  Sep.  25,  Capt.,  "Manager  to  the  British  Linen 
Coy.'s  Bank,"  bur.  in  Greyfriars  (Brown's  Edinburgh  Epitaphs,  322). 

As  a  matter  of  fact,  Gordon,  who  was  accountant  of  the  Bank  for  51  years 
(from  its  foundation  in  1746),  d.  1797,  Dec.  18,  aged  88  {S.M.,  vol.  59, 
p.  982).  He  was  "struck  with  the  palsy"  in  Feb.  1786,  and  there  is  no 
further  reference  to  him  in  the  books  of  the  Bank  till  1795,  Dec,  when  he 
wrote  praying  the  directors  to  make  a  settlement  on  his  wife  in  case  she 
survived  him.  He  lived  in  Horn's  Buildings,  Calton  Hill,  and  had  a  son 
James  who  entered  the  Bank's  service  in  1767.  The  S.M.  erroneously  calls 
him  "John";  the  G.M.  (vol.  67,  p.  1133),  correctly,  "James". 

732-  James.  1786,  Asst.  Mil.  Paymr.,  at  Juliana  Maria;  not  in 
H.E.I.C.S.  {Bengal  Cat.,  1792,  which  he  assisted  to  compile).  Probably  the 
Dep.  Paymr.  and  Paymr.  Gen.,  King's  Troops  in  Ceylon,  who  d.  1805,  Mar. 
3,  at  Ramnad,  India  {G.M.,  vol.  75,  p.  117  ;  S.M.,  vol.  67,  p.  805). 

733-4-  James.  1793,  Feb.  4,  Cadet,  R.A.  1795,  Feb.  21,  2nd  Lt. ;  Mar. 
6,  ist  Lt.     1797,  Apr.  21,  d.  at  Perth  {List  of  Offs.,  R.A.,  24;  A.L.,  1794-7). 

735-  James.  1793,  Aug.  4,  Captain's  servant,  R.N. ,"  Pearl ".  1794, 
Jul.  12,  Boy,  "  Saturn".     1795,  Jan.  9,  "Jupiter".     1797,  May  26,  "  Resolu- 


tion  ".  1798,  Jan.  26,  Ord.,  Apr.  16,  Ab.,  "  Thisbe,"  Jun.  6,  Master's  Mate 
and  Mid.;  Jul.  26,  "Porcupine";  Aug.  16  "Spencer";  Nov.  14,  "Driver". 
1800,  Dec.  3,  passed  as  Lt.,  aged  22  {Adm.  N.  Board,  Lts.  Passing  Certi/., 
P.R.O.)     1802,  Lt. ;  1807,  Oct.  II,  Comdr.,  "Vesta  ''  armed  schooner. 

Son  of  James,  in  Nairn,  and  Margaret ;  b.  1778,  Aug.  22,  bap.  Aug. 

26,  d.  1808,  Mar.  12,  at  Halifax,  N.S.,  "  as  a  man  and  an  officer  he  was  highly 
respected  and  beloved"  {S.M.,  vol.  71,  p.  158;  G.M.,  vol.  79,  p.  585;  Abd. 
your.,  Feb.  1).  1808,  Mar.  24,  adminstration  granted  to  Daniel  Butler  Dawes, 
Store  Keeper,  H.M.'s  N.  Yard,  Halifax  {Probate  Ojfice,  Halifax). 

736-  James.  17971  Apr.  15,  Lt.,  Roy.  Edinburgh  Light  Dgns.  Vols. 
{L.G.,  337). 

737-  James.  1797,  Jun.  15,  2nd  Lt.,  Banffsh.  Vols.  {W.O.,  Notifica- 
tions, P.R.O.). 

738-  James.  1798,  Aug.  29,  or  Sep.  i,  Capt.,  Aberdeensh.  (Huntly) 
Vols.  {L.G.,  812).  1800,  Feb.  3,  entertained  the  reg.  at  Mellis's  Inn,  Huntly, 
to  celebrate  Lord  Huntly's  birthday  {Abd.  your.). 

739-  James.  1799,  Cadet  H.E.LC.S.  (Bengal).  1800,  Oct.  9,  Ens., 
15th  N.L  1803,  Jul.  13,  Lt.  1806,  Adj.,  2nd  Batn.  1809,  Dec.  23,  Capt. 
1 8 10,  D.A.G.  (act.) ;  served  in  several  campaigns,  twice  wounded.  181 7, 
Jun.  12,  d.  Jun.  13,  bur.  at  P'ort  William,  Bengal.  The  Marquis  of  Hastings 
wrote  (Gen.  Orders),  Jun.  18  : — 

The  Comdr.-in-Chief  considers  it  due  to  the  memory  of  a  deserving  public  servant  to 
record  the  high  sense  entertained  ...  of  the  merits  of  Maj.  Gordon  and  of  the  loss  which 
the  army  has  sustained  by  the  premature  death  of  an  officer,  who  in  the  early  part  of  his  life 
was  distinguished  by  his  professional  gallantry  and  exertions,  ...  by  his  conduct  maintained 
invariably  the  reputation  of  the  army.  ...  In  an  early  period  of  his  service,  Maj.  Gordon's 
abilities  and  character  obtained  for  him  the  gratifying  distinction  of  being  appointed  to  a 
public  situation  in  the  Adjutant  General's  official  department,  where,  actuated  by  the  purest 
principles  and  the  warmest  zeal  for  his  employers,  he  devoted  his  talents  to  the  successful 
discharge  of  the  duties  of  an  important  and  laborious  office  until  compelled  to  relinquish  his 
official  avocation  by  that  state  of  health  which  ultimately  deprived  the  country  of  his  valuable 
services  {E.I.  Reg.,  i8oo-i8). 

Second  son  of  John,  in  Laggan  {d.  1795),  cadet  of  Beldorney ;  b.  1780, 
bap.  1781,  Jan.  7,  at  Mortlach.  By  will  dated  Calcutta  181 7,  May  7,  proved 
there  Jun.  14,  he  appointed  Maj.  Charles  Stewart,  H.E.LC.S.,  Capt.  Jeremiah 
Bryant,  H.E.LC.S.,  John  Angus  and  Aeneas  Mackintosh,  of  Calcutta, 
executors  with  his  brother  and  residuary  legatee,  John,  932  ;  gave  to  his 
mother  an  annuity  of  ;f8o,  to  his  brother  Harry,  619,  40,000  Sicca  Rs.,  to  his 
sister  Betty,  40,000  Sicca  Rs.,  and  to  each  of  her  five  children  ;f  100,  to  his 
sister  Ann,  the  interest  on  4000  Sicca  Rs.  and  such  further  sum  as  made£^3o 


a  year  until  she  ;«.  and  then  the  4000  Rs.,  to  Mrs,  Irvine,  Gt.  Marlborough 
Street,  London,  £105,  and  to  Charles  Gordon  of  Wardhouse,  and  Cosmo 
Gordon,  H.M,  Customs,  Liverpool,  £^  5s.  each  for  a  ring  (7.0.  Rec.  ;  Birnie 
MS.  ;  Bulloch's  Gordons  in  Laggan). 

740=1-  James.  1799,  Mar,  i  orjun.  4,  Lt.,  Roy.  Clan  Alpine  (Murray's) 
Fencible  Inf.  {List  of  Offs.  Mil.,  Fenc,  Cav.  and  Inf.,  Irish  Establishment, 
1800,  L.G.,  540).  1800,  Jul.  12,  Ens.,  72nd  Ft.  {L.G.,  1801,  p.  174).  1804, 
Aug.  18,  Lt.  {ibid.,  looi ;  A.L.,  1801-9).  1807,  name  erased  in  MS. 
{W.O.  A.L.,  P.R.O.). 

742-  James.  1799,  Jun.  8,  Ens.,  Loyal  Durham  Fencible  Inf.  {List  of 
Offs.  Mil.,  Fenc,  Cav.  and  Inf.  Irish  Establishment,  1800). 

743-  James.  1799,  Sep.  14,  Conductor  of  Stores  of  the  Field  Train 
Depart,  of  the  Ordnance.  1800,  Jun.  10,  Clerk  of  Stores;  Feb.  5,  Asst. 
Commiss.     1817,  Aug.  17,  ret,  h.p.  {List  of  Offs.,  R.A.,  139). 

744.  James.  1800,  Jan.  18,  2nd  Lt,  Old  Aberdeen  Vol.  Inf.  {L.G., 
pp.  51,  312). 

745-  James.     Lt.,  d.  1800,  May  27,  at  CuUen,  aged  58. 

Second  son  of  George,  of  Buckie,  and  Anna  dau.  of  Alexander  Gordon, 
VII.  of  Cairnfield  (1687-1775).  His  widow,  Helen,  dau.  of  William  Ord, 
Findochty  family,  d.  there  1803,  Dec.  i,  aged  78  (Cramond's  Ruthven,  99  ; 
Bulloch's  Gordons  of  Cairnfield). 

746-  James.  1800,  Aug.  12,  ist  Lt.,  Loyal  Muirkirk  (Ayrshire) 
Vols.  {L.G.,  914). 

747.  James.  1801,  Jan.  i,  Asst  Surg.,  H.E.I. C.S.  (Madras).  1803, 
May,  arrived  in  India.  1805,  serving  with  5th  extra  Batn.,  Wallajahbad. 
1807,  or  earlier,  attached  to  Residency,  Nagpur.  1815,  Jan.  i,  Surg.  ;  Sep. 
26,  i6th  N.I.  1817,  Sep.  19,  ist  N.I. ;  accompanied  20th  and  24th  Madras 
N.I.  at  the  battle  of  Seetabuldee,  Nov.  26-7,  "  Capt.  Stone  with  a  small  party 
of  the  24th,  turned  back,  towards  Seetabuldee,  and  joining  another  party  of 
Sepoys  under  Lt.  Ritchie,  20th  N.I.,  who  was  accompanied  by  Surgeon  J. 
Gordon,  captured  and  spiked  two  heavy  brass  guns  from  the  Arabs  " ;  Dec. 
14,  Nagpur  captured  (Phillipart's  E.  India  Mil.  Cal.  in.  162).  1822,  Apr. 
25,  14th  N.I.  {E.I.  Reg.,  1801-25). 

Third  son  of  James,  in  Tillynaught,  who  was  the  brother  of  Alexander 
(i 755-1824),  founder  of  the  present  Gordons  of  Newton  {House  if  Gordon,  a. 
(480)) ;  educated  Banfif  Academy  ;  nominated  for  H.E.I.C.S.,  by  Mr.  Cotton 
m.  1819,  Sep.  8,  at  Nagpur,  Maria  Louisa,  only  dau.  of  James  Eraser,  his 
brother  Alexander  being  one  witness,  and  had  James  Richard,  h.  1820,  Oct. 
14,  bap,   1821,  Dec.  21,  at  Hyderabad,  Isabella  Louisa,  b.  1822,  Jul.  i,  bap. 


1823,  Sep.  21,  at  Secunderabad,  and  George  Alexander,  b.  1823,  Dec.  21,  bap. 

1824,  Mar.  8,  d.  Jul.  10,  at  Nagpur.  Gordon  d.  1824,  Nov.  9,  at  Tokah  ;  by 
will  dated  1824,  Oct.  24,  proved  at  Bombay  Nov.  27,  appointed  his  brothers 
Alexander,  204,  and  William,  1432,  with  Michie  Forbes,  London,  executors, 
made  provision  for  his  wife  and  dau.,  an  annuity  to  Mrs.  Massie ;  "as  my 
brother  William  is  likely  from  early  promotion  to  be  obliged  to  vacate  his 
present  appointment,  I  leave  him  ;f  5000,  to  be  paid  to  him  on  his  return  to 
England  " ;  gave  residue  of  his  estate  to  his  son  (7.0.  Rec).  Mrs.  Gordon 
m.  (2)  1829,  Oct.  16,  Gen.  Sir  Ephraim  Gerrish  Stannus,  (i 784-1850) 
Lieutenant-governor  of  Addiscombe. 

748-  James.  1802,  Sep.  29,  Vol.,  ist  class,  K.N.,  "  Argo,"  coast  of 
Africa,  W.  Indies,  Mediterranean  and  Channel.  1803,  served  under  Sir 
Samuel  Hood  at  reduction  of  St.  Lucia  and  Tobago.  1804,  Aug.,  Mid.  and 
Master's  Mate,  "Tigre,"  Mediterranean.  1805,  served  under  Nelson,  W. 
Indies,  in  pursuit  of  combined  squadrons  of  France  and  Spain.  1807, 
possibly  took  part  in  expedition  to  Egypt ;  Jul.,  Master's  Mate,  "  Moselle," 
Jamaica,  served  under  Capt.  Alexander  Gordon.  1808,  Dec.  7,  passed  as  Lt., 
aged  22  (Adtn.  N.  Board,  Lts.  Passing  Certi/.,  P.R.O.) ;  Dec.  12,  Lt.  for 
rank;  Dec.  21,  Lt.  "Osprey,"  Downs  and  Channel.  1809,  Jun.,  "Gany- 
mede," Channel.  1810,  Apr.,  "Rattler,"  Channel,  W.  Indies  and  Halifax. 
1811,  Jul.,  "  Eurydice,"  Halifax.  1812,  Apr.,  "Circe,"  Channel,  Cork,  and 
Jamaica.  1814,  Apr.  i,  "Manly'';  Aug.,  "  Nymphen,"  Channel.  1815, 
Apr.,  "Royal  Sovereign,"  Plymouth;  Jun.,  "  Tonnant ".  1819,  Jul.  28. 
"  Leander,"  Portsmouth,  E.  Indies.  1821,  Jan.  29,  Comdr.,  for  rank  (Adm, 
Offs.  Services,  P.R.O.,  O'Byrne's  Nav.  Biog.  Die.  ;  John  Marshall's  Nav. 
Biog.  IV.  pt.  2,  p.  52). 

Son  of  James,  Madeira;  b.  there  1786,  Sep.  25;  d.  1856,  Jan.  21,  at 
Port  Macquarie,  aged  67  {G.M.,  vol.  i,  2nd  N.S.,  p.  122). 

749-  James.  1803,  Jan.  8,  Ens.,  Aberdeensh.  Mil.;  Jul.  18,  Lt.  {L.G., 
680,  1051).  1807,  May  6,  Capt.  {ibid.,  713;  List  of  Offs.  Mil.  and  Vols., 
1807,  p.  1  ;  1817,  p.  79,  P.R.O.).  D.  1820,  Nov.  20,  at  Port  Maria,  Jamaica 
(S.A/.,  vol.  8,  p.  398). 

750-  James.  1803,  Aug.  6,  Capt.,  Kirkcudbrightsh.  Yeo.  Cav.  {L.G., 
1958);  Oct.  29,  Maj.  Comdt.  {ibid.,  1480).  1805,  Sep.  13,  Lt.  Col.  {ibid., 
1018;  List  of  Mil.,  Yeo.  Cav.  and  Vol.  Inf.,  1820,  p.  241,  1825,  p.  226). 
Lord  Brougham  relates  {Creevey  Papers,  \.  319-20)  an  "outrage"  committed 
by  Gordon,  in  placing  under  arrest  Mr.  Gillespie,  the  Chaplain  of  his  regi- 
ment, for  praying  for  Queen  Caroline.  The  regiment  presented  him  with  a 
large  silver  epergne  showing  him  on  horseback. 

As  Colonel  of  the  Kirkcudbright  Yeomanry 


Second  son  of  Sir  Alexander,  of  Culvennan,  199;  b.  at  Edinburgh  1771, 
Dec.  2  ;  Soc.  of  Advocates,  Edin.,  1793  ;  in.  Janet  Hannay  (i  793-1851) ;  d.  s.p. 
1843  at  Balcary,  Kirkcudbrightsh.  (J.  M.  Bulloch,  Dumfries  Courier,  1906, 
Sep.  15).     See  his  portrait  in  this  volume. 

761-  James.  1803,  Nov.  24,  Capt.,  Aberdeensh.  (Strathbogy)  Vols. 
{L.G.,  1622). 

752.  James.  1803,  Nov.  24,  Ens.,  Aberdeensh.  (Peterhead)  Vols. 
{L.G.,  1623). 

753.  James.     1803,  Dec.  i,  Capt.,  Ayrsh.  Vols.  {L.G.,  1675). 

754-  James.     1803,  Dec.  15,  Capt.,  N.  Briton  Vol,  Inf.  {L.G.,  1757). 

755-  James.  1804,  Sep.  8,  Ens.,  92nd  Ft.  {L.G.,  1102).  1805,  Apr. 
9,  Paymr.,  2nd  Batn.  {ibid.,  465).  1806,  Dec.  ,25,  Lt.  1807,  Apr.  18, 
Paymr.,  ist  Batn.  {L.G.,  492)  ;  served  in  Peninsular  war  at  Corunna,  Fuentes 
d'Onor,  Vittoria,  Pyrenees,  Nive,  Orthes,  Toulouse  (Medal,  seven  clasps), 
and  in  Waterloo  campaign  (Medal).  1820,  Mar.  2,  h.p.,  on  account  of  ill 
health  (Hart's  ^.L.,  1840-68;   W.O.Ofs.  Services,  1828,  1847,  1854,  P.R.O.). 

Fourth  son  of  James,  in  Croughly  ;  b.  there  1776,  May  27  ;  D.L.,  Elginsh., 
1827,  Jan.  3  {L.G.,  1638),  Nairn,  1855,  Mar.  {ibid.,  pt.  i,  p.  1143).  m.  (i) 
1819,  Oct.  20,  at  Barry  Cottage,  Margaret  [d.  1829)  youngest  dau.  of  Robert 
Knight,  Portsoy  {S.M.,  vol.  5,  N.S.  p.  487),  and  had  James  Charles,  787;  m. 
(2)  1831,  Janet  Georgina,  dau.  of  Maj.  John  Grant  of  Auchterblair,  and  sister 
of  Field  Marshal  Sir  Patrick  Grant ;  had  Benjamin  Lumsden,  282j  George 
Grant,  571  and  Robert  Knight,  1271-  Gordon  d.  iSSy,  Apr.  9,  at  Ivy  Bank, 
Nairn,  bur.  at  Kirkmichael  {Croughly  Book,  81).  Brother  of  Charles,  318? 
George,  515,  John,  917,  Robert,  1215,  and  William  Alexander,  1474. 

756.  James.  1806,  May,  Vol.  ist  Class,  R.N.,  "Ariel,"  N.  Sea.  1807, 
Dec.  13,  Mid.  1808,  Jun.  19,  "Thisbe,"  Greenwich;  Sep.  30,  "Royal 
Sovereign,"  Deptford.  1809,  Jun.  28,  "Thisbe,"  Greenwich;  Jul.  12,  Ab., 
"Etna"  bomb,  Walcheren  expedition;  Oct.  29,  Supy.  "Thisbe,"  Greenwich. 
i8io,  Jan.  17,  Ord.,  "  Belvidere " ;  Dec.  7,  Mid.  "  Melampus,"  Halifax. 
181 1,  Jul.  8,  "Guenieve,"  Halifax.  1813,  Jan.,  Supy.,  "  Africa,"  passage  from 
N.  America  to  Ireland  ;  Feb.  "  Salvador  del  Mundo,"  Plymouth  ;  May  5,  passed 
as  Lt.,  aged  22  {A  dm.  N.  Board,  Lts.  Passing  Cert  if..  Indexes  Midshipmen, 
P.R.O.).  1815,  ^^'"-  3'  L*-'  ^^^  rank;  Jun.  5,  "Asia".  1816,  Jan.  22,  h.p. 
{Adm.  Offs.  Services,  P.R.O.  ;  O'Byrne's  Nav.  Biog.  Die.  ;  N.L.,  1815-63). 

Son  of  James  and  Elizabeth ;  b.   1790,  Sep.  28,  in  London,  bap.  1798, 

Jun.  6,  at  New  Court,  Temple;  m.  1825,  Dec.  21,  at  St.  Pancras,  Elizabeth, 
widow  of  Arthur  Humphreys,  late  of  Bombay  {G.M.,  vol.  95,  pt.  2,  p.  640)  • 
d.  1863. 



757-  James.  1807,  Mar.  28,  Ens.,  Roy.  Westminster  Mil.  (L.G.,  1003) ; 
Sep  26,  Lt.  {ibid.,  1808,  p.  6).  1809,  Apr.  18,  Ens.,  14th  Ft. ;  served  at 
Walcheren  (ibid,  520).  181 1,  Mar.  12,  Lt.  {ibid.,  458).  1813,  2nd  Batn. 
stationed  at  Malta,  a  detachment  under  Lt.  Gordon  stationed  at  Lampedersa, 
a  rocky  islet  between  Malta  and  Tunis  (Capt.  O'Donnell's  14//?  Reg.,  93, 
100;   A.L.,  1809-18). 

D.  unm.  1816,  Oct.  11,  at  Zante ;  the  minister  of  Cromdale,  Inverness, 
petitioned  the  Sec.  at  War  (unsuccessfully)  for  relief  from  Compassionate 
Fund  on  behalf  of  Gordon's  mother,  Mary  M.  Gordon,  Culfoichmore,  near 
Grantown  {W.O.  Letters  and  Applns.  Compass  Fund,  P.R.O.) — 

A  widow  of  nearly  30  years,  left  by  her  hubband  with  the  charge  of  a  numerous  family, 
some.  .  .  had  emigrated  to  .  .  .  America,  while  those  at  home  had  not  Hucceeded  in  life  as 
to  be  able  in  her  old  age,  to  afford  her  any  effectual  a.d,  being  burdened  with  numerous 
families  of  children.  She  had  been  at  much  pains  and  expense  in  training  and  educating  her 
youngest  son  James  in  the  hope  of  his  being  a  prop  to  her  declining  years  .  .  . ;  a  very 
old  destitute  woman,  and  a  real  object  of  charity,  in  extremely  indigent  circumstances;  in  her 
opinion  her  son  died  from  ailments  occasioned  by  his  services  at  Walcheren  from  which  dis- 
orders he  never  totally  recovered. 

758-  James.  1808,  Jul.  18,  2nd  Lt.,  R.E.  (L.G.,  1051).  1809,  Jul.  5, 
Lt. ;  Jun.,  served  in  the  attack  on  the  Castle  of  Scylla.  1810,  Mar.,  present 
during  siege  and  capture  of  Santa  Maura.  1813,  Oct.  7,  Capt.  {ibid.,  1990.) 
1837,  Jan.  10,  Maj.  1838,  Mar.  31,  Lt.  Col.  1851,  Nov.  11,  Col.,  ret.  f.p. 
1855,  Oct.  27,  Maj.  Gen.  (Hart's  A>L.,  1840-68). 

Son  of  John,  of  Swiney,  920;  d.  1867,  Apr.  5,  suddenly  at  32,  Saxe 
Coburg  Place,  Edinburgh  (Scotsman,  Apr.  6).  Appears  in  A.L.,  1809-19,  as 
"James  A.,"  afterwards  as  "James  ". 

759-  James.  1810,  Mar.  14,  Ens.,  Ross  and  Cromarty  Fencibles 
(L.G.,  4iy). 

760.  James.  1810,  Dec.  10,  Vol.,  ist  Class,  R.N.,  "Rattler,  N 
America,  aged  16.  1811,  Sep.  2,  Mid.  1812,  Jan.  2,  Vol.  181 3,  Oct.  1, 
Mid.,  "Chesapeake".  1814,  Jul.  13,  Ab.,  "  Maidstone  ">  Jul.  25,  Mid.;  Dec. 
17,  "Narcissus".  1816,  Apr.  13,  Ab.,  "Portia";  Jun.  22,  Master's  Mate. 
1817,  Feb.  5,  passed  as  Lt.,  aged  21  (Adm.,  Indexes  Midshipmen,  N.  Board 
Lts.  Passing  Certif.,  P.R.O.).  Afterwards  served  on  "Vengeur"  and 
"  Queen  Charlotte,"  guard  ships,  Portsmouth,  then  "  Kochfort  "  and  "  Re- 
venge," Mediterranean.  1821,  Sep. — 1826,  Jun.,  in  command  of  a  tender, 
"  Express  "  schooner,  1824,  served  for  five  months  at  blockade  of  Algiers. 
1826,  Jun.  .27,  Lt.,  "  Medina  ".     1827,  paid  off.     1828,  Apr.  2 — 1831,  Apr.  16 


"Pearl,"  Cork.  1834,  Jun.  6,  Comdr.  1839-42,  Inspecting  Comdr.,  Coast 
Guard,  Fowey  (GJl;,  vol.  1 2,  N.S.,  194).  1842-7,  Whitby;  h.p.  (O'Byrne's  Nav. 
Biog.  Die.  ;  John  Marshall's  Nav.  Biog.,  iv.  pt.  2,  p.  394  ;  N.L.,  1826-53). 

B.  179^,  Nov.  20,  hap.  t795,  Aug.  3,  at  Kestins,  Dundee;  d.  1853,  Feb. 
II,  in  Montpellier  Square,  London,  aged  59  (G.M.,  vol.  39,  N.S.,  p.  449)- 
His  son  James  Duff,  m.  (i)  1845,  Feb.  i,  Catherine  Charlotte,  dau.  of  Rev. 
Dr.  James  Came  [ibid.,  vol.  23,  N.S.,  p.  422);  m.  (2)  1858,  Oct.  8,  Frances 
Galloway,  third  dau.  of  Edward  Leathes,  Normanstone,  Lowestoft,  who  was 
a  grandson  of  John  Leathes  of  Herringfleet  Hall,  Suffolk  {ibid.,  vol.  v.,  2nd 
N.S.,  p.  529);  then  living  at  Pembridge  Lodge,  Bayswater  (Burke's  Landed 
Gentry,  1886,  11.  1073). 

761.  James.  1816,  Oct.  ri,  Asst.  Surg.,  H.E.LC.S.  (Bengal).  1817, 
Aug.  14,  admitted.  1819,  stationed  at  Chunar.  1820,  3rd  N.L,  ist  Batn. 
1823-7,  serving  with  Guickwar  contingent.  1827,  Oct.  19,  furlough  to 
Europe.     1828,  Jun.  2,  Surg.  {E.I.  Reg.,  1817-29). 

Son  of  William,  1428,  b.  1793,  May  18,  at  Sheepbridge,  near  Newry,  co. 
Down;  d.  1829,  Mar.  7,  at  Edinburgh.  By  will,  dated  1828,  Dec.  28,  at 
Naples,  proved  1833,  Jul.  8,  by  his  father  in  the  Prerogative  Court  of  Canter- 
bury, made  bequests  in  favour  of  his  brothers,  John,  George  and  Alexander, 
his  sisters  Mary,  Eliza  Green,  and  Charlotte  [Townley]  and  her  child,  his 
aunts  (i)  Mary  Wood,  her  son  Andrew,  (2)  Margaret  Thompson,  and  (3) 
Margaret,  her  husband,  Alexander  Gillespie,  and  their  dau.  Mary,  his  uncles 
Alick  and  Donaldson,  and  Mrs.  Paterson  (I.O.  Rec).  Most  probably  the 
James  Gordon,  M.D.,  Edinburgh,  1815.  James,  son  of  Rev.  George,  D.D., 
534.  student,  Mar.  Coll.,  1809-12,  is  erroneously  identified  as  this  officer  in 
Mar.  Coll.  Records,  11.  406;  but  this  James,  in  1813,  was  a  merchant's  ap- 
prentice and  (/.  in  Abd.,  1815,  Oct.  22  (W.O.  Applns. for  Compass.  Allowances, 

762-  James.  1818  ;  Maj.,  of  Northwood,  Isle  of  Wight,  d.  before  this 
date,  possibly  the  Maj.  Gordon  who  d.  18 16,  Apr.  2,  at  Hope  Cottage,  near 
Cowes,  "  lately  returned  from  E.  Indies  "  {G.M.,  vol.  86,  pt.  2,  p.  567,  vol.  88, 
pt.  2,  p.  376).     Brother  of  Henry,  633- 

763-  James.  1816,  Sub-Conductor,  H.E.I.C.S.  (Bombay)  Ordnance 
Dept.  1819,  May  15,  Conductor,  Camp  Equipage  Dept.,  afterwards  of  the 
Grand  Arsenal  {E.I.  Reg.,  1822-5). 

M.  (i)  i8i6,  Jul.  I,  at  Bombay,  Mary  Charlotte  de  Cantellue  {b.  1803,  d. 
and  biir.,  18 17,  Sep.  12,  at  Colaba)  ;  m.  (2)  1818,  Jul.  27,  Elizabeth  Merry, 
Bombay,  and  had  Walter,  b.  1820,  Dec.  26,  bap.  182 1,  Feb.  18,  at  Colaba. 
Gordon  d.  1824,  Jul.  3,  bur.  Jul.  4,  at  Bombay  {I.O.  Rec). 


764-  James.  1821,  Cadet,  H.E.I. C.S.  (Madras).  1822,  Apr.  27,  Ens., 
24th  N.I.,  A.D.C.,  to  Lt.  Gen.  Bowser,  Comdr.  in  Chief.  1825,  Nov.  11, 
Adj.     1826,  Sep.  8,  Lt.  (£./.  Reg.,  1821-9). 

Son  of  George,  512 ;  ^.  1804,  Sep.  2,  at  Rathven,  Banffsh. ;  privately 
educated  ;  nominated  for  H.E.I.C.S.,  by  George  A.  Robinson  on  recommenda- 
tion of  Gen.  Alexander  Ross;  d.  1829,  Jan.  10,  on  board  the  "  Mountstuart 
Elphinstone  "  on  his  passage  home,  after  severe  sufferings  which  he  bore 
with  the  greatest  fortitude  (/..O.  Rec. ;  Abd.  Jour.,  1829). 

765-  James.  1823,  Nov.  27,  Ens.,  93rd  Ft.  (L.G.,  2070).  1824,  Jan. 
8,  63rd  Ft.  1825,  May  26,  Lt.  {ibid.,  1070).  1826,  May  18,  Lt.,  4th  Ft. 
{ibid.,  1398).  1826,  Dec.  27 — 1828,  Apr.  29,  served  in  Portugal.  1829,  Nov. 
12,  Capt.  {ibid.,  2326).  1831,  Mar.  15,  h.p.,  3rd  W.I.  Reg.,  at  his  own  re- 
quest {W.O.  Offs.  Services,  1828,  1847,  P.R.O.).  1881,  Jul.  i,  ret;  hon.  rank 
of  Maj.,  r.p.  (Hart's  A.L.,  1840-93  ;  A.L.,  1824-92). 

Son  of  John  Gordon-Cuming-Skene,  of  Pitlurg,  1636;  b.  1799,  Jun.  20; 
m.  before  1847,  Jane  Adelaide,  second  dau.  of  Sir  Thomas  M'Kenny,  ist 
bart.,  of  Dublin  (Burke's  Peerage,  1864,  p.  717).  Gordon  d.  s.p.  1892,  Feb. 
25,  at  Medhurst,  Great  Malvern. 

766-  James.  1825,  Cadet,  H.E.I. C.S.  (Bengal).  1826,  May,  21,  Ens., 
3rd  Light  Cav.  1833,  Feb.  15,  granted  nine  months  leave  on  s.c.  to  the  hills 
N.  of  Deyrah.  1838,  Jan.  21 — 1840,  furlough  to  Europe  on  private  affairs. 
1838,  Jun.  30,  Lt.  1840,  Sep.  30,  directed  to  do  duty  with  detachment  01 
recruits  proceeding  to  Bombay,  where  he  arrived  1841,  Feb.  20.  1842,  May, 
10,  Adj. ;  Oct.  14,  Brig.  Maj.,  2nd  Brigade  of  Cav.,  Army  of  Reserve.  1854, 
Jun.  20,  Bt.  Maj.  1857,  Mar.  10,  ret,  with  pension  of  Lt.  Col.  {E.I.  Reg., 

Son  of  Alexander  (formerly  W.  Indian  merchant ;  owned  a  property  in 
Lanarksh.,  living  at  24  Great  King  Street,  Edinburgh,  1813-25),  and 
Elizabeth  Buchanan,  sister  of  Thomas  Buchanan  (1733-89),  of  Ardoch,  M.P. 
(Burke's  Landed  Gentry,  1886,  i.  240) ;  h.  1807,  Nov.  25,  and  bap.  at  Glasgow, 
witnesses  being  John  Gordon  and  James  Buchanan  ;  nominated  for  H.E.I. C.S. , 
by  Mr.  Bosanquet,  on  recommendation  of  the  Duchess  of  Leeds  ;  educated  at 
a  private  Latin  and  Greek  class,  Edinburgh,  and  at  the  University;  m. 
1842,  Mar.  17,  at  Kurnaul,  Mary  Harriet  (6.  1818,  Aug.  8),  dau.  of  Henry 
Loftus  Tottenham  (i 770-1826)  of  MacMurrough,  Co.  Wexford  {G.M.,  vol. 
18,  N.S.,  p.  198).  She  d.  s.p.  1869,  Oct.  24.  Gordon  d.  1875,  Sep.  15 
(Burke's  Landed  Gentry,  1886,  11.  1830;  7.0.  Rec). 

767-  James.  1825,  Apr.  6,  Asst.  Surg.,  R.N.  1834,  Aug.  i,  Surg. 
{N.L.,  1825-47);  d.  1847. 


768-  James.  1836,  Cadet,  H.E.I.C.S.  (Bengal).  1836,  Sep.  12,  Ens., 
59th  N.I.  1839,  Jun.  25,  Lt.  1842,  May  15 — Nov.  15,  leave  on  s.c.  to  visit 
Mussoorie.  1845,  Jul.  30,  passed  in  Hindustani  (colloquial).  1845-6,  served 
on  the  Sutlej ;  at  Sobraon  (Medal).  1847,  Jan.  31,  Adj.  (act.).  1848,  Jul.  29, 
passed  in  Hindustani.  1850,  Dec.  11,  Bt.  Capt.  1851,  Nov.  10,  dismissed 
the  service  {E.I.  Reg.,  1836-52). 

Sixth  son  of  William,  of  Milrig,  Ayrshire,  and  Janet  Orr;  h.  1816,  Nov, 
lo ;  educated  at  Edinburgh  Academy,  and  Addiscombe,  1834,  Feb.  7; 
nominated  for  H.E.I.C.S.,  by  C.  Marjoribanks,  on  recommendation  of  D. 
Halliburton;  rn.  1839,  Dec.  i,  Henrietta  Pigou  and  had  Frank  Henry,  459, 
and  Annetta  Matilda,  m.  1877,  Gen.  Thomas  Stock,  H.E.I.C.S.  (Bombay), 
(who  d.  s.p.  1889),  now  living  at  26,  Gordon  Road,  Ealing.  Gordon  d.  1875, 
Jan.  in  New  Zealand  (7.0.  Rec).     Brother  of  Patrick  Gordon-Canning,  1519- 

769-  James.  1837,  Jan.  13,  Asst.  Surg.,  34th  Ft.  {L.G.,  91).  1841, 
Jan.  26,  d.  in  Canada  {A.L.,  1840-2). 

B.  1813,  L.R.C.S.,  Edinburgh,  1833. 

770-  James.  1839,  Cadet  H.E.I.C.S.  (Madras);  Jul.  9,  admitted;  Jul. 
24,  attached  for  duty  to  33rd  N.I. ;  Dec.  5,  Ens.,  4th  N.I.  1841,  Jan.  30, 
discharged  in  India  {E.I.  Reg.,  1841).  Nominated  abroad  for  H.E.I.C.S.,  by 
Col.  Agnew^  C.B.  ;  m.  —  Dobson  {I.O.  Rec). 

770a.  James.  1844,  Apr.  8,  Asst.  Surg.,  R.N.  1848,  Apr.  19,  "Apollo," 
tried  by  Court  Martial,  when  Surgeon  William  Graham  testified  "to  his 
professional  skill  and  attention  to  his  duties,  especially  when  small-pox  raged 
amongst  the  troops  "  ;  dismissed  the  service  {Times,  Apr.  22  ;  N.L.,  1844-8). 

771.  James.  1846,  Jun.  13,  Ens.,  H.E.I.C.S.  (Bombay),  ist  N.I. 
1848,  Oct.  ig,  qualified  as  Hindustani  Inter.;  Nov.  21,  Qr.  Mr.  and  Inter, 
(act.)  4th  N.I.  1849,  Jan.  25,  Inter,  (act.)  H.M's.  22nd  Ft.;  Jun.  21,  Lt.  ; 
Oct.  27,  qualified  as  Mahratta  Inter.,  and  appt.  Qr.  Mr.  and  Inter,  of  his 
corps.  1861,  Feb.  18,  Bt.  Capt.  1862,  Jan.  4,  Capt.,  S.C.  1863,  Staff  Off- 
at  Bhooj.  1864,  Jan.  28,  at  Hyderabad.  1866,  Jun.  13,  Maj.,  S.C.  1868, 
Staff  Off.,  Baroda.  1872,  Jun.  13,  Lt.  Col.,  S.C.  1877,  Cantonment 
Magistrate,  Belgaum  ;  Jun.  13,  Col.  1879,  Dec.  13,  Maj.  Gen.,  ret.  f  p. 
{E.I.  Reg.,  and  I.A.L.,  1846- 1906). 

Son  of  Robert;  b  1825,  Jan.;  nominated  for  H.E.I.C.S.,  by  Sir  W- 
Young,  bart.,  on  recommendation  of  F.  J.  Fuller  ;  m.  1850,  Jun.  5,  at  St. 
James's  Ch.,  Tanna,  Bombay,  Georgiana  Hall  {b.  1824,  Oct.  5),  and  had 
Amelia  Catherine,  b.  185 1,  Jun.  26,  bap.  Aug.  21,  at  Kurrachee,  in.  1882,  Apr. 
29;  Mary  Jessie  Jane,  b.  1855,  Jun.  2,  bap.  Oct.  22,  at  Baroda,  ni.  1876^ 
-Sep.  28,  at  St.  Peter's  Ch.,  Brighton,  Robert  Maxwell,  fifth  son  of  Antonio 


Fabris  of  Springcroft,  Beckenham,  they  were  living  at  15  Hyde  Park 
Mansions,  1901,  when  their  silver  wedding  was  announced  (Times);  and 
William  James,  b.  1857,  Mar.  3,  bap.  Mar.  9,  at  Baroda.  Gordon  lived 
latterly  at  Brighton,  and  d.  1907,  Aug.  18,  at  6  Wilbury  Gardens,  Hove,  aged 
82  (Times,  Aug.  20,  I.O.  Rec).     Possibly  brother  of  Robert,  1246- 

772-  James.  i860,  Feb.  7,  Capt.,  Devonsh.  (Exeter  and  S.  Devon) 
Rif  Vols.  (L.G.,  pt.  I,  p.  853). 

773.  James,  i860,  Nov.  2,  Lt.  4th  S.  Banffsh.  (Keith)  Rif.  Vols. 
(L.G.,  pt.  4,  p.  4092).  1862,  Mar.  4,  res.  (ibid.,  pt.  3,  p.  2617);  May  29,  Lt, 
3rd  S.  Banffsh.  Rif.  Vols,  (ibid.,  pt.  3,  p.  2903).     1866,  Jul.  26,  Capt.  (ibid.,  4356). 

Eldest  son  of  John  (1804-81),  in  Lettoch,  Glenlivet,  and  Jane  Grant;  b. 
1834,  Jan.  7  ;  solicitor  at  Keith;  d.  there  1870,  Aug.  27,  unm.  and  is  com- 
memorated by  a  cross  in  Kirkmichael  Churchyard.  (Lettoch  family  de- 
scribed by  J.  M.  Bulloch,  Huntly  Express,  1906,  Jun.  20,  29,  Jul.  6).  Brother 
of  Peter  George,  1157,  and  William  Robert,  1512- 

774-  James.  i860,  Dec.  16,  Adj.,  ist  Administrative  Batn.  Hadding- 
tonsh.  Rif.  Vols.  (L.G.,  1861,  pt.  i,  p.  277).  1865,  Dec.  16,  Capt.  (ibid., 
1866,  pt.  I,  p.  399).  1881,  Jan.  4,  Maj.  hon,  rank;  Oct.  15,  ret.  (ibid.,  pt.  i, 
P-  233,  pt.  5,  p.  5309;  A.L.,  1880-1903) ;  d.  1903,  Oct.  18,  at  Edinburgh. 

775-  James.  1861,  Jun.  13,  Capt,  loth  Aberdeensh.  (Inverurie)  Rif. 
Vols.  (L.G.,  pt.  3,  p.  2690). 

776-  James.  1862,  May  21,  Lt,  27th  Devonsh.  (Colyton)  Rif  Vols. 
(L.G.,  pt  3,  p.  2904). 

777-  James.  1865,  Oct  lo,  Ens.,  15th  Forfarsh.  Rif.  Vols.  (L.G.,  pt 
8,  p.  4862). 

778-  James.  1873,  Dec.  24,  Sub.  Lt,  7th  Kincardinesh.  Rif  Vols. 
(L.G.,  pt.  6,  p.  6079).     1875,  May  12,  res,  (ibid.,  pt.  2,  p.  2512). 

779.  James.  1875,  Aug.  7,  Lt.  of  Orderlies,  A.H.C.  on  promotion 
from  Serg.  ;  previously  enlisted  1862,  May  23,  78th  Highlrs.,  became  Hosp. 
Serg.,  transferred  to  A.H.C.  shortly  before  obtaining  com.,  total  service  in 
ranks,  13  years,  76  days.  1881,  Jul.  i,  Qr.  Mr.,  A.H.C.  (from  1884^  Aug.  1, 
Medical  Staft).  1881-2,  serving  in  Natal.  1883-5,  Edinburgh.  1885,  Aug.  7, 
hon.  rank  of  Capt,  ret.  on  ret.  pay  (Hart's  A.L.,  1876-88;  A.L.,  1876 — 
Apr.  1887). 

B.  1841,  Jun.  4;  m.  1867,  Jun.  6,  at  Gibraltar,  Mary  Jane  Cunningham, 
and  had  James,  b.  1868,  Donald  Hay,  b.  1869,  Maude  Eliza,  b.  1875,  Duncan, 
b.  1876,  Ethel  Ada,  b.  1879.     Gordon  d.  1887,  Mar.  17,  at  Sunderland. 

780-  James.  1887,  Apr.  13,  2nd  Lt.,  ist  Banffsh.  Art.  Vols.  (L  G.,  pt 
2,  p.  21 11).     1888,  Dec.  15,  Lt.  (ibid.,  pt  6,  p.  7142).     1893,  Oct  7,  Capt 


(ibid.,  pt.  5,  p.  6021).     1901,  Jun.  26,  Maj.  hon.  rank  {ibid.,  pt.  3,  p.  4254),, 
1903,  Apr.  ret.  {A.L.,  1887-1903). 

781-  James.  1889,  Jul.  6,  2nd  Lt.  (supy.)  Ayrsh.  and  Galloway  Art. 
Vols.  {L.G.,  pt.  4,  p.  3614).  1894,  May  5,  Lt.  (ibid.,  pt.  3,  p.  2617).  1895, 
Feb.  27,  Capt.  (ibid.,  pt.  i,  p.  1152).  1901,  Nov.  23,  res.  (ibid.,  pt.  6,  p. 
7655  ;  A.L.,  1880-1901). 

782-  James  Adam.  1809,  Apr.  12,  Lt.,  Bedfordsh.  Mil.,  ist  Batn. 
{L.G.,  544);  Apr.  16,  Capt.  (ibid.,  1810,  p.  445). 

Probably  James  Adam,  of  Knockespock,  son  of  James,  of  Knockespock,  d. 
1832,  who  was  son  of  James  Brebner,  judge  in  Grenada  (i  723-1807)  who  was 
the  son  of  Margaret  (dau.  of  George  Gordon,  of  Knockespock)  and  James 
Brebner.  James  Adam,  b.  in  London  1791,  Mar.  10,  also  owned  Moore  Place 
(Herts),  Much  Hadham,  Naish  (Som.)  and  Stocks.  M.  1832,  Sep.  23,  Emma 
Katherine,  dau.  of  Admiral  Wolley,  and  d.  s.p.  1854,  Mar.  4  ;  succeeded 
in  Knockespock  by  Sir  Henry  Percy,  only  son  of  Sir  James  Willoughby,  819- 

783-  Sir  James  Alexander.  1793,  Captain's  servant,  R.N.,  "Arro- 
gant," Bay  of  Biscay;  afterwards  "Invincible,"  Portsmouth,  "  Ramillies," 
Channel,  "  Defence,"  Plymouth,  "  Eurydice,"  Coasting  Convoys,  "  Revolu- 
tionaire,"  W.  Squadron.  1795,  Mid.,  "  Namur,"  Channel  fleet,  off  Cadiz. 
1797,  discharged;  Mid.,  "Goliath,"  Mediterranean,  off  Cadiz.  1799,  dis- 
charged; Mid.,  "Royal  William,"  Spithead.  1800,  discharged;  Jan.  27,  Lt., 
"  Bourdelois,"  off  Western  Islands,  Jamaica.  i8or,  Jan  28,  particularly 
signalized  himself,  at  capture,  after  a  close  cannonade  of  half  an  hour,  of  the 
French  national  brig  "La  Curieuse,"  i68  men,  about  50  being  killed  and 
wounded;  British  loss,  i  man  killed,  7  wounded.  1802,  Aug.  21,  discharged; 
Aug.  22,  h.p. ;  Oct.  13,  ist  Lt.,  "Racoon,"  Jamaica.  1803,  Jul.  11,  dis- 
tinguished himself  in  a  very  warm  action,  which  led  to  the  capture,  in 
Leogane  Roads,  of  the  French  corvette,  "  Le  Lodi  "  ;  Oct.  22,  Comdr.  1804, 
Mar.  3,  Comdr.,  "  Racoon,"  took  many  prizes,  amongst  others  "  L'Argo," 
"L'Aventure"  and  "  L'Alliance ".  1805,  Mar.  31,  discharged;  Apr.  1, 
Post  Capt.;  May  16,  Capt.,  "  Diligentia,"  afterwards  "  Legera "  ;  Sep.  28, 
discharged;  Sep.  29,  h.p.  1807,  Jun.  18,  "Mercury,"  Newfoundland.  1808, 
Apr.  4,  off  Cadiz,  in  company  with  the  "Alceste,"  and  "Grasshopper"  took 
a  distinguished  part  in  a  gallant  two  hours  and  a  half  action,  which  termin 
ated  in  the  defeat,  under  the  batteries  of  Rota,  and  in  the  teeth  of  1 1  French 
and  Spanish  line  of  battleships,  of  20  of  the  enemy's  gun-boats,  having  a 
fleet  of  merchantmen  under  their  charge;  Aug.  21,  discharged;  Aug.  22, 
"Active"  (date  of  appt.  Jun.  27)08"  Corfu.  1811,  Mar.  13,  distinguished 
himself  in  the  memorable  action  off  Lisbon,  when  the  "  Active  "  and  three 


other  frigates,  156  guns,  879  men,  completely  routed,  after  a  conflict  of  six 
hours,  and  a  loss  of  4  killed  and  24  wounded,  a  Franco- Venetian  armament, 
284  guns,  265s  men  ;  Nov.  29,  the  "Active"  took  "  La  Pomone,"  44  guns, 
382  men,  50  killed  and  wounded,  British  loss  8  killed,  27  wounded,  one 
being  Gordon  himself,  "  an  officer,  whose  merits  "  said  Capt.  Murray  Maxwell, 
"  Alceste,"  who  had  been  simultaneously  engaged  with  "  La  Pauline,"  French 
frigate  "  are  known  to  his  country,  and  who  lives  in  the  hearts  of  all  who 
have  the  happiness  to  know  him  ". 

Gordon  was  wounded  about  the  middle  of  the  action  ;  while  leaning  on  the  capstan,  a 
36  pound  shot  came  in  through  a  port  hole,  grased  a  carronade  slide,  took  off  a  seaman's  leg, 
and  struck  the  Captain  on  the  knee-joint,  severing  his  leg,  as  if  done  by  a  knife.  As  he  was 
being  carried  below,  he  directed  his  first  Lt.  Dashwood,  to  do  his  best,  and  gave  similar  advice 
to  Lt.  Hayes  .  .  .  shortly  afterwards  Lt.  Dashwood  lost  his  right  arm.  Lt.  Hayes  took  the 
command,  an  1  though  wounded  fought  the  "Active"  till  the  end  of  the  action.  When  the 
"  Pomone'  surrendered,  the  P'rench  Captain  delivered  his  sword  to  Capt.  Maxwell,  "Alceste," 
as  the  Senior  Officer,  who  considering  the  "  Pomone  "  to  be  the  fair  prize  of  the  "  Active," 
sent  the  sword  to  Capt.  Gordon,  as  his  by  the  right  of  conquest  (W.  H.  Long's  Medals  oj 
the  British  Navy,  185,  note). 

181 2,  Jun.  II,  discharged — gold  Medal  and  Jul.  31,  pension  of  ;f3oo;  Sep. 
14,  "  Sea-Horse,"  Jamaica,  Channel,  and  America.  1813,  Nov.  13,  destroyed 
"  Le  Subtitile  "  privateer;  then  joined  Sir  Alexander  Cochrane  in  the  Chesa- 
peake. 1814,  Aug.  17,  with  a  squadron,  of  six  other  vessels,  entered  the 
Potomac,  finally  reached,  attacked  and  took  Fort  Washington,  Aug.  28, 
Alexandria  capitulated  Aug.  29;  the  conquerors,  Aug.  31,  retired  with  21  of 
the  enemy's  vessels  laden  with  all  kinds  of  merchandise,  the  whole  of  which 
they  brought  down  in  triumph,  in  spite  of  all  obstacles ;  Sep.  9,  engaged  in 
reduction  of  Baltimore.  Gordon  afterwards  accompanied  expedition  against 
New  Orleans.  1815,  Jan.  2,  K.C.B. ;  Sep.  12,  discharged;  Nov.  7,  "Mada- 
gascar," Sheerness.  1816,  Oct.  31,  discharged;  Nov.  1,  "  Maeander,"  Sheer- 
ness.  181 7,  Jan.  2,  discharged.  1819,  Jan.  11,  "Active,"  Halifax  and 
Mediterranean.  1832,  Jul.,  Supdt.,  Chatham  dockyard.  1837,  Jan.  10,  R. 
Adm.  1840,  Jul.  I,  Lt.  Govr.,  Greenwich  Hospital.  1848,  Jan,  8,  Vice  Adm. 
1853,  Oct.  28  (last)  Govr.,  Greenwich  Hospital.  1854,  Jan.  21,  Adm.  1855, 
Jul.  5,  G.C.B.  1868,  Jan.  30,  Adm.  of  the  Fleet  {Adm.,  Offs.  Services, 
P.R.O. ;  O'Byrne's  Nav.  Biog.  Die;  Blackwood's  Mag.,  vol.  21,  p.  534; 
John  Marshall's  Nav.  Biog.,  11.  937-47). 

Third  son  of  Charles,  of  VVardhouse,  307,  and  Catherine  Mercer ;  grand- 
son of  Major  Mercer,  who  wrote  two  poems  on  him  (Lyric  Poems,  79,  108); 
great  nephew  of  Lord  Glenbervie,  who  introduced  him  to  his  first  capt. 
{Glenbervie  journals,   50,    65,  92,   107);   bap.    1778,    Oct.   7,    in  St.   Paul's 



Eim^  ^^^  C^l^^^^^^^l 










^^^^^^K              ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^1 

B          H 

3  ^s'/^'""  ^  "^  ■ 



Ifci^^^^^SC^^^i  /i^^aH 





Governor  of  Greenwich  Hospital,  where  the  picture  hangs 


Chapel,  Aberdeen;  m.  1812,  Aug.  27,  Lydia,  youngest  dau.  of  John  Ward, 
of  Marlborough,  Wilts,  and  had  James  Alexander,  785,  and  ten  daus.,  the 
last  of  whom,  Sophia  Margaret  (b.  1830),  d.  1911,  Feb.  24,  leaving  £^26,344. 
Sir  James  Alexander  d.  at  Greenwich,  1869,  Jan,  8  (Bulloch's  Gordons  of 
Wardhouse  and  Beldorney,  ^6-^0  \  Huntly  Express,  1906,  Sep.  21 — Oct.  5; 
W.  H.  G.  Kingston  in  Colburn's  United  Service  Mag.,  1849,  Nov. ;  Tom 
Hughes  in  Macmillan's  Mag.,  1869,  Feb.).  Portraits  by  James  Gold,  1814, 
reproduced  in  the  Graphic,  1911,  Mar.  3,  and  an  oil  painting  at  Greenwich 
Hospital,  reproduced  in  the  present  volume. 

784-  James  Alexander.  1804,  Apr.  14,  Vol.,  ist  class,  R.N.,  "Ville 
de  Paris,"  Channel,  aged  14;  Oct.  1,  or  Nov.  i,  Mid.  1806,  Nov.  25,  Mid., 
"Royal  Sovereign,"  Mediterranean.  Served  at  blockade  of  Toulon.  181 1, 
Feb.  26,  Mid.,  "  Montague,"  returned  to  England ;  Jun.  7,  passed  as  Lt., 
aged  20  [Adm.  Indexes  Midshipmen,  N.  Board  Lts.  Passing  Certif.,  P.R.O.). 
181 1,  May  16,  Mid.,  "  Egmont  "  fitting  out  at  Sheerness;  Jul.  5,  "  Laures- 
tinus,''  Brazil  and  Rio  de  la  Plate.  181 2,  Jul.  6,  Master's  Mate,  escorted 
convoy  to  Halifax ;  took  a  warm  part  in  hostilities  against  Americans  in  the 
Chesapeake;  present  in  attack  upon  Crany  Island.  1813,  Aug.  21,  wrecked 
on  the  Silver  Keys,  off  the  Bahamas,  at  night,  remained  with  ship's  company 
until  after  Court  Martial  at  Halifax  ;  Nov.  26— Dec.  30,  Supy.,  "  Diomede," 
passage  to  England.  1814,  Jan.  i — Apr.  30,  Admiral's  Mid.,  "  Asia,"  passage 
to  Bermuda  ;  Apr.  i,  promoted  Lt.,  "  Manly,"  by  Admiral  Hon.  Sir  Alexander 
Cochrane,  confirmed  May  26  ;  served  in  the  Chesapeake,  and  accompanied 
the  expedition  to  New  Orleans.  1815,  Sep.  16,  paid  off,  Portsmouth;  h.p. 
1857,  Apr.  13,  Comdr.  {Adni.  Offs.  Services,  P.R.O. ;  O'Byrne's  Nav.  Biog. 
Die:  N.L.,  1815-1876). 

Son  of  James  ("Brae"),  of  Littlefolla,  and  Elizabeth  ;  b.  1791,  bap. 
Mar.  20,  at  Aberdeen ;  on  his  retirement,  he  farmed  Ittingstone  till  his  death. 
He  was  known  as  "  Hairy  Bluff"  from  his  likeness  to  Henry  VHI. ;  d.  unm,^ 
1876,  Mar.  12,  at  Huntly  (stone  in  Auchindoir  Churchyard,  J.  M.  Bulloch 
m  Huntly  Express,  1906,  Sep.  8).  Brother  (or  half-brother)  of  Adam,  107> 
George,  629,  and  James  Edward,  791,  Peter,  1155,  Robert,  1236-  First  cousin 
of  John,  909. 

785-  James  Alexander.  1829,  May  16,  entered  R.N.  1835,  May  6, 
passed  as  Lt.  1838,  Jun.  27,  1st  com. ;  Sep.  17,  Additional  Lt,  "Niagara," 
Lakes  of  Canada.  1839,  Oct.  20,  "  Donegal,"  off  Lisbon.  1841,  Aug.  18, 
from  h.p.,  Senr.  Lt,  "  Warspite,"  N.  America  and  W.  Indies.  1842,  Oct  15, 
Comdr.  1845,  Jan.  17,  in  command  "Wolf"  sloop  (O'Byrne's  Nav.  Biog, 
Die;  N.L.,  1838-47). 


Only  son  of  Sir  James  Alexander,  783;  b.  1816,  Mar.  19;  d.  unm.  1847, 
Jan.  6,  off  Labuan,  coast  of  Borneo  (G.A/.,  vol.  27,  N.S.,  p.  566). 

786-  James  Caulfield.  1836,  Mar.  18,  Ens.,  92nd  Ft.  1839,  Sep.  17, 
Lt.  (Hart's  A.L.,  1840-2). 

Son  of  Sir  James  Murray,  813;  b.  1817  ;  d.  1841,  Aug.  27,  at  Dominica 
(G.M.,  vol.  16,  N.S.,  p.  668). 

787-  James  Charles.  1839,  Sep.  17,  Ens.,  92nd  ¥i.  {L,G.,  1776). 
1841,  Dec.  14,  Lt.  1845,  ret.  by  sale  of  com.  (Hart's  A.L.,  1840-6).  1847, 
Feb.  20,  Ens.,  H.E.I.C.S.  (Bengal);  May  31,  directed  to  do  duty  with  62nd 
N.I.,  at  Dacca;  Dec.  29,  posted  to  21st  N.I.,  Bandah.  1848,  Jul.  14,  removed 
at  own  request  to  4th  N.I.,  Delhi.  1849,  Mar.  i,  removed  at  own  request  to 
56th  N.I. ;  Mar,  29,  appt.  to  do  duty  with  34th  N.I.,  Lahore  ;  Dec.  29,  removed 
at  own  request  to  39th  N.L,  proceeding  there.  1851,  granted  leave  on  s.c. 
May  I — Dec.  i,  to  Kangra.  1852,  served  in  the  Punjab;  Jul.  24,  stationed  at 
Meean  Meer ;  cashiered  (E.I.  Reg.,  1847-53). 

Eldest  son  of  James,  755,  b.  1822,  Jun.  22;  nominated  abroad  for 
H.E.LC.S.,  by  Maj.  Gen.  Robertson ;  d.  1852,  Sep.  5,  at  Wazerabad 
(7.0.  Rec). 

788-  James  Cosmo.  1781,  Cadet,  H.E.LC.S.  (Bengal) ;  Jun.  15,  Ens., 
N.L  1782,  Jul.  10,  Lt.  ;  aiterwards  Judge  Advocate  Gen.  (act.),  Town  Maj. 
(act.).  Fort  William,  A.D.C.,  to  Sir  Charles  Stuart  (Bengal  Cal.,  1792,  p. 

Son  of  John,  of  Birkenbush ;  b.  1756,  Aug.  13;  m.  1792,  Oct.  16, 
Christian,  dau.  of  Robert  Henry  Kno.x,  merchant,  Dunbar,  widow  of  Robert 
McLeish,  Dunbar;  d.  1792,  Dec.  13,  at  Calcutta.  Mrs,  Gordon  was  granted 
pension  from  Lord  Clive's  fund  from  Dec.  31  ;  she  d.  1809,  in  London 
(G.M.,  vol.  63,  p.  575  ;  Knox  Genealogy,  1896,  p.  13).  Gordon's  sister  Mary 
d.  1792,  Mar.  12,  at  Banff  (^4  6r/.  Jour.). 

789-  Sir  James  Davidson.  1873,  Mar.  25,  Maj.,  2nd  Comdt.,  Ban- 
galore Rif.  Vols.  1878,  Feb.  i,  leave  for  twelve  months.  1879,  Hon.  Col. 
(Madras  A  L.,  1873-81). 

Elder  son  of  Evelyn  Meadows  (1798-1868),  and  grandson  of  Thomas,  of 
Whitburn  (d.  1845),  ^^^  ^^^  *^^  great-grand-nephew  of  James,  IV.  of 
Cairnfield;  b.  Calcutta,  1835,  P^b.  17.  1854-89,  H.E.I.C.S.  Civil  (Bombay), 
aftds.  LC.S.  ;  held  the  Mutiny  medal  1866,  May  25,  C.S.I. ;  resident  at 
Mysore;  K.C.S.I.,  1881,  May  24;  d.  1889,  Jun.  27,  in  St.  James's  St.,  London 
(Hutitly  Express,  1908,  Mar.  13,  20).  Brother  of  Peter  Lawrence,  1158; 
nephew  of  Hugh,  668- 

790-  Rev.  James  Drummond.     1901,  Mar.  22,  Chaplain  on  probation 


(Church  of  Scotland)  Bombay  Eccles.  Estab.  1904,  Mar.  22,  Junior  Chaplain  ; 
Jun.  27,  Chaplain  Sind  Rif.  Vols.  1906,  Jul.  28,  res.  his  com.  in  the  Vols. 
{I.A.L.,  1904-6;   Times  of  India). 

Second  son  of  Rev.  William,  minister  of  Glenbervie  {d.  1902),  who  was 
the  son  of  Peter  in  Reekimlane,  Cabrach  ;  M.A.  Aberdeen,  1891;  B.D.  1894; 
B.Sc.  1895  ;  in.  1901,  P'eb.  26,  Annie  Sutherland,  dau.  of  John  Sutherland  Gunn, 
M.B.  Abd.,  Surgeon,  I. M.S.,  and  his  wife,  Annie,  dau.  of  George  Ferguson, 
Humanist,  Univ.  and  King's  Coll.,  Abd. ;  has  Annie  Drummond,  b.  1903, 
Nov.  3,  bap.  1904,  Jan.  7,  and  William  Lindsay  Drummond,  b.  1906,  Oct.  24. 

791.  James  Edward.  1804,  Apr.  14,  Vol.  ist  Class,  R.N.,  "  Ville  de 
Paris,"  Channel,  aged  16 ;  Oct.  i.  Mid.  1806,  Nov.  25,  Mid.,  "  Royal 
Sovereign,"  Mediterranean  1808,  Aug.  22,  Supy.,  "  Malta,"  passage  from 
Mediterranean  ;  Nov.  5,  Mid.,  "  Ville  de  Paris,"  Plymputh,  Coast  of  Spain, 
and  Mediterranean.  1810,  Jan.  27,  Mid.  and  Master's  Mate.  i8ii,  Jan.  29, 
Mid.,  "  Barfleur,"  Lisbon;  May  5,  Lt.  (act.)  "Vestal,"  confirmed  May  17; 
Jun.  7,  passed  as  Lt.  {Adni.  Indexes,  Midshipmen,  N.  Board  Lis.  Passing 
Certif.,  P.R.O.).  1812,  Dec.  22,  Lt,  "  Lacedaemonia,"  America.  1814,  Nov. 
16,  in  command,  "St.  Lawrence,"  Havannah  and  Bermudas.  1815,  while 
proceeding  with  despatches  from  R.  Adm.  Cockburn,  relative  to  the  peace 
between  Great  Britain  and  United  States,  was  captured  Feb.  26,  in  Gulf  of 
Florida  after  a  desperate  action  with  the  American  privateer  brig,"  Chasseur  "  ; 
being  shortly  afterwards  re-taken,  in  compliance  with  the  orders  of  Sir  James 
Alexander  Gordon  was  commissioned  afresh  at  Havannah,  Mar.  7,  by 
Gordon  ;  acquitted  for  loss  of  St.  Lawrence  by  Court  Martial,  Apr.  21,  dis- 
charged; Apr.  22,  h.p.  {Adm.  Offs.  Services,  P.R.O.  ;  O'Bryne's  A^av.  Biog. 
Die.;  N.L.,  1811-64;  M.2ic\s.y's  American  Privateers,  295-300;  Coggleshall's 
American  Privateers,  362-7  ;  Statham's  Privateers). 

Son  of  James,  of  Littlefolla,  Fyvie,  and  Ann  McDonald,  Coclarachie  ;  b. 
1789,  Mar.  II,  at  Coclarachie,  Abernethy  ;  m.  1836,  Oct.  25,  Barbara  {d.  i860, 
Jan.  9,  aged  63),  one  of  the  seven  daus.  of  Samuel  Smith,  banker,  brother  of 
the  first  Lord  Carrington,  and  Elizabeth  Frances  Tumor,  and  had  Edward 
Smith,  431,  George  Maxwell,  593,  and  a  dau. ;  M.P.  for  Dundalk,  1831-2  ;  an 
uncompromising  Protestant  lecturer  and  pamphleteer,  professing  Anglicanism, 
Hon.  Sec,  Brit.  Reformation  Soc.  and  Vice  President  of  the  Protestant  Al- 
liance. Gordon  d.  1864,  Apr.  30,  at  20  Porchester  Terrace,  Hyde  Park  (J.  M. 
Bulloch  in  Huntly  Express,  1906,  Sep.  15,  Banff sh.  Herald,  19 10,  Apr.  9). 
Brother  of  Adam,  107,  George,  529,  James  Alexander,  784,  Peter,  1166,  and 
Robert,  1236-     First  cousin  of  John,  909- 

792.  James   Edward.     1901,  Mar.  13,  2nd  Lt.,  ist  Wilts  Rif.  Vols. 


{L.G.,  pt.  2,  p.  1774).     1903,  May  27,  res.  (ibid.,  pt.  3,  p.  3369;  A.L.,  1901- 

3.  Jul)- 

793.  James  Errol.  1778,  Oct.  8,  2nd  Lt,  Roy.  Marines.  1781,  May 
14,  ist  Lt.  1795,  May  17,  Capt.  1808,  Apr.  25,  Bt.  Maj.  1809,  May  10, 
Maj.,  ret.  f.p.  {A.L.,  1792-1822  ;  Philippart's  Mil.  Cal.,  v.  192).  D.  1821 
(MS.  note,  W.O.  A.L.,  P.R.O.). 

794.  James  Eyiea.  i860,  Cadet,  H.E.I.C.S.  (Bombay).  i86i,  Jul. 
27,  Ens.,  H.M.  Bombay  N.I.  1862,  Oct.  5,  Lt.  1863,  serving  with  109th 
Ft.  1864,  12th  N.L  1865-6,  3rd  Light  Cav.  1866-71,  2nd  Squad.  Subaltern. 
1867-8,  served  in  Abyssinian  expedition  (Medal).  187 1,  Feb.  21,  Capt.,  3rd 
Sind  Horse.  1876,  May  31,  2nd  Squad.  Off.  1878-80,  served  in  Afghan  war, 
action  at  Sir-i-Asp,  march  from  Kabul  to  relief  of  Kandahar,  battle,  Sep. 
1  (Despatches,  Medal  and  clasp.  Bronze  Star).  1881,  Jul.  i,  Maj.  1885, 
Oct.  23,  Squad.  Comdr,,  2nd  Lcrs.  1887,  Jul.  27,  Lt.  Col. ;  served  with  5th 
Light  Cav.     1889,  Nov.  4,  ret.  {I.A.L.,  1861-1905). 

Elder  son  of  John  (1809-46),  Bombay  C.S.,  and  Amelia  Anne  Keays,  and 
grandson  of  Joseph,  last  laird  of  Carroll;  6.  1841,  Nov.  14,  bap.  Dec.  16, 
at  St.  Andrew's  Ch.,  Bombay ;  educated  at  Guildford  Grammar  Sch.,  Rev. 
J.  Brackenbury's,  Wimbledon,  and  Addiscombe ;  nominated  in  1856  for 
H.E.LC.S.,  by  C.  Mills  on  recommendation  of  Col.  W.  Turner,  his  widowed 
mother  then  living  at  36  Inverness  Road,  Bayswater;  m.  1880,  Nov,  29,  at 
Kirkee,  Frances  Helena  Mary  (b.  1848,  Nov.  21),  dau.  of  Dr.  James  George 
Davey,  Gloucester  (7.0.  Rec),  and  widow  of  Rev.  Thomas  Bangham,  Canon 
of  Lichfield.  Gordon  d.  s.p.  1905,  May  4,  at  Ventnor,  aged  62  {Times,  May 
8;  Bulloch's  Gordons  of  Ittvergordoti,  no). 

795-  James  Gabriel.  1801,  Aug.  19,  Vol.  ist  Class,  R.N.,  "Venge- 
ance," Channel ;  Sep.  5,  Mid.,  E.  Indies.  1802,  Jul.  10,  "  Neptune," 
Portsmouth.  1803,  Apr.  11,  "  Topaze " ;  Jul.  13,  "Puissant";  Dec.  27, 
"Illustrious,"  Downs,  Basque  Roads,  Cadiz.  1809,  Mar.  i,  passed  as  Lt., 
aged  23 ;  commanded  a  barge  belonging  to  his  ship  at  the  cutting  out  of  a 
brig  from  Vivero  Harbour;  Apr.  11-12,  present  at  attack  on  French  fleet  in 
Aix  Roads  ;  had  charge  of  a  gun-boat  during  Walcheren  expedition  ;  severely 
wounded  ;  said  to  have  witnessed,  Dec.  18,  while  on  the  "  Freija  "  frigate, 
the  capture  at  Guadaloupe  of  two  French  frigates,  "Loire"  and  "Seine". 
1810,  Jan.  I,  Master's  Mate,  "  Pompee,"  VV.  Indies;  Jan.  24,  Lt.  (act.) 
"Guadaloupe,"  Oct.  3,  Lt,  for  rank;  Oct.  8,  "  Tonnant,"  Channel.  181 2, 
Jul.  i6,  "  Egmont,"  Flushing  fleet,  Cherbourg,  Basque  Roads.  18 14,  Apr. 
18,  "Porcupine,"  served  at  the  forcing  of  the  Gironde ;  Jun.  15,  Flag  Lt., 
"Porcupine";  Sep.  20,  Flag  Lt.,  "Queen,"  Mediterranean.     1815,  Jul.  20, 


Comdr.,  for  rank;  Sep.  22,  discharged  ;  Sep.  23,  h.p.  1827,  Apr.  28.  1830, 
in  the  Ordinary,  Sheerness  ;  h.p.  1841,  Dec,  "Devastation".  1846,  Dec. 
31,  "Ocean".  1848,  Jan.  11,  "Ganges";  Mar.  1,  "Wellington".  1851, 
Jul.  28,  Capt,  1867,  Jul.  1,  R.  Adm.,  h.p.  (Adm.  Offs.  Services,  P.R.O. ; 
O'Byrne's  Nav.  Biog.  Die. ;  N.L.,  1810-72). 

Son  of  William,  Portsea,  and  Ann  ;  b.  1785,  bap.  1786,  Dec.  27,  at 

Portsea,  Southampton  ;  m.  Rachel  Maria ,  (d.  1852,  Mar.  2,  at  Maidstone, 

aged  61  (,  vol.  37,  N.S.,  p.  429)),  and  had  Vaughan  Labron,  1359a  ;  James, 
who  m.  1848,  Jan.  4,  at  St.  Pancras,  London,  Julia,  dau.  of  John  Harrison, 
Welbeck  Street  {ibid.,  vol.  29,  N.S.,  p.  304) ;  Caroline  Janetta,  tn.  1867,  Nov, 
19,  at  St.  Michael's,  Paddington,  Evan  Garnons  Lloyd,  of  Blaen-y-Glyn., 
Merionethsh.  (ibid,  vol.  4,  2nd  N.S.,  p.  812);  Catherine  Caledonia  (youngest 
dau.),  m.  1856,  Jan.  10,  Norman  B.  Bedingfield,  Royal  Yacht,  "Victoria  and 
Albert "  (ibid.,  vol.  45,  N.S.,  p.  513).  Gordon  d.  1871,  Jul.  3,  at  Aston  Clinton 
Rectory,  aged  86  (Times,  Jul.  8). 

796-  James  George.  1796,  Oct.  31,  2nd  Lt.,  Gorey  (Wexford)  Cav. 
(List  of  Offs.  District  Corps  of  Ireland,  1797,  p.  87).  1798,  serving  in  the 
rebellion  he  "  displayed  so  much  courage  and  humanity,  and  so  strongly  at- 
tracted the  attention  and  kindness  of  Gen.  Skirrett,  who  commanded  in  his 
neighbourhood,  that  he  subsequently  procured  him  a  commission,  and  ac- 
companied it  with  a  letter  of  the  most  kind  and  cordial  advice  and  direction  " 
(James  Bentley  Gordon's  Memoir  of  the  N.  American  Continent,  p.  xviii). 
1805,  Jul.  23,  Ens.  Newfoundland  Fencibles  {L.G.,  946).  1807,  Aug.  22,  Lt. 
(ibid.,  1098).  1808,  Jan.  16,  Lt,  67th  Ft.;  Aug.  6,  4th  Garr.  Batn.  (ibid., 
72,  1062).  1810,  Jun.  23,  Lt.,  41st  Ft.  (ibid.,  900).  1813,  Aug.  2,  taking 
part  in  operations  round  Lake  Erie. 

The  2nd  division  with  only  two  officers  attached  to  it  was  attacking  Fort  Sandusky. 
Lt.  Col.  Short,  41st.  Ft.,  was  killed  whilst  descending  the  ravine  at  the  head  of  his  column, 
the  command  devolving  on  Lt.  Gordon,  who,  encouraging  his  men  and  calling  on  them  to 
follow  his  example,  was  one  of  the  first  in  the  ditch,  and  was  in  the  act  of  cutting  the 
picqueting  with  his  sabre,  when  a  ball  fired  from  a  wall-piece,  struck  him  in  the  breast. 
Although  dangerously  wounded,  he  refused  to  abandon  his  post,  and  continued  to  animate  his 
men  by  his  example,  until  a  second  ball  fired  from  the  same  piece,  and  lodging  in  his  brain, 
left  the  division  without  an  officer  (Maj.  Richardson's  War  of  1812  ;  Lomax's  ^xst  Reg., 
PP-  75,  77.  92,  II3-) 

Elder  son  of  Rev.  James  Bentley  (1750-18x9),  author  of  History  of 
Ireland,  grandson  of  Rev.  James,  of  Neve  Hall,  Londonderry  (1693-1791). 
These  Gordons  claimed  descent  from  a  younger  branch  of  the  Duke  of 
Gordon    (Philip  Crossle,  in   Ballymena  Observer,  1911,  Feb.   24;  D.N.B.). 


Gordon's  mother,  Jane,  was  granted  a  pension  of  £40  from  1820,  Dec.  5 
{W.O.  Wid.  Compass,  and  Bounty  Warrants,  P.R.O.). 

797.  James  Gisborne.  1820,  Cadet,  H.E.I.C.S.  (Bengal) ;  Dec.  22,  Ens., 
31st  N.I.  1823,  Jul.  II,  Lt,  29th  N.I. ;  Sep.  25,  15th  N.I.  1824,  May  i, 
30th  N.I.  {E.I.  Reg.,  1820-6  ;  Butler  Shawe's  2nd  {Jornicrly  315/)  N .1.,  51). 

Second  son  of  Alexander  (i  762-1829),  of  Castle  Place,  Belfast,  and 
grandson  of  Robert,  of  Florida  and  Ballinteggart,  cadet  of  Delamont ;  b.  1804, 
Sep.  12  ;  educated  at  Belfast ;  nominated  for  H.E.I.C.S.,  by  Charles  Grant, 
on  recommendation  of  Viscount  Castlereagh  ;  d.  1825,  Dec.  27,  at  Cuttack, 
Bengal ;  monument  at  Buxar  erected  by  his  brother  offs.  (7.0.  Rec).  Brother 
of  Robert  Francis,  1266;  uncle  of  Henry  Pottinger,  651- 

798-  James  Qordon  Duff.  1842,  Cadet,  H.E.I.C.S.  (Bengal);  Oct.  18, 
Ens.,  50th  N.I.  1844,  Jun.  24 — Nov.  30,  leave  to  Mussoorie  on  s.c.  1845, 
Jun.  4,  qualified  in  Hindustani  (colloquial).  1846,  Jan.  29,  Adj.,  i8th 
Depot  Batn.  ;  Mar.  2,  cancelled.     1847,  Aug.  12,  Lt.  {E.I.  Reg.,  1842-9). 

Seventh  son  of  Adam,  of  Arradoul  and  of  Cairnfield,  and  Elizabeth 
Cruickshank  (Bulloch's  Gordons  of  Cairnfield,  59) ;  b.  1822,  Jun.  6,  bap.  at 
Rathven,  Banflfsh.  ;  privately  educated  ;  nominated  for  H.E.I.C.S.,  by  \A. 
Col.  Sykes  on  recommendation  of  J.  Gordon  Duff,  13  Harley  Street,  London; 
d.  1848,  May  22,  bur.  May  23,  at  Lahore  (7.0.  Rec).  Brother  of  Adam 
Stewart,  112,  Patrick,  1142,  and  William,  1460- 

799-  James  Quy  Birnie.  1899,  Nov.  19,  2nd  Lt,  Roy.  Lane.  Mil. 
1900,  Jul.  20,  Lt.  1901,  Nov.  27,  Lt.,  Manchester  Reg.  1900-3,  served  in 
S.  African  war,  slightly  wounded;  operations  in  Cape  Colony,  1900,  Feb. — 
Apr.,  Orange  River  Colony,  May — Nov.,  Nov.  30 — 1901,  Jul.,  Transvaal,  Jul. 
— 1902,  May  31  {Despatches,  L.G.,  1902,  Apr.  25,  Queen's  Medal,  four  clasps. 
King's  Medal,  two  clasps).  1905,  May  27,  Lt.,  Ind.  Army,  Double  Coy.  Off., 
52nd  Sikhs,     1909,  Jan.  16,  Capt.  {I.A.L.,  1900-10). 

Only  son  of  James  Lewis  Joseph,  809  ;  b.  1881,  Oct.  14,  bap.  Nov.  29,  at 

800-  James  11.  1902,  Dec.  23,  2nd  Lt.,  Roy.  Fus.,  ist  Vol.  Batn. 
{A.L.,  1903— Jan.  '04). 

801-  James  Hall  Mcintosh.  1907,  May  24,  2nd  Lt.,  Gordon  Highlrs. 
ist  Vol.  Batn.  {A.L.,  1907 — Jan.  '08). 

Second  son  of  George  (1861-1905),  timber  merchant,  Aberdeen,  and  his 
wife ,  dau.  of  Daniel  Mcintosh,  farmer,  Craiginches,  Nigg;  b.  1888,  Oct. 


802.  James  Henry.  1857,  Apr.  20,  Cadet,  H.E.I.C.S.  (Madras);  Jul. 
21,  Ens.,  46th  N.I.      1859,  Jun.  24,  Lt.      1866,  Sep.  12,  Lt,  S.C.      1862-8, 


37th  N.I,  1869,  Apr.  20,  Capt.,  S.C.  1870,  Dec.  20,  Qr.  Mr.,  23rd  N.I. 
1877,  -^pr-  20,  Maj.  S.C.  1881,  Aug.  26,  Wing.  Comdr.  1883,  Apr.  20,  Lt. 
Col.,  S.C.  1884,  Jan.  7,  2nd  Comdt.  1885-7,  Burmese  expedition,  commanded 
23rd  Mad.  L.I.  (Despatches,  L.G.,  1886,  Jun.  22,  Medal  with  clasps).  1887, 
Apr.  20,  Bt.  Col.  ;  Jul.  i,  D.S.O.  1893,  C.B.  1895,  Apr.  20,  Col.'s  allow- 
ance.    1896,  Jan.  25,  U.S.L.  (Hart's  A. L.,  1858-1911). 

Seventh  son  of  Adam  (1801-39),  who  was  the  fourth  son  of  David,  XIV. 
of  Abergeldie  ;  b.  1839,  Jan.  25,  bap.  Apr.  2,  at  Charlton,  Kent;  educated  at 
Charterhouse  and  Mr.  Kreser's,  Blackheath  ;  nominated  for  H.E.I.C.S.,  by 
J.  H.  Astell  on  recommendation  of  his  uncle  Robert,  1239  ;  '"•  1869,  J^"-  28, 
Arabella  (b.  1837,  Nov.  8),  2nd  dau.  of  Charles  Hewitt  Sams  of  Lee,  Kent, 
and  has  Charles  Cecil,  348,  George  Hamilton,  576,  Lucy,  b.  1870,  Jan.  4, 
bap.  Jan.  15,  at  Quilon,  Julia  Margaret  Arabella,  b.  1873,  May  30,  bap.  Jun. 
26,  at  Bangalore,  and  Mary,  b.   1889,  Apr.    13  (I.O.  Rec;  House  of  Gordon, 

I.  (105)).  Brother  of  Charles  Vincent,  377,  Cosmo,  388,  Dundas  William, 
420,  Hugh  Mackay,  673;  nephew  of  Charles  David,  360. 

803-  Hon.  James  Henry.  1867,  Jun.  11,  Capt.,  i8th  Aberdeensh.  Rif. 
Vols.  ;  Jun.  18,  Ens.,  3rd  Cambridgesh.  Rif.  Vols.  (L.G.,  pt.  4,  p.  3483,  pt.  6, 

P-  4365)- 

Second  son  of  George  John  James,  5th  Earl  of  Aberdeen  ;  b.  1845,  ^^t. 

I I,  at  the  Ranger's  House,  Blackheath,  and  bap.  at  the  Chapel  Royal,  Brighton  ; 
educated  at  Cheam  School,  St.  Andrews  University,  and  Trinity  Coll.,  Cam- 
bridge;  1865,  took  a  voyage  in  an  open  boat  with  his  brother  George,  from 
St.  Leonards  to  Boulogne  ;  1867,  Jul.  29,  set  out  in  a  canoe  from  Dover  to 
Genoa,  describing  the  voyage  in  The  Light  Blue  and  afterwards  reprinting 
it  privately  as  A  Canoe  Voyage  in  the  "  PO0ION"  (Cambridge  :  William 
Metcalfe,  1868,  8vo,  pp.  74),  to  which  a  biography  is  appended.  1868,  Feb. 
12,  found  shot  dead  in  his  rooms  at  Trinity  Coll.  beside  a  rifle,  which  is 
supposed  to  have  gone  off"  accidentally;  bur.  at  Methlick  (Times,  1868,  Feb. 
14,  18  ;  Carnie's  Reminiscences,  11.  321).  Brother  of  Sir  John  Campbell,  7th 
Earl  of  Aberdeen,  1019. 

804-  James  Henry.  1903,  Jun.  4,  Serg.  Maj.,  R.F.A.,  ret.  pension 
(A.L.,  1 903-11). 

805.  James  Hugh  Sibbald  Grant.  1885,  Aug.  22,  Lt.,  Gordon 
Highlrs.,  3rd  (Militia)  Batn.  (A.L.,   1885-91). 

Eldest  son  of  George  Grant,  571;  b-  1861,  Sep.  14,  bap.  Oct.  9,  at 
Meerut ;  1878-1883,  sheep  farming  in  New  Zealand  ;  1883-90,  farmed  Milton 
and  Woodlands  of  Kilravock  and  Woodlands,  Strathnairn  ;  1890,  emigrated 
to  British  Columbia  and  then  to  California  (Croughly  Book,  82). 


806-  James  Innes.  1803,  Cadet,  H.E.I.C.S.  (Bengal).  1804,  Sep.  21, 
Lt.,  17th  N.I.  1812,  Adj.,  Provincial  Batn.,  Moorshedabad.  1814-15,  on 
furlough.  i8i8,  Jan.  8,  Capt.  Oct.  25,  Capt.,  35th  N.I.  1819,  served  with 
2nd  Ceylon  Vol.  Batn.     {E.I.  Reg.,  1804-26). 

Third  son  of  James,  of  Rosieburn  (1739-1815),  who  was  fourth  son  of 
Alexander  VII.,  of  Cairnfield,  and  Janet  Mercer  ;  b.  1788,  Jun.  20,  at  Portsoy, 
bap.  at  Fordyce  ;  nominated   for  H.E.I.C.S.,    by  Viscount   Castlereagh ;  m. 

1824,  Nov.  2, {b.  1778,  May  10,  d.   1825,  Mar.  6);  d.  1825,  Oct.  10,  at 

Meerut  (S.M.,  vol.  18,  N.S.,  p.  640) ;  by  will  dated  there  Oct  2,  proved  Nov. 
I,  by  G.  J.  Gordon,  agent,  Old  P'ord  Street,  Calcutta,  executor,  with  Lt.  John 
Hay  (to  whom  he  gave  his  sword  with  two  scabbards),  left  estate  to  his 
brother  Alexander,  192  {10.  Rec. ;  Bulloch's  Gordons  of  Cairnfield^  49). 
Brother  of  George  Maxwell,  592,  and  William,  1449- 

807-  James  John.  1843,  Jan.  27,  Ens.,  55th  Ft.  1845,  Nov.  ii,  Lt. 
1848,  86th  Ft.  1855,  Aug.  10,  Capt.  1859,  Sep.  23,  i6th  Ft.  1861,  Apr.  6, 
54th  Ft.  (Hart's  A.L.,  1844-67). 

Eldest  son  of  William  Alexander,  1474  ;  b.  1824,  Aug.  4,  at  Inverlochy  ; 
m.  1848,  Apr.  18,  at  Bombay,  Jane  Moore  {b.  1829),  eldest  dau.  of  Col.  C.  D. 
Blair,  C.B.,  Bengal  Cav.  and  had  Charles  William,  b.  1849,  Aug.  22,  bap. 
Sep.  23,  at  Deesa,  d.  1904,  May  28,  at  Keeling,  William  Alexander  Blair,  b. 
1851,  Jun.  26,  bap.  Aug.  29,  at  Poona,  and  George  Huntley  Blair,  684;  d. 
1865,  Nov.  17,  bur.  Nov.  18,  in  the  Mil.  Burial  Ground,  F^ort  William, 
Calcutta.  Mrs.  Gordon  d.  1910,  Mar.  18,  in  London  (W.O.  Offs.  Mrges., 
P.R.O. ;  Croughly  Book,  83). 

808-  James  Joseph.  1805,  Aug.  4,  Ab.,  R.N.,  "Africa,"  aged  21  (?); 
Oct.  10,  Mid. ;  present  at  Trafalgar.  1806,  Jan.  i,  Ab. ;  Jul.  i,  Mid.,  Cadiz, 
Channel  and  S.  America.  1808,  Feb.  22,  Mid.,  "  Northumberland  ".  1810; 
Aug.,  Master's  Mate,  "  Hibernia, "  Mediterranean  ;  Nov.  7,  passed  as  Lt., 
aged  22  (?)  {Adm.  Indexes  Midshipmen,  N.  Board  Lis.  Passing  Certi/., 
P.R.O.).  1810,  Nov.,  Master's  Mate,  "Centaur,"  Mediterranean.  1813, 
May,  Mid.,  "  Freija,"  variously  employed.  1814,  May  26,  Lt.,  for  rank; 
Oct.,  Supy.  Mid.,  on  promotion,  "Queen,"  Mediterranean.  1815,  Feb.  18, 
"Tremendous";  Sep.  21,  discharged;  Sep.  22,  h.p.  {Adm.  Offs.  Services, 
P.R.O. ;  N.L.). 

Only  son  of  Capt.  George  (?),  Gordon  Bank,  Berwick ;  b.  1784  (1786  ?)  at 
Edinburgh ;  m.  1822,  Jul.  1,  in  the  Canongate,  Edinburgh,  aged  36  (?) 
Elizabeth,  aged  25,  dau.  of  John  Harvey,  innkeeper,  Bathgate,  Glasgow  ;  d. 
1824,  Jul.  18,  Barony  parish,  Glasgow,  aged  41  {Adm.  Wid.  Pensions, 
P.R.O.;  S.M.,  vol.  15,  N.S.,  p.  384). 


809-  James  Lewis  Joseph.  1864,  Jun.  3,  Ens.,  58th  Ft.  1868,  Jul.  4, 
Lt.  1875,  Dec.  18,  Capt.  1876,  Oct.  20,  59th  Ft.  1881,  Jun.  11,  Station 
Staff  Off.,  Murree.  1882,  Oct.  14,  Paymr.,  Devonsh.  Reg.  (late  nth  Ft.) 
(Hart's  A.L.,  I.A.L.,  1865-87). 

Second  son  of  Rev.  Dr.  George  (1801-93),  minister  of  Birnie,  cadet  of 
Beldorney  (Bulloch's  Gordons  in  Laggan,  53);  h.  1844,  Aug.  13,  at  Birnie, 
Elgin ;  m.  1878,  Oct.  3,  at  Simla,  Elizabeth  Marion,  dau.  of  Gen.  John  Irwin 
VVilles,  H.E.I.C.S.,  and  had  James  Guy  Birnie,  799,  and  Irene  Anna  Birnie, 
b.  1879,  Jul.  24,  bap.  Oct.  2,  at  Dugshai ;  d.  1886,  May  7,  at  Naini  Tal,  India. 
Nephew  of  William,  1456. 

810-  James  Loudoun.  i860.  Mar.  26,  Lt.,  7th  Forfarsh.  Rif.  Vols. 
{L.G.,  pt.  2,  p.  1257).  1865,  Apr.  18,  Capt.  {ibid.,  pt.  3,  p.  2189).  1868,  Jul. 
10,  Capt.  Comdt. ;  Oct.  27,  Maj.,  ist  Administrative  Batn.  {ibid.  pt.  5,  p. 
3885,  pt.  6,  p.  5648). 

Son  of  William  {d.  1855),  solicitor  and  procurator-fiscal,  Brechin  ; 
himself  solicitor  there  ;  m.  Barbara,  youngest  dau.  of  William  Laws,  Prudhoe 
Castle,  Northumberland,  and  had  William  Montgomerie,  Asst.  Col.  Sec, 
Trinidad,  ni.  Constance  Lucretia,  dau.  of  Sir  Oliver  Nugent,  Antigua  ;  their 
son  is  Oliver  Loudoun,  1121  (Bulloch's  Gordons  in  Forfarshire,  13).  Brother 
of  William  Loudoun,  1506- 

811-  James  Miller.  1864,  Jul.  5,  Ens.,  97th  Ft.  1867,  Oct.  30,  Lt. 
1868,  Jun.  13,  Lt.,  2ist  Ft.  1872,  Nov.  i — 1874,  Nov.  30,  Supt.  Gymnasia, 
S.  Dist.  1873,  J"'-  9 — 1876,  Nov.  8,  Instructor  of  Musketry.  1878,  Jan.  23, 
Capt.  1879,  served  in  Zulu  war,  present  at  Ulundi  ;  Orderly  Off.  to  Col. 
Collingwood  whilst  in  command  of  2nd  Brigade,  2nd  Div.,  afterwards  served 
with  Russell's  Column,  attached  to  Nat.  Cav.,  and  subsequently  with  21st  Ft. 
in  operations  against  Sikukuni,  including  storming  of  stronghold  ;  slightly 
wounded  (Medal  with  clasp).  1882,  passed  Senr.  Dept.  Roy.  Mil.  Coll.  and 
Staff  Col.  1883,  D.A.A.  and  Q.M.G.  1885,  Feb.  2,  Maj.,  ret.  pay,  with 
hon.  rank  Lt.  Col.  1890,  Mar.  29,  Maj.,  Rif.  Brig.,  5th  Batn.,  Prince 
Consort's  Own  Tower  Hamlets  Mil.  (Hart's  A.L.,  1865-93;  A.L.,  1865- 
92,  Jul.). 

Second  son  of  William  (1807-84),  stockbroker,  Aberdeen,  and  Margaret 
Campbell  Miller  (1810-90);  b.  1845,  Feb.  16  ;  m.  Mary  Elizabeth  Gilroy  and 
had  two  sons,  Alaster  and  James,  and  two  daus.,  Marjory  and  Dorothy;  d. 
1892,  Jun.  4,  at  Kirkbride,  Maybole,  N.B.  {Abd.  Free  Press,  Jun.  7).  Mrs. 
Gordon  m.  (2)  Alexander  Balmain,  of  the  Glasgow  Stock  Exchange,  who  d. 
s.p.  {Huntly  Express,  1909,  Feb.  12).  Brother  of  Hodgson  Campbell, 



812-  James  Money.  1891,  Aug.  29,  2nd  Lt.,  Sind  Rif.  Vols.  1894, 
Aug.  13,  Supy.  List.     1896,  Aug.  13,  Unat.  List.  {I.A.L.,  1896-1900,  Jan.). 

Possibly  Cecil  James  Money,  son  of  Thomas  Sargent,  Clerk,  Chief  Court, 
Lahore;  b.  1878,  d.  1900,  Dec.  7,  at  Lahore  ;  or  James  Money,  son  of  James 
Money  (Asst.  in  Accts.  Office,  Agra,  tn.  1849,  Sep.  29,  Olivia  Reid),  grandson 
of  Robert,  Agra,  and  great-grandson  of  Adam,  Calcutta  {d.  1834),  formerly 
corporal,  73rd  Highlrs.  ;  b.  1851  ;  Clerk,  Commiss.  Office,  Hissar;  ;;/.  there 
1873,  Feb.  14,  Evelyn  (6.  1856),  dau.  of  John  Isaac  Sargent,  Hissar  (7.0. 
Rec).    Related  to  Samuel  Carey,  1291,  and  William  Duncan,  1487. 

813-  James  Murray.  1794,  Jun.  25,  Captain's  servant,  R.N., 
"  Britannia,"  Mediterranean,  flagship  of  Adm.  William  Hotham,  present  in 
action  Jul.  13,  with  French  fleet.  1795,  Apr.  *»  Mid.,  "  Tarleton,"  Mediter- 
ranean. 1797,  Mar,  7,  Ab.  and  Mid.,  "  Virginie,"  Channel,  N.  Sea,  E. 
Indies.  1800,  Jul.  18,  Lt.  (act.),  "  Vulcan  "  bomb.,  E.  Indies.  1801,  Aug. 
3,  Lt.  (act.),  "  Trincomale ".  1802,  Oct.  12,  Lt.  (act.)  "  Dedaigneuse,"  E. 
Indies.  1803,  Feb.  25,  Lt.  1805,  May  27,  Comdr.  (act.),  "Albatross,"  E. 
Indies.  1806,  Feb.  i,  conformed.  1807,  Feb.,  returned  to  England;  Oct.  19, 
"  Proeris,"  Channel,  E.  Indies.  1808,  Feb.  15,  Post  Capt.,  "Powerful,"  E. 
Indies;  Apr.  28  (act.),  "Terpsichore,"  E.  Indies;  May  23,  confirmed.  1809, 
Jul.  28,  discharged  ;  Jul.  29,  h.p,  1840,  C.B.  1841,  Nov.  23,  R.  Adm.  1851, 
ret.  1853,  Mar.  5,  V.  Adm.  (Adm.  Offs.  Services,  P.R.O. ;  O'Byrne's  Nav. 
Biog.  Z)tc. ; 'Marshall's  Nav.  Biog.,  Supp.,  pt.  i,  p.  294;  Laird  Clowes's 
Navy,  VI.  545  ;  N.L.,  1803-51). 

Son  of  Thomas,  I.  of  Balmaghie  (1737-1804)  and  grandson  of  William,  of 
Campbellton  (1695-1787);  b.  1872,  Mar.  6;  served  heir  to  his  father  and 
brother  Thomas  William,  1358i  1814,  Apr.  21  ;  ;//.  1810,  Dec.  13,  Sarah 
Almeria,  dau.  of  Archdeacon  Caulfield,  widow  of  Capt.  Charlton,  H.E.I.C.S. 
{d.  1821,  Dec.  22)  and  had  James  Caulfield,  786;  Thomas  Dempster,  1351, 
and  Webster  Thomas,  1368-  D.L.,  Kirkcudbrightsh.,  1820,  Nov.  20  {L.G., 
1822,  p.  155).  *  Gordon  d.  1850,  Dec.  28,  at  Balmaghie  House,  Castle  Douglas, 
in  his  79th  year  {G.M.,  vol.  35,  N.S.,  p.  203). 

814-  James  Redmond  Patrick.  1879,  Jan.  22,  2nd  Lt.,  15th  Hrs. 
i88o,  served  in  Afghan  war,  relief  of  Kandahar  (Medal).  1881,  Jan.  25,  Lt. ; 
served  in  S.  African  war,  Transvaal  campaign.  1881,  Jan.  25 — 1884,  Dec.  i. 
Adj.  1884-5,  Bechuanaland  expedition  (Medal  with  clasp).  1887,  Burmese 
expedition  (Medal  with  clasp).  1887,  Jan.  16 — 1889,  Apr.  27,  A.D.C.,  toMaj. 
Gen.,  Madras.  1888,  Aug.  15,  Capt.  1889,  Aug.  i — 1891,  Dec.  31,  Adj., 
Aux.  forces,  Yorks.  Hrs.  (Princess  of  Wales's  Own).  1892,  Mar.  30 — ^Jun. 
24,  spec,  service,  Lagos,  expedition  against  the  Jebus  (Medal  with  clasp). 


1892,  Oct.  II  — 1894,  Jan.  31,  recruiting  Staff  Off.,  Dublin  Dist.  1894,  Mar. 
25 — 1896,  May  II,  London  Dist.  1895,  May  i,  Maj. ;  Nov.  23 — 1896,  Feb. 
19,  spec,  service,  Ashanti  expedition  (honourably  mentioned,  Star).  1897, 
Jun.  12,  Lt.  Col.  1900,  Feb.  3,  temp.,  17th  Lrs  ;  Feb.  8 — 1901,  Apr.  9,  Brig. 
Gen.,  Cav.  Brig.,  S.  African  war  ;  Nov.  29,  C.B*  1901,  Apr.  lo,  Lt.  Col., 
15th  Hrs. ;  Jun.  12,  Bt.  Col.  1902,  Aug.  17,  h.p.  1903,  Aug.  15,  Subst. 
Col.  ;  Aug.  15 — 1905,  May  9,  A.A.G.,  H.Q.  of  Army  ;  May  10 — Oct.  8,  Brig. 
Gen.,  4th  Cav.  Brig.     1906,  Apr.  4,  ret.  h.p.  {A.L.,  1880-1910). 

Only  son  of  Sir  Benjamin  Lumsden,  282;  b.  i860,  Nov.  23  ;  ni.  1888, 
Nov.  27,  Clarissa  Maria  Guthrie,  youngest  dau.  of  Charles  William  Reynolds 
of  Ramsdale,  Berks.,  and  had  two  sons,  one  being  Eric  Redmond  Sutton, 
436;  (^-  1 910,  Dec.  3,  of  pneumonia,  at  200  Brompton  Road,  London. 
Portrait  in  the  Sphere,  vol.  i.  p.  255,  and  picture  of  charger  that  carried'  him 
through  sixteen  months  of  the  S.  African  war  {ibid.,  1901,  Mar.  9). 

815-  James  Richard.  1856,  Jan.  10,  Lt.,  King's  Own  Lt.  Inf.  Mil. 
{L.G.,  pt.  I,  p.  158). 

816-  James  Robertson.     Col.,  Ontario  Militia. 

Eldest  son  of  Rev.  Daniel  (really  Donald),  Montreal  and  Mary,  dau.  of 
Rev.  James  Robertson,  Stuartfield  ;  b.   1843;  S^^^-  Toronto  Univ.;  mining 

and  civil  engineer  ;  m. and  has  three  children.     Brother  of  Rev.  Charles 

William,  379a. 

817-  James  Rollings.  185 1,  Jun.  13,  Cadet,  H.E.LC.S.  (Madras). 
1852,  Apr.  28,  Ens.,  15th  N.L  1856,  Nov.  23,  Lt.  1857-8,  on  furloui^h. 
1862,  Jul.  30,  Capt.,  io8th  Ft.,  Inniskilling  Fus.,  2nd  Batn.  1874,  Jul.  29, 
Maj.  1877,  Jul.  21,  ret,  hon.  rank  Lt.  Col,  (E.I.  Reg.,  and  I.A.L.,  1851- 
1906;  Hart's  .(4. L.,  1852-1906). 

Eldest  son  of  James  (1795-1860),  Montego  Bay,  Jamaica,  who  was  a 
grandson  of  Robert,  of  Auchendolly,  and  Anne  Payne  ;  b.  1831,  Nov.  15,  hap. 
1833,  Oct.  17,  at  St.  James's,  Cornwall  County,  Jamaica ;  educated  at  Edin- 
burgh Academy,  Mr.  Exley's,  Bristol  and  Addiscombe ;  nominated  in  1845, 
for  H.E.LC.S.,  by  R.  Ellice  on  recommendation  of  his  uncle  William  Mills, 
his  father  then  living  at  Norfolk  Crescent,  Bath;  m.  1877,  May  31,  Isabel 
Emily  Pauline  (6.  1852,  Feb.  11,  d.  1909,  Jan.  10),  dau.  of  Rev.  Charles 
Lawford,  Winterbourne,  Stoke,  Wilts  and  had  Robert  Charles  Lowther,  h. 
1878,  Jul.  26,  Alexander  James  Marriott,  232,  and  Bertrand  Gorges  Reginald, 
284-  Gordon  d.  1906,  Nov.  27,  at  Upper  Norwood  [Times  ;  I.O.  Rec,  Burke's 
Landed  Gentry,  1886,  i.  755).  He  was  head  of  the  Gordons  of  Auchendolly, 
but  the  estates  had  been  willed  away  out  of  the  Gordon  family  in  1884. 

818-  James  Thomas.     1824,  Cadet,  H.E.LC.S.  (Bengal).     1825,  May 

1 88  HOUSE   OF  GORDON. 

31,  arrived  at  Madras.  1826,  Jan.  18,  served  at  taking  of  Bhurtpore,  shared 
in  Prize  money  ;  Jan.  25,  Lt.,  15th  N.I.  1828,  Feb.  16,  qualified  in  Persian 
and  Hindustani;  Oct.  31 — 1829,  Oct.  i,  Inter,  (act.)  and  Qr.  Mr,,  6th  N.I. 
1830,  Jan.  8,  Adj.  (act.)  15th  N.I.  1833,  Nov.  14,  similarly  appt.  during 
absence  of  Lt.  Evans.  1834,  Apr.  28,  Interp,  &  Qr.  Mr.  (act.)  during  absence 
of  Lt.  Hunter.  1835,  Jan.  13,  res.  appt.  ;  Jun.  20,  furlough  to  England. 
1838,  Jul.  12,  arrived  at  Fort  William;  Sep.  7,  Inter,  and  Qr.  Mr.  (act.)  24th 
N.I.  1839,  Apr.  10,  similar  appt.,  69th  N.I. ;  Aug  19,  2nd  Comdt.  Lower 
Assam  Sebundy  Corps.  1840,  Feb.  17,  Junr.  Asst.,  to  Comdr.,  Assam  ;  Dec. 
16,  placed  in  charge  of  Zillah  Nowgong.  1841,  Mar.  10,  Capt.  1843,  J""- 
21,  Principal  Asst.  (act.),  to  Comdr.  of  Assam,  at  Tezpur.  1844,  Jun.,  appt. 
confirmed,  posted  to  Nowgong  division,  with  temporary  charge  of  Tezpur 
division.     1848,  Sep.  30,  furlough  to  Europe  on  s.c.  {E.I.  Reg.,  1825-50). 

Son  of  Frederick,  460;  b.  1805,  Dec.  21,  bap.  1806,  Feb.  17,  at  Everton, 
Notts;  educated  at  Dr.  Inchbald's  and  by  private  masters  at  Woolwich; 
nominated  for  H.E.I.C.S.,  by  the  Hon.  W.  F".  Elphinstone,  on  recommenda- 
tion of  Mrs.  Loughnan ;  w.  1837,  Dec.  13,  at  Hampstead,  Caroline  (6.  1815, 
Oct.  15),  only  dau.  of  Rev.  James  Harrington  Evans,  John  Street  Chapel, 
London  (G.M.,  vol.  9,  N.S.,  p.  205),  and  had  James  Frederick,  b.  1839,  Dec. 
5,  bap.  1840,  Aug.  26,  at  Tezpur,  d.  1855,  Feb.  2,  at  Haverstock  Hill  {G.M., 
vol.  43,  N.S.,  p.  440) ;  Caroline  Elizabeth,  b.  1841,  Sep.  24,  bap.  Nov.  20,  at 
Nowgong,  d.  1859,  Mar.  22,  at  Haverstock  Hill  {G.M.,  vol.  6,  2nd  N.S.,  p. 
548),  Amelia  Sarah,  6.  1846,  Jul.  31,  bap.  1847,  J^"-  iS>  ^^  Assam,  and 
Caroline.  Gordon,  d.  1849,  May  12,  at  Hampstead  (G.M.,  vol.  32,  N.S.,  p.  104  ; 
I.O.  Rec).  Tombstone  in  Tezpur  Church,  "erected  by  European  and  native 
friends  in  Assam,  in  testimony  of  their  deep  love  and  esteem  for  his  amiable 
conduct  in  all  his  domestic  relations,  and  of  their  high  regard  for  his  upright 
and  zealous  character  as  a  public  servant.  The  foundation  of  this  Church  of 
the  Epiphany  was  laid  by  him  May  16,  1847.  •  •  •  And  he  remained  to  witness 
the  establishment  of  the  Tezpur  Mission  to  the  frontier  tribes,  of  which  he  was 
the  earnest  author  and  promoter".  Mrs,  Gordon,  w.  (2)  1856,  F'eb.  5,  at 
Hampstead,  Andrew  Steedman,  Haverstock  Hill  (G.M.,  vol.  45,  N.S.,  p.  418). 

819-  Sir  James  Willoughby,  bart.  1783,  Oct.  17,  Ens.,  66th  Ft.: 
served  1786-90,  in  the  West  Indies.  1789,  Mar.  5,  Lt.  17Q3,  Aug.  27,  as  a 
volunteer  in  Lord  Howe's  fleet  was  present  at  the  taking  of  Toulon  where  he 
remained  till  Oct.,  and  then  returned  to  Gibraltar.  1795,  ^^P-  2,  Capt.,  going 
to  Scotland  as  A.D.C.,  to  Gen.  Dalrymple  and  then  to  Ireland  as  A.A.G.,  to 
the  Northern  District  (Philippart's  Royal  Mil.  Cal.,  in.  308).  1796,  Dec, 
present  at  the  "taking"  (!)  of  the  French  fleet  in  Bantry  Bay  {Times,  1851, 


Jan.  6).  1797,  Nov.  9,  Maj.  {L.G.,  1062).  1798,  Mar.,  went  to  Halifax  to 
join  his  reg.  1799  appointed  Mil.  Sec.  to  the  Duke  of  Kent  at  that  time 
Comdr.-in-Chief  in  British  N.  America,  returning  to  England  with  H.R.H. 
in  1800,  on  Aug.  4  of  which  year  he  got  a  grant  of  land  on  Prince  Edward 
Island.  1801,  May  21,  Lt,  Col.,  85th  Ft. ;  Jul.  24,  at  the  taking  of  Madeira, 
going  on  to  Jamaica  where  he  remained  nearly  three  years.  1803,  Mar.  12, 
D.A.G.,  to  Forces  in  Jamaica ;  May  26,  permanent  A.Q.M.G.,  under  Sir 
David  Dundas  in  the  South  District  (ibid.,  251,  622).  1804,  Jan.,  Dep. 
Barrack  Mr.  Gen.  (ibid.  16);  Aug.  11,  Lt.  Col,,  92nd  Ft.  (ibid.,  954),  and 
Mil.  Sec.  to  Frederick  Duke  of  York,  against  whom  he  gave  evidence  in  the 
House  of  Commons,  in  the  matter  of  the  notorious  Mary  Anne  Clarke,  much 
to  the  disgust  of  Mr.  Creevey,  who  speaks  of  his  "  pompous  impudent  evi- 
dence "  (Creevey  Papers,  i.  150-1),  and  of  Pierre  Franc  McCallum  who  wrote 
a  66  pp.  pamphlet  against  his  "ingratitude"  (Observations  on  H.R.H.  the 
Duke  of  Kent's  shameful  Persecution).  1808  Jun.  13,  Lt.  Col.  Comdt.  Roy. 
African  Corps  (L.G.,  834).  1809,  Mar.,  Mil.  Sec.  to  Sir  David  Dundas, 
Comdr.-in-Chief;  Sep.  30,  Commiss.-in-Chief  of  Forces  at  home  and  abroad 
Ireland  and  E.  Indies  excepted  (ibid.,  1555).  1810,  Jul.  25,  Bt.  Col. ;  Aug.  4, 
Col.,  Roy.  African  Corps  (ibid.,  1095,  1140).  181 1,  Aug.  10,  Q.M.G.  (ibid., 
1548).  1812,  Q.M.G.,  of  Forces  in  the  Peninsula;  present  at  capture  of 
Madrid  (Aug.)  and  Burgos  (Sep.)  and  the  subsequent  retreat  to  Portugal 
(Times,  1851^  Jan.  6)  ;  Philippart  (Mil.  Cal.,  in.  309),  says  he  returned  a 
"few  weeks"  after  his  appointment.  1813,  Jun.  4,  Maj.  Gen.  (L.G.,  1046). 
1815,  Nov.  27,  Col.  85th  Ft.  (ibid.  2447).  1823,  Apr.  23,  Col.,  23rd  Ft.  (ibid., 
706).     1825,  May  27,  Lt,  Gen.  (ibid.,  925  ;  A.L.,  1784-1852). 

Eldest  son  of  Francis  Grant,  455;  6.  1772,  Oct.  21  ;  1801,  F.R.S. ;  1808, 
wrote  Military  Transactions  of  the  British  Empire  1803-7.  1809,  in  his 
evidence  before  the  House  of  Commons  on  the  Duke  of  York  he  stated  that 
he  had  been  employed  in  "  every  part  of  the  world  (the  East  Indies  ex- 
cepted) "  where  His  Majesty's  troops  had  been  stationed : — 

I  have  been  four  times  to  the  West  Indies,  and  have  been  there  nearly  six  years.  I 
have  been  twice  to  America.  I  have  been  all  over  the  Mediterranean.  I  have  commanded  a 
regiment  in  America.  I  have  commanded  a  regiment  in  the  West  Indies.  It  has  been  my 
fortune,  very  undeservedly  perhaps,  to  have  a  sword  voted  for  my  services  and  to  have  been 
repeatedly  thanked  by  general  officers  under  whom  I  have  been  placed.  It  is  perhaps  a 
singular  part  of  my  service  that  I  have  not  only  served  in  every  situation  in  the  army,  from  an 
ensign  up  to  my  present  rank  that  a  gentleman  could  serve  in,  but  I  have  also  served  in  every 
situation  upon  the  staff  of  the  army  without  a  single  exception.  [He  considered,  on  the  same 
occasion,  that  the  method  of  purchase  and  sales  of  commissions  in  the  army  was  advantageous 
to  the  service]  (Philippart,  Roy.  Mil.  Cav.,  in.  311). 

190  ^OUSE   OF  GORDON. 

i8io,  Jan.  5,  he  got  a  lease  for  80  years,  at  £52  14s.  a  year  of  3I  acres  of 
land  at  Chelsea  Hospital — denounced  on  Apr.  14,  1809,  in  the  House  of 
Commons  by  Sir  Francis  Burdett  as  "a  scandalous  job  ".  He  built  a  villa 
here  facing  the  river  and  in  1814,  gave  a  breakfast  at  which  the  Emperor  of 
Russia,  the  King  of  Prussia,  the  Duchess  of  Oldenburg  (Queen  of  Bavaria), 
the  Duke  of  York,  the  Duke  of  Wellington,  and  Blucher  were  present ;  often 
entertained  royalty  here  (Reginald  Blunt's  Paradise  Row,  141-4  ;  Beaven's 
Old  Chelsea  291).  1815,  Jan.  12,  K.C.B.  1818,  Oct.  3,  baronet.  1825, 
G.C.H.  1829,  Mar.,  M.P.,  for  Launceston.  1830,  Nov.  23,  Privy  Councillor. 
1831,  Sep.  13,  G.C.B.  M.  1805,  Oct.  15,  by  private  license  at  Beckenham  by 
the  Bishop  of  Rochester,  Julia  Lavinia,  dau.  of  Richard  H.  A.  Bennett  of 
Beckenham,  and  cousin  of  the  Duke  of  Northumberland  (by  Elizabeth 
Burdett,  whose  three  sisters  m.  peers) ;  Sir  John  Moore  was  best  man  at 
the  wedding  {Abd.  jfonr.,  1809,  Jan.  19).  Gordon  d.  1851,  Jan.  4,  8  a.m.,  of 
bronchitis  at  Chelsea  ;  his  widow  d.  1867,  Mar.  28,  at  Woodlands,  St.  John's 
Wood,  London.  He  had  an  only  son  Sir  Henry  Percy  (6.  1806,  Oct.  21  ;  d. 
s.p.,  1876,  Jul.  29),  laird  of  Knockespock  and  father  of  Mrs.  Robert  William 
Disney  Leith  (Burke's  Peerage  ;  D.N.B.).  According  to  Willis's  Current 
Notes  (Jan.  1851,  p.  7),  Sir  James  Willoughby's  name  was  "intimately  con- 
nected with  the  history  of  lithography  in  this  country".  His  (engraved) 
portrait  appears  in  the  Investigation  of  Charges  against  the  Duke  of  York. 

820-1-  James  William.  1859  (or  earlier),  Mate,  "Copenhagen"; 
drowned,  Dec.  14,  at   Negapatam,  E.   Indies  {G.M.,  vol.  8,  N.S.,  p.  415). 

Eldest  and  only  surviving  son  of  James  Brodie ;  w.  1846,  May  7,  at  St. 
Mark's,  Ellen,  widow  of  Stephen  Hallpike,  Singapore,  then  living  in  Myddelton 
Square,  Islington  (G.M.,  vol.  a6,  N.S.,  p.  88),  who  proved  his  will  i86o,  May 
16,  then  of  Northam,  Dovon. 

822.  James  Wilson.  i8ai.  Cadet,  H.E.I.C.S.  (Madras).  1822,  Apr. 
27,  Ens.,  37th  N.I.  (E.I.  Reg.,  1822-6). 

Son  of  Hugh  Mackay,  672,  and    Isabella ;  b.   1805,  Sep.   11,  bap. 

Sep.  27,  at  St.  Luke's,  Chelsea;  educated  at  Mr.  Chambers'  ;  nominated  for 
H.E.I.C.S.,  by  George  Robinson  (on  recommendation  of  his  father),  who  in 
1822,  nominated  and  recommended  him  for  E.I.  College,  in  order  to  qualify 
as  a  Writer,  Madras  C.S.  (I.O.  Rec);  d.  1825,  Aug.  20,  bur.  Aug.  21,  at 
Masulipatam.     Described  "  James  William  "  in  E.I.  Reg. 

823.  John.  1339,  assisted  Robert  Stewart  at  the  taking  of  St.  Johnston 
from  Balliol.  1367,  k.  at  the  taking  of  Berwick  "after  he  had  manfullie 
entered  the  same  by  force  "  {Earls  of  Sutherland,  43,  53).  The  Scots  Peerage 
(IV.  513),  queries  his  identity  with  the  John,  third  son  of  Sir  Adam,  79- 


824-  John.  1356,  Sep.  19,  probably  fought  at  Poictiers  ;  captured  by 
the  English  between  May  and  Nov.  1357  {Scots  Peerage,  iv.  515). 

Son  of  Sir  Adam,  80;  had  Sir  Adam,  81  and  Sir  John,  825-  -t^-  before 
1360-1,  Feb. 

825-  Sir  John.  1377,  "took  an  active  part  in  fighting  against  the 
English,  who  in  retaliation  for  the  Earl  of  March's  attack  on  Roxburgh, 
raided  Gordon's  lands  and  goods.  He  also  defeated  at  Carham  [dated  by  Sir 
Robert  Gordon,  1370]  a  superior  English  force  under  Sir  John  Lilburn.  In 
this  conflict  he  was  severely  wounded.  He  also  took  part  in  the  combat  at 
Melrose  under  the  leadership  of  Sir  Archibald  Douglas,  when  Sir  Thomas 
Musgrave,  Warden  of  Berwick,  was  made  prisoner"  (Scots  Peerage,  iv.  515). 
1378,  Nov.  30,  recaptured  Berwick  and  its  constable,  whom  he  killed  (Earls 
of  Sutherland,  43).  1388,  Aug.  5,  said  to  have  fought  at  Otterburn,  but  not 
killed  there  as  Earls  of  Sutherland  says. 

Son  of  John,  824^^-  between  i^igi  and  1395  ;  handfasted  father  of  the 
famous  "Jock"  and  "Tam". 

826-  John,  nth  Earl  of  Sutherland.  1547,  Sep.  10,  fought  at  Pinkie, 
from  which  he  escaped  "  verie  narrowlie,  haveing  ther  lost  sundrie  of  his 
followers,  such  as  his  vncle  Mr.  Adam  Gordon,"  83  (Earls  of  Sutherland, 

Son  of  Alexander,  Master  of  Sutherland,  d.  v. p.,  1529  ;  and  grandson  of 
Sir  Adam,  Earl  of  Sutherland,  82,  whom  he  succeeded  in  1537.  Poisoned 
at  Dunrobin,  1567,  Jun.  23  (Scots  Peerage,  viii.  339-343). 

827-  Sir  John  (took  name  of  Ogilvie).  1562,  Jun.  27,  severely  wounded 
Lord  Dgilvie  of  Airlie  in  a  raid  in  Edinburgh  ;  Oct.  21,  defeated  Queen  Mary's 
troops  at  Findlater;  Oct.  28,  captured  by  them  at  Corrichie;  Nov.  2,  executed 
at  Aberdeen. 

Third  son  of  George  4th  Earl  of  Huntfy,  470  (Records  of  Ahoyne,  466, 
468  ;  Scots  Peerage,  iv.  536). 

828-  John.  1582,  Sep.  17,  Capt.  ;  admitted  a  burgess  of  Aberdeen 
(N.S.C.  Misc.  I.  78).  1 591-2,  Feb.  7,  assisted  the  Earl  of  Huntly  at  Doni- 
bristle,  where  the  Earl  of  Moray  had  taken  refuge.  Gordon,  sent  by  Huntly 
to  summon  Moray  from  the  castle,  was  fired  on  and  mortally  wounded  ;  "left 
for  dead  at  Dinnybrissell  "  (when  the  Gordons  pursued  Moray,  who  fled  with 
Patrick  Dunbar,  Sheriff" of  Moray,  on  Huntly's  firing  the  castle),  "his  hatt,  his 
purse,  his  gold,  his  weapons  were  taken  by  one  of  his  own  companie,  his 
shanks  were  pulled  off.  He  was  taken  into  the  Earle  of  Moray's  mother,  and 
was  cherished  with  meate  and  drinke  and  clothinfg.  A  rare  exemple !  She 
brought  him  over  with  her  Sonne's  corps  to  seek  justice."     Gordon  protested 


that  he  was  brought  "  ignorantlie  "  inio  the  business,  "  but  confessed  the  Lord 
had  brought  him  to  his  shamefull  end  for  his  manie  other  great  offences  " 
(Calderwood's  Church  of  Scotland,  v.  145);  Feb.  12,  executed  at  Edinburgh. 
Younger  son  of  John,  IV.  of  Gight ;  w.  Marjory,  "the  laird  of  Shevthins 
daughter  Affleck,"  (Auchinlech  ?),  and  had  two  daus.  {House  of  Gordon,  i. 
(199.200);  II.  (561)). 

829-  John.  1639,  Capt.,  in  the  stewartry  of  Kirkcudbright  "upon  ser- 
vice twa  monthes  tyme  during  the  quhilk  space  his  officeres  were  peyit  by 
himself  and  also  disbursed  for  his  sogers  ane  certain  soume ".  1640,  Aug. 
24,  presented  a  supplication  to  the  War  Committee  of  the  Covenanters 
"  desyring  that  he  may  be  peyit  the  disbursements,  conforme  to  his  accompt 
proJucit".  Granted  and  "  subscribit  by  ane  great  many  of  the  Committee  " 
{Minute  Book  of  the  War  Committee  of  the  Covenanters  in  the  Stewartry  of 
Kirkcudbright,  30). 

Eldest  son  of  Alexander,  II.  of  Earlston;  b.  1613;  m.  Jean,  3rd  dau. 
and  co-heiress  of  David  Boswell,  of  Auchinlech,  "  by  whom  he  had  only  one 
child,  who  died  young  and  was  buried  in  the  tomb  of  Auchinlech ''.  D.  v.p., 
1645,  Oct.  29,  "about  thirty  years  old;  much  regretted  and  reckoned  one  of 
the  most  singularly  pious  men  in  his  day"  {Earlston  MS.). 

830-  John.  1640,  Jun.  27,  Capt.  of  part  of  the  forces  raised  in  the 
Stewartry  of  Kirkcudbright,  ordained  "  not  onlie  sie  the  horss,  men,  and 
maintenance  put  furth  [from  Anwoth],  but  also  sie  that  they  put  furth  with 
arines  and  maintainance  conform  to  the  order  "  ;  ordained  "  to  cause  clipe  and 
intromit  with  some  scheipe  parteining  to  Bakbie,  anti-covenanter,  and  to  be 
comptable  thairfoire  to  the  publict,  and  that  they  remaine  upon  the  ground 
whair  they  are  until  they  be  gotten  sauld  ".  Jul.  6,  ordained  "to  goe  furth 
upon  service  in  the  publict  as  ane  uther  ane  of  the  captains,  ...  to  have 
the  sogers  to  be  leviat  out  of  the  parochess  of  Monegoff,  Kirkmabreck,  Anwoth, 
Girthetoun,  and  Tungland  fowr  and  of  these  that  are  to  be  leviat  under  the 
water  of  Urr,  fourtie  " ;  Dec.  29,  ordained  "  that  the  baggage  horss  of  the 
parochess  of  Partone  and  Balmaghie  be  delyverit  "  to  him,  "  quhilk  is  yet 
restane  "  ;  and  to  be  paid  "  ane  uther  restane  "  {Minute  Book  of  the  Committee 
of  the  Covenanters  in  the  Stewartry  of  Kirkcudbright,  pp.  5,  6,  118,  143,  212). 
164 1,  Capt.  in  Lord  Kirkcudbright's  Reg.,  which  marched  into  England  under 
command  of  Lt.  Col.  William  Stewart.  1644,  again  marched  into  England 
as  Lt.  Col.  to  Col.  William  Stewart.  1645,  Aug.,  k.  at  the  siege  of  Hereford. 
The  leaguer  before  Hereford  wrote :  "  Diverse  men  have  been  slaine  in  the 
siege  alread}',  but  none  of  note,  save  Lt.  Col.  Gordon  of  Colonel  Stewart's 
Regiment,  who  was  killed  by  a  greate  shott,  and  is  very  much  lamented  in 


the  army,  hee  leaving  behind  him  the  memory  of  a  very  gallant  man " 
(Portland  Papers,  Hist.  MSS.  Com.  i.  244). 

Elder  son  of  John,  I.  of  Cardoness,  who  was  son  of  William  of  Cullen- 
doch  ;  b.  1612  ;  m.  1630,  Marion,  only  dau.  of  John  Peebles,  of  Broomlands, 
and  had  John,  III.  of  Cardoness,  b.  1631  ;  Commissioner  to  Parliament,  1630 
{MS.  Memorial  of  the  Family  of  Cullendoch  and  Cardoness,  by  Col.  William 
Maxwell,  1698). 

831-  John.  1640,  Jul.  6,  the  War  Committee  "  expelles  the  resoune 
preponit,  and  ordaines  that  he  goe  upon  service  in  the  publict,  as  one  of  the 
Captains  to  go  furth  of  the  Stewartrie  of  Kirkcudbright " ;  .  .  .  ordained  "  to 
have  the  sogers  to  be  leviat  out  of  the  parochess  of  Renck,  Buitell,  Keltoune, 
Gelstoune,  Kirkcormock  and  Crocemichael  and  of  these  to  be,  leviat  under 
the  water  of  Urr,  fourtie";  Aug.  25,  empowered  him  "for  redelyverie  of  the 
armes  to  the  paroche  of  Buittle,  alledgit  to  be  ressaivit  by  him  frae  thame 
the  last  yeir  "  ;  Dec.  3,  presented  a  supplication  with  Capt.  John  Gordon  of 
Cardyness  for  thameselfs,  and  in  name  of  Capt.  James  Gordon,  Capt.  Lt. 
Forrester,  and  in  name  of  thair  officers  and  souldiers  schawing  that  they  want 
unpeyit  to  thame  and  thair  souldiers  the  third  pairt  of  thair  fourtie  dayes 
lone,  quhilk  should  have  been  peyit  to  thame  furth  of  the  ten  penny  as  uther 
regiments  were  .  .  . ;  ordained  peyment  conforme  to  thair  accounts  ".  1648- 
9,  Lt.  Col.  {Minute  Book  of  the  Committee  of  the  Covenanters  in  the  Stewartry 
of  Kirkcudbright,   pp.  5,   6,  33,   118,    143;   Acts  of  Pari.,  vi.  11.  356,    1936, 


Second  son  of  John,  of  Muirfad  and  of  Penninghame,  and  Jean  Glen- 
donning;  laird  of  Rusco;  m.  a  dau.  of  George  Gordon,  of  Kirkdale,  4th  son  of 

John,  in  and  of  Airds,  and  Agnes,  dau.  of McKie  of  Largs  {Earlston  MS.) 

and  had  Elizabeth,  m.  John,  of  Over  Barr,  and  Jean,  m.  Anderson  Carson. 
Gordon  d.  before  1672,  Aug.  9,  after  which  Rusco  reverted  to  the  Earlston 
family  {Scots  Peerage,  v.  108). 

832.  John.  1643,  Oct.  helped  the  2nd  Earl  of  Antrim  who  was  captured 
in  May  by  Gen.  Munro  and  warded  by  Capt.  Wallace,  "ane  gryte  puritane," 
to  escape  from  Carrick  Fergus.  Gordon,  who  was  Lt.  to  Wallace,  "  craftellie 
convoyit  wp  vnespyit  in  his  breikis  certane  towis,  be  the  quhilk  the  erll 
escaipit  and  wan  frielie  away,  to  Wallass'  gryte  greif ;  and  the  livetennand 
followit  and  fled  also  "  (Spalding's  Trubles,  11.  291). 

Second  son  of  Sir  Alexander,  of  Navidale  ;  b.  1616,  Feb.  17  ;  had  been  or 
became  a  priest  {Earls  of  Sutherland,  262,  513  ;  House  of  Gordon,  11.  132). 
Brother  of  Alexander,  122-     Cousin  of  John,  833- 

833-     John,  14th  Earl  of  Sutherland.     1645,  May  9,  one  of  the  leaders 



on  the  Covenanting  side  at  Auldearn,  retiring  to  Inverness  in  safety  (Earls 
of  Sutherlaftd,  525).  1650,  Aug.,  raised  1000  men  to  assist  Leslie  against 
Cromwell  and  went  to  Stirling  with  it :  afterwards  being  sent  north  to 
"  conveeen  more  forces"  (ibid.  558).  1651,  Mar.,  sent  a  regiment  to  Stirling 
on  behalf  of  the  King,  Sutherland  himself  being  ordered  to  stay  in  the  north 
to  watch  the  "cost  and  attend  the  English  ships  in  case  they  should  land  any 
men  in  these  bounds  or  attempt  anything  "  [ibid.,  560). 

Second  son  of  John,  13th  Earl ;  6.  1609,  Mar.  9  ;  d.  1679,  Oct.  14,  aged 
54.  The  Sutherland  Tables  say  he  had  a  son,  John,  "  slain  at  Dumbar,"  1650, 
but  no  such  son  is  given  in  the  Scots  Peerage,  viii.  350.  Brother  of  Adam, 
1637>  and  George,  475-6-     Cousin  of  Alexander,  122,  1656,  and  John,  832- 

834-  John.  1645,  ^^y  9»  Capt.,  captured  at  Auldearn  {Earls  of 
Sutherland,  525);  Aug.  13,  "Capt.,  Scots  army  in  England,"  signed  at  Ayr, 
as  cautioner,  a  contract  of  marriage  between  Robert  Gordon,  late  Provost  of 
Ayr,  principal,  his  father,  and  Agnes  Cunynghame,  relict  of  John  Knicht, 
sometime  Baillie  in  Ayr;  registered  1664,  Nov.  14.  Will,  1680,  Jan.  6, 
describes  him  "  in  Boghall "  {Mackenzie  Reg.  of  Deeds,  vol.  11.). 

835-  John.  1646,  Jan.,  Capt.,  Comd.  the  strong  garrison  at  Fyvie 
which  had  been  fortified  by  the  Earl  of  Aboyne  {Britane^s  Distemper,  176). 

Probably  the  Capt.  John,  second  son  of  James,  of  Knockespock,  who  d. 
163 1,  Sep.  {Balbithan  MS. ;  Earls  of  Sutherland,  531).  Knockespock's  son 
was  charged,  1618,  Jan.  19,  with  abducting  Marjory  Gordon  of  Cluny. 

835a.  John.  1645,  Feb.  2,  Capt.,  with  the  rebels  at  Inverlochy ; 
fought  also  at  Kilsyth,  Aberdeen,  and  Alford,  "  first  ascaptane,  then  as  major, 
and  last  as  lievtennent  collonell  ".  1647,  May  20,  signed  the  Covenant 
{Records  of  the  Gen.  Assent.,  Scot.  Hist.  Sec.,  xi.  251,  260).     "  Of  Littlemill." 

836«  John.  1667,  ^cc-  5>  ^^^'  '■>  Lord  Donegal  got  permission  to 
proceed  against  him  {Ormonde  Papers,  Hist.  MSS.  Com.,  loth  Report,  pt.  5). 

837-  John.  1678,  Feb.  20,  Lt.,  Lord  James  Douglas's  Ft.  (Dalton's 
A.L.,  I.  215). 

838-  John  (afterwards  Sutherland),  16th  Earl  of  Sutherland.  1680, 
Apr.  30,  Lt.,  Mil.  Reg.  of  Ft,  Roxburgh,  Selkirk,  Berwick,  Peebles,  Dumfries, 
Wigton  and  Kirkcudbright  {Scotland  Warrant  Bk.,  P.R.O.,  v.  472,  483). 
1685,  raised  men  against  Argyll  (Eraser's  Sutherland  Book,  i.  310-4).  1689, 
raised  a  reg. ;  1690,  disbanded  {ibid.,  i.  316,  318).  1692-3,  Feb.  i,  raised 
Strathnaver's  Foot  for  Ireland  and  went  to  Flanders  with  it  in  1694  {ibid.,  i. 
371  ;  Ross's  Reg.  Colouts,  19).  1715,  took  keen  part  in  suppressing  Jacobite 
rebellion  in  the  north.  1705,  Jun.  18,  wrote  to  the  Duke  of  Argyll :  "The 
soldier  trade,  by  not  being  justly  payed  (the  publicks  not  paying  me)  and 


being  to  much  att  Court,  has  impaired  my  fortune  not  a  litle  "  (Fraser's 
Sutherland  Book,  ii.  200).  1715,  active  in  suppressing  the  Jacobite  rebellion, 
recapturing  (Nov.  12)  Inverness;  made  Lt.  Gen.  1717,  Jul.  13,  D.L.,  Inver- 
ness; Comdr.,  t'encible  Mil;  Sep.  12,  Comdr.  Fencible  Mil.  in  Ross, 
Cromarty,  Nairn,  Caithness,  Orkney,  Shetland,  Sutherland,  and  Inverness 
[Scotland  Warrant  Bk.,  P.R.O.,  vol.  30,  pp.  57,  iii). 

Elder  son  of  George,  15th  Earl  of  Sutherland;  bap.  1661,  Mar.  2; 
abandoned  "  Gordon  "  for  the  original  family  name  of  "  Sutherland  "  ;  d.  in 
London,  1733,  Jun.  27.     Father  of  William,  Lord  Strathnaver,  1381- 

839-  John.  1685,  May  5,  Capt.,  Burgh  Militia  of  Banff,  wrote  on  this 
date  to  Lord  Findlater  (James  Grant's  Seafield  Correspondence,  p.  4) — 

I  am  to  have  a  rendevouz  of  my  companie  of  millitia  foott  att  Banff  on  Monday  nixt  .  .  . 
houping  yor  Lo.  will  be  a  good  example  to  the  rest  of  the  shyre  in  sending  yor  men  weill 
mounted  in  new  hats,  reid  coats,  ?hoes  and  stockings,  wt.  lininges  conform,  but,  above  all, 
weill  fixed  armes. 

May  20,  he  writes  : — "  I  have  apointed  a  randevus  at  Huntly  Tuesday  nixt." 
Baillie  of  Banff ;  ordered  by  the  Town  Council,  1682,  May  23,  to  convene 
"  the  haill  inhabitants  in  thair  best  armes,  such  as  muskettis,  pickis,  and 
halberts"  and  to  "tak  ane  compt  of  the  millitia  gunes  "  (Cramond's  Annals 
of  Banff,  I.  161) ;  apparently  m.  Helen  Saunders,  and  had  Helen,  h.  1676, 
Elizabeth,  b.   1677;  Helen,  b.  1679,  and  John,  b.  1681  [ibid.  11.  287). 

839a-  John.  1685,  Jul.  i,  Chaplain  to  three  Scots  Regiments  "  lately 
come  over  from  Holland"  (Dalton's  A.L.,  11.  48). 

840-  John.  1687,  Jul.  I,  2nd  Lt.,  ist  Ft.,  com.  signed  Aug.  i ;  Nov., 
Lt.  (Dalton's  yl.L.,  11.  105,  131). 

841.  John.  1688,  Mar.  11,  Capt,  Col.  John  Wachop's  (Scots)  Ft. 
(chiefly  officered  by  Roman  Catholics,  disbanded  1697) ;  Aug.  20,  Maj.  (Dalton's 
A.L.,  II.  153,  161 ;  King's  State  of  the  Protestants  of  Ireland,  366);  Jun.  20, 
made  a  burgess  of  Aberdeen,  with  his  servant  Hugh  Barron,  and  Alexander 
Patrie,  Serj.  in  his  Coy.  [N.S.C.  Misc.,  11.  (461)). 

Probably  Capt.  John,  of  Ardo  (brother  of  James,  701-2),  whose  dau.  Jean 
m.  James  Grant  of  Rothiemurcus. 

842.  John.  1688,  Mar.  25,  Lt.,  Col.  John  Wachop's  (Scots)  Ft. 
(Dalton's  A.L.,  11.  153)  ;   Jun.  20,  burgess  of  Aberdeen,  with  son  George. 

843.  Sir  John,  3rd.  bart  of  Embo.     1689,  Capt.,  Lord  Strathnaver's  Ft. 
Eldest  son  of  Sir  Robert,  2nd  bart.  of  Embo,  whom  he  succeeded,  1692  ; 

jn.  Anne,  dau.  of  John  Bayne,  of  Delny  ;  d.  1694,  Oct.  (Bulloch's  Gordons  of 
Embo,  54  ;  Murray  Rose  in  Inverness  Chronicle,  191 1,  Jan.  18). 

196  ^OUSE  OF  GORDON. 

843a.  John.  1689,  Aug.  29,  Capt.  Lt.,  Leven's  (25th)  Ft.  {S.P.  Scot- 
land  Warrant  Book,  14  p.  141). 

844-  John.  Lt.  Col. ;  1690,  Jan.  30,  apparently  the  off.  (Christian  name 
not  given)  who  was  operating  in  Buchan  as  a  rebel  with  Lords  Lovat  and 

Son  of  James,  IV.  of  Newton ;  husband  of  Mary  Gordon,  heiress  of 
Gight,  d.  before  1708  {Hope  jfohnstone  Papers,  Hist.  MSS.  Com.  153,  201  ; 
House  of  Gordon,  i.  (273) ;  11.  (469)). 

845-  John.  1690,  Jun.  i,  Adj.,  Col.  Edward  Fitzpatrick's  (7th)  Ft.  1692 
May  21,  Ens.,  com.  dated  at  Bethlem  Abbey.  1693,  Aug.  2,  Lt.,  Col.  Francis 
Collingwood's  Ft.,  dated  at  Wemnel.  1694,  serving  in  P'landers.  1695, 
Adj.  (Dalton's  A.L.,  in.  145,  258,  323  ;  iv.  83). 

846-  John.  1692,  Ab.,  R.N.,  "Assurance";  afterwards  "  Medway  "  ; 
Ord.,  "  Glory  "  ;  Ab.,  "  Humber  "  ;  Gunr.,  "  Yarmouth  "  ;  Mid.,  "  Lizard  "  ; 
Mid.  and  Qr.  Mr.,  "  Anglesey  "  ;  Ab.  and  Master's  Mate,  "Lizard".  1701, 
Jul.  3,  passed  as  Lt.,  aged  26  (Adm.  N.  Board,  Lts.  Passing  Certif.). 

847-  John.  1692,  Mar.  7,  Capt.,  Sir  David  Collier's  Ft.  {S.P.  Dam., 
King  William's  Chest,  12,  p.  256);  Jun.,  "  slaine  "  in  Ireland,  as  stated  by 
his  brother  and  executor,  Robert,  who  petitioned  the  Treasury  before  1693, 
Oct.  20,  complaining  that  William  Hamilton,  agent  to  the  reg.,  had  possessed 
himself  of  his  brother's  personal  effects  and  refused  to  account.  Mordecai 
Abbott  reported  on  the  case  Nov.  10,  1693  {Treasury  Papers,  vol.  24,  p.  65, 
P.R.O.).      1692,  June  15,  new  Capt.  apptd.  in  his  place  {Home  Entry  Bk.,  2, 

P-  273- 

848-  John.  1692,  Aug.  I,  Ens.,  ist  Ft,  2nd  Batn.  1702,  com.  re- 
newed. 1704,  Aug.  2,  served  at  Blenheim  ;  received  £11  bounty ;  out  of  the 
reg.  1708  (Dalton's  A.L.,  in.  241  ;  v.  50,  pt.  2,  p.  36). 

849-  John.  1692,  Aug.  i,  Lt.,  Earl  of  Leven's  (25th)  Ft.,  com.  signed 
at  Lembecq  (Dalton's  A.L.,  in.  27a).  Anne,  Duchess  of  Buccleuch  got  a 
decreet  against  him  for  40s.  stg.  contained  in  a  ticket  granted  by  Gordon 
1691,  May  14,  to  Master  David  Scrimgeour,  of  Cartmore  {Reg.  0/  Deeds). 

850-  John.  1694,  May  7,  Ens.,  Col.  James  Fergusson's  Ft. ;  out  of  the 
reg.  in  1702  (Dalton's  A.L.,  iv.  43).     Possibly,  864- 

851-  John.  1694,  May  22,  Lt.,  Col.  James  Maitland's  (25th)  Ft. ;  out 
of  the  reg.  before  1702,  Aug.  25  (Dalton's  A.L.,iy.  42). 

852-  John.  1694,  Sep.  18,  Capt.,  Lord  Strathnaver's  Ft.  (Dalton's 
A.L.,  III.  380).  1696,  Feb.  26,  subscribed  £^100  to  the  Darien  Scheme  (J.  P. 
Maclean's  Highlrs.  in  America,  80;  Barbour's  William  Paterson,  266). 
1700,  Mar.  22,  made  a  burgess  of  Aberdeen,  with  his  son  George  {N.S.C. 
Misc.,  II.  (480)). 


853.  John.  1695,  Lt.  and  Surg.,  d.  of  a  decline  at  Leith ;  "a  tall, 
handsome  young  man  ". 

One  of  the  23  children  of  William,  III.  of  Earlston,  1371  (Earlston  MS.). 
He  was  in  the  entail  for  Carleton. 

854.  John.  1696,  May  8,  Ens.,  Lord  Strathnaver's  Ft.,  dated  the  Hague. 
1698,  h.p.  (Dalton's  A.L.,  iv.  149). 

855-  John.  1697,  Jul.  10,  Ens.,  Earl  of  Derby's,  afterwards  Brig. 
Durell's  (i6th)  Ft.,  dated  at  Cockleberg.  1702,  com.  renewed.  1704,  Aug.  2, 
k.  at  Blenheim.  His  widow  Jane  (and  three  children)  received  £22  bounty 
and  pension  of  £x6  until  1728-9,  when  she  presumably  ;«.  or  d.  (Dalton's 
A.L.,  IV.  180,  253;  Blenheim  Roll ;  Hist.  Kec.  16th  Reg.,  10;  W.O.,  Wid. 
Pensions,  17 13,  1729,  P.R.O.). 

856-  John.  1697,  or  earlier,  Capt.,  residing  in  Fochabers  ;  Dec.  14. 
will  proved  by  James  Stewart,  sometime  at  Boat  of  Spey,  then  in  Redhyth, 
as  a  creditor  for  ;^37  6s.  8d.,  the  amount  of  a  bond  granted  to  him  by  Gordon, 
dated  1697,  ^^y  28  ;  certain  sheep  belonging  to  testator  were  in  the  custody 
of  his  dau.  Beatrix.  George  Gordon,  merchant  in  Elgin,  became  cautioner 
{Moray  Test.). 

857-  John.     1703,  Jan.,  Lt.,  proved  will  of  his  brother  George,  489- 
Son  of  John,  II.  of  Artloch  (a  cadet  of  Cairnburrow),  whom  he  succeeded 

{Reg.  of  Retours,  Aberdeen,  vol.  50,  folio  300,  No.  10). 

858-  John.  1706,  Jun.  12,  Capt.,  of  Airds;  his  son  George  served  his 

859.  John.  1708,  Mar.  11,  Capt.,  Lord  John  Murray's  Ft.,  afterwards 
known  as  the  Earl  of  Tullibardine's  Reg.  (described  by  Andrew  Ross  in  A 
Military  History  of  Perthshire,  i.,  23-7).  He  d.  1708,  Mar.  11,  in  Baillie 
Baxter's  house  in  Old  Aberdeen,  bur.  Mar.  13,  in  Gordon's  Aisle,  Old  Machar. 

860-  John.  1708,  Mar.  24,  Surg.,  Garrison  at  Dumbarton  Castle  {W.O. 
Notifications,  P.R.O.) 

861-  John.  1709,  Mar.  i,  Ens.,  Maj.  Gen.  Gilbert  Primrose's  (24th) 
Ft.  (Dalton's  .^.L.,  VI.  343;  MS.A.L.,  1709,  p.  40,  P.R.O.).  1 710- 1,  presented 
a  memorial  to  Queen  Anne, 

Your  petitioner  by  God's  blessing,  upon  your  Majestie's  Touch,  recovered  of  the  evill 
about  five  years  agoe,  in  gratitude  of  so  great  a  benefit,  he  has  endeavoured  to  serve  your 
Majestie  ever  since,  and  received  a  dangerous  wound  in  the  head  at  the  siege  of  Douay  [1710, 
Jun.]  which  has  disabled  him  for  some  time,  and  brought  him  into  expences.  Therefore  in 
consideration  of  his  faithfull  services  and  for  his  future  encouragement  humbly  prays  your 
Majestie  will  be  graciously  pleased  to  order  him  a  better  commission  or  your  Royal  Bounty  as 
your  Majestie  in  your  great  goodness  shall  think  fitt  (S.  P,  Dom.,  Anne,  Vol.  29,  p.  15,  P.R.O.) 

862.  John.  1710,  Mar.  4,  Ens.,  ist  Ft.  {MS.  A.L.,  1715,  p.  34,  P.R.O.) 

1 98  HOUSE   OF  GORDON. 

863-  John.  Lt.,  d.  171 1,  Mar.  14,  aged  85,  bur.  in  Penninghame 
Churchyard;  on  retiring,  he  had  farmed  Crosherie,  parish  of  Kirkcowan, 
Wigton,  and  afterwards  removed  to  Mains  of  Penninghame.  Great-grand- 
father of  John,  921. 

864-  John.  1 7 151  Mar.,  Capt.,  Col.  Fergusson's  Ft.,  d.,  will  dated 
Edinburgh,  Mar.  12,  proved  by  widow  and  sole  executrix  Mrs.  Anne  Stirling, 
to  whom  he  left  everything  except  his  sword  and  pistols,  which  he  bequeathed 
to  his  cousin  "  Cornet  Harie  Gordon  of  Brigadier  Warrand's  (Waring's)  Reg.," 
627  {Edinburgh  Test.).     Possibly  850- 

865-  John.  1 7 15,  Jun.  i,  Ens.,  Maj.  Gen.  Gilbert  Primrose's  (24th) 
Ft.  (Col.  George  Paton's  24///  Reg.,  50). 

866-  John.  1715,  Aug.  29,  Ens.,  3rd  Ft,  Gds.  {MS.,  A.L.,  1717,  p. 
259).  1 7 18,  Jul.  9,  Capt.  Lt.,  Col.  Roger  Handasyd's  (22nd)  Ft.  {W.O. 
Notifications,  P.R.O.). 

867-  John.  1716,  Jan.  30,  Capt.,  H.E.I.C.S.,  "Hester,"  to  Bencoolen. 
1 7 18,  Aug.  10,  log  ends.  1719,  Oct.  8,  "Montagu,"  to  Whampore.  1721, 
Jul.  19,  log  ends.  1722,  Oct.  13,  "Montagu,"  to  Whampore.  1724,  Aug.  23, 
log  ends.  1726,  Nov.  16,  "  Montagu,"  to  Madras  and  Calcutta.  1728,  Aug. 
31,  log  ends  (7.0.  Rec).     D.  1729,  Nov.  18  {Hist.  Reg.  Chronicle,  59.) 

868-  John.  1721,  Jun.  20,  Capt.,  H.E.I.C.S.  (Bombay),  Z;Mr.  at  Bom- 
bay ;  several  soldiers  in  "  Capt.  Gordon's  Coy."  d.  and  bur.  there  about  this 
time  {I.O.  Rec).     This  refers  equally  to  William,  1385-     Possibly  18- 

869.  John.  1 72 1,  Aug.  29,  Lt.,  ist  P't.  {MS.  A.L.,  1722,  p.  55,  1736, 
p.  35,  P.R.O.).  1739,  May  3,  Lt.,  ist  com.  1712,  May  2  {A.L.,  1740,  Roy 
Unit.  Serv.  Inst.,  p.  69).  1740,  Nov.  4,  Capt  Left  the  reg.  in  or  before 
1744,  Jun.  {MS.  A.L.,  1742-3,  p.  178,  1745,  pp.  46,  48). 

Of  Nether  Buckie;  w.  1728,  Mary,  2nd  dau.  of  William  Armar,  Arch- 
deacon of  Connor ;  she  got  sasine  of  an  annuity  of  £600  (Scots)  out  of 
Nether  Buckie,  1729,  Feb.  14;  they  had  Alexander  of  Swords,  188>  ^^^  ^ 
dau.  Martha. 

870-  John.  1723,  Apr.  11,  Qr.  Mr.,  of  Athlone,  Co.  Roscommon,  will 
(dated  1722,  Feb.  x8)  proved  in  the  Prerogative  Court,  Dublin,  mentions 
wife,  Jane  CraflTord,  dau.  Jane,  wife  of  John  Bohanon,  and  a  nat.  son,  John 
{Dublin,  R.O.). 

871-  John.  1725,  May  3,  Lt.,  mentioned  in  will  of  Rev.  James  Gordon, 
of  Mount  Gordon,  proved  on  this  date  in  the  diocese  of  Tuam,  who  left  all 
his  household  plate  to  John  Gordon,  of  Glenbucket  {Dublin,  R.O.). 

872.  John.  1727,  Ord.,  R.N.,  "Berwick";  afterwards  Mid,;  later 
Ab.,  "Griffin"  fireship  ;  "Argyle;"  Mid.,  "Exeter;"  Master's  Mate, 
"Rose".      1738,   Jan.    30,    passed   as  Lt.,  aged    23  {Adm.  N.  Board  Lis., 


Passing  Certif.,  P.R.O.),  1739,  Aug.  14,  Lt.,  "Terrible"  bomb.  1740,  May 
30,  "  Defyance  ".  1743,  Mar.  29,  paid  off;  Mar.  30,  h. p.  ;  Jul.  29,  "  Phcenix". 
1744,  Apr.  3,  arrears  of  h.p.  at  death  paid  to  his  mother  Elizabeth,  adminis- 
tratix  [Adm.  Treasurer's  Pay  Bks.,  Half  Pay  Lists,  P.R.O.). 

873-4.  John.  1728,  Feb.  15,  Surg.  Mate,  R.N.,  "  Severn  "  ;  Aug.  9, 
passed  examination  Barbers  and  Surgeons  Hall.  1731,  Feb.  33,  "Yorke" 
(Adm.  Offs.  Appt.  by  N.  Board  ;  Surgeons  Qualifications,  P.R.O.). 

875-  John.  Lt.,  "  aboard  Capt.  Gordon's  vessell  "  ;  m.  Jean  Webster 
and  had  an  only  child  Margaret,  m.  George  Linton,  in  Mounthilie,  farmer 
(Aberdeen  Propinquity  Books).     Gordon  d.  before  1734,  Jun.  27. 

876-  John.  1734,  Captain's  servant,  R.N.,  "  Kingston  ";  afterwards 
"  Hector";  Ab.,  "Hector";  Mid.,  "Hound"  sloop.  1744,  Sep.  i,  passed  as 
Lt.,  aged  26  [Adm.  N.  Board,  Lts.  Passing  Certif.,  P.R.O.);  Oct.  6,  3rd  Lt., 
"  Maidstone  ".  1746,  Aug.  19,  3rd  Lt.,  "  Romney  "  ;  Nov.  21,  2nd  Lt.  1748, 
Sep.  16,  paid  off;  Sep.  17,  h.p.  1755,  ■^P'^-  n,  "  Warwick "  ;  Aug.  14, 
"Oxford".  1757,  May  16,  paid  off;  May  17,  h.p.;  May  27,  3rd  Lt.,  "  Prince 
Frederick";  Jun.  21,  2nd  Lt.  1758,  Jan.,  ist  Lt.  1762,  Apr.  6,  d.  on  board 
{Adm.  Half  Pay  Lists,  Muster  Bks.,  P.R.O.). 

877-  John.  1737,  Jan.  16,  2nd  Lt.,  Sir  James  Wood's,  afterwards 
Campbell's,  (21st)  Ft.  1741,  Jan.  21,  ist  Lt.,  Powlett's  (9th)  Marines  {A.L., 
1740,  Roy.  Unit.  Serv.  Inst.,  33;  MS.A.L.,  1742-3,  P.R.O.).  1745,  Jul.  30, 
Capt.  Lt.  1746,  Feb.  26,  Capt.  1748,  h.p.  at  5s.  a  day  (ibid.,  1745,  pp-  89, 
202  ;  1752,  pt.  2,  pp.  133-4,  205  ;  List  of  Reduced  Offs.  of  H.M.  Land  Forces 
and  Marines-on  h.p.,  1749).  1755,  Feb.  17,  Capt.,  14th  Marines.  1756,  Aug. 
25,  Capt.,  20th  Ft.,  2nd  Batn.  ;  res.  before  1757,  Mar.  9  (A.L.,  1754-7; 
Alexander  Gillespie's  Roy.  Marines,  118;  G.M.,  vol.  25,  p.  187,  vol.  26,  p. 
412;  S.M.,  vol.  17,  p.  160,  vol.  18,  417). 

Second  son  of  Sir  James,  2nd  bart.  of  Park  ;  1751,  claimed  the  estate  of 
Park;  d.  unm,  1781,  Sep.  Uncle  of  Sir  John  James,  1016;  grandson  of  Sir 
John,  951  (Bulloch's  "  Sir  John  Bury  Gordon,"  Banff  Field  Club  Transac- 
tions, 1907,  May  23). 

878-  John.  1 741,  Jan.  20,  Ens.,  48th  Ft.  (MS.  yl.L.,  1742-3,  p.  125, 
P.R.O.).  1744,  Nov.  22,  Lt.  (ibid.,  1745,  p.  T98).  1748,  Sep.  29,  Adj.  (ibid., 
1752,  PP-  373-5)-  1757,  Nov.  21,  Capt.  1760  res.  (W.O.  A.L.,  P.R.O.,  MS. 
note;  A.L.,  1754-60;  Quarters  of  the  Army  in  Ireland,  1749-52). 

879-  John.  1743,  Aug.  19,  Surg.  Mate,  R.N.,  "Fox"  (Adm.  Surgeons 
Qualifications,  Offs.  appt.  by  N .  Board,  P.R.O.). 

880-  Hon.  John.  1746,  Apr.  19,  2nd  Lt.,  ist  Ft.,  2nd  Batn.  1751, 
Jun.  19,  Lt.  (MS.  A.L.,  1742-3,  pp.  179-80,   1752,  pt.  i,  p.  115,  pt.  2,  p.  77, 

200  HOUSE   OF   GORDON. 

P.R.O.  ;  Quarters  of  the  Army  in  Ireland,  1749-52).  1757,  Jan.  7,  Capt. 
62nd  Ft.  (Montgomery's  Highland  Batn.);  recruited  76  men,  of  whom  30 
were  approved.  1761,  Mar.  25,  granted  three  months  leave  of  absence.  1763, 
h.p.  1772,  Jul.  23,  Bt.  Maj.  1775,  Aug.  15,  Capt.,  S2nd  Ft.  (L.G.).  1776, 
Jul.  23,  Maj.  1777,  Aug,  29  or  Sep.  6,  Bt.  Lt.  Col.  {ibid.).  1778,  Jul.  28, 
Lt.  Col.,  8ist  Ft.  {ibid.,  A.L.,  1756-79  ;   W.O.  Notifications,  P.R.O.). 

Second  son  of  John,  3rd  Earl  of  Aboyne;  b.  1728,  Jun.  19  ;  m.  1761,  May 
18,  at  Carnwath,  Clementina,  dau.  of  George  Lockhart  and  had  George,  514i 
John,  908)  and  two  daus.  Gordon,  who  owned  Glentanner,  d.  1778,  Oct.  31, 
at  Kinsale  {Annual  Reg.,  vol.  21,  p.  22),  bur.  in  St.  Maltose  Churchyard,  near 
the  door  of  the  tower  in  a  low  stone  vault,  covered  by  a  flat  stone  with  in- 
scription, barely  legible,  giving  parentage,  age  52  years  and  date  of  death 
Nov.  3  (Rev.  J.  L.  Darling's  St.  Maltose  Ch.,  Kinsale,  41).  His  widow  {d. 
1803,  Mar.  31)  received  pension  of  £40  {W.O.  Wid.  Pension^  P.R.O,). 
Brother  of  Hon.  Lockhart,  1103. 

881-  John.  Surg.,  Col.  Rich's  (4th)  Dgns. ;  not  mentioned  in  A.L., 
but  so  described  on  his  tombstone  in  the  burying  ground  at  Fort  William, 
which  calls  him  : 

"  Brother  of  Alexander  Gordon  of  Pitlurg ;  "  probably  the  son  of  Charles, 
of  Whiteley,  who  bought  Pitlurg  from  Alexander  Gordon  of  the  old  Pitlurg 
family  in  1724;  according  to  the  tombstone,  b.  1726,  Jan.  8,  at  Elgin;  d. 
1750,  Jul.  10,  "in  camp  of  the  lands  of  Callard  much  regretted".  Probably 
the  John  Gordon  from  Moray,  army  surgeon,  who  was  at  King's  Coll.,  Abd.,  in 

882-  John.  1753,  Mar.  9,  Capt,  got  sasine  on  Inchdrour  {Banff 

883-  John.  1755,  Mar.  15,  Ens.,  ist  Ft.,  2nd  Batn.  1756,  Nov.  22, 
Lt.  1760,  Sep.  18,  Capt.,  60th  Ft.  1762,  Apr.  5,  Capt.,  3rd  of  the  four 
Independent  Coys,  of  Foot  at  New  York ;  Aug.  18,  granted  six  months  leave 
of  absence.  1763,  h.p.  {A.L.,  1756-66;  W.O.  A.L.,  1760,  MS.  note,  Leave  of 
Absence, '9.R.O.).     Possibly  894- 

884-  John.  1757,  Feb.  10,  2nd  Lt.,  21st  Ft.  1759,  Sep.  9,  Lt.  ;  not 
after  1761  {A.L.,  1758-61  ;   W.O.  Notifications,   W.O.  A.L.,  1761,  MS.  note). 

885-  John.  1758,  Jan.  12,  Ens.,  9th  Ft.  1760,  Jun.  30,  Lt.  {A.L., 
1759-62).     1762,  Feb.  13,  Capt.,  91st  Ft.  {W.O.  A.L.,  MS.  Notes,  P.R.O.). 

886.  John.  1758,  Jul.  31,  Ens.,  42nd  Ft.  1760,  res.  com.  {A.L.,  1759- 
60;  W.O.,  A.L.,  1760,  MS.  note,  P.R.O.). 

887-  John.  1759,  Oct.  23,  Lt.,  89th  Ft.,  raised  by  the  4th  Duke  of 
Gordon  and  disbanded  1765  {A.L.,  1761-2). 


Son  of  Alexander,  Collector  of  Customs;  d.  and  bur.  1761,  Sep.  i,  in  St. 
Mary's  Cemetery,  Madras  (Rev.  C.  H.  Maiden's  5^  Mary's  Ch.  Reg.)- 
Brother  of  Sir  Alexander,  of  Lesmoir  (House  of  Gordon,  11.  (247-8)). 

888-  Sir  John,  4th  bart.  of  Earlston.  1760,  May  8,  Capt.,  70th  Ft 
from  the  Dutch  service  (through  the  interest  of  the  Duke  of  Queensberry,  see 
1769),  1764,  exchanged  toh.p.,  123rd  Ft.  1778,  Jul.  i,  wrote  from  Edinburgh  to 
Lord  Barrington,  stating  his  wish  "  to  return  to  such  actual  service  as  my 
years  will  permit  ...  In  the  war  in  1748  I  learned  fortification  or  the  Art  of 
Attack  and  Defence,  and  hope  to  be  useful  ...  if  necessity  calls,  as  an 
Assistant  Engineer"  {A.L.,  1760-97;  W.O.  In  Letters  Misc.,  Sec.  at  War, 

Eighth  son  of  Sir  Thomas,  3rd  bart.  of  Earlston,  1316 ;  b.  1720,  Dec.  20, 
in  Edinburgh  ;  m.  1775,  Apr.  18,  Anne  (d.  1822)  yst.  dau.  of  Thomas  Mylne, 
of  Powderhall ;  d.  s.p.,  1795,  ^^*-  ^7'  ^^  Silverknows,  near  Cramond  [Earlston 
MS.  ;  G.  E.  C.'s  Complete  Baronetage,  iv.  440). 

889-90.  John.  1762,  Ab.,  R.N.,  "Juno";  afterwards  Ab.  and  Mid., 
"Essex";  Mid.,  "Levant";  Ab.,  "  Phoenix  ".  1768,  Sep.  6,  passed  as  Lt., 
aged  21  {Adm.  N.  Board  Lts.  Passing  Certif.,  P.R.O.). 

891.  John.  1763,  Oct.  6,  Lt.,  H.E.LC.S.  (Bengal),  murdered  with 
others  at  Patna  by  the  Swiss,  Samur,  on  behalf  of  Mir  Kasim  Ali,  Nawab  of 
Murshidabad.  The  story  of  the  murder  was  told  by  J.  M.  Bulloch  and  C,  O. 
Skelton  in  a  pamphlet  (8vo,  pp.  34)  printed  privately  at  Keith,  1908. 

A  letter  dated  1764,  Jun.  1 1,  from  an  officer,  89th  Ft.  (quoted  in  Aberdeen 
journal,  Jun.  25)  describes  him  "  son  to  Mr.  Gordon  of  Dundurcas  ".  Prob- 
ably brother  of  Rev.  James,  709. 

892.  John.  1764,  Mar.  20,  Col.,  m.  at  St.  Martin's  in  the  Fields,  John 
[sic]  Norris  Fisher  who  divorced  him  1773,  May  10,  and  m.  next  day  John 
Storr,  who  d.  1783,  Jan.  10,  aged  74,  bur.  in  the  North  Aisle,  Westminster 
Abbey.  Storr's  will,  dated  1781,  Jan.  27,  proved  by  his  widow,  1783,  Jan. 
16,  who  got  his  Yorkshire  estates  and  personality  for  life  [Westminster  Abbey 
Reg.,  Harl.  Soc.  ;  Smith's  Old  Yorkshire). 

893-  John.  1764,  May  8,  Capt.,  50th  Ft.  1772,  Sep.  26,  Maj.  1776, 
Feb.  19,  Lt.  Col.  [A.L.,  1765-82). 

Third  son  of  John,  of  Ballinteggart,  co.  Down  (ancestor  of  the  Gordons  of 
Florida),  and  Grace,  dau.  of  Thomas  Knox,  of  Dungannon,  co.  Tyrone ;  b. 
1730;  m.  1780,  Jan.  7,  Elizabeth  [b.  1746,  Apr.)  2nd  dau.  of  Sir  Richard 
Warwick  Bamfylde,  4th  bart.  (Betham's  Baronetage  ;  Huntly  Express,  1909, 
Oct.  8;  Burke's  Commoners,  iv.  376;  G.M.,  vol.  104,  pt.  2,  p.  no).  Gordon 
d.  1782,  Jun.  10  [S.M.,  vol.  44,  p.  503),  bur.  in  Islington  Churchyard  (Lyson's 



Environs  of  London,  iii.  146).  His  widow  d.  1834,  Apr.  7,  at  Beckenham, 
Kent.     Uncle  of  Arthur,  268,  John  Crawford,  1022,  and  John  P.,  1054- 

894-  John.  1764,  Jun.  15,  Capt.,  47th  Ft.,  Army  rank,  1760,  Sep.  18 
(^.L.,  1766-67).     Possibly  883- 

895.  John.  1768,  Nov.  5,  Asst.  Surg.,  H.E.I.C.S.  (Bengal);  d.  at 
Patna ;  estate  administered  by  James  F'raser  (7.0.  Rec). 

896-  John.  1770,  May  23  or  Jun.  7,  Capt.,  37th  Ft.,  from  h.p.  {A.L., 
1770;  L.G.);  not  after  Jun.  23.  1779,  Oct.  19,  Lt.,  88th  Ft.  {ibid.;  W.O. 
Notifications,  P.R.O.).     1780,  name  erased  in  MS.  {W.O.  A.L.,  P.k.O.). 

897-  John,  7th  Viscount  of  Kenmure.  1770,  Aug.  28,  Ens.,  17th  Ft., 
previously  in  R.N.  for  two  or  three  years.  1772,  Sep.  24,  Lt.  1776,  Apr.  20, 
Capt.,  14th  Dgns.  {L.G.).  "This  regiment  was  then  in  Ireland  where  he 
imprudently  launched  out  into  all  the  extravagant  dissipation  of  the  times, 
drove  his  chaise  and  four,  with  his  Coronet  on  it,  assuming  the  honours  of 
the  family ;  he  soon  after  found  himself  under  the  necessity  of  selling  out," 
1779,  May  {Earlston  MS. ;  L.G. ;  A.L.,  1771-80). 

Second  son  of  John,  who,  but  for  the  attainder,  would  have  been  8th 
Viscount  of  Kenmure;  b.  1750;  1780,  M.P.  for  the  Stewartry  ;  1793,  Jul. 
entertained  Robert  Burns  for  three  days  ("  Kenmure  sae  generous");  1824, 
Jun.  17,  attainder  pronounced  on  his  grandfather  in  1716,  reversed;  m.  1791, 
Sarah  Ann  Morgan,  who  rf.  1815  {Scots  Peerage,  v.  133-5).  Lord  Kenmure 
d.  s.p.  1840,  Sep.  21,  being  succeeded  by  his  nephew  Adam,  105-  Brother 
of  Hon.  Adam,  97,  Hon.  James,  725,  Hon.  Robert,  1203i  and  Hon.  William, 

898-  John.  1 77 1,  Cadet,  H.E.LC.S.  (Bengal)  Inf.  1773,  Feb.  27, 
Ens.     1781,  Oct.  13,  Capt.     1783,  Dec.  i,  res.  (7.0.  Rec.) 

Elder  son  of  William,  of  Craibstone,  and  I.  of  Sheelagreen,  who  was  son 
of  John,  of  Drumwhindle,  and  grandson  of  William,  I.  of  Farskane;  bap.  1740, 
Aug.  13,  at  Deskford ;  m.  "a  dau.  to  [James  Gordon?  of]  Clashterim " 
{Mitchell  MS.)  \  d.  s.p.  1829,  Jul.  20,  at  Florence  (./46rf.  your.).  Brother  of 
Charles,  303- 

899.  John.  1774,  Jul.  5,  Ens.,  39th  Ft.  1778,  Jul.  22,  Lt.  1779-83, 
served  at  siege  of  Gibraltar.  1785,  ret.  {A.L.,  1775-85;  W.O.  A.L.,  1785, 
MS.  note,  Notifications,  P.R.O. ;  John  Spilsbury's  Siege  0/  Gibraltar,  131). 

900-  John.  1775,  Jul.  7,  Capt.,  54th  Ft. ;  not  after  Dec.  i  {A.L.,  1776, 
MS.  note ;  G.M.  (Dublin),  1775,  Aug.  i,  p.  537). 

901.  John.  1776,  Aug.  7,  or  1777,  Jan.  21,  Ens.,  27th  Ft. ;  served  in 
America;  wounded,  sent  home  on  recruiting  service.  1781,  Jan.  2,  wrote 
from  Coleraine  to  Sec.  at  War,  urging  his  claims  for  promotion  "  I  am  the 
oldest  Ensign  in  the  27th  Reg.   for  upwards  of  two  years  ...  it  is  well 


known  that  I  have  exerted  myself  not  a  little  for  the  good  of  H.M.'s  service 
both  abroad  and  at  home,  and  have  been  successful  in  procuring  a  great 
number  of  men  for  it,  and  I  think  it  is  exceedingly  hard  that  a  junior  Officer 
should  be  put  over  my  head  because  he  happened  to  be  on  the  spot  "  {W.O. 
In  Letters,  Misc.,  Sec.  at  War,  P.R.O.).  1782,  Jul.  i,  or  1783,  Jan.  14,  Lt. 
I^L.G.,  158  ;  W.O.  Notifications,  P.R.O.).  1786,  h.p.,  looth  Ft.,  by  exchange 
{W.O.  A.L.,  1786,  MS.  note,  P.R.O.).  1787,  Oct.  24,  or  Nov.  3,  Lt.,  67th 
{L.G.,  510).  1790,  Oct.  14,  Ens.,  Maj.  William  Anstruther's  Independent 
Coy.  of  Invalids  at  Jersey  [ibid.,  623).  1791,  Jan.  26,  sent  from  Grenada  in 
charge  of  some  invalids,  67th  Ft.,  landing  in  London,  Mar.  30.  X792,  Mar.  3, 
Ens.,  Maj.  Anstruther's  Independent  Coy,  at  Guernsey  [ibid.,  141).  i793> 
Sep.  30,  writes  from  Alderney  to  Sec.  at  War  about  his  rank,  refers  to  "18 
years  service  and  11  years  of  that  as  a  Lt.".  1794,  Sep.  13,  Lt.,  Maj. 
Waugh's  Independent  Coy.  of  Invalids  at  Alderney  {ibid.,  916);  Sep.  27, 
writes  again  from  Alderney  requesting  "  that  in  view  of  his  appt.  as  Lt.  of 
Invalids,  he  may  be  allowed  to  retain  his  rank  as  Lt.  in  the  Army  from  1782, 
Jul.  I  {W.O.  In  Letters,  Misc.,  Sec.  at  War,  P.R.O.).  1795,  Aug.  22,  Adj. 
{L.G.,  861).  1797,  Jul.  18,  Lt.,  one  (Maj,  Gen.  Napier's)  of  five  Independent 
Coys,  of  Invalids  at  Alderney  {ibid.,  664).  1803,  ret.  f.p.  {A.L.,  1777-1824); 
d.  1824. 

902-  John.  1777,  Aug.  23,  Master,  R,N,,  "Boston";  Nov,  12, 
"Terrible"  {Adm.  Offs.  appt.  by  N.  Board,  P.R.O.).  1795  or  earlier,  h.p. 
{N.L.,  1795-1806), 

903-  John.  1777,  Dec.  23,  Ens.,  8ist  Ft.  1780,  Jun.  29,  Lt.  1783, 
h.p.  1803,  Sep.  27,  Capt.,  Perthsh.  Vol,  Brig,,  4th  Batn,  {L.G.,  1300),  1804, 
Mar.  14,  Lt.,  Perthsh.  Mil.  {ibid.,  675).  1808,  Sep.  25,  Capt.  {ibid.,  1827  ; 
A.L.,  1778-1841  ;  Hart's  A.L.,  1840-2;  Lady  Tullibardine's  Mil.  Hist,  of 
Perthsh.,  1660-1902,  pp.  218,  233).     Residing  at  Corstoun  ;  d.  1841. 

904-  John.  1778,  Capt.,  of  Cairnwhelp,  life  renter  on  the  Duke  of 
Gordon's  estates  (Sir  C.  E.  Adam's  Political  State  of  Scotland). 

905-  John.  1778,  Lt.,  of  Kirkney,  life  renter  on  the  Duke  of  Gordon's 
estates  (Sir  C.  E.  Adam's  Political  State  of  Scotland). 

905a.  John.  1778,  Apr.  13,  Schoolmaster,  R.N.,  "Trident"  {Adm. 
Reg.,  P,R,0.). 

906-  John.  1778,  Apr.  14,  or  Sep.  26,  Lt,,  N,  Fencibles  {L.G.)  one  of 
the  first  offs.  appt.  by  the  Duke  of  Gordon,  enlisting  1 1  men  for  the  reg. ;  Sep.  i, 
wrote  a  very  interesting  account  of  the  first  experiences  of  the  N.  Fencibles 
in  garrison  at  Fort  George,  where  he  was  acting  as  Qr.  Mr.  for  the  four  Coys, 
to  Ross,  the  Duke  of  Gordon's  cashier ;  stated  that  he  comd,  the  right  of  the 
Duke's  Coy,  ;  Sep,  2,  Thomas  Ross,  a  recruit  stated  that  "  Capt,  Gordon  of 

204  HOUSE   OF   GORDON. 

Laggan  was  very  kind  to  the  Lochaber  men''  (Gordon  Castle  Papers).  1782, 
Sep.  15,  or  Oct.  5,  Capt.  {L.G.;  A.L.,  1779-82). 

Eldest  son  of  James,  in  Laggan,  who  was  the  son  of  Thomas,  in  Achnas- 
tank,  a  cadet  of  Beldorney  ;  bap.  1744,  Feb.  12;  farmed  Laggan;  d.  1799, 
Dec.  23,  at  Boghead,  near  Elgin  {G.M.,  vol.  69,  p.  1191  ;  J.  M.  Bulloch,  in 
Banffshire  Field  Club  Transactions,  1907,  Jan.  31).  Brother  of  James,  722, 
and  William  1415  ;  first  cousin  of  Thomas,  1332- 

907.  John.  1778,  Jul.  10,  Qr.  Mr.,  48th  Ft.  {W.O.  Notifications, 
P.R.O.) ;  Oct.  9,  the  Duke  of  Gordon  wrote  to  Cox  and  Mair,  "  Mr.  Gordon, 
the  Surgeon,  has  been  with  me,  and  as  it  is  not  certain  whether  he  can  hold 
the  Surgeoncy  (N.  Fencibles)  or  not,  being  as  I  am  informed  appointed 
Quarter  Master  to  the  48th,  I  beg  you  will  not  take  out  the  commission  till 
you  hear  from  me  " ;  Dec.  i,  Dr.  J.  Gordon  had  written  from  London  to  the 
Duke  :  "  It  was  believed  we  should  be  immediately  ordered  for  the  West 
Indies,  but  the  unexpected  revolution  that  happened  in  that  quarter  of  the 
globe,  by  the  taking  of  Dominique,  in  which  were  three  Companies  of  our 
regiment,  and  the  uncertain  situation  the  remaining  part  may  be  in  [came]  " ; 
he  asks  Major  Finlason,  N.  Fencibles,  to  send  him  "  an  order  to  receive  pay- 
ment of  the  regimental  Agent  here  for  what  money  may  be  owing  me  "  ;  Dec. 
27,  the  Duke  wrote  to  Cox  and  Mair,  "  It  is  my  desire  that  George  French, 
mate,  be  appointed  Surgeon,  vice  John  Gordon,  who  has  resigned  "  (Gordon 
Castle  Papers).  1783-4,  exchanged  to  h.p.,  nth  Ft.  {L.G.),  but  appears  as 
Qr.  Mr.,  48th,  until  1786  {A.L).  1792,  May  21,  J. P.,  Banffsh.  1793,  en- 
listed fourteen  men  for  N.  Fencibles  ;  Mar.  i,  or  Jun.  22,  Ens.  and  Lt.  {W.O. 
Notifications,  P.R.O.  ;  L.G.).  1794,  Jun.  7  or  27,  Capt.  Lt. ;  Nov.  12  or 
1795,  Jan.  ^7»  Capt.[;  Sep.  12  or  29,  Capt,  7th  W.I.  Reg.  1796,  Nov.  30, 
or  Dec.  6,  8th  W.I.  Reg.  1798,  Aug.  15  or  18,  Maj.  1801,  comd.  reg.  in 
lieu  of  Lt.  Col.  Wilson  at  home  on  s.c.  1802,  Apr.  9,  reg.,  stationed  at  Prince 
Rupert's,  Dominica,  mutinied  that  night  (Hugh  Gordon's  Sketches  and 
Recollections  of  the  West  Indies,  pp.  105-16),  killing  a  few  of  the  ofTs.,  Gordon 
with  two  others  escaping ;  "  the  regiment  had  latterly  received  no  pay,  and 
although  the  Major  commanding  and  Paymaster  had  made  repeated  applica- 
tions to  Governor  Johnstone,  they  had  been  made  in  vain,  two  companies 
not  having  received  their  pay  since  Oct.  24,  and  two  from  Nov.  24,  1801  ". 
After  the  mutiny  Gordon  and  Johnstone  indulged  in  a  series  of  mutual 
recriminations,  Gordon  came  home,  arriving  in  London  1803,  Feb.  Johnstone 
was  recalled,  preferred  charges  against  Gordon.  1804,  Jan.  30 — Feb.  14, 
tried  by  Court  Martial  at  Chelsea  Hospital ;  found  generally  not  guilty,  but 
placed  on  h.p.  {Trial  0/  Major  jfohu  Gordon,  printed  for  E.  Lloyd,  London, 


1804;  8vo.,  pp.  298;  A.L.,  1779-1819;  Bulloch's  Gordons  and  Smiths,  pp. 


Son  of  John,  IV.  in  Minmore;  m.  1807,  Nov.  29,  Magdalene  Gumming, 
Kirkmichael,  and  had  John  William,  b.  and  bap.  1805,  in  London,  Eliza 
Hellen,  b.  and  bap.  1807,  Jun.  in  London  and  George  Henry,  578-  Gordon 
d.  1819,  Apr.  3,  at  Aberdeen,  btcr.  Apr.  9  in  Inveravon  Churchyard,  Banffsh. 
His  widow  (lived  in  Tomintoul  until  1823,  then  in  Aberdeen)  received  pension 
of  ;^7o  from  Apr.  4,  under  warrant  dated  Nov.  13,  the  three  children  placed 
on  Compass.  List  at  ;^i2  each  on  recommendation  of  his  brother  Lewis  and 
the  Duke  of  Gordon  {W.O.  Certificates,  Wid.  Compass,  and  Bounty  Warrants, 
Abstract  of  Applns.,  Compass.  List,  P.R.O.).  Brother  of  Henry,  618,  Lewis, 
1093,  and  William,  1407- 

908-  John.  1778,  Aug.  14,  Cornet,  H.E.LC.S.  (Bengal)  Nat.  Cav. ; 
Nov.  8,  Lt.  1796,  Jun.  i,  Capt.  1800,  May  29,  Maj. ;  Oct.  5,  Lt.  Col. 
1803,  Aug.  26,  comd.  ist  Nat.  Cav.  under  Gen.  Lake  at  Secundra;  Nov.  i, 
comd.  Reserve  Brigade  at  Laswarree ;  presumably  the  Col.  Gordon  stated 
[Annual  Reg.,  1803)  to  have  had  a  Brigade  of  Reserves  on  march  from  Agra. 
1805-ig,  comd.  2nd  Brigade.  1806,  Feb.  13,  plundered  of  baggage,  etc.,  at 
Phass  Gunge,  by  the  Zamindars.  1808,  Sep.  12,  granted  furlough  to  Europe 
till  1811.  x8io,  Jul,  25,  Col.  1813,  Jun.  4,  Maj.  Gen.  1819,  Jan,  15, 
furlough  to  Europe;  remained  in  England.  1825,  May,  27,  Lt.  Gen,  {E.I. 
Reg.,  1800-33 ;  I.O.  Rec). 

Eldest  son  of  Hon.  John,  880,  served  his  heir,  1787  and  1804  ;  b.  1765, 
Jul.  8;  nominated  for  H.E.LC.S.  by  John  Purling;  m.  1810,  Nov.  22,  Eliza, 
3rd  dau.  of  Robert  Morris,  M.P.,  Gloucester;  d.  1832,  Dec.  26,  in  Devon- 
shire St.,  London,  bur.  in  chancel,  Marylebone  Parish  Ch.,  where  there  is  a 
white  marble  monument  surmounted  by  military  trophies,  having  below  a 
coat  of  arms;  monument  in  Restalrig  Churchyard  {G.M.,  vol.  103,  pt.  i,  p. 
186 ;  Roger's  Monuments). 

909.  John.  1778,  Sep,  26,  Ens.,  N.  Fencibles  {L.G.),  enlisted  six  men 
for  the  reg.  (Gordon  Castle  Papers).  1779,  Apr.  10,  Lt.  {A.L.,  1779-82). 
1782,  Feb.  13,  Ens.,  Capt.  John  Mackenzie's  Independent  Coy.;  Jun.  17, 
Lt,  {W.O.  Notifications,  P.R.O.).  1783,  h.p.,  Waller's  Ft.  {A.L.,  1785-96). 
1794,  Sep.  12,  Lt.,  8ist  Ft.,  but  same  day  appt.  Capt.  Lt.,  looth  Ft.  {W.O. 
Notifications,  P.R.O.).  1797,  Jun.  20,  Capt.  {L.G.).  1798,  recruited  upwards 
of  40  men  in  the  neighbourhood  of  Coynachie  (Greenhill  Gardyne's  Life  of  a 
Reg.,  I.  46).  1799,  Jan.  19,  Maj.  1801,  served  with  Sir  Ralph  Abercromby's 
expedition  to  Egypt.     1805,  Jan.  r,  ret,  Bt.  Lt.  Col.  {A.L.^  1779-1827). 

Younger  son  of  John,  in  Auchmair,  who  was  the  son  of  Peter,  in  Haddoch, 


a  supposed  cadet  of  Birkenburn  ;  hap.  1751,  Nov.  3;  farmed  Coynachie, 
Gartly ;  m.  1784,  Sep.  16,  Elizabeth  Souter,  and  had  John,  962,  and  William, 
1437  ;  d.  1827,  Mar.  27,  at  Coynachie,  aged  75  {House  of  Gordon^  11.  (322)). 
Uncle  of  John,  926- 

910-1-  John.  i779f  Feb.  8,  or  Jul.  24,  Capt.,  Sutherland  Fencibles  {W.O. 
Notifications,  P.R.O.;  L.G.;  A.L.,  1780-2). 

912-  John.       1780,  Aug.  2,  Ens.,  73rd  Ft.,  2nd  Batn.,  previously  Vol. 
1781,  Jan.  13,  or  Feb.  24,  Lt.       1782,  Dec.  28,  ist  Batn.  {L.G. ;   W.O.  Noti- 
fications, P.R.O.).      Describes  himself  {W.O.  Offs.  Services,  1828,   P.R.O.) 

"entered  the  Army,  aged  16,  Volunteer,  72nd  Ft.,  1784,  Feb.  22 — 1794, 
Feb.  10".  1785,  Qr.  Mr.  99th  Ft.  1787,  h.p.  1794,  Jul.  19,  Qr.  Mr.  99th 
Ft.  {L.G.,  1794,  p.  749);  Nov.  26,  Ens.  1795,  ^^^-  *8»  L*-  ('^"^-j  PP-  125, 
321).  Reg.  reduced  on  f.p,,  1798,  but  name  appears  in  h.p.  list  until  1803 
{A.L.).  Describes  himself  {Services)  "  Qr.  Mr.  99th  Ft.,  1794,  Nov.  26,  Ens., 
1795*  Feb.  26,  Lt.,  1803,  Jul.  9  "  (reg.  raised  again  as  98th  in  1804).  1803, 
Jul.  II,  Qr.  Mr.,  47th  P't.  {L.G.,  833).  1804,  Mar  24,  Ens.,  ist  Roy  Garr. 
Batn.  {ibid.,  346).  Describes  himseli  {Services)  "  Qr.  Mr.,  47th  Ft.,  1804, 
Mar.  3  ".  1805,  May  4,  Ens.,  8th  Roy.  Vetn.  Batn.  {L.G.,  584).  Describes 
himself  {Services)  "removed  to  6th  Roy.  Vetn.  Batn.  in  1805,  went  on  half 
pay,  98th  Ft,  1807,  Oct.  34 — 1815,  when,  Aug.  22,  he  was  appt.  Ens.,  2nd 
Roy.  Vetn.  Batn."  {L.G.,  1767),  "  Ens.,  ist  Roy.  Vetn.  Batn.,  1819,  Nov.  i  " 
{ibid.,  2082),  "Ens.,  7th  Roy.  Vetn.  Batn.,  1820,  F"eb.  20"  or  Nov.  i  {ibid., 
382) ;  states  he  "retired  on  f.p.  as  Ens.,  1821,  Apr.  16  and  was  not  desirous 
of  service,  being  worn  out  in  it"  {A.L.,  1782- 1846;  Hart's. ..4 .L.,  1840-6). 

M.  1791,  Oct.  3,  at  Chatham;  had  a  dau.,  Jane,  b.  1803,  Oct.  26  (alive 
in  1828);  living  in  Jersey  1823-8;  d.  1845. 

913-  John.  1780,  Sep.  23,  or  1781,  Feb.  27,  Ens.,  6oth  Ft.  {L.G.; 
W.O.  Notifications,  P.R.O.).  1780,  Nov.  9,  or  1781,  Jul.  10,  Lt.,  88th  Ft. 
{L.G.).  1781,  Jun.  10,  or  1782,  Jan.  i,  Capt.  {ibid.).  1783,  h.p.  (A.L., 

914-  John.  1781,  Jan.  13,  Lt.,  71st  Ft.  Probably  the  "  Lt.  Gordon, 
Brig.  Qr.  Mr.,  1792,  Jan.  16,"  under  Maj.  Gen.  Abercromby.  1795,  Sep.  8, 
Capt.-Lt.,  75th  Ft.  {L.G.,  1795,  p.  924);  Oct.  23  or  1797,  Feb.  28,  Capt. 
{ibid.,  203;  W.O.  Notifications,  P.R.O.).  1799,  Apr.  21,  wounded  at 
Seringapatam  (Alexander  Beatson's  War  with  Tippoo  Sultaun,  p.  cxxii). 
i8oo,  serving  in  Bombay  {New  Oriental  Reg. ;  A.L.,  1781-1805). 

D.  and  bur.  1803,  May.  7,  in  Bombay;  estate  administered  there  1804, 
Feb.  21,  by  Lt.  John  Turner  and  Surg.  Colin  Anderson,  75th  Ft.;  left  Rs. 
500  to  his  sister,  Helen  Eliza,  and  any  residue  to  his  nephew,  John  Gordon 


Joyce — "  Sir  Adam  Gordon,  West  Tilbury,  Essex  (3rd  bart.  of  Invergordon) 
knows  where  to  find  him  "  (7.0.  Rec). 

915-  John.  1 781,  Jan. — Apr.,  joined  Lord  Cornwallis  when  he  arrived 
at  Wilmington  upon  his  expedition  to  Virginia ;  Cornwallis  soon  after  gave 
him  a  com.  to  raise  an  Independent  Coy.  of  Horse;  k.  during  that  summer 
in  a  skirmish  with  a  party  of  Americans  {American  Loyalist  Claims,  Treasury 
Rec,  P.R.O.). 

Eldest  son  of  Lewis,  in  Tomnagayloch,  who  was  the  son  of  Thomas,  in 
Achnastank,  Glenlivet,  a  cadet  of  Beldorney  (J.  M.  Bulloch  in  Banffshire 
Field  Club  Transactions,  1907,  Jan.  31);  went  to  Wilmington   before   1777, 

Oct.,    and  was    a   merchant    there ;   m.    Margaret ,   his  administratrix. 

Brother  of  Thomas  in  Spynie,  1332,  who  claimed  his  property  ;  first  cousin 
of  James,  722,  John  906,  and  William,  1415. 

916-  John.  1781,  Jun.  27,  Ens.,  51st  Ft.;  "declines"  com.  (W.O. 
Notifications,  A.L.,  1781,  MS.  note,  P.R.O). 

917.  John.  1782,  Mar.  18,  or  30,  Ens.,  N.  Fencibles  ;  May  12,  or  Jun. 
15,  Lt.,  {L.G. ;  A.L.,  1782). 

Eldest  son  of  James,  in  Croughly  (1726-1812) ;  b.  1763,  Jan.  19  ;  d.  1788, 
May  16,  at  Croughly  {Croughly  Book,  86).  Brother  of  Charles,  318,  George, 
515,  James,  755,  Robert,  1215  and  William  Alexander,  1474. 

918-9.  John.  1783,  Jun.  6,  Ens.,  45th  Ft.  {W.O.  Notifications,  P.R.O.). 
1783-4,  h.p.  1784,  Jun.  25,  Ens.,  21st  Ft.  {Z.G.,  422).  1789,  Aug.  19,  or 
Oct.  10,  Lt.  {ibid.,  641).  1791,  Oct.  13,  Capt.,  38th  Ft.  {ibid.,  698).  1795, 
Sep.  I,  Maj.  {ibid.,  929).  1801,  Jan.  i,  Bt.  Lt.  Col.  {ibid.,  38;  A.L.,  1784- 
1803).  1804,  Feb.  7,  Inspecting  Field  OtT.,  Vol.  Corps,  rank  Lt.  Col.  while  so 
employed  {L.G.,  170).  1807,  May  19,  similar  appt.,  Yeo.  and  Vol.  Corps, 
Gt.  Britain  {ibid.,  675). 

Elder  son  of  Alexander,  188 ;  "^.  Ann  Woolley,  from  near  Lichfield, 
and  had  a  dau.  Catherine,  m.  1838,  Robert  Archdall ;  probably  the  Lt.  Col. 
John,  d.  1846,  Oct.  15,  at  Prince's  Town,  Co.  Fermanagh,  aged  79  {G.M., 
vol.  26,  p.  670),  which  is  alone  responsible  for  the  statements  "that  he  ret. 
on  h.p.  as  Lt.  Col.  in  1844,  and  in  1807,  when  but  a  Lt.,  took  part  in  the 
capture  of  the  Danish  Islands,  St.  Thomas  and  Santa  Cruz,  in  1809,  capture 
of  Martinique,  siege  of  Fort  Bourbon  capture  of  Les  Saintes,  and  in  1810, 
served  at  the  capture  of  Guadaloupe  ". 

920.  John.  1 789,  "  Lt.,  Sutherland,  bought  from  Patrick  Sinclair, 
Sutherland,  for  £5500,  the  estate  of  Swinzie  (Swiney),  Risgill  and  Munray  " 
(Henderson's  Caithness  Families,  172). 

Eldest  son  of  Charles,  of  Pulrossie,  302 ;  wrote  A  Short  History  of  the 


Adventures  of  a  London  Reviewer,  2nd  ed.,  1824,  and  History  0/  the  French 
National  Convention  (1828?);  had  with  other  sons,  James,  758>  and  John 
Edward  Hamilton,  1028  I  <^.  1825  (Bulloch's  Gordons  of  Embo,  88-91). 

921.  John.  i79i,Jan,  26,  Ens.,  30th  Ft.  1793,  Apr.  i,  Lt.  1796, 
ret.   (A.Z.,   1792-6;    W.O.  A.L.,    1796,   MS.  note,   P.R.O. ;  Rec.  ^oth  Reg., 


Only  son  of  Nathaniel  {d.  1784,  Aug.  31),  of  Whitehill,  Troqueer,  Kirk- 
cudbright, and  Laura  Turton  ;  served  heir  to  his  father,  1794,  Nov.  12; 
w.  1796,  Jan.  22,  at  Edinburgh,  Ellen  or  Helen  or  Eleanor,  dau.  of  Pelham 
Maitland,  and  had  Francis  William  Lockhart,  458,  Nathaniel  John,  1118.  and 
Henry  Pelham  Maitland,  h.  1805,  Jul.  22,  d.  1826,  May  5,  Bengal  C.S. ; 
living  1819-20,  at  Buccleugh  Place,  Edinburgh,  described  "  sometime  of 
Kennyhiir'  (7.0.  Rec. ;  N.  and  Q.,  loth  S.,  xi.  289).  His  grand-dau.  Miss  C. 
Lockhart-Gordon  has  (1912)  a  miniature  of  him  in  uniform. 

922-3-  John.  1791,  Cadet,  H.E.I. C.S.  (Bengal).  1792,  Feb.  3,  res. 
{E.I.  Lists). 

Son  of  Arthur  (Attorney  Gen,,  East  Florida,  brother  of  Archibald  Duff) 
and  Harriet  Priscilla ;  b.  1775,  Aug.  2  (J.O.Rec). 

924-  Sir  John,  8th  bart.,  of  Embo.  1792,  Cadet,  H.E.I.C.S.  (Bengal 
Engineers).     1793,  Nov.  8,  Ens.     1800,  Dec.  10,  Lt.  {E.L  Reg.,  1800-5). 

Fifth  but  eldest  surviving  son  of  Sir  William,  7th  bart.,  of  Embo,  1396  ; 
b.  1776,  Jul.  2,  at  Cork,  bap.  there  by  the  Rev.  Samuel  Perrot,  Presb. ;  d. 
unm.  1804,  Nov.  13,  bur.  Nov.  13,  at  Prince  of  Wales's  Island  (7.0.  Rec). 

925-  John.  1792,  Oct.  27  or  1793,  Mar.  i,  Ens.,  Loyal  Inverness 
Fencibles  {Z.G.,  1105).  1794,  Jan.  15,  Ens.,  ist  Ft.  1795,  Jan.  ^7  or  Feb. 
17,  Lt.  1796-7,  served  at  Calir,  Porto  Ferrajo  and  other  places  in  the 
Mediterranean.  1797,  Sep.  5,  Adj.  {L.G.,  847).  1799,  Sep.  10,  engaged  at 
the  Helder,  wounded  near  Shagen  in  an  attack  by  French  and  Dutch  forces 
on  Sir  Ralph  Abercromby's  position  {Hist.  Roy.  Reg.  of  Ft.,  164).  1800, 
Dec.  25,  Capt.  1801,  serving  in  Egypt,  wounded  in  action  Mar.  21,  at 
Alexandria  (Abercromby's  victory).  "  When  serving  as  Adj.  to  the  garrison 
at  Gibraltar  a  mutiny  took  place,  by  his  active  exertions  contributed  to  re- 
store order  among  the  troops  "  {Abd.  Jour.,  1815,  Jan.  18).  1807,  Aug.  13, 
Maj.  1809,  Jan.  16,  served  under  Sir  John  Moore,  at  Corunna  ;  commanded 
3rd  Batn.,  I  St.  Ft.  in  the  Walcheren  expedition,  embarking  at  Portsmouth, 
Jul. ;  first  British  Off.  to  take  possession  of  Flushing  on  its  capitulation 
{Hist.  Roy.  Reg.  of.  Ft.,  179  ;  Abd.  Jour.).  i8io,  commanded  his  reg.  in 
several  engagements,  at  Busaco  (Sep.  27)  and  others,  under  Wellington. 
181 1,  went  to  W.  Indies  to  take  command  of  another  Batn.,  stationed  at 


Berbice,  Barbadoes,  and  other  places  (Abd.  your.).  1812,  Jun.  24,  the  first 
Batn.  sailed  from  Barbadoes  in  seven  transports,  under  his  command,  ar- 
rived Aug.  6,  at  Quebec.  1813,  Jun.  4,  Bt.  Lt.  Col.;  Jun.  17,  two  companies 
embarked  from  Kingston  under  his  command,  to  attack  a  strong  post 
occupied  by  the  Americans  at  Sodiers  ;  Jun.  20,  detachment  landed,  captured 
a  great  quantity  ol  stores  and  burned  public  buildings;  re-embarked  same 
day,  sailed  to  Four  Mile  Creek,  having  lost  three  privates  killed,  one  sergeant 
and  three  privates  wounded  (Wetherall's  Roy.  Reg.  of  Ft.,  188) ;  Dec.  17,  in 
command  of  a  party  of  the  19th  Light.  Dgns.,  a  detachment  of  the  Roy,  Scots 
and  the  89th  Light  Coy.,  marched  from  Burlington  towards  Niagara,  dis- 
lodged the  enemy  from  the  heights  of  Lewiston  ;  Dec.  29,  five  Coys,  crossed 
Niagara,  employed  in  storming  the  enemy's  batteries  at  Black  Rock  and 
Buffalo ;  favourably  mentioned  in  Riall's  despatch  dated  Niagara  frontier, 
1814,  Jan.  I,  to  Gen.  Drummond  (ibid.,  77-9).  1814,  Jul.  3,  comd.  five  coys, 
in  the  advance  on  Chippawa  to  reinforce  the  garrison  there ;  Jul.  5,  slightly 
wounded  ;  Riall  reported  "  that  Gordon  merited  the  warmest  praise  for  the 
good  example  shown  to  the  regiment  "  ;  Jul.  25,  in  an  action  "excited  the  ad- 
miration of  Lt.  Gen.  J.  Gordon  Drummond  for  his  conduct  on  some  very 
trying  occasions  "  {G.M.,  vol.  84,  pt.  2,  pp.  371,  377,  387) ;  Sep.  17,  comd.  the 
Roy.  Scots,  supported  by  the  89th  Reg.,  at  the  attack  on  Fort  Erie,  checked 
the  enemy's  advance,  but  severely  wounded ;  d.  Sep.  24  on  the  retreat 
(Abd.  your.).  1815,  the  offs.  ist  Batn.  erected  a  monument  at  Montreal 
"to  commemorate  their  high  esteem  for  him  as  a  man,  and  their  respect  for 
his  character  as  a  soldier"  (Wetherall's  Roy.  Reg.  of  Ft.,  220;  A.L.,  1793- 

Son  of  Robert,  grandson  of  John,  in  Auchmair,  afterwards  in  Drumfergue, 
and  great-grandson  of  Peter,  in  Haddoch,  who  is  supposed  to  have  belonged 
to  the  Birkenburn  Gordons  [House  of  Gordon,  11.  (320)) ;  educated  at  Marischal 
Coll. ;  "  for  some  time  studied  the  law,  but  upon  trial,  he  disliked  the  versatility 
necessary  to  the  advocate  and  relinquished  his  profession  "  (Abd.  Jour.,  1815, 
Jan.  18).  Royal  Bounty  of  £50  granted  to  his  mother,  Mary,  from  18 14, 
Sep.  25.     Nephew  of  John,  909- 

926.  John.  1793,  Mar.  i,  Capt.,  Sutherland  Fencibles  (R.  H.  Bur- 
goyne's  ()^rd  Ft.,  xiii.  ;  L.G.,  518;  List  of  Offs.  Mil.,  Fenc.  Cav.,  S'  Inf., 
Irish  Establishment,  1798;   W.O.  Notifications,  P.R.O.). 

927-  John.  1793,  Mar.  i,  Lt.,  4th  (or  Breadalbane)  Fencibles,  2nd 
Batn.  1794,  Sep.  10,  made  a  burgess  of  Banff  (Cramond's  Annals  of  Banff, 
II.  430).  1795,  May  26,  Capt.  {L.G.,  514);  Aug.  i,  member  of  the  Court 
Martial,  at  Aberdeen,  on  Lt.  John  Steele,  Perthsh.  Cav.  (Abd.  your.).     1796, 



Mar.  8,  promoted  to  Col,  M'Dowall's  Fenc.  Cav.  {L.G.  260;  Lady  Tullibar- 
dine's  Mil.  Hist,  of  Perthshire,  \.  158). 

928-  John.  1793,  Mar.  i,  or  Jun.  15,  Lt.,  Perthsh.  Fencibles,  2nd  Batn. 
{L.G.,  492  ;   W.O.  Notifications,  P.R.O.). 

929-  John.  1794,  Nov.  22,  Capt.  Lt.,  Rothsay  [sic"]  and  Caithness 
Fencibles  {L.G.,  1145).     179S,  Jun.  6,  Capt.  and  Adj.  {ibid.,  571-2). 

930-  John.  1795,  Jul.  24,  Landsmen,  R.N.,  "Kite";  Sep.  19,  Mid.  and 
Master's  Mate.  1796,  May  17,  "Cynthia".  1800,  Sep.  i,  "  Impetueux  ". 
1801,  Sep.  2,  passed  as  Lt.,  aged  22  {Adm.  N.  Board  Lts.  Passing  Certif, 
P.R.O.).  1802,  Apr.  29,  discharged,  h.p.  ;  Jun.  21,  Lt.,  "  Kite".  1805,  May 
23,  discharged;  May  24,  h.p.;  May  27,  "Alert";  Jun.  13,  "Hebe"  (Adm. 
Half  Pay  Lists  ;  Muster  Books,  P.R.O.). 

Eldest  son  of  Robert  (i 737-1810),  mason  at  Craighead,  Aberlour,  and 
farmer  at  Garbity,  Rothes,  and  his  first  wife,  Helen  Green;  b.  1760; 
Apr.  26(?);  bap.  1778,  Sep.  14,  at  Aberlour  {Rothes  Reg.);  wi.  1804,  Jun. 

25,  at  St.  Brelade,  Jersey,  Mrs.  Hetty  Pipon ;  d.  1806,  Jul.  7,  on  his  passage 
from  Jamaica,  "  a  brave,  active,  and  intelligent  officer  of  most  amiable  and 
engaging  manners,  which  had  endeared  him  to  his  friends  and  acquaintances 
by  whom  he  is  sincerely  and  justly  regretted"  {Abd.  jfour.,  1806,  Nov.  19; 
G.M.,  vol.  76,  pt.  2,  p.   1075;  S.M.,  vol.  68,  p.  887;  Adm.  Wid.  Pensions). 

931-  John.  1795.  Sep.  22,  Dep.  Purveyor  to  the  Hospitals  for  Forces 
(Z.G.,  984),  previously  "  Hosp.  Mate  from  Jamaica  ".  1797,  Mar.  25,  pro- 
moted Dep.  Purveyor  to  Forces,  St.  Domingo  (/6/rf.,  273).  1798,  Dec.  28,  or 
1799,  Feb.  9,  Staff  Asst.  Commiss.  of  Stores  and  Provisions,  Dominica  {ibid., 
126).  Dep.  Commiss.  of  Stores  and  Provisions,  Dominica  Garrison,  salary 
£"172  17s.  6d.  {A.L.,  1804-8). 

932.     John.     1795,  Nov.  28,  Lt.,  N.  P^encibles  (Z.G.,  1277).     1799,  Feb. 

26,  Ens.,  ist  F't.  {ibid.,  189).  1800,  Jun.  i,  Lt. ;  Aug.,  stationed  at  Kilkenny. 
1801-6,  served  in  the  West  Indies.  1804,  Aug.  24,  Capt.  {ibid.,  1685).  1812, 
stationed  at  Trichinopoly,  comd.  four  Coys.  "  when  suppressing  a  mutiny 
amongst  H.E.LC.  native  troops  at  Quilon,  which  then  threatened  most 
serious  consequences  to  the  British  possessions  in  India  "  (Wetherall's  ist 
Ft.,  124;  Cannon's  15/  Ft.,  187).  1814,  Jun.  4,  Bt.  Maj.  {L.G.,  1184);  Dec. 
15,  Maj.  1817,  Jun.  25,  Bt.  Lt.  Col.  1818,  Jan.  15,  appt.  Member  of  the 
Committee  to  decide  all  claims  to  prize  money  in  the  first  division  of  the 
Deccan  army  {Memorial  of  Sir  Thomas  Hislop,  16) ;  F"eb.  27,  comd.  the 
flank  coys,  of  his  reg.  and  Madras  European  reg.  at  the  capture  of  the  Fort  of 
Talneir,  upon  the  Tapti  river,  about  80  miles  west  of  Berhampur,  Central 
Provinces.     The  G.M.  (vol.  88,  pp.  263-4,  367)  states  : — 


The  Killedar  was  desired  to  open  the  gates  and  surrender  himself  and  the  garrison  un- 
conditionally ;  he  promised  to  do  so  and  the  Europeans  passed  safely  through  four  gates  of 
the  place,  the  Killedar  and  his  servants  surrendering  at  the  third  gate  to  the  Adjutant  General, 
Lieutenant  Colonel  Conway.  The  fifth  gate  was  found  shut,  some  Arabs  within  still  insisting 
upon  terms  ;  after  some  delay  this  gate  was  opened  from  within  :  Major  Gordon  and  Captain 
Macgregor  Murray,  with  two  or  three  officers  and  ten  or  twelve  grenadiers  of  the  Royal  Scots 
entered,  and  were  immediately  attacked  by  the  treacherous  Arabs  before  aid  could  be  given. 
Gordon  and  Macgregor  were  killed  at  this  spot. 

The  Killedar  was  subsequently  hanged  or  shot    (Wetherall's  ist  Ft.,  140 ; 
A.L.,  1796-1819). 

Eldest  son  of  John,  in  Milltown  of  Laggan,  cadet  of  Beldorney,  and 
Janet  Proctor;  b.  1775,  Dec.  i?  {Mortlach  Reg.).  By  his  will,  after  be- 
queathing certain  legacies  and  annuities,  including  £200  and  an  annuity  of 
£80  to  his  mother,  £500  to  his  sister  Elizabeth,  £100  to  each  of  her  five 
children,  £"500  to  his  sister  Anne,  which  were  in  addition  to  the  provision, 
made  by  will  of  his  brother  James,  739,  Gordon  gave  residue  of  his  estate  to 
his  surviving  brother  Harry,  619,  whom  he  appt.  executor  (7.0.  Rec).  His 
mother  received  pension  of  £70  from  1818,  Dec.  25,  under  a  warrant  dated 
1819,  Nov.  2  ;  d.  before  1834,  Jul.  4,  when  balance  of  pension  due  at  death 
was  paid  to  Elizabeth  Gordon,  North  Street,  Elgin  {W.O.  Wid.  Compass, 
and  Bounty  Warrants,  Letters  Compass  Fund,  P.R.O. ;  J.  M.  Bulloch  in 
Banffshire  Field  Club  Transactions,  1907,  Jan.  31). 

933.  John.  1796,  Jan.  28,  or  1797,  Jan.  2  or  Feb.  28,  Ens.,  74th  Ft. 
{W.O.  Notifications,  P.R.O.  ;  L.G.,  203).  1796,  serving  in  Madras.  1799, 
Oct.  8,  Lt,  i2th  Ft.  {ibid.,  1022).  1800,  sailed  from  India;  Nov.  2,  d.  of 
Batavian  fever  while  blockading  Java  {Asiatic  Annual  Reg.;  A.L.,  1796- 
1802).  Gordon's  cousin  William  Macpherson,  in  whose  coy.  he  served, 
described  him  as  "  the  truest  young  man  I  ever  met  with  ...  I  shall  never 
cease  to  deplore  the  loss  of  one  who,  had  he  lived,  would  have  made  the 
proudest  of  his  relatives  exclaim  with  pride  that  John  Gordon  was  their  kins, 
man  ;  .  .  .  the  Captain  of  the  man-of-war  on  board  of  which  he  was,  was  so 
affected  four  months  after  his  death  that  he  could  hardly  mention  it  to  me  ". 

Younger  son  of  John,  of  Carroll  and  Isabella  Macleod  (J.  M.  Bulloch's 
Gordons  of  Invergordon,  107).  Brother  of  George  James,  585,  Gordon 
Clunes,  605,  and  William,  1431. 

934.  John.     1796,  Jan.  9,  Lt.,  Sutherlandsh.  (Brora)  Vols.  {L.G.,  41). 

935.  John.  1796,  Jan.  15,  Asst.  Surg.,  H.E.I.C.S.  (Madras).  1800, 
stationed  at  Amboyna.  1801,  Jan.  24,  Fort  St.  George  Dispensary  {E.I. 
Reg.,  1800-3). 

Third  son  of  the  Rev.  Lewis,  minister  of  Drainie,  Edintore  family  ;  b. 

212  HOUSE   OF   GORDON. 

1775,  Jun.  5;  student  King's  Coll.,  1787-89  and  Marischal  Coll.,  Abd.,  1789-91; 
d.  1802,  Feb,  7,  at  Madras  "  after  a  lingering  illness,  a  gentleman  whose  up- 
right principles,  and  rectitude  of  conduct,  united  with  mildness  of  manners 
and  modesty  of  deportment  gained  him  the  esteem  of  an  extensive  circle  of 
friends  and  acquaintances,  who  sincerely  lament  his  premature  fate  "  (William 
Urquhart's  Oriental  Obituary,  98).  Under  his  will,  dated  at  Madras  1801, 
Sep.  6,  proved  there  1802,  Mar.  2,  his  father,  brothers  William,  and  Charles, 
310,  received  benefits,  as  also  his  brother  Lewis,  1094j  in  "  consideration  of 
his  disappointment  in  Seringaptam  prize  money  and  the  varied  proofs  he  had 
given  of  his  goodness  of  heart  and  generous  treatment  with  regard  to  his 
friends,"  also  his  sisters  Fenella  and  Robina,  and  brother  Robert,  1224  {I-O. 
Rec, ;  House  of  Gordon,  11.  (404)). 

936-  John.  1796,  Oct.  11  or  15,  Cornet,  Berks.  Fenc.  Cav.  (Windsor 
Foresters)  (PT.O.  Notifications,  P.R.O. ;  L.G.,  974). 

937-  John.  i796,»Nov.  8,  Cornet,  Gorey  Cav.  (Co.  Wexford?  or  Co. 
Donegal  ?)  {L.G.,  1134)- 

938.  John.  1797,  Apr.  29,  or  May  3,  Lt.,  Bristol  Vols.  {L.G.,  375; 
W.O.  Notifications,  P  R.O.).     1803,  Aug.  27,  Capt.  {L.G.,  1098). 

939-  Sir  John,  5th  bart  of  Earlston.  1797,  May  27,  Ens.,  ist  Vi., 
I  St  Batn.  {L.G.,  471)  "obtained  this  Commission  from  Lord  Adam  Gordon  ". 
1798,  Apr.  4,  Lt.  1803,  May  26,  h.p.,  4th  Ft.,  "at  his  own  request  from 
private  motives,  without  receiving  the  difference,  never  wounded,  not  desirous 
of  serving  again"  {W.O.  Offs.  Services,  1828,  P.R.O. ;  L.G.,  6ai  ;  A.L.,  1798- 
1850;  Hart's  .^.Z.,  1840-50).  An  Hon.  John  res.  com.  as  Lt.  Col.  Comdt., 
Kirkcudbright  Vol.  Inf.,  before  1808,  Jun.  7  {L.G.,  1263).  1820,  Aug.  14, 
Capt.,  Kirkcudbright  Yeo.  Cav.  {ibid.,  1897;  List  0/  Offs.  Mil.  Yeo.  Cav. 
and  Vol.  Inf.,  1825,  p.  226,  P.R.O.);  Nov.  20,  D.L.,  Kirkcudbright  {Z.G., 


Eldest  son  of  James,  Jamaica,  who  was  fifth  son  of  Sir  Thomas,  3rd 
bart.  of  Earlston,  1316,  and  Christiana  Scarlett,  dau.  of  a  planter;  b.  1780, 
Oct.  4  ;  succeeded  his  uncle  Sir  John,  888, 1769.  as  5th  bart.  of  Earlston,  1795, 
Oct.  18;  m.  (i)  1809,  Apr.  10,  Juliana  {d.  1824,  Feb.  13),  dau.  of  Jervis  Galli- 
more,  of  Greenfield,  no  issue;  m.  (2)  1826,  Apr.  22,  at  Edinburgh,  Mary  {d. 
1869),  dau.  of  William  Irving,  of  Gribton,  Dumfriessh.,  and  had  three  sons,  one 
being  Sir  William,  1462,  and  five  daus.    Sir  John  d.  1843,  Jan.  8  at  Earlston. 

940-  John.  1797,  Jun.  15  or  20,  2nd  Lt.,  Enzie  (Banffsh.)  Vols.  {W.O. 
Notifications,  P.R.O.;  L.G.,  580). 

941.  John.  1797,  Jun.  20,  Capt.,  Roy.  Glasgow  Vols.  {L.G.,  580). 
1803,  Aug.  27,  Maj.  {ibid.,  iioo). 


942.  John.  1798,  Aug.  14,  Capt.,  New  Galloway  Vols.  {Z.G.,  888). 
1799,  May  7,  Capt.  Conidt.  {ibid.,  426). 

943.  John.  1798,  Oct.  31,  or  earlier,  Ens.,  N.  Fencibles,  appt.  to  the 
Militia  (?) ;  the  Duke  of  Gordon  recommended  Ens.  James  Bisset  to  succeed 
him  (Gordon  Castle  Papers). 

944.  John.     1799,  Jan.  5,  Capt.  Comdt.,  Ross-sh.  Mil.  (L.G.,  11). 

945.  John.     1799,  Aug.  20,  2nd  Lt.,  Glasgow  Vols.  {L.G.,  826). 

946-  John.  1800,  Lt.,  residing  at  Hallyburton,  Forfarsh.,  brother  of 
William,  Attorney,  Supreme  Court  of  Judicature,  Bengal,  who  d.  there  1802, 
leaving  his  property  to  his  brother  and  sister,  Janet,  also  residing  at  Hally- 

Son  of  John,  merchant,  Leith,  and  Janet,  both  dead  in  1800  (/.O. 

947-  John.  1800,  Dec.  2,  2nd  Lt.,  Roy.  Aberdeen  Light  Inf.  {L.G., 
1350)-  1804,  Apr.  25,  Lt,  55th  Aberdeen  Mil.,  7th  Coy.  1808,  Aug.  11, 
Maj.,  vice  Lord  Alexander  Gordon  (ibid.,  1109).  1820,  Jun.  6,  Lt.  Col. 
1836,  Hon.  Col.,  in  succession  to  the  EarlofAboyne  (Innes's  Gordon //io^/«/r5., 
^rd  Batn.,  pp.  19,  21,  23,  25;  List  of  Offs.  Mil.  Yeo.  Cav.  and  Vol.  Inf., 
1825,  p.  81,  1850,  p.  126). 

Eldest  son  of  Charles,  of  Braid  and  Cluny,  whom  he  succeeded  ;  d.  untn. 
1858,  Jul.  16,  at  4  St.  Andrews  Square,  Edinburgh,  leaving  an  enormous 
fortune  and  a  natural  son,  John,  1001,  who  succeeded  him  after  prolonged 
litigation.  Uncle  of  Charles  Henry,  366,  George  Augustus,  564  and  John 
Francis,  630  (Bulloch's  Gordons  of  Cluny,  33-40). 

948-  John.  1801,  Mar.  17,  Ens.,  Roy.  Edinburgh  Vols.,  2nd  Reg.,  2nd 
Batn.  (L.G.,  296) ;  indexed  under  East  India  Vols. 

949-  John.  1802,  Sep.  4,  Ens.,  ist  W.I.  Reg.  (L.G.,  930).  1803,  Jan. 
25,  Lt.,  67th  Ft.  (ibid.,  106).  1805,  Apr.  13,  Capt.  (ibid.,  478).  1806,  Aug. 
19,  Capt.,  2nd  Ft.  (ibid.,  1081).  1809-10,  served  in  Portugal.  1811,  when 
reg.  embarked  for  Portugal,  left  at  depot,  Chichester,  in  command  of  two 
Coys,  on  recruiting  duty ;  later,  left  at  Elvas  in  command  of  a  detachment, 
when  troops  under  Sir  John  Moore  advanced  from  Lisbon  to  Salamanca, 
this  detachment  joined  Sir  Arthur  Wellesley  before  his  advance  into  Spain, 
took  an  honourable  part  in  operations  leading  up  to  Talavera,  181 1-2.  1816, 
embarked  with  reg.  for  Barbadoes  (A.Z.,  1803-17;  Col.  John  Davis's  2nd 
Foot,  IV.  pp.  122-4,  169,  170,  202,  321,  323,  334,  369,  378,  VI.  p.  107;  G.M., 
vol.  87,  pt.  I,  p.  283). 

Third  son  of  John,  I.  of  Balmuir,  Peterhead,  and  Peggy  Stuart  of  the 
Binend  family;  d.  unni.  1816,  Nov.  22,  at  Barbadoes  of  yellow  fever,  "as  did 


many  other  officers,  to  whose  memory  their  surviving  brother  officers  erected 
a  handsome  marble  monument  in  Bridgetown  Cathedral,  Barbadoes  "  (//««//>" 
Express,  1908,  May  11,  18).     Brother  of  Alexander,  183,  ^nd  Peter,  1153. 

950.  John.  1803,  Cadet,  H.E.I.C.S.  (Bengal).  1804,  Oct.  2,  Lt., 
Marine  N.I.  1808,  serving  in  Prince  of  Wales's  Island.  1816,  at  Bencoolen. 
1818,  Jun.  30,  Capt.  {E.  I.Reg.,  1804-22). 

Son  of  George,  printer,  Calcutta,  who  ;«.  there  1784,  Aug.  12,  Ann,  (^. 
1806,  Dec.  29),  elder  dau.  of  Lt.  Col.  Fischer;  b.  there  1787,  Sep.  23,  bap. 
1788,  Jan.  16  ;  nominated  for  H.E.I.C.S.  by  the  executrix  of  Sir  Lionell 
Darrell  (who  had  recommended  him)  in  1804,  his  parents  then  residing  at 
Stirling;  m.  1815,  May  23,  at  Chinsurah,  Bengal,  Johanna  Leonora  Christina, 
dau.  of  D,  A.  Overbeck,  Chinsurah,  and  had  George  Daniel,  b.  1816,  Mar., 
alive  in  1835,  in  England,  Francis  Leonora,  b.  1818,  Apr.  27,  bap.  1821, 
Oct.  31,  at  Prince  Edward  Island  (w.  1834,  Jul.  12,  Ens.,  F.  M.  Wade),  and 
Theodore,  1309-  Gordon  d.  1822,  Apr.  18,  at  Chinsurah  ;  by  will  dated  1818, 
Jul.  8,  at  Barrackpore,  left  estate  to  his  wife  except  his  gold  watch,  chain 
and  two  seals  to  his  brother-in-law,  Peter  Theodore  Gerard  Overbeck,  Chin- 
surah, and  his  seal  with  his  arms,  to  his  elder  son.  His  widow  w.  (2)  Capt. 
Wright,  living  at  Thornhiil,  near  Stirling,  in  1838  (7.0.  Rec).  Described 
{S.M.,  vol.  12,  p.  127)  "only  son  of  George  Gordon,  Inspector  of  Taxes". 

951-  "Sir  "John.  1803,  Apr.  21,  Capt.,  Aberdeensh.  Mil.  1804,  Apr, 
25,  reposted  (Innes's  Aberdeenshire  Militia,  17,  19). 

Only  son  of  "  Sir  "  Ernest,  who  wrongfully  assumed  baronetcy  of  Park, 
as  did  this  son,  John  ;  d.  num.  1804,  Jun.  10,  at  Rothbury,  Northumberland, 
when  the  wrongful  assumption  of  the  baronetcy  ceased  ;  see  Sir  John  Bury, 
1018-     Grand-nephew  of  John,  877- 

952-  John.  1803,  Aug.  2,  Lt.,  Renfrewsh.  Mil. ;  Aug.  15,  Capt.  {L.G., 

953-  John.     1803,  Aug.  13,  Capt.,  Sutherland  Vols.  {L.G.,  1007). 
953a.    John.    1803,  Aug.  24,  Boy,  2nd  Class,  R.N.,  "  Romney  ".     1804, 

Sep.  23,  Vol.,  ist  Class.  1805,  Feb.  13,  Ab.,  "  Ajax  ".  1807,  Feb.  15,  Vol. 
and  Ord.,  "  Endymion  " ;  Mar.  2,  Mid.  1810,  Apr.  2,  passed  as  Lt.  (Adiii. 
Indexes,  Midshipmen,  P.R.O.). 

Son  of  Hon  Adam,  97  I  bap.  1790,  Jan.  23,  at  Dumfries. 

954-  John.     1803,  Aug.  13,  Lt.,  Ayrsh.  (Maybole)  Vols.  {L.G.,  1006). 

955-  John.  1803,  Oct.  11,  Lt.  Col.,  Loyal  Birmingham  Vol.  Inf.,  2nd 
Batn.  {L.G.,  1381). 

956-  John.  1803,  Oct.  20,  Ens.,  Holborn  above  the  Bars,  London  (St. 
Andrew's  and  St.  George  the  Martyr's)  Vols.  {L.G.,  1434). 

957.     John.     1803,  Dec.  6,  Lt,  Sutherland  Vols.  {L.G.,  1703). 


958.  John.  1804,  Apr.  3,  Ens.,  Aberdeen  Vols.,  ist  Reg.  {L.G.,  373). 
1806,  Feb.  24,  Lt.  {ibid.,  388  ;  List  of  Off s.  Mil.  and  Vols.,  1807,  p.  2). 

959.  John.  1804,  Jul.  14,  Ens.,  Aberdeensh.  Mil.  (Z.G.,  852).  1808, 
Jun.  14,  Lt.  {ibid.,  1109  ;  List  of  Off s.  Mil.,  1817,  p.  79;   1825,  p.  81). 

D.  1828,  Sep.  8,  in  the  Roy.  Infirmary,  Edinburgh,  aged  49,  btir.  Sep. 
9,  in  Greyfriars  Churchyard  {W.O.  Certificates,  P.R.O.). 

960-  John.  1804,  Nov.  17,  Ens.,  2nd  Ft.  {L.G.,  1394).  1806,  Jan.  21, 
Lt.  {ibid.,  77).  1808-9,  served  at  Vimiera,  Beneventi,  and  Corunna ;  for 
some  time  attached  to  the  Staff  of  the  Duke  of  Kent.  18 10,  May  i,  Capt. 
{ibid.,  629).  1812,  stationed  at  Depot,  Silverhill  ;  Dec,  at  Lisbon.  1813, 
Apr.,  invalided  home  from  Spain.  1816,  Jun.  5,  landed  at  Barbadoes  with  his 
reg.  1816-19,  Aug.,  D.Q.M.G.and  Brig.  Maj.,  Trinidad.  182 1,  Mar.  22,  Maj. 
com.  antedated  to  1820,  Dec.  23  {ibid.,  726,  1463),  1823,  Jul.  31,  ret.  by  sale 
of  com.  {A.L.,  1805-24;  Davis's  2nd  Ft.,  iv.  pp.  203,  242,  289,  vi.  p.  107). 
1826,  Dec.  30,  local  rank  of  Maj.  on  Continent  only  {L.G.,  132). 

Eldest  son  of  Adam,  Griamachary  ;  b.  1782,  Aug.  21  ;  m.  (i)  1807,  Margaret 
Ballingall,  Perth,  d.  181 1,  Apr.,  at  Southampton,  aged  24  {G.M.,  vol,  81,  p. 
598)  and  had  John  Ferguson,  1029,  and  Ferguson,  d.  181 1,  May  21,  at  South- 
ampton {S.M.,  vol.  73,  p.  477);  "/.  (2)  1813,  May  18,  at  Inverness,  Katherine, 
dau.  of  Alexander  Smith,  widow  of  Lt.  Col.  Ross,  57th  Reg.  {ibid.,  vol  75,  p. 
477),  d.  1817,  Sep,  13  of  fever  at  Trinidad  {G.M.,  vol.  87,  pt.  2,  p.  561);  m.  (3) 

1829,  Jessie  Scales,  widow  of Drysdale,  d.  1852,  Nov.   i,  at  Edinburgh, 

and  had  Edward  Strathearn,  Lord  Drumearn,  432-  Gordon  d.  1850,  Sep.  5, 
at  Southampton,  whither  he  had  gone  (after  seeing  his  twin  nephews  Sir  John 
James  Hood,  1047.  and  Sir  Thomas  Edward,  1354,  off  to  India  at  Portsmouth) 
to  meet  his  son  Huntly  George,  678,  on  his  arrival  from  Ceylon  (J.  M. 
Bulloch  in  Ross-sh.  journal,  1907,  Feb.  8,  15,  22  and  Mar.  i).  Brother  of 
Adam,  106,  Thomas,  1341,  and  William,  1440. 

961.  Hon.  John.  1805,  Apr.  15,  Landsman,  R.N.,  "  Medusa,"  E.  Indies, 
1806,  Feb.  21,  Mid.,  "  Revenge,"  Channel  and  Cadiz  station.  1808,  Oct.  28, 
"  Ardent,"  Leith  ;  Dec.  24,  Supernumerary,  "  Conqueror,"  passage  to  Lisbon. 
1809,  Mar.  3,  "Peacock,"  passage  home  from  Lisbon;  May  10,  "Nymph," 
Lisbon,  coast  of  Norway;  Dec.  18,  wrecked  at  the  entrance  of  the  Firth  of 
Forth.  1811,  May  26,  "  Aquilon,"  Channel.  1812,  Mar.  21,  Lt.  for  rank; 
May  21,  "  Justitia  "  ;  Sep.  10,  Lt.,  "  Revolutionnaire,"  Western  Islands.  1813, 
May  22,  "Sea  Horse,"  Iceland  and  N.  America.  1814,  Jun.  15,  Comdr.  for 
rank.  1815,  Jan.  i,  h.p.  1818,  Feb.  18,  Comdr.,  "Carnation,"  Portsmouth, 
Newfoundland;  Nov.  20,  Capt.  (act),  "Tamar,"  Newfoundland;  Dec.  31, 
confirmed.     1844,  Feb.   22,  "  America,"   Pacific  and  Mediterranean.     1846, 


Aug.,  trial  by  Court  Martial  on  board  the  "  Victory,"  "  for  sailing  from  Val- 
paraiso, Chili,  Apr.  26,  for  England  in  disobedience  of  the  orders  of  Rear 
Admiral  Sir  George  Francis  Seymour,  his  superior  officer  and  Commander-in- 
Chief";  the  Court  found  "that  in  sailing  from  Valparaiso  in  the  'America' 
with  treasure  on  board,"  Capt.  Gordon  was  •'  not  actuated  by  his  pecuniary 
advantage,"  and  adjudged  that  he  "  should  be  severely  reprimanded  ".  Gordon 
"  complained  that  the  principal  viva  voce  evidence  was  called  by  the  Court 
after  the  case  both  of  the  prosecutor  and  himself  had  been  regularly  closed, 
that  if  that  evidence  was  part  of  the  prosecutor's  case,  he  ought  to  have 
had  some  intimation  of  it,  and  that  he  could  have  met  and  explained 
points,  which  in  the  course  adopted  took  him  by  surprise"  {Times,  Aug.  25, 
27  ;  woodcut  of  the  trial,  9  in.  by  6  in.,  in  the  Pictorial  Times,  1846,  Sep.  3, 
the  editorial  note  on  the  same  criticising  the  decision  very  severely).  Gordon 
retired  as  R,  Adm.  1863,  Mar.  23,  Adm.  {Adm.  Offs.  Services,  P.R.O. ; 
O'Byrne's  Nav.  Biog.  Die;  John  Marshall's  Nav.  Biog.,  Supp.  pt.  iv.  p. 
203 ;  N.L.,  1812-69). 

Sixth  son  of  George,  Lord  Haddo,  610 1  ^-  1791.  ^^P-  J"'-  6,  at 
Methlick;  d.  utim.  1869,  Nov.  11,  at  28  Queen  Anne  Street,  Cavendish 
Square,  London  ;  bur.  at  Kensal  Green. 

962-  John.  1803,  May  4,  entered  Woolwich,  nominated  by  5th  Duke 
of  Gordon.  1805,  May  10,  2nd  Lt.,  R.A.  1806,  J un.  i,  Lt.  1809,  served  at 
capture  of  Danish  Islands,  St.  Thomas  and  Santa  Cruz,  capture  of  Martinique, 
siege  of  Fort  Bourbon,  capture  of  Les  Saintes.  1810,  capture  of  Guadaloupe 
(Medal,  two  clasps) ;  returned  to  Jamaica,  then  to  England,  appt.  ist  Lt., 
R.H.A.,  served  in  Ireland.  1815,  joined  Duke  of  Wellington's  army  on  the 
march  to  Paris  after  Waterloo.  1816,  Aug.  5,  and  Capt.  1817,  Apr.  i,  h.p. 
at  the  reduction.  1823,  F'eb,  24,  f.p.,  served  in  the  Ionian  Isles.  1831,  Sep. 
3,  Capt.,  recruited  for  some  years  at  Huntly,  raised  a  number  of  men,  many 
of  whom  went  with  him  to  Ceylon.  1837,  Jan,  10,  Maj.  1839-43,  comd. 
troops  in  Ceylon.  1843,  Apr.  6,  Lt.  Col.  1844,  Apr.  15,  h.p.  ret.  1854,  Jun. 
20,  Col.     1858,  Aug.  9,  Maj.  Gen.  {A.L.,  1806-62). 

Second  son  of  John,  909;  b.  1789;  m.  (i)  1822,  Sep.  4,  at  Old  Aberdeen, 
Jean,  youngest  dau.  of  Rev.  Skene  Ogilvie,  D.D.,  Old  Aberdeen ;  m.  (2)  1832, 
Jan.  26,  at  Huntly,  Jane  {b.  1810,  Nov.  21),  dau.  of  Andrew  Macpherson,  in 
Gibston  and  Margaret,  dau.  of  Rev.  Robert  Gordon,  Drumblade,  and  had 
Cosmo  George,  389f  William  Andrew  McPherson,  1477.  and  Sophia  Margaret, 
b.  1833,  Sep.  25,  at  Gibston,  bap.  Nov.  21,  at  Huntly.  Gordon,  who  latterly 
farmed  Culdrain,  d.  th^re  1861,  Jun.  4.  His  widow  d.  1886,  Feb,  20  {House 
of  Gordon,  11.  (324-5)). 


963-  John.  1805,  Jun.  25,  Ens.,  96th,  renumbered  95th  Ft.  i8o6,  Oct. 
14,  Lt.  {L.G.,  1352).  1815,  Sep.  7,  Capt.  (ibid.,  1883).  1819,  Mar.  20,  h.p. 
{W.O.  Op.  Services,  1828,  P.R.O. ;  A.L.,  1806-31). 

Probably  son  of  William  (described  in  Pirie's  Cairnie,  pp.  26-41), 
Achanachie,  which  John  farmed  on  retiring;  d.  1830,  Dec.  18,  at  Huntly 
{G.M.,  vol.  loi,  pt.  I,  p.  93;  Abd.  your.).  Described  "George"  in  A.L., 
1805-7  and  in  L.G.,  1806. 

964-  John.     1805,  Jun.  25,  Capt.,  Caithness  Vols.,   2nd.  Batn.  {L.G., 


965-  John.  1805,  Jul.  10,  Qr.  Mr.,  Aberdeensh.  (Fraserburgh  Batn.) 
Vols.  {L.G.,  972),  previously  Ens.  1806,  Jan.  21st,  Lt.  {ibid.,  239;  List  of 
Offs.  Mil.  and  Vols.,  1807,  p.  5). 

966-  John.  1805,  Jul.  10,  Qr.  Mr.,  Aberdeensh.  (Tyrie  and  Strichen) 
Vols,  {List  of  Offs.  Mil.  and  Vols.,  1807,  p.  6). 

967.  John.  1806,  Oct.  16,  Capt.  and  Adj.,  Kilkenny  Mil.  (List  of  Offs. 
Mil.  and  Vols.,  1807,  p.  443;  1817,  p.  112,  1825,  p.  1x6,  P.R.O.)  ;  d.  before 
1845,  J^^-  ^7»  when  his  widow  was  informed  in  answer  to  her  application  that 
she  was  not  eligible  for  a  pension  {W.O.  Letters,  Compass.  Fund,  P.R.O.). 

968.  John.    1807,  Cadet,  H.E.I.C.S.  (Madras)  Cav.  {E.L  Reg.,  1808-10). 
Second  son   of  John   Gordon-Cumming-Skene,  of  Pitlurg,  1536  ;   b.  at 

Gordon  Lodge,  Slains,  bap.  1792,  May  20;  nominated  for  H.E.LC.S.  in  1807, 
"  then  aged  20,"  by  Rt.  Hon.  R.  Dundas  on  recommendation  of  Mr.  Millett ; 
d.  1809,  Dec.  20,  bur.  Dec.  21,  at  Madras  (7.0.  Rec. ;  Rev.  C.  H.  Maiden's 
St.  Mary's  Ch.  Reg.  ;  Abd.  Jour.,  1810,  Dec.  19). 

969-  John.  1807,  Cadet,  H.E.LC.S.  (Bombay)  Art.  1809,  Mar.  26  or 
29,  Lt.  Fireworker  (E.L  Reg.,  1808-10  ;  Col.  Spring's  Bombay  Art.  Offs.,  80). 

Third  son  of  Rev.  George,  534  ;  b-  1791,  Jan.  20,  bap.  Jan.  28.  Student 
Marischal  Coll.,  1802  ;  d.  1809,  Aug.  23,  on  board  H.M.S.  "Vestal"  in  the 
Persian  Gulf,  on  his  passage  to  India  (7.0.  Rec). 

970.     John.      1807,  Apr.  23,  Ens.,  Aberdeensh.  Mil.,   2nd  Reg.   {L.G., 


971-     John.     1809,  Jan.  21,  Maj.,  Aberdeensh.  Mil.,  2nd  Reg.  {L.G.,  377). 

Son  of  George,  3rd  Earl  of  Aberdeen,  from  whom  he  got  Cairnbulg ;  b. 
1787,  Mar.  20;  m.  1812,  Jun.  8,  Catherine  Ann  {d.  1870),  fifth  dau.  of  Sir 
William  Forbes,  5th  bart.  of  Craigievar,  and  had  six  sons — four  being 
Alexander  Crombie,  222,  Charles,  339,  John,  989,  William,  1459— and  three 
daughters,  one  of  whom  married  William,  1452-  Gordon  d.  1861,  Sep.  18, 
at  Countesswells  House,  Aberdeen,  {G.M.,  N.S.,  vol.  11,  p.  458;  Cairnbulg 
family  described  by  J.  M.  Bulloch  in  Huntly  Express,  1907,  Apr.  12). 



972-  John.  1810,  Apr.  9,  Bt.  Lt.,  4th  Local  Mil.,  Aberdeen,  previously 
Qr.  Mr.  {Abd.  jfour.,  Apr.  18). 

973-  John.  1810,  Jul.  17,  Ens.,  i8th  Ft.  1812,  Jan.  24,  Lt.  1817, 
Jul.  31,  h.p.  {A.L.,  1811-23). 

Son  of  Rev.  John,  min.  of  Strathdon,  and  Isabel  Lumsden.  M.A. 
Marischal  Coll.,  1807  ;  d.  1821,  Aug.  6,  at  Hopeman,  Duffus,  aged  32  {S.M., 
vol.  9,  N.S.,  p.  296;  Scott's  Fasti,  in.  164).     Brother  of  Robert,  1237- 

974-5-  John.  181 1,  Lt.,  2nd  Ft.  1812,  doing  duty  at  Abrantes,  not 
with  reg. ;  wounded  at  Salamanca.  1813,  Jan.,  one  of  the  ofTs.  sent  home  with 
the  Head  Quarters  and  six  skeleton  companies  on  account  of  casualties  and 
sickness  (Col.  Davis'  2ttd  Foot,  vol.  iv.,  pp.  203,  211,  227-8,  242). 

976-  John.  1812,  5th  Mate,  "  Lord  Melville,"  H.E.LC.S.,  having  in 
1810  gone  to  India  and  China  as  seaman,  "  Marquis  of  Ely  " ;  came  home  as 
4th  Mate,  "Inglis"  (I.O.  Rec).     Native  of  Scotland;  b.  1793,  Sep.  21. 

677-  John.  1813,  Sep.  28,  Ens.,  47th  Ft.,  previously  Vol.  (L.G.,  ig6o). 
1816-8,  served  in  Malwa.  1819-20,  served  in  Persian  Gulf.  1820,  Apr.  13, 
Lt.  1825,  served  in  Ava,  wounded  Mar.  7,  and  during  subsequent  operations 
at  Donabew,  Mar.  26  ;  severely  wounded  Dec.  1-2,  on  the  Heights,  near 
Prome^  banks  of  the  Irrawaddy,  received  one  year's  pay  for  each  wound. 
1830,  Jun.  II,  Capt.,  h.p.  1831,  Dec.  2,  f.p.  (L.G.,  2510).  1841,  Nov.  23, 
Maj.  1850,  Oct.  15,  Lt.  Col.;  Dec.  15,  ret.  by  sale  of  com.  (Hart's  A.L., 
1840-76;  W.O.  Offs.  Services,  1829,  P.R.O. ;  Lt.  John  MsLXshdAVs  N aval  Opera- 
tions in  Ava,  pp.  125-6). 

Son  of  John  (1746-1832),  W.S.,  of  Kinharvie,  Kirkcudbright,  who  it 
is  suggested,  was  a  grandson  of  Hon.  John,  of  Greenlaw  (^Dumfries  Courier, 
1909,  Jul.  24);  b.  1795,  Feb.  20,  at  Edinburgh  ;  d.  1875,  Apr.  8,  at  2  Newbold 
Terrace,  Leamington,  bur.  there.  Nephew  of  Robert,  1201.  first  cousin  and 
brother-in-law  of  Robert  Edward  George,  1264> 

978-  John.  1815,  Apr.  27,  Ens.,  83rd  Ft.  1816,  Jun.  6,  exchanged  to 
h.p.,  Bourbon  Reg.,  at  his  own  request.  1833,  May  3,  ret.,  received  commuta- 
tion for  com.  {L.G.,  836  ;  A.L.,  1816-34). 

B.  about  1798;  m.  1821,  Apr.  9,  in  the  Isle  of  Man,  no  issue  in  1828; 
1823-8,  lived  in  Dublin  and  Chester  {W.O.,  Offs.  Services,  1828,  P.R.O.) 
Named  John  James  in  A.L. 

979-  John.  1815,  Dec.  27,  Ens.,  Kirkcudbright  and  Wigtown  Mil.  {List 
of  Offs.  Mil.,  1817,  p.  88,  P.R.O.). 

980.  John.  1816— 1818,  Jul  ai,  Surg.  Mate,  "  Marquis  of  Wellington," 
H.E.LC.S.  {I.O.  Rec). 

981-     John.     1818,  Cadet,  H.E.LC.S.  (Madras).     1819,  Jan.    14,   Ens., 


arrived  at  Madras,  posted  to  6th  N.I.,  but  ordered  to  do  duty  with  loth  N,I., 
2nd  Batn.  1820,  May,  appt,  to  do  duty  with  Rifle  Corps;  Dec.  4,  joined  his 
reg.  at  Vellore.  1822,  Sep.  16,  appt.  to  do  duty  with  5th  N.I.,  2nd  Batn. 
1824,  Dec,  served  with  this  reg.  at  capture  of  Kittoor,  sharing  in  Prize  Money. 
1826,  May  15,  ordered  to  join  his  reg.  1828,  May  20,  granted  a  furlough  on 
s.c.  until  1831  {E.I.  Reg.,  1819-31). 

Son  of ,  grandnephew  of  Charles,  of  Pulrossie,  302,  and  nephew  of  Rev. 

George,  min.  of  Loth,  Sutherlandsh. ;  b.  there  1802,  Jan.  15;  educated  at 
Tain,  and  Edinburgh  ;  nominated  for  H.E.I.C.S.  by  Hon  William  Elphinstone 
on  recommendation  of  John  Mackay ;  d.  1831,  Apr.  28,  at  Palamcottah,  bur. 
there  Apr,  29  {I.O.  Rec. ;  Bulloch's  Gordons  in  Sutherland,  108-10).  Second 
cousin  of  D.  T.,  395,  George,  554,  and  John,  999. 

982-  John.  1819,  Apr.  14,  Asst.  Surg.,  H.E.I.C.S.  (Bombay);  Oct.  28, 
arrived  in  India,  posted  to  nth  N.I.,at  Poonah.  182 1,  Mar.  21,  k.  in  a  severe 
action  between  a  division  composed  of  H.M.  and  H.E.I.C.  troops  and  a 
refractory  Arab  tribe  at  Beni  Abu  Ali,  on  the  Persian  Gulf  (£./.  Reg., 
1819-21 ;   G.M.,  vol.  91,  pt.  2,  p.  271  ;   I.O.  Rec). 

Second  son  of  Rev.  William,  min.  of  Garmouth,  and  Catherine  Brodie, 
and  grandnephew  of  Alexander  (W.S.),  of  Cairnfield ;  b.  1795,  ^^J  19;  ^- 
unm.  (Bulloch's  Gordon  of  Cairnfield  and  Rosieburn).  Uncle  of  Alexander 
Hermann  Adam,  230 ',  second  cousin  of  Alexander,  192. 

983.  John.  1825,  Dec.  16,  enlisted,  91st  Ft.  1827,  Jun.  29,  Corporal. 
1828,  Mar.  25,  Serg.  1831,  Apr.  i,  Colour  Serg.  1835,  Nov.  7,  Serg.  Maj. 
1841,  Jan.  26,  Qr.  Mr.  1847,  Jan.  22,  Ens.  and  Adj.  1849,  Dec  27,  Lt. 
1850,  Dec.  29,  assegaied  mortally  in  action  near  Fort  Hare  (Kaffir  war),  Cape 
Colony,  whilst  saving  the  life  of  Lt.  Borthwick,  who  was  wounded  and  whom 
Gordon  placed  on  his  own  charger  (Hart's  ^.L.,  1842-51;  G.L.  Goft's  915^ 
Highlrs.,  335). 

B.  i8o8 ;  m.  1832,  Apr.  25,  at  Manchester,  Ann  Flannagan,  Salford,  and 
had  Boswell,  b.  1833,  Jun.  30,  d.  before  1850  ;  John,  1003,  William,  1463, 
Elizabeth,  b.  1839,  Sep.  27,  at  Graham's  Town,  bap.  Nov.  3,  m.  Charles 
Pringle,  of  Caledon,  Co.  Armagh,  and  had  thirteen  children  ;  Henry  Herbert, 
646,  Hellen  Jane,  b.  1844,  Jul.  29,  at  Graham's  Town,  bap.  Sep.  8,  m.  1881, 
Henry  James  Kilbraith,  Newry,  no  issue  ;  Thomas  Boswell,  b.  1847,  Feb.  20, 
Graham's  Town,  bap.  Mar.  29,  d.  young,  and  Martha  Ann,  b.  1850,  Sep.  14 
Graham's  Town,  bap.  Nov.  24,  in.  Robert  Erskine,  Belfast,  has  had  nine  chil- 
dren. For  his  gallantry  Gordon's  widow  (who  lost  her  reason  on  hearing  of 
his  death,  but  had  completely  recovered  by  i860,  Jan.),  was  granted  "Blood 
Money,"  a  gratuity  of  £608  6s.  8d.  and  a  year's  pay,  a  third  of  a  year's  pay 


to  each  of  her  seven  children,  and  a  pension  of  £60  under  a  royal  warrant 
dated  1851,  Jun.  3,  five  children  were  placed  on  the  Compassionate  List  from 
1850,  Oct.  I,  at  £8  each  {W.O.  Certificates,  Widows  Compass,  and  Bounty 
Warrants,  P.R.O.). 

984.  John.  1826,  May  16,  Vol.,  R.N.,  "  Beaver,"  aged  15.  1827,  Jun. 
I,  Mid.;  Nov.  3,  "Bustard".  1828,  Jul.  14,  "  Espiegele " ;  Aug.  i, 
"Slaney".  1830,  Dec  10,  "  Sparrowhawk  ".  1833,  Jan.  22,  passed  as  Lt. 
(Adtn.  Indexes,  Midshipmen,  Lts.  Certif.  of  Service,  P.R.O.  ;  N.L.,  1833 — 
Jul.  '43).     B.  in  Jamaica. 

985.  John.  1827,  Cadet,  H.E.I.C.S.  (Bengal).  1829,  May  21,  Ens., 
arrived  in  India;  Sep.  4,  53rd  N.I.  1830.  Supernumerary  Lt.  183 1,  Oct. 
20,  granted  a  month's  leave  to  the  Sand  Heads  on  s.c,  extended,  Dec.  12,  to  a 
furlough  to  Europe  on  s.c.  1835,  May  i,  permitted  to  retire  on  a  pension 
from  Lord  Clive's  Fund  from  1834,  May  2  {E.I.  Re"^.,  1828-34). 

Second  son  of  John,  VII.  of  Kethock's  Mill,  and  Mary  Victorie  Blanc; 
b.  181 1,  Aug.  30,  at  St.  George's,  Dominica;  educated  at  Rugby;  nominated 
for  H.E.I.C.S.  by  John  Loch  on  recommendation  of  William  G.  Adam  in 
1828,  his  father,  a  merchant,  then  living  at  77  Gower  Street,  London.  On 
leaving  the  army,  he  went  to  Trin.  Coll.,  Cambridge,  and  became  an  Anglican 
curate  in  1837,  serving  at  Levens,  Westmorland,  Barkway,  and  Christ  Church, 
St.  Pancras.  Joined  J<oman  Catholic  Church  1848  (as  John  Joseph),  and  wrote 
Reasons  of  my  Conversion.  Newman  dedicated  "  The  Dream  of  Gerontius  "  to 
him — *'  fratri  desideratissimo  ".  Gordon  d.  1853,  Feb.  13,  at  Bath,  of  pleurisy 
{S.N.  S'  Q.,  1900,  Jul.).  Brother  of  Algernon  Hyndman,  243;  uncle  of 
Theodore,  1310. 

986-  John.  1827,  Jan.  14,  Ens.,  35th  Ft.  {L.G.,  1370).  1828,  Nov. 
16 — 1829,  Dec.  31,  served  at  St.  Lucia,  W.  Indies  (ly.O.,  Offs.  Services,  1829, 
P.R.O.).  1831,  Apr.  5,  Lt.  {L.G.,  643).  1833,  Apr.  5,  Capt.  {ibid.,  667). 
1840,  Dec.  15,  Maj.  1843,  Feb.  24,  exchanged  to  17th  Ft.  1848,  exchanged 
to  60th  Ft.,  for  the  sake  of  being  engaged  in  active  service  and  thus  sacrificed 
the  immediate  prospect  of  a  Lt.  Colonelcy,  which  he  would  have  obtained  had 
he  returned  home  with  the  17th.  Gordon  embarked  on  the  steamer  "  Napier  " 
at  Tatta,  1848,  Aug.  16,  and  arrived  Raj  Ghat,  Sep.  ;  k.  Dec.  27,  at  the 
storming  of  the  suburbs  of  Multan. 

On  the  arrival  of  the  Bombay  column,  orders  were  issued  by  Lord  Gough  to  carry  the 
fortress.  The  officer  in  command  of  the  Rifles,  the  Hon.  Col.  Dundas,  C.B.,  was  promoted  to 
a  superior  command  as  Brigadier,  and  the  charge  of  his  regiment  devolved  on  the  Major  next 
in  seniority.  On  the  morning  of  Dec.  27,  the  attacking  columns  moved  out  about  noon  and 
to  the  Rifles  was  assigned  the  chief  post  of  honour  in  war,  "  to  take  off","  as  Lord  Gough  once 


expressed  it,  "  the  rough  of  the  enemy's  fire  ".  It  was  their  first  duty  to  dislodge  the  enemy 
from  a  fortified  mound  which  protected  the  suburbs  and  the  approach  to  the  City  on  the  side 
of  the  attack.  The  Sikhs  were  there  posted  in  greath  strength,  with  matchlocks  and  zum- 
borocks,  picking  off  our  gallant  men  as  they  advanced.  But  nothing  could  retard  their  pro- 
gress. The  mound  was  carried  at  the  point  of  the  bayonet,  but  not  without  considerable 
loss  on  our  side.  Major  Gordon  led  the  way,  cheering  on  his  men,  sword  in  hand,  and  was  in 
the  act  of  giving  some  orders,  when  the  deadly  aim  of  a  Sikh  marksmen  stopped  his  career, 
and  he  fell  into  the  arms  of  his  Adjutant,  to  speak  no  more.  He  died  almost  immediately  on  his 
first  and  last  field  in  the  prime  of  manhood  (G.Af.,  vol.  31,  N.S.,  p.  548  ;  Hart's,  i4.L.,  1840-9). 

Gen.  Sir  Henry  Dermott  Daly  (Memoirs,  pp.  20,  43)  declares  that  "  a  more 
chivalrous  soldier  and  high-minded  gentleman  the  British  army  never  at  any 
time  numbered  in  its  ranks.  I  had  a  peculiar  opportunity  of  seeing  his 
bearing  during  the  operations  of  September  12  ri848]  when  he  was  here 
[Multan]  as  an  amateur,  and  amongst  many  brave  and  noble  officers  he  was 

Second  son  of  James  Farquhar,  W.S.,  II.  of  Balmuir,  and  Margaret, 
dau.  of  Robert  Haldane,  of  Airthrey;  b.  1808,  Oct.  17,  at  Edinburgh  [Huntly 
Express,  1908,  Apr.  17),  Brother  of  James  Farquhar  Gordon-Oswald,  1569  5 
nephew  of  Alexander,  183,  and  of  Peter,  1153- 

987-  John.  1829,  Sep.  17,  Ens.,  6th  Ft.  (L.G.,  1829).  1830,  Jan.  i — 
1831,  Dec.  31,  served  at  Poonah  and  Bombay.  1832,  Nov.  11,  Lt.  (ibid., 
1158).  1833,  Aug.  17,  Lt.,  ist  Ft.  {ibid.,  1539).  .1836,  ret.  (^.L.,  1830-7; 
W.O.,  Offs.  Services,  1829,  P.R.O.).     B.  1808,  May  18,  at  Glasgow. 

988-  John.  Comdr.,  "  Hormusjee  Bomanjee,"  H.E.I.C.S.,  1834,  Sep.  18, 
administration  of  his  estate  granted  to  William  Fenwick,  Registrar,  Supreme 
Court,  Bombay  (7.0.  Rec). 

Son  of  William,  1407;  d.  at  Singapore,  1833,  Jul.  14,  aged  27,  and  com- 
memorated by  a  tombstone  at  Tombae  (Bulloch's  Gordons  and  Smiths  at 
Minmore,  28). 

989-  John.  1836,  Dec.  9,  Ens.,  H.E.I.C.S.  (Bengal).  1837,  Jun.  13, 
arrived  at  Fort  William  ;  Jul.  4,  directed  to  do  duty  with  73rd  N.I.,  and  Nov. 
28,  with  15th  N.I.  at  Barrackpore ;  Dec.  9,  Ens.,  6th  N.I.  1839,  Nov.  28, 
qualified  as  Inter,  in  a  Native  Corps.  1840,  Mar.  25,  Inter,  and  Qr.  Mr. 
(act.).  1842,  served  in  Afghanistan  under  Gen.  Pollock;  Jul.  16,  Lt.  1843, 
Jan.  16,  Inter,  and  Qr.  Mr.  (act.);  Jul.  n,  Inter,  and  Qr.  Mr.  (act.),  3rd  Cav. 
1844,  Oct.  31,  Inter,  and  Qr.  Mr.,  6th  N.I.  1846,  served  in  Sutlej  campaign 
and  subsequent  occupation  of  Lahore.  1847,  Jan.  29 — 1849,  Nov.  26,  furlough 
to  Europe  on  s.c.  1850,  Mar.  7,  Inter,  and  Qr.  Mr.,  9th  Cav.  and  Station 
Staff,  Muttra.  1851,  Feb.  20 — 1852,  Mar.  15,  leave  on  s.c.  to  Mussoorie  and  the 
hills  north  of  Deyrah,  extended  to  Dec.  15.     1851,  May  5,  Capt.     1853,  Aug. 


30,  Inter.,  6th  N.I.  1856,  Feb.  9,  directed  to  take  charge  of  the  Station  Staff 
Office,  Dacca.  1857-8,  served  through  Indian  Mutiny;  Jun.  6,  had  a  very 
narrow  escape  at  Allahabad,  which  the  rebels  attacked  in  force  that  night, 
killing  14  of  17  off"s.  of  the  reg.  {Times,  1899,  Jan.  17)  ;  Jul.  i,  Fort  Adj.,  and 
Jul.  13,  D.A.Q.M.G.,  Allahabad; 

Jul.  31,  sent  by  Gen.  Neill  in  command  of  a  party  of  50  Fusiliers  and  25  Sikhs  with  two 
six  pounders  and  a  5  J  inch  mortar  manned  by  six  gunners  in  a  steamer  to  Jajaman  to  seize  the 
boats  in  which  it  was  reported  Nana  Sahib  intended  to  cross  the  river.  The  party  destroyed 
several  boats,  carried  off  six  or  eight  and  returned  to  Kanhpurthe  next  day;  Aug.  5.  despatched 
at  4  a.m.  in  command  of  a  party  accompanied  by  the  Subadar  Narain  Rao,  a  relative  of  Nana 
Sahib,  who  had  carried  off  his  two  daughters.  Gordon  had  under  him  40  men  of  the  Madras 
Fusiliers,  25  Sikhs  and  six  gunners  in  charge  of  two  six  pounders  and  a  5^  inch  mortar  :  this 
expedition  was  also  successful ;  Aug.  8,  despatched  to  intercept  Nana  Sahib's  troops  and 
ascertain  the  number  of  mutineers  at  Bithor ;  Aug.  12,  A.D.C.  to  Neill;  Aug.  20,  sent  down 
the  river  to  destroy  some  62  boats  belonging  to  the  Gudh  rebels  to  prevent  their  crossing  the 
river.  Gordon's  party  managed  in  four  days  to  destroy  35  boats  of  various  sizes  (G.  B. 
Malleson's  Indian  Mutiny,  i.  499,  507-8,  517,  in.  309-10). 

He  took  part  in  operations  at  Allahabad  and  Cawnpore,  actions  of  Meengar- 
war  and  Alumbagh,  served  throughout  relief  of  Lucknow  (horse  shot)  and 
subsequent  defence  of  the  Residency  and  occupation  of  the  Alumbagh  with 
repulse  of  the  various  attacks,  and  at  the  final  capture  of  Lucknow  ;  frequently 
mentioned  in  despatches,  Bt.  of  Maj.  (1858,  Jul.  20)  with  two  clasps  and 
a  year's  service.  1858,  Apr.  12,  Judge  Advocate  Gen.,  Maj.  Gen.  Outram's 
Staff",  having  acted  from  Oct.  2,  examined  all  Nana  Sahib's  papers  found  at 
Cawnpore,  Outram  recommending  Gordon  for  honourable  mention  and  thank- 
ing him  for  his  services,  stated  he  had  given  him  every  assistance  (G.  W. 
Forrest's  State  Papers  in  Military  Dept.  India,  Lucknow  and  Cawnpore,  i. 
15-16,  II.  573).  1858,  Jul.  14,  sent  to  Europe  on  s.c.  for  three  years.  1859, 
Apr.  I,  Maj.  1862,  Jan.  i,  Lt.  Col.  Bengal  Inf.  1867,  Oct.  18,  Bt.  Col. 
1870 — 81,  in  command  Cawnpore  district.  1874,  Col.  Bengal  Inf.  1879, 
Aug.  13,  Maj.  Gen.  1881,  May  24,  C.B. ;  Jul.  i,  placed  on  U.S.L.  1882, 
May  7,  Lt.  Gen.  1888,  Dec.  i,  Gen.  (Hart's  A.L.,  1840-1900;  A.L.,  1840 — 
Apr.  29). 

Eldest  son  of  John,  of  Cairnbulg,  971 ;  ^-  181 7,  Dec.  28,  bap.  at  Rathven, 
Aberdeensh. ;  educated  Nav.  and  Mil.  Academy,  Edinburgh,  entered  Addis- 
combe  1835,  Aug.  7  ;  nominated  for  H.E.I.C.S.  by  Rt.  Hon.  R.  C.  Fergusson, 
M.P.,  on  recommendation  of  E.  Collins  ;  w.  1849,  Apr.  11,  at  Prestbury,  Mary 
Madeleine,  b.  1827,  Jan.  i,  second  dau.  of  Rev,  Dr.  Roberts,  of  Ravingdon,  Co. 
Carlow  (G.M.,  vol.  31,  N.S.,  p.  536)  and  had  Alexander  Weston,  237,  Arthur 
Neill,  273,  John,  1C07,  and  Sarah  Madeleine  Sempill,  b.  1864,  Aug.  6,  bap. 


Aug.  29,  at  Mussoorie.  Gordon,  who  lived  after  his  retirement  at  Dursley, 
Gloucestersh,,  d.  1899,  Jan.  i,  at  Wiesbaden  {Times,  1899,  Jan.  17  ;  I.O.  Rec). 

990-1.  John.  1846,  Nov.  26,  ist  Lt.,  Montreal  Light  Inf.  (Mil.),  and 
afterwards  Capt.  (com.  in  possession  of  his  son,  John), 

Son  of  Thomas,  in  Endrig,  who  went  to  Virginia;  b.  1813,  Oct.  30; 
m.  Gertrude  Ogden ;  and  had  William  Seton,  lawyer.  New  York,  and  John, 
Brazilian  merchant,  now  (191 2)  residing  at  22  South  Audley  St.,  London. 

992.  John.     1837,  Apr.  28,  Cornet,  Renfrewsh.  Yeo.  Cav.  {L.G.,  1793). 

993.  John.     1837,  Jul.  13,  Asst.  Surg.,  R.N.  {N.L.,  1837— Mar.  48). 

994.  John.  1841,  Oct.  15,  Ens.,  92nd  Ft.  1845,  Jul.  4,  Lt..;  Sep.  16, 
exchanged  to  65th  Ft.  1846,  Mar. — 1855,  Sep.,  served  in  Australian  Colonies 
(New  Zealand  Medal).  1854,  Jun.  6,  Capt.  1855,  Sep.  7,  ret.  by  sale  of  com. 
(Hart's  A.L.,  1842-56;  Raikes's  York  and  Lane.  Reg.,  p.  72). 

Son  of  George,  544;  b.  1821,  Jun.  29,  at  Rothiemurchus. 

995.  John.  1846,  Apr.  22,  Capt.,  76th  or  Inverness,  Banff,  Elgin  and 
Nairn  Mil.  (Cairnfield,  Buckie)  {L.G.,  pt.  2,  p.  2302  ;  A.L.  Mil.  and  Yeo.  Cav., 
1850,  p.  113,  P.R.O.) 

Possibly  laird  of  Cairnfield  (son  of  Adam,  of  Cairnfield),  who  was  b.  1805, 
Sep.  23,  and  d.  1882,  Apr.  19  (Bulloch's  Gordons  of  Cairnfield  and  Rosieburn). 

996-  John.  1847,  Cadet,  H.E.I.C.S.  (Bombay)  ;  Dec.  19,  arrived  at 
Bombay;  Dec.  29,  attached  to  do  duty  with  26th  N.I.  1848,  Apr.  7,  Ens., 
19th  N.I.  Aug.  10,  passed  colloquial  exam,  in  Hindustani.  1849,  Jan.,  en- 
gaged in  operations  before  Multan,  severely  wounded  at  the  storming  of  the 
city,  Jan.  2.  1850,  Dec.  3,  granted  a  year's  furlough  to  Europe.  1853,  Apr. 
15,  Staff  Off.  (act.),  Kalapoor.  1855,  Jul.  12,  Lt. ;  Oct.  15—1859,  Fort  Adj., 
Asirgarh.  1857,  Gordon  raised  a  body  of  volunteers  there,  and  thus  saved  it 
from  a  threatened  attack  by  mutineers : — 

The  men  who  formed  the  garrison  belonged  to  a  contingent  which  speedily  asserted  its 
right  to  a  prominent  place  amongst  the  mutineers.  The  Fort  Adjutant,  distrusting  their 
demeanour,  had  enlisted  some  90  men  from  the  villagers  of  the  town,  and  had  charged  them 
with  the  task  of  watching  the  behaviour  of  the  Sepoys.  These  men  were  known  as 
"Gordon's  Volunteers".  On  Jun.  19,  the  Europeans  of  the  garrison  heard  of  the  mutinies  at 
Nimach  and  Naserabad.  Every  precaution  was  taken  by  Gordon  to  relieve  the  fort  by  fair  means 
of  a  portion  of  its  real  enemies.  One  company  of  the  regiment  was  detached  to  Burhampur, 
12  miles  distant.  Gordon  visited  Captain  Keetinge,  Political  Agent  for  that  part  of  the 
country,  who  had  fortified  a  position  14  miles  distant  from  Asigarh.  This  Company  mutinied, 
marched  on  Asigarh,  in  July  and  was  prevented  from  entering  it  only  by  the  havildar  major  of 
the  regiment,  whose  loyalty  had  been  appealed  to  not  in  vain  by  Gordon.  The  following 
morning,  the  four  remaining  companies,  obeyed,  not  without  murmuring,  the  order  given  to 
them  to  march  out  and  encamp  below  the  fort,  their  places  within  being  taken  by  Gordon's 
Volunteers.    The  next  day  a  party  of  Bhil  Infantry,  commanded  by  Lieutenant  Birch,  surprised 


and  disarmed  the  Burhampur  mutineers.  A  few  hours  later  that  place  was  reinforced  by  two 
companies  of  the  19th  Native  Infantry,  under  Captain  Blair.  The  disarming  of  the  Gwalior 
men  outside  the  fort,  a  work  performed  admirably  and  without  bloodshed  by  Captain  Blair  and 
Lieutenant  Gordon,  completed  the  necessary  measures  to  ensure  the  safety  of  the  fortress 
pending  the  arrival  of  Colonel  Stuart's  column  (G.  B.  Malleson's  Indian  Mutiny,  iii.  58-g). 

1858,  Jun.  21,  Commissariat  Agent,  Asirgarh.  1859,  Sep.  27,  granted  fifteen 
months  furlough  to  Europe  on  s.c.  {E.I.  Reg.,  1847-61  ;  I.O.  Rec). 

Second  son  of  Rev.  John  (i 794-1843),  vicar  of  Edwinstowe,  and  Sarah 
Matthews,  actress;  grandson  of  Rev.  George,  Dean  of  Lincoln  (1761-1845), 
and  great-grandson  of  Rev.  John,  Archdeacon  of  Lincoln  (i72S-93).  B.  1827, 
bap.  Jul.  16,  at  St.  Mary  Abbott's,  Kensington ;  educated  at  Stamford 
Grammar  School  and  privately ;  nominated  for  H.E.LC.S.,  in  1846-7,  by  Sir  R. 
Jenkins,  G.C.B.,  his  widowed  mother  then  living  at  Cuckney,  Notts. ;  m.  1855, 
Mar.  I,  at  Poona,  Mary  Anne,  b.  1829,  Dec.  14,  dau.  of  Digby  Marsh,  and 
granddaughter  of  the  Archbishop  of  Armagh  ;  had  John  Digby,  b.  1855,  Dec. 
4,  student,  Inner  Temple,  1876,  Jan.  15,  called  to  the  Bar,  1880,  practised 
before  the  High  Court,  Allahabad,  N.W.  Provinces  (Joseph  Foster's  Men  at 
the  Bar)',  George  Henry,  b.  1857,  Feb.  21,  bap.  Dec.  9,  at  St.  Thomas's 
Cathedral,  Bombay,  d.  there  1858,  Jan.  26;  and  Emily,  b.  1858,  Oct  21,  bap. 

Oct.  31,  at  Asirgarh,  m. Fishburne,  banker.     Gordon  d.  i860,  Nov.  15, 

at  Paris;  bur.  Nov.  22,  at  Edwinstowe  (G.  M.  Marshall's  Edwinstowe  Reg., 
163,  178  ;  Huntly  Express,  1907,  Oct.  18).  His  widow  d.  1896,  Jul.  22. 
Brother  of  George  Tomline,  600,  and  Rev.  Henry,  637- 
997.  John.  1847,  Sep.  3,  Ens.,  82nd  Ft.  185 1,  Aug.  9,  Lt.  1854, 
Sep.  I,  Capt.  1855-6,  served  at  siege  and  fall  of  Sebastopol  from  1855. 
1857,  served  at  Cawnpore,  thanked  by  Maj.  Gen.  Windham,  who  favourably 
mentioned  his  great  services  voluntarily  rendered  during  the  siege,  where  he 
was  wounded  in  action,  Nov.  28  (G.  W.  Forrest's  State  Papers  in  Mil.  Dept., 
India,  1.  386).  Lt.  East  writing  to  E.  Blagden  Hall,  from  Cawnpore,  Dec.  5, 
states  (Buchan  Observer,  191 2,  Apr.  9)  that 

an  order  came  at  10  p.m.  to  send  every  man,  even  if  certain  death,  from  this  hospital  to 
one  three  miles  in  the  rear,  and  to  place  two  men  in  a  palanquin  if  necessary  and  the  rest  in 
hackerries  ;  the  order  we  refused  as  far  as  our  own  regiment  was  concerned  to  obey,  and  the 
officer  went  back  on  a  bootless  errand  for  a  written  order  from  Sir  Colin  Campbell.  Next 
morning  the  two  field  surgeons  came  down  with  carriage  and  ordered  us  to  move  all  who 
would  not  actually  die  on  the  way,  fo  away  went  our  poor  wounded  jolted  on  hackerries,  and 
their  wounds  opened  and  injured.  Well,  next  day  or  the  day  after,  they  were  all  sent  back  to 
their  former  abode.  I  kept  Isaac  and  Gordon,  but  they  got  so  irritable  from  the  constant  firing 
and  the  enemy's  shot  and  shell,  excitement  and  alarm,  that  I  moved  them  to  the  field  hospital, 
thinking  they  would  be  quieter  and  out  of  fire  and  as  they  wished  it  wanting  me  to  go  with 


them,  but  the  next  day  they  were  sent  back  again.  The  sick  and  wounded  have  been  cruelly 
treated,  left  day  and  night  under  fire  crowded  together,  no  attention.  .  .  .  If  any  recover,  it 
will  be  in  spite  of  the  treatment  they  received.  Yesterday  the  6th  [?]...  about  lo  a  fire  com- 
menced from  every  gun  and  mortar.  I  thought  the  hospital  would  be  shaken  down  from  the 
concussion.  .  .  ,  To-day  we  know  that  our  enemy  fled. 

Gordon  was  wounded  in  the  foot,  which  had  to  be  amputated ;  mortifica- 
tion then  set  in;  d.  and  was  bur.  1858,  Jan.  8,  at  Cawnpore  (Hart's /I. L., 
1848-59  ;  LO.  Rec).  Tablet  on  the  S.  Wall,  All  Souls'  Memorial  Ch.,  Cawn- 
pore,  "  to  the  memory  of  Captain  John  Gordon  "  and  others  "  who  fell  in  the 
defence  of  Cawnpore,  erected  by  their  brother  officers "  ;  handsome  marble 
monument  (by  Gaffin,  The  Quadrant,  Regent  Street,)  erected  in  Farnham  Ch., 
near  Aldershot,  in  white  Carrara  marble,  elaborately  carved,  has  a  large  flag, 
with  an  inscription. 

Younger  son  of  Robert  Edward  George,  1264;  b.  1830,  at  Ashbridge 
House,  Aldershot,  hap.  Mar.  14.  Gordon's  nephew,  Rev.  Edward  G.  Gordon, 
vicar  of  St.  John's,  Waterloo  Road,  London,  has  his  portrait  painted  by 
Mitchell  Innes,  of  Ayton  Castle  (to  whom  Gordon  sent  a  Russian  bell,  pre- 
sumably from  the  Crimea,  and  who  gave  it  to  Gordon's  mother).  Mrs.  Mitchell 
writes  1858,  Mar.  5,  from  25  St.  James's  Place,  to  Mrs.  Mitchell  Innes 
about  "  that  amiable  son  and  most  estimable  man,  Johnny  Gordon — I  have 
heard  him  spoken  of  by  old  officers  at  the  Military  Clubs  here  in  terms  of  the 
highest  praise.  They  say  his  gallantry  and  self-possession  were  such  that 
distinction  in  his  profession  must  have  come  to  him  ;  that  when  ordered  by 
an  incompetent  commanding  officer  to  quit  the  field,  he  refused  for  the  honour 
of  British  arms  to  do  so,  and  kept  his  ground  at  the  head  of  his  companies, 
who  stuck  to  him."  James  Bland  writes  1864,  Jul.  22,  from  St.  Helier's, 
Jersey,  "  a  kinder  or  more  warm-hearted  man  .  .  .  never  existed  ". 

998-  John.  1848,  May  23,  Ens.,  74th  Ft.  1850,  May  24,  Lt.  185 1, 
Nov.  I,  mortally  wounded  at  Waterkloof,  Kaffir  war,  by  a  ball,  which  passed 
through  both  thighs,  and  lodging  in  the  body  of  a  soldier  close  by,  killed  him 
on  the  spot : — 

So  close  was  the  Kaffir  who  fired,  that  Gordon  attempted  to  seize  his  gun.  Next  day 
the  party  set  off  for  Post  Relief,  15  miles  distant  across  the  table-land  ;  unable  from  the  nature 
of  his  wounds  to  bear  the  motion  of  a  waggon,  he  was  carried  on  a  stretcher  the  whole  distance 
by  the  men  of  his  company.  His  sufferings  were  very  great,  though  borne  with  a  fortitude 
only  equalled  by  his  courage  in  the  field ;  his  thirst  was  insatiable.  At  the  fort  a  miserable 
barrack-room  with  roughly-paved  floor  and  smoke-blackened  rafters  had  been  has'ily  cleared. 
After  three  days  of  excruciating  agony,  the  broken  limbs  suddenly  mortified,  and  he  was  carried 
off,  Nov.  6,  in  a  few  hours  (W.  R.  King's  Campaigning  in  Kajffirland,  185 1-2,  pp.  150-7  ;  Hart's 
A.L.,  1849-52). 



Second  son  of  Sir  Charles  (1793-1842),  of  Drimnin,  who  was  a  son  of 
William,  in  Minmore,  1407  (Bulloch's  Gordons  and  Stniths  at  Minmore,  24-6). 

999.  John.  1848,  Jun.  9,  Cadet,  H.E.I.C.S.  (Bombay).  1849,  Jul.  9, 
Ens.,  ist  N.I.  1850,  Nov.  i,  passed  in  Hindustani.  1852,  Sep.,  Adj.  (act.) 
2nd  Belooch  Batn. ;  Oct.  28 — 1858,  Adj.  1853,  May  4,  2nd  in  command  of 
the  Batn.  1854,  Jul.  13,  Lt.  1858,  Mar.  17 — 1865,  2nd  in  command,  ist 
Reg.,  Scinde  Irregular  Horse.  1861,  Feb.  18,  Capt.,  Bo.  S.C.  1862,  Jan.  4, 
Capt.  1866,  Jan.  25,  Maj.,  Scinde  Frontier  Field  Force.  1868,  Jun.  9,  Maj., 
Bo.  S.C.  1872,  on  furlough.  1874,  Jun.  9,  Lt.  Col.,  Bo.  S.C,  Wing  Off., 
28th  N.I.,  general  duty,  Rajkote  {E.I.  Reg.,  and  I.A.L.,  1849-76  ;  Hart's  A.L., 

Son  of  Rev.  Charles  (i  799-1873),  min.  of  Assynt,  Sutherlandsh.  and 
Sarah  Tyre;  b.  1831,  Feb.  22,  educated  at  Rev.  T.  H.  Marzials's,  Lille, 
France;  entered  Addiscombe  1846,  Aug.  7;  nominated  for  H.E.I.C.S.  by  Sir 
J.  W.  Hogg  on  recommendation  of  F.  Mathieson  ;  d.  1875,  Aug.  27,  at  Dwarka. 
Brother  of  D.  T.,  395,  George,  554i  and  second  cousin  of  John,  981. 

1000-  John.  1849,  Nov.  I,  H.M.  Hon.  Corps  of  Gentlemen  at  Arms 
{G.M.,  vol.  32,  N.S.,  p.  637). 

1001.  John,  Younger.  1852,  Mar.  29,  Capt.,  Aberdeensh.  Mil.  (L  G., 
pt.  2,  p.  1058).  A  John,  the  younger  was  made  D.L.,  Co.  Banff,  1846,  Apr.  13 
(ibid.,  pt.  2,  p.  1569-70). 

Possibly  laird  of  Cluny  and  son  of  John,  947  ;  if  so,  d.  s.p.  1878,  Mar.  31, 
his  widow  (Emily  Eliza  Steele  Pringle)  marrying  Sir  Reginald  Cathcart 
(Bulloch's  Gordons  of  Cluny,  49-53). 

1002-  John.  1854,  Nov.  5,  Ens.,  93rd  Highlrs.,  previously  in  ranks, 
enlisted  about  1837,  served  in  Canada  and  the  Crimea  (Medal  with  clasps  for 
Alma  (wounded)  Balaclava,  Sebastopol,  and  Turkish  Medal)  where  begot  his 
com.  The  Duke  of  Sutherland  is  said  to  have  given  him  £100  for  an  officer's 
outfit.  1855,  Apr.  7,  Lt.  1857,  served  in  Indian  Mutiny,  present  at  relief  of 
Lucknow,  operations  at  Cawnpore,  and  battle,  Dec.  6  ;  pursuit  of  Serai  Ghat ; 
passage  of  the  Kala  Nuddee,  and  occupation  of  Futtehgurh,  where  he  d.  of 
dysentery  1858,  Jan.  26,  bur.  Jan.  27,  aged  41  (R.  H.  Burgoyne's  Hist. 
Records  of  the  gyd,  pp.  166,  384). 

Son  of  James  {b.  1782,  who  is  said  to  have  been  related  to  the  Achnamoine 
Gordons),  Gartymore,  Helmsdale,  Sutherlandsh.,  and  Margaret  Sutherland 
who  received  gratuity  of  £50  at  Gordon's  death  {W.O.,  Letters  Compass.  Fund, 
P.R.O.).  Private  James  M'Askill,  living  1903,  at  115,  Gallowgate,  Aberdeen, 
who  acted  as  Gordon's  servant  at  Balaclava  states  "  the  old  soldiers  of  the 
regiment  always  spoke  in  high  terms  of  Gordon  who  appears  to  have  been  a 


splendid  type  of  a  Christian  soldier  "  (Letter  from  Capt.  Mackay,  Aberdeen, 
1903,  Nov.,  pub.  in  The  Thin  Red  Line).  Gordon  is  said  to  have  been  enlisted 
by  Robert  Gordon,  sergeant,  93rd,  father  of  Thomas,  1348,  and  to  have  had 
a  brother  Adam,  an  officer  in  the  Confederate  army  at  Wilmington. 

1003-  John.  Mil.  Chaplain,  King  Williamstown,  Cape  Colony  (having 
enlisted  as  a  private). 

Son  of  John,  983;  h.  1837,  Oct.  13,  bap.  Nov.  12,  at  St.  Helena;  m. 
Elizabeth  Cassel  and  left  a  large  family. 

1004-  John.  i860,  Jan.  28,  Ens.,  Kincardinesh.  (Banchory)  and 
Aberdeensh.  (Deeside  Highland)  Rif.  Vols.  {L.G.,  pt.  i,  p.  561).  1861,  Feb. 
21,  Lt.  {ibid.,  pt.  2,  p.  loio).  1879,  Feb.  i,  Capt.  {ibid.,  pt.  i,  p.  470).  1881, 
Jul.  I,  Maj.,  hon.  rank  {ibid.,  pt.  2,  p.  189).  His  fellow  Offs.  presented  him 
with  an  illuminated  address,  Oct.  7,  on  the  completion  of  21  years  service. 
1890,  Dec.  I,  ret.,  "  the  mainstay  of  the  company  for  fully  thirty  years,  and  on 
his  retirement  the  members  showed  their  high  appreciation  of  his  long  service 
by  presenting  him  with  a  handsome  gift.  Although  the  Major  has  retired, 
he  takes  a  great  interest  in  the  company,  and  is  still  looked  upon  as  one  of 
their  number"  {Records  ^th  {Deeside)  Highland  V.B.G.H.,  1898). 

Son  of  Donald  (i 794-1881),  postrunner,  Banchory,  and  Janet  Grant 
(1805-81);  b.  1832  ;  in.  (i)  Agnes  B.  Christie  (1833-74),  and  had  three  sons, 
the  eldest  being  Henry  Charles,  642;  "'•  (2)  Jemima  Blaikie  (1829-1900),  no 
issue.  Gordon,  who  was  agent  of  the  North  of  Scotland  and  Town  and 
County  Bank,  Banchory,  for  about  34  years,  being  previously  general 
merchant  there,  d.  1910,  Dec.  9,  at  Banchory,  aged  78. 

1005-  John.  1863,  Jul.  30,  Capt.,  Aberdeensh.  Rif.  Vols.  {L.G.,  pt.  4, 
p.  4040). 

1006.  John.  1868,  Mar.  16,  Lt.,  23rd  Aberdeensh.  Rif.  Vols.  {L.G.,  pt. 
3,  p.  1979)  ;  Jun.  19.  Capt.  {ibid.,  pt.  4,  p.  3584).  1876,  Jan.  19,  res.  com. 
{ibid.,  pt.  I,  p.  199). 

Possibly  John,  of  Craigmyle,  son  of  Peter  Laing  (who  took  the  name  of 
Gordon);  brother  of  Andrew  Robertson,  258;  "«•  1868,  Jan.  21,  at  Aberdeen, 
Lizzie  Harrison,  2nd  dau.  of  Capt.  Robert  Jamieson,  Aberdeen  {Times,  Jan. 
25)  and  has  issue.  The  Craigmyle  family,  to  whom  Peter  Laing  was  not  re- 
lated, was  described  in  Huntly  Express  by  J.  M.  Bulloch,  1910,  Aug.  19,  26, 
Sep.  2. 

1007-  John.  1869,  Jan.  23,  Ens.,  9th  Ft. ;  Feb.  17,  89th  Ft.  187 1,  Oct 
28,  Lt.  1880,  Sep.  9,  Capt.  1875,  Dec.  i — 1880,  Dec.  i  and  1881,  Jan.  i — 
May  24,  A.D.C.  to  Govr.  of  Madras.  1884,  May  21,  Bt.  Maj.  ;  served  with 
2nd  Batn.,  Roy.  Irish  Fus.  in  Soudan  expedition,  present  at  El  Teband  Tamai 


(Medal  with  clasps,  Khedive's  Star).  1885,  Aug.  12,  Maj.,  Roy.  Irish  Fus. 
1886,  Apr.  5,  D.A.Q.M.G.,  Bengal  {A.L.,  1870— Jul.  '87). 

Son  of  John,  989;  b.  1850,  Nov.  5.  bap.  Nov.  17,  at  Muttra ;  m.  1881, 
Oct.  22,  at  Ootacamund,  Mary  Elizabeth,  b.  1859,  dau.  of  Lt.  Gen.  C.  D. 
Clementson  and  had  John  Grenville,  1036»  and  Mary  Constance,  m.  1906, 
Apr.  28,  at  St  Mark's,  Surbiton,  Albert  Percy,  only  son  of  Johannes  Meyer, 
of  Parkside,  Hampton  Wick.  Gordon  d.  1887,  Jun.  14,  bur.  Jun.  15,  at  Cherat. 
Mrs.  Gordon  w.  (2)  Frederick  Melville  Dobson. 

1008.  John.  1876,  Apr.  19,  Sub.  Lt.  Supy.,  3rd  Banffsh.  Art.  Vols. 
{L.G.,  pt.  2,  p.  2583).     1879,  Mar.  5,  res.  com.  (ibid.,  pt.  3,  p.  1877). 

1009-  John,  Junr.  1880,  May  19,  2nd  Lt.,  7th  W.  Riding  of  Yorksh. 
Rif.  Vols.  {L.G.,  pt.  4,  p.  3073).  1881,  Aug.  31,  Capt.  {ibid.,  pt.  4,  p.  4457) 
1886,  Jun.  12,  res.  com.  {ibid.,  pt.  3,  p.  2865). 

1010-  John.  1882,  Jun.  10,  Lt.  Supy.,  15th  Middlesex  (Customs  and 
Docks)  Rif.  Vols.  {L.G.,  pt.  3,  p.  2690).  1885,  Feb.  28,  res.  com.  {ibid.,  pt.  i, 
p.  863.  -,  A.L.,  1882-5). 

1011-  John.  1907,  Jan  10,  2nd  Lt,  Fifesh.  and  Forfarsh.  Imp.  Yeo. 
{A.L.,  1907 — ^Jan.  '08). 

1012.  John.  1908,  Jun.  27,  Lt.  Col.,  R.A.M.C.  (Territorial),  i  Sco.  Gen. 
Hosp.  {A.L.,  1908-9). 

Son  of  James;  b.  1849,  Nov.  11,  at  Keith;  M.B.,  CM.  Abd.  1884;  M.D. 
1888.  Asst.  Physician,  Roy.  Infirmary,  Aberdeen  (Col.  Johnston's  Roll  of 
Graduates,  Aberdeen  Univ.,  p.  203). 

1013-  John  Alexander.  1894,  Apr.  18,  2nd  Lt ,  ist  (Ross  Highland) 
Vol.  Batn.  Seaforth  Highlrs.,  enrolled  Private  1882,  Nov.  29.  1900,  Jun.  20, 
Lt     1903,  Jul.  4,  Capt     1905,  Feb.  8,  Maj. ;  Jul.,  ret  (/4X.,  1894 — ^Jul.  '05). 

Son  of  George  {b.  at  Tyrie,  who  ultimately  farmed  Whitebog,  Cromarty, 
and  who  was  the  son  of  George  {d.  1873),  Woodhead  of  Aberdeen,  and  his  wife 
Barbara  Chessor) ;  bank  agent  at  Fortrose ;  now  at  Beaver,  Manitoba. 

1014.  John  Anderson.  1848,  Sep.  12,  Ens.,  27th  Ft.  1849,  ret.  by 
sale  of  com.  (Hart's  A.L.,  1849-50). 

1015-  John  Andrias  Davidson.  1861,  Jun.  20,  Ens.,  loist  Ft  1863, 
Apr.  30,  Lt.,  41st  N.I.  1865-6,  doing  duty  with  the  32nd  Punjab  Pioneers, 
served  in  Bhootan  expedition  (Indian  Medal  with  clasp).  1870,  Jan.  10,  2nd 
Wing  Subaltern  2nd  N.I. ;  Jun.  5,  Capt.;  Jul.  29,  1st  Wing;  Oct  17,  Adj. 
1879,  served  in  Afghan  war.  188 1,  Jun.  20,  Maj.  1885-7,  Burmese  expedition, 
1886,  in  command  of  a  column  which  advanced  from  Minbu,  and  Jun.  19  at- 
tacked and  captured  Ngape,  a  large  village  at  the  foot  of  the  Aeng  Pass  over 
the  Arakan  Yomas,  37  miles  west  of  Minbu ;  the  climate  was  found  to  be  so 


terribly  unhealthy  at  that  season  of  the  year  that  it  became  necessary  to  aban- 
don the  place,  and  the  garrison  retired  Aug.  i ;  mentioned  in  despatches  {L.G., 
1887,  Sep.  2).  1887,  Jun.  29,  ret.  as  Lt  Col.  (Lt.  Col.  William  Butler  Shaw's 
2)id  Bengal  N.I.,  p.  87;  Hist,  of  the  War  in  Burma  ;  I.A.L.,  1862-1911; 
7.0.  Rec). 

Seventh  son  of  Alexander,  204;  i.  1844,  Dec.  18,  bap.  1845,  Jun.  ^3»  ** 
the  Episcopal  Chapel,  Boulogne-sur-Mer ;  educated  at  Rev.  E.  Day's,  Brixton 
Hill ;  nominated  for  Bengal  Inf.  by  Sir  R.  Vivian  on  recommendation  of 
Colonel  Wilkinson. 

1016.  John  Anthony.  1824,  Oct.  7,  Ens.,  African  Col.  Corps  {L.G., 
1694);  d.  1825  {A.L.,  1825-6). 

1017.  John  Barrett,  i860,  Jun.  22,  Ens.,  13th  Essex  Rif.  Vols.  (L.G., 
pt.  4,  p.  2498). 

1018.  Sir  John  Bury,  6th  bart.,  of  Park.  1 796,  Apr.  i,  Ens.,  Coldstream 
Gds.  1799,  served  in  Holland  in  the  Helder  expedition,  under  the  Duke  of 
York  and  Sir  Ralph  Abercromby,  landing  at  Helder,  Aug.  27,  with  the  King's 
Colour;  Sep.  10,  present  at  the  battle  of  Krobendam,  and  Sep.  19  at  the 
battle  of  Schagenburg,  carried  the  King's  Colour ;  Sep.  20,  Lt.  and  Capt. ; 
Oct.  2,  battle  of  Bergen.  1801,  served  under  Abercrombie  in  Egypt,  landing 
there  Mar.  8 ;  in  charge  of  a  Coy.  at  the  battle,  Mar.  13,  and  at  Alexandria, 
Mar.  20,  receiving  a  severe  contusion  in  the  left  shoulder  by  the  bursting  of 
a  shell ;  Aug.  22,  present  at  battle  westward  of  Alexandria,  under  Sir  John 
Hutchinson  (Medal).  1806,  Nov.  30,  ret.  1812,  Jan.  24,  Cornet,  22hd  Light 
Dgns. ;  Apr.  8,  serving  in  Madras;  Nov.  5,  Lt.  1814,  A.D.C.  to  Comdr.  in 
Chief,  Madras.  1820,  Jun.  13,  Capt.,  13th  Light  Dgns.  1822,  entered 
Nizam  of  Hyderabad's  service  ;  Feb.,  in  command  of  a  force  of  the  Nizam's 
army  at  Fort  Mohun,  which  surrendered  ;  same  year,  appt.  to  the  command 
of  the  EUichpur  Horse  (subsequently  5th  Nizam's  Cav.,  disbanded  1853J, 
when  his  appt.  as  Qr.  Mr.  of  one  of  the  divisions,  Nizam's  army,  was  abol- 
ished. 1826,  raised  and  was  appt.  ist  Comdt.,  4th  Reg.,  Nizam's  Cav., 
at  Mominabad,  which  was  named  the  4th  Cav.,  Hyderabad  Contingent,  in 
1854,  the  4th  Lancers,  Hyderabad  Contingent,  in  1890,  and  Gordon's  Horse, 
(30th  Lancers),  in  1903.  1834,  Jul.  18,  Maj.  Sir  John  makes  no  reference  to 
the  raising  of  this  reg.  nor  to  his  services  under  the  Nizam  of  Hyderabad 
{W.O.,  Offs.  Services,  1829,  P.R.O. ;  A.L.,  1797-1807,  1812-36;  L.G.,  1812, 
pp.  196,  485  ;  Burton's  Hyderabad  Contingent.  A  three-colour  picture  of  a 
member  of  the  reg.  is  given  in  Lovett's  Armies  of  India,  p.  46). 

Second  son  of  Sir  John  James,  4th  bart.,  of  Park,  1046  ;  b.  1781,  Apr.  5, 
at  Banff;  assumed  the  baronetcy  in  1804  ;  m.  (i)  1798,  Jan.  9,  Pyne  (whom  he 


divorced  in  1806),  dau.  of  Hon.  Maurice  Crosbie,  Dean  of  Limerick,  and  had 
a  dau.;  m.  (2)  1815,  Sep.  2,  at  St.  George's  Ch.,  Madras,  Margaret  Erskine, 
4th  dau.  of  Richard  Campbell  of  Craigie  House,  Ayrsh.  Sir  John  d.  intest., 
1835,  Jul.  23,  at  Madras,  monument  in  St.  Mary's  Cemetery  ;  with  his  death 
baronetcy  became  extinct ;  after  certain  administration  proceedings,  it  appears 
that  in  1855,  Oct.,  24,000  Rs.  were  paid  over  to  Govt,  Madras,  as  unclaimed ; 
Jun.  following,  an  advertisement  appeared  (Times)  for  heirs  entitled  to  his 
estate.  Lady  Gordon  was  granted  a  pension  oi  £^0  from  1835,  Jul.  24,  under 
warrant  dated  1836,  Apr.  7,  then  living  at  48  Park  Street,  Grosvenor  Square ; 
m.  (2)  1836,  Oct.  25,  at  St.  George's,  Hanover  Square,  Gerhardt  Antoine  van 
Barneveld  de  Meteren  (Bulloch's  Gordons  of  Park  ;  IV.O.,  Certificates,  Wid. 
Compass,  and  Bounty  Warrants,  P.R.O.). 

1019.  Sir  John  Campbell,  7th  Earl  of  Aberdeen.  1869,  Jan.  25, 
Capt.,  i8th  afterwards  2nd  Aberdeensh.  Rif.  Vols.  {L.G.,  pt.  2,  p.  527). 
1880,  Nov.  17,  res.  {ibid.^  pt.  7,  p.  5737).  1888,  Jan.  14,  Hon.  Col.,  ist 
Aberdeen  Art.  Vols,  {ibid.,  pt.  i,  p.  361). 

Third  son  of  George  John  James,  5th  Earl;  b.  1847,  Aug.  3  ;  succ.  his 
brother  George  as  7th  Earl,  1870  ;  m.  at  St.  George's,  Hanover  Square,  1877, 
Nov.  7,  Ishbel  Maria  Marjoribanks,  second  dau.  of  Dudley  Coutts,  ist  Baron 
Tweedmouth,  and  has  with  other  children,  Dudley  Gladstone  Hamilton,  416- 
Brother  of  Hon.  James  Henry,  803- 

1020-1.  John  Charles  Frederick.  1869,  Nov.  10,  Ens.,  58th  Ft. 
187 1,  Oct.  28,  Lt.  1873,  Oct.  3,  Lt.,  Bengal  S.C.  1881,  served  in  Mahsud 
Waziri  expedition  as  D.A.Q.M.G.,  2nd  column,  mentioned  in  despatches; 
Nov.  10,  Capt.,  Bengal  S.C.  1882,  served  in  Egyptian  expedition,  Tel-el- 
Kebir,  mentioned  in  Despatches  (Medal  with  clasp,  Bron/e  Star).  1889,  Nov. 
10,  Maj.,  LS.C.  1890,  Aug.  9,  Lt.  Col.  1895,  ^o^-  *°.  ^*-  ^°^'>  ^S.C. 
1897,  Jul.  31,  CLE. ;  Aug. — Sep.,  took  part  in  the  operations  on  the  Samana 
and  in  the  Kurram  Valley  (Medal,  two  clasps).  1897-8,  Tirah  expedition, 
operations  against  the  Khani  Khel  Chamkannis  (Despatches,  Medal,  three 
clasps).  1899,  Nov.  10,  Bt.  Col.  1902,  served  in  S.  African  war  (Queen's 
Medal,  two  clasps);  Aug.  11,  Hon.  rank  of  Col.  1904,  Mar.  2,  ret.  {A.L., 

Second  son  of  George  Tomline,  600  ;  ^.  1849,  May  4;  w.  1879,  Jun.  20, 
at  St.  John's  Ch.,  Naini  Tal,  Grace  Hay,  b.  1856,  Jul.  24,  dau.  of  Fleetwood 
Williams,  C.S.L,  and  has  Huntly  Fleetwood,  677,  and  Debonnaire  Beatrice, 
b.  1895,  Oct.  31,  bap.  Dec.  7  at  Jullundur  (7.0.  Rec).  Col.  Gordon  appears 
as  the  officer  on  the  extreme  right  of  John  Charlton's  well-known  picture,  now 
at  Buckingham  Palace,  of  the  Indian  Contingent  in  front  of  St.  Paul's  at  the 


celebration  of  the  sixtieth  anniversary  of  Queen  Victoria's  accession  in  which 
he  commanded  the  deputation  of  the  6th  Bengal  Cav.,  being  decorated  with 
C.I.E.,  1897,  Jul.  31  and  Medal;  also  holds  King  Edward  VII.  Coronation 

1022-  John  Crawford.  1779,  Apr.  10  or  20,  Ens.,  50th  Ft.  {L.G.) 
1780,  May  16  or  30,  Lt.  {ibid.,  W.O.,  Notifications,  P.R.O.).  1783,  h.p.,  88th 
Ft.  {A.L.,  1779-1800). 

Eldest  son  of  Robert,  of  Florida;  b.  1757.  Brother  of  David,  401,  and 
nephew  of  John,  893- 

1023-  John  de  la  Hay.  1906,  Aug.  10,  Cadet,  Roy.  Mil.  Coll.,  passed 
with  honours;  Aug.  29,  2nd  Lt.,  Roy.  Irish  Reg.  1907,  Nov.  9,  Lt.  1908, 
Nov.  29,  Lt.,  Indian  Army  {A.L.,  1906-11). 

Third  son  of  Alexander  Hamilton  Miller  Haven,  of  Florida,  Co.  Down ; 
b,  1887,  Mar.  31.  Brother  of  Alexander  Robert  Gisborne,  234,  and  Henry 
Gisborne,  645,  great-great-grand-nephew  of  John,  893- 

1024.  John  Duff.  1790,  Cadet,  H.E.I.C.S.  (Madras).  1791,  Jun  11, 
Ens.,  N.I.  1793,  Sep.  19,  Lt.  1796,  stationed  at  Pallamcotta,  May  5,  offici- 
ated at  the  marriage  of  John  King,  surg.,  with  Harriet  Campbell.  1800, 
Jun.  17,  Capt.,  Adj.  2nd  Batn.  {New  Oriental  Reg.,  1800;  Dodwell  and  Miles's 
Indian  A.L.)  ;  d.  1801,  Apr.  19,  (7.0.  Rec). 

1025.  John  E.  1891,  Jan.  15,  Cadet,  R.N.  1893,  Sep.  15,  Mid.  1897, 
May  15,  Supy.  Lt.  (act.);  Sep.,  res.  {N.L.  1891-7). 

1026-  John  Edgar.  1900,  Apr.  18,  2nd  Lt.,  Worcester  Reg.;  Nov.  24, 
Lt.  1903,  Jan.  3,  Lt.,  W.  African  Rif.  1904,  Oct.  8,  Capt.  (local  rank). 
1906,  May  19,  res.  {A.L.,  1900 — Jul.  '06). 

Fourth  son  of  John,  for  40  years  manager  of  the  London  and  Brazilian 
Bank,  whose  father  James  (1809-84)  was  Provost  of  Dumfries  ;  b.  1877,  Mar. 
20;  d.  1906,  Nov.  II,  at  Toronto,  of  pneumonia  {Times,  Nov.  14;  family 
described  by  J.  M.  Bulloch,  Dumfries  Courier,  1909,  Feb.  17).  Brother  of 
Robert  Norman,  1273- 

1027.  John  Edmund.  1887,  May  28,  2nd  Lt.,  ist  Forfarsh.  Art.  Vols. 
{L.G.,  pt.  3,  p.  2926).  1889,  Feb.  16,  Lt.  {ibid.,  pt.  i,  p.  882).  1892,  Apr.  2, 
Capt.  {ibid.,  pt.  2,  p.  1926).  1893,  Feb.  4,  res.  {ibid.,  pt.  i,  p.  614;  A.L., 

Probably  fourth  son  of  John  (1826-78),  spinner,  Dundee,  and  brother  of 
Henry  Hoile,  647- 

1028.  John  Edward  Hamilton.  181 1,  Mar.  13,  Ens.,  82nd  Ft.,  pre- 
viously Ens.,  ist  Somerset  Mil.  {L.G.,  508).  1812,  Dec.  3,  Lt.  {A.L,,  1812- 


Son  of  John,  of  Swiney,  920  ;  b.  1788  ;  m.  1814,  Jan.  29,  at  St.  Ann's  Ch., 
Alderney,  Rebecca,  dau.  of  Jean  Sanford,  Alderney,  and  had  John,  b.  there 

1815,  Apr.   12,  bap.  Apr.   21,  d.   1868,  Dec.  4;  Sophie  Marguerite,  i.  there 

1816,  May  23,  bap.  May  26,  d,  1842,  Apr.  23  ;  George  Montague,  b.  1819, 
Nov.  7,  at  Newry,  6a/».  Nov.  14,  and  McKay,  b.  1822,  Jun.  30,  at  Calcutta. 
Gordon  d.  1822,  Aug.  28,  at  Calcutta,  aged  34.  His  widow,  who  d.  1843, 
Dec.  13,  at  Alderney,  received  pension  of  ;^8  from  1822,  Aug.  29,  the  four 
children  were  placed  on  Compass.  List  at  £S  each  from  Christmas  {W.O., 
Certificates,  Wid.  Compass,  and  Bounty  Warrants,  Abstract  of  Applns. 
Compass.  List,  W.O.,  Letters,  Compass.  Fund,  P.R.O. ;  7.0.  Rec. ;  Bulloch's 
Gordons  in  Sutherland,  89-92). 

1029.  John  Ferjfuson.  1825,  Apr.  12,  Ens.,  3rd  Ft.  {L.G.,  642).  1826, 
Jan.  28,  Lt.,  unattached  h.p.,  by  purchase  {ibid.,  180) ;  May  18,  Lt.,  92nd  Ft. 
paying  the  difference  {ibid.,  1400).  1831,  Nov.  25,  Capt.,  unattached  h.p.,  by 
purchase  {ibid.,  2456) ;  Dec.  2,  Capt.,  47th  Ft,,  by  purchase,  paying  the  differ- 
ence. 1834,  Oct,  15 — 1836,  Mar.,  served  in  the  Mediterranean.  1838,  Mar. 
24,  Maj. ;  Jul.  24 — 1839,  Jun.  6,  served  in  the  W.  Indies  (Hart's  y4.L.,  1826-44  ; 
W.O.,  Offs.  Services,  1829,  P.R.O.). 

Elder  son  of  John,  960i  and  Margaret  Ballingall,  Perth,  served  her  heir 
1842,  Oct.  31,  also  served  heir  to  his  uncle  George  Ballingall  and  to  his  aunt 
Elizabeth  Ballingall,  1842,  Oct.  31;  b.  1808,  Jul.  31,  at  Southampton;  m. 
1833,  Feb.  16,  at  Kingscourt,  Ireland,  Essy  Dyas,  dau.  of  William  Philip 
Ward,  of  Kingscourt.  Gordon  d.  s.p.  1843,  ^^^-  16,  of  yellow  fever,  at  St. 
Kitts.  His  widow  received  pension  of  £jo  ;  d.  and  bur.  at  Londonderry 
shortly  before  1855,  May  10  {W.O.,  Certificates,  Letters  Compass.  Fund, 

1030.  John  Francis.  1840,  Cadet,  H.E.I.C.S.  (Madras).  1841,  Jan. 
15,  arrived  at  Madras,  Jan.  26,  appt.  to  do  duty  with  12th  N.I. ;  Mar.  2,  Ens., 
4th  N.I.     1842,  Jul.  16,  Lt.     1844,  Mar.  5,  res.  in  India  {E.L  Reg.,  1841  5), 

Fifth  son  of  Alexander  of  Great  Myless,  Essex,  and  grandson  of  Charles, 
III.  of  Cluny ;  b.  at  Terregles,  Kirkcudbright,  1822,  Jan.  23,  bap.  May  9;  edu- 
cated at  Eton;  nominated  for  H.E.I.C.S.  by  William  Astell  on  recommenda- 
tion of  J.  H.  Baker,  in  1840,  his  widowed  mother  then  living  at  Gt.  Myless 
(7.0.  Rec.)  ;  d.  in  Australia,  1880,  May  8.  Brother  of  Charles  Henry,  366, 
and  George  Augustus,  564  (Bulloch's  Gordons  0/ Cluny,  23). 

1031.  John  Francis.  1872,  Aug.  14,  Qr.  Mr.,  34th  Ft.,  afterward, 
the  ist  Batt.  Border  Reg.,  having  served  in  the  ranks  of  that  reg.  under  age 
60  days,  and  then  16  years,  128  days.  1857,  served  in  Indian  Mutiny,  in- 
cluding actions  with  Gwalior  contingent  and  subsequent  defence  of  Cawnpore, 


Nov.  26 — Dec.  6 ;  operations  on  Nepaul  frontier  and  in  the  Trans-Gogra 
district,  1859,  Feb. — May  (Medal).  1881,  Aug.  24,  tried  by  court-martial 
(Hart's^.L.,  1873-82  ;  ^.L.,  1873— Jan.  82). 

1032.  Lord  John  Frederick.  1813,  entered  R.N.,  "  Larne  ".  1819, 
passed  as  Lt.,  aged  20  {Adm.  Lts.  Passing  Certif.,  P.R.O.).  1821,  Dec. 
31,  Lt.,  "Rochfort,"  Mediterranean  Station.  1828,  Aug.  6,  Comdr.  for  rank. 
1830,  Feb.,  paid  ofif  from  "  Pandora  "  sloop  on  return  from  E.  Indies.  1836, 
Aug.  4,  Capt.  (John  Marshall's  Nav.  Biog.,  iv.  pt.  2,  p.  298  ;  N.L.,  1821). 

Third  son  of  George,  9th  Marquis  of  Huntly,  518,  and  Catherine  Anne, 
second  dau.  and  co-heir  of  Sir  Charles  Cope,  bart.,  of  Brewerne,  Oxford ;  b. 
at  Aboyne  Castle,  1799,  Aug.  5.  1836,  Oct.  26,  Lord  of  His  Majesty's  bed- 
chamber and  G.C.H.  1841-52,  M.P.  for  Forfar;  m.  1836,  Aug.  24,  Lady 
Augusta  Fitz  Clarence  {d.  1865),  nat.  dau.  of  King  William  IV. ;  assumed 
the  additional  name  of  Halyburton  ;  d.  s.p,  1878,  Sep.  29. 

1033.  John  Frederick  Strathearn.  1900,  Aug.  n,  2nd  Lt.,  Roy.  Scots. 
1900,  served  in  S.  African  War;  operations  in  Cape  Colony,  Dec. -Mar.,  1901  ; 
Mar. — 1902,  May  31,  operations  in  Transvaal  (Queen's  Medal,  five  clasps)  ; 
Dec.  16,  Lt.     1904,  Nov.  3,  employed  with  King's  African  Rif.  {A.L.,  1900-11). 

Second  son  of  Sir  John  James  Hood,  1047;  b.  1882,  May  19. 

1034.  John  Qlenny.  1823,  Cadet,  H.E.I.C.S.  (Bombay).  1824,  Oct. 
4,  arrived  at  Madras,  Ens.,  19th  N.I.  1826,  Jun.  7,  granted  furlough  to 
Europe  on  s.c.  1828,  Jun.  i,  returned,  appt.  to  do  duty  with  7th  N.I.  1829, 
Sep.  2,  granted  leave  on  s.c.  for  twelve  months.  1830,  Aug.  21,  extended  for 
six  months.  1831,  Jan.  26,  six  months  extension.  1838,  leave  on  s.c.  to 
Bombay,  arrived  there  from  Kalludgie,  Feb.  26  ;  Apr.  7,  granted  furlough  to 
Europe  on  s.c.  1839,  Mar.  20,  applied  unsuccessfully  for  situation  as  Orderly 
Off.,  at  Addiscombe;  Jun.  8.  Bt.  Capt.;  Oct.  9,  removed  to  2nd  European 
Reg.  as  fifth  Lt. ;  ret.  in  England  (E.I.  Reg.,  1824-41). 

Son  of  George,  515;  ^.  1806,  Dec.  30,  bap.  1807,  Jun.  19,  at  St.  Pancras, 
Middlesex  ;  educated  at  Rev.  Dr.  Nicholas's,  Ealing  ;  nominated  for  H.E.I.C.S. 
by  William  Taylor  Money  on  recommendation  of  John  Forbes  ;  d.  unm.  1875, 
May  26  (7.0.  Rec.  ;  Croughly  Book,  87). 

1035.  John  Grant.  i86o,  Dec.  28,  Ens.,  Ayrsh.  (Girvan)  Rif.  Vols. 
{L.G.,  pt.  I,  p.  242).     1863,  May  30,  Lt.  (ibid.,  pt.  3,  p.  2971). 

1036.  John  Qrenville.  1901,  Dec.  4,  2nd  Lt.,  Princess  Victoria's 
Roy.  Irish  Fus.  1902,  May,  served  in  S.  African  war,  operations  in  Trans- 
vaal, Orange  River  Colony,  and  Cape  Colony  (Queen's  Medal,  four  clasps). 
1906,  Sep.  14,  Lt.  {A.L.,  1902-11). 

Only  son  of  John,  1007;  b.  1882,  Sep.  15,  bap.  Sep.  27,  at  Ootacamund, 



Madras.     1900,   Dec.   i,    served    heir   to  his  grand-aunt    Catherine   Erskine 
Gordon,  who  d.  1900,  May  3,  at  Murtle. 

1037.  John  H.  1790,  Jan.  11,  Surg.  Mate,  R.N.,  "Bellonia".  1791, 
Mar.  II,  "Salisbury".  1793,  Mar.  30,  "Victory";  d.  1795  (Adm.  Offs. 
appt.  by  N.  Board,  P.R.O.). 

1038-  John  Hamilton.  1787,  Sep.  24  or  Dec  15,  Adj.,  60th  Ft.  from 
h.p.  (see  1774)  Scots  Brigade  in  Holland  (L.G.,  577;  A.L.,  1788-90;  W.O., 
Notifications,   P.R.O.). 

Son  of  John,  1770,  Scots  Brigade,  afterwards  of  the  King  of  Portugal's 
service  (brother  of  George,  of  Gordonbank),  will  confirmed  1785,  Aug.  31, 
Gordon  being  executor.  Presumably  the  J.  H.  Gordon  about  whom  Lord 
Adam  Gordon  wrote  to  Sir  Robert  Keith,  1 783, "  as  a  young  man  of  good  family  " 
and  asking  a  place  for  him  under  the  Empire ;  Keith  was  unable  to  oblige. 
Lord  Adam  writes,  1785,  May  i,  he  may  get  "young  J  .H.  Gordon  provided 
for  in  our  own  service"  {Add.  MSS.,  35,  534,  ff.  113,  266,  B.M.) ;  d.  before 
1790,  Apr.  13  (L.G.,  217). 

103Q-  John  Henry.  1841,  Dec.  28,  Ens.,  79th  Ft.  1843,  Oct.  6,  ret. 
(Mackenzie's  Rec.  Tgth,  242  ;  Henry  Stooks  Smith's  List  of  Offs.,  "jgih,  20), 
1844,  Cadet,  H.E.LC.S.  (Bombay).  1845,  Jan.  24,  Ens.,  6th  N.L  1846,  Jun. 
2 ,  Lt. ;  Sep.  I  o,  granted  leave  to  Oct.  3 1 ,  to  go  to  Poona  on  s.c,  extended  for  him 
to  go  to  Bombay;  Dec.  31,  granted  furlough  to  Europe  on  s.c.  {E.I.  /^£^.,  1845-8). 

Second  son  of  Michael  Henry,  XV.  of  Abergeldie;  bap.  1824,  Feb.  3,  at 
Lewisham,  Kent ;  educated  at  Rev.  M.  Lindsay's,  Ealing,  and  Woolwich  ;  d. 
1848,  Apr.  20,  at  Gettisham,  Devonsh.  (7.0.  Rec. ;  G.M.,  vol.  29,  N.S.,  p.  675  ; 
House  of  Gordon,  i.  (106)). 

1040.  John  Henry.  1853,  May  7,  Lt.,  Duke  of  Lancaster's  Own  Light 
Inf.  Mil.  {L.G.,  pt.  2,  p.  1333).     1855,  Jun.  20,  Capt.  {ibid.,  pt.  2,  p.  2458). 

1041.  John  Henry.  1859,  Sep.  16,  Paymr.,  4th  Ft.  186 1,  res.  (Hart's 
A.L.,  i86o-3). 

1042.  John  Henry.  1864,  Mar.  8,  Lt.  Stirlingsh.  (Stirling,  Dumbar- 
ton, Clackmannan  and  Kinross)  Mil.  {L.G.,  1549).  1872,  May  3,  res.  {ibid., 
pt.  3,  p.  2149).  One  of  these  three  John  Henry  Gordons  was  youngest  son 
of  Edward,  and  had  Herbert  Spencer  Compton,  658  {House  of  Gordon,  n. 
(216),  where  he  is  erroneously  stated  to  have  served  in  H.E.LC.S.). 

1043.  John  Hope.  1878,  Apr.  10,  2nd  Lt.,  ist  Lanarksh.  Rif.  Vols. 
{L.G.,  pt.  3,  p.  2455).  1880,  Jan.  7,  Lt. ;  Mar.  13,  Capt.  {ibid.,  pt.  i,  p.  52, 
pt.  3,  p.  2021).  1892,  Jan.  30,  ret.  as  Maj.  hon.  rank  {ibid.,  pt.  i,  p.  489; 
A.L.y  1880-92). 

1044-     John  Huntly.     1869,  Oct  9,  Ens.,  41st  Ft     1870- 1,  served  in  E. 


Indies.     1871,  May  31,  Lt.     1879,  Jul.  4,  Capt.     1882,  May  23,  Maj.  {A.L., 
1870— Apr.  '84). 

Son  of  Huntly  George,  678;  ^-  1850,  Nov.  24,  bap.  Dec.  3,  at  Meerut; 
Cheltenham  Coll.  1865,  Aug.  {Reg.,  232)  and  Roy.  Mil.  Coll. ;  d.  1884,  Feb. 
17,  at  St.  Andrews  {W.O.,  Offs.  Services,  P.R.O.). 

1045-  John  Hyslop.  i860,  Jan.  30,  Capt,  5th  Essex  Rif.  Vols.  {L.G., 
Pt-  3.  P-  477)-     1863,  Sep.  res.  {ibid.,  pt.  5,  p.  4649). 

Second  son  of  William,  of  Culvennan,  1454;  b.  1829,  Nov.  6;  m.  1859, 
Feb.  I,  Margaret,  dau.  of  W.  Napier,  and  had  iWilliam  Fabian  (1862-90) 
and  Mary  Winifred.  Gordon,  who  was  in  the  service  of  the  Victoria  Dock 
Co.,  d.  1869,  Oct.  19. 

1046-  Sir  John  James,  4th  bart.,  of  Park.  1765,  Dec.  20,  Ens.,  9th 
Ft.  1767,  Jan.  7,  granted  six  months  leave  of  absence.  1772,  tried  by  Court 
Martial  in  Ireland,  for  having  behaved  in  a  way  unbecoming  to  an  officer, 
sentenced  "  to  be  suspended  from  pay  and  duty  for  twelve  months  and  to  be 
reprimanded  by  the  commanding  officer  at  the  head  of  the  regiment "'.  The 
Marquis  of  Townshend,  Lord  Lt.  of  Ireland — dissatisfied  with  the  method  of 
the  trial  and  the  finding,  and  "  being  of  opinion  that  any  man  who  could  be 
guilty  of  such  scandalous  behaviour  should  not  have  a  Commission  in  His 
Majesty's  army — directed  the  Court  Martial  to  re-assemble  and  to  revise  their 
sentence  "  ;  Jul.  6,  the  Court  decided  that  "  the  prisoner  is  discharged  from 
His  Majesty's  service,  but  in  consideration  of  his  youth  and  some  favourable 
circumstances  .  .  .  they  recommended  him  for  mercy  ".  Gordon  had  served 
four  years  in  the  W.Tndies  without  pay  ;  this  fact  was  urged  (unsuccessfully) 
in  his  favour  as  a  reason  for  his  being  allowed  to  receive  the  value  of  hi